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Yea or Nay: Birds, Cats & Dogs

Lighten up, it's just fashion!

Darlings, take a gander a the spring 2010 collection for Miu Miu. It's 21st century crazy cat lady clothes, and maybe in our round-the-clock blogging household, the most common let's-assess-ourselves question seems to be "Are we becoming a little Grey Gardens?" because our greatest fears lie in the vision of ourselves slowly becoming crazy cat ladies ourselves, so yes, maybe we're a little inclined toward them, but these look like fun clothes to us.


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Yuck. Its like the Quacker Factory from QVC.....

Those shoes are fab!

Ick with a capital ICK! The only thing I liked was the bird print. The rest of it is just for the birds!

I like the bird print things more then most of the others. But what the hey, it's fun. Without the prints I'd probably hate the clothes. I don't particularly like them either but it's different in a not completely terrible way. So I give it a yay for that factor.

Too many cats, too many birds, not enough dachshunds!

Love-Love the Kitty Clutch! I see something for my X-mas list!

Hmmmm I like the birdies, love anything with birdies on, just bought a beaded flapper bag with a birdies on and could be tempted by the cats too....eeek! What am I turning into.......tea
cups? not got that far yet, just a matter of time though.


I love the shoes and purses. Very cute.

I like the bird print but not so much the dress it was made into. I'd happily use it for curtains.

Shoes and bags yay, clothes no way.

I am repulsed by the clothes but strangely attracted to the large white cat pin.

I like the mary janes with the bird prints, and I like the kitty clutch too. The rest is just frightening.

I'm a crazy cat lady, but I don't love this collection at all, although some whimsy is surely called for nowadays, and it is kinda fun. The only things I really covet are the cat clutch bags.

LOVE the kitty purses!


I liked the red and white bird dress and some of the purses, but the rest? hahahahahahaha!

It's the Meow Meow spring 2010 collection! Love it! 7-year-old twins love it.

The bird print, in particular, hearkens back to vintage. It's something I could see on my grandmother's curtains (in a good way). I kinda like it.

uck clothes
uck styling

Big fat nay for me

I like the clothes but hate the fabrics. Love the shoes, hate the prints.

Forget about the prints, I'm terrified by the long pointy 70s collars on the button downs!


(runs away screaming)

I had that kitty print on my footie pajamas when I was two.

Enough said.

Or maybe not. I could rock those clutches. Just enough whimsy without feeling the need to reach for my sippy-cup.

I'm in the minority, I guess. I actually kinda like most of these. Not too big on the one that looks a bit like a western shirt, though.

I guess I like whimsy. Maybe it's my mid-life crisis showing?

Why shouldn't folks wealthy enough to buy designer originals have the preferences of first grade teachers?

Not that most of those outfits could be worn in an elementary classroom.

As a crazy cat lady myself there is a special place in my heart for the shoes and bags...but on the clothes it's a little much...just a little ;)

boys, you need to get out a little bit more! Hell to the NAY. Except the shoes and purses, for some reason it's not as tacky looking on the accessories.

And I'm a crazy cat lady in the making too.

off topic I just reviewed the Bryant Park collections for season 6 and I think I know the final three....

YAY for the design and colour palette of the clothes.

NAY!!!! for the cat pattern. God it is almost as bad as those holiday themed sweaters.

YAY for the bird pattern. It is a little more classy (and looks more abstract at a distance) than the cats and also reminds me of the old school sparrow tattoos.

YAY for the shoes!

I was also afraid that my husband and I were becoming the crazy cat couple. Then I got a dog and that totally makes us cool again ;)

Um, NO. It's a slippery slope from bird clothing to having one of those clocks in your home where a different bird tweets on the hour. Nay.


Forgot I was signed in... the above post from Shannon is actually from Honesty.Not.Pc :)

Those are some crazy ass prints but I kinda like the swallows. I really like most of the clutches and some of the shoes. It's different, all right.

more like meow-meow than Miu Miu. The crane fabric is interesting.

little bouvier would wear these happily every day!

Hate cats (sorry cat lovers), but loooove a good blackcat motif. In fact, one of my favorite garments is a white tee with a
1950's sacredy-cat motif. I usually wear it with a 1950's vintage black rhinestone-studded
cardigan. Anywho, I find the entire collection truly fab and refreshing. The purses are to-die-for!

- edina -

Oh, that's awful. And I like Miu Miu.

As for the philosophical question, the answer:

Birds: sure.
Dogs: always.
Cats: only if absolutely necessary.

So, who is Big Edie and who is Little Edie?

I don't assume you take on the role simply based on height.

Thanks for keeping the posts coming, boys. I don't know how you do it!

So TLo ladies, how many cats do you have? Was wondering what the threshold in to crazy was...

Clothes, no weirder than some of the stuff many designers put out. Like the clutches, and I'd certainly like to get my hands on some of the cat fabric. Then I could make an item for myself :-)

(DH and I have three...very close to the edge, I think.)

I agree with Sandra Dee. This is swerving dangerously into Quacker territory.

" SewSew said...
Too many cats, too many birds, not enough dachshunds!"

i totally agree with that SewSew.

i think i am on my way to the grey gardens except with a little dachshund :) so how can i not love it all?

I make cat necklaces! so I say Yay!!!


Yuck. I do love the shoes and clutches. I think a bit of whimsy in accessories definitely brings a sense of humor to an outfit. But having birds and cats crawl all over me? No. I think it made the pieces look a bit... old lady.

You know... I think I do like these. I can't imagine wearing most of it (I'd like a better look at that skirt with the gold trim), mind you, but still, the prints are kind of cute. I'm not positive I like any of the shoes or the bags (I'd have to really look at them in person to be sure), but I certainly don't hate them. And I can imagine someone with a sense of whimsy with some of these pieces for a girl's night out or hosting a home gathering... somewhere where casual and a little wacky (I mean that in a good way!) would be appropriate.

It's crazy cat lady crossed with belly dance gear. Which should make me a fan of it. A bit too twee.

No, honeys, I have to say a big NAY to the dogs and cats. I'm getting a furball just looking at these.

I like the bird prints. Probably because more graphic.

Fun and quirky. Love the shoes!

I'm with sew-sew and mjude,
bring on the dachshunds!

The collection's character is rooted in the prints.

Love the swallow print, especially on the second pair of shoes. Actually, I liked everything that had the swallow print, I guess 'cause I like swallows. I don't even care if they can or can not carry coconuts.

The cat print? No. Nononono.

It sort of works on the accessories...BUT NOT ON THE CLOTHES AT ALL.

I think the only things I would use are the clutches, to me the patterns are fine for clutches.

me likey

the shoes are a bit of a let down though...always expect a lot from prada / miu miu

The prints would be kind of cute for material for a children's room, but I don't really like these designs.

Can sweatshirts with lighthouses be far behind?

Reminds me of a patterned wall paper that was really popular in England that looked ok. Until you realized it was upside down green ducks, by the tens of thousands.

Hideous, simply hideous. Who wears this stuff?

Oh, I love novelty items like these! Birds, dogs, cats.. all of it. Although I probably wouldn't wear it all at once (or maybe I would). I'm not the least bit worried about going all Grey Gardens, perhaps I should be ;).

I aspire to be a crazy cat lady. At least you two can BE Grey Gardens Redux; I'll be on my own. Except, of course, for my cats. My many cats. What were we talking about? Fashion?

I love kitties but nay nee neigh on this collection!

Without the cats, the clothes would be mostly quite nice, except for the stomach-baring outfits. I don't mind the cat applique on the collar/shoulder area, since it's just one and it's somewhat streamlined and graphic. I much prefer the bird print because it's graphic in a way that the bird forms get obscured.

Don't like the clothes, but the shoes and bags are kinda cute.

I kept thinking these are designed for Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. Maybe it's just that the second model looks like the actress playing her, if you squint a lot.

YAY! Maybe I can get them at or Marshall or TJ Maxx, or (C)Ross Dress for Less in the next Fall for my Halloween costume!

My name is meow, but I just can't envision wearing the cats. What's next--holiday themed sweaters?

Bird, yes. Cats, no. I do believe the children's line Gymboree did it first...

Maybe I'm spending too much time tweeting, but this feels like Couture-meets-Twitter.

Being that I'm single and have two cats, I work very hard at not becoming known as the "crazy cat lady". I don't want to have that article in the paper about being found living with 65 cats. That being said, I like these.

Every librarian I know will want these, I think. Well, maybe not all the male librarians (not me), but probably some of them, too. Feh.

YAY on the shoes and bags.
Oye to the Vey on the rest.

The Make-Up is hysterical now that I get a look at it.
MODern right?

yeah! ho! wah!

i usually like animal motives (not the same as animal prints, obviously). but these clothes are not all that great. the bird print works, but one big cat or dog would work better than a print made of tiny cats/dogs. also, aside from the prints, those clothes are nothing special, bordering on ugly. bottom line: yay to the trend (if its a trend), nay to this collection.

How can you resist Edie!..."cough" "cough"...How can you resist it!?

The second model looks like Luna Lovejoy from Harry Potter. Luna, of course, would wear any of these outfits.

yeah! ho! wah!

ooked at it more carefully... there are no dogs, sorry, my bad. also: the prints, wether you like them or not, distract elegantly from how FUG these clothes otherwise are.

There are dogs on the collar, Chicken.

I give a bigger yea to the accessories than to the clothes, and why are all those models so despondent looking?


Please don't let my aunt (who'll buy me ANYTHING with cats on it) see this.


I like the concept, but in small doses. I love the bird clutch. I live in MA, so seeing bird, cat and dog prints like that brings me right back to summers on Nantucket with old folks walking around in pants with whales on them.

i like the accessories and the bird print, but i can only see these being distilled into some really preppy clothing.

Lions, and Tigers, and BEARS, oh my. : )

I love the swallow print.

I'm as big a cat lover as there is, but the cat print is a little too much even for me. I love the cat pins and the clutches, though! I totally want to accessorize with the cat stuff like Emma Pillsbury.

The swallow print is good on any occasion, however. An overall YAY.

I say hell to the nay! The clothes and the styling are equally off-putting.

the bird print is actually lovely, especially on the shoes.

Really bad. Looks like student work.


I'm sorry but my breath was taken away by the arm on the model in #13.

That poor girl.

I am very close to going back to not looking at fashion, ever. Providing an audience for a celebration of severe anorexia is becoming intolerably uncomfortable.

Hate the cut of the clothing, but LOVE the swallow print. I could really go for a simple sheath in the white/red swallow print.

#10 looks like boobie-lashes.
It's fun and ridix.
I appreciate a little humor, even if I would never wear it.

Oh, holy god.

meredithp said...
So TLo ladies, how many cats do you have? Was wondering what the threshold in to crazy was...

We have three "girls."

T Lo

Oh my god...what a horrible collection. Who would wear these clothes? Can you imagine what the interns and slaves at Miu Miu thought when they heard the pitch, "Okay, this spring it's all about CAT PRINTS?"

Um, a little of that goes a reallllly long way! You'd look like a cat-crazy granny.

I like the shoes and bags, especially the birds (you see those shapes a lot in indie/hipster graphic design, I feel)...but I don't really like them as a fabric choice for full garments. Reminds me of the sweaters I wore in grade school.

Birds, cats-been done but if they would have done it in a ferret print..JOY!

I don't meant to be CATty, BUT. . .

This collection is a CATastrophe.

CATegorically unflattering, induces CATatonic state if you look at it too long, and the print fails to be a CATalyst for well-designed clothing.

This is the type of clothing I would expect to see in an L.L. Bean CATalog. CATnip has more attraction. As indicated by the CATerwauling above, we're not all CATtle who will love it just because a famous designer puts it on the CATwalk, er, runway.

The collection also needs a spot of color; perhaps some CATsup?

Yawn. Think I'll take a CATnap. The thing Is, not to be a HATEmonger, but this fabric CATapultS me into a bad mood and I need to sleep it off.


YAY! Why not? You don't have to do the whole look. Pair one of the pieces with something else.

I L.O.V.E. the purses! I guess, if you use the pieces individually, with really nuetral grown-up clothes, it might work? Mmmm...

Actually, I'm gonna vote Yay. I'm not fond of the print at all, but I'm intrigued by the actual clothes. Love the retro pointed collars, the criss cross vest, cropped jackets & shrug(?-look 4), and blouse with sheer cut outs. Had the collection been in solids & more traditional prints I think it'd be getting a better response. Oh, but the braids take it to a crazy cat lady place for sure.


I like, especially the shoes.

Clutches are a huge yes. I wanted to like everything else, I did, just... no. Enormously and foreverly (the english language and I don't always have to be friends) no.

gawd, those models look starving, bored, and exhausted all at the same time. tell me again why that's supposed to make the clothes look good?

I really like it! I think it's fun and ironic.


I like them, but I'd never wear them in public. Sure beats that nasty-ass heart pattern from Ungaro though.

I'm not too crazy about the clothes at all, but omg the bird shoes and purses? It makes me want to become a drag queen, just so I can wear them <3.

And yes, we know the correct spelling of "yay" but that's how we roll here in Grey Gardens, bitches.

OMG, what a relief! Seriously, thanks for clearing that up, fellas.

I want that pink and black bird purse (and I normally don't do clutches).

Apparently Miu Miu wants to start selling the Rockabilly look crossed with crazy cat lady as if it's high fashion. UGH. The clutches have been done a million times and done better, the shoes are gawd-awful, and the clothes are poorly designed and styled, before the prints even enter the conversation. Nay.

I haven't wanted kitty clothes since I was 6, maybe 7. It's all a bit twee for me, darlings.

The clothes are fabulous, but the accessories are fug. Those shoes look clunky and seem like you can find them in a box of old shoes at a garage sale. The cat pins just remind me of my elementary school vice principal, who wore cat brooches everyday and were named after her cats. No lie. The bags are cute though.

I'm pretty sure in my older years I WILL be a crazy cat lady, and I have made peace with it.
That being said, I love those shoes!

Each piece worn with other, less critter-covered things, perfect. All at once is a bit much. I, however, frequently rock green pants covered in hot pink chickens.

I usually like Miu Miu shoes very much, but these look cheap.

I just can't say I love (or even like) this collection.

Peter said...
Every librarian I know will want these, I think. Well, maybe not all the male librarians (not me), but probably some of them, too. Feh

I think the bird or cat fabric would look rather smart made into a conservative men's shirt.

TLo said:
meredithp said...
So TLo ladies, how many cats do you have? Was wondering what the threshold in to crazy was...

We have three "girls."

T Lo

I also have three "girls", plus a very spoiled Golden Retriever. Does this qualify me as a crazy cat/dog lady?? I hope so!!!

It's alright, I guess.

Love the shoes, HATE the clothes.

The full on bird/cat fabric would get a resounding "Oh, honey, no. Just no." But the pink and black purse with the bird is cute.

LOVE the bird print (especially as a shoe, oooo) and love the cat print/black-and-white work.

this is so fun! thanks for sharing some whimsy.

Yay! That's how I spell it too. I'm not so into the cats, but the birds are awesome. LOVE!

Birds, cats, and dogs: not my thing. Now hippos: that's something entirely other! I think I would buy a hippo print if the styling of the garment was right.

Yay (or yea)! for the shoes and purses! I'd rock the bird print booties!

Love the handbags. Especially that pink and black number with the bird - WANT IT! The bird print is lovely and doesn't seem too twee or costumey at all.

Now we get to the cat print, which I hate. I don't think it's even a very good rendering of a cat - I'm sure more elegant or charming images could have been made. But then I just don't like cats, period. The clothes are really busy but in some solid colors would actually be pretty cute and wearable, maybe using one of the cat print pieces for whimsy.

The shoes are fug.

Hated it!!!

10/26/09 9:37 PM Birds, cats-been done but if they would have done it in a ferret print..JOY!

10/26/09 5:39 PM Can sweatshirts with lighthouses be far behind?

Second the ferrets. Not so much the lighthouses. >:)

I kinda like the pink and black purse. The rest? Not so much.

The shoes are fab, the clothes...not so much.

Librarian -- yes!
Cats -- five!
A little bit crazy -- yes!
Cute clothes -- definitely!
Would I wear them -- no!
Some girls younger and more fabulous than this librarian can, though.

I loooooove the bird print mary jane shoes...they're gorgeous! and I have just adopted a lab puppy, so I guess now I qualify for a dog lady? :-)


The clothes are okay, but I hate the prints. I kept thinking "Baby Phat"-meets-"flea market".

Miu Miu? More like Meow Meow.

Perhaps if they hadn't chosen the walking dead to model their items. The clothing may have looked much better on the living.

Call me crazy but that swallow print is awesome and I agree -- this collection is fun and fresh looking.

And if you don't think that these prints will be ripped off nine ways to Sunday, you're crazier than me.


I love it! What could be more perfect than cats with arched backs for this time of year?

The clutches are cute. Not being a fan of the current fad of clunky, heavy shoes, I don't like the footwear. The clothes are making the 15 year old models very sad, which about sums up the garments.

Fun and (hate to overuse it, but) ironic.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think it's really cute.

i'm not dorothy gale

Nay. Ditto for the models. They look nearly suicidal.

Love the shoes and bags! I like the one buff colored skirt with the black cats. Otherwise, it's just goofy.

For it to be truly post-menopausal crazy cat lady, there needs to be more PURPLE. Preferably combined with the brightest yellows and greens that can be found. We needs us a mo' bizarre color palate.

Oh, dear. No, no, no.

The shoes and purses are fun but the outfits are too much in all the wrong ways.

Maybe I'm projecting here, but I remember making Barbie clothes when I was little from lengths of fabric that my mother would pick up super cheap for me when she was shopping for other things. She got lengths that just were not selling and they were great for a young seamstress who was still making mistakes. Mess up cutting a pattern? You've got 44 more yards to learn on!

Anyhoo - these remind me of badly made Barbie clothes, perhaps egged on by the creepy doll-like makeup. Love cats, but can't get on board with anything other than the small bird print dress with the "is that on backwards?" cutouts. Call me unenlightened.

Big fat YAY. Absolutely delightful. So bloody quirky yet effortlessly stylish at the same time. Not a room-full of rotting cans insight.

Adore the bird print. Get me an early 60's 'do', some red lipstick and stick me in a Hitchcock movie.

Grandmas wearing sweatshirts in pastel colors with cute lil' puppy dogs on them. That's all I'm sayin'.

Cats and Dogs reminds me of elementary teachers. The bird print is ok though...

I actually like it! I think it's cute, but most of it would look better with other, plainer pieces. Only one kooky animal print per outfit.

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