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Vogue Paris: Graffi-Couture

Doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, does it?

The goods:
Vogue Paris November 2009
Editorial: Graffi-Couture

Photographed by Mario Sorrenti

Styled by Emmanuelle Alt

Makeup: Aaron de Mey
Hair: Stéphane Lancien
Model: Raquel Zimmermann

Here's your pretty for the weekend. A grafitti-inspired editorial from Vogue Paris. Not the most original idea in the world, but the pictures are pretty and the clothes are freaking fabulous. We will never get tired of looking at that Atelier Versace dress.


Givenchy Fall 2009 Haute Couture

Atelier Versace Fall 2009 Haute Couture

Armani Privé Fall 2009 Haute Couture

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2009 Haute Couture

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Haute Couture [Shoes: Christian Louboutin]

Christian Dior Fall 2009 Haute Couture

Valentino Fall 2009 Haute Couture [Shoes: Alexandre Vauthier]

Zuhair Murad Fall 2009 Haute Couture

Chanel Fall 2009 Haute Couture [Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti]

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Haute Couture [Shoes: Christian Louboutin]

Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2009 Haute Couture [Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti]

[Images: TheFashionSpot/]

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Very very pretty.... Thanks for the weekend eyecandy. But I do not get the black and white zebra coat...did she forget her skirt somewhere?

I just love that Armani Privé dress! And those Giuseppe Zanotti are very cool- the model looks like a super hero.

That Valentino is terrible. Not the coat itself, but the fact that she was styled with wearing nothing else but hose & clips and panties.

The Murad and Chanel are fabulous! The Murad is my fantasy wedding dress if I was a Princess, and the Chanel is when me & my Prince leave for our fabulous round the world six month honeymoon cruise.

That model is 10 kinds of hot :D

Love the Alexandre Vauthier.

Gorgeous! Rachel Zimmermann is a fabulous model, she's rocking those looks.

Another Saturday treat!! Thank you so much, TLo!!
LOVE the Chanel coat and the Lacroix dress.

The model looks amazing - and she weighs more than 12 pounds!

BTW, French at the start basically says:

More rock than star, rebel day and night, couture applies color and creates the wall [the graffiti art on the wall]; as transgressive as you could wish, liberated from tradition, ready to conquer the terrain of modernity.

The Privé photo looks....weird. As if part of her body is missing. What's the line going across her back?

That Atelier Versace is one of my favorites. I hadn't noticed the lace up front slit before. Cool.


Want the boots and both pairs of Zanottis. Not that I could walk in any of them, just to hoard and admire like Gollum.

Stunning layout. Love the Veronica Lake hairstyling. Clothes are TO DIE!

Thanks Anon 12:21 for the translation.

How about a PR challenge where the only guidelines were this paragraph? That would seriously mess with the heads of this current crop. LOL

Quite an ass on Zimmermann.

I loved it, but I felt that the shoes were highlighted more in some of the shots then the clothes were. Luckily, most of those shoes are pretty fierce.

Rillion said...

.....What's the line going across her back?

Thank you. I saw that and was so distracted by that line I couldn't really see anything else.

Very pretty!
Rillion said...
The Privé photo looks....weird. As if part of her body is missing. What's the line going across her back?
Yes that one pic is odd as if the photo-shopped her head on backwards or twisted her arm further. I'm assuming the band across her back is part of the dress, but the it just adds to the weirdness.

These always stand or fall on the quality of the photographic work, for me, and almost all of these photos would be best viewed at heroic poster size rather than magazine or, especially, blog post size. The third (the Armani Prive) especially needs to be above life-size. In this size, the over-exposed highlights are giving me a glare headache.

Interesting concept, but not the first time a fashion magazine art director has fallen into page size dysmorphic disorcer.

Is the title of the post supposed to say Graffiti or Graffi ?


The clothes are gorgeous of course, but I don't get how any of it connects to graffiti other than the background. I guess it's supposed to be contradictory? The styling just confused me and the model does the same pose at least three times.

I don't know about that Gaultier mini-space-suit, but I desperately want the fur coat the model is wearing. It looks almost pleated! I'd love to see what the back looks like.

Kudos to the model, because every single outfit looks better in the editorial than it did on the runway. In fact, some of those pieces looked really bad on the runway (at least to me) and fabulous on her.

Mrs. P
I just love that Armani Privé dress! And those Giuseppe Zanotti are very cool- the model looks like a super hero.

That's what I thought! She just needs a cape in a few of those shots and she would be...

The Fashionista-- out to save the dowdy world!

I love most of the clothes-- and I found that I wasn't so distracted by the graffiti as I am by other sets and backgrounds.

The last picture is going to give me nightmares tonight. And just when the terrors from Lady Gag Gag red lace shit had started to die down. I hate that cover the face with a nylon crap. It looks like a robber or a gangsta thug.

This is GORGEOUS. Thank you for posting it!

The entire editorial looks like a comic book, only better. Love it.

"as transgressive as you could wish, liberated from tradition, ready to conquer the terrain of modernity."


This would have been transgressive some some 20-odd years ago...

Love the clothes. Love the model.

The Chanel coat inspires absolute lust.

But the idea itself inspires nothing, gives nothing to think.

It is all so tired and predictable——if one must mix gowns and graffiti, one ought at least do so with an ironic edge, something that says "We know this has been done, but... "

Between this and last month's blackface* editorial, I am beginning to think Vogue Paris is losing its spark.

None of which is to say I do not appreciate the upload: the clothes alone provided a welcome mid-evening break from the mound of papers I have to grade——I am sure my students would thank you as well if they knew.

*I use the term for ease of reference. I do not mean to open that debate again.


OMG I fricking LOOOOOOVE it. Love the model, that bitch has some legs on her (and muscle)!

I pretty much love every single peice in these photo's.

God, the model is FABULOUS!

I have really a profound longing for those Christian Louboutin boots.

There's something wonky about the bodice of that gorgeous, gorgeous Murad gown -- in both the editorial and runway shots. It bothered me almost as much as that freaky line across the back of the model in the Privé dress.

I do like the black strap -- it looks kind of like half of a giant zipper.

To me, the graffitti adds nothing.
At best it's distracting; at its worse, it dominates the page.

Part of this comes from my having lived in a city where we had to remove graffitti from the front of our house (in a well known historic district). And from our neighbors' homes.

Gorge, the clothes and the shoot.

I love the spreads, I am a graphic design student and this was inspiring.
Also it's very cool to see how the clothes transform with different light and being shot in black and white.

I don't think I've ever seen Raquel looking more beautiful. She looks like Catherine Deneuve in a lot of the shots. Great makeup and hair.

Graffi-Couture is a horrible name.

I find that, sadly, the graffiti is competing with the clothes... And winning. It's hard to see those beautifully crafted pieces of clothing when you have a black outfit against a dark background.

Gosh, the Vauthier suit is just fab.
LOVE Raquel Zimmerman. God, is she ten feet tall or what?

Reminded me more of Spiderman than anything else.

But they've got a beautiful mural for Michael = BIG IN!

And this is why the current PR is so lame. Love them , hate them. at least these clothes provoke a reaction. I have not felt more that hmmm this entire season. That is, when I was not falling asleep (literally!) at the announcement of the challenges.

i'm not dorothy gale

J'adore the Lacroix suit with the peplum jacket! Merci, boys!

looked like a Lady Gaga photo shoot to me - more costumes than original fashion

That model is working it. Somebody reward her with a pair of pants.

The pictures are stunning and i am a little bit in love with the versace, however does anybody else feel a bit iffy at the thought of the beautifull murad gown touching that dirty floor, just me?

I love how the model posed in a way to fit the graffiti in the background. Very thoughtful, I love this editorial.


Yowza! Love.


This model is working it, btw.

Incroyable. A true marriage of art.

Love the model's hair, love the boots she's wearing in this spread! I've prided myself on my long legs but hers are FABULOUS and I am mildly jealous. Great pick-me-up. Thanks, TLo!

Nice to see that Vogue Paris has moved on to something else besides blackface......

Love the Zuhair Murad!!


I like the art quality of the photoshoot, for art's sake, however...

Gah...the whole pant-less Lady GaGa thing. really now. Raise your hand if you're going to abstain from pants.

pantyhose (sure, hate the bastards) but pants - are generally required the world over, unless there's been some anti-pant revolution I'm unaware of.

Vive Le Pants!

Luscious. Fantastic, creative designs. Love the shoes and boots too.

This is the sort of fantasy our current crop of PR contestants need. While their budget is minimal their creativity should be there in abundance.

Unfortunately this seasons contestants seem to have less talent and vision than other seasons.

Or maybe I'm just feeling this season is anti-climatic following the painfully long wait... Which ever it is, this season is a disappointment.

Thank you TLO for these wonderful bits of eye-candy to get me through.

Just a guess... could the line on the model's back in the Prive photo be from wearing that really tight corset? Not that the photos are arranged in the order they were shot, but because the line really doesn't seem to be part of the dress and it is super distracting!

Like the clothes but the photos themselves look very "first year of photography school." The lighting is better in some of them, but for the most part- blah. I think it's the graffiti.

To die for. And the hair!! HOW DO THEY DO THAT?? Gorgeous!

Stunning clothes and the model is sublime, but I agree with other posters that the idea of posing in front of a wall of graffiti is pretty old school. Far from being "liberated from tradition," at this point it IS tradition.

A slick shoot with gorgeous clothes and a fabulous model. That's good enough for me, whether it's cutting edge or not.

The Armani Prive` dress is amazing, and I love the Chanel coat and shoes.

loooove that dior jacket (and the hat! love!)

That model is friggin' WORKIN IT.

Huh. Is that "Dior 2009" or "Dior 1949"????? Thought I was looking at a vintage pic.

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