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Team Girlie


Upon reflection (because that is what we do Chez T Lo, we reflect on Project Runway) we think Team Girlie should have won this challenge.

Don't get us wrong, we liked Irina and Gordana's work, but the pieces from this collection, bland though they may be, had a little bit more style to them.

Model: Vanessa Fitzgerald

We don't LOVELOVE anything here, but that's because of the lameness of the challenge, which may as well have been, "Be bland! And blue!"

Still, we like the work on the neckline of that top.

And we like the sexy, slightly romantic back of it.

The only part we could really do without was that sash.

Just a little too big for us. We're resigned to the tights. We don't love them but they are in style.

Model: Ebony Jointer

This was actually a very cute, very stylish look.

It's got a little bit of a Joan Holloway vibe, especially with the scarf.

And again, we loved the back. They really went for the walking away effect on these two pieces.

Our only real problem with it is in the choice of fabrics. This could have really looked high end if they'd chosen better.

They weren't just more stylish than Irina's looks, they were also more salable, because CH wisely decided to go all separates, which is very department store-friendly.

Extended Judging:

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You had me at "gigglehairflip"


I agree that this team should have won. They worked and cooperated well together, and their looks were the LEAST boring.

I see where you're coming from on the leggings outfit. The neckline is gorgeous and it's a very current look. It would also work for a variety of different body sizes. I would buy it.

But the second look falls flat for me. The blouse is nice and I like the "Joan Halloway" feel to it. But it's so little . . . I don't think it shows much skill or innovation. The skirt is horrendous, IMHO, because the waistline looks so unfinished. Like they just tucked the raw fabric in.

Say what you will about the taste level of team delusional, but their pieces looked more finished.

Minus the open back, something about that look reads 'flight attendant' to me. Maybe it's the styling?

But yes, these are both inoffensive, well-made and fine for the challenge. In other words, YAWN.

ARRRGGGHHHH!!! I thought they were dreadful!!! They made Vanessa look like she had a "baby bump," and that blue dress was like the one Chris March got beat up for when he came back.

Out, out, out. I think they were worse than the losers.

What I don't like about Carol Hannah's, is that is it so similar to what she's put out before (see link above).

If we had consistent judging both Carol Hannah and Althea would have been called out by now for sending the same silhouettes down the runway.

Well, these two looks certainly went together more than the two looks the winning team produced.
And they look like the type of thing that you see in moderate mass market chains like Macy's.
And they are shades of better than most.

Hmmmmm......the designs are fine but I must say the construction on both pieces is terrible. Look at the hem of that tunic and the bodice seaming of the dress. Sloppy.

I agree, I liked these far more than Irina and Gordana's looks and also thought they would fit better into INC's range. Both these two looks were cute and wearable, and they also looked like they went together while having formal/casual range.

I agree this should have won and looking at the INC line would have fit in perfectly.

The doctor is really starting to grow on me.

An outfit with leggings should never win!

I agree, nothing special but I think they deserved the win on this one.

I concur. I thought Team Girlie definitely should have one. Partically because Ebony is (to borrow a word from Christian) FIERCE!
I felt like Irina and Gordana's designs I could have easily found something similar at Fashion Bug or something of the sort. Maybe thats why they won, but I thought Macys/INC was higher class than that..

I second that emotion.

I hate the fabrics, and the colors (I have a serious aversion to teal, or teal-like substances), and leggings, but I think these looks look more finished, marketable and user-friendly. And I love the little details.

The dress that Irina made might have been more of a wow, but this team had a more cohesive entry.


I absolutely HATED both those looks. And I didn't think either was flattering.

It looked like they were part of SNL's wardrobe, if ykwim.

I have learned from you two wisemen to reflect and while doing so, I decided to look at the website for the INC line.

I have to say, after looking at it, I saw both of these outfits, and to a lesser degree Christopher's and Epperson's, fiting right into that collection.

Seriously. It looks as if the same designer or design team created these two looks as they did for Macy's. I think these two were a perfect fit for what they SAID they wanted.

The skirt and shirt second outfit reminds me very much of the Olympic challenge a couple seasons ago, especially since they paired it with red shoes.

Yes, yes, yes... zzzzzzzz...

I liked CH's, I thought it was cute, with a tiny hint of style. While I can see the appeal of the ruffly neckline, and even the leggings, which hung around for so much too long their last time around that they look tired to me, but the top (as has been noted already) makes the model looks like she has a tummy. Ya know, if that's so noticeable on the model, it's going to be too unflattering to do well as part of an INC - type line.

What ought to be a Rule of Thumb: if it makes a professional, working model look bumpy, dumpy, or lumpy - it's too unflattering for mass market.

IMHO, these were two looks that I could actually see in Macy's INC department. Boring as all get out, but cute. ZZZZZZZZ......

The tunic thing had some nice work up top, I agree, but the style was not flattering. On a Model. That's how you know it's bad. When a model looks like she has a giant box for hips and her tiny mounds of breast are completely highlighted in a not-so-good kind of way, you've got a problem. I HATE that outfit on Vanessa. No way they deserved to win for that alone. Would have been a clear winner in a what not to wear if you're pear-shaped contest,though.

If you could pair Irina's dress with the knit tunic for an entry, that should've won. Got to disagree with you on the blouse/skirt combo. Very flight attendant with the matchy matchy scarf (which I think is attached to the back of the blouse? Is that right??) and the blah of the skirt fabric. If the scarf, attached or not, had been a nice graphic blue print with a little retro edge and the skirt had been a finer sheen gaberdine or something with a nice crisp finish on the hems, yes, I would dig this. Especially with some red pumps or MJs. But as is, bleh.

I do like the finishing of the neckline, front and back, on the tunic. Very nice. But the styling killed the outfit. That belt is like a sumo wrestler belt. Huge, dark, heavy and distracting from the lightweight and pretty color of the knit. Bleh.

And, by the way, I LOVE that leggings are back!! WOOT!

I can't help thinking Ebony looks like an airline stewardess. I think I've been flying too much.

TLo said: "Upon reflection (because that is what we do Chez T Lo, we reflect on Project Runway) we think Team Girlie should have won this challenge."

Yes! While I don't find either this pair or the winning look in any way exceptional, this pair's offering looked way more like what we see in our local Macy's INC line. Not sayin' that's any kind of fashion forward, etc, but this entry was the closest to that "look."

The ugly sash on the first outfit was hideous though, can't understand anyone seeing this and saying "that just completes this look." Not unless one's edging into Vincent-delusional territory.

Although I was happy to have Gordana finally in the winning group, even if she wasn't the outright winner.

Mehhh, there were some cute little notes in this duo of garments, but the teal fabric looks almost like a really bad jersey. So very blah.

In the tunic, I hate everything from the belt down.

The teal part of the dress on the front is ugly - I like the back, but the front just has too much floppy teal going on.

I thought this group should have won this (lame blue) challenge too. These seem very marketable and commercial. I love the little swirly things on the neckline on the knit top. Very trendy, considering this took place a year ago or more!

Not thrilled with the construction on either of these, but the skirt, particularly, is a disaster. If the fabric is too limp to lie flat, then one doesn't use it for a tailored skirt, qed. INC's current textile choices are sleazy, in the classic definition, so I'm not surprised the fabrics in this challenge aren't up to the structural demands the designs are putting on them. Both tops have hemming and seaming defects which are absolutely down to the working qualities of the textile, which apparently stretches and slides against itself and makes it difficult to maintain a consistent shape.

The ideas behind both of these ensembles are quite nice, but the physical materials aren't equal to the designs. Assessing the actual physical qualities of one's textiles is essential, and was left out of the thinking process.

I have to agree with Michael Kors again. It is interesting that he is more right about bras and bra-friendly clothes.

When something is a clingy knit like that tunic (I did like the top/neck) it does need to be bra friendly.

Hate teal.
The other outfit: the top was toooooo boring it looked like that basic tank that Melvin? did on TFS (the top of the black velvet dress- just as very basic tank in a non-stretch fabric.) The skirt would be difficult to fit (and apparently finish well).

--- my comment was supposed to include that MK was more right than Heidi.
And the model kind of confirmed it.
(what is a real woman supposed to wear pasties under that - or tape?)
And most convertible bras would still have issues; esp when is low cut in front, low cut in back and wide on the shoulders.

I did like Team Cutiecakes, but that first tunic is unflatteringly clingy. NO hope that it would look good on someone that eats actual human food. Of course, since the back negates the use of a bra, that point is moot, I guess.

too many cats

I'm sure someone here will correct me on this if I'm wrong, but the designers didn't have a "real" Mood to go to, just a faux Mood stuck somewhere convenient.
I think I see the same colors time after time....and I wonder if the selection is extremely limited?
They don't seem to have three floors of Mood to select from. More like this is the "green" episode from the previous season when they were constrained to design with green fabrics and it was only in non-Bravo interviews that it came out that there were like six bolts of fabric from which to choose.

Was this similar?
Anyone got the ear (and mouth) of some of these designers?

tunic look: unflattering
skirt look: stewardess, and also unflattering if you don't have perfect proportions.

But the designers can't be blamed. And I would also like to know what is the status of the LA Mood. I'd like to blame some of this season's zzzzzz's on the store.

I tend to agree this probably should've been the winning pair. The designs are reasonably within what you'd expect to find in a department store and have a couple nice little details. Not thrilling to me and nothing I'd personally wear or recommend to a friend, but not bad.

Also, at least I don't peer at them and go "Is that blue? Really? Looks grey to me."

IMO, it was a good call on the part of the judges not to give these the win. These outfits, while pretty, do not fit in with Macy's INC International Concepts philosophy at all.

The INC line is high style at very reasonable prices, a line that attempts to cover all bases from work to casual with versatile pieces that aren't cookie-cutter designs and are a little edgy, if I'm interpreting it right. So far, so good, right? BUT...

Any top that requires a special bra just to wear would sit un-bought on the racks. The INC customer may not be able to afford special bras for just a single outfit, and probably can't be bothered with anything that requires too much work to put together. INC strikes me as a "grab it, go, and look great" line. These outfits fail that basic purpose.

That said, the blue ruffled top was quite striking. With a higher back (read: covering up the bra), it would be a knockout and probably a best-seller if added to Macy's INC line.

But you just knew that the extended discussion of having to buy a special bra for this outfit automatically ruled it out as a winner for this particular challenge.

The full dress? Pretty, no argument there. Very ok. A great and very versatile dress BUT FOR that back, again. We're not talking high couture with the INC line. We're talking mass merchandising, so the thing has to have great general appeal. The back wrecks that goal.

Count me as one of those girls who has never owned a "100-way bra" and probably will never care to. And I'm exactly the target customer who would buy both of these looks in a New York minute if the backs didn't present a bra issue. I can't be bothered. Spanx is as far as I go, period.

I will never understand how they didn't win. These pieces are so much more marketable. Irina dress's neckline and back does not look good on anybody. Not to mention the horribly boring and dated blue blouse.

I thought they were going to win for sure. I actually liked the dress with the scarf, in a department-store-ish way, mind you.



I thought Team Girlie was the winner too. The designs seemed more Macy's (don't know anything about the INC line.) The teal colors were awful and the skirt and top looked a little sloppy where they come together though. I can't imagine having a separate skirt that is so high-waisted and then tucking in the top. The outfit would have looked cleaner and more polished if done as a color blocked dress.

And maybe I'm crazy but I thought the leggings outfit was cute on Vanessa. And I liked the sash. It was the one thing that gave it a little flair. The hem did have some issues, but it was still the cutest look of the two.

Meh. Both are boring. The whole challenge was boring. The judging was boring. These contestants are boring. Even Tim is boring me. I fell asleep halfway thru, and still haven't caught the entire episode. Your blog is the only interesting thing about this season. What a letdown!

These looks also just look more like the INC line. They're good for lots of body types and would fit right in with the display at any Macy's right now. And since PR is apparently entirely about appealing to teenagers now, these looks work for that, too.

you may be right - you often are - and if so, then this is an *even worse* challenge than I thought originally. If looks this boring, department-store-ish, "wearable" and mundane are the winning looks, then something on Project Runway is very, very broken.

and yes! flight attendant, of course.

I hate those long tunic tops and leggings. I loved them when I was 12 and they were around the first time. Now, I just feel like I'm looking at leggings and maternity tops.

I think the second look is a bit flight attendant, no? Welcome to Jetblue . . . hey! Blue?? Get it, blue? Yeah, the challenge sucked this week.

tiny mounds of breasts.

I really want the dish on this fake Mood they've been shopping at.

Are ALL the designers lousy fabric picker-outers or is this actually the best "Mood" has to offer?

PS - yeah. what you said. shoulda won. Like the kicky back of that skirt.

Ugh the tunic looks like its from Topshop and the dress is like a cheap redesign of the flight attendant uniforms for FinnAir

I totally thought they WERE going to win. I was very shocked when they handed it to Irina. These two outfits fit the brief much better than any other, in color and in style. And I think these girls are great. Don't hate them because they're cute!

Hated the first look because of the sash. It actually managed to make the model look like she had fat oozing over its edge. The second one was better but the skirt fabric looked cheap. This was a challenge where it was so close that just about anyone could have won - or lost - it.

Pittypat, T and Lo, WORD, DUDES.

These four pieces could combine to create four different looks. They were a cohesive set. NOBODY ELSE PUT OUT TWO COHESIVE LOOKS.

Carol Hannah wuz robbed.

I still don't understand why this was a team challenge.

Several folks have commented on the flight attendant look of the second outfit and y'know that might have made for a much better challenge than "design something blue." It would have been a riff on the USPS challenge from the first season but almost would have had to be more creative than the blue INC snoozer.

Since the new producers of PR are clearly creativity-impaired perhaps what we minions should be doing here is making suggestions for more creative challenges than what we've seen so far.

Any suggestions?


You must be kidding. Their looks screamed "cheap, cheap, cheap." And I love how people are saying that the first look would work for different body sizes; if you have two extra pounds anywhere above the waist, that cheap clingy fabric will show them off to everyone. I totally didn't get that they were in the top two this week.

But it was a totally lame challenge overall....

Heheh @ "gigglehairflip". But I agree, these girls should've won. They fulfilled the requirements of the challenge perfectly, boring as it was. But the show is so bad this season, I don't even watch it anymore; I just read your comments. I've sort of given up hope for anything exciting coming out of this season.

Excellent points. Both teams seem dead equal in a boring and non-fashion oriented challenge.

Leggings? Really? They are tights. You wear them under a dress, preferably, or (I suppose) under a shirt if you were born after about 1987 and think they qualify as pants. I suppose it is better than the tootieflashing "is it a shirt or a tiny dress?" trend that is so popular. I remember when short dresses were FIERCE, instead of looking like you are wearing a maternity shirt for elves.

I agree heartily with whomever stated upthread that no outfit incorporating leggings should ever win PR.

Maybe someone more insightful can comment on this: I totally agree with the fabric choices being uniformly horrible in every challenge this season. The worst. Could this be because they don't have enough time in the store? Or that none of them are familiar with the layout of the store.

Same idea - why the one day challenges? It's too short guaranteeing that there is a lot of crap on the runway. Every time I hear "one day challenge" I know it's going to be garbage. Why aren't they giving enough time for quality finish? Sure stress them out a bit, but this is ridiculous and reliably disappointing.


During filming, there was a gossip bit somewhere that said they couldn't shoot at the real LA Mood (which is a huge & really good store) but I'm not sure a reason was given.

TLo, do you have the scuttlebutt?

suzq hit the nail on the head- if "cohesive" was not a final judging factor, why make it a team challenge?? I thought last year's judging was bad!
Still I gotta say, the tunic outfit reminded me of Ricky's (and Jack's?) SJP challenge outfit. Am I right?

I think the tunic would sell out in different sizes and colors --even plus sizes.

But the dress would probably go to the clearance rack. There's something that screams 1972 Flight Attendant about it.

Hell, yes, they should have won.

They were the only two that produced looks that could be worked into the INC line today.

The next time one of the judges lectures the designers on not following the rules of the challenge, I'm going to yell "INC!" at the screen (that will teach them.)

I did not love either of these looks, but they were spot-on for the challenge.

Too bad Heidi got distracted by something sparkly again.

"INC is high style...and are a little edgy"

Welcome, INCs mother!

I thought Team Girlie should have won as well. But as soon as the judges began gushing over Irina's dress, I knew it wasn't to be.

I was kind of easy on the decision. I liked these looks better overall - partly I just prefer the aesthetic, I like leggings and short dresses and don't dig the flowy - and I thought, yeah, they worked best together. OTOH, Irina's maxi dress was kinda gorgeous and I really did not like the skirt on the second outfit, so... Eh.

Naw, Team Girlie deserved the placement that they got.

Dr. Whitfield made the same exact blouse and skirt a few weeks back.

And the other outfit just looked like something you could get off of the rack at K-Mart. How much better is this outfit than what Miss Crissy made?

Overall: no real risk-taking. Totally blaze.

I think the sash is the best and worst part of that first look. Without it the shirt would hi-light a TON of flaws, but with it it creates flaws on the model's (skinny and SKINNY) body. I thought they were the winners though. They had the best collection I thought Gordana's shirt was the best piece. It's just my kind of style though.

Sorry, but the sewing's not so hot and there's too much flight attendant/Forever 21 going on with these looks...

They're not losers, but they're not winners either. (Mind you, the winning entries weren't all that exciting either.)

I agree that this team should have won. Not that I love what they produced but it was the only cohesive team look and it fit in with the INC line the best. And both looks had a certain flair. As for the tunic being difficult to wear with a bra, what about Irina's dress? What kind of bra could you wear with that? It would have to be strapless.

And for the record, INC is in no way edgy or high style.

My reaction to this entire episode?

"I'm so bored I forgot to post."

Lilithcat said
"My reaction to this entire episode?"I'm so bored I forgot to post."

ditto Lilithcat

What happened to Gordana's blue fingers in this episode? Remember, the teasers that they were running showed a TH with Gordana, and her fingers were blue or purple? It never happened on the show, that I can remember. Did I fall asleep and miss it? Or did the mix in a TH from a different challenge to try and create drama for this week?

Gigglehairflip- HA!

I kinda liked these looks in the sense that if you squint your eyes and imagine that no support garments are needed.

What I hated, and many of you pointed this out, is the color. That effin teal fabric has more lives than the cat Kenley threw. I've seen it on the SJP challenge, Elisa's "pooping fabric" dress and probably more challenges than I want to remember.

IMHO, teal and fuschia are the most unflattering colors on the color wheel.

Macy's must have supplied the fabrics (hence their cheapawfulness) and had a lot more design input than we say. I can't believe the same designers who made those amazing newspaper dresses made such blah this challenge without some shenanigans.

Sorry TLo, but I can't agree that an outfit should win that makes an emaciated model look like she has a baby bump. Not attractive. I do get that this was the only group that sent two cohesive items down the runway, and they did a great job at construction. But would the clingy fabric and revealing backs fit into a department store line where women with real breasts and bodies would shop?

This looks like it should have won the SJP Bitten challenge ($20 budget).

always looks ready to cut a bitch when she walks the runway.

gah! that should read:

ebony always looks ready to cut a bitch when she walks the runway.



The tunic just goes to show poor Louise that it isn't that they hate ruffles and rosettes, but you gotta do them right, reined in and integral to the garment. I liked the tunic, not with that belt and not at that length, but overall stylish.

I concur completely with the flight attendant/Bitten by SJP comments that are proliferating here.

I personally felt this weird French-pseudo-high-class-hooker vibe from Ebony that I can't quite explain. Was it just that the styling was so off? (That was a LOT of make-up and very obviously done hair.)

I really liked Gordana's look but not so much Irina's. I liked both looks in this collection (unlike Tim, I have no problem with leggings. I even own a pair so suck it.) The dress was really cute. I dunno. The judging was at least not as baffling. That's something?

I have a crush on Shirin, so I agree with this. Why can't she just send herself down the runway each week?

Mall clothes.

They were ROBBED!!!

Obviously, I don't get it, because I thought the shirt dress looked poorly made. Maybe it was the way it was worn by the model, but that doesn't get them a pass, since a designer's work doesn't stop until after the model walks down the runway. It had a twisted skewed look that I am always fighting against in my clothes, and a design that naturally tends that way would be a hard sell to a departments store shopper.

And I hate the droopy boob style that Irina's dress had. The skirt was cool, flowy and swirly, the way I like them, but the top was a let down.

Gordana's top looked like the tops I used to make out of rags as a kid when making temporary play costumes - just fabric cut with dull scissors and pinned together.

So, yeah, I think this team was robbed of the win.

As for the sash on the tunic. How are people getting baby bump? I think it accentuates the narrowing of her waist and makes her tummy look flat and toned - concave, not convex. Probably wouldn't work that way on the rest of us, but I thought it striking on the model.

For these dresses, I don't see the design and sewing flaws that other outfits seemed to have. Now, I'm no expert, certainly not a trained eye, but again, isn't that the point. Lay people buy dresses, and it needs to look good to them. Maybe if you look close, you can see flaws in these outfits, or if you look close, you can see that something doesn't have the flaws it appears to at first glance (see shirt dress), but if something doesn't look good to the naked eye, then how can you call it good on closer inspection. A designer needs to draw people in from the first careless glance. I thought these outfits held up better than any of the others from that perspective.

So they were boring and department store looking. Isn't Macy's a department store? I agree with Michael Kors, you could do the tunic in a wide variety of colors. I'd wear it in a rich blue or deep purple, with a slightly less clingy fabric. The point is, the design is department store friendly.

I hated both of them, and would have put them in the bottom (although admittedly, I would have put almost everybody in the bottom if I could. Irina won pretty much by default).

In addition to what's already been mentioned about the tunic, it a) makes Vanessa look about 5 feet tall and b) is too fussy, like most of what CH has done. I like the romance of the sleeves and the back. I like the neckline treatment. But I don't like them both on the same top. It's got to be one or the other, not both - they don't look like they belong on the same outfit.

However, that's nothing compared to the horribleness of the second outfit, which reminds me of nothing so much as that outfit Bradley put together in about 15 minutes and won with back in S3. Only his actually looked decent - this, to my mind, is what his DESERVED to look like. The skirt is boring and looks unfinished, the top is boring and droopy and saggy (never words you want applied to something in the region of your bust). And that's to say nothing of the horrendous little necktie.

Maybe with a belt...hmm, it's like playing the Fug Girls' Unfugging game. I'd remove the belt from the first outfit and add it to the second, and replace the neckline of the second with the neckline of the first.

I, for one resent the *gigglehairflip*comment

It only applies to the Underoo Princess who was workin' it for Mr. Manolo Blahnick.

I hated this, both of them. There is nothing new here and a lot of cheap. Really, I was surprised by the reception (and they do look like cheezy guest at the wedding dresses for girls who will be knocking back tons of 'tinis before they start knocking boots with the groomsmen) and I continue to be. Ugh-ly.

i thought the belt was tu wide,&the other piece looked kindof lyk a flight attendent.but your right, the back was fabulous.

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