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Ungaro Spring 2010

All right, let's get to it. We've read your emails imploring us to.

"In a bid for easy headlines, CEO Mounir Moufarrige recently replaced Esteban Cortazar with an unusual team: the little-known Spanish designer Estrella Archs and, as "artistic adviser," the actress turned self-bronzer entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan.

In separate interviews a couple of days before the show, Archs discussed reviving the DNA and Lohan mentioned injecting a bit of youth into the brand—not necessarily mutually exclusive notions for a label that was beloved by eighties party girls. The show opened on an up note, with a strapless fuchsia plissé minidress—two Ungaro signatures rolled into one—and Archs turned the house's polka dots into a charming enough heart print on colorful sequined jackets. So far, not so bad…but it wasn't destined to last.

This quickly devolved into a bad joke of a fashion show, one with questionable color combinations, "bad eighties" draped silk jackets and drop-crotch pants, old-fashioned and ill-judged fur stoles, and, yes, tasteless sequin pasties. To top it off, the fabrics and the construction lacked the finesse you expect from a famous Avenue Montaigne brand."

Yes, it's bad and yes, the heart theme was distressingly bad, but we honestly think the press had their claws out on this one before the first model turned to walk on the runway. Granted, Ungaro brought this on themselves by getting a washed up actress to headline the line rather than a designer. There was no way the fashion press was going to let that one go. Still, there's no denying that this collection looks cheap and tacky.

Watch the show:

[Photos: WireImage - Video: YouTube/Lucianoburgos]

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In the words of the great Princess Puffy-Sleeves, this was a hot tranny mess.

It saddens me to think that this attempt to make heart-shaped pasties the next must-have fashion accessory is destined to fail.

C'mon: heart-shaped pasties! What's not to love?

It thoroughly mystifies me how a house like Ungaro could think that having a fried, non-working actress with a fetish for leggings would possibly add anything to the brand? Are they delusional to believe that anyone would take this seriously?

And I hate hearts almost as much as I hate butterflies.

And I hate pasties even more. Too bad they didn't walk down the runway with poles as an accessory.

There are definitely some wearable pieces in this collection, but having said that, they're wearable because they're painfully plain and basic.

the heart theme looks juvenile to me in this collection, but I KNOW it could have been executed so much better. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, thanks very much.

Wow, this is horrifically bad. I sincerely tried to reserve judgement before I saw it. What were they thinking!?!

The first two dresses were cute, I thought - I had started thinking, "God, those bitches at Style just went for the easy slam," but it soon became clear that this was not the case. And when I got down to the Pasties. On. Their. Heads... well, it was all over. Pasties, good. Heads, good. Pasties on heads, BAD - VERY BAD!

Oh. My. God.

Yeah, this is not good.
Even the shoes...they're just SO bad I don't even have the words.

Hearts? Really? This is really bad.

I kinda love the shoes... Is that wrong?

Perhaps the greatest offense is that it looks like a mix-and-match version of Lindsay Lohan's wardrobe.

The one element I adore, however, is that hot-hot-hot pink.

Not to mention that all of the models look like they just walked off the set of a Robert Plant video.

You know, I thought there were a few cute starlet-type dress, that I could definitely see one of the Gossip Girls rocking on the red carpet, but over all the collection looked ill-fitted and slap dash. I hear they only had three weeks to pull it together, which makes me wonder why they sent so many different looks down the runway. A little editing could have gone a long way.

You're right, though. This collection was doomed to be slammed by the fashion press, and perhaps deservedly so. Instead of blaming LiLo, we should be focusing our ire on the head of Ungaro for pulling his stunt. But he got what he wanted, didn't he? Three days later we are still talking about it. I actually don't like Lilo much, and I think she and her mom saw dollar signs when she signed up to be part of this disaster, but I still hate the way she is being hung up to dry over this.

And, am I the only one sees those shoe heels (the ribbed ones) and think of a hair brush?

"And I hate hearts almost as much as I hate butterflies."

hahahahahaha...that made me laugh for some reason.

anyway, I feel like they found a great sale of sequin hearts at Hobby Lobby or Joann's Fabrics and decided to go APE SHIT CRAZY with them. PASTIES! HAIR ACCESSORIES! SHIRT CLASPS!...EYE SORES! BRAIN ANEURYSM!

Wow. That IS bad.

And I know it's an "oh-not-again" subject...but if they were going to have so much bare skin, they should have hired models that leaned more toward lingere-size. Several of them were just plain unattractive in their looks because of the bone & sinew hanging out.

Heidi still bought one of every non-heart-covered dress.

These look like the outfits my sister made using her Barbie Fashion Plates in the mid-80s.

I agree with Celine, the most wearable pieces were very vrery basic.

WOW they got the thinnest models known to man. As bad as the clothes were I was distracted by how bad revealing clothing looks on women so thin!!!!

I think ill have to look up classic Ungaro cause I need more reference.

Could those dresses be any shorter?

In the close up shots of Lindsay, she was so buzzed it was clear she could barely stand up. This was not even close to being fashion's 'elegant joke', as our beloved Laura B. created for Camilla with her 'For Nuts Only' dress. It was simply a horrific couture crime scene. They might as well have wrapped yellow tape around the runway...

The heart prints looks like Lohan sewed together those cheap-ass mens boxer shorts sold at CVS for Valentine's day.

Cheap and Tacky - YES! - as presented but there are some very great pieces in this collection but nothing that would command the price points on the price tag I am sure!



Let's place the blame for this squarely where it lies-on the head of the CEO who made the decision to hire Lindsey Lohan.

I don't think this is terrible. I think you can see clothes this boring, mediocre, un-interesting, pedestrian and bland on many runways. Some pieces are wearable, and I can see certain starlets in them.

The hearts don't work at all. I wonder if they were used just to pump some interest into boring designs? I hate hearts, but I grudgingly think they could be whimsical if used in an interesting or clever manner. Pasties ain't that.

I really don't get why people think this is such a crime to fashion (perhaps this is art school that has left me shocked at nothing). As much as people want to jump on the band wagon...

Sure it's lack luster & it's not a great collection but some pieces separately could be taken and manufactured for the young Forever 21/H&M set. Plus I'm a sucker for hearts, especially heart pasties!

It's got kind of a 90's Fiorucci thing goin' on. Not good, but not worth the overreaction some people are having.


Thank you for the laugh, Tlo!

This collection isn't just tacky ... it borders on tawdry. Good Lord.

Lauren said...

I really don't get why people think this is such a crime to fashion (perhaps this is art school that has left me shocked at nothing). As much as people want to jump on the band wagon...

The problem is that this is a world-renowned fashion house, not a PR finale collection. It's an insult to the industry.

Oh that's just awful. Why are there so many pasties?

And you know what's sad? I bet we'll see celebs in this stuff, just trying to burn my eyes out of their sockets with the awful.

Anonymous said...
Perhaps the greatest offense is that it looks like a mix-and-match version of Lindsay Lohan's wardrobe.

Yep, that's it.

"Okay, like, this one is like so easy when I need to snort.."

"Okay, like, you know, like, this one is soooo cool without underwear and junk? Panties, are like, so totally, like 2002!

"Um, like, SO LOVE this one! Like, its so easy to brush off the blow if I'm like, pulled over by police, or like something?"

"Like, that pasty was like SOOOO not s'posed to be there, but like Mischa bumped into me, and I like totally burned it with my cigarette. So I like, improvised and junk? And like, now its like soooo totally culture? Or is that KOTORE? You know, like high class 'n junk..."

...and that's just the mother commenting.


First of all, OMG how bad does LL look? Holy crap! I don't think she can go much lower and survive.

Secondly, this cheap 80's tickety-tack souffle of crap cannot even call itself fashion. I'm almost at a loss for words to describe exactly how bad it was.

I would need a couple hours to compile that list, so I will just settle for the biggest "NO!" ever!!

eh... I like the hair braided into ropes and the little heart shaped bags. Other than that, it's awful.

Some of those short dresses are thisclose to a pap smear.

A lot of it's awful and completely unwearable. . . but, then, can't that be said of a lot that gets thrown down the runway? I can as easily imagine the fashion press oohing and ahing over this. I suspect the claws were out before the show began. That doesn't change the fact that a lot of it is, indeed, pure scheiss.

I think that Nina needs to add garish colors to her Manifesto of Cheap - short, tight and shiny.

I am torn, because I think that this house made its name in recent years, well decades, by catering to the likes of Lindsey Lohan and LiLo wannabes, so if this is their target then this collection is more right than wrong, I think it would have been better if they pulled back on the popsicle colors and the heart hair accessories. I am also torn about the heart pasties, because like super short skirts, I am OK with them being on the runway, but I have a problem when I see things like this being worn, especially by the very young, on the red carpet or (shudder) in the streets.

I don't know, I never thought of Ungaro as one of the "go to" names for taste or originality. Possibly I was not paying attention at its peak.

There were at least a dozen perfectly acceptable pieces here, a nice print or two and a number more pieces that with entirely different styling I might have been able to appreciate. So I am not so much on board with the vitriol, but I don't see anything to get excited about, and certainly nothing that I am in deep mourning that I cannot afford.

And seriously, as has been said, if you are going to have the models' nearly bare chests on display, I would appreciate it if they didn't look so distressingly undernourished. I know, intellectually, that that's what it takes to be a successful "clothes hanger," but it's still a little hard to look at. (for me, anyway).

I had no idea how inspired Linsay Lohan was by MC Hammer.

Hair and make up are very pretty, though, aren't they.

10/6/09 11:59 AM I had no idea how inspired Linsay Lohan was by MC Hammer.

STOP! You can't touch this!

hate me if you must, but i like the blue capelet/pink pants outfit and i like the colours and architecture of the shoes.

*ducks behind castle walls*

If you are old enough to have bosoms that need covering, you shouldn't be covering them with hearts. Lord.

and the models in the bandeau tops looked straight out of the work camp with a brief stop at hair and makeup. Bones are not clothes.

And on a similar note, legs are not pants. If the skirt doesn't fall lower than your wrist, it's actually a shirt.

not the fugliest stuff i've ever seen... but still pretty damn fug. it's just trasy 1980s crap all over again. all that's missing are side pony tails and scrunchies.

There is a lot of bad stuff. Those harem pants. But there are pieces that would look fine on young women. I agree the bigger crime isn't Lohan but that it's coming out of a high-end, high rep company.

The truth is the heart theme aside there are several wearable piece and some of the fabrics are interesting looking.

I guess the question is how much actual input did Lindsay have in this collection? What they produced certainly wasn't any worse than what most celebrity wannabee designers have created.

That being said she does look terrible in the phots. It's sad that a young lady that started out with so much promise has been become such a subject of ridicule and tabloid fodder.


they're styled like they're in a robert palmer video.

i couldn't finish scrolling through the collection. hideous.

i can hear the duchess now:

"slutty, slutty, slutty!"

p.s. alexis (11:34am) i think you also meant palmer, not plant :)

I realized that LiLo and I may have something in common: We both remember watching The Chipmunk Adventure. That white pantsuit with the fur stole is so very Claudia villainesque.

that girl LL needs a life intervention. i normally avoid all coverage of her & this is another example. i am amazed at certain celebrities that think they belong in fashion. really?

Anonymous said...
10/6/09 11:59 AM I had no idea how inspired Linsay Lohan was by MC Hammer.

STOP! You can't touch this!

10/6/09 12:02 PM
No, U Can't Touch This.

U've gotta admit though, they're "Fresh new looks and pants." And Linday is "cold on a mission."


This is horrifying!

Does anyone remember the Bette Midler movie Ruthless People? Those shoes are straight outta that film!

I hate the clothes, the hearts, the pasties (both head and boob), and "actress turned self-bronzer entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan" sounds like a character in a spoof film.

Forget the heart shaped pasties! What about the glitter applique hearts on the models foreheads?!?

The only people who should wear hearts on their clothing are 5 year old girls.

Alexis, did you mean Robert Palmer? These clothes are much more "Simply Irresistable" than "Stairway to Heaven."

Lindsey Lohan needs to a) eat a cheeseburger or 12; b) hire a better publicist; c) get off the blow; and d) stop leaving the house or speaking, period. Nobody can say anything bad about you when you don't do anything worth mentioning.

OMG, Ungaro, something tells me you lost a bet. And OMFG, I hate hearts, Dracula hearts, pasty hearts and everything FUSCHIA!! FAILLLLLL!

Love the shoes.

Here's why the fashion critics were so cheesed.

This collection could have tried to create an iconic look for these frightening, recessionary times. Instead, Ungaro gives us the fashion equivalent of an ostrich with its head stuck in a hole that goes back to 1985.

The market for trust fund party girls who need disposable, trashy clothes really dried up last year. They all need to get jobs or go to college. What they don't need are fuchia "Hammer pants."

Robin Givhan was lamenting the lack of focus from the spring collections. Designers are in a fantasy world because reality is too harsh. Therefore, no strong iconic look has yet to emerge from this modern economic crisis.

The 1930's was a turn back to feminity, but also opened real options for women like professional, tailored suiting and pants. The Depression and subsequent fabric rationing in the 40's paired down skirts, lapels and silhouettes.

The Lohan/Arch collection for Ungaro is completely divorced from the realities of 2010. No nod to sustainability, no acknowledgement of an aging population, no focus on the multi-faceted lives of modern women.

In Lindsay's world, everyone is just going to the next party.

Am I the only one who doubts LiLo had much to do with this? Why isn't anyone blaming the "little-known designer" who presumably made the majority of the decisions?

What is this I don't even...

Because who doesn't want to dress like La Lohan, with her frequent forays into undergarmentless pantslessness and sad leggings?

Those shoes are entirely made of stupid. But then, so is the rest of the damned show.

It's like someone vomited partially-digested `80s onto the runway after consuming one too many 4th-grader's Traper Keeper-organized sticker collections circa 1986.


(Mein Gott im Himmel, please, someone, make sure Heidi Klum doesn't find out about these. NO NO NO NO, Heidi! NO!)

I'm going to go back and look at the Versace collection in the hopes that its beauty will subdue the residual pain (O THE PAIN).

I would give an arm and a leg to have been filming Michael Kors' comments as this came down the runway, his after-the-show analysis, and the REAL reaction shared with fellow designers at the bar later on that night.

Academy Award for Best Short Film, for sure.

10/6/09 12:16 PM Anonymous said...
10/6/09 11:59 AM I had no idea how inspired Linsay Lohan was by MC Hammer.

STOP! You can't touch this!

10/6/09 12:02 PM
No, U Can't Touch This.

U've gotta admit though, they're "Fresh new looks and pants." And Linday is "cold on a mission."

Word to your mother! Peace!

Please excuse the vulgarity, but leave it Lohan to prove that you can't spell "It's shit" without "tits". And there was waaaaay too much of the latter in that show, thank you very much. Kors and La Garcia would annihilate this.

My eight year old likes hearts, too, but I wouldn't choose her to design my clothes.


They were kidding. Some sort of weird conceptual thing that I don't get, right? An indictment of the current economic times, a harkening back to the naivete of the 80's, something...

I really didn't think it could be that bad until I started scrolling...What the hell is this garbage??? That's what I felt half way through the pics. I don't remember Ungaro being this bad in the 80's. I loved Ungaro back then. This is one big hideous NO! YUK

Extended comments:

1 & 2 - Pretty pinks for the anorexic actress who loves giving crotch shots getting out of the limo.

3 & 4: Dress done to boredom, badly orange skinny pants - did they learn NOTHING from The Fashion Show?

5 & 6 - Perfectly captures the grungy "hungover after all-night drinking binge on the beach" look. What is that jacket, anyway, a beach towel?

7 & 8 - Pink and orange brush strokes on white - cute. Pink harem pants outfit - perfect for that degenerate night in the opium den, and the selection of it to wear in the first place indicates somebody started a wee bit too early.

9 & 10 - Did somebody think pubic hairs peeking out from this Halloween colored disaster would save it? White outfit - ugh, never made it past Project Runway casting.

11 & 12 - These are a waste of life's blood. The silver Wilma would be on Walmart sale racks.

13 & 14 - Perfect for Target, especially the blue silk top (done in polyester charmeuse, of course, to keep the price down).

15, 16, 17 & 18 - Would have been torn to shreds by Heidi Klum in last week's "blue challenge."

19, 20, 21, 22 - Scavenged from a thrift shop on the lower West Side? Pretty barfy.

23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 - Formal designs for the Oscars, done while on crystal meth? Just AWFUL.

29/30 - A bum in the alley in New York's garment district could have made a better dress with packing materials from the dumpster.

All the rest - My eyes are glazed over, my stomach is churning. Pardon me while I go throw up.

Summary: Looks like Lilo had a two-yard line of a banned substance on the table and just kept snorting as she designed. How else to explain the progression from one or two actually wearable outfits to totally mind-blowing dreck? One thing's for sure, Ungaro wanted its name on the map again and it definitely succeeded. Perhaps not quite the way it wanted, however.

I cannot believe how incredibly cheezy, cheap and worn out this entire collection is. But then these words describe Ms. HigherthanaKite

I think the pained, and slightly apologetic, expressions on the models in looks 14 and 24 speaks volumes.


It's really not too bad for a collection that was put together in 3 weeks. If you scroll through sort of fast, it's a lot of fun.

The snobby bitches are very worried about their jobs. Much easier to pile on this than deal with what's going on with the whole industry. I guess they're scared of the future.

The collection looks like a very bad revival of Saint Laurent circa 1985. He'd weep to see what was done to shocking pink in the name of Ungaro.

And yes; Palmer, not Plant. Mistaketh not the Mighty Zep!

PS - "the actress turned self-bronzer entrepreneur" is a very good line.

It appears as if they hired Jarrell AND Blane to design this collection. That is one hot mess after the other.



Dear Lindsay: please get some help and stop dying your hair blond.

Dear New Designer: please go to NY Fashion Show for some design training.

Dear Designer that was fired for not working with LL: Be glad!

I doubt Lindsay Lohan participated much more than lending her name and a few comments to this collection. Some of the color combos are odd and the fabrics look a little on the low budget side, but this collection isn't any goofier or worse than a lot of pieces in other collections. I agree that the critics' knives were already out because Ungaro is no worse than a lot of other stuff that walked the runway.

Except for the heart-shaped stickies, this collection doesn't aspire to make new mistakes.

The clothes were a wreck, but I kind of loved the shoes.

3 words: Barbie's Dream Brothel.

No, Lindsay was most likely not sitting around sketching and choosing fabrics.

But by hiring her as "Artistic Advisor" or whatever, Ungaro is CLEARLY saying "we make clothes that look like Lindsay Lohan designed them."

And even if there is a piece or 2 that might be wearable...and many collections have ridiculous elements in them -- it's a matter of percentages. How much is ridiculous vs. wearable? How innovative or just plain awesome are the pieces you would actually like to wear? Or are the only pieces you'd consider wearing the most basic pieces?

Also, expectations. No one would ever find it acceptable to see pieces in a Chanel collection that you could pick up at Forever 21. (granted, Ungaro is not Chanel).

So yeah, all kinda suck.

They stole the nipple pasties idea from Rihanna, the only alien princess in the universe who can pull something like that off. I don't think it belongs on a runway though.

This is Ungaro?? oh dear gods what have they done? Did they not see?? The only person that really gets away with the heart thing (because it is her thing) is Agatha Ruiz de la Prada other than that? No... no and more no and why would they pick Lindsey above anyone else? Where they thinking 'oh yeah! lets pick a train wreck, the BEST train wreck in Hollywood... someone that is like better than Tara Reid!' and of course they pick up the phone and called Lohan?

If you get rid of the pasties and hearts this collection looks like what certain starlets and celeb-u-tarts wear on the the red carpet everyday.
Or for that matter any number of boring micro-mini, Wilma dress collections shown on various runways over the past few years from professional designers.

Trailer park couture meets Southern Sorority chic.

Clueless Jock


For the most part, it's not heinous, just stupid, but hell to the no on:

#2: Can't stand the rope, and that purse looks like a vag. Sorry.

#4: There's this homeless lady from Hungary who hangs out in front of my local 7-11 and she wears this exact outfit.

#8: Grandpa butt!

#11: I wouldn't even wear that skirt ironically.

#16: I wouldn't even wear that jacket in a stage production of Alice in Wonderland

#19: The cut of that jacket's like a fucking optical illusion.

#26 and 26c: I don't get it. Is their this huge market for lactating women or something?

Those white heart earrings: They look like the plastic padlock on a seven-year-old's diary.

Also, the heel on that last shoe looks like it was made out of Tinker Toys.

I like the paintbrush-like effects.

those shoes are kinda awesome. but other than that this is one set of pics I'd like to unsee

Peach Fuzz In My Teeth

I can see their pussies.

Haha... now stop showing these mix and match thrift store Barbie outfits, and start showing the Ungaro collection.... Please???

"bad eighties" as opposed to?

Lil Kim would love this.

i'm not dorothy gale

Did this whore sell her soul to the devil to get this gig?

There is a difference between YOUTHFUL and juvenile......and this wsa tired's like a 12-year-old spent too much time on the stripper pole and - came away with this?

To be honest, I really love the black and teal sequin heart sweater (words that should never be uttered, I know). But it's so campy and fun and eighties, so I can't help myself.

When I saw a different shot of #6 where her whole left breast was hanging out for the world to see, pastie-less. You can see surgical scar, and at that point I knew classy ran off that runway longlong ago. The collection is just tasteless.

Batshit crazy.

Oh dear. Ditto on all bad comments about the clothes, but if you are going to show nearly naked models, at least have models with good bodies. These women look positively ill.

What the hell were they thinking?

It's difficult to know whom to blame - Lindsay Lohan for taking the job or Ungaro President Mounir Moufarrige for giving her one.

Heart-shaped pasties is a no-no.

I like the use of color which is nice to see. I actually really love the shoes.

That's it for the good and the bad is just so bad there aren't even words...

Apart from the horribly tacky hearts (Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, hello?), I don't think it's that bad. Ok, the pasties, too; but it looks like a very marketable collection.

Let me tell you, I wish these had been out when I was nursing my baby. How easy would that have made my life?

As much as I hate to admit it, I kind of like the primary color heels.

Personally, I loved the color story, and the shoes were fun. I'm not much on the bare boobage or the heart motif, but I didn't think the collection was all that bad.

Plaintiff: Kelly Rowland
Case: "Sitting on the front row of gazillion fashion shows" makes you an expert in fashion.
Defendant: Lindsay Lohan
Point: Ungaro Spring 2010
Resolution: No it does not.


Nice harem pants, not so sure about the puffy sleves though!

THANK GOD. THANK GOD. I have been waiting on this very post. THANK GOD.

This collection is shiteous. Horrible in fact. Disgusting.

It look like the 80s threw up all over this mess. Where is the teased hair and the multicolored, neon socks to match this crap? Slap bracelets should be involved!

Shall I go on?

stirrup pants.

So, the dresses with the lovely feathery striations were fab.
Most of it is totes gross and who cares about La Lohan. She's gross too.

I almost love the shoes, but did anyone see that movie Ruthless people?
With the dresses in the end after Bette got skinny and they looked like a Trapper Keeper?

The hearts on the foreheads is too funny. It reminds me of fashion shows my 10-year-old daughter has put on over the years. Just slapping on bright sparkly crap and prancing around.

LiLo, you should be happy, you got the TLO treatment :-) enjoy!!!!

thanks guys! it was worth looking at this runway, just for your comments....

but the shoes looked kind of fabulous and fun!

It seems that the ENTIRE THIGH is the new replacement for PANTS AND SKIRTS THAT ACTUALLY ARE PANTS AND SKIRTS.

Call me a prude but having yer girls down south exposed to air and wind and lecherous gazes is O_o.

Besides. TACKY, TACKY, TACKY! Wtf is with Lilo??? She needs to hide in her room NOW.

So ready to say goodbye to her.

Really, some of these looks aren't bad, they're just very basic and very done.

A few of the pieces in here would be nice if not worn with a giant sequined heart on the forehead, or if worn with an actual shirt. I actually like that dark-grey dress alot. Unfortunately several of the others are slutty Care-Bear puke.

What I'm curious about is, what does Estrella Archs get from this collaboration, and doesn't Ungaro have enough financial backing to spring for double-sided tape?


I think a few of the dresses would be okay if they weren't so skankishly short. Other than that-- bleh.

A few of the dresses were actually cute, or would be if they weren't so short and Crotch-tastic. Day-shift Stroll, anyone?

Love some of the shoes, actually.

That's all I have to say that's nice. The stupid hearts, the fur freaking stoles (?!?!), the colors, it's like everything awful about the 80's rolled right on back, including the tacky earrings.

As for Lohan, all that has to ever be said regarding her and fashion: she designed a line of leggings *with kneepads*. Just add water; it makes its own joke!

Wow, way to nail the coffin shut rather than reinventing a brand. In lieu of bringing the useless Lohan aboard for "publicity," wouldn't it have been smarter to hire a designer who could actually create a well-received collection which buyers would want in their stores and women would want on their backs?

There are some cute dresses in there, but they're not anything special.

Hearts = BARF

LiLo looks awful.

I am so sick of Lindsay Lohan. She is such a spoiled, talentless brat. Why does the media focus on her so much?

Oh, I didn't know Kmart blue light specials were hitting the runways.

Oh, well - I kind of like it! Plain and striking. Definitely NOT high fashion, but I find it pleasing to look at, mostly. (Not the hearts.)

The models don't look like they came off of a Robert Plant video...they look like they came off of a Robert Plant video shot in Dachau. I am torn between looking at awful clothes and frightening thin girls who need to be checked into the hospital! Yikes!

I think the lesson here is, unless you want whatever you're doing to suck, DON'T INVOLVE LINDSAY LOHAN.

My eyes! This collection reminds me of the ticky tacky suburbanite who tried to seduce Eddie Scissorhands in the beauty parlor. I think she'd dig it. And Eddie's facial expression as he flees from her advances? My reaction, totally.

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