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Yea or Nay: Thigh-high Boots

Let's pretend we set the trends, ladies.

If you were a high fashion muckety-muck, would you YAY thigh-highs or NAY them? Personally, you can put us in the YAY column. They've been coming back in one form or another for 40 years and they never stay around for longer than a season or two before everyone realizes how expensive and impractical they are. But for a little while every couple of years, the models all walk the runway looking like superheroes or hookers (or superhero hookers) and we love it.

Take a booted stroll through the following looks and tell us which ones are YAYs and which ones are NAYs. There's no point in us doing it, because it gets a little boring reading one YAY after another.

Fall 2009 Collections
Antonio Berardi, Chado Ralph Rucci, Costume National, Emilio Pucci

Gareth Pugh, Giles, Gucci, Halston

Hussein Chalayan, Jean Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs

Peter Jensen, Prada, Rick Owens, Roberto Cavalli

Rodarte, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Yigal Azrouël


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the rodarte ones are so amazing in black i can't even get over it.

Not a fan of the look in general, but of the celebs at the top, Posh definitely pulls it off best.

Yeas to the following:

Love the Rodarte look in taupe/putty.


meh. I can't get enthused about this one. I always just see "hooker" when i see boots like this. and as a short, non-skinny person, I certainly can't wear them myself, even if I wanted to.

My issue with boots has to do with women with very skinny legs who wear tall boots. The skinny legs rattle around inside the boots and look kind of silly. Boots look best (sexiest) when they snug-hug legs.

Peter Jensen wantwantwantwant. And the thighs to go with them.

Rihanna, no. Just no honey, please don't ever wear those again.

Depends. I like the Berards and the Jensens. LOVE the Berard shearling pair. The rest —especially with the garters— are really not very good on on anybody.

I like them - when done right. The ones with "support harnesses" however (like your close-up detail on top) look like Fishing Waders ... not an activity I want my clothing choices to allude to.

I vote no on all of them.


LOVELOVELOVE the Rodarte ones.

I like them in general, but some of those outfits (like Madonna's) are so awful, it's hard to get past the rest of it. And a big NAY to the garter thigh high boots (Chalayan).

I had a pair for years that I loved. They do seem to scream,"slut". They are super fun if you have the guts to trot around in them and they double as a Halloween accessory. I like the runway looks but somehow they don't seem to look so great on the celebrities. Or maybe it's the styling. Either way maybe it's a good thing I parted with mine. I may have been delusional on how great I looked in them.

Victoria Beckham is the only one that pulled it off with the first 3 pics. Overall I'd say yay I suppose. It just really depends on how the boot looks and what outfit they're worn with. Sometimes though they do feel a bit costumey. There are plenty of the runway ones that I don't like.

I'm a little biased, since I have a pair that I trot out once in a while.


I like the ones that look like second skin. The wide ones - not so much.

LOVE them!

Back when I was in high school, I had a pair like the ones in the second row (the Chado Ralph Lauren image) and I absolutely ADORED them. Very flattering and just made me feel great when I wore them. I was heartbroken when they finally bit the dust.

Thigh highs aren't right for me right now, but if I could still pull them off, I'd wear them in a flash. I think they are FABULOUS!


Vb only Yeah in that bunch

IN -
Row 1 - Pucci, maybe Costume National
Row 2 - All - except Giles too high w/ that dress
Row 3 - Vuitton, Jacobs
Row 4 - Rick Owens

Special mention for Ugly - Prada, Chalayn, Gaultier

I actually kind like thigh high boots - but they should not go so high that with a skirt you cannot see the top. So for that alone many are NO's

It is a split decision for me. It really depends how you wear them and it is one of those things that you know when you see it if it works. Most people are making them look insanely trashy and Pretty Woman-esque. So I think I have to go nay for most.

I am generally a YAY on thigh-highs. They are really cool. However, I like them to look like boots, not like thigh-high leggings. Therefore, I'm not loving some of these.

YAY to:
Barardi, Lauren, Pucci, Vuitton, jacobs, Jensen (yum!), Prada, Cavalli, and vivienne Westwood.

Posh and the model wearing the Emilio Pucci knock it out of the ball park.


I just don't have the guts to wear these ever (what can I say, I have a reputation for NOT being a hooker), but I like Posh's look the best.

Anne said...

"Rihanna, no. Just no honey, please don't ever wear those again."

LMBAO!!!!! I agree, cuz now, SHE looks a superhero hooker!

If they're not black and not shiny then I like them (mainly because they don't scream stripper anymore). The suede leather ones and the one with the embroidery at the top are cool. They remind me of Northern European traditional dress kind of things.

Nope sorry, a big NAY to all.

They either scream HOOKER or STREAM WADERS depending on how tight they fit--and despite the heel.

Sorry, darlings. I'm a NAY, pretty much all the way (with just a few exceptions).

I prefer the look to be less futuristic action movie starring Mila Jovovich in a latex bodysuit, more equestrian. And usually that involves slim pants tucked into said boots.

I do like the Peter Jensen and Emilio Pucci styles.

If they can stand on their own, I say Yay. But if they require garters, I say Nay.

i love them, except when they're worn with high-waist underpant shorts or garters (which is weird, because i love garters with socks). i'd like the beradi, pucci, pugh and cavallis, please.

I have to say Yay if you're a tall leggy model type. I say Nay if, like me, you're a mere mortal woman. The proportions are all off.

Maybe it's her, maybe it's the boots, but Posh pulls them off better than anyone. (I hate to admit that. I think she's a horrid person.)

Madonna looks ridiculous. But why should today be any different?

I love the Prada, Cavalli, Azrouel, the Halston, and the Chado Ralph Lauren. The Rodarte's are great, but not in that color.

All the others are too loose around the thigh, too fussy, not cool enough, or have garters. Or any combination of the four. I hated the Stella McCartney even before I realized they're hers. That girl has *got* to find another line of work.

But, in general, I give a big YAY to thigh high boots.

Oh, I don't know. They looked awfully fetching on Sarah Palin when she was on that fishing boat with Todd.

Otherwise, if Posh just spray painted her legs with high-gloss, black Krylon paint, wouldn't it have the same effect?

It's hard enough to bend at the knee in 5" spikes. Now you want to put a layer of "leather" around my knee, too.

Nay to the boots that look like they have garter belts with them and to the ones that are loose at the thigh.

Other than that YaY to the rest and big YAY to the red and multi colored boots!

If my thighs only get sweaty from boots, I see no purpose for them.

Looks like Swinton wearing the Giles ones!!

I love them - can't wear them, but love them, anyway!

When I hear thigh-high boots, the accompanying visual should immediately evoke a response of "slutty, slutty, slutty," if that doesn't happen it is a fail. Non-slutty thigh-highs have no usefulness outside of the middle of a stream with a fishing pole in your hand.

Yays: Pucci, Gucci, Halston, Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and Stella McCartney.

I can't get a good read on the Jean Paul Gaultier's and Yigal Azrouël's and the Louis Vuitton's got disqualified because of the darn bunny ears. Also, I found that the accompanying outfit was a factor in my assessment.

I generally say Yay because I am a fan of both whores AND heroes. However, I profoundly dislike any of the ones with "garter" treatments. It throws off the lines and it's ridiculous to my eyes.

Shoes are not pants. Nay.

TLo, is the first picture, the cropped one where the leg looks like it's coming out of a big ol' feed bucket, the Prada? Looks like it, but no straps on the full pic.

I love any tall boots. Love 'em knee high & thigh high. BUT (caveat here), you must have THIN LEGS to wear them.

Rihanna is not fat by any stretch of the imagination, but she does not have the right legs to wear the boots. UH-UH, step away.

Why do I love them so much? Because I can never wear them, thanks to my biblical "Fatted Calves". Pure, unrequited desire.

YAY: All those with a slim silhouette except

NAY: Floppy fit, too busy with ties or bows (ex: Madonna), and those held up by the garter-esque things which resemble the contraptions worn by certain grandfathers to keep their socks up.

I like the sporty vegetable-tanned Prada boots, as featured in your opening close-up. Even though they're easily the least wearable, due to their stiffness.

I have a pair of to-the-knee riding boots-- they LOOK great, but they feel as though I have plaster casts on both legs.

Brooklyn Bomber said...
TLo, is the first picture, the cropped one where the leg looks like it's coming out of a big ol' feed bucket, the Prada? Looks like it, but no straps on the full pic.

Yup, same model, same boots; just a different angle.

T Lo

This is sad. The only outfit I actually liked was the Cavalli with the brown suede boots. Every single other outfit had something to make me say "Nay", whether it was Posh's slashed-looking dress (I know it's not actually slashed, but those black stripes are weird) or the bizarre shoulder pads on the gray dress that accompanied the gray boots lined with shearling, which are OK.

The garters are just right out. The line between outer- and underwear is continuously being crossed, but here it is just disregarded entirely. Garters are underwear for a reason, that reason being they are not attractive except as glimpses of something naughty. When they're out in public like that they're just icky.

I have some that look like the Prada boots. I use them for surf fishing and clam digging.


I like some of those, but just last night, I was giving Faith Hill a big nay for hers. Her outfit and spread legs on Sunday night Football is um...not age appropriate or flattering. Thigh high boots can be fun, but they are hardly ever classy, and when you don't get it right you look like a hooker.

Chado Ralph Who?

Esp like the Jensen and Lauren looks. Not crazy about Halston, but then, I rarely am.


Love your use of the term "muckety-muck" under the waders.

As a general rule, I'm a "yay." It just has to be on the right person and with the right look, but when done correctly its killer!

I LOVED the.......
Costume National

I HATED the.....
Chalayan (I mean, COME ON! She doesn't look space hooker enough with out the built-in garters?)
Westwood (Loved the color but hated the boot itself)

Parading pins in prodigious boots plays up pantlessness's pudenda peek-a-boo peril.

I love it. I'd wear them if they were cheap and people wouldn't think I was crazy.

Personally I hate the thigh high, but I can get behind the Cavalli and the Berardi.

If they have garters or the leg openings are so wide that it looks like there's a space to stow a flask in them, I don't like them. When they're relatively snug against the thigh, then they look great. And I don't think they look all that trashy. I don't think thigh-high boots with a short skirt look nearly as trashy as painted-on jeans with a camel toe.

YAY to the Pucci, Gucci and Prada!!

NAAAY to Madonna and Rihanna...

I almost hadn't noticed them on V.Becks as fashion... she was kind of born in high boots.

That's a big NO!! Just not into the "Let's Go Fly Fishing" look.

Blogger Oli said...

YAY to the Pucci, Gucci and Prada!!

NAAAY to Madonna and Rihanna...

I almost hadn't noticed them on V.Becks as fashion... she was kind of born in high boots.

1. I forgot to comment on the girls up there and totally agree with you here. Both Madge and RiRi looks ridiculous.

2. You are probably right about V.Becks and her version of her birthday suit, but DAMN, her poor mere human carrier, errrr, I mean Mom.

Some are lovely and go well with the outfit. Others are just shit ugly and really belong on you only for mucking out stables.

Thigh-high boots have been on the pole for years. I say keep them there.


Nope. Unless you want to catch some fish.

NAY! Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman".

There is some danger of looking like a hooker, esp if they're in black, but some of the non-black ones are absolutely fabulous. WANT.


YAY to thigh-highs! But not everyone can carry them off. For example, in the topmost photos, only Posh looks good in them. Rihanna's thighs aren't skinny enough, and Madonna is too short. You've got to be leggy to pull off that look without verging into hoochie territory.

I think they're hot as hell, you just have to a)have the legs for it b) paired them up with a not so ho-ho outfit.

They only work in very specific styles and outfits. If they are flapping around like fishing waders and you don't have a flyreel in your hand, they are fug.

I'd wear these every day if I could. It might have something to do with the fact that I love mini skirts.


The Peter Jensens are fabulous, and of course Posh looks great in hers. I also agree with those who said the form-fitting ones look the best. The loose ones and those with laces or garters look too sloppy and costume-y.

Every single person on this page--even the superhumanly tall and skinny models--is made to short and stumpy in these boots. They cut off the leg at the widest part and add considerable chunkiness to the rest of the leg. Not cool.

Yay: Rucci, Pucci

Nay: Hussein Chalayan, Prada and Giles

Meh: All the rest

I'll take seven pairs of the Cavalli boots in different colors.

I personally love knee and thigh high boots, because when you've got larger, muscular calves like I do, ankle and mid-calf boots tend to make your legs look stumpy and heavier. The higher the boot, the longer the leg looks.

You need to show tootie to show off these booties.

Um no.

Some fab some meh. It has to be right girl to make them work.

TLo, one of your captions says "Chado Ralph Lauren"...? It should be "Chado Ralph Rucci". Otherwise, I just noticed you alphabetized these pictures by designer: you get an 'A' for effort!

As for the boots...

My criteria is that these boots must be fitted to the leg! Thigh-high boots emphasize the thigh: it makes them look wider, especially when not tight to the leg.

Madonna: Nay (wrong look for it).
Victoria Beckham: Yay (but she looks a little tanorexic here).
Rihanna: Nay (but fine from the waist up).

At the shows:
YAY to:
Antonio Berardi
Chado Ralph Rucci
Jean Paul Gaultier (flat!)
Louis Vuitton
Marc Jacobs
Roberto Cavalli
Stella McCartney (no thigh exposed!)
Yigal Azrouel

NAY to:
Costume National
Gareth Pugh
Hussein Chalayan

And to those I liked on the runway, but would like to keep there:
Emilio Pucci
Peter Jensen
Rick Owens
Vivienne Westwood Red Label

I'm not crazy about them. I think they make most people look like Puss n' Boots from the Shrek movies. Then I recall Mary J. Blige rockin a pair in concert looking fierce. So, I guess IN for celebs, OUT for everyday walking around.

Love thigh-high boots, especially the ones so natural and smoothly fitted you don't even realize they're over the knee unless you look closely.

By the way, you DO know it's "yea or nay" and you're just trying to be funny, right? It would just break my heart if you actually thought it was "yay or nay."

I'm not sure if it's the boots themselves or the heinous fashions that seem to go with them, but most of these looks are either too ridiculous or too working girl. So I'm generally a nay with a few exceptions.


YAY to all most all of them! The only ones I don't care for are the ones that are really baggy at the thigh and the ones that have the garter things at the top.

I love thigh high boots! But I do take a pole dancing class so take my opionion with a grain of slutty salt ;P

Super impractical. Hella chic.


Blanket NAY for the ones with garters. Not crazy for the ones that are so high and form fitting they come under the skirt and look like leather leggings. (The Cavalli just makes me think of woodsman's leather britches)

But I'm tending to an overall YAY. It's all about proportion, so it's hard to separate the wearer & outfit from the boots - every boot can look too slutty for me if the dress is too tight & every boot can look too sci fi costumey if the outfit is off.

My favorite is the Westwood Red Label - but in large part because the dress is so amazing & I'm voting the outfit.

Like: Rodarte in black; Pucci, but not with that dress; maybe the Prada but not with that outfit; Pugh, Azrouel, and the Jensen, but not for very many of us, are all striking. The Berardi visible lining is the wrong look for that dress,IMO, too rustic I think, but could work with a sweater-dress or bulky knit.

I might like more of the black ones I can't see well in the photos.

Would never wear them. Not practical in my life at all. Having said that, of the ones shown here, I like the Pucci grey suede and the Jensen white embroidered ones the best. All hte black ones are just okay to me.

Also, I think the reason this looks flames out so quickly each time it comes back is because it is such a LOOK and it gets old pretty quickly. Women aren't going to own several pairs of these, and as such if they wear the same pair all the time it is a bore.

yay to all except the garter-boots. UGH.

Look, if they're wearing these boots, at least they aren't wearing some freakydeaky shoe with their toes falling out the front! :)

Yes on Posh. No, Gawd NO on Madge. I like them, but not the ones with boot garters.

I also think YAY to all but the garter boots.

Mrs. Beckham really looks like she needs a sandwich in that picture.

Yay to VB, Rucci and Pucci.

Nay to the rest, as far as I'm concerned. I hate the ones with the garters, and am not a fan of the shiny ones either.

From a guy's perspective, this trend rocks it off the charts. Those thigh high boots are classy and sassy at the same time! Great look. Now we just gotta see the knock offs take off so we can see more of them on the street and not only on the runways. Fantastic vibe!!

I vote yay. Although I would never wear them, they sometimes look awesome enough to get a yay vote from me. Although in your celeb examples, only Posh looks good in them.

The Jensen ones are gorge.

The slutty hooker ones are way more sexy than the slouchy Puss n Boots ones, but my fave are the Prada work boot thingies.

costume national
peter jensen
yigal azrouel

Second look-see and -- once again I shock myself 'cause I'm not really a fan of his -- I'm marveling at just how damned good looking those Roberto Cavalli boots are. Wow. I may have to rethink my thoughts on the lovely Roberto.

YAY except for the ones with garters. Just weird.

The Peter Jensen ones remind me of illustrations in a book of Hungarian folk tales I read as a child, and I therefore love them; otherwise, it's hard for me not to see points of failure as either boots-as-boots or fashion-as-art or both in all the photos. Particularly failworthy are the shearling ones, in the high-boots-as-fetish dimension, recalling too closely the world of the furries.

I will say, though, I find above the knee boots with short skirts much more pleasing than short boots and short skirts.

Favorites: Pucci, Rucci, Jensen and Prada.

The ones with garters are ridiculous and fug. Also not a fan of ones that are so high and tight that they look like leather leggings. Shiver....

Posh looks fierce, Madge ridiculous and Rhianna is a complete honey, no.

I do like the look for the runway and in theory it could work off the runway on the right person. Said person would need to be very young, tall, thin and with shapely legs (because skinny stick legs in boots look awful). But in reality thigh highs would almost always be too slutty, too costumey or look too desperate.

Okay. Now I have to go watch Kinky Boots again. No one rocked the boots as well as Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Okay, so they want people to spend a crap load of money just to look like a freaking hooker?! No thank you fashion thank you!

Jensen and Rodarte, yes please.

God, definitely yes to Rodarte.

I do have a soft spot in my heart for the Rodarte boots.

That said, I am of a certain age, old enough to have clear recollections of Pretty Woman. As a result, thigh-high boots say only say "hooker" to me. Some of them additionally say 'fly fishing' as well, which is maybe not the fashion statement most aspire to make.

Gawd, Madonna needs to grow up.

Love Posh in her boots, though. But that's the problem with thigh-highs; only people who look like Posh can really get away with them, and how many of those are out there?

And yeah, I hear the fly-fishing thing.

Is Rihanna sporting Kid N Play hair? Actually her entire look is meh. Hate the hair, shades, dress and boots.

Other than R's look, I say all the others are YAY!!

I think the thigh high look is too much, but Posh pulls it off well. In most of the looks, I think regular knee high boots would look a lot better.

Love the Gucci, McCartney, and the Azrouël, which is to-die!

I like the fitted versions like the Gucci's, otherwise, no. Even then, thigh highs are really pushing it for anybody below, hm, 5'8". I'm 5'5" and look positively ridiculous in knee highs that aren't very form fitting, nevermind thigh highs... like an undersized fly fisher drowning in my boots.

I love thigh high boots and I always have, love that they're back again!

Rhianna is rocking' some serious THUNDER THIGHS!

I love over-knee and thigh-high boots and always have done. I think, it all depends on what you wear with them but I think, actually they are one of the easier trends to pull off well and classy.

The ones you showed, I like them all, except for those that come with hold-up strings attached.

You guys are behind a season! This happened almost a year ago!

They look great on everyone but the 3 bitches in the top row.

I STILL covet the leopard platform thigh highs worn by Overend Watts of Mott the Hoople in 1973.


Serious NAY on all.

On stage or runway, okay, it's costumy. On a street, I'd expect to see her leaning over a car on a street corner.

So I love most of them. But a few nays:
Hussein Chalayan
Vivienne Westwood Red Label

A HUGE nay to Rihanna and Madonna. Just no. No no no.

And a special yay to Peter Jensen. Love at first sight.

I especially love the Peter Jensen ones-they are fresh, pretty and totally different. But on the whole-any of them that fit close to the leg I think are great. The loose ones simply remind me of fishing waders and look like one bought them too big-ungainly and not attractive at all.

I am not liking the hip waders, but the closer-fitting, slightly shorter ones are great. The ones that Madonna and Rihanna are wearing, and their ilk (I mean the boots' ilk, not the singers') make the thighs look heavy, unless you are a model (and sometimes even then). In general, I love these boots on the runway, but not usually in real life.

The Halston, Chalayan, and Prada looks are examples of "even making models' thighs look heavy."

Love 'em all, except for the two examples of boots being held up by their very own custom garters.

How stupid is THAT.

I. Hate. Leather.
I don't see why we have to kill cows to make our clothes.
But in the fashion sense, nay.
Almost not classy.

I should add that, while these boots look really fab on skinny women (fly-fishing wannabes excluded), they're probably TOTALLY impractical for extended wearing or even for more than a few wearings.

It's a practical concern. How are the sweaty feetys to breathe? I just can't see how it works well. Or at all, for that matter.

Plus, if you actually did wear them for an entire day of walking, the stinky odor would probably knock a buzzard off a shit can when you took them off.

In fact, taking them off in the presence of your spouse could be a divorceable offense.

I'm just saying.

Roberto Cavalli suede ones
Yigal Azrouël head-to-toe-all-black
Halston tight & sexy with yellow dress
Ralph Rucci & Emilio Pucci suede ones

Hussein Chalayan with garters
Madonna with the 80's prom dress

I think they're pretty fab
but the black pleather type ones veer into stripper territory
they look better in a color, less shiny material, or slightly looser shape above the knee
(love the first pair on the model as well as the rodarte)

Mama Brown: She doesn't have thunder thighs, she just happens to be wearing extremely unflattering boots! I think that comment was pretty unfair.

NAY to all of them
I never liked the look.

Yay if they fit. Nay if the look like the model wearing them in the thumbnail.

For some good wearing of the thigh-high boots, check out Fran Drescher in The Nanny.

It's nay for me and to all of the images with those boots.

What are they now? Streetwhookers?


I am on the yay percentage here (and very late at posting!) but I think a girl's got to have the legs to wear them... someone my height might look ridiculous in them, sadly.

Well, the way I figure it, if there's enough room between the thigh and boot, it makes for a very good Halloween basket. Just think! Go door to door, put the thigh out and collect the candy!
(Take it however you want!)

Gucci and Halston at the top of the yeas
Posh is the only one who can pull those off.
And please, someone get Madonna a cheeseburger. The woman does not look good or healthy, just scary. And I like Madonna, but come on!

Nay to all of them - expect for Vicky's ^^

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