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Auf Wiedersehen 2

No WTFery this time, kittens.

Poor guy. He really is very likeable and it was endearing how appreciative he was to still be there this late in the game, but let's face it: the writing was on the wall a long time ago.

We give him credit for choosing an inspiration way off the beaten path, but it kind of reinforced the idea in our heads that he doesn't have great instincts and he's amazingly unself-aware as a designer.

He's at his best when he's doing romantic, conventionally beautiful clothing. He's not, so far as we can tell, a conceptual designer. He was standing in front of one of the world's finest art collections. He could have picked almost any artwork in that museum and it would have been a good fit for his aesthetic. Instead, he picked the most challenging and least-like-himself inspiration he could find. Not that we're arguing he should have played it safe, but he really should have played to his strengths.

Model: Katie Sticksel

When this first came out, we momentarily thought, "No volume. Good for him." We were ready to applaud him for trying out a new silhouette.

But then we saw how the bottom half moved and we realized why he does voluminous skirts so much: because he doesn't really know how to do otherwise. A skirt with a slimmer silhouette requires a sense of flow and movement and this heavy thing just hung on her as she walked down the runway.

The top is very cute but he's done the exact same top several times this season. It was just more of the same. The corset waist just looked incongruous to us. It didn't really add any thing to the look.

And we have to say, while the execution wasn't bad exactly, it wasn't "set the world on fire" good either. Anyone who's ever watched the show knows that the final challenge is basically an audition for Bryant Park and it's the one moment where all the stops really needed to be pulled out.

Even if all the elements came together and worked perfectly, it's still not a terribly ambitious design.

Nor is it a particularly pretty dress. That skirt fabric, besides being too heavy, was just plain ugly.

In season 2, Andrae famously made a dress inspired by dirty gutter water. What made that dress so memorable is that he took something ugly and turned it into something beautiful. The fountain wasn't exactly ugly, but it did pose roughly the same challenge. This needed to be a uniquely beautiful dress and it just wasn't. It was kind of sad and stiff and depressing.

We really do think he's a sweetheart and we hope he's learned a lot from this experience. There's definitely a lot of potential there, but in our opinion, he either needs to go to school or he needs to intern for a design house to learn some of the basics. It was cute in the beginning when he admitted he didn't know what smocking is, but after weeks of demonstrating that he doesn't know how to edit or interpret, he's proven to us that he needs guidance in order to move on.

Extended Judging:

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

Exit Interview:

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i totally agree. i knew he would be leaving but dont get me started again on the other auf. sweet non the less.

A bit of design school would go a long way with him. He lasted far longer than he should have but nice guy and I do wish him well.

When he was working on this, I couldn't stop thinking about his vampire bride dress, with the corset and tie around the waist, the same neckline.

Basically, there was nothing Gordana could do to make them take her to BP because the producers didn't want her, and there was nothing Chris could do because as a designer he's just not there yet. Maybe if they had kept him at bay and gotten him on the show a few years from now, but at that point, he wasn't ready.

Every time Christopher started talking about how his dress represented him as a designer, I cringed.

Put him back in the bottle for a few years and let him come back.

Didn't he know that the same midriff treatment caused Ep's aufing?

I didn't stick around to see which models are going to BP. I guess it's safe to assume that Katie & Matar are not.

Cool, you got to this before I went to nap!

I can't disagree with anything you've said here. This certainly wasn't hideous, but it wasn't right, either.

I do hope that the same passion that got him both dreaming and crying will give him the impetus to get some sort of schooling or, as you say, internship, or something, because with a bit of a better eye for fabric and more sitting down and editing, he could be an amazing designer.

He's a sweet guy, it's obvious, so I really do hope he does well. And hey, while he's working on the design stuff, maybe he could do a little comic work; his sketches are so cute!


I just felt sad for Christopher when I watched Katie on the runway last night. He was definitely out of his depth in this competition.

I really hope that he gets the opportunity to go to school or intern with an established designer if he wants a career in fashion.

I wish him well. He seems like a genuinely decent,sweet guy.

That bottom looked like sail-cloth drawn on with crayon. Did he draw on it, or did it come that way?

I agree that he would greatly benefit from a little time in design school. He has some good ideas, but needs some formal training.

All of the designers are lacking this season in comparison with previous designers. Jay Mccarroll, Laura Fancy-Pants, Christian Fierce -- they all knock these jokers out of the park. What's up with that?

Yep, Andrae's Dirty water dress was the first thing that came to mind. I would have forgive the ugliness of the skirt if it somehow flowed and wasn't as heavy on the bottom.
Also? Pretty much all of theses designers need some serious help with styling. That hair and makeup they are putting on theses young women is criminal.

Question to anyone that may know:

Since they did a double elimination, will both Gordana and Christopher show decoy collections?

I hated that dress and he definetly should have gone awhile ago.

BUT....that being said, I have to also say this. I haven't been a fan of Chinstrap throughout the season and yet, kinda like Nicolas, in the end I felt for the guy.

Over time my opinion of the guy himself changed. What I first saw as annoyingly bad melodramatic reaction to everything (I'm referencing the perpetual eyebrows in the sad lost puppy position - the prayer hands across his face - the deep intake of air before he utters something about his dream) was really inexperience and insecurity about his work and his lack of training coupled with a sincere desire to make a name for himself in the industry. That doesn't make me like his work any more then before, but it's enough to empathize with the kid.

WOW! That dress was ooogleeeee....

But I don't get the hate over Miss Crissy. She seems like a pretty nice girl who needs to go to a design school, do a few interships, and just get her mitts a little more in the game.

I wish nothing but the best for her.

It's amazing he made it to the final challenge. It really should have been Epperson.

Plus, I always liked the way Alex! drew her.

11/6/09 12:38 PM It's amazing he made it to the final challenge. It really should have been Epperson.

Please don't open that wound. I'm still salty over that one.

They auf'd Epp, Ra'mon, Shirin, Nikolas, hell, even Johnny S before him, which was mind boggling.

Exactly, TLo. Since this auf is as justifiable as the other auf wasn't there's no need to vent on this one. You're just right, all around. Nothing more to say except Christopher's a sweetie and I wish him the best.

Jai: Nope, there are no decoys at all. The three finale collections were actually shown before we knew the names of the designers. Shame.

Let's face it. No matter what he picked for inspiration, he would have made this same dress.
Who makes a draw string halter neck top and an A line skirt for the final challenge?

atrocious level of talent this season

i hope this doesn't happen again in season 7

the final 3 aren't talented or interesting as designers either

I thought it was a good silhouette, if you looked from far away and kind of squinted. You just can't look too closely. I'd even have liked the stiffness of the skirt IF he had used it really sculpturally. The way he used it, though -- no flow. (Water flows, baby!) The green painting reminded me of that big ol' flower painted dress Kayne did, remember?

I wonder if Heidi asked all the designers if they were confident in their design as their final challenge look. What an odd question.

Christopher, honey, if you're reading this: GET THEE TO DESIGN SCHOOL. OR GET A JOB WITH A DESIGNER! (We wouldn't say that if we didn't see your potential.)

I personally didn't think there was nearly enough crying from Christopher in his final episode. *snort*

This auf'ing was a long time in the making but should have been done weeks & weeks ago. When I saw that dress come down the runway, I thought it looked like something I could have done in high school - not a compliment, believe me! The heaviness of that skirt really only mirrored the inspiration in that it looked about as heavy as stone.

I was surprised that so many of the designers chose Christopher as one of the designers to go to Bryant Park. While granted, I'm sure that Mean Girl did that only to try to keep Dr. W. out, the rest seemed very sincere. What are they seeing that I don't see/get in his designs?

Christopher would be wise to take TLo's recommendation of school or internship to heart because in the long run, he would greatly benefit as a designer. And the producers would be smart to follow Mr. Gunn's suggestion that some design school experience be a requirement for participation in PR for future seasons.


Sewing Siren: "Who makes a draw string halter neck top and an A line skirt for the final challenge?"

I would. As you know, I don't sew. But I did sew a bit as a teenager, and the drawstring halter top (one piece of fabric + a drawstring - easy!) was one of the few things I was capable of. The other was inserting triangles of upholstery or Indian bedspread fabric into split apart pairs of jeans (voila: a line skirt!).

I'll miss little Chrissy, but not the drama. It broke my heart week after week to see him so excited about his designs only to be ripped to shreds by the judges. Why they put him through the torture when we've known for weeks that he wouldn't make it to Bryant Park is the saddest part. Best of luck to you, Chris!

I really like Christopher- He seems like a real sweetheart. But this dress looked like an arts & crafts project.


OK, I rarely if ever comment, but I"m on a high horse this morning! Here goes:
In regards to Christopher, I can't even get behind believing that he was actually "inspired" by that water fountain. I immediately thought of Andrae's "dirty water" dress...and am I mistaken or didn't another designer from a past season use some kind of "dirty water" concept for inspiration as well? I wondered if he had a subconscious draw to the fountain because "dirty water" seemed a tried and true way to win praise for going off the beaten path. That said, yeah he's a nice guy...
Also, when you say that this final challenge is an audition for Bryant I wish I could still believe that! However as last night proved, the decision has been made well before this challenge even begins. The challenge is a clearly just a formality! Althea could have wrapped that girl in masking tape and they'd still be giving her props for having a "point of view" or "taking risks" or whatever lame justification it was that gave her a win over Gordana. And sorry, but I'm not blaming the producers for putting words in Nina or Heidi's mouths. Nina should have refused to sit there and hypocritically say she didn't know Gordana as a designer. Lost a lot of respect for my favorite judge last night because of that :( Lost more respect for Michael Kors when I realized he's only been on the show for maybe 4 episodes. So he's basically just the big guest judge for Bryant Park, and Nina's not in much better of a position herself. Who knows why it was deemed acceptable to shoot a season without the two major judges? I'm just sooo disappointed all around.
That's all, thanks for letting me vent!

You are so right, but he was sweet. But I really want to talk about Heidi: she has cheapened the PR brand, possibly beyond repair with her meanness, pettiness and unreasonableness. She takes joy in humiliating contestants (w/o wit or constructive suggestions) and has even managed to make the lovely Tim Gunn seem unfocused and perverse because of her erratic judging. She has taken an interesting show of art and ideas and turned it into a cheap, LCD, Survivor-style show with random outcomes. Further, she has deeply misjudged her audience, who have no vested interest in the youth of the people who win, but rather in their designs and, concomitantly, their unique personalities. And she also fails as any sort of example, given the mismatched and/or/ too short/tight/cheap-looking clothes she wears each week. All the people involved are being paid too much to feel shame, I suppose, but, frankly, I don't know how they can stand themselves after their display of petty venality and shallow values during this season. Fie on them and their kind.

Boyfriend needs to pull himself together. The crying is too much.

That is an awful skirt. Christopher should NOT take this personally when I say, How embarassing that he was still there this late in the game. He is a talented designer who needs MUCH mentoring and education to truly versatile and be able to execute his (lovely, charming, romantic, unique) vision. He is a sweetheart and it was painful to watch him go through each week knowing that he really should have been citiqued in a way that could have promoted growth on his part. Instead he was put into a steroetype "role" for this show and was offered nothing that PR used to offer people. He gained NO insight on tht runway. Hopefully he'll gain a bit from the reaction to his season.
I look forward to seeing what he does with the talent that he HAS IN SPADES!
Good luck chinstrap :)


... I just ordered one of her xray corsets. Soon that will be me! :D

Still annoyed about Gordana, but I guess there was no point pandering to suspense, since by then they probably figured no one was going to get to show their face anyway and the usually minimal extra cost of letting another designer show wouldn't be worth it? Bleaugh.

Sorry, dropped a letter or 5. Hopefully it still made some kinda sense.

It looked like Heidi was proud of herself for making Christopher cry. Not that that's hard to do, hasn't he cried in every episode? But it looked like she asked him the 'are you proud of this as your final entry?' question just to break him. I loved it.

I dont' even get why the top is cute. It's just a halter with a gathered neck.

I was kind of cringing during the episode when he was talking about how he knew "who he was" on the show; that he was the out-there conceptual guy who didn't do the ordinary expected things and that was what got him into trouble. It was so very, very un-selfaware that it was clear he was doomed. After all, if he can't see the problems with his work, then he's not likely to be able to fix them. As for this dress, the skirt was awful and I didn't even like the top. If you're going to be inspired by water you need lightness and flow, and by taking the color of the gray darker, he even lost the prettiness of the mossy rocks that he liked so much. So, yeah, I have no argument with this one, as nice as he seems to be.

No one drove me more crazy this season than Christopher. He was the lamest of the lame. His masked his insecurities, but he didn't fool anyone. He so drove me crazy. His uncontrollable emotions, his lack of self-awareness, and his sad clothing during the second half of the season were beyond cringe-inducing.

I do not get the affection that so many others seem to have for him.

Nice guy sad dress


That guy needs to ramp it up. He keeps pulling the same lame tricks out. The gathered top, the corset waist, the ribbon, unecessary crap on the skirt.

Seriously what was that fugly, three year olds fingerpainting on the skirt? If that was my kids I wouldn,t even put that on the fridge.

I wont even touch the Gordana things since your post said it all.

This season SUCKED and I think it was a complete joke that Christopher wasn't kicked off by like, episode 4. Sorry, maybe he's nice and pathetic and puppy dog-faced, but his work sucked. SUCKED. The first dress was ok (unoriginal), and that was IT. The tops of his dresses are NOT cute, and the boobs of this dress did not fit at all. Heinous. Let's call a spade a spade, people. Maybe I'm too much like Meana Irena, but can we be for real here? Speaking of, her dress sucked too. Dr. W.'s dress was a snoozefest and can she make anything else besides a damn dress, holy shit!? YAWN all around. Lifetime definitely effed this one up.

He should've stayed in L.A. and enrolled at FIDM. Better would be moving to NYC and going to Parsons, but, SOMETHING. He learned nothing from his experience on PR, and this is because he didn't have steady judging and constructive criticism from which designers have benefited in previous seasons.

You know what'd I'd watch? A series in which Tim Gunn is the professor teaching designers the ropes. There'd be assignments, there'd be grading. There would be progressively less fug. And there'd be more Tim Gunn.

You know what I'm probably not going to watch? The rest of this verkakte season. Not that Christopher didn't earn his auf weeks ago, but, ugh, I just know the judging is going to continue to be as fucked up as this final dress of his.

C'est moi, c'es moi Lola

Brooklyn Bomber said:
"I wonder if Heidi asked all the designers if they were confident in their design as their final challenge look. What an odd question."

I think A LOT of things come down to Heidi's magical earpiece during this episode's judging, but that's just me.

As you all know I am not a fan of Xtopher's, and like Sewing Seiren said, he was just going to make the same damn (potty mouth!), ahem, DARN dress he usually does, regardless of the inspiration.

It was no surprise that Xtopher was auf'd; the surprise was that the cracked-out judging and 'storyline' (how many times in the bottom?) kept him there for so long.

I'm sure he's not a bad guy, but he was just not meant for this competition, at least not at this stage in his life. Good luck Xtopher....

Ha, I turned to DH while watching this episode and wailing about the talent level of some designers and their inspiration. I said remember the "Gutter Dress"? Who could forget?! If this were shorter, it could be sold at Target, or maybe Macy's. I mean that's drapery cord tied at the waist, for heaven's sake. Bless his heart, I wish he'd get a job where he could *go* to school part time if necessary. I'm afraid I screamed "Simplicity Easy Sew" when I saw this dress.

But, on the plus side for this season, there might be some backstage bitchery (yay) and contagious disease (boo). But at least we'll get to see some clothes, and maybe the lighting will be better. I dont' recall it being so hard to see the designs on Bravo.

C'est moi, c'es moi Lola


Now that it comes to me, is an all-female final 3 all that surprising, since after all, it IS Lifetime network?

Is the ire at Bunim-Murray misplaced, and should be directed at the network that paid the pretty penny to get the show?

Conspiracy theories abound....

Bless his heart...

Christopher needs to hop a plane, train or bus to LA or NYC and find a nice sugar daddy to support him while he goes to school or apprentices for a major design house.

^Exactly my thoughts, that's why I said Lifetime effed it up.

I liked Christopher's vampire bride dress - and thought it was the best thing he did all season. And even if that was the only Christopher-dress I'd ever seen, I'd have thought he had vision and talent. So, I hope he gets the help he needs to succeed.

I really appreciated his behavior - no I am not talking about the crying. He was fair and polite to everyone even in the tough times. He seemed to form a bond with his model. And as far as the crying goes, I have no room to talk. I come from a long line of cryers.

Good luck, Christopher.

I think Nina was right on the money when she said he has great ideas, so creative, but he does not have the education and experience to know what fabrics will work with his lovely designs.
I hope he either spends sometime learning or gets a job in a design house where he can get the experience he needs.
If he does that in the end he will probably be a success.

Amy Sez..
So what if Christopher is am I, but I can't sew either so don't deserve to be on the show. That dress was UG-LY. It looked like it had magic marker scribbles on the skirt.

This whole season proved how much Heidi needs Nina and the Dutchess...

Yes, he's sweet, but Christopher really needs some experience. I'm neither surprised nor disappointed that he didn't get into BP, but I wish him well.

I'm still pissed at BM about Gordana.

I don't remember if it was TLO or a commenter who pointed out that this guy would be perfect for designing Barbie clothes, but whoever said it was dead on. Where else would you see this?

Nice guy, of course...just dragged through the competition for far too long...

At least this one didn't remind me of a Barbie doll cake.

Instead he stuck Barbie's legs inside an empty toilet paper tube. Nice guy,

Poor Christopher. New day; same dress. I hope he does go to design school. I like his point of view...I just wish someone would teach him how to execute it.

I liked his exchange with Dr. Whitfield...

"Don't you feel like things are getting all crazy!?"
"So it's just normal?"
"Every day?"

Note to Gotham Tomato:
I wear mine on my sleeve, where else?

The production team/show could have saved a whole lot of water works for Christopher had they never casted him to begin with. Me thinks it is time to go back to the casting videos and see what got him to PR.

More jerking around by fucking B/M. Christopher should have been auf'ed weeks ago, before Logan. As others have commented, he has the potential to be a great designer with some schooling and/or mentoring.

Best of luck to you, Christopher!

poor Christopher =( This dress really wasnt that bad. It was ok, not great but ok. But yea i knew he was going home. He does seem like a really sweet guy and he does have talent, i guess he just isnt ready for Bryant Park.

Anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a designer yet truly believes they chose the best material for that skirt needs to get some serious training. As in STAT.

Is everyone using heavy as a synonym for stiff on the bottom of this dress? I thought my boy might sneak in after seeing that chair cover from the decorator fabrics store (Carol Hannah) and Althea's design.

His audition tape explains so much in his fabric choices. He celebrates his fabric selections from Walmart. Even though it may only cost $3 dollars to make, it may not be the most wise design choice to make.

A little bit of textile knowledge would take this sweet Bambi of a designer much further than any appearance on PR.

I really did like the top of the dress, but the bottom was very freshman-fashion-student. Did he just use a green marker on the skirt? What was that?

I actually thought this was one of Christopher's better efforts in recent episodes. Which just means he really should have gone home weeks ago.

Shirin, R'mon, Epperson were all sent home too early, while Christopher was given chance after chance after chance. We're really left with a boring final three because they're too similar. Wow, three women in their early to mid twenties.

In terms of talent, I think Season Four was the peak--I think of the Met challenge and compare and contrast to the Getty Challenge and--owww!. In season Five, the field was less deep, but Korto, LeeAnne had beautiful final collections and they and Kenley all had distinctive voices as designer.

Ironically, Gordana was the most distinctive designer of the five left.

The show and contestants really were hurt a lot by the inconsistent judging. All of the contestants needed consistent feedback from Kors and Garcia. I don't have the Heidi hate others have, but she just doesn't have the skill set to critique in a way that gets the best out of a designer--or to see which ones should be given a second chance and which shouldn't.

Wow, I really miss the Duchess. I think we'd see a really different batch of designers in the finals if he'd been there all along.

Dear Miss Fabulous DVF:

Please take Christopher under your wing and teach him about fabric and drape.

He needs the help.



i'm not dorothy gale

Gotta say I feel sorry for the guy. He's so totally clueless, so guileless, so innocent in his ineptitude. He's a fragile little lamb (like Andrae) and it was way past time for him to return to the pasture.

Totally agree. I don't necessarily think he needs schooling but like you said he needs to work in an environment that others will bring a critical eye and he can learn the basics. I just finished architecture school and am working on getting licensed and I think it is very similar situation with him. You don't actually need to go to school to become an architect, but they do require you to have a lot more time working in the field so you basically get your education through a mentor. Anyone can sketch a house or a building but it is getting the mechanics to work and understand how things come together and how to make your concept come to life, that's what schooling/mentoring does for you. It also challenges you to grow and try new things. Same with fashion. You cna draw a pretty dress and you can try and make it, but without basic knowledge of different techniques and what fabrics are good for what ideas and pieces and movement and volume, you are never going to make that idea come to life. Love you Christopher, but you can only teach yourself so much.

Off topic question, what is the deal with PR 7 that some have been referring to? Has it started filming yet? Are they showing at the next NYFW in February? When is it scheduled to be broadcast?

A few years ago I read an interview with Tim Gunn and he said that during the casting process there were so many talented designers that they could have filmed 20 seasons. Where are all those people?

I am all for self-taught, but that requires a knowledge of the industry, fashion history, and understanding fabrics, draping, etc. I think you can learn it on your own, but the Town Crier just wasn't there. Not a bad sewer, but not a designer.

I am a very good seamstress, but not a designer. There is a huge difference which makes the execution issues of people like Althea forgivable in my opinion.

You guys are genius. "we realized why he does voluminous skirts so much: because he doesn't really know how to do otherwise." So true.

All the crying gave me a big whiff of Ricky.

Go to school and find the skills to fully realize your potential, Christopher!

Has anyone else mentioned the brother sister look of katier and christopher? sorry if its a repeat.
This much needs to be said. Lifetime did get one thing right...Models of the runway. The show was actually boring and could have been done in a five munute segment. However, it would have been a great five minutes. I did enjoy connecting and/or diconnecting with the models

This reminds me of bad community theatre costume design. Trust me, there is such a thing as good community theatre costume design. I see Potipher's wife wearing this in a bad production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat when the costumer spent all the time working on the coat only to realize there were 40 other people to costume at the last minute...

Nicely said boys. I wish Christopher well and he's a nice person with a good start.

Keep going Christoher. I love your passion.

christopher- listen, please stop doing corsets until you learn how to properly fit them. a loose corset is sloppy and ugly and brings down the whole look.

Christopher also seems like a sweetheart to me, and he has a lot of raw talent. I also agree that additional training would be a benefit for someone like him. Good luck, Christopher! I'm confident that you'll go far.

C'est moi, c'es moi Lola said Now that it comes to me, is an all-female final 3 all that surprising, since after all, it IS Lifetime network?

The network is likely irrelevant. After all, there was an all-female final 3 last season, on Bravo.

Christopher became a little less sweet and innocent for me after viewing his last video blog entry on the Lifetime site. He really seemed to want to scapegoat his model, Katie for his loss : "she didn't even smile when she put on the dress, I just didn't feel she was supportive or she didn't stand behind my garment": to paraphrase. He not only shows an inability to take criticism and learn, he seems to have a need to play the victim, with all that embarassing crying and almost begging to be taken to Bryant Park. Maybe that kind of drama queen stuff has worked for him before in his life. But he needs to be seriously relieved of his delusions before he can move forward. I hope that happens.

The inspiration was cool. But a dress inspired by a fountain needed to be more flowy. The skirt was too stiff. Easy pick for an auf- even if not cumulative.

Best wishes, Christopher.

I hope I never see these season 6 designers ever again, in television, blogs, anywhere

They're so untalented, it's painful

Glammy said "Shirin, R'mon, Epperson were all sent home too early, while Christopher was given chance after chance after chance. We're really left with a boring final three because they're too similar. Wow, three women in their early to mid twenties."

I couldn't agree with you more, Glammy. I'm not all that excited about the BP showing.

Keeping Christopher around to the final five was unfair to everyone, especially himself. I also feel badly for Katie. She knew what he was all about, but defended him nonetheless. I wish him well and hope that he finds himself a good mentor.


About midway through this season, I peaked at the slideshow of the Bryant Park collections--and I noticed then the lack of vibrancy in them. Wasn't sure how it had happened--now I am.

Yeesh, the Fashion Show had a more interesting set of final designers. There's no way you could confuse the aesthetic of those three finalists. Not so here.

Too many passes for some designers, not enough for some of the others. Result: BORING. We've all known for a while that Althea, Irina and Carol-Anne were going. If Christopher hadn't completely and repeatedly fallen apart, they would have sent him.

And, man, they kept Logan around too long. Just reeks of non-design influences on judging.

Season 7 is a wrap and will be airing on Jan. 14th. They're back in NYC and Michael and Nina will be there for every episode. Found the info on the Lifetime website.

And for something completely off-topic, "DH" makes me cringe.

can heidi get fired? please?

Potipher's wife - awesome comment!

Glammy, all of your comments were right on the money. This season is a snoozer and I was especially underwhelmed last night.

That was one ugly-a$$ fountain Christopher used as his inspiration. They looked like cement rocks. Funny how he got so emotional over the moss (or algae) growing on them. Also thought the gaudily-draped bed that CH picked was fug; was glad that her interpretation veered a long way from the subject.

Irina is the only one left who's consistently impressed and that's mostly been how much she got done in the time allowed, not that there was anything gasp-inducing (other than in the gasp of horror sense of course) about her design talent.

The models kept me a lot more engaged then the designers did. Others have said what needs to be said about the judging far better than I.

I'm trying to figure out if all the designers on this season are colorblind? I have never seen more drab dull shades of beige, gray and black in any prior PR season. This is the future of fashion?? Pretty apocalyptic..couldn't we save this for 2012...really? I'm so completely disappointed and FREAKIN BORED!!! I simply think PR has drained its pool of American wannabees (who know how to sew...a dying art)-guess we have to go searching overseas next year folks...

Oh...and another thing...will someone please punch meana Irina in the face?

I know I'm a horrible person for saying this, but I was never once moved by Christpoher's constant reminders of how he was untrained, unskilled and just so motivated to create, by his love of fashion, natural instincts and inclination to design innovative and against the norm designs. I don't think that he was a bad person or even calculating or manipulative, just extremely passive aggressive. I found his crying irritating and viewed it simply as a coping mechanism learned very early on in his life. Sure, I actually liked some of his designs, here and there, but how he made it through to the final five is a testament to how inconsistent the judging is and always will be, and how manipulated the entire competition is and probably always will be. Me, bitter much? Yes, I most certainly am. I need a season one marathon to feel clean & whole again.

- edina -

I think Christopher is a sweetheart, but his last several designs left a lot to be desired. When I saw that corset, I knew he was going home. I mean, seriously? Seriously?!

I liked that Christopher chose something other than the artwork inside the museum for his inspiration. I've been to the Getty Center several times and the architecture is far more interesting than 98% of the art inside it. But I didn't see the fountain in his garment, and I didn't even see the "artwork" on it until TLo's screencaps. Yikes.

I liked Christopher, and agree that he needs more of something to succeed in the fashion biz. Maybe it's school or working at a fashion house, but why would a fashion house hire someone who still needs the basic training most people get in design school? There's no shortage of fashion grads looking for work. I also wonder if design school would fill the gaps. Someone could go to Juilliard for 4 years, but it doesn't mean they'd come out a fabulous musician. They've got to have a boatload of talent, and I'm not sure Christopher does. It sounds harsh because he wants it so badly, but being a designer may not be what he's best at. He doesn't seem to have the right instincts for fashion, and I'm not sure you can teach that.

Sweet boy, but I didn't like his dress at all. Hated that black shoelace thing around her waist. He got some good advice on this blog - I hope he takes it.

Ah, the Andrae dirty water dress!!! One of my all time favorites - especially because of his inspiration - genius! And now I'm mad at the judges all over again-- for picking Daniel V that time!!


giant wonder woman corset belt thing. cant believe he lasted this long. oh wait, i keep forgetting about the BS judging.

Did anyone else notice that Tim seemed to be getting a little miffed at the judging? I mean he frequently disagrees, but he seemed to be getting beyond that this time.

Why does Christopher remind me so much of Daniel Franco?

(Except that Franco had a bit of taste and could actually sew, I mean.)

I just have to fast-forward through every appearance Christopher makes and I feel like such a meanie for doing so.

Oh, well.

He cries like a fountain when he thinks the judges are going to auf him, but doesn't cry when they finally do auf him. So he just cries for show, otherwise when they aufed him he'd be making the runway wet with his tears.

It would have been fine with different fabric choices. Go to school, Christopher. Surely you can pick up a scholarship now.

Those tops that Christopher loves to make remind of those shitty pillowcase toddler dresses that people sell on Etsy.

The level of talent this season was truly dreadful. Even Irina, who is maybe the best of the bunch, isn't fit to shine the shoes of past seasons' also-rans. Faugh, I say. Faugh!

At least Tim talked him out of putting those hanging pointy things on the skirt!

I too am surprised he stuck around so long but not at all surprised he's gone now. OTOH, Gordana! :(

(another suz)

Poor poor Christopher and his lack of education.

Question: Does anyone know if Laura Bennet had professional training as a designer? (I know she was an architect.) What about Jay?

Sadly I do think that PR is over. I have not seen any designers with any spark this year. Maybe Epperson but he is gone. I just don't think the talent pool is out there to keep this show going. I think the girl that won The Fashion Show had allot more going on than all these folks. I really want to like it but week after week I see nothing.


I can not believe that you guys did not comment on his thong that was clearly visible while he sat sketching at the museum. It was the funniest thing about this season.

Anonymous said...
He cries like a fountain when he thinks the judges are going to auf him, but doesn't cry when they finally do auf him. So he just cries for show, otherwise when they aufed him he'd be making the runway wet with his tears.


yes and it looks like they bought into his little pity show...which they didn't with Gordana

11/7/09 9:08 AM

Poor poor Christopher and his lack of education.

Question: Does anyone know if Laura Bennet had professional training as a designer? (I know she was an architect.) What about Jay?

Point taken.

But we do not even need to go back that far: neither Gordana nor CH has formal training, and CH, 6 years younger than Christopher, has shown superior skills.

And then there is Sunny Fong, of PR Canada, also self-taught, whose mastery of tailoring and range of references put some of the professionally trained designers to shame.

But Christopher speaks as if he is not only the only self-trained designer this season, but the only one in the history of PR...

I really have nothing against Christopher (that he stayed too long cannot make me dislike him, since that was none of his doing).

But last week I finally figured out what had been bothering me about him——speaking as a professor, I see in him the qualities that drive me mad: recognizable talent combined with unshakable narcissism.

He has endlessly proclaimed his love for his designs, and a few weeks ago, his response to finding himself yet again in the bottom three was not self-reflection, self-questioning: the judges did not understand him, and his task was to make them do so——by presenting more of the same.

His work was not the problem——they were.

Of course, on some level, they were... I will not rehearse the excoriations of this season's judging. I agree with it.

And I would like to agree with those who say that all Christopher needs is a combination of technical training and generous critique, generous in that it grasps his vision and leads him to see it from without, from a distance. For it is only from that position that he will be able to separate the concept from its particular manifestation and understand how to bring the latter closer to the former.

For the best teaching shows the student how to read his or her own work with clarity and rigor, challenges the student to find and meet his or her own best standard.

But the student must be open to such critique, open to learning that most difficult task of self-critique.

Formal education can give that, in part, although it is not necessary: many of the greatest poets taught themselves through rigorous reading of the work of their predecessors——and their own.

As a teacher, I use every tactic I know, seek to create new tactics, deploy every approach I can imagine to lead the recalcitrant to such self-knowing and self-critical vision.

But I have also learned that there are some students whom one cannot reach. And although I never give up on a student——and never cease to question myself about my failure——I have come to accept the fact that, in rare cases, the fault does not lie with me.

And there is something in Christopher——

Perhaps it is how little he has done to teach himself: the internet abounds with resources that he could have used to learn both the technical and historical elements of fashion and art. (Yes, they teach ruching there... )

Perhaps it is the narcissism I mentioned above. (And to call him a narcissist is not to damn him——he really does seem to be a lovely boy in many ways, suggesting that his work is the only area in which that trait reigns.)

Perhaps it is his lack of curiosity: he seems to see his lack of training as something to be proud of, not as the impetus to learn more, to question himself, to go beyond his very limited aesthetic. And he seems pleased, too, with his limited range of references, seems to have no sense that he should seek to broaden them.

Perhaps it was this challenge: he was so proud to have chosen the fountain as inspiration, spoke as if such a thing were truly original, had truly never been done before.

I want to believe he is teachable, for, despite what I wrote above, I want to believe everyone is teachable. But he has shown too many signs that he may not be...

Hoping I am wrong, hoping the best for him——

This season played out very much like when one of my students in writing classes writes an argument in defense of their personal opinion or reaction to a work of art and reinforces that opinion by restating over and over and over again rather than using examples or any shred of support to get their reader to go along with it. If the formula for a thesis is "X is true because of Y," their thesis would read something like "My interpretation is true because it's my interpretation."

It feels like every episode of this season has featured designers blathering on and on about their "VISION" and "AESTHETIC," when no real effort has been made to demonstrate a cohesive vision or aesthetic. By this point in any other season, you KNEW a Jillian piece when you saw one, you KNEW a Chris March or Christopher Siriano piece, you knew a Korto piece when you saw one, not because they reused the exact same tired element over and over again (ok, sometimes they did) but because both they and the show had established a narrative.

This season feels like it's just screaming assertions at you:




The producers tried to force archetypes on cast members that were barely appropriate for their role and that were usually only reinforced by shit that other cast members said on camera (Irina is o meeeeeeeaaaan, guys!) rather than stuff that actually, you know, happened. And then this episode, it felt like the emotional backstory (Gordana) and simpering on camera (Christopher) was designed to create suspense by making us actually feel sorta shitty about the inevitable. They were trying to create characters that didn't really seem authentic.

I feel kind of old an cynical about the fact that Gordana's emotional reaction to Monet left me cold. I was like "Okaaaayyyy, she got worked up by that painting because she's 'spiritual' and the Monet reminded her of angels? Something is missing here." Either there was alot more to that emotionality (like, say, some context for Gordana's spirituality and why European cathedrals are so important to her) that we didn't get to see, or some producer was trying to wring every last ounce of drama out of plain old stress and exhaustion.

Whaa whaa whaa ...what the hell is up with him and all the other men who cry on this show...present and past seasons! Suck it up guys...geesh.

Chris is a likable enough guy with marginal talent...but no surprise he was auf'd...should have gone weeks before. cya!

Christopher does seem to be a sweetheart and I wish him nothing but the best.

However, a basic sense of good taste cannot be taught. He just doesn't have it.

Once a designer declares that a dress with a dust ruffle represents them, it's time to find a new job.

Anonymous 1:34 said:
He cries like a fountain when he thinks the judges are going to auf him, but doesn't cry when they finally do auf him. So he just cries for show, otherwise when they aufed him he'd be making the runway wet with his tears.

YES. And, as you might recall, Ricky from season 4 (5?) did the EXACT SAME THING. It was hilarious to see how there was no sense in wasting crocodile tears once they couldn't keep him on the show. He was headed straight for the workroom to clear out his stuff...

This was not a good entry, the top was ok, but the skirt looked like a tent. Christopher is talented, he just needs to gain more experience.

Algae on the rocks? errr, no thanks, make mine an alka seltzer with a twist of lemon. As Chris March says in his blog, seeing beauty in the unusual is not some kind of rare talent, but pretty much a required one, but you have to be able to translate it into "something useful in the fashion world,not a flight of fancy to feel self satisfied about"

Eh, it's not Ricky that Christopher reminds me of, but Keith from season five--similar mix of self-aggrandizement and self-pity. I liked Christopher's early stuff better, but similar limitations of being self-taught and in the boonies.

Jay, on the other hand, was in the boonies, but was trained. Man, that was a beautiful collection. and COLOR!!!


God, it took them long enough. His ass needed to be kicked to the curb like a month ago!

This season has truly been drab, boring and lacking in talent. I feel the difference with the departure of the previous producers. This season feels very anticlimactic and lacks interesting editing. Hopefully the next crop will be better. Maybe they had poor auditions since the future of the show was up-in-the air at the time?

I liked his inspiration but that dress....UGLY. When I saw those grey rocks with the bright yellow algae, the first thing I thought of was the last dress in Laura's bryant park collection, the grey one with the bright yellow belt...take a look and see if you agree.

He did so well considering his lack of school and experience. I thought he was going to make it during the judging until he started to gush over his own dress that they didn't like - that's the kiss of death. When you don't recognize something isn't right and defend it. Although, I don't think that extends to Gordana, she got robbed.

Half this dress was nice. He'll get better. I was rooting for him, being from Minnesota. He kept saying he was from a small town though, and Shakopee isn't that small! It's a fairly large suburb of the Twin Cities.

Aw, thanks for being gentle on ole Christopher. He really does seem like a nice guy. I'm interested in his lack of formal training and how that may have helped and hindered him. I think his being self-taught was actually charming and gave him a unique POV - i.e. he wasn't just aping the style of his favorite teachers. And he managed to learn a lot of practical skills on his own. I've seen lots of people go the art school/fashion school route who've ended up much poorer but not that much more skilled. On the other hand, design school would have taught him how to handle critiques. It's a slippery slope, trying to improve from constructive criticism while also being true to your own voice. I agree with uniongirl; he could have used a few more years before the big show. Then again, he probably learned more about garment construction and the biz in five weeks than a few years and several thousands later at design school. Make the most out of your fifteen minutes, Christopher!

Can't argue here. Chinstrap should have been gone long ago and this should have been Epperson competing for the Bryant Park spot. And I do think his weepy sadsackness grated, for all he seems a nice person. He needs to decide on a point of view and develop the means to bring it to fruition. He often doesn't create his drawings. He needs to get some skills in the tool bag. Hope he gets himself together.

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