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Valentino Spring 2010

Party time! explicates:

"The collection Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli presented for Spring couldn't have been more different from their reverent ready-to-wear debut of just over six months ago. Continuing down a path they started on during Couture in July, the duo is now designing with a new Valentino generation in mind—one that likes its party dresses short and isn't afraid of sheer. "We wanted to tell a new fairy tale," Piccioli said backstage. "We're proud of the house heritage, but we wanted to give a personal point of view."

This collection tells a story about a group of girls who love to go to parties but hate to style their hair. The looks are all poofy and feminine and romantic but man, the hair looks like a tribute to static electricity. We would have liked to see a little more color. It looks like they're all heading to the same depressing party where everyone wears muted tones, doesn't eat, and spends all their time pouting and pulling stray hairs out of their drinks.

Okay, we're being a little bitchy. It really is a pretty collection.

Watch the show:

[Photos: - Video: YouTube/Lucianoburgos]

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It's a little Chistian-y but (and therefore?) very pretty.

Yeah, the clothes reminded me of Christian too, but with a sweeter, less sinister vibe.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Blah colors. Plus ruffles. Everywhere. Where are my anti-depressants?

Ugh. I kinda hate. It's just sooooooo sssaaaaadddddd. Debbie Downer does runway. I'm with C'est moi, anti-depressants are exactly what I felt like I needed after that.

And the shoes look like there is various fungi growing on the models feet and ankles.

In a year of unattractive runway models, these girls really do take the giddy biscuit. Nice lace shoes, though.

yes another Laura

What, no comment from TLo on the bows? do you not hate those anymore?

Some of these dresses are really pretty, but others looked to we as if there was simply loose fabric being blown against the model's bodies by a fan. Which might be what the were going for, but despite the impressife construction, I think I prefer the ones that look less like the designer was interrupted in the middle of draping the first ideas.

Still, thanks for the eye-candy.

#29 is OK, but I can't say as I like anything else. I am just not able to get behind all of that frippery. Does nothing for the figure.

I also got the Siriano vibe. But it is a very pretty collection, and I love the black, lacy shoes. OTOH the hair looks like Sunday morning after the kegger.

And so do the models.

I actually rather like the black fungus shoes; they're rather whimsical. Then again, not every woman is as into mycology.

sad little ruffles. sad little bows.

and why are designers acting as though they've just discovered uncharted waters, the exposed nipple? since they're already exposed every other body part, this is what we've come to? i hate to even think of what will be "discovered" next...

~~frightened in florida

Actually, come to think of it, the whole collection looks like lacy shelf fungus growing off of trees. Looking at it that way, me likey.

Beautiful! Right up until the shoes....what is it with shoes this year?

That collection just makes me sad. And the models look like they're on their way to a party in a dark alley behind and after-hours club with their addict friends.


What Siriano vibe... this is beautiful and I don't know why, much more unpretentious.

Nope, not feeling one bit of love for this collection. It is just sad.

How can so many individual pieces be so pretty, if not downright fabulous, yet still the overall effect is so depressing?

This looks like Siriano!!
This looks like Siriano!!
This looks like Siriano!!
This looks like Siriano!!
This looks like Siriano!!
This looks like Siriano!!
This looks like Siriano!!

yeah! ho! wah!

poofy, volume, femininity, drab colours... its christopher!

It really is a pretty collection, but after reading this--"This collection tells a story about a group of girls who love to go to parties but hate to style their hair. The looks are all poofy and feminine and romantic but man, the hair looks like a tribute to static electricity. It looks like they're all heading to the same depressing party where everyone wears muted tones, doesn't eat, and spends all their time pouting and pulling stray hairs out of their drinks"--I couldn't really focus on the clothes. I was laughing too hard.

TLo, you amaze me daily!

I think it is 16 - the graphite suit - the treatment looks like what Irina did with the paper coat. Several rows lower on the right (either 24 or 26), gray dress with sheer ruffle layers - is GORGEOUS.

The first few rows - how are those staying up?

I totally thought it looked like Christian's collection! There's more variation in the sillouhette here than in his collection, but I miss the color that he used.

I LOVE the black lace shoes. They are to-die-for.

In addition to Christian, I thought of Louise. Not that these are exactly her style, but how the judges raked her for ruffles. And yet here they are again ...

I am never one to say this... because I love tall, stick-thin models and think that's what looks best on the runway (sorry Tyra)... but these mannequins were truly a sad looking lot. I've seen that lovely creature in pic #2 turn into a concentration camp victim over the past few months. She is so stunning but has been so dour looking as of late.

Can someone stage an intervention?

some of the looks are very very pretty and some of the first ones look like the girls walked into a heavy wind and the layers started blowing all over the place.

and i'm in the "it looks very PPS" camp.

To me, it looks more like the "5 a.m., I don't know where I am or who he was, hope I can find a cab" collection. Dull and blah. Not impressed.

I'm kinda getting tired of all the draping too; it's like these designers all learned how to fold napkins at the same Girl Scout camp years ago -- only this time, they're using Grandma's lace napkins too.

The fabrics are lovely and the way the fabrics are utilized are dreamy and can/could flatter.
The styling of the models just makes this very sad.

About the first long dress, is that a flower girl's dress or is the model full sized with a very, very young face and pre-puberty body? I liked the dress a lot, but there was to me a disconnect between the dress and the age of the model. (Calling Roman P.)

I may be the only one who feels this way, but I believe that any party dress which requires skin-tone panties needs to be questioned... The Valentino label is just going to give the Lindsay Lohans of the world an excuse to show their buttcrack to the tabloids.

"..I love tall, stick-thin models and think that's what looks best on the runway (sorry Tyra)... but these mannequins were truly a sad looking lot. I've seen that lovely creature in pic #2 turn into a concentration camp victim over the past few months."

Exactly! Yes, tall and thin looks best on the runway...but not one-moment-from-death. It actually distracts from the clothes because you're focused on how sickly the models look.

Alert: Look #12 blatant ripoff from Uli's All-Star collection. :P

Don't understand the hate! The colors are muted, not "sad." And the noodlery is mostly inspired (except a couple of looks). Some stunningly pretty stuff.

Wow, a couple of those looks could have been in a Christian Siriano show, particularly his first spring collection.

It's a nice enough collection, though.

Ignore the models themselves, and ignore the fact that they're ripping off BOTH Christian Siriano AND Leanne Marshall in some cases, and it's a gorgeous collection.

Perhaps I feel this way because I love both Chistian and Leanne. Also, I can't get enough ruffles.

Well done, Valentino.... (and Christian and Leanne).

While I do love chiffon and give kudos to whoever can work it, this collection doesn't do it for me. I can't even get excited about the shoes.

The designs are quite good and the shoes are great. This is not the first time that Valentino has undermined its designs with bad model casting and styling; in this case it is not the casting as much as it is the styling, walk of shame styling to be exact.

Sorry TLo, you missed the "story" behind the collection...

They are walking home the MORNING FOLLOWING the event. That is why their hair is a mess.

Apparently these dresses can get you hooked up for the night.

OK, aside from the hair, pretty and floaty and feminine.

I ADORE those black shoes.

I'm non-plussed by this collection, I keep thinking offal...sorry see What to say...A bit boring and the girls look dour and dull, but no worse than reminds me of offal :(

Shame because I want to like it.

Origami & negligees. Yawn.

ITA, though, those black lace shoes are gorgeous.

I just thought it was refreshing not to see a collection of "pretty dresses in red". I'll take a muted color story over an army of Valentino red any day.

oh, after seeing this I was wondering if Leanne is now a junior designer at Valentino

Love the naked sandal with the lacy ankle detail at the back. And the show is beautiful, interesting, and dreamy. Unfortunatley, NONE of those dress would flatter the figure or complexion of any human female I have ever met -- although Iman could probably pull them off. Yeah, if you're 6'2", have gorgeous ebony skin, and not an ounce of fat on you, that colection should be in you closet. Otherwise, no. -victoria

That first frock looks like a tribute to static electricity as well. Pretty collection, though.

I love most of it. But I just adore anything feminine and delicate and floaty like this. If the hair was had less frizz and the girls looked a little more chipper I wouldn't have a problem with it, though I usually just look at the clothes and not so much the models so it really doesn't bother me too much.

Pretty is the definitive word, but a dose of color would have taken the collection there.

Maybe I'm wrong, but dang if I'm going to party, I wanna have fun and not look like I need anti-depressants. I'd be mad too if my hair was funky and frizzed. A smile wouldn't hurt either.

4th down on the left looks like a dress Carol-Hannah made on PR!

Totally agree with pp that the styling shots these looks in the foot. they could have been light, romantic, ethereal, and instead they look depressing and messy.

And, who is that model in #8 and #47? She shows up on the runway fairly frequently and she looks like the grim reaper. She frightens me. I keep thinking it's the chick from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and that's not a good thing.

HATE the hair, I think it wrecks and detracts from the whole collection, I always hate when the models look like they've been told to look as miserable as possible.

Love it ALL!

Hmmm. I guess ruffles are in again.

Oh, to be young and slovenly and so unhappy.

Too feminine for my tastes, even when I was a cute young thing. Or maybe especially when I was a cute young thing; at that point I wanted to be a slightly punked out cross between Katharine Hepburn & Marianne Faithful.

That said, I think almost all the clothes are lovely and will find a happy audience. The shoes and handbags are not ugly, but a little messy to my eye.

Overall, I like it. I think it's feminine and pretty. I really like the 12th dress down on the right.

Where's all the COLOUR? It's supposed to be spring! They are pretty shapes and it's very romantic, but I am so bored with the colour palette, and have been for most of these collections.

Did anyone else get the vibe that the hair was done by someone from the Taylor Momsen school of styling?

I like everything except a couple of dresses. Finally, some shoes that don't look like torture devices, and are pretty bitching to boot!

I seem to be in the minority here but I love this collection. Granted, the models needs to look more excited to be there, but I love both the palette and the shoes and don't even mind the hair! I'll just use Jerrell's explanation of his styling and use it here. Works.

I couldnt help but notice the pretty much consistant presence of the "too-short" hemline.
besides the pants and the gowns of course...who said that a party dress has to go up to your hoo-hah

other than that...its quite pretty.

Very nice and the shoes are PURE LOVE

Pretty, but did a lot of these designers previously wait tables? Looks like some creative napkin folding. And I hate those big bows!

i agree that it looks like christian and leanne collaborated on this collection. which isn't exactly bad, just... BUSY. noodles and feathers everywhichway.

I would like someone to explain to me why fashion houses try to live on beyond the eponymous designer ?

The only one which has been moderately successful, is Chanel. And that house has such an iconic product line of shoes, jewelry, etc. that there isn't a real fair comparison out there.

While there are lovely looks here, this collection has next to nothing to do with Valentino, so why bother hanging onto the name ? Can you imagine anyone else designing Rodarte ?

I just can't imagine Valentino designing the sad pale greyed pink ruffled gazar dress with the see-thru skirt and the view of model butt cheeks. Why not just create a new label and let the old one die with the wave of the tiny terrors tanned hand upon his recent retirement ?


stop with soriano. soriano copies from everyone.I am sure that valentino sits around watching pr
I am sure that he doesn't have a glue who soriano is.

I understand that this is a project runway blog, so that is the reference point most commenters have, but do people seriously believe that Valentino borrowed ideas from PR designers? I mean honestly, it's a little outrageous. Many visual references float around the world of fashion during a given era, and are open to interpretation by various designers. Some of us PR fans may see everything through the lens of this show, but it's little more than a blip (if that) in the world of established high fashion design houses, rest assured. Likely about the only thing they have in common is reading TLo's blog! ;)

Ok, rant over. This collection is lovely. I can imagine many of these looks showing up on the red carpet in the near future, unlike many of the RTW collections this season.

hey anonymous (3:54pm), it might behoove you to actually know how to spell "siriano" if you are trying to make a point.

i'm so very tired off all the dour
faced models who look malnourished.
i wish there would be a huge shift
in what is considered attractive in
the modeling world.
just my 2 cents.

I would have loved the collection if there was some color. Just a bit blah...

Overall, I really do love this collection (pretty little sad bows 'n all!). What I especially adore are the pants. Wow. It's nice to see a truly femme and sexy take on the trouser. I think the whole group is truly inspired and lovely although very much on the under thirty-side of fashion.

- edina -

i want more color, and a bit more edge, but this is lovely.

and the shoes.....DO WANT

I covet those black lace shoes!

the very last dress kinda looks like a bedspread i had as a kid...some of this was nice...but overall a bit bland for my tastes

I can't get past the thought that all the models need a sandwich.

MercyX, THANK YOU! While reading the comments and seeing all of this "it looks like Christian Siriano" I was starting to border on hostile. I was never a big Christian Siriano fan, but that was mainly due to his attitude. All of that aside though.

Yes some of these looks have been seen before, but much like the movie industry, there is nothing all that new to be seen anymore.

I literally sat and scrolled through all of the collection going "pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, ew, pretty, pretty." I liked all the ruffles and bows because they weren't garish. I agree with all the statements about this collection needing some color, but I feel if there would have been bright color it would have caused everything to look garish.

I love this collection. I'm a little envious that I'm not a female and don't get to wear such pretty clothes.

Not only are the colors horrid, but this is more Leanne than Siriano. Most of those ruffles are a direct take off her "wave" PR BP show.

And those boys? Really? When are big, assymtetrical bows an "in" at any time?!

I do like it. But I'm getting tired of the ruffles everywhere, it seems like a J Crew for Valentino collection.

repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat...


Too many fucking waves and ruffles and lace.
And in one of those foot shots, the model has chipped black toenail polish. Tacky whore.

Those clothes make those tiny little models look huge. Like little girls dressing up in mommy's clothes. The whole thing was boring and drab for me. Pass.

These are pretty but are not going to look good on many women. And the back views which show butt crack are a No. Aren't the models wearing underwear?

Oh look, all those PR designers who are allergic to colour were just being avant-garde. Dull, dull, dull. Okay, pretty, but please can we have some COLOURS?

Very Judy Noodles, no?

i love those shoes. omg.

Wow I am so glad that I am not the only one who thought PPS when they saw this collection. Intriguing, because some of the pieces could fit straight in his past collections.

Is Valentino now buying its fabrics at the LA Mood? These colors all seem depressingly familiar somehow.

Some of these looks are way over-fussy, almost silly, but some are architecturally very interesting. Pretty dull palette, though.

This collection tells a story about a group of girls who love to go to parties but hate to style their hair.

T Lo hit the nail on the head, as usual!

Love the collection, hate the styling, hatehatehatehatehate all the frowny faces! I'm so beyond over dour models.

It's okay. I, like most women probably, like the ones that have feminine structure (in at the waist, out at the hips) the most. But #19? WTH. Maybe they were designing specifically for Lady Gaga with that one.

An entire Valentino collection with no Red? Not amused. It was such a depressing collection, and Valentino the man (and the house) has such a passion for elegance. This is... definitely younger.

I don't mind watching the girls walk by, because the dresses are definitely pretty, but I am NOT going to that party! What a bunch of sad mugs!

The models all look like they're trying to kill someone with their brains.

Love the collection! Thank you for posting it, guys.

I actually think most of these are quite fabulous.

I agree with the poster who feels that the ruffles, or noodles are part of the current trend in fashion for many designers, that Valentino would have no earthly reason to copy Siriano or Marshall or even know who they are.

The models are styled dreadfully though, very depressing, sloppy and unkempt looking.

I love the shoes. I can't wear heels like these and so have learned to appreciate them as works of art almost, worn by a rarefied few, and maybe inspiring some new ideas for truly wearable shoes.

Anon 7:03 I don't believe the nail polish is chipped, that is the light reflection.

Hrm. I'm not a big fan of that sort of fold-and-ruffle thing, myself, so mostly it doesn't appeal to me. There's one long dress in patterned white and grey that I think is rather pretty, though.

I'm not really having a problem with the muted colours individually but it might've been nice if there were a bit more variance overall.

Sexy feet in sexy shoes. Daddy likes!

All the models have an expression which makes me believe they are ready to slash their wrists. The moment I noticed this, I could not held but ignore the outfits and wonder why they (the models) are so damn miserable.

I do like some of the dresses, not all, but some.

Fabulous collection!

See I'm a girly girl, I love all the ruffles.

I hate the shoes! They look like twigs coming out of your feet.

A Valentino collection without any color? without any red? I'm disappointed.

The clothes reminded me of Christian and his spring 2009 collection.

Boring, Blah, put a ruffle on it, it's done. However, I do covet those shoes.


Very feminine, very pretty. Love the makeup, like the natural hair, although a touch of glossing cream wouldn't have hurt. I do wish designers would let the models have a little fun though. A knowing smirk, a little swagger and preen, just something different.

I don't understand why runway models are told not to smile. What does frowning contribute to a runway show?

I'm honestly asking. Is there some reason that designers tell the models to pout?

LOVELOVELOVELOVE. Except the hair. I think the dresses are wonderful and romantic. I think the lack of color is very fresh. I think I'm the only one of this opinion, but whatevs.

"A Valentino collection without any RED?" Patchworkblu said. And Sewhat. And Jacob. (and there other comments were spot-on, too.)

And this is not a Valentino collection, even if you ignore how young and different it might be. Valentino would never fail to show off a women's shape to her best effect, no matter what the trend for added frou-frou.

I can't see anything but overblown gauze. Do you mean there are women under there?

Whoops, I meant "their" other comments.

Some of the dresses look like the creation of Princess Puffysleeves and Judy Noodles love child. But those are the looks I love

Many of the pieces are gorgeus, and I don't mind the lack of color, but the styling is downright distracting. Paying attention to the clothing takes more effort than it should.

Christian + Judy Noodles did these looks far better.

Poor showing for Valentino.

J'Adore these lovely frocks. All of them. And the models -- who cares? They're always bored, non? These looks are soft and delicious. Lovelove.

A lot of pretty dresses, but that drab beige really doesn't look good on anyone.

Love the shoes and bags!

Louise was ripped to shreds over ruffles, and yet.........

They look like fancy folded napkins to me - especially those first few. And I didn't see Christian Siriano as much as signature Leanne Marshall (at least not initially)....but now that everyone's said it - I really can see elements of Christian's latest collection copied for all the world to see. Are there no new ideas? And where's my Valentino red?

I love the hair. It's not so much disastrously unkempt as it is naturally messy.

The collection is a little too fussy for my tastes (could some of the dresses be described as "fleurchons gone wild"?), but I still like a lot of it. I'm not seeing anything depressing. How can you be depressed with all those ruffles?

Love the colors.

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