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Carol Hannology

Hit it, CH!

If you're new, this is the part of each season where we look at the output of each finalist to see if we can divine themes or weaknesses. First up is Alex's favorite designer, Carol Hannah Whitfield.

There's a point we want to make when we wrap these ologies up, but we want to touch on it here because it's relevant to Carol Hannah's work. It's this: she has a somewhat weak vision as a designer. Can you sum up her aesthetic in a couple of words? We can't. That's not to say that there aren't themes and motifs here. First, let's talk about what she doesn't do: pants, sleeves and prints. Oh sure, there's one of each in her entries, but for the most part, she went to the "sleeveless dress" well a couple of times too many. In terms of color, she appears to be drawn to blues, golds and blacks, for the most part. In terms of design elements, she clearly likes to manipulate fabric through twisting, draping, and pleating. There aren't any looks that we could classify as "clean" or "simple" except for #7, and that one stands out like a sore thumb next to all her other looks.

If we had to sum up her flaws, we'd say that she tends to overwork her looks and she occasionally (not always, but occasionally) demonstrates an inability to consider the body wearing the clothes. She'll put these sashes or exposed seams or layered hems in odd and unflattering places. It's like she's so caught up in her techniques that she's losing sight of the woman wearing her pieces.

If we had to sum up her strengths, we'd say one word: unexpected. She does very feminine clothes, but they almost always have a twist to them (oftentimes literally). If she learns how to develop that skill and marry it to wearability, she could really make something of herself.


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Good assessment. She does like her sashes, as that seems to be the element she returned to the most. And I must, she uses them well.

But otherwise, there isn't much rhyme or reason to her designs. It's not a clear point of view like Laura or Christian or Uli. It's got so much variety to it, but not exactly in a positive way. But I do like what she produces, so it'll be interesting to see how it manifests in her finale collection (yes, I've seen the pictures, but it's been awhile since I really looked at them).

I'm sorry....I think I've been a bit cranky this season.

But, after watching the Rami, Jillian, and Christian runway collections yesterday....this season can't even compare to the impeccable work of runway shows past.

p.s..And, yes, I realize that the above isn't her runway collection.

However, even after watching Bravo reruns, this season doesn't even compare.


Oh, MORE than agree. The talent just hasn't matched up in any sense. I wasn't even that huge of a fan of the previous season (save for Leanne), but I'd take that season in a heartbeat over this trainwreck. Let's just hope Lifetime makes some serious changes next season, not to mention gets some new challenge ideas.

Faithful Viewer

This season is a whole lot of sad. I can't count how many times I've fallen asleep during the show.

Please, please Lifetime, step up your game.

Good assessment.

This strikes me as one huge collection of "almost there" garments.

While she clearly has game and a whole sackful of techniques, she seems not to be able to reach that perfect balance in a garment that makes it a really WOW look.


Wax on, wax off.

It's interesting seeing all of these looks together--I actually like her stuff a lot less than I thought I did! I guess the fact that it was mostly inoffensive counted as a positive in my mind when compared to the steaming pile of mediocrity that this garbage can of a season has yielded.

I think all the one day challenges hurt these designers alot.
The CA dress is the strongest piece followed by the re-worked wedding dress.
The others are not remarkable, but he majority of the challenges weren't either.

This just illustrates to me why she was always in the middle. Nothing horrible, nothing amazing or strong, just a lot of nice dresses with some detailing that tended to be overworked at times. Lisa doesn't help things either. She looks like a linebacker in Dr. Whitfield's clothes. It makes me laugh that CH describes her style aesthetic as "whimsy" and "fairy-like" and "willowy" and then she sticks it out with big clomping Lisa.

She did a look with pants? Where?

I was surprised when she mentioned this week that she was self-taught and didn't have design school background, as she didn't make a song and dance about it, unlike a certain Mr Chinstrap.

However, looking at this 'collection' she really could use some training to refine her point of view and edit down the frills and furbelows. And learn how to sew sleeves...(and wasn't it Chris March who said that pants were just two sleeves sewn together?)

She's young, she's trying to find her voice. I think she has a lot of ideas running through her head, but she needs to slow down and, like you said, think about the body wearing the designs. She's definitely got talent but she needs to train it and in some cases, restrain it. I think she'll be OK if she keeps growing.

I pretty much agree with everything. She makes nice dresses with interesting twists, I think it's already been said but I think shes a "red carpet" designer.

"Anonymous said...

She did a look with pants? Where?"


Evening gowns are such a teeny percentage of what women actually wear, does it strike anyone else as odd that the average PR designer does them as their default garment, unless expressly told to do otherwise?

Is it simply because evening wear is easier than the tailoring required by sportswear?

I like Carol Hannah more than I like her clothes.

Creativity Chick

PR needs to run a contest- ask for ideas for challenges. If they use your idea, you get a trip to NY to meet Tim and the designers when they tape the show using the idea. Wouldn't that be fab?! I have several ideas that are far less suckish than some of the things they threw out there this year! And I'm sure between the people who post here, we could come up with some killer premises!

One thing that I admire about (and possibly it's a PR editing thing), I didn't remember or didn't know until the latest episode that she didn't go to design school at all. Again, it may be producer manipulation, but we heard that every week from Xtopher and frankly it was obvious. Didn't seem obvious about CH.

I do feel extremely sorry about her being sick for BP. Bless her heart!

Almost every piece is two tone, even the last one. It's like she is following some sort of a formula. Although everyone can eaisly point out that many of these young designers are semi one-note...don't forget what DVF said about that one perfect design. She banked a life time on hers.

Thanks for doing this. I went to the Lifetime site to try to review what several designers had done over the course of the show and there is just no easy way to do it - what a pain! It really is nice to review what any one designer has done as you get toward the end of the season. Thanks you TLo!! My hero!

I suspect this is where the awfulness of Season 6 will really show, as you go through each of the finalist's looks throughout the season. I like Dr. W and I still look at this collection of looks and yawn.

but i guess that's better than the gagging I'll be doing on at least one of the other two.

this really has been the weakest season of PR ever.


Guys, can we please stick to the topic at hand and not have another endless thread about How This Season Sucks? Believe us, we agree with y'all. This season definitely sucked. But we're kind of sick of hearing about it.

Things I like: there is colour in most of these pieces, and often quite good colour. Quite a lot of them are wearable and flattering.

Things not to like: Dull, dull, blah, blah, pretty dress, pretty dress.

Boring, boring , boring. God, I miss Jay...or Kara Saun, or Laura, or Kaynebow or Jillian, or Michael, or Kara, or Christian, or Chloe, or Nick, or Emmett, or Uli, or Chris March...or Stella, even!!!

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Carol Hannah has been the stealth designer: No noise or drama coming from her corner; no bigs wows, and no big mistakes. She just kept getting by in the middle of the pack and made it all the way to Bryant Park.

Looking at the looks as a group, I have to wonder if the reason she doesn't make sleeves or pants is because they are beyond her skill level. And nothing here excites me. There's nothing new or unexpected.


Looking at her body of work, I have to say CH is a very practical designer. She may not have a strong signature, but she will make strides pleasing clients and fulfilling criteria - it's no wonder that her strongest piece of the season was for the only client-based task of Season Six (the divorcee challenge). She'll go far, but she probably doesn't deserve to win a competition that strives to anoint 'the next big fashion designer.'

Just Another Disappointed Fan

I have to give her props for using color more than the other designers. Every one of the first five looks has color, and #7 and #10. I don't count #8 and #12, as to me they are variations on neutrals. Four looks with black (three entirely).

I also never hated any of her pieces, and can't say that for either Irina or Althea. Since we're just talking about the finalists, I won't mention my feelings about any aufed designers. LOL. So it kind of comes off as *damning with faint praise.*

I guess I would root for her to win, but I'm pretty far from really caring at this point, sadly. For all the many reasons that have been mentioned before by others. I'm beyond disgusted with Irina over the copyright issues, and am not holding my breath to see whether PR or the judges actually address them. I would be interested to see if she speaks out for herself, on this blog or elsewhere. Althea, for me, did not rightfully earn her spot and was boosted by the judges over and over.

Thanks TLo for these postings. Makes it so much easier to remember and critique. Although I had seriously forgotten several of these looks by CH.

Gosh, there's one thing that's bugging me abt Dr. Whitfield. It's that she doesn't have a clear point of view! It looks like a catalogue of student work! Not to be mean or anything, I commend her for self-teaching herself but seriously: She NEEDS a point of view. I really can't see her as a winner. I mean compare to the other season winners, even the top 3. They all have a striking piece that everyone remembers 5 years down the road. As for CH, sorry :( All the best!

I suppose I'm still rooting for her, given the alternatives.

But this is not the body of work I expect of someone who reached the finals.

At least there is nothing terrible in CH's designs, but then again, there is nothing great, either.
Middle of the road, safe. Not a good place to be if one wants to be a top designer. Yawn.

Mike B., my thoughts exactly. My prior comment wasn't so much a complaint about the crappiness of this season (I've voiced that complaint elsewhere many times), but an observation of the fact that in the climate of this season, mediocre and inoffensive is good enough to get you to Bryant Park.

I've said all season that I'm sure I would wear a ton of what CH designs outside the show, but that doesn't make her a visionary designer.

I wish I liked CH's clothes as much as I like her personality.


That's what she's got. Now she needs to work with a master designer to learn how to develop it.

But seeing all these together really underscores how lacking the challenges were. There wasn't one challenge that forced her to do anything other than what she already does: make a dress.

Where's the Fedex uniform? The outfit made out of toys? The sumo wrestler outfit? The fashionable hospital gown?

Question: The first dress has rows of pleats (or tucks) alternating with rows of trim (?). Is that something unique to CH? She uses a similar treatment on the dress Lisa wears in her final collection.

She uses fabric twisted and roped and fashioned as floral appliques. Possibly she could develop that idea and it could be something that defines her as a designer.

Oops. Sorry, Boys. Well, I was sorta on topic. But extrapolating. Eek.

There's a word that I can't quite grasp to describe Carol Hannah's "vision," but it is not a positive one. Let's just say that what she produces does not look like high-end RTW. It's more mall-catalog wear, and there is something decidedly...juvenile about her work. And she doesn't have a sophisticated color sense. Meh. She would not have been in my Top 3 at all.

On the whole I want to see what she does with a little more time at her disposal. She makes clothes women might want to wear (the dreaded word "pretty" comes to mind) but her subtler skills are weak. I think she can sew and handles fabric well, but her eye for proportion and for the difference between an intriguingly "different" note and a mildly jarring mistake, was weak as shown in the challenges.

In another season I think she'd have been sent home near the end of the season with words of encouragement about how well she could do once she "develops" a little.

But if I went to her for a custom dress, I would feel none of the trepidation about the end result (that the final version would have an element of tacky I couldn't see in the sketches) that I would with Irina.

Looking at just the clothes, without considering the lameness of the challenges that produced them (or comparing them to the output from previous seasons), they generally look perfectly fine.

As several of you have already pointed out - she's got some skill and potential. I, too, didn't realize that she was self-taught, and while that's reflected in her designs, it also impresses me.

She makes very nice clothes. She uses some color - albeit not always in the most sophisticated palette. I think she demonstrates some better construction and fit skills than some of the designers.

She's also very young. I wonder what she could do with real serious training?

Really do not like her model.

Yeah, it's not a cohesive style or look yet, but then I remember she's 24, and therefore really just starting out as far as career goes as well as still young enough to not be positive what she loves in terms of style. (I sure wasn't at that age.) And I do still like a few of her individual looks.

They aren't all evening gowns, either; I spot a couple cocktail dresses and a couple more casual dresses as well. While not every woman needs a red carpet dress, most women own a few dresses for various types of occasions, so while it might be nice if she branched out a bit, she may also be fine where she is aside from needing to refine her style.

So, no, she doesn't really wow me, but I certainly don't think she's bad, particularly for someone her age. I'd like to see what she'll be doing in a few years.

I think she is really the only contestant this season that could be accused of being a "clothes maker". I mean that as a compliment. She's boring as sin when left to her own devices but, given a task she can turn. it. out.
I thought she was the best all season, mostly because she was the ONLY contestant who seemed to understand what was wanted of them from each challenge (and then was WILLING to fufill those dictates).
She should be a costume designer. She would be a GREAT one!

Carol Hannah doesn't design clothes; Carol Hannah MAKES clothes.

Still, I'm kinda impressed that without formal training and considering the time limit she could come up with that many ways of manipulating fabric.

To compare her to Christopher and all his drawstring halters, sashes, and poofy skirts, it seems like her imaginative reserves are bigger.

Still, I'm SO BORED by all these dresses side-by-side!

I love looking over the designers' work throughout the season. I've even forgotten some of the pieces here!

#4 and #7 are the same dress, no? Looking at this whole collection it reminds me of my mother when I was little. She bought a French Vogue pattern in a yard sale and used the same pattern over and over just adding things to it or using different fabrics. She knew it looked good on her so she stayed with it. No one realized it was the same pattern because of the way she would spin it, and that's what I get from looking at this whole collection.

all i can say is when is season 7 starting?

could you guys tag this post with "ology" like your other ones? that way I can find it in later.

Why does the PR winner have to turn out high-end ready-to-wear in order to be a success? Tim Gunn works for Liz Claiborne for God's sake - certainly not a bastion of the red carpet.

Giving them all one-day challenges, there's no way that the designers aren't going to go back to what is familiar just to finish the garment. That's why we saw so much repetition this season.

It's not an exciting group of work, but she does use color, and she does have some taste and skills that she could develop.
She's become consistent and I must say the final four dresses are a grand improvement on the first four. The improvement from the first gold dress to the last gold dress is heartening. She just needs to keep working, develop a point of view and to take some risks.
And of course, sew some sleeves.

I wonder what all of the contestants could have done if there hadn't been so many one day challenges this season.

Who, (other than Christian Siriano) could consistently get quality work done in one day?

Carol Hannah made it to BP, and kudos to her for that.


I've been trying to think of something original to say about Carol Hannah's designs, but I can't think of anything. Which says it all, I guess.

This is my first season watching PR, and I did not know you boys did these. Thanks so much! It really is nice to be able to look at all of the designer's looks.

I thought I REALLY disliked CH's stuff, but it turns out I don't. Totally agree that there is a lot of potential. Her designs tend to be very choppy to me, where your eye gets hung up on things and there is not a lot of cohesion.

Her strategy was awfully smart though. For someone without the breadth of knowledge and experience of a formal education, staying with what you KNOW you can construct quickly and well is a respectable path. The fact that she managed to get so far doing that really speaks to a well-managed creativity.

CH is getting blasted for make a lot of pretty dresses - but wasn't that the point of all of the challenges this season?

Carol Hannah's style typically accentuates the waist, often with a low neckline and bare shoulders. Clean and elegant, with quite a bit of movement.

She is not flashy and does not resort to gimmicks. Her proportions are on the mark and are flattering to most figures. Her outfits so far may appear humdrum, but that may have been due to limited budgets and time constraints.

I'm looking forward to her Bryant Park collection, hopefully with more luxe fabrics and perhaps a couple of jackets and pants.

I look at her designs produced this season, and I think that she makes cute clothing that women would wear. Not everyone is meant to be an on-the-cutting-edge designer; otherwise there wouldn't be any!

I wear a lot of clothing from The Limited and could see CH as a designer there.

@ Susan

Absolutely! CH seemed in her element during the Macy's challenge and the clothing she and Shirin produced for it would fit right in there or at the Limited brand stores.

Then again, unless she can do sportswear, I'm not sure that she'd be very successful with that target audience.

thanks for the photos and the assessment. I like these less than I thought I did, but her runway show was better. The one day challenges must be tough. These are nice and wearable, but it's amazing to see the lack of sleeves! great idea to put these up together to see them. Amazing that Lifetime didn't think of it. That's why we need you guys!

My six-year-old was just looking over my shoulder. He pointed at CH's Getty inspiration dress and asked me if that lady had a baby in her tummy. Just thought I'd share...

Just wondering, how do you (or how does one) determine which work "belonged" to which designer in a team challenge? Is it by model? Does it have to do with being team leader? I'm just curious about that since I really liked the other looks from the team challenges (both Shirin's?) more than these. I don't remember who was leader in that first challenge... But then again, I always really liked Shirin and didn't expect Carol Hannah to do so well. Guess I was wrong although I don't love all her stuff.

I'm not sure it's fair to judge a person for making so many dresses this season, just based on how little time they were given compared to past seasons. She probably didn't have TIME to make things with sleeves or a pair of pants. Plus like, almost every time another designer went for it it didn't look very good. So, yes, she played it safe, and it's hard to get a sense of her design aesthetic, but I really think the same can kind of be said for any of the final three. Irina is apparently into big sweaters, and Althea is into weird shaped unflattering pants and quasi tanks. It's not really any different from The Girl Who Makes Dresses.

I think she's heading in the right direction. She is a talented young designer and could have a bright career.

considering what the challeges were, she did the most she could with them. Her dresses are all intricate and well made. She could use some editing but i do see a point of view, and it will only get stronger as she matures. She probably has the best and most interesting body of work of the three finalists.

At least she uses color in some of her pieces - thank God for that, I am sick of blacks, browns, and greys!

I am thinking that one reason CH made it to the end (and I do like her stuff) is that she recognized the constraints of the one-day challenges and eschewed sleeves, pants, etc. With all the one-day challenges (a big problem with this season), it was a great survival strategy.

As everyone always keeps on saying and saying and saying in the comments: there is nothing wrong with wearability, and she has that in spades. I think she can make it as a designer.

I kinda like that first dress, and the Bob Mackie one. The rest bore me.

the assessment is spot on! never got why she's such a fan favourite. there's not much vision, not much depth, not much range. she can do a few things pretty well, but i just shrug and nod when i see her stuff. irina's finale gown blows any of ch's away...and that's ch's strong suit.

Not the most exciting, that's for sure. All pretty, all wearable, all kinda safe.
But--I do think if the designers were given more imaginitave challenges, maybe CH may have produced more. When I think of some of the goofy things they had to do in other seasons--using flowers and plants, stuff from their own apartment, even car parts for cripes sake, the challenges this season were NO challenge! So how inspired can you be when the assignment is: make something blue??!?!? Ugh--too dull.


They are all pretty wearable...
While that is good criteria for me, it is not good criteria for being the next new hot designer for PR.

ITA: Your assessment of CH is spot on. Pretty dresses, but not a very focused collection. However, at the same time there's this quality of sameness and redundancy. It's great that CH is such a skillful dressmaker and can be quite creative with flourishes and such. I still love her, but feel that she's another designer that could really benefit from formalized training and a possible internship with an established designer.

- edina -

I like CH the most this season for her personality and she just seems so sweet and like who could possibly not want her to win. But I have to agree with everyone else that she did a lot of mediocre middle of the pack work. As other people have mentioned, she's very young still and I think if she would have waited 5 years to come on Project Runway she would have defined herself as a designer much more, I feel the same way about Althea I just don't think either one of them were really ready for this show and for BP yet. I am still rooting for CH to win though!

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The Fru-Gals
11/14/09 7:25 PM Who, (other than Christian Siriano) could consistently get quality work done in one day?

Five words: Jay Maccarrol and Kara Saun

"Who, (other than Christian Siriano) could consistently get quality work done in one day?"

Chris March -- AND he would fit at least one nap into his day.

I think Carol Hannah should get a job designing dresses for the J. Peterman company. (Incidentally, folks, J. Peterman is back after a big bankruptcy). I don't see her as a Target designer or a Macy's designer; I see her as a J. Peterman designer, with those adorable descriptions of what are basically pretty dresses for someone to buy and feel pretty in.

"Who, (other than Christian Siriano) could consistently get quality work done in one day?"

And Chloe Dao and Laura Bennett

I'm surprised to find that I liked what she did over the course of the show more than I expected.

I think that she also said she was self-taught. If that's the case, then I think she should be given the benefit of the doubt.

True, if she had shown more than just dresses, TLo might consider her a stronger contender. But if her strategy was to fulfill the challenge well enough to get by, then she succeeded in that in spades.

Also, she's still fairly young, and has lots of time to grow and mature her style and taste.

Besides, it's a no-brainer that she's going to win, so why sweat it?

Can we get over the 'it's not season FOUR, it's not season THREE, it's not season FIVE' bitching and moaning?

We already realize that. It's season six, and like the other five seasons, it was a Bell curve of designers in place. Some good, some great, and some who sucked.

Let go of the past, people. Sheesh...

The show is not about finding yet another designer who can produce mass-market appeal. The point has always been finding the new cutting edge designer, which the multitudes will then translate, into mass market.

The point has always been that a cutting edge designer will be able to do a mass-market challenge, but can a mass-market designer rise up to a couture challenge?

I thought that her newpaper dress was awful and was appalled that she was not in the bottom for it.

As someone who got bored by Rami and Laura, the fact that she is not easy to pin down is a good thing in my book.

I think it is fair to point out that she did not do sleeves or pants, but I do not draw the same conclusion with CH as I have with other designers, and that is that she has limited sewing skills. Some of the... dare I say overworked stuff that she did shows that she has strong technical skills.

Whether or not if she wins PR6 or not, I think that CH will be a successful designer - probably doing a lot of private labels and commissions, I am not basing it on a great amount of love for the clothes that she has produced as much as what I see as her professionalism and determination. I would like to see her stuff on the red carpet.

Anonymous 8:19 said:
Can we get over the 'it's not season FOUR, it's not season THREE, it's not season FIVE' bitching and moaning?

We already realize that. It's season six, and like the other five seasons, it was a Bell curve of designers in place. Some good, some great, and some who sucked.

Let go of the past, people. Sheesh...

I see where you are coming from, but it's almost impossible not to compare seasons. We all had our favorites, who remain our favorites, and it is just human nature to assess contestants from season to season. Besides, it's fun to see who everyone's favorite designers and designs were.

I think despite what the challenges are you should be able to overall exhibit a POV. I think it is important to note CH didn't display a strong one in her work other than she has a tendency to go overboard.

I agree she probably does have the tailing skills to make pants and sleeves but chose not to under the time constraints. We should recall Jay and Kara Saun rarely made sleeves in their season challenges

I would say, based on the above, right now she seems to have a very girlie, romantic style and she like to embellish to give that over the top, fairy tale sort of fantasy. In that sense she is not unlike Rami and Christian's work on the show. However her POV is not as strong or defined

She does have a potential to be a successful designer. I think she's at a crossroads where she really needs to push herself and also expand his personal interestes so she can better mature her voice.


1-6 are completely servicable, well-made garments: and then al of a sudden she hit 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 all right on the head with beautiful, feminine, flattering, and unexpected garments. I hope she gets the win over Althea and Meana Irina...Althea always does badly made skirts to the bust line and thrown together tank tops; Irina always does black or grey or beige or it's just embarrassingly ugly.

I found that I liked her stuff a lot less than I remembered when I'm seeing it all at once. Pretty things though. And some color, yay.

Great assessment, guys.

CH was one of my favorite designers this season. Looking at her oeuvre side by side there are pieces I really like and some interesting thought at work here. I also see the tendency to be somewhat overwrought, and the need to exercise the self-edit muscles. As others have noted I also see the executional fallout from too many one-day challenges. My favorite of hers this season continues to be the wedding dress redux, minus the bolero.

I did NOT look at her final collection online but from what I saw last week Dr. Whitfield's was the one towards which I responded most favorably.

Thanks for doing this. I went to the Lifetime site to try to review what several designers had done over the course of the show and there is just no easy way to do it - what a pain!

Bears repeating.

Lifetime is continuing the abysmal Bravo tradition of websites created by IT summer interns.

I actually think most of the comments are really overly harsh. First of all, CH is clearly a designer. Every piece she has designed has something stylish, ambitious, striking, and like TLo said, unexpected about it. Like Leanne, she is willing to go somewhere new and figure it out as she goes along. Also, like Leanne, her best pieces are some of the most stylish of the season (the CA look, the "dress your model" look) but at other points her looks seem like overworked messes. That's ok though, it's good that she went through the season swinging. And while she didn't make a sleeve or pant I think the only reason she didn't was because she didn't know how to make one from scratch without a starting pattern. Nothing wrong with a 24 year old who otherwise is quite ambitious and technically skilled.

She is 24 and (deservedly) beat the odds to get to the final three.

Btw, I think Carol Hannah had the best strategy of anyone this season. She knew early on the best thing to do was be big, bold, and unexpected while cutting the boring designers was the main job onhand for the judges, and then to be stripped down, focused and runway-ready in the latter challenges when picking the Bryant Park designers was in order. Chrisopher did it bass-ackwards and we saw how that went over.

i like her color sense, meaning the colors she chooses not what she's drawn to.

i think her design aesthetic is defined by wearability and accessibility more than anything else.

Aw, I like CH.

Finally watched episode on YouTube last night.

What a nasty twist of fate she got Dippy Christopher as her helper ("just meditate on it" -- Were I CH, I'd've killed him for that.)

Couldn't they have given her a break & assigned Gordana as her helper?

The ability to use color is an essential element to the overall life of a designer. And CH knows how to work with color. I want her to win.

Carol in LA said...

The ability to use color is an essential element to the overall life of a designer. And CH knows how to work with color. I want her to win

I beg to differ. Being able to use color doesn't mean "Oh I'll pair a shade of blue or green with a gray." Using color means combining unexpected or uniquely striking shades and tones of different colors together (yes, with some neutrals too). Pairing a single color with gray is not hard, and she used a relatively limited range of color for her work on the show and her final runway collection, and it's all a little too frou-frou fairy Virgin of the Spring. That she made one red dress in the middle of it all doesn't really change that. Her color choices do not look sophisticated at all, and don't hold up together - though to her credit, most people are not very good at using color. It takes an eye that Carol Hannah just does not have.

Can you sum up her aesthetic in a couple of words? We can't.

I can. You know, I don't really agree with your overall -ology here. I actually thought she had one of the strongest, most consistent aesthetics out of the Season 6 crew. Course, that isn't saying much, because when you compare anyone from Season 6 to the really strong visionaries of seasons past like Jay, Christian, or Uli , hell even Jeffrey, for example (and no, I don't count Laura, who IMO had a strong sense of personal style but not really a strong identity as a DESIGNER) they will invariably elicit a tiny yawn. But of all the things to specifically ding Carol Hannah for this season, lack of a clear personal aesthetic aint it, IMO. I totally got her whole woodland sprite/uber feminine vibe early on in the competition. Think A Midsummer's Night's Dream meets the modern southern woman. I like that she can incorporate a suggestion of that fairy idea she's going for without making her stuff look juvenile. But, she has to learn to edit and not go over the top with the froo froo. And also, not edit so much that it becomes bland. That is Carol Hannah's weakness, I think...finding the middle ground between going too far with her vision and not going far enough. Which is a bit different than not having a vision at all.

I apologize if this has already come up in the comments section of a prior post, but I was wondering if anyone knew what Tim Gunn was referring to in an Entertainment Weekly article that came out in May this year.

''We have a challenge, the outcome of which will have the blogs going crazy! I'm surprised I didn't need CPR when it all came down the runway, because I'm still in such a state of shock about it.''

Since nothing blew my socks off this season, the best I can come up with is the newspaper challenge?

Any advice on how to search using the tags?

I typed in ology (in the SEARCH entry on the top of the main page)and I got three hits (this one, Leanne, and one more).

I tried a few other designers and that didn't work either.


I see her aesthetic as swooshy, swoopy, drapey -- but yeah, so much of her work is unfocused, a result of not having that design education. When you're young you often think an education isn't really that necessary, but it is. Without a solid foundation, one ends up limited, either idea-wise or execution-wise (or both).

She's so sweet, though. Notice how even the best Editing Magic failed to produce any real bitchiness from her. Whatever happens in the finale, she's got loads of potential and I wish her luck in her career.

Remember Uli had a limited range during the competition, too.

There are few designers who could show range, consistency of vision, and originality in a succession of one-day challenges. I think she might actually compare to Uli -- remember that Uli basically showed one very simplistic dress after another during the competition, the only defining feature of note being her penchant for prints. Uli didn't really wow us until she hit Bryant Park. I think CH shows a similar simplicity. The only really meaningful -ology for her, as with Uli, would have to come from her BP collection. We can only tell so much from her competition entries, alas.

At least she used some color.

"CJArellano said...

Looking at her body of work, I have to say CH is a very practical designer. She may not have a strong signature, but she will make strides pleasing clients and fulfilling criteria..."

I agree. I can see her having many clients. Did she say something about designing a lot of wedding gowns?

"ASK said...
Any advice on how to search using the tags?
I typed in ology (in the SEARCH entry on the top of the main page)and I got three hits (this one, Leanne, and one more).
I tried a few other designers and that didn't work either.

Just click on the word/tag "ology" at the top of this post. The search doesn't always work.

Thank you HeatherSnow


Anonymous said...
She's young, she's trying to find her voice. I think she has a lot of ideas running through her head, but she needs to slow down and, like you said, think about the body wearing the designs. She's definitely got talent but she needs to train it and in some cases, restrain it. I think she'll be OK if she keeps growing.

11/14/09 3:49 PM

I think that sums up my thinking about Carol Hannah, particularly Anon's comment about using some restraint. If she stays in the business, as she matures, maybe gets some mentoring she should develop more thoughtfulness about fabrics and when less is more.

just getting to the blog this monday morning.

seeing all of her challenge pieces together makes you see it differently. i guess i dont see a wow piece but maybe we will get that for the bryant park show?

she is a sweet girl though...

Hello TLo,

I know your trying to compare the final 3 but can you also include gordana's. she should be at least the decoy in bryant park but since she wasnt able to show her work there, would you mind doing it here, sort of a tribute..i know she's not great compare to the previous contestants but i really like her personality and the way she handles the situation during the entire season..thank you so much..

I know most of you said you didn't see any stand-out pieces. I still think that XTina dress is a complete stunner and if she can create more looks like that for the finale I think she could take it.

When all the outfits are together like this (thanks!) they aren't bad. I think she is going to win after seeing a sneak peak of the collections.

What I like about Carol Hannah is that she's not afraid to do "the big gown." I think it's something she does well, and there's something about her work that feels very organic.

I get the feeling she loves what she does. It really shows.

asparagus lust

I sincerely hope CH wins. That is the only outcome that will have ANY satisfaction for me. She has the goods. She is fresh, original, the little engine that could. Has a fine temperment and amazing skills under horrible conditions. I saw no crap outta her, at all. That, singularly, qualifies her for the win. She has a similar type that we lost, Gordana, but Goga had 20 years on CH!

I thought she was heads-up and someone I would want to do business with, at all times. She has IT, and I hope we credit her for it.

Re her one pant entry: wasn't that the week she worked with Logan? Her look was eerily similar to his.

I like her use of color. I like her feminine silhouettes. She does need to expand her range more. Her clothes are very princessy overall. Her BP collection is my fave of the three due to SOME of the individual pieces- but others are just not good. Some of her season looks are very good- like the "What a Woman Wants" dress. Some are mediocre. Some are borderline.

Again, she is very talented and could benefit from some formal training in order to expand her range.

I like CH's work. It had some energy and color, which I appreciated next to the drab messes so many other designers sent out week after week. She worked hard, stayed sane, never subjected us to morose therapy moments or did anything but focus on the challenge and send consistently pretty and wearable looks down the runway. Good for you, Carol Hannah! I hope she wins. She's not cutting edge, it's true, but I think she could make it as a designer.

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