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The "You may leave the runway"s

We're exhausted, but we're never too tired to rip a bitch.

Okay, Gordana. Very shrewd. You knew we were going to rip this week's entry to shreds so what did you do? You sent us a very sweet email. Clever girl.

But we're still going to rip this dress.

Honestly, (and we feel a little bad saying this now) we were wondering what the hell her problem was this week. She had immunity, the only time in the competition when you shouldn't be stressed out, and she was stressing out like crazy. We tend to think she's not cut out for a competition like this, but she's still in the game, so she must be doing something right.

Model: Matar Cohen

Unfortunately, she didn't do anything right with this look.

Everything from concept to execution was an auf'able offense. First, why did she make what's clearly a red carpet type dress?

Second, dear God, what is going on with those cups?

And third, what is going on with, oh, let's say...EVERYTHING ELSE? Seriously, we're sorry to hear she was sick, but she's damn lucky she had immunity because this was a clear automatic auf. Even Shirin's dress was better than this.

Nicolas: "Irina is actually a really good designer. The only problem with her is that she's a bitch."

We know most of y'all hate her but we find her the one bright spot this season. Come on, we all know it's been pretty boring so we're thankful that SOMEONE decided to step up and be the bad guy. Where would Project Runway be without a little smack-talking?

Model: Celine Chua

Besides, at least she can back it up with solid work. Don't get us wrong, this was far from a winning look, but it was still a pretty decent effort.

Let's get to the criticism first: why she decided a coat was a good idea for stagewear, we'll never know. Sure, it gives her the option of a reveal, but the coat is so plain.

And the design is only so-so. It's well-made and appropriately body-baring and glittery, but it deserved its middle of the road status.

Still, unlike a lot of the other entries, it at least looked like something you'd see on stage. Unfortunately, that stage would be a soundstage on the MGM lot in 1942 and the wearer would be "chorus girl #17," tap-tap-tapping her heart out with 40 other girls in the same outfit.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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omg- 1'm first??

Ok, back to ripping. I agree that Gordana's was just auf'ul. Those undarted cups were just unforgivable. I hate to side with Heidi on this, but she's damn lucky she had immunity!

As for Irina's, you're spot on as usual. Tap dancer #17 circa 1942 made me spit my afternoon coffee right on the screen!

You're first OMG ... and that's all you have to say? YOU WASTED IT!

Um nevermind.

both of those dresses are so boring and ugly... which just sums up this entire season.

gordana's dress is an unflattering disaster. the only thing that can fix that is a gallon of gasoline and a lit match.

yeah! ho! wah!

yow. gordanas dress couldnt be more unflattering if it tried. still love her, but this dress can be added to the worst pr looks ever list.

How was Irina's look any different than sexy nightwear? And honey, that look as outwear is done, dead and buried.

Decent execution but seems like it did not belong in this challenge.

TLo said: "Unfortunately, that stage would be a soundstage on the MGM lot in 1942 and the wearer would be "chorus girl #17," tap-tap-tapping her heart out with 40 other girls in the same outfit."

Even for a retro look for Xtina, don't know as Irina's dress fully works, but it wasn't as off the mark as some of the others, so being safely in the middle makes sense. I've already resigned myself to having to watch Ms. Trashtalk into the finals as she does seem to be winning the role of "bitchfinalist" for the final three. bleh.

Ok, Gordana's note explaining she was sick makes sense 'cause that is one hideous dress and so not reflective of the skills she's put forth thus far. I can imagine there could be some sick sewers, given the number of one-day challenges that were a part of this season....stress + stress + more stress = compromised immune system.


Gordana's was the worst. At least she isn't delusional. She knew it.
I wonder if she was originally planning for the chiffon/charmeuse underskirt to be ripped away? Because it isn't attached to the sequin skirt.

Irina's is very well made. The back is very nice and flattering. This is a much better garment than Althea's and probably should have been in the top three. The problem is the color. Sophisitcated but not stage worthy. I don't understand the coverup. Is it so she can go out for drinks after the show still wearing her costume? Because I can't see why it would be worn on stage.

I kept wondering to myself if Gordana even knew who Bob Mackie was / is, let alone Carol Burnett, or Cher, or any of the other things that he's done that people envision when they hear his name. Sometimes not-Americans are at a distinct disadvantage, if we're talking about pop culture 20 or 30 years ago, as opposed to the red carpet 2 or 3 years ago, or silent movies featuring Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. Gordana seems to me to be designing for an updated Marlene with maybe a little touch of Madonna (or Michael Jackson) thrown in.


At least we're starting to see at least one of the designers show something of a through-line (aside from Nicolas's obvious penchant for white) -- Irina's interest in playing with opacity and transparency. It's there in the bodice of this outfit, in the play of lace over the solid undergarment in the wedding dress challenge, and in the Macy's blue challenge.

First of all, I agree this wasn't Gordana's best effort, but she had immunity and she was sick so the planets aligned for her this week.
Irina's looked like lingerie. As for the smack talking, I think the reason that most of the others aren't as openly bitchy as Irina is because they want to have a career when they're done with the show. They have to go back into the real world and deal with real clients and real employers who don't want to work with someone who behaves unprofessionally.

Gordana IS shrewd, THAT is why she is still in the competition. Her dress was one of the worst of a very bad season. If she can't redeem herself this week I think it's her episode to go.
Irina's was rediculous, it didn't look like stagewear, it looked like underwear.
Bryant Park = CH Nicolas and Irina

Ok, the only stage I could see Irina's dress is on the soundstage of Motley Crue's Girls Girls Girls video. It was a nightie. A bedazzled nightie. And it looked cheap. So a cheap, bedazzled nightie off one of the strippers from a 80's hair metal bands videos. Nice.

And yes, I will admit that having a "villian" makes the show more interesting, but part of what's great about having one is the ability to hate on one. We're just doing our part! ;)

TLO said...."We're exhausted, but we're never too tired to rip a bitch."

And that's why we love you.

thing is, Christina loves retro and over-the-top styling (see music videos ofr Candyman and Ain't No Other Man, in particular). as has been said, this should have been a challenge filled with fun, colour, flare, and glitter!

i think a Marlene look would have been a passable attempt if well-executed. same for a more interesting version of the 1943 showgirl- because that's totally where Christina is coming from in her performances. (her red carpet varies a LOT.)

yeesh Gordana's outfit is even worse than I remember. As for Irina's outfit, if she had done it in red and did a headpiece and lost the coat, maaaybe a win. O second thought, that's a different outfit.

After spending time in a studio with Bob Mackie's creations and actually talking to Bob Mackie, you'd think that even someone stepping out of a 30-year isolation tank would understand what the challenge was.

So I don't think there were any cultural gulfs to span.

Gordana's beads....they just added bulk to begin with and she used them in an area that never needs bulk--the butt, thighs and tummy. Interesting that her two looks that made Heidi the angriest involved beaded fabric.

Irina should run as fast as she can from lace. Last week's look was matronly. The costume challenge was really blah and not extremely well made. Lace is not her thing.

Needless to say, I'm sure the next week, producers were scrambling to move beaded fabric and lace onto the bottom shelves of "Mood-LA."

OMG, I couldn't tell what those things were on the nips with Giordana's, and now I see -- can I really be seeing? -- that they are HOLES? For the nips? And this is -- what? What? I can't even formulate an idea here. Not that I'd say no to having a look at Xtina's nips, but, uh. Nope. Speechless.

I really want to like Irina's designs, but they always look to me like they came from a dress shop on Kings Highway. In case you never have the occasion to spend time on Midwood, Brooklyn's most fun shopping strip, that's the part of town where the Russian and the Hasidic communities collide, and there are some very interesting clothing and shoe stores. The Russian ladies' shops often have just these kinds of sparkly dresses. They are almost, but not quite, entirely unlike actual ballgowns.

Irina's (much like Nicholas) screamed figure skater and as was said, you don't want to look like that on stage. It was boring and I'm sick of her (and her clothes actually)

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Nicolas: "Irina is actually a really good designer. The only problem with her is that she's a bitch."

I'd say, "Pot. Kettle. Black." about that, but then there's that 'really good designer' qualifier.

It should be some delicious bitchery if these two end up at BP. I'm hoping for some 'mat', 'zhopa' and 'govno' to be thrown around....

I don't like Irina - as she's been shown on the show...But her work is usually prety good and she does seem like this season's version of some of the other smack talkers including Santino and even Jerrell (and there was someone else that season, can't remember who).

Nightgown - pretty nightgown but still.

Looking at the face on pic, it looks to me that the straps are nor evenly placed (where they attach at the bust.)

Gordana - I kept thinking that if she had molded some feathers or something the the cups - that she could have improved her dress greatly. (I had visions of her like Shirin on the newspaper challenge.)

Fnarf said...
OMG, I couldn't tell what those things were on the nips with Giordana's, and now I see -- can I really be seeing? -- that they are HOLES? For the nips? And this is -- what? What? I can't even formulate an idea here. Not that I'd say no to having a look at Xtina's nips, but, uh. Nope. Speechless.

They do look like holes, but they are folded, but not stitched darts. Now why she did that to shape the cup is a mystery.. that may iinvolve the medication she was on.

I sort of love Irina--not as a human being, mind you, but as entertainment value. She's so desperately clueless about herself and such a mean girl caricature. I find her incredibly entertaining.

even though gordna's was not good i thought heidi was a total BITCH to her. why all the damn hate heidi?

I would've loved to see the contestants do something with volume along the lines of Leanne's car parts dress.

I really hated Irina's dress this week. Maybe I'm projecting because she's such a bitch, but I thought it looked like a rather boring skating costume. There was nothing very showy about it. Hated that she got away with it, especially after the talented and nicer Shiring got auf'd.

Irina—sparkly NEGLIGEE! with a coat? W.T.F.

Gordana—didn't hate it til saw the close-ups, so wonky it's hard to believe, but darlin', still luv ya, at least being sick is a REAL excuse

T-Lo, y'all done gone crazy. Gordana's dress was much better than Irina's. And even if it wasn't, that would be no excuse to be so crude. Remind me to send y'all some coupons for a few free lessons at your local etiquette school.

The biggest problem with PR this season is the boring challenges. Veritable snooze fests. Here are some REAL challenges they should use next season...

1. A box of Kleenex. Make a dress using just 1 box of Kleenex.

2. A cat. Make an outfit for a cat. If you know cats, you know how hard that would be.

3. A roll of paper towels. Make an outfit with them.

4. Pink charmeuse. Make an outfit ONLY using pink charmeuse.

5. Police tape. Make an outfit. Use as much police tape as you need.

6. Cities. Draw the name of a city from a hat. Make an outfit that represents that city. (This is where you wish Chris March was back on the show.)

7. The future. Make an outfit that you think people will be wearing in the year 2258. (Pray no one uses shiny metallic-looking fabric.)

Any better ideas??


Anonymous @ 2:01p said...

Irina—sparkly NEGLIGEE! with a coat? W.T.F.


So instead of a hooker with a heart of gold, would that make her a hooker with a chest cold?

As much as I like Gordana, I was with Heidi on berating her. That output was horrible. The worst thing she made on the show. But at least she knew it and we now know why.

I can live with Heidi being tough, she did it to Nicholas a couple episodes back. And it's not the only season she's been sharp tongued with a designer. And Iman raked a contestant over the coals (and harsher than Heidi) for riding on her immunity back in S1 of PRC.

Irina's was solid but the coat is a conundrum and doesn't make sense


Really, Irina's costume looked like a Goth skating dress. Please, God, give us some color...

The seams on the back of Gordana's dress look like a VPL. Ew.

I'm so glad that Gordana had immunity because she would have been on the next flight back to SC if she didn't have it. Such a drab color (even with the sparkles and sparkles should never be drab) and the fit was rough.

Can they please make it a requirement for some of the challenges next season that the designers can only use 10% of the following colors in their designs: black, white, grey, beige, navy. So boring! Esp for something like this episode. You are making stage wear! This is definitely one of those times you can go crazy. I see this challenge on the same plane as the drag, ice skating, and wrestling challenges of seasons past.

I do believe it's possible that this challenge is the all-time fucked-up response to ANY challenge of ANY season EVER on PR or the FS.

Most incredibly, NO COLOR

Bob Mackie hid his disappointment well.

I'll stop shouting now, and go back in my bat cave.

Thing about Irina, I haven't actually liked any of her clothing. I fully admit that she has talent and knows what she's doing, but nothing she's created has appealed to me.

Come on. For someone who's so full of herself and thinks she's miles ahead of the other designers, she sure as hell didn't show it with her Ink dress. A simply black dress with a rhinestone butterfly? That's nothing but cheap and tacky. You can find the same thing in Dress Barn, not to mention every single one of the teenybopper stores.

She just doesn't impress.

Irina's is a goddam Victoria's Secret teddy! Which is why I'm surprised Heidi didn't jockey to give it the win.

No question Gordana's was bad, bad, bad! But I think Someone Up There must've fixed it for her to have her bad garment experience while she had immunity. I expect to see her come back strong, and even if she gets the auf, we know she's better than that.

She's gotten what she needs from PR—exposure and fans—and that will pay for itself over the long haul.

"Tlo said: She had immunity, the only time in the competition when you shouldn't be stressed out, and she was stressing out like crazy."

But now that she wrote to say she was sick & getting drugs every two hours, that explains it.

I was once a contestant on a TV game show and had a slight cough on the day I was scheduled to tape. I was so worried they wouldn't let play, with the cough, that I took over-the-counter meds (in combination). I got so stressed out I had trouble even answering the questions they asked me about myself. Afterwards, I asked a nurse about it & she said that, given what I'd taken, she was surprised I could even sit in the chair.

I'll attribute Gordana's performance last week to the same thing.


Irina's design has figure skating written all over it. The Olympics are coming up, that's right.

Yes Gordana's dress was brutality at it's finest, but why does Heidi keeping ripping on her like that? Does it have to with nationality or something? Just saying it's obvious.

If Irina had spent some time making a headpiece or shoulder piece or just SOMETHING dramatic instead of basic black coat, then that would have made sense. Otherwise, this just reminds me of Emmett's ice skating dress.

I think it's OK to make a red carpet dress for stagewear, as there's often a ballad section of the show and I could see Christina wearing Althea's or something like it. But not Gordana's. Definitely not Gordana's.

Irina's 1942 chorus girl, or early 90s Nancy Kerrigan ice skating on tour extravaganza.

What happened during the casting calls for this season's PR? If Irina's emerging to be the one to beat, all I can say is SADNESS. I know you think she can back up the bitchiness, but really??? Her designs are hardly designs. This lot of designers CANNOT be future vision of fashion/fashion design. Bring back mother hen!

Irina's dress was just plain dull. And the coat was puzzling and dull.

Gordana's? *sigh* Sad is the word I would use to describe her dress. But I have to hand it to Gordana for not wasting any breath defending it. She stepped up and took responsibility for it.

If ANYONE reading this EVER has a chance to talk to Heidi, please ask her about this season of PR and get her to talk about Gordana. What is Heidi's explanation of her behavior toward Gordana? And then please tell us. I would really like to know what this looked like from Heidi's point of view. Because it just doesn't make sense.

How the hell could you NOT like Gordana?

Hey, chorus girls need love too!

Besides, for studio musicals big enough for a chorus, there would be more bows and patent leather invovled.

In other news, Matar is freakin' gorgeous.

Carry on.

Oh my. Gordana, sweetie, love you, but mailing it in when Heidi is already gunning for your slavic ass isn't the smartest thing in the world, sick or not sick. But at least you're being sick explains why you kept passing out on the sofa!

That sack is a piece of shit.

Hoping you just get back on the horse next week.

As for Irritatina, she's on her bitch game but she, too, seems like a one note, lace cutouts, lace, more lace, jacket, more lace, definitely more black....

I think the final runway shows are going to be the most depressing color story ever because there will be NO color. Anywhere. Ever.

I'll give Gordana points for a well executed rolled hem on chiffon. Other than that it looks like a couple of ballroom dance outfits I've seen recently. At least below the bust. That bust deserved the Insane Crotch award this week!

Irina - yeah she's nasty, but she isn't Wendy Pepper. Peppermint Patty comes closer to WP on a regular basis.

Anonymous 1:16, a little jealous ru? :) Lighten up, it's just a fashion blog!

Irina a vilian? I wouldn't even put her in the second tier with bitches like, Zulima, Vincent and Tugboat Girl, let alone the heavy hitters like Santino and Jeffrey and Wendy Pepper. She's just a sassy gal who talks smack -- From GT's event report, all of the designers, sans Johnny, got along well, so I'm betting the others didn't take it too seriously. Maybe I need glasses, but i thought Gordonna's dress had fake nipp;es attached -- looking at the pictures, I still can't tell what is causing that effect.

Gordana's is a wreck but she knew it and owned it. Also, it is more entertaining to look at a wreck than the whimpering mediocrity that was produced for this challenge.

They were both auf-ul. Everything done for this challenge was auf-ul. I still can't get over the complete lack of enthusiasm and fun and creativity in response to standing in front of those amazing Bob Mackie creations. Not one person did a headdress! What the...? If you're wearing Bob Mackie and your hair is showing, you're not wearing Bob Mackie.

Enough said about this challenge.

A heads-up to everyone on this blog because you're all interested in fashion: Check out the new documentary airing on HBO, "Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags." About the American garment/fashion industry. It's fascinating.

Yeah Irinas was decently executed technically but all I could think was ice skater nightgown, blech. And the coat was a horrible choice like you pointed out. Definitely middle of the road entry.

And Gordana, you know I love you and being sick sucks, but that dress was a giant WTF! I guess there is no better time to slack and take it easy so you can get better than when you have immunity :)

I've been rooting for Gordana since day one, but simply cannot get over the heinous crime executed for this challenge. The garment had so many issues and problems ---- and they were all highly visible on television as her model came down the runway. For me, the worse part was the treatment on the hem of the sequined area of the gown. I tuly hope she redeems herself with this weeks challenge. I still love you, but, get it together Gordana.

- edina -

I love Gordana, but this dress is hideous. Her being ill would explain it.

Irina's would make a really lovely ice skating costume, but I'd blink if I saw it on a pop star. With the short skirt and the slits and the glittery lace panel on the belly... if it were white, it would've been a shoo-in for the Sasha Cohen challenge.

The best part of this whole thing was Irina's facial expression when she was called in the middle and realized she wasn't going to win the challenge.

I thought sure TLo would give us a screencap on that.

Ugh, I'm sorry guys, but I just can't agree with you about Irina. Her smack-talking isn't fun or delicious; it's bitchy in the bad way. She's so unlikable that it's just not entertaining.

Agreed, however, that Gordana's dress was an auto-auf if it hasn't been for the immunity. I'm a fan of Gordana's, but this dress was so awful in so many ways.

I thought the concept behind Gordana's dress was good although not right for the challenge. It had some serious execution problems, but I liked the idea of the dress.

Irina's design aesthetic seems to be evolving into "all lingerie, all the time." And I agree that she's bitchy, but not in an interesting way. What she says is mean, but not funny, and therefore not entertaining.

"SewSew said: A heads-up to everyone on this blog because you're all interested in fashion: Check out the new documentary airing on HBO, "Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags." About the American garment/fashion industry. It's fascinating."

I watched it last night. Very depressing.

But will people get it?


Irina is super-annoying, but not any worse than Christian Siriano, Jeffrey Sebelia or Kenley Collins.

She embodies a key Project Runway archetype - nasty, full of herself, but talented.

About the HBO documentary, Gotham Tomato said, "I watched it last night. Very depressing. But will people get it?"

Hard to say. But if people don't understand that we have gone from 95% of clothing sold in he US being made in the US to 5% and what that means for the middle class, we're probably in big trouble.

I loved the old films of the garment district, but then I actually remember when naming 7th Avenue "Fashion Avenue" meant something.

Irina reminds me of Cordelia on Buffy the Vampire Slayer - from the early episodes, before she developed any humility.

Anonymous @ 2:01p said...

Irina—sparkly NEGLIGEE! with a coat? W.T.F.

That’s the coat you throw over your nightie if you need to make an emergency run to the liquor store.

Karmic reward - the good timing of Gordana's illness occurring when she had immunity. Whew. Because...what everyone else said.

I do have to say - I kinda liked the "fluffy" white sequins, and I think that fabric might have been interesting with alot of skin showing.

Maybe a "Nanouk of the North" redo of "Half Breed."

Irritatina? Yawn. Yes, middle is where this belonged. To me, it just looked like a sparkly teddy. Like a cheap costume for one of the Kit Kat girls.

I think with the new producers we're getting more actual character arcs than we've seen in the past -- an intro, a slow build (or fall), crises, changes. Irina and Nicolas strike me as the most obvious.

Nicolas evolved from the sure-thing villain into the funny, bitchy one.

Irina evolved from pretty girl into Malificent.

CH evolved from dingy blonde to...wacky...well, not all of them have arcs.

I have to wonder if part of the problem with the output is that almost everything before it has been a one-day challenge. Other seasons there has been more of a mix; this season they may have fried out the designers' reserves too early.

It all makes perfect sense to me. You see, Gordana intended to build some lasers into the cups of that dress so it could shoot out a light show, but unfortunately ran out of time before she could get the cooling elements working (Dr Whitfield was absolutely no help at all), hence the odd empty shape of the darts.

/is on Gordana's cold medicine...

"SewSew said: Hard to say. But if people don't understand that we have gone from 95% of clothing sold in he US being made in the US to 5% and what that means for the middle class, we're probably in big trouble."

We're definitely in big trouble. And as long as people keep tackling each other to save 17¢ at Walmart, we'll keep circling the drain.

That documentary should run on every channel, not just HBO.


I am with those who think Irina fails to fill the villain role: none of her bitching is particularly vicious, clever, insightful, or funny. She's a one-note bitch: X is bad (without details); I am wonderful.

Nor, contra CluelessJock above, do I think she falls in with Kenley, Jeffrey, and Christian as "nasty, full of herself, but talented." Kenley may have been a part time rip-off artist, but what she produced was usually interesting, even when it failed spectacularly——and she was so far out there as to be entertaining; Jeffrey was seriously nasty, but he did create a few marvelous things. And as for Christian, he was blessed with a certain self-irony, as he often made fun of himself, too, and a sense of humur——and he had the serious talent to back up his jabs.

Irina can sew. She has better construction skills than some of the other remaining designers, but I fail to see any vision, a clear point of view: lingerie is not a point of view——or, at least, not one we need to see again, not one on which she has offered anything remotely resembling an original take.

As some have noted, her outfit this week would have won the Sascha Cohen challenge, but much as I love Sascha (and, outside of her choice in that challenge, her design sense), I dare say Michelle Kwan never would have worn it...

Not that I hate Irina: if she goes to Bryant Park, I will not be outraged——but that has more to do with the remaining designers than her.

Yeah, I was really relieved that Gordana had immunity (and she's been looking pretty stressy and tired so I'm not surprised to hear she was ill), because, even as one of her fans, I can't justify much about this dress. About the only thing I can say is that from the back, the way the skirt flows away from the beaded stuff is pretty. Which isn't enough. So, yay immunity!

I can't see anything Irina makes without her personality getting in the way of my judgement, so I can't be sure how much is me not liking the outfit and me not liking her. But I will say this: At least with Christian, while I didn't like him (mostly; occasionally he was funny) and often don't find his work to my taste, I still was willing to admit he did (and still does) some good design. And I'll just leave it at that.

I say this with love, but why didn't Gordana design an ensemble for herself???!!! She dresses kinda slutty in real life - hot pants, Catholic school girl gear; she could have designed an ensemble for herself and been halfway home. Note: any forty something who can still bring the slutty is a hero in my book.

It would be good if somebody as immunity and does a diaster like the one this week immunity can be taken away by the judges. This was a joke.

Nicolas: "Irina is actually a really good designer. The only problem with her is that she's a bitch."
This was the best comment of the season, Nicholas stock really rose in my book with this gem.

Re Irina's dress, TLo nailed it with their "chorus girl #17" assessment...Zzz.

You know, Irina's would have been OK, if the dress underneath had been bright red. That would have been a cool reveal - from the black fur to the red negligee-style dress. That would have been the kind of eye-popping difference that a true "reveal" requires. As it was, it was just a blah dress under a blah coat.

Hard to say. But if people don't understand that we have gone from 95% of clothing sold in he US being made in the US to 5% and what that means for the middle class, we're probably in big trouble.

SewSew and GT - mostly agree with your pts here. I am from steel and auto country and hope your views applies to other industries as well.

(My field is sending a great deal of the work overseas and it is already having a growing impact.)

My family goes out of our way to try to find made in America on our clothes and other products - but it really is very difficult to find (in clothes and in most everything else).

(hard line to walk - don't want to be an isolationist, but we have to do something.)

Is there any chance that the trims and embelishments were limited in color?

Thank you for the close-up on Gordana's dress. I had no idea what the hell was up with those cups. Because of the reflection on the satin, it looked like she had little bells on her nipples. Weird.

Well if Irina's a bitch, then I guess I'm a bitch. As well as basically everybody who posts on this blog. Because honestly? Girl is saying nothing that at least 50% of the people watching the show at any given time aren't thinking. Difference is, she's actually there, doing the show, making the dresses just like them. So I think she's probably more qualified to bitch than anyone else here is.

Shirin's dress this week was awful. Gordana's was awful. If Irina wants to sit there and say they're awful...fair play to her. Because you know, she's right. And seeing as there are probably well over 100 posts on here saying the same thing...Nicholas isn't the only person who should be hearing the words "Pot, meet kettle. Only without the 'talented designer' part." (I assume. Maybe all of you are super secret amazing designers. I wouldn't know.)

I'm pretty positive that if I was on the show, recording an interview, with a producer prodding me for my opinions on what the other designers were doing, I'd be saying exactly the same things. Or probably worse.

Irina should do well if there's a lingerie challenge. I recall her Film Noir look could have used a monkey shrug. A dame can catch a cold visiting a gumshoe in the dead of night.

Gordana's... ugh. No excuses. Her designs generally interest me so I'm happy to see her live to design another day.

Slightly off topic, but is it really THAT DIFFICULT for Lifetime to get the TLo awards web page right???? So Annoying!

I really hated both looks. Gordana was sick and had immunity, what's Miss I'm A Better Designer's excuse?

Irina's - meh.

Gordana's - clearly hardly her best effort, **winking knowingly** but sorry, despite the nippular insanity and overall aufulness I still don't think it was the worst thing on the runway this week.

Gordana's reminded me of a giant maraca! Definitely not her best, but I still think Christopher's was worse, since it was such a blatant ripoff and poorly executed.

Irina bad-mouthing CH for mediocrity and then being the only one sent off the runway without any commentary was perfection. Normally I'm not a fan of Nicolas and his mouth, but girlfriend is not afraid to speak the truth.

I think Gordana's dress is not as bad as some of the other things that have been allowed to stick around. With some tweaking (aaah—the weird boobs), I can see this as a beautiful contrast to a shiny, black, grand piano.

It was interesting wathing Tim's critique of Gordana. At they end, he stated that the judges believe in her and are excited by her. How can that help her when Nina, nor the Duchess are ever at the runway to judge? There was no way in hell that he was referring to Heidi. I hope our girl rebounds this week.

All Irina's model needed was a pair of ice skates. (Ditto Peppermint Patti.)

Gordana's outfit may have been poorly executed, but if she was on her game, it coulda been a contender!


"This was the best comment of the season, Nicholas stock really rose in my book with this gem."


I just saw a commercial Lifetime is running, announcing that there are only 4 episodes left. That was fine and all, until I saw the second half where they say Logan, Carol Hannah, Gordana, and Nicolas (Who they say is some sort of tattle tale?) are going to have to fight it out and only one of them can be the winner? What?! Where did Christopher, Irina, and Althea go? Is this really a spoiler, or am I just paranoid? What is going on?!???

When I saw Gordana's dress, I couldn't understand the cups. I thought "are those nipple tents? Designed to...keep the rain of one's nipples?"

I'm still confused.

I'm not trolling, i really want to know... what colors would you all like to see these designers using? I like blue. I'm wearing navy blue right now and it makes my pale skin look rosy. But many of you dubbed blue boring during the Macy's "blue" challenge. What colors would have been right for Christina? She looked so ... well, almost garish... with the bleached hair and red lips. I couldn't imagine any color looking good on her. Of course, the designers didn't even get a picture of her beforehand, so they didn't know, but ... well, what color would Bob Mackie have put her in? Any ideas?

Christina = red

And if the Lifetime auf spoiler ad is true, bravo folks, bravo.

Gordana's medication is the excuse I'm going for. Because there is no reason on god's green earth, even if her fabric was giving her fits & her design was completely off base, that the dressmaker of previous efforts would have sent out something with so many tasks in the assembly of this garment looking as if she half-did them and then abandoned them.

Calling Irina's design 1942 MGM chorus line cracked me up. It was pretty underwear, was my take, and maybe not inappropriate for Christina A. stagewear but no fabulous there.

Both of these could be distinguished by saying "Bob who? oh, yeah, it *was* the Bob Mackie challenge wasn't it?" Because you sure couldn't guess the challenge from the garments.

Have y'all seen the Mackie Golden Anniversary Barbie? No color, just a vision in black and gold, but definitely the sort of thing we needed to see last week.

Those pieces are SO much worse than Shirin's. At least Shirin's was well made, those are terrible designs that were terribly executed. Makes no sense.

Got nothing to add except before you get to 'Glee'...


Bob Mackie stuff that is off the chain! And in our little price ranges!

@[Alice]: I just want to note there's a difference between "I'm seeing some stuff here I think sucks" and "I'm the only person here with any talent". Irina is saying the latter. Literally. Everyone trash-talks someone every episode, yes, but Irina keeps talking about how much better than everyone she is while turning out mediocre stuff that is not, in fact, always better than her competitors' work. That's the problem I have with her. I won't speak for anyone else here, but would be surprised if I'm alone in that.

@Marie D.: I would've liked to see someone put some really bright colour swath paired with their black, at the very least. Any bright colour, really, maybe in a gored mid-thigh skirt. Or if someone used black but worked in some gold and/or silver detailing in something shiny enough to catch the light. Or if someone used white but put sequins on in several shades of blue and gave a kinda cloudy sky effect. Or used one of those velvets that looks dark until the light hits it and then shows blues and purples (I own a skirt like that, myself). Or maybe one of those cool iridescent satins in water or peacock colours, which could even go on a pretty basic silhouette and still look interesting.

I have nothing against black or grey (not fond of white personally because I always, always get it dirty just by being in the same room as it), but if you're going to make a stage outfit in it, there has to be something interesting about the construction of the dress, and there wasn't much of that going on either.

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