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Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010

First commenter to use the word "wearable" gets a spanking!
sets the stage:
"Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren play it safe? Not a chance. While other designers have been plumbing the depths of their brand DNA and sometimes coming up empty, the Dutch duo were hacking away at their dresses with a chain saw. Literally. "With the credit crunch and everybody cutting back, we decided to cut tulle ball gowns," Snoeren said.

The gowns he was talking about came at the end of the show. The skirt of a crystal bustier dress was a solid mass of net ruffles, except for the place where a hole had been tunneled front to back and where the edges were chopped away. Another frock was sliced in half with a good six inches between the top and a bottom that seemed to defy gravity. Truly fabulous both in conception and execution, if not all that likely to find a raison d'être outside the pages of glossy fashion magazines..."

In fashion, as in life, someone's got to provide the crazy shit on the margins just to keep everyone on their toes. Enter Viktor & Rolf. We love this collection for what it is: a celebration of fashion and its ability to transform the wearer. Don't ask who would wear this. Instead, enjoy the amazing shapes and ideas. It's fun; it's creative as hell; and it's even a little thought-provoking. We can't wait to see a talented photographer get a hold of these for an editorial.

Watch the show:

[Photos: WireImage/ - Videos: YouTube/ErichBen]

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FINALLY something new and refreshing in fashion.

My jaw literally dropped at that first gown with the cut-outs. What fun! Poor Peppermint Patty will be so distressed by the ruffles. I hope he's sitting down when he sees this collection...

The Grace Jones styling makes me a bit sad but the clothes are a delight. Art, not wardrobe.

It's bat-shit crazy but it's also stunning. Who else would have thought of this?

Also, I actually WOULD wear the shit out of those hacked up and structural tier-like gowns. Badass.

sorry but i actually see a few pieces that i think are wearable!

Someone get Tilda on the phone!

No doubt a lot of this collection in very over the top but in a very delicious way. On the other side of the spectrum, there is a lot here that I WOULD WEAR and would LOVE to wear. Love the short tight dresses!


Wow, that's creative ... and I see a lot of Gumbie/Vanilla Ice influence...oh, I just read 6 gables tee-hee, GJ!

I had to laugh as I looked at this collection for the sheer creativity of it - while thinking of the "judges" on this season of PR whose sole criteria is "I'd definitely wear that." By that criteria, I suspect a fair portion of this collection would wind up ignored....and that's part of what is wrong with the judging this season.

There are a couple of looks I would love to wear, a number that I love for the exuberance and creativity and a few that remind me of nothing more than a brillo brush. But kudos to V&R for understanding how to push the edges of fashion!


Thanks for providing closeups of some of the shoes - love!

They really brought the crazy, in a good way. Don't care for the model's hair and makeup although I get what they were going for. I was smiling all the way through the photos, and laughed (with delight) a few times. The theatricality is enticing.

I love the coral one with the shot gun blasts out of the tulle.
And the light blue one that makes me think of a half sawed off limb.

yet another Laura


The big pieces are like walking sculptres(done with fascinating techniges and perfect worksmanship).

Andthenbetween theartistic, inspirational pieces, there are those short dresses that I could actually picture a fabouluos fashinable woman wearing.

Thank you for the wonderfull eye-candy.


Plus, it brings into stark contrast the dregs that are the PR design results this season. (No need to recount the numerous reasons here.)

I actually like a lot of this. it is mad crazy stuff but it's strangely appealing in a alien futuristic sci-fi kind of way

Take that

Yes somebody alert Swinton!


Stunning! Wow! I have to look at it again.

So FINALLY we get to see some avant garde...

Though I have to agree that pics 7-10 on the left hand column are super wearable and I wish I were 10 inches taller, 10 years younger and a heck of a lot more than 10 pounds slimmer...

wonderful colors

really really wacked.(pun intended)

wearable no
art yeah ... if your into chainsaw carving..

thank you posting was a good giggle

Even super-straight Mr. Tangodiva loved this on site. It is what makes fashion FASHION. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Finally, something that is like coffee for the brain!

It's like a prom on Jupiter!

so this is who Louise was designing for.

Some of those were incredible.

I couldn't hate the hair and make up more, though.


Those ball gowns are amazing, and I love most of the shoes and that ruffled purse - but the rest was pretty much ass.

These are amazing. But I feel like the colors are disappointing---in fact they kind of remind of a Kenley- or Suede-esque palette. That said, the shapes and techniques are brilliant and interesting enough for me to disregard that. Anyone have an idea how the bottom part of that skirt is staying up in the 2nd to last dress?

The repetition of the V shapes (coupled with the hair and make-up) remind me of Klaus Nomi. Do they credit him as an inspiration?

Anyway, yet another allusive layer to what is a very....layered collection.

Wow! Glinda goes punk!


The brilliance of the collection, is that it IS wearable. I would have loved to be in the room when the decision was made to start cutting holes through that ball gown. I imagine a few ateliers lost their lunch.

"Tlo said: First commenter to use the word "wearable" gets a spanking!"

I hope you know what you're inviting with that remark.


Avant gaaaaaaarde!!!

Maybe somebody knows this - are the models required to cut their hair that way? How hard up for work do you have to be to do that?

I think the clothes are cool - I'm not really sure how they did those cutouts, because it looks like they cut out of a solid block of fabric - a cool look, but no idea how you'd do that.

Though I am not fond of tulle (I have made one too many ballet flying saucer tutus. It's my own personal hell) These are a blast. Love the antigravity and swiss cheese gowns. Love all the jackets. Still think the big diagonal gown looks like a whisk broom. It's too Isolating.

Wow, now THIS is really interesting stuff.

The designers really explored the materials, the result is wonderful and logical, yet we've NEVER seen stuff like this before. Bravo.

Yes, I can tell you how the antigravity dresses are staying up. They are strung on a hoop(s), which is then attached to the black skirt with tape/grosgrain/whatever, much like a panier. At least, this is how I would go about it.

Love the cut-out gowns. Interesting, and gorgeous. But frankly, I hate a lot of it. Too ugly.


Oh. I guess I'm too late.

Oh my God, I love this. Not so much the "normal" clothes, but those gorgeous sculptural tulle dresses are just amazing. THIS is what avant-garde looks like, PR! Take note! (And by that, I do not mean copy this collection.)

Anyway, I love the shot-out, crazy-edged, gravity-defying looks. They're wonderful.

Looking at it again, that huge yellow coat is also absolutely to die for.

Also, Anne: if you look closely, you can see that their hair isn't actually cut.

I saw a post about this show on Jezebel yesterday, and I was hoping you'd post about it here.

I think it's fabulous. Really, really fun.

I <<<333 this collection so much, I adore the magical tulle!

Off-topic: Are you going to post about Lindsay Lohan's new collection for Ungaro?

The only one I didn't really like was the yellow and black luffa. I'd love to see some of these used in a post modern, punk version of Swan Lake though. Overall a really neat art show.

WOW. WOW. WOW. Such impeccably-made bizareness. The cut-outs made my jaw drop open. Gross styling w/hair-makeup but those clothes! La la!

I choose Tom, please.

anyway... I liked this. dramatic and colorful, something that's been lacking during fashion week.

Ugh, too many ruffles. I agree that it's creative but otherwise I do not approve.

That yellow one looks like a toilet scrubber.


Carwash promchic

that was laugh-out-loud funny

Are you kidding? I know exactly who would/will wear this - Victoria Beckham. And that lady will make these clothes look GOOD!

Personally I adore V&R. And I LOVE the shot-out dress. There was a picture of the two of them in WWD this past week with a model in a tulle dress and a chainsaw. I howled with laughter! To paraphrase Jimmy Buffett, fashion's in the hands of some crazy-assed people. And it's better for it!

Designed with a hedge trimmer, this is completely wearable!!! Especially the yellow puff, the orange cheese and the purple wedge!!! (Spank?)

I'd just like to comment on the huge volume of material that went into some of these pieces.

Someone spent too much time in their youth with toilet brushes.... But it IS thought-provoking art.

So that's where my whisk broom, pot scrubber, and tile cleaner went to!!! I loved all the stuff; so bizarre.

Holy cow this stuff is nuts...I don't even really know what to think about it, it's so out least there won't be any "boring" or "unoriginal" criticisms.

I think this collection is delightful! A sense of humor, playing with perspective... God, I loved it.

Unlike most collections lately, in this one some of it made me think, some of it made me laugh... I just really enjoyed the ride. YAYYYY.

Thanks for sharing, guys :)

Two words: swiffer duster.

As I scrolled through these, my overwhelming thought was, "THIS is how you do avant garde ... and with ruffles!"

Yeah, there's nothing here that I like/want, but I can certainly appreciate the ideas and artistry that goes into them. I wonder how many PR judges could look past their "wouldn't wear that" bias to applaud the creativity and technical skill these garments represent?

The 2nd to last dress looks like topiary. I love some of it, but could someone explain to me why V&R make some of the more outre looks? Isn't the purpose of the runway shows so that buyers will order some items from your line?

Okay. Read before you post and then you realize you can't top Carol in LA

>>Two words: swiffer duster.<<

Okay, some of those are very wearable. some of them are freaking crazy. I really really enjoyed looking at that collection. I started reading this blog to keep up with Project Runway. I love what you guys have to say about the crazy things that (usually) happen. With this year being kind of a clunker I've been reading more of your other posts. Thank you guys for making me look forward to making my daily net rounds. You're so very awesome...but you already know that!

I wonder what reaction Louise would have gotten had she sent something like this down the runway. I think the PR designs are blah this season because the poor designers keep hearing crap like "I'd wear that!"

I want that vanilla cantilevered ballgown, if only to stand it in my living room and look at it. But why does avant garde fashion = ugly makeup and hair on the models?

Love, love, love. And if I were rich enough, thin enough and went to the right kind of parties, I would totally wear these. So much fun!

I could see Rihanna wearing some of these. Crazy, but they would look good on her frame.

And Lady GaGa....where are you????

I would like to know what sorts of pharmaceuticals (legal or illegal) these designers were ingesting. "I'll have what they're having." This is really an incredible collection.

Love the gown that looks like the Sydney Opera House. All of it is really WOW and creative. Fun!

It is like a moving art exhibit !!

Quite amazing.

I do wish to point out, that there is not much in the fabric world that costs less than tulle. This is quite the recession friendly collection !!!

I particularly like the ones that are reminiscent of angel wings.

Two words: Klaus. Nomi.

Fucking fabulous!!!!

This is really amazing, guys. Thank you for posting this.

The shoes are to die.

That coral dress reminds me of Swiss cheese. It's so strangely beautiful.

Now THAT is fierce. Take notes Christian Siriano!

I. want. that. runway. music. now.

It's loofahlicious!!

I'm anticipating that we'll see Lady GaGa in the toilet scrubber dress. Her M.O. seems to be to find the absolute wackiest piece out of a wacky collection and remake herself into a living sculpture.

I'm fascinated by the blue floating dress. you can't see the structure underneath it AT ALL

What a joy to look at!!! Thanks!

Attention celebrities:

I'm begging you. Please wear the coral one on the red carpet. Please!

Holey moley! The three inspirations for this collection are clear: poodles, cheese, and scrub brushes. Totally fun.

too many cats

Would anyone know the HOW of some of these wonders?
I can understand maybe using a lazer to cut the hearts, but some of the areas under the cut outs seem to defy gravity.

(How do they transport some of these?)

Bonfire Barbie FTW!

Very enjoyable! I didn't know SpongeBob was into fashion!!

OHMYGOD this is why I love this blog! This is beyond fabulous, guys!!

I'm speechless!

Oh. my. god.

"To paraphrase Jimmy Buffett, fashion's in the hands of some crazy-assed people. And it's better for it!"

Amen, sister!!

Those cutouts are hysterical.

Those sleazy bed jackets over the tailored jackets is my favorite of all.

(I just can't stop hearing Michael, Heidi & Nina in my head... but, for the life of me, I'm not sure what they'd say!... I guess it would depend on the challenge.)

Fun! And the truth is that while most of it is wildly conceptual, some of it is the "w" word (see, I didn't actually use it!). I love the jackets with the stegasauraus-like ridges along the sleeves.

The catwalk meets the cakewalk. Wearable confections that make me crave both butter cream frosting and a long bath with a loofah!

I like the swiss cheese ball gown.

That's crazy awesome.

Soo... obviously none of this you're gonna throw on to hit ~the club~ but still really interesting, although some of the color combinations leave a bad taste, personally. And the GI-Joe hairstyles are kind of distracting, but at least it is all very interesting.

Gorgeous! It's so couture-looking. I love every piece.


So unexpected and totally crazy. Love it!!!!

They always push the envelope and they did not disappoint this time.

Weird. Fun. And very very interesting!


This is really amazing and I hate tulle.

That technique is amazing. Project Runway has really taught us all a lot about clothes are designed and made, but this blows my mind. The dress with the large tulle sections don't look sewed. I keep looking for how they did the cutouts, but I can't see it. I know there's probably some complicated internal structure, but from the outside it is fantastically impossible.

And yes, with crazy celebs like Lady GaGa, we don't need to concern ourselves with the "w-word". My only regret is that she will wear one of these pieces, she'll be skewered in Us and People, and the public will miss the point entirely.

Dear future contestants of Project Runway: You may want to consider some of these gowns as a reference point when faced with the inevitable avant guard challenge, mkay?


Seriously -- this was lovely. Thanks for cleansing the palette, as it were.

Inventive, fun, lovely, CREATIVE! Originality with thought provoking forward momentum.
And, some of these pieces are TOTALLY wearable.

It reminds me of the hedge cutting Edward did in Edward Scissorhands, which is to say that I like it.

Seriously. This is freaking amazing.


too many cats said...
I can understand maybe using a laser to cut the hearts, but some of the areas under the cut outs seem to defy gravity.

I was thinking the same thing.


Love the tulle extravaganza!!!

Just looked at it all over again - the color palette is interesting. Is it kind of art deco? neutral beige or cream(?) & black with coral, turquoise, pink, yellow, grey. Really interesting.

I worked for a company that marketed a product in Japan. The advertising that was done in Japan had a very similar color palette. And it really surprised me - it was very pastel. This show reminds me of that Japanese color palette, too. FWIW

I really like them all. Fun to look at and the moth-eaten style is uber-creative.
Shoes to die.
Jumpsuits are back? I love it!

Since I don't ever get the opportunity (i.e. invitation) to attend high end fashion shows, please answer me this TLo:

is it common for the audience to get up and leave before the designers are completely off the stage?? I would have expected a standing ovation and enthusiastic clapping for a few minutes...

Love the collection, but does anyone else think that those boots would make a perfect addition to the Angela Kessler "Fleurchon Hell" line?

Oh, I don't know - there's a lot more here that I would actually wear if I could afford to (and had a slightly, well, ENTIRELY different life that included clothes-horse events) than in a lot of less "crazy" collections. Because these are fun and even if "crazy" - some of them are ugly/pretty or cool or both. If I don't see a fairly high proportion of these pieces on some of the younger, skinnier fashionista celebrities I will be disappointed.

The shoes though. Even the couple that are attractive lose appeal at the concept of walking even a few yards. Yeah, I am a wimp.


Upscale chicken costumes!

Seriously, that's the first thing that came to my mind. As if all the top couturiers had been invited to a contest to design the winning hostess costume for a new, upscale McDonald's on Madison Avenue that would feature a four course, prix fixe menu consisting largely of "designer" chicken delicacies.

Seems to me there were enough winners to costume a hostess in a different look every day of the week.

The yellow fluffy egg costume was a real standout. Perfect for the hostess during Sunday brunch.

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!!! I actually LOVE this collection, and I am not one to love "conceptual" design!!
Pssssst...I do think frame 16 looks entirely wearable, at least I would wear it!!!
Thanks so much for the Sunday treat, TLo!!!!

The shoes are so adorable and fun!

I LOVE the cut-out stuff - not so much the one with the holes, but the smooth full lines... I don't know, something about it is gorgeous.

However, I look at some of this stuff (and some of the stuff from the potpourri post) and I can definitely see Louise-style ruffles. And then... I see red. >.>

This makes me excited about fashion again!! Over the past several months, I have seen a lot that I like, that I appreciated, or that struck a chord, but nothing that really made me _excited_, the way you get excited when seeing a great piece of art at the MoMA (or insert your favorite museum). But this did it. Wonderful, just wonderful. I am so envious of those models who got to walk in these pieces! I especially love the last one -- I am literally going to be having dreams about that, I am sure.

Gorgeous! I love them not only for the sheer fun they bring into fashion in a time when everybody is taking life far too serious, but also for the beauty and artfullness of the gowns. You aer right - as always, they do invoke thought while still being amusing enough to be fashion.
Actually, I'd love to wear a few of those gowns and dresses, maybe with a tiny tweak here and there, but overall, I'd love them.

Sorry to be a minority opinion here, but I was turned off by the whole collection. TLo, I am usually on the same page as you two, so I am shocked that you loved this. Looks like a meth-fueled fashion tantrum, executed with power tools to me..not witty or fun, just chaotic and ravaged.

SO SO amazing and adding Roisin Murphy makes everything better!

those shoes (particularly the zipper booties) are gorgie.

i groaned when i saw the tulle saddlebags, then gasped and re-groaned when i saw the - what is it? - top with the huge balloony saggy boob pockets (12th row down).

but overall, this was pretty neat to look at, and it is a great example, I think, of avant garde. or at least CREATIVE.

In the little closeup screennshot of the coral dress (and even in the larger image of the entire ensemble), the dress looks exactly - exactly! - like a poppy. big papery ruffled leaves, dark center - fabulouso.

I liked the shoes quite a lot.

and on the "wearable" question, what *I* want to know is: how in the bloody hell did those models MOVE in some of these garments???

This collection makes my head hurt.

And it feels SO GOOD!

They look like angels. Gorgeous.

Looks like a big yellow hedgehog has half-eaten one of those models!

I've lived in Texas too long. The first gown with the cut-outs looks like it's been shot several times.

Not for me.

Some of it is very interesting but, ohmygod, enough with the least attractive colors from the 1980s. I fear they are becoming the new Wilma.

Can someone explain how the bottom section of the skirt is staying aloft in the second to last dress?

I cannot believe I'm saying this about Viktor & Rolf but...

I LOVE it!

Way cool cut outs, fun colors, great silhouettes! I love the shoes, boots, accessories.

Refreshing and exciting! I'm thrilled.

The clothes are interesting all right, but enough with the emaciated models already. Some of these girls look like they're on the verge of hospitalization. Disgusting.

Well, I guess we know who stole Kenley's tulle.

Actually, and I SWEAR I'm not a fetishist....I find a lot of these delightfully wearable! More so than other so-called haute couture runway looks. Some badass starlet will wear that ballgown with the shotgun-blast cutouts, and I will personally SIGN UP FOR HER MFIN FAN CLUB. Very cool, in a more adult mode than the crazy Spanish lady whose name escapes me but you usually show her stuff here because it's delightful. Agnes someone?

LOVE the clothes.

it's like what edward scissorhands would design if he didn't cut hair or trim trees.

HATE the makeup.

it's like they wanted people to say that these are "clown clothes". wtf?

You know, most of the time playful fashion works best when the model wearing it is little more than a coat hanger in terms of proportion, but I think several of these pieces would look even better on larger women. They are so insanely structural that the tinier models get a little bit lost in them. Sort of like floating heads.

Anyway, maybe I'm crazy, but I can totally see someone like Beth Ditto rocking a number of these looks.

So hot. I just came all over my keyboard.
The model, however, is making my asshole clenched tighter than a clamshell and I haven't taken my daily shit yet. Gonna be trouble later.

Topiary couture. Have Viktor and Rolf hired Pearl Fryar?

wow, wow, wow! longtime reader, first time commenter... what an amazing collection! Very creative, wacky, stunning. I really admire these pieces.

"Project Runway: The Crack Challenge".

Obvious effort to appeal to Gaga/Róisín Murphy is obvious.

Depends who spanks me. (Although the tulle hole gown is amazing and I would love to get a closer look at the technique.

love the zipper shoes

Here's another mental image that popped into my brain while looking at those tulle dresses with whole chunks missing:

"Edward Sissorhands." Also, "Fashion Chainsaw Massacre."

Don't you think that the orange gown and the blue gowns look like somebody just took a chainsaw to 'em and started slicing away?

Can't you just imagine chunks and shreds of tulle flying up and out in all directions as the dresses were being "shaped"?

It would be so fun to wear the big yellow poofy one and go as popcorn for Halloween.

How joyful! I was mesmerized with the entire collection. The tweety bird dress made me fall on the floor! Thank you, THANK YOU!!!

From an architectural standpoint the last few in particular are just amazing. Love them.

Gorgeous! Really amazing!

P.S. Just one thing: fabulosity and fierceness have been wreaking havoc on this planet long before Lady Gaga decided to "shock" us.

"Form?" Check.

"Fit?" Check.

"Silouette?" Check. Check. Check. Check. . .

ps: wearable.

I am dying for those blue and pink zipper heels.

Damnit, Rachel Zoe. Get out of my head!

Hmm. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.

It's all very nice to send this nonsense down the runway, but seriously, in the real world, where maybe a mere 1,000 people can afford to dress in designer clothing, less than a handful would actually want to wear any of this.

So in a commercial sense, it's a FAIL.

Your mileage may vary, natch.

With the exception of the model that looks like she got eaten by a giant loofah, the collection is daring and creative.

It will be interesting to see how these looks trickle down to the street.

The Eighties called......(insert punchline here)

this is AWESOME, and anyone even thinking about any kind of 'real world' application for a collection like this needs to gtfo. seriously.

I think it's sad the audience got up before giving credit to the fab singer. They were walking out before the designers were done!! RUDE!!

The jacket & trouser ensembles were from '80s heaven -- they all had angel wings. Loved 'em.

This collection is some crazy shit, furr shurr, and I LOVED it!

Hey Fuller Brush Man! I found your inventory!

*sigh* Right off the rails....but in a fun way. Where's Bjork when you need her?

Now this sh@t is avant freakin garde, bitches!! PR contestents, take note!


Well say what you want about wearability, function, ruffles, accordion pleating, etc... Or even add in what's pretty or what's not. The line is clearly not about any of the above.

THIS is the first time in a long time I've seen such a challenge to structural 'rules'. This might just change everything as far as what's architecturally possible when it comes to exaggerated or enhanced silhouettes. For me, this was about just that; possibility in construction, and structural execution. LOVED the last 5 major pieces

Oh. So THAT'S what they do with magic brooms that don't sell.

Barbie's green with envy about now.

Crazy. And hilarious. The droopy boob thingy made me laugh out loud. I wish I could come up with a reason to wear the tweety bird dress, and the money to pay for it.

I don't love it the way I love collections of truly beautiful, sumptuous clothes, i.e. the Versace collection. But I can totally appreciate this.

I am seriously envious of the one model's platinum hair.

I had a shitty day so I decided to look at this collection again. My day is not so shitty now.

I wish clothes like these were considered "wearable." I think everyone would feel so much better if they were able to wear things this fabulous on a regular basis.

it's been a while since any fashion show actually made say out loud "WOW". i'm really curious about how they got some of the bottom parts of the cutouts to stay up, without any obvious support. there are still a few really beautiful wearable pieces in there, but it's obviously an extreme expression of what these two designers feel is beautiful and interesting - and i've got to agree with them.


this collection reminds me of angel wings, bird plumage, and sculpture. i LOVE the holey ballgown and other extremities!!!


WOW! I love ball gowns and how they litterally sculped the tulle. My favorite piece is the ball gown with the black bustier and pale pink skirt.

At this point I know I'm not making an original statement, but looking at all of those, I was thinking, "That's how you do avant garde, bitches!"

I can't wait for Cate Blanchett to show up on the red carpet in that giant yellow dish scrubber. Or SWINTON.

Dare I say that some of these garments border on the avant garde? I love the cut-outs and appreciate the reference to the current financial melt-down and though I would not wear any of them (being a dried up almost 60 year old) they did not bore me. My only negative comment - the shoes - yuck!

I did wonder where Viktor and Rolf got their inspiration for some of the ruffling until I remembered that fascinating creature, the frilled lizard. (see photo here: A couple of the models even had the same facial expression.

Okay, so roughly 900 people mentioned avant garde before I got here, but the repetition just shows that we get it, unlike some of our poor PR competitors. Wouldn't you love to see Nina respond to something like one of these dresses coming down the runway.

OMG how FUN!!!!

LOVE the cut outs on the tulle and the breadth and width they used.

Although to be fair it seemed most had their pillow attached to their bodies, but overall this is a FUN collection of whimsy without being "out there".

I too would love to see a photographer get ahold of these dresses and present them with the same sort of energy they inspire.

That bag is fabulous.

Ms. Robin Givhan of the Washington Post says it best:

"But fashion isn't logic; it's emotion. Fashion survives by catering to the woman who wants all that drama removed. But it thrives because of the rare woman who buys her dresses: 'As is.'"

No time to read all comments, so I'm probably copying somebody.

Love the Edward Scissorhands effects with the tulle!

sorry about the models' hair, though.

And I see some gorgeous pieces that could be - um - purchased and - um - put on, like to go outside.

Finally the tools I need to scrub those bottles and skinny glasses!

Oh wow... I love the gowns with the cut-outs. They are just stunning.

mummy needs champagne

Oh, WOW.

Absolutely amazing. The sparkles, colors and shapes remind me simultaneously of a 1960's SoCal VFW hall and a german '80's hotel.

And let's hear it for the seamstresses and their fabulous construction. God knows how they pulled off that bisected tulle skirt.

Those sculpted crinolines were amazing. Hated the shoes, though.

The Long Gowns are AWESOME! Not usually my style, but I really like them!

Air filters and brillo pads! But I don't hate it!

Meet Jane Jetson!


I don't ahve any reaction to these as fashion, but these images do provoke a very practical question for me: No matter how wealthy or famous or avant garde you are, you're not going to wear any of those dresses. So obviously no one is buying them. How do Viktor & Rolf stay in business?

Now THAT was pretty damn cool

Judy Noodles meets Louise Black (in the blue challenge).

Natalie, Again

Half eaten cotton candy!!! Can you say, Lady Gaga!?

Separated into 2 groups - the first (before the swiss chees skirt) are basically all ugly as sin - colors, shape and style.

The second group was kind of interesting BUT reminds my of some kind of horror movie with people with various wounds or amputations.
The model in the second last dress (arms out, hands on hips) - looks like she needs an intervention.

Wow, those cut-out dresses are amazing!

To me it looks like 80's reinterperted, not regurgitated! I kind of like it, but the one yellow looked like a twinkie!


absolutely fabulous
some of the earlier looks could be reinvented as evening wear
but the standout pieces are definitely the gowns
love the bodice on the one with holes
and the color? PERFECT, plus the holes are so fun and new
The one on Karlie Kloss? How fab is the side view? Love the shape! It's subtle but stunning
The gravity defier? AMAZING, how do they do that?
And the final look? PERFECT summation of the show's aesthetic

How nice to see an entire collection inspired by an air filter from Jiffy Lube.

CRAZY but a ton of fun. I cracked up laughing the first time I saw it. LOVE the music. But I can't figure out why some of the models were having such a hard time turning at the end of the runway! It was like they would do most the turn, stop and finish the final quarter. weird...

The coral swiss cheese dress made me immediately think of "Death Becomes Her"

Toilet scrubbers as clothing!

It's hilarious and fun. No, I'd never wear any of this, but there is some amazing technical work here...seriously!

Yeah, that cutout dress is really interesting! I can definitely see someone like SWINTON or Lady Gaga in some of these and totally rocking the hell out of them!!

This is gorgeous stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Fun! BTW, the singer is Roisin Murphy.

That whole show looks like a Thompson Twins video.

The shoes with the zipper detail are TO DIE!!! Love them!

I think the shoes are pretty, I am not too sure about the Grace Jones hair and the hacked up layers of colorful tulle.
Bridesmaids everywhere be afraid be very afraid...

I think this stuff is totally unwearable. Who the heck would walk out of anywhere looking like this? I am not a fashion person, so if anyone would like to illuminate me as to the magnificance of this collection, I would be much abliged.

that diagonal one is mind blowing. in fact the whole collection is incredible. im such a fan of the way V&R always manage to push the limit in the best way possible


Looks like Katy Perry wore it.

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