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2009 MTV Europe Music Awards

This post is for all those whiny kittens who said we've been Negative Nancies lately.


Atelier Versace Fall 2009 Couture Collection

If there's anyone who SHOULD be wearing this spectacular dress, it's Beyonce. It's perfectly her aesthetic (except, y'know, fabulous and well made).

David Koma Fall 2009 Collection

On the other hand...

Look, we think it's a really interesting dress and we salute her (or her stylist) for choosing it, but it's not really doing her figure any favors. Then again, who has a figure that would be helped with that silhouette? Barbie?

Juliette Lewis

We J'ADORE this bitch. We don't normally care about celebrities (no, really) but she's so insane and in your face that we always kind of wished we could hang out with her for one night. Normally she goes out looking like ten miles of crazy, but this is actually a stylish and well put-together look.

Katy Perry

Marchesa Spring 2010 Collection

She never looked so good. Full stop.

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010 Collection

When we first featured this collection, a lot of people asked of this dress specifically, "Who would wear that?" Well, now you know. We love it.

Leona Lewis

Custom-made Vivienne Westwood

It's pure Westwood and it's perfect for the event. She's rocking the hell out of it. Too much? Darling, it IS the MTV Awards, after all.

Lil' Kim

Yes, we're even going to be nice to L'il Kim. While no one could rightfully call this getup tasteful (or fitted well), it's probably one of the most coherent and least offensive outfits we've ever seen her in. She's all "Control"-era Janet up top and Cleopatra Jones on the bottom


Vintage Versace dress

Yeah, yeah. It's tight, short and shiny, but it's also a clean and simple look, which she wisely accentuated with toned-down styling. And the shoes are KILLA.

[Photos: WireImage/]

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I stopped watching this shiteous season of PR after the third episode but WAS GORDANA SERIOUSLY KICKED OUT? WHAT THE HELL? THANK GOD I DIDN'T CARE FOR THIS SEASON.

I love how Juliette Lewis is making sure her jacket doesnt cover THE MARS VOLTA on her shirt! (They are my favorite band!) She looks good!

Wow, I'm really impressed by how well the Versace fits Beyonce...and how great it looks on her.

It's like a glove, and is just *perfect* for her (as opposed to her regular like-a-glove-and-popping-out modus operendi).

Beyonce looks super fierce in the Versace dress. Ugh I just love that ENTIRE collection. I want to see a celeb in a dress from that collection all the time.

I also loved Katy Perry's choices. Which is weird for me. I never love her choices. Still, As all around!

Beyonce, work that dress! How refreshing to see her in something actually beautiful. Even if up one size wouldn't have hurt. Ah, screw it, I love her. I even love her black number. It's...fierce. Sasha Fierce.

Ugh no, I hate Shakira with straight hair, I barely recognized her. Katy Perry wins best dressed. Juliette Lewis will look batshit crazy NO MATTER WHAT she wears and we all love it.

I figure Juliette is just showing her love for Omar, who produced her latest album. Which is awesome, because The Mars Volta kicks so much ass.


My love for the Atelier Versace knows no bounds, and I'm happy to see Beyonce wearing that gown-keep on embracing your curves, girlfriend!

My gosh, but Shakira actually looks demure in the vintage Versace!

i was SO excited to see Katy wear the Viktor and Rolf we'd all enjoyed from Fashion Week.

normally i don't favour these people and their usual styling, but i have to admit they're rocking this event. and it's nice to see over-the-top ensembles in a good context.

Wow - what a great example of celebrities actually ROCKING high fashion in a serious way! Beyonce in that Atelier Versace is truly to die for, ditto Katy Perry in Marchesa. I even love Perry in that Viktor & Rolph - heck, it's MTV EUROPE and she's a star in it. And the color suits her! The others look good too - I'm officially impressed.

IN all around!

Katy Perry and her stylist deserve a big FAT WOW. She looks incredible in both looks. The Viktor and Rolf looks so elegant on her, despite how fun it is. I loved it on the runway, and I'm glad she chose to wear it. It's like a grown up version of what she normally does. She's almost unrecognizable in the Marchesa. Absolutely stunning.

Kim looks more like Michael than Janet.

But she went to jail for not snitching. Can't judge the bitch.

Versace was MADE for Beyonce. Sort of class meets crass. She killed in that first dress.

Of course, my favorite is the first Katy Perry, but its SO NOT MTV AWARDS. Oscar? Yes? Howard Stern as Buttman? NO.

Katy Perry and Beyonce look AMAZING!

God, I love that Viktor & Rolf dress, almost beyond reason.

That Vintage Versace, yeah, it's perfect for Heidi too:
tight, short and shiny. All her criteria.

Why does Europe get all the good fashion?!

Stupid American laziness.

Those are some badass outfits up there. The girls made some pretty smart fashion choices. <3

Beyonce is beautiful....they all looked great...except for Lil Kim. She looked like Truck Stop Trash. (

My only quibble is if you're going to wear the Viktor and Rolf, at least do something interesting with your hair.

Beyonce looks better than the models in both looks, although I agree that the gown is killer.

The Victor & Rolf dress is the only dress I have ever seen in my life that I would consider robbing a bank for. It is so fabulous. How does it work?!!! I have no idea. It seems to defy gravity and physics.

I love it all.
End of story.

I'm sorry. Beyonce's dress is what Althea should have made last night.

Juliette Lewis has such kick-ass style and I would cut a bitch for that Vivienne Westwood gown. Alas, where in Lubbock-friggin-Texas would I have to wear something like that?

yeah! ho! wah!

beyoncé I: not my taste, but totally appropiate and dramatic

beyoncé II: yeah interesting but no.

juliette lewis: yeah why not

katy perry I: so-so

katy perry II: i hate her, but this dress is perfect for her.

leona lewis: love the bust, dont love the "belt made of bags", LOVE LOVE LOVE the bottom

lil kim: like the janet reference.

shakira: she looks less and less interesting every time i see her.

LOVE Katy Perry's dress!

Ah yes, Cristina, I forgot Omar produced her album. I wonder if it is any good?

No complaints or disagreements here, except I wish Lil' Kim would hire the makeup artist from Dancing with the Stars. They somehow manged to make her look pretty yet still be her outrageous self.
That Vitkor & Rolf is perfect for Katy.

I still want to know how that fun Viktor & Rolf tulle skirt is constructed. It looks like it should unravel: I'd like to know what magic keeps it together.


I can't stand Beyonce' - anyway, KP looked awesome and i am thrilled that someone wore that crazy pink netting chomp dress.
shakira could use a little more fabric. the dress looks limp and unimpressive.

OMG, Beyonce looks GORG in that Atelier Versace dress!!! (Of course, when doesn't she?) I'm also loving Katy Perry in the Marchesa.

I guess KP is standing on a shiny black floor. It looks like she's floating on air.

I can only imagine how they put those holes in that Viktor & Rolf gown: If any of you have watched Mythbusters, you may have seen the shooting-cheese-out-of-a-cannon myth. I think they shot cheese out of a cannon to create this look.

That gown is too tight on Beyonce, but otherwise looks fab. The black dress, however, is a no. She looks, to use a Gunnism, zaftig.

I highly dislike Juliette Lewis and am not capable of being objective. So there.

Katy Perry looks fab!

Leona Lewis: fierce!

Little Kim: tasteful for her! No one-boobie pasties!

Shakira: I miss her big wavy hair, but she looks gorgeous!

I have no idea who Katy Perry is, except that her name appears on red carpets, so I have to ask, is she also the brunette wearing the Viktor & Rolf?

Yeah, Beyonce looks good in that dress. I'm still not sure how much I like the dress, mind you. I don't dislike it, I just... I keep looking at it and thinking "Wow, that's cool", and then I'll look at it again and think "Too much literal architecture reference" and then I'll be like "Oooh, shiny", and then kinda "Um, maybe a little too shiny"...

I think I need more sleep.

I <3 Vivienne Westwood. And yes, completely a super choice for music awards.

(Incidentally, I think a couple of Epperson's PR looks reminded me somewhat of VW's stuff, which may be why I liked his stuff even when some people didn't, because I tend to really like hers.)

As to the "who would wear that?" dress, er, I'm afraid I still don't know, at least in the sense of having no idea who that is. The Marchesa dress above it, though, is pretty sweet.

One of these outfits reminds me of cheese after the mice have nibbled a few pieces out of it. Guess which one!

Not so crazy about the very elegant gown Katy Perry is wearing. It IS a gorgeous dress, it just looks like the wrong event to wear it to. The orange ballgown, however, is fierce and makes a statement at a proper event at which to wear it to.

I agree that Katy Perry looks fantastic, except that those pictures make her look like she has no legs. Which is kind of cool in its own way, I guess.

Who on earth hears "MTV Awards" and thinks "Marchesa"?
That gown belongs at the Oscars not MTV.


The Viktor & Rolf dress is in the world did they get that fabric to keep its shape with those cut-outs???? And how do you sit down in something like that? I remain astounded.

my GOD.. katy perry in that marchesa is unREAL!! I like to look at what celebs wear and usually yawn or think they look stereotypically nice (or nasty)... but DAYUM katy perry looked amazing. I'm a straight girl and I almost want to put that picture as my desktop background -- she looks incredible! Her stylist deserves whatever s/he's getting paid because I want that gown NOW! although i'm sure I would never hold a candle to how she looks in that thing. hello dress that's made for her!

beyonce rocks that weird corseted shape, too. she's done it before and she should do it again.

I think it sucks that people only go all out when they are in Europe! Taylor, from Rachel Zoe, was right when she said she hated award's shows b/c it wasn't about fashion, but about pleasing the masses. I loved seeing the stars wearing in your face fashion for once!

Beyonce: I like this dress a tad less when it's not lit as if it were sculpture, but it's still to die. Second dress, ugly. But there isn't boob bulge going on with either dress, so she gets thumbs up.

Juliette Lewis: My prejudices get in my way. This is a "tough girl" look, for which I generally have a soft spot. But every freaking think on her body looks squeaky-clean, band box fresh, hair and make up look "done," if not formal. For this look to work for me, there's got to be some dirt under the fingernails somewhere.

Katie Perry: LOVE and LOVE. I may be developing a bit of an admiration for her taste (or the taste of whomever dresses her). She favors the pretty end of the spectrum, but on her it looks good.

Leona Lewis: Yup, right for the event and a fun dress.

Lil' Kim: *sigh* Even if she looks, appropriately, like the lead in a hip hop video, it makes me feel old and crabby that all I can think is "why would she WANT to look like a hooker who found a large denomination gift certificate to the local high end leather shop?"

Shakira: Somehow, on her, it's working and yes, it's appropriate for the event. Bet there were some eyes riveted to the various slits and drapes as she moved around, sat down, got up, etc.

Leona Lewis on the road to Donnatellaville.

I love Katy Perry.

I don't even know how she is, but I love her.

The viktor and rolf dress gives me the creeps.

What the hell? Is being in Europe the only way celebrities are willing to wear something interesting.

Seriously, amazing duds, gorge. And that dress would have made Barbie look hip-ey.

Juliette Lewis, as usual, looks like she's trying too hard.

And I think it's funny that Tom and Lorenzo claim that Beyonce's second look would only favor Barbie when Beyonce has Barbie's figure. I don't like Beyonce's music or fashion aesthetic, but I do love and envy that figure. I wish mine was half so lush.

Beyonce was born to wear Versace——

May she do so more often.

Loathe Katy Perry's music, but she looks marvelous in the Viktor & Rolf, and she gets extra points for wearing

I also noticed, from these photographs, the way some of the cut-aways reveal intricate ruffles beneath: I loved the dress when I first saw it here, but that love has increased ten-fold.

(Oh, and my cats say they want to play with her, always a good sign... )

Wow, Katy Perry looks so stunning without heavy makeup on. Her skin is glowing!

I can't get over Lil' Kim. Why did she do that to her face?? She looks so weird.

Love that dress on Beyonce and love seeing that crazy Viktor & Rolf dress on a 'real' person. And that Westwood dress kicks ass.

Love the V&R dress!

Any post with Shakira that doesn't include a Shakira's Ass video is not quite complete.

She's such a sweetie.

Beyonce looked amaaaaaazing in that
Versace dress. That's the best I've ever seen her. bravo!

And Katie Perry 2 for 2? I'm shocked! She looks fabulous. And the second gown is PERFECT for her. Awesome, glad she found stuff that fits her image yet classy.

Beyonce looks fabulous, so does everybody else.


WOW. the dress and the hair and everything went perfectly. an all around WOW look.

I love, love Katie Perry and the V&R dress. For some reason when I see it the little ditty repeats itself in my head - Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Had A Wife And Couldn't Keep Her.... Anywho, I adore the dress and the awesome construction.

Leona Lewis in the V.Westwood is amazing as well. Totally cool. I agree, why can't these same artists wear these kind of designs at American award ceremonies? Instead of all the tacky ass stuff they usually do. Thanks for posting some really interesting looks.

I highly dislike Juliette Lewis and am not capable of being objective. So there.

Yep. She always looks like she's chewing gum. She's so ridiculous.

What can I say about Beyonce? Girl is fierce.

I would sell a kidney for that Westwood dress.

That Marchesa gown is absolutely breathtaking. Love it!

I absolutely adore the way the Viktor & Rolf caught the light onstage. Great choice by a young singer whose work I CAN'T FRICKIN' STAND. Blergh-phooie on Miss Perry's musical output, but massive froofie pink kudos for the Viktor & Rolf.

Kudos to Katy Perry for rockin' that shit.

Lil Kim looks like Lil Kim.

Juliette Lewis looks like a slightly better version of Juliette Lewis.

Leona and Beyonce are fierce.

Shakira looks so so chic. Love.

fragile industries

OMG, the Victor & Rolf -- perfect venue for a dress that is embedded in my memory. Oh, that means I loved everything about it.

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