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2009 American Music Awards (Updated)

Let's get rippin', ladies!


Versace Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Sasha Pivovarova

An illustration of what well-placed curves can do for a dress. She looks way better than the model.

Alicia Keys

Giorgio Armani Spring 2010 Collection [Modified version]
Model: Kim Noorda

We like it much better without the belt but the shoes are way too matchy-match.


Armani Privé Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Karlie Kloss

Feh. It's alright, we guess.

Kristen Bell

Christian Cota Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Holly Graves

Cute. Nothing earth-shattering. We kind of dig the "'40s bathing costume" vibe of it.

Leona Lewis in Vivienne Westwood

Looks like a trashbag and the shoes make her look awfully stumpy.

Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga

Pretty, but a bit too formal and ethereal for the event. Oh, and Nicole? Lay off the flat iron for a bit. That hair looks tortured.


Marchesa Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Danni Li

Way too much dress. She looks a little like a wedding invitation.

Selena Gomez

Talbot Runhof Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Lovanni Pinnow

Yawn. Did you hear us? YAWN.

Carrie Underwood

Theia Spring 2010 Collection

Very cute. Love the sandals.

We got a lot of emails about this one last night. Most people thought it was a version of Carol Hannah's Bryant Park dress:

But CH herself twittered last night that it wasn't hers. We'd love to know who the designer was because that's close enough to be called a ripoff. The shorts don't help the look.

Note from Carol-Hannah:

"My first thought was "SHORTS??!!"

I don't know what to say about this. I'm generally one to give the benefit of the doubt, but there's an awful lot of shady vibes coming from this given the timing, etc. It's one thing to be copied (potentially)...but a whole other issue when copied poorly.

I would absolutely LOVE to talk to her stylist."

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Either I'm more in tune with the fashion world than I originally thought, or the cold meds are REALLY working......but I had a lot of the same thoughts on these....especially Leona Lewis's shoes. Really fug......

Wow, that DOES look like Carol Hannah's dress.

Shit's gonna hit the fan over that last dress. Keep us updated!

I agree with everything but Rihanna. LOVE THAT DRESS! Maybe not the right dress for the event, but that was hot.

Holy shit, that IS Carol Hannah's dress...Did Steve Madden get in the dress making biz too?

I thought the same thing about the dress, except from the waist down, where it's just vulgar.

I miss the old Shakira! I barely recognized her here. When did she become such a clone?

Oh man, that does look exactly like CH's dress! But the skirt was much better. I get wanting the shorts for a performance, but they are not attractive. LOVE the shoes Carrie wore on the redcarpet though.

Shakira was made for Versace.

Shakira - fabulous. And if people haven't listened to her earlier music (pre "crossover") check her out.

Alicia Keys - the dress AND Alicia are unrecognizable with all the modifications. I like the dress on the model, and I find AK much prettier with an understated, more natural look, but those days are long gone.

Fergie - I still can't figure out who she is. As for the dress, you said it: Feh.

LOVE the Marchesa dress, and she looks pretty damn good in it.

Selena Gomez - cute.

That's all I can handle on just 2 cups of coffee.

Carrie's dress is a total rip-off. I hope you can find out who the thief is.

My favorites were Shakira and Alicia Keyes. I loved Alicia's shoes, even if they were too matchy-matchy.

Ick...was there a stylists' strike?
However, I WAS particularly struck when I saw Carrie Underwood's performance "costume". I thought..WOW, Carol Hannah's design made it to the AMA's!!
Somebody really ripped off Carol Hannah. Will we possibly see another "plagerism" controversy???

That crotch was INSANE.

Well now I can agree, CH WAS ROBBED!
Everybody else kinda looks like shit. Shakira, I love her spanish yodelling ass but, that dress is too too tight.
Fiona lewis, in those shoes, is dead on Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show Tonight.
The 80's looks worse this time around, I think.

Jules said:

Shit's gonna hit the fan over that last dress. Keep us updated!

I agree with everything but Rihanna. LOVE THAT DRESS! Maybe not the right dress for the event, but that was hot.

Yes and yes.

i was hoping you would mention the carol hannah dress. interesting.

you boys are always right on the money.

happy monday all

A whole lotta meh going on that red carpet. Is it me or does Carrie Underwood look more and more like Faith Hill every day? I liked Rhianna's dress - it stood out in more ways than one.

I actually loved the Rhianna dress too. And another example of the fact that she has arms/legs making it look way better on her than the model.

The Model in the yellow Versace will be haunting my nightmares!!!

Everything is MEH except for Shakira. Who is only slightly MEH. If she had gone with the curly hair, then she'd be absolutely fabulous. I think I'll youtube "Whenever, Wherever" right now...

Hey, how out of touch am I???LOL

I thought everyone here except Leona Lewis looked SMOKING HAWT!

Some extraordinarily be-yooo-ti-fal shoes; AND everyone's hair looks great.

I'll chime in with everyone on the CH look-alike, definitely seems like a clone...hers is much prettier.


That Vivienne Westwood would be great to wear to a Gallagher show. You might catch a few seeds in the bustier, but otherwise you'd be all set.

Nicole Kidman's dress makes her look like a bordello lampshade. I actually love the Marchesa dress that Rihanna is wearing (it reminds me of scherenschnitte) but just think it's the wrong event for it.


Rhianna's make-up is tragic. It's like Nicole Kidman's beautiful, beautiful red hair TRAGIC or Carey Underwood's eyebrows T R A G I C.
She looks tired and wrinkly.

Shakira: hate the shoes
AK: wear longer skirts.
Selena: like. age appropiate, and fun. I dont even find it boring.
Leona: BAAAD. Especially the shoes.
Rihana: Maybe, just MAYBE, but with different styling. That dress calls for super sleek hair.
CU looks amazing.I'd kill to have ankles that would let me pull off those sandals.

I liked Kristen Bell's dress until I realized that was her belly and not a ribbon. Kinda ruined it for me...

Disagree about Rihanna. I think she looks great! The dress is too much for the real world motel but is event appropriate. This is the tacky American Music Awards after all. I really do not want to see pictures of music stars wearing mall clothes. One of the reasons I watch this award show and the Grammy Awards is too see the crazy clothes. Can you please post a picture of Gaga? I heard her underwear outfit was over the top even for her.


Kiddman is in love, doesn't matter what she wearing, that look is always IN. ( and the current accessory is eternally better than tom)

Wow - Shakira looks amazing and those shoes are fabulous!!

I actually liked Rhianna's dress. Not on her and it's not right for the venue but I like the dress

Rihanna often misses the mark, but honestly she's one of the few people that I can't wait to see on the red carpet, simply because you really don't know what she'll do next. It's never just another pretty dress for her.

Shakira - agree she looked much better than the model ...until those shoes, well actually until the BOTTOM of those shoes.

Alicia - reminds me of ANTM's Lisa - the combination of the short skirt and bold ankles on the shoes make her legs look a little wide.

Fergie agree - feh - but better on her than the model for some reason

Kristen - like the shoes - what the heck was with the straps on the model?

Leona Lewis - her top half looks good - her bottom half is tree trunk-ish

Nicole Kidman - was she only in the one picture?

Rihanna - I liked it - but the model's toothpick legs were distracting

Selena - agree - toe polish looks weird

Carrie is gorgeous - but I also REALLY want to know who copied who on the last one - can the conspiracy theorist who attacked Irina, please go after this now?

I kinda liked Rihanna's dress. It is a lot of dress, but it's interesting in a way so few of the others are.

And I must disagree...Nicole's dress is ugly, and it looks awful on her.

yeah! ho! wah!

shakira: cute, which i havent said about her in a while

alicia keys: the dress is cute but somehow she just doesnt look so great.

fergie: ok, for fergie

kristen bell: supercute, but i like her better with short hair

leona lewis: pretty fierce, but the shoes are weird.

nicole kidman: eh.

rihanna: fierce. somehow she has managed to become a fashion icon. dont like her blond hair, though.

selena gomez: agree 100%: yawn.

carrie underwood: cute, but not as cute as bell, although her hair is better.

Riahna's dress is exactly right for a not/hiphop not/rock recording artist who just ent through a seriously crap year. LOVED it.

Shakira's dress is beautiful and Shakira's performance was bleh. What happened to the wiggles? We watch Shakira onn'a count'a she wiggles like something unnatural and marvelous!

Thought Paula Abdul's presenter dress was (finally) a win for her...but I was waiting to see how the musicians were going to manage to hug her with the six yards of dress keeping the riff-raff away!

I saw Rhianna's dress last night and am still trying to get my head around it: it looks as if it were made of satin face display board. It looks very much as if it had a protective adhesive cover that needed peeled off after the dress was on, to protect the fiddly bits of the cut-out pattern. It looks as if it would crack if she had to bend or stoop. It reminds me of Darren Nichols' Romeo and Juliet costumes in season 2 of "Slings and Arrows" (which, if you haven't seen, you must seek out!). It's almost certainly impossible to sit down in it: I suspect she travelled to the event standing up in a delivery van.

She looks wonderful in it, but as clothing, it's an abomination.

The rest: pretty much agree, except for Alicia Keys. With that hair and makeup, she looks like Lena Horne at the end of her ingenue period- which is in no way a bad thing- but that said, the dress is even more a 40's bathing beauty look, of the "exotic other" genre, and I can't get behind it whatsoever.

Final aside: I suspect Nicole's dress was picked out by Keith. I suspect he enjoys being maried to a fairy princess

Selena G and Carrie look like they're slinging cocktails in the lounge at Caesar's Palace in 1972.

Carrie's performing outfit is perfect for what I always call her - Carrie Underpants.

TLO said (about Rihanna) She looks a little like a wedding invitation.

That's the smile I need this morning, Boys. Muah!


Re: Carrie Underwood-that ensemble just screams, look, look, look at my crotch...

I am sorry, but Carrie Underpants' (my new official name for her, thank you Bill!) legs are HAWT. Love the first dress and shoes, the performance outfit, not so much. Fergie, K Bell, Alicia Keyes are all Meh for me. I actually really like Selena Gomez's dress, but the shoes w/it, no thanks. Shakira's dress is oh so excellent, but again, not loving the shoes.

Nicole Kidman - hell to the NAH. Horrible.

Rhianna - Meh, just meh.

Leona Lewis - I actually loved the dress, but gasped out loud when I scrolled down and got to the shoes. Horrible. They make her look like she has cankles, and she does not deserve to look like she has cankles.

Come on, you know it was Irina who designed Carrie Underpant's outfit! Or maybe even Althea. Which witch would snatch CH's stitches?

I get so sad whenever I see Shakira at these events- she looks more like a generic blonde starlet every time she steps out.

The shorts don't help the look.

True, but if she were wearing the skirted version instead, the people in the first 3 rows would be seeing some serious coochie.

Alicia Keys is so pretty!! It's reassuring to see such natural beauty on the red carpet.

You didn't mention how matronly Nicole Kidman looked! Ugh!

LOVE you guys and this blog is my favorite site on all of the freakin net.

shakira looks hot but I hate the color of her hair. she would have looked much better in that dress as a brunette.

i agree with all of your comments except for rihanna--LOVE her in that dress and she was working it. get it rihanna!!

I'm so sad about the CH dress. I just LOVED it and now we'll never get to see it on a live person.

Was waiting to hear you weigh in on the faux CH dress.I actually liked Rhianna's mu & dress. I know you can cover them all, but MJB looked great and Kate Hudson appeared to be having double sided tape issues.

Shakira wins this one hands down. Can never understand how people with big money and vast resources can come out looking so damned fugly.

Is it just me, or did Leona Lewis wear something shockingly similar to that dress to the Euro VMAs, except with a gauze party on the bottom. Either girl loves futuristic, leathery, black, dramatically structured dresses, or girl loves Reduce Reuse and Recycle.

Snowbunny said about Leona Lewis
"Either girl loves futuristic, leathery, black, dramatically structured dresses, or girl loves Reduce Reuse and Recycle."


OK Im so out of touch, I only actually recognized about 3ppl in this post :/

As for the fashion I loved Rhianna, Akeys needed different shoes but she has lovely legs and the dress looked great.

I wish Nicole Kidman would wear something not so pale.some contrast would be nice.

Shakira really has turned into the sterotypical american beauty. I liked it when she had a little flare.

hmmm everyone else looked pretty good save the plasttic black dress.

I loved Shakira and Rhianna.

I liked the original dress (sans belt) than the modified one that Alicia Keys wore.

Armani designed a studded dress as a statment of glitter and bling. Fergie just saw a "pretty gown" and wore it as such. Too bad. Couture looks are meant to be styled over the top.

Kristen doesn't look "40's bathing costume" to me. She looks like she got short shrifted on her shiny toga.

Leona Lewis-- Much like I didn't understand all the raves for Irina's 13th look, I'm not a big fan of bodices that pull away from the bustline.

Nicole Kidman looks like a very tall dust bunny.


Either I'm in a really good mood, or people are cranky this morning, because I think all the ladies look fabulous except Leona Lewis.

I think my favorite is Shakira. She looks amazing and is perfect for the event.

Also, I hope you keep us posted on CHdress-gate. That is definitely a ripoff.

Nicole looks like she's had a 'Gone With The Wind' moment and made off with some granny's curtains. Truly ghastly.

I actually prefer that Armani dress with the belt, but I hate it on Alicia Keyes. The lines of it thicken her body, I think, which is NOT thick to start with.

And could I possibly love that Versace any more?

The Carrie Underwood costume is too close for comfort.
Why wouldn't she just go to Carol-Hannah and ask her to make a dress like that. Why get a copy made? Especially someone like that who could easily afford an original. Hell she probably paid just as much for the copy (because it's a one-of) as Carol Hannah would have charged.

Wow, Kristin Bell is really doing it for me in that outfit...purrrrrr.

Carrie Underwood had, hands down, the worst hair of the lot. Bill mentioned a Vegas cocktail lounge in 1972. I was thinking 16-year-old wannabe country singer in about 1970, who doesn't have money for a hairdresser so does it herself with her best friend.

Her shoes *were* cute, though.

Ms. Lewis had the worst shoes. Who was it asked about a stylists' strike?

I loved Rihanna's dress, possibly the best of the lot, but it was a little much for her to carry.

Shakira and her dress showed each other off to mutual advantage. Which was exactly the problem with Fergie's dress - she and it are both pretty marvelous, but neither does anything at all for the other.

(for clarity - I'm dissing Ms. Underwood's red carpet hair, not the stage hair)

As usual Nicole Kidman has my favorite accessory on her arm. Rarw. Look it Keith Urban all prettied up! Work it cowboy.

love love LOVE shakira in the versace.

I was really happy when I saw Carrie underwood, because I thought she'd had CH make a modified version of her look. so can I just say how let down I am to learn that it's not?!

Gah! Kristen Bell!

God, she can do no wrong, Veronica Mars forever.

Asparagus lust

Why waste a comment since it is her one and only gambit, but as hard as Nicole Kidman tries she has found a unique rut of pure wierdness, she does not look lovely, innovative or fresh, in this or really any pic. She has morphed into a human photoshopped version of herself, inhuman. She looks embalmed in this pic, he looks great. The dress is awful, a long holiday gift bag. The hair once belonged as red cork-screws on top of a naturally pretty girl with normal lips and face shape. This creature aged herself with the forced plasticity, so much so that it is going backwards and is drag-queen unattractive. What happened to her confidence? Ultra-ugh.

My opinion of all of the clothes on the show, especially the performance clothes, was "The Thighs Have It".

There was a whole lot of muscularity on that stage and it is too bad that too much of it was encased in shorts that hit the thigh at the wrong point.

BUT, that said, it was refreshing that not everyone looked like they had escaped from the anorexia clinic.

My only points of disagreement are:

Rihanna: that's a cool dress. I like that she stands out without looking like a whore. It's edgy and revealing but the old-fashioned feel of the cutouts keep it from being trashy.

Kristen Bell: A dress like that doesn't work so well on a normal sized body. She looks stumpy. I think a color might have sold me on it . . . red or a rich purple.

Whoa, I did not recognize Shakira at all. I had to look at who it was, and then look at the photos again.

I like Selena Gomez's choice - at least she's not trying to be a 40 year old.

I don't like Nicole Kidman's dress much, though it's not offensive enough for me to hate it. I would like her to lay off the botox and the collagen injections, too. I would have more to say about her hair, but just having more red in it than she's had in years is good enough, for now.

Kristin Bell looked flat-out stupid. Just stupid. But great shoes!!!
I like Rihanna's look, and thought Selena Gomez looked cute and appropriate.
Whoever called Kidman a whorehouse lampshade was dead-on!!!

Julie said,

"I miss the old Shakira! I barely recognized her here. When did she become such a clone?"

Ditto, but those killer shoes are fab!

A few points:

- Top marks to Shakira.

- Alicia Keys always looks like she's dressing up in her older-more-sophisticated sister's clothes.

- Hate Rihanna's new hair colour...looks like actual honeycomb..she needs Gwen Stephani blonde.

- Also sick to death of Marchesa..seems to be the go-to red carpet collection this season and it's boring the life out of me.

- Didn't some other celebrity wear that Leona Lewis trash bag on the red carpet recently..anyone?

- Alot of the short shiny dresses look like PR low moments...the fabric looks like Christmas window dressing.

- That CH-alike dress is such a blatant rip-off.

- Not feeling any of the shoes with the exception of Carrie Underwood's. Rihanna's were kankle-making disasters.

GoFugYourself has a comparison of Leona's Westwood dress. It's the EXACT SAME DRESS sans the tulle. If I had her access to clothes I would never wear two near identical dresses to major events in the same month, what was she thinking?

Lessee...Project Runway aired this past Thursday. Carrie Underwood, in all likelihood, first set eyes on her dress...Friday, maybe? Saturday, more likely.

- Does she even watch Project Runway to be aware of the "controversy?"

- Would she even know who Carol Hannah Whitfield was?

- Does she even pick out the clothes or does she totally pass that off to a handler?

I would like to know who designed the outfit. That person has some 'splainin' to do. But not Carrie. I doubt she played a huge role in this, except to put the darn thing on.

I was, however, waiting for Kanye West to storm onto the stage and yell at her for not wearing one of Epperson's designs.

Loved the yellow on Shakira, but thought she needed to go up a size. It was almost Beyonce-tight; she looked like couldn't even put her arms close to her sides for fear of epic armpit bulge.

"suzq said: "I was, however, waiting for Kanye West to storm onto the stage and yell at her for not wearing one of Epperson's designs."

LOL! Now that would've been a show stopper!

Over all I think most of the ladies looked nice and not so trashy as in the past. Maybe they took note of how the European Music Awards looked classier.

Leona Lewis made an unfortunate choice for her shoes, never mind the repeat dress. They too looked like hooves and made her look like a fire plug. Nicole Kidman needs to go back to her natural looks which is what made her such a beauty in the first place. Her hair, face and dress choices make her look old and past her expiration date. Not a fan of Alicia Keys look and Rhianna's hair colors and eye makeup are distracting errors.


CH'a dress is a year old now. Somebody could have easily gone to the show or looked up pictures online and knocked it off.

Haha. Rihanna's dress really does look like a wedding invitation! ... But I still love it. It's just so interesting. I think she did her hair completely wrong to be wearing it tho (and to be fair, so did the model in the picture).

The white shoes (AFTER Labor Day! Disgraceful!) also didn't do much to help the look IMO.

And I had to look at Nicole's dress 4 times before I could see what was attractive about it. That thing is fitted very poorly and totally destroys her curves. It looks like she's wearing a sack. No woman should every wear a dress that does that to her shape.

i'm not dorothy gale

I know it's a lot o'dress, but Rhianna carried it off fabulously. Nicole K. should not only lay off the flatiron but the face work. The dress was meh.

And the CH knock-off...whoah!

I just want to know 1 thing:
Why did Janet Jackson come as Daniel Boone for her performance?

Rhianna looks like one of those origami napkins you get at a dinner party or on a cruise ship. IT'S wearing her.

CH needs to find a lawyer ASAP.

suzq said: I was, however, waiting for Kanye West to storm onto the stage and yell at her for not wearing one of Epperson's designs.

LOL. Oh, L-O-L. Tears, now. That was a beautiful comment.

carrie underwoods shorts looked like a diaper -- as laura would say - serious ugly there. the waist above shots looks great, the bottom looked so wrong we thought.

i thought adam lambert looked rather sharp too, be curious to know if any famous name brand designers were involved with his sleek look. TLo any help?

Loved the Marchesa on Rihanna. That is one truly amazing & fabulous dress --- simply beautiful. I think I would prefer a black shoe rather than Rihanna's white. A black shoe would give it more of an evening glamour look. I really wish I could like Leona Lewis in the Vivienne Westwood --- really. I love most anything VW, but this frock is under attack with those black chained hooves paired with it. Why, oh, why did she not go with a stylist for this event?

- edina -

Leona Lewis needs to be covering up those fat tree-trunk legs. And take a scalpel to that schnoz! That is one serious ugly beast.

Not a huge fan of Rihanna's dress... but its great to see a smile from her!

I heard Rihanna say in an interview that she had to be loaded into her limo sideways so she wouldn't crease the dress.

Which I've got to admit was kind of interesting and fun.


The top of Alicia Keyes' dress looks like the top of Gordana's grey wedding conversion dress.

Leona's shoes make her look like she's got hooves or is that hoofs? 2 words: Cart Horse

Just saw the Rihanna dress credited to Zac Posen.
I saw it during the collections but I do not remember from whom...
So it's Marchesa and it was incorrectly credited to Zac Posen?

My second thought was "that looks a lot like Carol Hannah's dress!" My first was "What is this, a bizarre Silk Spectre cosplay?"

My bleary pre-Thanksgiving party'd eyes cannot bear to look at ANY of those horrid looks, except for Nicole K. She always looks like a Chanel ad. sigh. Look at how that fabric on the bodice matches the contours of her arm! Love it.

Carol Hannah, girl, you was robbed. Go for the jugular.

Gotham Tomato said:
I actually love the Marchesa dress that Rihanna is wearing (it reminds me of scherenschnitte) but just think it's the wrong event for it.

Great minds think alike! I thought that exactly, and who else knows what scherenschnitte is??!?! Also--I liked it even better with her white shoes.
The rest is forgettable except Fiona Lewis in those shoes. Stumpy is absolutley the correct word. Ugh.
When are we gonna be done with the hoofy style? It hurts mine eyes!

I can't believe how much I hate Nicole Kidman's dress. Really unflattering on her. Also I'm glad someone else commented on Rhianna's eye makeup. Looks like she's been on a crying jag! Did anyone else see the photos of Leona Lewis wearing another version of that same dress a month or so ago? Exact same bodice but with a big full tulle skirt. Saw it on Go Fug Yourself yesterday, I think. Also on E! today.

omg Sassy Carol Hannah! I would LOVE to hear more about that meeting. :)

The guy who designed Carrie's dress (according to TLo's twitter) seems to be appearing on Bravo's Launch My Line:

Coincidence? Probably.

The theif stole the best look from CH's collection (IMO), made it fug, and then paired it with figure skater flesh colored tights. BARF BARF BARF.

Does no one have an original idea anymore?

Carrie Underwood is starting to look really really plastic and too damn skinny. Yes, there is such a thing. And that performance outfit WAS ripped off from CH. Irina would have already thrown a fit.

raisin mountaineer

I find it interesting that CH's design is one that has been obviously and flamingly copied by a very public person. It suggests to me that CH has a strong point of view, as the copy is so easily recognizable as such. If anyone copied Althea's or Irina's "looks," would anyone be able to tell?

A copy of a Cavalli is much more obvious than one of a Rick Owens. That doesn't mean Cavalli is a better designer than Owens...

Gosh, poor Dr Whitfield. If Carrie's stylist liked the dress so much, why not just borrow it or ask for a copy? I'm sure CH would have bent over backwards for the exposure. And made sure those shorts never assaulted my vision.

Bren And that performance outfit WAS ripped off from CH. Irina would have already thrown a fit.

Ahem... CH reacted (appropriately) very quickly also BPR had it and TLo has it in their CH post.


What Anon Again said. I thought that some dresses proved that mo' curves, mo' better, and some the reverse. Other than that, I thought this was a mostly hot, seriously hawt, line up. Must say that I adored those deco heels on Shakira and Carrie's runway shoes are the first gladiator-inspired sandals I wouldn't burn on sight. Even liked the VW and Rhianna's schnitsenfruedel (whatever) dress. And we can use a fairy princess now and then, so I give an IN to Nicole.

Only big miss for me: Kristin Bell's dress choice seems so obviously wrong for someone without an unnaturally elongated torso. Didn't like the original any better, who needs ectomorphic clothes? Besides ectomorphs?

My first thought upon seeing pics of Carrie Underwood was "Oh, YAY for Carol Hannah, but why shorts?" The resemblance is that marked. Keep us posted, TLo...

I really wish that all the people accusing the designer, Roberto DeVillacis, would have their facts straight.
This designer is a couture designer very well know in Europe for the past twenty years. He has been dressing Carrie Underwood for years and well as other well known celebrities. He has never put his name on the garment that Carrol Hannah designed. Carrol Hannah;s orignal design was beautiful and was copied. Poorly at that but it was replicated.
Roberto’s fashions are in her Cowboy CasaNova Video. As well as her Enchanted Video from may years ago, before anyone ever heard of Carrol Hannah. This designer has no need to copy another designer.. This is the biggest assault on any designers integrity.
He has done many run way shows and even sold to Saks and Neiman Marcus here in the States under his previous label Trash-Couture. So please research, before you make false assumptions. He would have no need to copy a designer who has only presented one or two collections.

And to assume that this is a rivalry between Lifetime and Bravo is ludicrous!!!!!!!!

Look at His Website and you will see that his style is completely different that Carroll Hannah’s

He did not copy, design, or ever put his name on this garment!

Re Selena Gomez' dress: Talbot Runhof? Are you sure the dress isn't just from Talbots? Also Nicole's dress looks like it was "repurposed" by piecing togther a bunch of limp old nylon lace and tricot negligees. Feh! Can't that wan little creature wear a color once??

Poo on you two for yawning at Selina Gomez. She managed to look age appropriate, event appropriate and interesting. I'm so over teenagers who dress like women fifteen or twenty years older. They have enought time to look like women. I say bravo to seeing a fresh looking 17 year old!

Leona, Alicia. Big legged women look stumpy in short dresses. Dark, strappy shoes heighten the effect.

Please, for the love of God, can shooties go away already? Especially when they're paired with a dress. Not feeling Shakira's platforms, either. Delicate shoes just look better with a less than there dress.

11/29/09 12:40 PM

Roberto would also never post a comment on a blog about Project Runway.

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