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Auf Wiedersehen 1


WTF, WTF, WTF?!?!?!

Blah blah blah. Final challenge, blah blah, inspiration, blah, Getty Museum, blah, blah, blah.

Blah, blah, only five left, blah, blah.

Blah, Monet, blah.


It's hard not to write "FUCK YOU, BUNIM/MURRAY!!!!!"

Oh, wait. We just did.

Model: Matar Cohen

Seriously, when the show pulls out crack-smokery like this, it's always difficult the next morning to come up with a cogent, reasoned response. And why should we, you ask? Well, because "FUCK YOU!!!!" responses are not exactly hard to find on the internet and we try to be a little better than that.

Better than a "FUCK YOU!!!" response. Which is why we rarely ever write it.

"FUCK YOU!!!" That is.

To Bunim/Murray. So it would read like this:


As you can see, we're better than that.

Christ, what are we supposed to say here? We saw the final collections back in February. Once the designers established their aesthetics, it wasn't hard to figure out who was in the final three. For us, it was all about waiting to see how they got to that point.

So when this beautiful dress came out and blew all the other dresses out of the water, and then when all the judges admitted that it was a beautiful dress and the only one that truly looked inspired by the inspiration, we thought, "Were we wrong? Is Gordana in the final three?" Because even jaded, cynical long-time PR commenters like us couldn't figure out how she could be auf'd if the judges loved her dress.

We STILL can't figure it out. And while we don't want to take any of the deserved blame away from the judges - especially Nina with her "I don't know who she is" crap. NEWSFLASH, CHICA: YOU DON'T KNOW WHO SHE IS BECAUSE YOU WERE FLYING ALL OVER THE WORLD WHEN YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN SITTING IN THAT JUDGES SEAT - the fact of the matter is, this has producer manipulation written all over it.

After all, they found themselves in this predicament before. In season 3, they couldn't decide who to send home after judges' pet Michael made a crappy dress and judge's punching bag Uli made a beautiful dress, so they sent all 4 of them to Bryant Park. In season 4, they couldn't make up their minds so they sent all 5 designers to Bryant Park.

We realize that the lawsuit was hanging over this production the whole time and no one involved in the show was really on their game, but why couldn't they do as the Magical Elves did and just give the woman her damn due? She clearly NAILED the challenge. Send her to Bryant Park, for Christ's sake. Would it have killed them to have someone not young and perky in the finale?

As for the dress, well, it's not that we love it all that much, but we love the thought behind it and we really love the technical skill she brought to it.

But frankly, those judges should be ashamed of themselves. They certainly looked it. That was the most sheepish judging session we've ever seen. Why not just have the producers standing behind them and whispering everything in their ears on camera? It wouldn't have been any less obvious.

Extended Judging:

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique

Exit Interview:

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I concur.

That's it for me. I am so done with PR. I am furious!

Fuck You B - M! In. Deed.

A-freaking-men to all that.

I think that it's a beautiful dress, but I admit as much as I love Gordana, I think her design aesthetic has been trumped by her technical skills. Pattern maker vs. Designer.

But I was surprised about this choice - for certain.

Beautiful Dress Gordana!

Your spirituality shines through in your character and your work!

Those are things no one can ever take away from you.

ugh I thought Gordana would only be auf'd only if she did some horrible shit and sent it down the runway (like the Christina challenge).

This was gorgeous. Had a little color and probably the best piece this season. what the fuck at her not getting to show at BP?

You are, as usual, completely right on the money. Gordana has more or less been a whipping post all season, and I have no idea why. That decision goes down as one of the most egregious in PR history. WHATEVER!

It all hurt my stomach. Thanks for saying what needs to be said.

I spit on this season's judging!

They couldn't even name a winner of this challenge, I notice--because it would have been Gordana and then how would they auf her? Cowards.

I was so disappointed in the judging last night. Clearly this dress was the best.


As always, your analysis is spot on. Not that it counts for anything, but I also thought her answer as to why she should go to Bryant Park was the best of the bunch.

I couldn't believe this episode. It seemed as if Gordana had won this challenge, but then got sent home.

Yep, it has producer fingerprints all over it. And crack smokery.

Okay, am I the only one who thinks Carol Hannah looks like hypno dog on the runway when she's listening to the judges?!?!

Oh, how I wanted Gordanna to throw her shoulders back and give the judges what for!

Last night was the first time I had watched in a few weeks. I couldn't believe that she was sent home over Althea, wtf...

The dress made me a little uncomfortable. It looked do a put this politely...more Georgia O'Keefe than Claude Monet. And Gordana's last look was unforgivable. I agree she got screwed here, but I'm far more excited to see Althea's collection than I would have been to see Gordana's- and at least G went out doing something she loved. Please don't beat me up!

I wasn't that upset, I guess. I like Gordana a lot less after she snapped off Carol Hannah's head (We're not here to serve you...". Must be from hanging around with Irina.

I guess I can see the reason behind the decision. I watched the show all season, and none of the designer's points of view really stand out to me. With Gordana, she made some beautiful things, but when I think of her, I think, "Well, she likes to use gray..."

I started to write a much longer post, but I am going to edit myself and just say: DITTO.

With one extra comment: if Bunim/Murray wants to keep fans of the show watching Season 7, they need to check themselves and quit manipulating the show to make it "Project Runway REAL WORLD."

Keep a mix of ages, races, nationalities, sexes and design aesthetics in the competition. So what if Gordana is 2 decades older than these other women? She has something to offer, and would have made a nice balance to all the young ones.

Ok. i'm done.

GORDANA WAS ROBBED! My jaw is still glued to the floor in shock and disgust. I think Dr. Whitfield deserves her spot, but Elly Mae's outfit was a disaster! What does she do, match her designs to go with that rat's nest on her head? What the hell do the producers see in her? UGH!!!!

Not only does it look like producer manipulation, but it gives a bit of credence to those claims that Heidi doesn't like Gordana.

I like this dress, but I agree with the decision.

Personality aside, and considering everyone's collective output so far, I think it was fair for the judges to give Gordana the auf. Irina, Althea and Carol Hannah deserve to be in the final three.

Truly ridiculous. It was as if the challenge had never happened. The judges just picked the people they (or the producers) had already decided would go.

This dress looked more Georgia O'Keefe than Monet to me. Very Va-jay-jay...

Thanks for calling it like it is and even calling La Nina and her BS.
I hope that people involved in the making of the show read this blog, and they realize how fucked up they have acted with this decision, it is not about one contestant (Gordana), it's about betraying the principles of the show and the trust of the viewers, without us watching at home they have nothing, so they better shape up for next season...
Looking at the pictures of the dress this morning I'm even more upset, it really looks beautiful....
Gordana, if you're reading this: good luck in your career, you have amazing things to offer, so be very proud of yourself.

I was so pissed last night when they sent Gordanna home - she totally deserved to show at Bryant Park but because either Heidi or the producers didn't like her - the three perky young girls are instead. *sigh* Gonna be a really boring finale to top off a really boring season. And I don't care who wins, at all, but I would have LOVED to see what Gordanna could do with a full collection.

TLo, you guys make my morning as always (I refuse to admit that I was refreshing the page for the last 15 minutes waiting for this to go up)



You boys as always know how to weed through the bullshit and that's exactly what this auf was.

I agree that Irina, Althea and Carol Hannah deserve to show at Bryant Park, they're all very talented, but you don't just toss someone the way they tossed Gordana when she clearly did something beautiful, praised by all the judges. Send FOUR to Bryant Park. Why not?

Right, right, and right. After several rants in the TLOunge about these very same points both last night and this morning, I have nothing more to add to your sadly correct assessment of the proceedings...

Except this: If the normally verbose, explanitarily (?) brilliant and chatty TLo's commentary can correctly be boiled down to two words -- one of them an expletive -- then something is seriously over-the-cliff wrong. I know Season 7 is already in the can, but B/M had better have taken a long, serious look in the mirror. That sound they're hearing is loyal viewers deserting a sinking ship.

the judges should have said,
"We will choose 3 to go to Bryant Park based on your entire season of work, with this final dress being one piece of the judging...." then it might not have been so unseemly. Apparently they had a different set of criteria they used to select a winner.

Because really, the other contestents had a big "wah-wah" noise behind their dresses this week - if it was based on this week's challenge, clearly Gordana should have been picked.

And as much as I did like Gordana's dress, did anyone else think "Vagina" when they saw it?

You know what I hated most - that Gordana's dress barely got shown at all during the show until the runway. We saw all the others being made and nothing at all of the work that went into Gordana's. Do they think that if they hide it from us, we won't notice it's the best?

Suzi, you nailed it! That was a big ole doody sailing down the runway!

So, if not Gordana, who should have gone? I think Althea. What do you all think?


Watching the extended "judging" just makes me even more of the only really pretty but still different dresses to come out of this season and its AUF WITH HER HEAD BECAUSE HEIDI SAYS SO


Suzi, you nailed it! That was a big ole doody sailing down the runway!

So, if not Gordana, who should have gone? I think Althea. What do you all think?

Shoot. Suzi beat me to it. Well, great minds think alike, eh, Suzi? :)

Love you both!
Can you send an email to my sister in law and explain my feelings for her but not use the words bitch, cunt, or selfish brat, because Lord knows I am above that too.

I wondered how you guys would respond to this pathetic judging decision, and I could not have asked for more.

So let me just add, "FUCK YOU, B/M!" And then say a few more things because I'm better than that too.

Having viewed the three collections in the finale, I knew that Gordana could not have been among them. So I was waiting, sadly, for her to collapse and crumble in this challenge and produce something auf-ul.

When she produced this dress, I actually thought, OMG--they've tricked us! Four finale collections are usually shown--the three winners and a decoy. So obviously, they released only three of the collections and one of those was the decoy, and Gordana DID make the final three!

How could it have been otherwise, given the egregious shmattas that both Althea and Meana sent down the runway?

Oh--that's right... It could have been otherwise because this entire season has been a sad joke. What better way to end it than with this final disgusting manipulation?

And the inserted Heidi farewell voiceover? How insulting to say to a 44-year-old woman that, once she has some experience under her belt, she has a good future?

Everyone involved in producing this show should feel nothing but shame.

You know, between marginalizing Tim, and Heidi's blatant Gordana-hate, this season has done a lot of harm to the PR brand, in my opinion.

I'd love to have seen what Gordana would have produced with some real guidance from real judges, and some occassional positive feedback. She really got beaten down there, starting about the middle.

I know it's a reality show, and if you don't have a thick skin you're not going to make it. But I felt the same about Uli - bitch, bitch, bitch all the time! I think if Nina and Michael had been there, if execution had even mattered, if real designers had provided some perspective, it would have been a different season.

It's not that I think, based on what she's shown, that she should be in Fashion Week. But Althea's consistent top-three finishes have been mystifying to me, and I think Gordana would have done better in a different season.

THANK YOU! I was screaming the same thing to Nina at the TV. "I know who she is, everyone knows who she is. You don't know who she is because you haven't been around. NEEE-NAAAA!!!" Jeez. Screw you Producers, Screw you LIFETIME!

TLo, you're both too gentlemanly to say anything like, "FUCK YOU, BUNIM/MURRAY!!!!"

So....I'll say it for you, "FUCK YOU, BUNIM/MURRAY!!!!"

And that wasn't just for Gordana's aufing.....THAT WAS FOR WASTING THE SEVERAL THURSDAY NIGHTS OF MY LIFE!!!



-And...most importantly:
-CINDY CRAWFORD GETS TO PICK WHO GOES TO FASHION WEEK? REALLY???? apologies for shouting. I need to lie down.

They should have Gordana show for season 7 as a surprise.

Gordana had the most beautiful dress on the runway in this challenge. (I also liked CH's) Gordana has the most gracious and generous spirit of them all. It's age-ism pure and simple. Shame on the judges and producers. It really stinks. Fortunately, Gordana is, and will continue to succeed in spite of this ridiculous outcome. And how on earth did Christopher manage to be the last "boy" (as he said) standing???? Explain that one.

I have read your website for years now and I concur with your thoughts. I am highly unamused with this season. Nina & Michael were needed, desperately and I hope the show is moved back to NYC as to accommodate their schedules. While I like Heidi I think she simply needs to host, no judging, none leave it to the professionals. And really witht the way this season went I don't care who wins and -maybe- I'll watch next season with hope.

Oy vey. I expected this, but I hate it anyway.

Not least because I've never been a fan of Althea's garments.

This was most definitely a BS judgement -- they need to make a decision whether they're judging on the challenge at hand or the body of work, and then stick to it.

Top Chef does it -- they've ALWAYS said they judge the current dish in front of them. Chopped does it, they judge the current dish until the last round.

PR just tries to sell us some different bullshit every week.

Sorry Gordana, that was a beautiful dress.


Yes, boys, that just about sums it up for this whole wretched season! Watching last night as the dresses took shape, I was really wondering exactly how the producers were going to shaft Gordana out of her spot, given that her look was one of the best up there (I think Dr. W's was also quite good).

[sigh] we suffered through this lame & sorry-ass season to be rewarded with this??? Gordana cheated out of a well-deserved win & Bryant Park show merely because she's not a tall, young blonde with an overexposed rack?

Bunim/Murray needs to go back to the "Real World" and leave our PR alone - I miss Magic Elves!

Fan Favorite to Gordana for dealing gracefully with such crap & nonsense!


Plus, I was up until the wee hours reading all your stories. Even though the season was a bit of a bust, I am madly in love with each and every one of you and I hope you'll all come to my house to watch next season.
Will the bar still be open?

p.s..."the LAST several Thursday nights."

I gotta start using the PREVIEW option.

They pulled a similar stunt with Jerel in season 5. He'd obviously won what should have been the final challenge so they said "You win! But wait! There's still another challenge!" This time they simply avoided naming a winner (Has that ever happened before?)and said "It's lovely! And these are the three that will be going to Bryant Park." So essentially they just decided that the challenge was irrelevant.

The dress is beautiful and Matar looks stunning.

I SWEAR TO GOD YOU TWO HAD BETTER BE JUDGES NOEXT SEASON! You are the best most fun thing about PR in it's current incarnation. Keep it up gentlemen!! I know I said I wouldn't but I am going to watch the stupid finale because I can't quit a bitch but, FOR REALLY REAL, season seven had better BRING IT for me to stay around.
Gordana was robbed, ROBBED!

Well said, gentlemen.


I want that for my wedding dress. That is all. and whoever said this was the best piece of the season: YES.

I mean, I can't get angry about her aufing: we all knew she wasn't going to Bryant Park. She SHOULD have gone....but never mind, she has a website, so I'm just going to go buy some of her clothes :D


well FUCK THAT. i hope you get to interview mr. gunn as to why all the hate on gordana.

great post boys & i so agree.

Ouizee, are you anywhere Princeton? If so, I'm in!

This season was so boring, I honestly didn't care, but she should have gone to Bryant Park as well. I was just happy they didn't send Chris..I was still kind of shocked he made it this far. (ยบ_O)

I'm STILL crabby. I'm even crabbier because a partial marathon of PR Season Two is showing on Bravo right now, and I'm enjoying it!!! It's the Sasha Cohen challenge this hour, and I KNOW I'm crabby, because I'm actually looking forward to seeing Santino's mad turkey get up.
Lifetime, Heidi and TPTB better get their frigging act together, or they will have a very large boycott next season.
Best of luck to Gordana, she deserved the win last night. I loved that dress.

I was absolutely stunned last night at the injustice of this. It's so obvious this outcome has been fixed. Remember in S2, when Tim had to toss Keith, he said that the integrity of PR meant everything? Well, Tim, sorry, you and your integrity have been screwed by these producers. This show is a shell of what it used to be.


Dear Bunim/Murray,

I loved the Real World and Road Rules shows...when I was thirteen. Oh, you may think your audience is the college crowd, and maybe a few exceptionally bored housewives follow them, but trust me, it's mostly middle-schoolers and a few high-as-a-kite high school kids. Oh, sure you have "Survivor" to fall back on as your "18-34 demo" show, but this is not Survivor. It is Project Runway, and your lame, predictible yet inexplicable tricks don't work here. This is a show about real talent and judges with the leeway to tell it like it is. It is what made the show different, a phenomenon if you will. Take that away, and you have nothing. I sincerely hope that it's not to late to save Season 7, but I will say this in warning: my husband (who turned me on to PR in the early days) has been falling asleep while watching almost every episode this season. If I start doing the same next season, we won't even bother to watch it anymore. I don't give up precious sleep for just anything, and the PR name has carried you about as far as it is going to in my house.

Gordana - You chose one of my top 3 paintings at the Getty and I adored you for it. I adore you even more for the dress you made to represent it. Thank you for doing what you wanted to do instead of trying to play to the judges. It was a gorgeous dress and if I was taller than 5 feet (which I am not), I would wear that in a heartbeat.

I feel like they had already decided who was going to BP, so even if poor Gordana had made the most beautiful, interesting, perfectly executed dress in PR history, she would not have been going to BP.
That episode was a waste of all our times and it makes me kind of hate the show now, even though it is pretty much the only reason I still have cable.
I was a huge believer that PR would be PR no matter what channel it was on and what production company was involved, but clearly I was wrong, and I'm just really dissapointed by all of it.
This was lovely dress that fit the challenge perfectly, and I feel terrible for Gordana because she deserved to be at BP for that entry alone, and I also feel like she was a strong contestant throughout the competition.

We all knew this was going to happen. Tim warned us before the season even began. As bad as it hurts at least we know that Gordans knows that we all know the truth. Enjoy all the love you will recieve today Gordana, you deserve it!

YES!!! Great idea mjude! Guys, interview Tim about WTF was up with all the Gordana hate, and while you're at it ask him WTF was up with the completely f$%^$ judging!

I sense Tim might want to talk about it. I bet he's primed to give an earful. Or at least, he probably was a year ago, come to think of it. He's probably over it by now, but maybe watching it has brought the anger back anew. We can only hope.

It seems perfectly logical that Heidi would have it in for Gordana. Heidi the immigrant looks at Gordana the immigrant and sees herself in 10 years but without Gordana's talent. Despite having been dressed in lovely clothes, Heidi couldn't design anything to save her life and has extraordinarily questionable taste in her own clothing now that she's got to dress herself. Not only that, but beyond "I would wear that," she never has anything to say that hasn't already come out of the mouth of another judge. She may be a smart businesswoman, but it clearly bugs her that she hasn't got design chops, and Gordana really brings that home.

We all knew Gordana wasn't going anywhere but home. It's been telegraphed so obviously that I even feel a bit sullied for watching. And it looked like Gordana aged during this season. I hope she is rested and happy.

Klum bores me.

Thanks, guys - accurate as always. This is the weakest season of PR so far...when I haven't been angry and stuff like this, I've been falling asleep on the couch from boredom.

"EWSFLASH, CHICA: YOU DON'T KNOW WHO SHE IS BECAUSE YOU WERE FLYING ALL OVER THE WORLD WHEN YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN SITTING IN THAT JUDGES SEAT" i said the same thing as soon as she said it. She should won the challenge and should have been sent to BP. Shamful

I'm from the South - we, of course, are too mannerly to let a "FUCK YOU, B/M!" fly - but that is TOTALLY what I was screaming last night. SCREAMING, I say. Scared the poor dog to death. Thanks, TLo, for your usual accurate assessment. I totally concur.

Choosing Althea over Gordana made no sense to me, even based on the body of work. But I suspect that, in the long run, Gordana will benefit more from having been on PR than Althea.

And I still want to know what Heidi initially said to Gordana during her auf'ing that had to be over-dubbed.... Hoping TLo can tell us in the screen recaps.

Even knowing it was coming, it was a shock. I am sad and pissed off. I will not watch the finale. I couldn't care less anymore. This has been the absolute worst season of PR ever. Thanks, TLo, for at least making it bearable. And FUCK YOU B/M!

Robbed. For real. Yeah, she's had spotty work in the past. Big whoop - so did Angry Little Peanut.

Based on the parameters of this challenge? Come on, she had that shit in the bag - best garment on that runway last night.

If I have to listen to one more godd*mn guest judge say "I would wear that" I am going to personally go to BM's office (anyone else get the irony of their initials?) and throttle the producers. I don't give a rat's ass what Cindy/Eva/Lindsay would wear. I want to hear the technical and fashion merits of the piece!

I'm pretty pissed off at the show this year, can ya tell?

This was just about the final nail in the coffin as far as fashion design shows go. I was tortured throughout the summer with TFS with their whack judging and terrible lighting, all with the promise that PR was coming! Then to suffer week in and week out with this season and the network change and the fucked up judging, lighting and Heidi's shitty, snotty attitude. I've had it! I won't even watch the final at BP because I DON'T CARE!

Maybe with time and drugs I'll be able to attempt to watch season 7 with the hope that this season was a fluke because of the litigation, ect. But I am done for this sorry season. After last night my ass is really chapped. ugh.

I hated the tacked on "there were some execution issues" that Heidi threw out when Althea and Gordana were left on the runway. What execution issues? The only thing the judges had mentioned was that they didn't like the zipper.

I agree that, overall, Irinia, CH, and Althea had a better, more consistent body of work than Gordana. But to ignore the beauty of this dress, of Gordana's angel, is just unfair.

I began watching PR for the fun of experiencing it along with TLo and everyone who posts here, but I think I'm done. I'll still be reading this blog but I have better things to do with an hour a week than to watch a show that insults my intelligence the way this one did last night.

Auf wiedersehn to you, B-M.

I'm eating waffles and about to buy a really expensive watch online. That's how sad I am - stress eating and impulse buying. I want to know what blather really came out of Heidi's mouth instead of the obvious voice-over of her Gordana farewell. Agree SewSew, the dubbed version was insulting.

yeah! ho! wah!

wow, ok, everybody calm down. its a reality tv show!

did gordana make the best garment out of the final five? yes she did. was the judging even more crazy than otherwise? yes it was. it was, in fact, sending-nick-home-instead-of-santino crazy.

but this post, dear tlo, makes you two look a little crazy yourself. i mean, feel free to be angry, but seriously, try to not have a heart attack, ok?

C'est moi, c'es moi Lola

Oh boys! I'd like to engage in a lot of pottymouth too about this decision, but after watching Tabatha this week, I'm trying to cut down....

I did not expect my Short-Short clad Slav to make it to the finals, but I'm pretty pissed off that 1)the didn't pick a 'winner' for the challenge, and that 2) a beautiful dress like that was next to a competitor's badly finished garment and was still sent home.


It's a 'walking to' and not a 'walking away' dress, but then again I wouldn't want to even be seen in public in Althea's.

And Cin-thee-a Wow-wee? Please! (BTW, when IS Rene getting his sweet behind back on TV?)

When Gordana is on form, she is ON, and I thought she should at least have a chance to really show everyone what she's got. After she talked about dying fabrics with onion peel, and the sheep/sweater quote, I thought she was the one who deserved the 'I've come so far' storyline, not Xtopher.

The one thing that truly shocked me watching the show? GINA GERSHON in a Lifetime movie?!! Oh Gina, what the hell happened?!!! Shoot, there goes my pottymouth again....

Love Gordana, loved her dress, will love to buy her wares when I can scrape together enough dough.

I'm sitting here wondering if such bald-faced lying is even legal. How dare they mention sewing or construction (I forget the wording) of Gordana's dress as being a factor in her dismissal when it's being compared to one of the biggest sewing disasters in the history of P.R. standing next to her. (I'll wait for the discussion on Althea.)

Doesn't BM (shit) Productions realize that the credibility of Project Runway has been damaged, perhaps irretrievably?

Agree with all here on ageism and PR manipulation. I'm not sure the division is blame is so tilted toward B-M; I suspect Heidi and Nina are in complete concurrence. I have been skipping watching the last few episodes because the challenges and clothes are so boring. Now that I know that the challenges and clothes don't matter anyway, there is no point in watching this show anymore.
Glad TLo blog other things so I still have a reason to come back here...I won't be bothering reading about PR.

THANK YOU and AMEN, gentlemen. Because that was my exact reaction. Preach, brothers.

I was as speechless as you last night, T-Lo. All that came out of my mouth for the first ten minutes was profanity, the last refuge of those who need to express themselves but have no words to describe WHAT THE UNHOLY FUCK JUST HAPPENED.

Don't know who she is as a desigher, Nina? THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS CHALLENGE. What you saw on that runway is who those designers are.

Holy bouncing Moses.

I even interrupted a conversation I was having with my mother last night about "Mad Men" and baseball to rant about the absolute bullshit judgefail in this episode.

"Why do you keep watching that show?" she said. "You keep complaining about the judging, the challenges. Sounds like it's not worth watching anymore."

Nail on the head, Mom. This is the first time I've almost no interest in seeing the finale.

Tangent first: I guess I almost sorta get the vagina references, but I didn't see it that way at all and even with them I still really don't think it's that similar... partly I just don't really see it in the colours and partly just that it really is only slightly the right shape (mine stops after a while, y'know?). *shrug*

Anyhow, directly in response to TLo: Yeah, that's about how I felt. I really don't want to just rant but honestly, that's about where I am. Plus Nina. Yeah. (And I hope you have some screencaps coming because she made some incredible faces last night that I just didn't get... so your take on it will at least be amusing even if not any more clear on the why.)

Overall, it's not that I mind them judging by the body of the work in the last challenge. It's that I fundamentally disagree with them about who had the better work.

Althea's stuff really did very little for me overall... and several times she was safe off or in the top for stuff I flat out disliked. I outright hate the braless tank top thing that she did several times, and while a well-placed tank under certain jackets could work, I think she mostly had the wrong jackets for that. And last night's dress was... I mean, you'd think she'd have seen the construction problems earlier and either rethought (with two days to do it she had time for once) or... something. I don't know, maybe it was too late once she bought the fabric. But it's not like last night was an exception; she consistently had construction problems. I know they only have so much time to work with, but that has gotten more than one designer aufed.

Meanwhile, while Gordana had some things I was less than in love with, she also had some things I adored, and while I will not disagree with anyone who wants to say her designs are not exuberant or eye-popping, I don't personally find that a flaw. I like subtle. Her construction was generally good or excellent, her aesthetic was visible to me (and I'm really kinda boggled that there are some people to whom it was not), and this particular dress is not only an amazing interpretation of her inspiration image, but wonderfully made and, in my opinion, totally beautiful.

Between the two of them, I think she's the stronger designer, not just the person with the better dress last night. I know opinion plays a strong part in fashion, so I know I won't always agree with someone else's (or anyone else's, in some cases), but in terms of the show, as well, I'm still not quite sure what happened.

So, as I said over in the Tlounge... they'd better wow the hell out of me with Season 7's first episode or two, because if they don't? I'm just gonna hang out here and get my PR news rather than watching the show.

[end relatively calm rant, which I shall now use as the inspiration for a post on my own blog]

Glad to see your thoughts mirror the outrage going around in the comments last night.

When the judges (which one?) complained about the bulky zipper, I knew it was over for her. Truthfully, I didn't LOVE the back either and wished she had continued with the gorgeous colored fabrics instead of the white stuff. But her dress and Carol Hannah's were the best, and Gordana's interpretation of her inspiration was true, so WTF????

I will never understand how Gordana won the challenge and then got aufed, but thank you for calling out Nina's ridiculous comment.

I will give the show another chance next season because I love it that much, but if it even begins in any way to mimic this mess of a season, I will be finished. Whether it was the looming lawsuit, the producer manipulation, the missing judges, the lame challenges, or the designers themselves, this round gave us little to no idea of anyone's point of view or aesthetic and even less intrigue and excitement. To be bored during an entire season of ProRu is a fucking outrage. I am outraged!!

As far as Gordana is concerned, despite the fact that this dress was gorgeous (And super-vaginal!! Am I alone, here?) and that she's a nice person, she hasn't wowed me at all throughout the season. Isn't that what matters more than the final challenge? That they brought it the whole time? Not that I can really say that about anyone...

To sum up: LAME LAME LAME and FUCK YOU new regime!

Honestly, the best thing about this season of PR are your posts! I gave up watching a couple episodes ago. Nothing (and I mean nothing!) on that show makes any sense.

It was as if the last challenge didn't even matter. If that was the case, why do it?? Just have a nice montage retrospective of the season and then announce who will be going to Bryant park.

I and my two daughters watch this show religiously. We've watched the first 5 seasons several times each (yes we are a little obsessed!) - However, we all agree that we will never watch this train wreck of a season again. The challenges were boring, there was no continuity of judging, and for the most part Tim Gunn was useless, because whenever he said a look was inspiring or promising it inevitably ended up in the bottom. Did you notice the air of despondency when critiquing Gordana? It was as if he was saying - "I think this is beautiful and inspired, but you know the judges are smoking crack as we speak."

Okay...rested...but not done bitching....


Althea's was an AUFING mess.

Carol Hannah's was beautiful. No arguing her place at Bryant Park.

The sad truth is that Irina could have sent the original "road kill" design that Tim hated down the runway and she still would have gone to Bryant Park. Very sad.

Even the worst designers from past seasons would have ate her for breakfast.

i agree with the poster that said this season was damaging...i didn't watch it all because i honestly cannot stand how untalented and uninteresting the designers are, but seriously, they better not fuck up as badly next season...

christopher at bryant park? that's BULLSHIT

Also Heidi was all THIS CHALLENGE WAS DIFFERENT. YOU HAD NO LIMITS. And I was like what was the last time their challenges had limitations? The paper challenge? The wedding dress challenge, sorta.


Oh come on sillies, we're not done with PR! There was no way Althea was going home after her body of work. The judges were in love with her the whole time, and not so in love with Gordana. I agree that G's final dress was beautiful and she nailed the challenge, but there will never ever be another Wendy Pepper Incident and that's life.

I feel bad for Matar because she was the best of the models. What a stunner and a unique look. I hope she does well.

Anonymous @10:05 If you've read any of the other blogs, you'll discover that "vagina" is all that anybody else saw when they saw Gordana's dress.

I missed the first half of the episode, so when Gordana's dress came down the runway, I thought she must have been inspired by a Georgia O'Keefe painting (though it is equally reminiscent of its actual Monet inspiration as well). I was actually surprised when the lady judges did not mention her dress' evocation of lady parts (or our fabulous PRG hosts, for that matter, less familiar though they may be).

It is, I should point out, however, a beautiful vagina dress that only needs a little bit of tailoring in the zipper and bust areas to be perfect.

Agree with everything that's been said here. I know that Lifetime is trying to change its image from the Golden Girls network to younger and hipper. But that doesn't mean you manipulate the hell out of a show like this so that only the young & the beautiful go to fashion week. They really screwed up this season. I'm glad for the designers who are going, but this episode was BS. When in the history of this show has there ever not been a challenge winner? Magical Elves at least ran the show with some integrity (Wendy Pepper went to fashion week because she won the last challenge.) This is the first time in the history of this show that I haven't cared who wins and am not really looking forward to the finale - congratulations Bunim-Murray/Lifetime!

I should also add that I wish Gordana had made the final three. I really think she's come out on the short end of the respect stick this season and no one's ever given her the props she really deserves.

Was I the only one who thought the judges already knew who was going home before they even asked their first questions? They sat and had outright great things to say about Gordana (and Christopher, too, who really made a return to some good aesthetic choices)...and then suddenly they had to back peddle and start remembering: oh yeah, we have to make it seem like there's something wrong.

Gordana's dress in this challenge is gorgeous. Its not earth shattering or ground breaking. But it is one of the most beautiful garments thats been sent down the runway this season.

I was SHOCKED when they just aufed Gordana. I swear the whole time I was thinking, "There must have been a fourth decoy collection that they never showed. Or they pulled a Season 4 and had two designers compete for the last spot." I won't go into Nina's "I don't know who she is" bullsh*t (which caused me to scream pretty much exactly what you wrote at the TV), but the whole thing with the zipper smacked of insincerity. They couldn't even justify their own critique of it. Say, "it would have been nice if there was more color in the back," or something. COME ON. The zipper didn't look nearly as bad as Althea's puckery or Irina's accessorizing.

But I think the thing that pushed her out was really that she didn't have a guest judge strongly in her corner. Because, let's be honest, Cavalli was the only reason the judges split their decision between Rami and Chris March. And Mychael's previous work won him a place in the hearts of the judges, who simply couldn't let him go.

I think we just have to face it. Christopher and Gordana, for reasons deserved or undeserved, were at the lowest in the estimation of the judges (or, at least, Heidi and Nina), and with an unstable (in more ways than one) judging panel and a guest judge who was willing to go along with whatever the others said no matter her own feelings, there was nothing either designer could do to make it to Bryant Park. Except hope that every single other designer had total meltdowns and sent their models out in poop brown see-through caftans with a chicken costume underneath.

For all of you talking about how Gordana's dress evokes a vagina, have you ever looked at the entrance to a Gothic cathedral? Her inspiration was the cathedral at Rouen. Take a look at it. Gothic cathedrals are packed with vaginal imagery, and every entrance to every Gothic cathedral is pure pudendum.

how did none of the judges mention that it looked like a huge vagina?? colors and all. yuck.

of course nothing on the runway was in the least bit impressive. made me think back to the last garments of Rami, Christian, Jillian, and even Chris March--everything on the runway looked interesting and expensive. Even as annoyed as I got with Kenley, she and the other finalists had beautiful final pieces. These were very disappointing.

I am besides myself. Angry and sad and disgusted do not begin to do my feelings justice.
Gordana's Monet dress was this season's "Chrysler Building", "Dirty Water", "Rock Star", "Avant-Garde dress with the giant shoulder piece". The dress that is the best in this whole season and that gets etched in the memory of all the viewers because you can see the designer's soul in it.
And they had the GALL to auf her.
I hate them a lot right now because they are unfair, manipulative jerks with no taste.
That is all I have to say because last night's show almost made me cry.

As much as I wanted to, I just couldn't get behind Gordana's dress last night because... well, Suzi and Stephanie covered it.


TLo, thank you, thank you, thank you for saying what needs to be said about this fiasco of judging.

While I won't argue that Althea is talented and has shown some decent work, last night was a showcase of her weaknesses, particularly her inability to plan and execute her design. It was very clear that the judges do consider the entire performance of designers when it suits them to do so.

A plague on Bunim-Murray's house.
And Heidi, liebchen? Dial the snark back next season, it's been disappointing to hear.

B/ are dead to me!

In the words of the illustrious Whitney Houston:


WTF were the judges smoking?! Now Gordana has sent some serious fug down the runway, but her gown was head and shoulders above the shapeless sack that Irina sent down or the hot mess that Althea sent down the runway. F you, Bunim-Murray, stick to Real World.

Although my first thought was that this looked vagina-esque, I loved the flow, and I think the movement is nicely captured in the first photo. Okay, so I still think it has accents of vagina. There's just something about the colors, cut, and gradient shift. Does it also look like something inspired by the (Reims?) Cathedral at some odd time of day according to Monet? Oui.

Although I see Gordana's angelic edge intention, this also seems very visceral and down to earth. More than any of the other pieces it makes me want to analyze the emotion in it, the history, the subtle sexuality, the creator and the wearer, the from whence it came and the to where it is going, and the how it could be slightly more interesting with some detail in the back. I don't want this to just be the end of it. I never was a Gordana fan (I haven't been in anyone's camp), but this dress moved me in unexpected ways.

What do you expect? It's Lifetime TV.

I know the buzzards are circling the carcass of the dead horse but my righteous anger compells me to beat it anyway. I know you already said it all so forgive me, boys...

1. WHY IN GOD'S NAME didn't they simply send four people to Bryant Park like they've done in seasons past? When the 4th place contestant finishes strong that is the obvious answer. As you boys said, it's not like they've never done that before. If nothing else, pull a Season Four and have a run-off between Gordana and Althea and may the best designer show her collection.

2. WHY even HAVE challenges if you're going to reward those who fail at them and condemn those who succeed at them?

3. WHY simply ignore the significance of winning or losing a challenge and judge on the body of work when there HASN'T BEEN ANY JUDICIAL CONTINUITY this season??? La Nina doesn't know who Gordana is as a designer? Of COURSE she doesn't! Looking at tapes of past shows isn't the same thing as sitting in that chair and B/M knows it.

4. For a show which has in the past regularly condemned and aufed designers continuously guilty of shoddy execution it is stupifying that Althea is going to Bryant Park over Gordana.

Okay, I am stepping away from the keyboard...Serenity Now!

Do you know what boys? For the first time EVER in PR history I really, truly DON'T CARE WHATSOEVER who wins. CH, Meana and Althea are just a mash-up of boring, unmemorable, immature young girls with no charisma or vision and I have absolutely no emotional investment in ANY of them.

SO B-M you have shot yourself in the foot. Kicking Gordana out for NO REASON has done NOTHING to improve the appeal, popularity and excitement of the finale. All you have done is create the most boring top 3 in the history of PR.

Top 3 should have been Gordana, Epperson and Meana. Winning model should have been Matar or Valerie. End of story.

I totally agree. What was the point of even having an inspiration challenge at all if they weren't going to put through the only person who actually fulfilled it? And Althea's was just terribly, terribly made. If they were just going to judge their whole body of work and not that of the challenge, they shouldn't have bothered.
I think I too am done with PR, at least this version. At least I still have Canada and Iman. At least they generally judge with some sense.


Ah yes, the renowed interior designer who's showing at K-MART for CHRISSSAKES!!!!!

Wow. Talk about "Crack is wack" producing and judging.

To whoever said we do not want Project Runway, Real World - AMEN. B/M, do you honestly think we watch this show to see young, attractive people running around? We don't. (not to say that Gordana isn't attractive and lovely - she clearly is). This had ageism written ALL over it. It was painful to watch Gordana visably wince when they told her she was Auf for one of the most beautiful garments on the runway. A garment definitely in the top two.

Why even bother with a final challenge if the outcome was already decided? This makes it seems as though the competition is based less on talent and more on producer manipulations. I miss the magical elves at Bravo :(

Why even have this last challenge if the results didn't matter? They should all be ashamed!

So, is next season of PR already finished? Is there any time for them to fix the mess they have made of this show or should I wait until the following season to give this show another chance?

I haven't been the biggest Gordana fan and I stopped watching the show after Epperson was aufed. But I have been following the posts here and that dress is the most interesting design I have seen so far. This isn't a Wendy Pepper situation where she got a win because of a guest judge with bad taste.

Even when the judges obviously didn't want Jerell in the top 3, they only screwed him a little by adding an additional challenge right before Bryant Park. Same deal with Chris March and they both still got to show their collections at Bryant Park.

This is bullshit. I love TLo and I will be a faithful visitor here, but I'm not having anything to do with PR on Lifetime until there is a sign that they realize what made PR a great reality show.

I just can't get so worked up about this. I'm sympathetic to Gordana, but:

Not one of this season's designers was at the level of some designers from previous seasons. We don't know what we might have seen from Shirin, Malvin, Ra'mon (maybe even Ari Fish), had they been around longer. But based on what we did see, this was not the most inspired group.

Viewers complained during the last two seasons that there were too many established designers on the show. In reality, the show has always mixed newbies with very experienced designers. But who knows? Maybe the producers paid attention to that complaint, or maybe they had other reasons, but this season they stacked the deck with mostly young, less-experienced designers. With any luck there'd have been a wunderkind or two in the group, but there wasn't (or if there was, they were among the early aufings).

So what'd we get? A lot of middle of the road design. No big surprises. Nothing to take one's breath away. No clear personal vision. No humor or emotion or drama (I'm talking about in the clothes, not the workroom).

I can't see a great difference between Gordana's level of work throughout the season and Althea's. So while I feel a lot of sympathy for Gordana, I can't seem to feel much more than apathy about who did and didn't go to Bryant Park.

11/6/09 10:35 AM

For all of you talking about how Gordana's dress evokes a vagina, have you ever looked at the entrance to a Gothic cathedral? Her inspiration was the cathedral at Rouen. Take a look at it. Gothic cathedrals are packed with vaginal imagery, and every entrance to every Gothic cathedral is pure pudendum.

OH my gosh, that's brilliant. Can't believe I didn't think of it because i love cathedrals. My bf always rolls his eyes at me when we travel because I have this inexplicable compulsion to enter every old church I see. I must be wanting to return to the womb.

I fart in Bunim/Murray's general direction.

I actually threw pillows and screamed obscenities at the TV when they auf'd Gordana and they made me spill my damn whiskey. assholes

Does B-M also run the elections in Afghanistan? What a complete farce!

Ugh, I am so over this season of project runway. I haven't been watching since they auf'd Shirin and Epperson because everyone left is such a bland, vanilla, boring, blah designer. Irina is alright as a designer, but I don't expect anything ground-breaking from her. I think Gordana would have made something fabulous if she had time to think about it and a little less pressure. I haven't seen the finalists collections yet, but...YAWN.

My problem with this season is that there are no stand outs. Irina who will probably win is very good, but she's not in the same category as a designer like Leanne or Christian Siriano. Even Jay from season one came up with some insanely creative work, especially in his runway show (Jay, I hope someday you have a career!)

I love Gordana but she's really been hit or miss, at this point I'm not really caring who goes to Bryant Park anyway so I'm rather tepid as to her unjustified auf.

I, unfortunately, did not watch last night as I had a work thing. When I got the news that our Miss G got eliminated, I thought "Well, we knew it was bound to happen. She must have sent a stinker down the runway."

Then I saw the episode. And the dress.

WTF? F - U - B/M!

I agree with everything said about this (ageism, Heidi's bias and "lack of taste, Nina's crack smoking) and have one thing to add: Did anyone catch who really won this challenge? If you listen closely (and thank god for TiVo for this), they never announced the winner.

And that's why I'm pissed, because Miss G (to use the parlance from PR Australia) "nailed the brief." And not only that, she made the best dress that had the least technical quibbles (I will take her zipper issue - as minor as it is - over Althea's scat fest any day of the week).

So, in revenge, I suggest we all fly to the Marie Claire offices and storm Nina's office and express our displeasure over her behavior last night...

... in Anne Slowey drag.

- The Minneapolitan

I said the F word multiple times last night on your blog, and was hoping you weren't offended at my lack of couth. But really, this was terrible, a real slap to Gordana, who clearly should have been included. Althea's dress should be under the dictionary under "incomplete hot mess." It was embarrassing, and she should be embarrassed to be sent to BP on that mess. It didn't even look finished in the front where the top met the bottom. So they send her?
I agree with you 100% - send four, instead of three. At least she can sew. Heidi got her revenge last night, did you see how happy she looks.

The night of the final, I will be watching the Real Housefools of Orange County. Join me in the boycott!

You guys are right of course; anyone who saw the final collections (or photos of them) knew, by now, who the final three were going to be. But never in my wildest dreams could I guess that they would Auf Gordana in such a blatantly ridiculous way. What little credibility the judging or the producers have had this season (and that’s little enough) is now evaporated.

And Nina, I love you, but your comment stood out as just plain stupid.

This is not a dress I would wear personally. But I love how this designer perfectly transformed that painting into a beautifully executed, ethereal piece of fashion art. This is probably The One Piece all season that has met the challenge exactly, AND reflected the designer’s personal aesthetic clearly (look at Gordana’s Spring collection for goodness sakes), AND was flattering to a woman’s body, AND went beyond a limited age niche appeal, AND had a high level of technical proficiency in its construction. So not only did she get an Auf for it, but the spineless producers/judges couldn’t even award her a win for the challenge! And yes, she deserved a fourth spot at Bryant Park for that.

I have felt manipulated as a viewer all season by Lifetime, with their stupid emo edits, their manufactured non-controversies, their attempts to cover their butts with clearly added-on-after-the-fact comments, and the little attention THE CLOTHES actually received. We barely got to see them as they were being constructed or as finished works on the runway. The only time I felt I got to actually see the garments is on this site. Maybe I’m odd, but I actually watch the show for the clothes and for the chance to see how people take a garment from inspiration to sketch to fashion on the runway. That’s what makes it interesting, not all the crap they’ve been spoon feeding us all year.

If season 7 does not start out EXTRAORDINARILY great, any interest I have in following this program will be on this blog only.

And an addendum:

If I were wealthy, I would front Gordana $10,000 for a Bryant Park show - I bet it would trump those other disasters the three showed there.

Oh Tina: "it really is only slightly the right shape (mine stops after a while, y'know?)" - totally agree! It didn't scream "vagina dress" to me either, because of the flow total structure of the dress. What, now anything with layers is a vagina? Puh-leeze.

"It was a beautiful dress that perfectly fufilled the dictates of this challenge, but it was not enough to get over OUR RESERVATIONS ABOUT YOU?!?!?!?

THE FUCK!? We don't like you bitch, and you need to do a lot better than that if you want us to treat you the same as everyone else.

Fuck that!

This show jump the shark.

I was appalled Irina played her immigrant card with Gordana--who immigrated from a war zone as an adult-- was on stage!

Can everbody say jump the shark

Last night's judging certainly did have the producer's fingerprints stamped firmly on it ---- and Heidi's big ol' footprint with a resounding 'f**** you, Gordana,' to boot. I thought I'd gotten all the venom out of my system last night on the boards, but seeing these images only makes me angrier and more disappointed. Gordana's dress captured so much from the Monet; color, texture, mood, even the architectural elements were there. My Heidi love is dead.

- edina -


Brooklyn Bomber said...
Not one of this season's designers was at the level of some designers from previous seasons.

I'll take that one step further, BB. Not one of the finalists from this season was up to the standards set by folks who were aufed in the middle weeks of previous seasons. The final three from this season are to high fashion as Forever 21 is to Bergdorf Goodman: cheap pretenders to the throne.

Their final collections just cement my opinion.

Minions, don't forget to express your displeasure on the PR website too - hopefully B/M is savvy enough to read TLo on a regular basis, but better to make sure they understand just how disgruntled their loyal fan base really is to ensure improvement future seasons...

I promise you that this is not influenced by today's marathon on Bravo, but last night it dawned on me that Gordana is Kara Janx, the difference is that Gordana built a fan base during the "regular season" of PR, whereas KJ did not, but the judges also underrated her and nonsensically beat up on her. Although in fairness, both women were talented competitors who had their share of screw ups and undermined themselves with self-doubt exacerbated by exhaustion.

Althea is Daniel Vosovic, a talented but over-rated designer.

How the hell Althea, who HAS BOOBS HERSELF yet still can't fit them to save her life, could make it into the top 3 over Gordana is totally beyond me. The judges told Althea she disappointed them, told Gordana her dress best fit the challenge, then denied Gordana her rightful spot in the final three.

OH, one other thing that made me crazy about this season:

In past years, with consistent judging, Tim Gunn's advice was always exactly right. Think Kevin and his unfinished hem, for example, that got him sent home. But this year, what Tim hates ends up winning, and what he loves, like Gordana's dress, gets the designer sent home. With the likes of Lohan and Aguiliara judging, Tim has no idea what is expected, as he admitted somewhat ruefully last night.

I think Time is baffled, as well.

SewSew said, "and every entrance to every Gothic cathedral is pure pudendum.

Love it! I simply cannot wait to drop pure pudendum into a conversation.

I haven't seen the episode yet. Now that I know the results, I'm not sure I want to. I'm afraid that while viewing it, I might be tempted to do something stupid- like throw a large cumbersome object through my window. I can't afford that. >:-(


Now I'm glad that I missed this last night!

I thought last season was royally fucked up by kicking off Jerrell even though he won the last challenge...

But jeebus, people.

Just call this season 'We Gave this to Althea' and be done with it.

My comment will be buried by the masses, but I would like to point out that ratings for the show have plummeted since the first couple of weeks. B/M has already been receiving a huge FUCK YOU from the audience of this show. Hopefully they got the message in time before S7 wrapped up.

I just have to say that I haven't been one of the Gordana uberfans that are on this blog, but I have liked her aesthetic (unlike Nina, I GET her) and knowing that she was sent home over this dress and and that horrific mess Althea sent down the runway was chosen instead, I just facepalmed. There really are no words for the disappointment of this.

When one of the judged (Nina? like she would KNOW?) said to Gordana, "You haven't really taken risks," I longed for G to say, "The risk I took this week was to do something I loved, and that was all that mattered."

That dress was beautiful. But I knew, from the contrast between the finale collections and G's Spring 2010 collection, that she was not going to BP.

I hate to correct you boys, 'cuz I love for for musical mondays & mad men rec (& so much more), but I think you meant to say what I said "FUCK YOU HEIDI." What a hateful bitch.
xo, Dr Sparkles

For all our smack-talking of The Fashion Show, it turns out, the show was able to churn out more fashionable and interesting looks than Project Runway 6 has... don't you think?

This season, I think the garments have been middle-of-the-road. Pretty but kinda blah. AND WHERE WAS THE COLOR THIS SEASON?!?! They were in LA for crying out loud! Not even the Christina Aguilera challenge was able to inspire any sense of color on the runway. Why is that? Everything's been pastel, muted, black, Gordana grey, brown... ugh so boring.

In the end I think they got the Top 3 right -- based solely on performance. BUT Gordana should not have been auf'd. That's why you have these challenges, that's why Heidi says "one day you're in and the next day you're out."

For what it's worth though, Irina's finale collection truly is spectacular. She really brought it when it counted. If she doesn't win, it only proves how whacko the judging has been this season.

Here's hoping for a brighter Season 7!

Is there going to be a reunion show?

Does anyone know who owns the intellectual property rights to Gordana's work on the show? If I drive to Charleston and get down on my knees and beg, will Gordana be able to make me this dress? Or, even better, the New York necklace?

Oh yeah - F.U.B-M.

Ooooh, never mind. I just took another look at her website, and her current collection seems VERY inspired by this dress.

Tim warned us. He said there'd be an aufing that had the blogosphere up in arms.

I think this might also explain why there's no Tim's Takes this season. He said (as I would interpret Tim, a man I've never met but whose integrity I trust) that he wouldn't lie.

Heidi- has earned our taking off our rose colored glasses and has earned our calling short tight and cheap for what it is.

I couldn't get over the fact that I thought the dress looked like a giant vagina (see photo at top of entry).

Too pissed to say anything cohesive. Gordana was robbed!

Was out and caught just the ending.
For the first time - have no interest in watching the whole show. What was even sadder was
seeing Tim Gunn saying congratulations with not a shred of pride and even what looked like
a touch of shame.
Shame on all of them.

What you all said. Times 1,000.

Then Heidi has the gall to say something pointed, to the effect of, "Gordana, we look forward to watching you grow as a desinger."

Nice try at an age slam there, Heidi. Gordana is in her 40s and apparently has grown just fine. What Heidi need is to grow up and get one-tenth the class Gordana showed after her aufing.

What a boring stupid season. I'm done with this show. Done.


Jeez, you people are obsessed with vaginas. I don't see that at all. I see a giant penis.

The challenges were boring, there was no continuity of judging, and for the most part Tim Gunn was useless, because whenever he said a look was inspiring or promising it inevitably ended up in the bottom.

Did you notice the air of despondency when critiquing Gordana? It was as if he was saying - "I think this is beautiful and inspired, but you know the judges are smoking crack as we speak."

Thank you for making me laugh. My laughing fit turned into a coughing fit but it was worth it. I have to agree with you!

"pure pundendum" - heeeeee! You've made my morning.

Haven't watched but went over to the Lifetime site to see the dresses.

Ditto, TLo, ditto.

Someone above asked about Season 7. Tim Gunn has previously said that it's in the can. I wonder what horrors B-M has in store for us there.

This blew me away. I loved her story behind it, and I just KNEW when Tim made the judges comment in the work room that she was going home, much to my dismay.

The dress was beautiful. Her inspiration was beautiful. Her spirit behind the dress was beautiful. This is a PR travesty D:<

Take this dress to any occasion and even someone without any art education will call it a beautiful representation of a Monet without being too literal.

This dress was amazingly beautiful in its own merit. Congratulations, PR, you win! You've successfully handed this show over to the Lifetime demographic in which I do not reside. This east coast FIT grad will never watch your show again!

Of course I will ALWAYS love PR, but sometimes one must remove oneself from
dysfunctional relationships.

And doubly of course I will ALWAYS read TLo for my PR & Mad Men recaps!

Clueless Jock
11/6/09 10:01 AM I like this dress, but I agree with the decision.

Personality aside, and considering everyone's collective output so far, I think it was fair for the judges to give Gordana the auf. Irina, Althea and Carol Hannah deserve to be in the final three.

If you honestly look at the season long output, Gordana was really more on par with their treasured Althea, must to Heidi's chagrin.

The show is called 'Project Runway', not 'Project Best Tits'.

Tim Gunn once said something like "Project Runway is nothing without its integrity" and you know, even though it's a reality show and even though I know about the producer manipulation thing, I kind of believed him. After all, it's about talent, the judges are real experts in the field, and there's always been a fairly clear set of rules for each challenge and season.

Well, sorry PR, you've lost your integrity.

After all, Gordana could have sent the most perfectly made, creative, beautiful, and inspired garment ever made down the runway and she still would've been aufed. Not fair.

What is the difference between Laura Bennett of S3, competing in her 40's and Gordana of S6? The judges loved Laura, but they thrashed Gordana on a weekly basis. I think it comes down to confidence. Laura consistently defended her garments, while Gordana was unable to defend her work in a persuasive manner or express how much she believed in her talent.

I also agree that Heidi at the judges helm was a disaster. Having Nina and Michael on a weekly basis would have made a huge difference.

I agree with the big F-U to B-M!

I had seen the final runway shows and figured out who the likely designers were, but had assumed that Gordana would be auf'ed for putting out a weak dress (or at least for putting out a great dress that Heidi hated). I admit I didn't watch PR last night - it's been just too boring this season - so I was pretty shocked to see this beautiful dress this morning! And even more shocked after seeing a few not-so-beautiful dresses whose designers are making it to BP over on the Lifetime site.

Yes it's better coming than going but it's beautiful, well-made, and creative. I'm not seeing Nina's complaint about the zipper - yeah it's visible but it's hardly the first look to have a visible zipper so why is that an auf'able offense over ill-fitting bland designs? Maybe Nina was just trying to make up a semi-plausible reason since she already knew B-M wouldn't let them send Gordana on to BP.

Gr... But yeah, why not send 4 to BP, as has been done many many times before? I understand that they had no need of decoy shows this year, but why not do it??? It just doesn't seem right.

OK, rant over.

"Tlo said: But frankly, those judges should be ashamed of themselves."

Yep. And the looks on their faces read like THEY KNEW GOING IN who was being eliminated and it didn't matter what the output on the last challenge was.

I mean, Heidi was even able to bring herself to compliment Gordana; me thinks because she knew that she was already getting rid of her; kind-of like a cat who's been playing with a mouse.

My question is, WHY? Did they want an entirely youthful final (participant-wise)? What was the deal?

It has bullshit Auf-ing written all over it. The dress was clearly inspired by the painting, and looked very Judy Chicago when it moved down the runway. For them to call Gordana on the zipper, when Althea had glaring construction issues (almost every week) was a joke.

Do they really think we don't pay attention?

But the joke is really on the show: As we have seen before, the designers who are the victims of bullshit aufings, seem to be the ones who go on to bigger success, because they have the regard of the public on their sides; a customer base motivated to root for their success (and buy their clothes). The public doesn't like to see a competition that looks unfair.

Me thinks that Vogue Knitting is just the start of big things for Gordana.


Anyone know when/if a Fan Favorite voting will happen? Need to give Gordana some love there. She had me at "give me a sheep and I'll give you a sweater." Best wishes, Gordana!

Bravo was a bunch of self-indulgent, scum suckers but one thing they got right (totally by accident) was decoy collections; there was nothing inherently wrong with decoy collections, rather it was the disingenuity that only three (or four) designers created collections for FW as opposed to only three (or four) designers competed for the win. They particularly got right in seasons 4 and 5 when they decided to make the decision on who would show at fashion week based on the collections they created, because let's face it the regular season of PR is more of a seamstress competition - who can best execute someone else vision / directive than a designer competition. I think there is no shame in acknowledging that once you get to the Top 5 you don't know who has the DESIGN chops to compete for the big prize until you see how well they put together collections.

I will give credit to The Fashion Show for acknowledging the decoy collections during their reunion.

Agree with everything being said about the BS aufing of Gordana when her dress was the best of the bunch in this challenge.

But I felt a little sad about the vaginal aspect of the dress making some people uncomfortable. Lord knows I'm no fan of the Vajay-jay. Don't have the T-shirt and don't ever want to go there. Only ever seen them in pictures. But in my perhaps limited gayboy eyes, the vagina is pretty cool. To me, it's the center of female sexuality and mystique and the place from whence human life springs.

I think a dress with a sort of vadge badge on it is pretty excellent.

May all involved in this mess wake up as office workers in some former Soviet block country.

Dear Gordana,

Your dress was beautiful. I was touched by your heartfelt reaction to the Monet painting. I can't understand how the judges thought we would believe yours wasn't the best dress on the runway.

I thought your Spring 2010 collection was lovely, congratulations.


My first thoughts were of Austin Scarlett. Fuck you, producers. I can't even say your names you suck so much.

As many others, I went into last night's show expecting the final three to be the ladies who did make it. But then Gordana pulled out the stops and created a lovely gown and I hoped a little. And I was mad at the results but mostly by the slap Gordana received. To hear her dress praised and then to be eliminated over a dress that wasn't as well received.
But last night, after I calmed down, it dawned on me I was relieved because it meant that she was not responsible for those boring collections we've been seeing for months. I wasn't impressed by any of them when I first saw them and a repeat viewing hasn't increased my interest in those clothes or the designers.
But I am interested in what Gordana will give us in the future.

Gotham Tomato said: And the looks on [the judges'] faces read like THEY KNEW GOING IN who was being eliminated and it didn't matter what the output on the last challenge was.

Absolutely! Look at how uncomfortable Cindy Crawford is watching Gordana's gown come down the runway, knowing that she's going to have to send it home.

I was torn when I went to bed because I kept thinking about the "we don't know who Gordana is as a designer" comment.

I had forgotten that it was Nina who uttered those words! So yes - pretty lame for her to say since she's been absent for most of the season.

I stick to my first instinct of WTF??!! and BS!!! on the Gordana AUF.

The good news is that Gordana has won a lot of fans from this show. I suspect that we love her all the more because she's been treated so very unfairly.

If I'd had to list the outfits from last night in order from my most to least favorite, it would have gone Gordana, Christopher, CH, Irina, Althea. And my bottom three are the ones going to Bryant Park. (Though I can't say I disagree with excluding Christopher; he's sent way too many turds down the runway this season for one last lovely garment to save him.)

Whenever I see Bunim-Murray abbreviated as B-M, I think "bowel movement." It's appropriate. They've crapped all over my favorite show.

Excuse me.."Mess Fest" gets to

Why make the contestants go through a final challenge if they already knew who they wanted in the final three? Sad and unfair. And not very watchable.

Thanks, EEK, I'm going to post my exact posting here over at the PR website.

Jules, I'm glad to read that the ratings are down this season. I've always suspected that they moved the show to Lifetime because Bravo doesn't get aired in many communities (as I discovered while on vacation). It's nice to know that their homogenized mess failed with the newbies as well as the seasoned viewers.

Lord, I love this blog and all of its loyal minions!

To return to my earlier point, yeah, I know churches are also vaginal looking. And I know vajajays are pretty cool- Bill, way to join the fan club, babe! I just don't wanna wear a dress with one on the front of it. Not even to the premier of the Vagina Monologues. ('Cause honestly, then you're that guy whose wearing the t-shirt of the band you're going to see, and we all know that's lame...)

I'm just trying to make the point that *maybe* this wasn't the greatest dress in all of PR history that some people are making it out to be. G was a nice lady with a cool quote about a sheep/sweater and some great potential, but lets not get crazy. I do worry about the future of the show, though.

Right now I'm watching Season 2 on Bravo. (thanks StkrShock) Wow, I forgot how good this show was. Everything was better, everything.

The show ended just as I expected, with Gordana and Christopher getting sent home. I thought the judges excuses for sending Gordana packing were incredibly lame, since her dress clearly won the challenge. But it was a foregone conclusion that Gordana would be aufed because they just didn't want her in the final three. I do not care who wins at this point, and I won't be watching. I will, however, read this blog afterward. Your wrap-up and the reader's comments are all that have kept PR alive for me during this dreadful season.

crackheaded judging, producer manipulation, shit casting & 1 fabulously awesome designer is all that i will remember from season 6.

gordana set herself apart from the rest before the show even started, with the *only* memorable quote, and has been the only one of the lot viewers have had any compassion and connection with.

for me, the bryant park shows are just a formality to seeing the ass-end of the worst season of PR. gordana nailed this challenge, made the prettiest dress of the show, and they auf her. fuck them.

since this episode & the entirety of the season have been so remarkably awful, ive decided, instead, to think of her as the winner. period. gordana won season 6.

fuck the producers. fuck the judges. fuck the rest of the season. it's totally worthless without gordana.

Because I have not been wordy enough today (not just here, either), let me also agree with Bill: tastefully done, vaginal imagery can be very powerful, which is why it's used in art. Also, I might add that basic shape occurs elsewhere in nature. Maybe there's a reason for that.

Anyhow, what I really came back to do was watch Gordana's full farewell video, and I would also like to add that it was really classy and heartfelt, and I love her.

Also, Gordana, I know you read the blog to some extent, and hope you're seeing these comments, and want you to know that I think you're classy, talented, and passionate about your work, and if I had the money (and the figure to wear your designs) I would so, so want to commission you to make me something like this dress. It's beautiful. (I love that painting, too, by the way.)

It is just all around SAD and DISAPPOINTING this year. There are not enough comments to bring this point across to the people on this show. It infuriates me that they took every accessory off Irina's model (except the F---ing BELT for Chrissake!) to accommodate her design. I think if Gordana did a better job in the previous challenge, Althea might have been sent home last night. While Heidi was correct in saying Gordana's work was "hit or miss", she prefers male designers. It has never been more apparent than this season since she has been the only constant judge. While 3 women (girls, really) were sent to Bryant Park, they were thin and pretty - just like her. Maybe she sees Gordana as a "there but for the grace of God..."

frances spencer

I got so angry when I realized what was going to happen after seeing Gordana's dress, and hearing her explanation of it. The whole judging I kept saying to myself "So, Gordana must have gotten the win, died, and they had to use Irina as a default?"


Oh boys, I so agree. We all knew what was going to happen, but the shameless way it went down was just pathetic. Sigh.

I'm rooting for Dr. Whitfield at this point. Go southern girls!

Gordana's dress was beautiful last night. I think they kept Althea on (who, by the way, has been making shoddily-constructed dresses all season long) in order to play off the tension between Irina and Althea. So disappointed. So so very disappointed.

Someone posted a link to Chris March's blog in the Lounge. Chris wrote a beautiful post about last night's episode, definitely worth a read:

11/6/09 11:19 AM "

"What is the difference between Laura Bennett of S3, competing in her 40's and Gordana of S6? The judges loved Laura, but they thrashed Gordana on a weekly basis. I think it comes down to confidence. Laura consistently defended her garments, while Gordana was unable to defend her work in a persuasive manner or express how much she believed in her talent."

Laura also had another huge arsenal that got her to FW: a huge dislike of Jeffrey (like many other PR fans), and they hoped for some drama once the finalists got together. Uli was always meant to go since she was relatively drama-free and was as liked as Mychael.

Gordana reminded me more of Sweet P when it came to defending her designs: quality work from someone who questioned her own quality. But unlike Sweet P, Gordana provided the buzzy, buzz buzz in Frau Seal's bonnet and seeing her at Fashion Week was absolutely out of the question.

There is some sort of Karmic justice in the fact that the "winners" were not allowed to be shown on the runway. Felt bad for them before. Not now.


I hated that they asked why should you win, and who should go with you?

(And isn't it funny that after all the drama Althea & Irina picked one another?)

Had she done something ugly, yes, by all means, send her home, but she didn't. How can they sit there and justify her aufing?

Didn't Irina say "Wow" when she saw Althea walk through the door?

Most touching thing she has done all season.

"Tlo said: It's hard not to write "FUCK YOU, BUNIM/MURRAY!!!!!""

You know, I really think this season of PR shows just how very shallow is the depth of 'talents' on the Bunim/Murray team:

Without their usual tools (drunken media whores or hot tubs), they really have no clue as to how to create a tv show. They have no other tricks in their bag. Bunim/Murray is to TV show production, what Santno is to fashion design - and this season of PR exposes that.


Oh come on sillies, we're not done with PR! There was no way Althea was going home after her body of work. The judges were in love with her the whole time, and not so in love with Gordana. I agree that G's final dress was beautiful and she nailed the challenge, but there will never ever be another Wendy Pepper Incident and that's life.

I feel bad for Matar because she was the best of the models. What a stunner and a unique look. I hope she does well.

11/6/09 10:31 AM

Actually, Yes, I am done with PR now. And to compare Gordana, who has talent and skills, to the evil Wendy Pepper is a terrible thing to do to Gordana.

I think it was flat-out nationalism. Heidi's german, Geordana's Serbian. I think Heidi couldn't say anything nice because of old national conflicts.

Geordana, Volim te vishe od svega!

Dear B/M,

In past seasons of PR, all my friends watched and we all discussed what happened at work or on-line the next day. We sent links to each other about the show and still talk about those past seasons today - I still have a friend who will e-mail me with, "But, she grew up on a tugboat...." That stopped this season. I am the only one who made it to the end of the season. The ONLY reason I did is because I enjoy reading TLo's blog and I wanted to be informed about what they were writing about. Let me repeat that. That is the ONLY reason I watch the show now. Please make a note of it.

As for your treatment of Gordana - what can I say that hasn't been said. This is so incredibly f'ed up I can even put it into words. This was a dress that she put her soul into, it evoked the painting, and it was beautiful. I loved it. But, Heidi doesn't like her and Nina apparently has developed omniscience and knows what Gordana is doing even when she isn't in the room.

One more thing, I know this isn't the place to say it (a later post will be), but Ellie Mae, learn to support the girls. I don't know about fashion, but I can see when the girls are swinging in the breeze looking like ladies night at the trailer park.

I need a drink.

My first reaction to seeing this dress was that it was clearly the most evocative of the inspiration. My second reaction was that it was a rather simple design, perhaps too simple, with a lot of dependency on the textile. But clearly Gordana should not have been eliminated in this round. She is immensely talented.

I wonder if the slightly defensive exchange regarding the zipper had anything to do with this. Regardless, the choice was wrong.

Like you guys, I was certain they would find a way to send Gordana home and block her from Bryant Park. Her age? Her accent? I don't know.

But I do know that the only designer's runway show I would like to see among the 5 left standing is Gordana. A show free from ridiculous criticism that is disconnected from the project at hand.

Go get'em, Gordana.

I love her dress and think they should have sent her to Bryant Park. Plain and simple. Althea's "mess fest" as Heidi described it should have warranted her a return ticket to Ohio.

Gordana will go on to be succcessful in whatever she does--she is honestly the most likable person from the top 5 and I adore that woman to pieces. She is fierce and she is classy as hell which is much more than I can say about any of the others.

How couldn't they have decoy collections????


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