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Team Delusional

Disco pumpkin, bitches!

Darlings, watching two of our favorite designers convince themselves they were knocking it out of the park when anyone with a set of eyes could see they weren't, well, it was like watching a slow motion train wreck.

It's weird. Neither of the pieces they produced looked at all like something either of them would have designed. Yet they were both so pleased with the results. We'll have to chalk it up to sleep deprivation. Because, honeys?

Model: Celine Chua

That ain't good.

Aside from the bib and the ruffled neckline, we're not seeing Christopher anywhere in this design. We took him to task for working too much in his safe zone, so we can only assume that he was making a conscious effort to move out of it.

Although to be more accurate, this isn't that far from what he's done before going by his entry in the maternity challenge. It's just a very bland shape and the fabric looks cheap and not chic or stylish in any way.

We don't get the Duchess's "disco pumpkin" remark even if it does make for a very quotable sound bite. He must have figured that his "disco soccerball" critique of Ari's first outfit was worth repeating. We look forward to "disco pomegranate" and "disco bowling ball" making their appearances.

Model: Tanisha Harper

Do you see Christopher or Epperson anywhere in this piece? For that matter, considering how style-less and done this look is, do you see any designer at all?

They hopped up and down in that workroom like they invented the idea of the shirt dress that looks exactly like a shirt. Newsflash, sleep-deprived: you didn't.

What can we say? The only bit of style they added - the sash - we don't like.

The rest of it is as basic as basic gets.

And the shininess of that fabric is not fabulous.

We've said this before about contestants who tout their self-taught capabilities and lack of formal training: that's all well and good, but there's more to schooling than learning technique. Design skills can be self-taught if one has the discipline and the perseverance, but you miss out on one important element of schooling: the critique process. And if you haven't learned how to go through that process... wind up with this.

And then everyone looks at you like this:

Which makes you do this:

There's a lesson there for all of us.

Extended Judging:

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Underwhelming challenge yields underwhelming results in an underwhelming seasons thus far. Yawn.

I actually didn't think the shirtdress was that bad. Too shiny, definitely, but not horrible.

Good advice on a working-at-the-office Sunday, TLo.

I've long said that I'm my harshest critic. I've also said, more than once, that an unexamined life is not worth living. I think Epperson and Christopher should have taken a page or two from my book, just as you so cogently have also recommended. Then again, I'm not quite as sleep-deprived as they were, but I am insomnical.

All the best,


This was a complete wash out. Cannot believe Epperson or Christopher sent this Walmartesque "crap" down the runway.


I don't blame Christopher for crying. The wring the designers out with sleep deprivation and short time constraints and then give cruel and unproductive critiques.
Haven't I seen Heidi wearing a dress very similar to the disco pumpkin? I think so.
I wasn't crazy about either dress. Firstly The pumpkin is green. Secondly I think Chris would benefit greatly from taking a design and construction course. He is a quick study I can tell from watching.
The shirt dress was okay. I can't understand what was so awful about gasp glazed striped cotton for a shirt dress. It must be white or cream, right?
Why did the ones that actually used blue feel like they had to use 10 shades of blue? I don't like the navy sash belt.

Maybe I am the one who is delusional, but didn't Tim give them a big thumbs up? That's how I remember it, and I remember it happening once before this season. If so, it is another case of miscommunication that is making things screwy this round.

I'm just confused. The disco pumpkin....looks like something that girls are wearing all the time, but with a bizarre neckbib thing. The shirt dress is a boring, boring shirt dress that i've seen a million times, except now it's shiny, which just makes it look silly. And of course they don't go together. I seem to remember them talking about making adjustments to tie them together....i wonder what they were supposed to be.
So...they seemed like very basic pieces that are in department stores now, except with small embellishments that still make them a bit too ridiculous.

I actually like the disco pumpkin but I also admit I don't have the greatest taste. But I still don't see why the judges were complaining about the construction because judging by these photos, it certainly doesn't look as wonky as the bust on Gordana's blouse.

I don't love the shirt dress, but

1) it is very well-sewn (look at how the buttons are all perfectly aligned)

2) The sleeve inset is interesting

3) The skirt isn't riding up to show the model's business unlike a certain suit from this episode

4) The shiny fabric looks worse under the runway lights

I wish they'd done up one more button on the dress because that floppy neckline mess is killing me -- looks like someone has worked all day and is riding the bus home.

TampaBay, I don't know about Walmart but Kmart had a much cuter shirtdress on sale this summer than this one -- with, nod to Louise, ruffles.

A shirt dress like that, minus the shine, can be found in any Ralph Lauren outlet store.

you guys are so bad but so true about Christopher's cry cry cry...

Sorry, but the breakdown didn't appear to me to be because Christopher hasn't been to design school, but because Tim Gunn totally missed the mark. He showed enthusiasm for the shirt dress and told a designer who hangs on his every word that he had the potential to "reinvent" the shirt dress.

I think Tim's been phoning it in for this season. His critiques are bland, his pep talks are without heart, and the fact that he looked at such a basic design and pumped up a designer who was doomed to failure in front of the judges make me think he's stretched a little too thin this season.

Ok, 1) Didn't the INC lady approve these concepts? If she thought they were so horrible and that a shirtdress "should be white or cream," she shouldn't have picked Christopher's designs; 2) Why has Heidi become bitchier and bitchier each season? I seem to remember after last season(?) the designers were asked who the felt was the harshest judge, and they all said Heidi. That would be Heidi, who knows the least about fashion out of any of them. Kind of over her at this point.

Tim praised the shirt dress idea - don't forget. He did tell them they didn't look like they went together -- but his critique, I believe, is what made them think tey were on the right path.

just sayin'

I can't remember his exact words, but Tim was pretty favorable about these looks, which surprised me. Anyone remember what exactly he said? Lifetime runs repeats less than Bravo, so I don't see them as much.


Love it.

I'm totally rooting for Christopher this season, but his one line during his amazing crying episode has had me in fits all week: "Wait..."

These weren't great, but I thought they were too boring to warrant the lashing the judges dished out. Any of the designs could've been in the bottom as far as I'm concerned. Dull, dull, dull. And I was completely perplexed when Tim lavished praise upon them in the workroom to the tune of, "You've reinvented the shirt-dress!" Because they used shiny fabric? Color me confused, not blue.

Neither of these looks are good, but, especially considering the just-below-mediocrity of all the other designs in this challenge, I think the judges were too harsh on this pair.

And also, aaaaaaaahahaha at "Team Delusional"!

I've been sort of raging out about the whole self-taught celebration since episode one. There was a comment from, (I think Christopher) that thanks to being denied fashion school he didn't know what smocking was or a godet.
I've learned everything I know about sewing from books and online. I can set a godet perfectly, and at least know the physics of smocking (stretchy!) even if I never learned to do it. If you don't know what those are, it merely means you never bothered to pick up a copy of Vogue Sewing from the library or read an issue of Threads. It means that you've never bothered to actually learn, and there is no "self-teaching" involved.
So yeah, make him cry, knock him down a few clicks.

Why did Heidi duct-tape her fingers?

Tim looked extremely dubious of the shirt dress. His words were 'you have the POTENTIAL to reinvent it'-- and the boys just assumed they already had, and they didn't have to change it.

A damn shame.

And the disco pumpkin, I think, comes from the way that fabric fell-- balloony and sectional.

Amen amen amen, TLo. Your comments about taking criticism are so on target. When you first start out making something and facing critiques, it feels like your soul is being chomped on by a pack of piranhas. You get tougher skin and learn to listen. Its all for the best. But, boy, its tough.

I wish I'd seen this show when I was going to school. It is an incredible lesson in how to critique and how to respond to criticism. Everybody has a limit.

I am amazed at the composure some people can muster even after sleep deprivation etc. I truly admire them. And, actually, I can really sympathize with Christopher. He'll no doubt learn to be tougher, but nobody is completely immune to an emotional melt down.

I think the biggest problems with Christopher and Epperson's design was that the shirt dress was poorly made with a sloppy fit in a bad fabric and the two outfits didn't really go together. The "disco pumpkin" actually looks like a lot of the stuff crrently in the INC line. If the outfit was a disaster that no modern girl would ever wear, that describes pretty much half the stuff in the INC line already. Although, actually...yes.

I thought the critique of their stuff was way off-base. I do think they belonged in the bottom, but I think there was a vast gulf between Team Delusional and Team Ruffles in terms of awfulness, and if it weren't for the judges trying very hard to create some sense of tension regarding who would be going home, Christopher and Epperson probably would have gotten off with a slap on the wrist.

I didn't like this challenge because I feel like designing for something like Macy's is what Project Runway is supposed to be about, and I really didn't like the judging. Not sure what's going on this season, but I feel like about half the time, the judges are off in crazy land right along with the designers.

I thought the same as Patrick, that Christopher's shock was a direct result of having been reassured by Tim (and Epperson) that the designs were great. They clearly weren't. I don't recall Tim ever being so profoundly off-base before.

the teal tunic/leggings combo looks exactly like everything that lindsay lohan, this season's first guest judge, wears to every event she ever goes to.

j'accuse, persimmon princess!

(now, i want mistress kors to say, "that looks like some crap heidi would wear" while ranting about how tacky a look is.)

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Loved the tearful screencaps boys, and you were right on target as to having to face the critiques in design school.

I can't access the extended judging vid right now, but I'd love to know who contributed what. Because to me, it looks like both Christopher and Epperson decided to go their seperate ways as far as color and design. Christopher's looks like he was throwing his tired old tricks at it (the ruffled top and halter cut) and Easy Sewer went too basic, too boring in shitty, all-too shiny fabric. There was no meeting of the minds on this one, and I doubt that Christopher put his foot down if he had doubts about what Epperson was doing.

As for Tim not giving these two a head's up about being on the bottom, I remember the words "potential" for re-invention, but it was Christopher who interpreted it as full on "reinvention". Did Christopher just listen to what he wanted to hear?

Also, Epperson said he was going to do more with his shirtdress, and either because of the time constraints or pure exhaustion, he didn't add anything more.

Let's hope both can bounce back from this, because I think they both have talent.

Since I didn't see much of the show, I was scrambling to make it make sense. At first, while I didn't like it, I thought maybe the shininess of the shirt dress was supposed to be a "unique" element - I certainly could see making items that have always been made up in matte fabrics shiny as some season's fashion trend - but the other look didn't bear out that thought and nobody mentioned it on the runway, so I was disabused of the notion. And the disco pumpkin look had little reason to exist and absolutely the least flattering rearview of any clothing item ever. It might be beloved of the snake-hipped/flat-assed hoping it gave them some shape, but certainly no-one else.

I wish I could come up with something snarkily witty about these two "designs", but the only word that comes to mind is BLAH.

The shirt dress wasn't all that bad. The raglan shoulder seaming permitted some playing with the stripes. Unfortunately, the sleeve ended right at the elbow, where the cuff would always get crunched and look messy-looking. Should have been slightly above or below the crook of the elbow.

Like the basic shell dress, one tiny detail can create a unique designer look and add hundreds to the price. This shoulder/sleeve combo wasn't quite enough to do the trick. Perhaps a twist on the front placket would have done it, I don't know. But occasionally you see great designers doing a turn down shirtdress lane, so this wasn't as nuts as it may seem.

The pumpkin look? It also didn't entirely suck. "Very wearable." "Commercial appeal." Just not designer-y enough for what they're looking for here. Would have done better on The Fashion Show.

Sleep deprived, indeed.

A word about art and design school critiques. Yes I have seen students cry from them, but usually because the student has never had an honest and accurate assessment of their work given to them. As shocking as the critique can be, the student should learn from it if they want to.
The critiques on PR are more for entertainment value, purposefully hurtful and cruel , one line jabs that serve only for laughs. The designers are frazzled so of course they will cry sometimes.

The shirtdress looks like a flight attendant's uniform. Alaska Airlines would be all over that look. It looks well-sewn, but that's about all that can be said for it.

That teal thing...[shudder].

I think what had me throwing my hands up in frustration here is that these two looks had nothing to do with each other. Nothing. Not in color, not in concept--they look so random together. I can't imagine them hanging on adjoining racks in the same store, much less being part of the same line.

And I echo PennyHubcap's sentiments when it comes to Christopher's ideas of what it is to be "self-taught." The guy obviously has loads of talent, and is a quick study when he decides he needs to be--and that's what's saving him here. But the gaps in his knowledge just leave me scratching my head in wonder.

Sometimes I suspect he's being disingenuous and pretending he doesn't know what smocking or godets are so he can increase his Wow Factor. Hell, I learned to sew from the basic Readers' Digest book, a subscription to 'Threads,' and by butchering a lot of fabric. I learned to draft patterns from a book. I've never taken a class in my life, or aspired to be a professional fashion designer, and I'm really no fashionista. And yet I know what all those techniques are, even ones I've never used before. So why doesn't he? I honestly don't get it.

Katey said...
I'm just confused. The disco pumpkin....looks like something that girls are wearing all the time, but with a bizarre neckbib thing.

That's exactly what I thought! It looks like your generic $10.00 clubbing top from Forever 21 that half of my friends own some variation of (I'm 20, mind you.)

Both pieces were fairly basic and didn't go together. I actually didn't mind the shirt dress (minus the shiny fabric) but it was still pretty boring.

I really don't have an issue with Christopher crying. He wasn't bawling his eyes out like certain past contestants *cough Andre and Ricky cough*. When you're working under those time constraints and are that sleep deprived sometimes people just need to let out their frustrations and crying is just one way of doing that.

I think the discc pumpkin would have worked for the pregnancy challenge -- didn't Christopher have a tight hoochie mama hoochie-mama dress for that one? Yeah, shhot me, I liked the shirt dress.

Oh, and Wendy asked why Heidi duct-taped her finger?

I think so she could ream the designers more thoroughly ... I've said it before and I'll say it again, give it up frau & MC there's only ONE Ms. Garcia! ~Gary

I really don't care what people think about my taste levels based on this: the shirt-dress was the one and only thing on the runway this week I would buy, and I like the shiny fabric. I think it's a nice alternate to the usual shirt material, just a little more interesting, without being bizarre. I don't understand why everyone else hates it.

As to what INC has, after the reaming these guys got, I went and looked at their current catalog online. It's full of hideously fugly prints that made me want to yack. I don't think anyone pushing that line has any right to complain about some slightly shiny striped material.

I think their biggest sin was the lack of cohesion. It is interesting Kors made such an issue of it. The fact he doesn't see the same woman owning both outfits much less the outfit being in the same collection. It was clear there were 2 complete different thoughts jsut from fabric choice. That teal color in no way worked with the shirt dress.

Personally Christopher just needs to toughen up. Louise got a worse tongue lashing in my opinion but she managed to hold onto her dignity

AS far as the INC rep approving the design, we have to wonder about the sales picth. we didn't see all of it. The shirt dress is not a bad idea to re-invent. But the choice of fabric was wrong. Perhaps if he found an ice blue cotton or a paler blue at least with the white stripes. And played more with the silhoutte. You dont have to be so literal. I thought the dress was a bit long. I wish it had been shorter and a little fuller.

Angel and Victorya were much more successful with the shirt dress concept


What I found as bizarre as these two outfits was the chick from INC who suggested in her critique that a shirtwaist in white would have been more acceptable???

Yes, that's exactly what every "modern" woman today wants to look like--Nancy Nurse in the 50s. Maybe she should have suggested a necklace made of thermometers to go with it.

I put some of this down to bad judging from last time. Christopher's gown had a very similar neck treatment, which the judges went nuts over, though I couldn't see the appeal. Perhaps he thought he'd give them another chance?

I liked the Disco Pumpkin and echo what others have said. It's pretty much the same thing that's in right now with the younger crowd. And instead of "bib", I think "ascot" when looking at the neck.

All in all, I'm just getting fed up with this season. Tim makes no sense, the designers make no sense, the judges (and judging) make no sense. It's as if everyone's running around like chickens with no heads. Not one thing has come together. I'm really hoping this is purely a result of the lawsuit and this is not a glimpse of the future of this show.

I agree that these outfits did NOT go together, but wasn't this what Christopher sketched? The fabric was not the (only) problem. No matter what fabric they picked out, the two looks would never have gone together. Even if both were made out of that shiny teal stuff (shudder)--no.

Brilliant! You summed up for me in pictures the answer I'll give when people say, "Why don't you try out for Project Runway?" Answer - I don't want to end up looking like that!

The "judging" process is designed purely to create spectacle for reality TV.

All these seasons I've fooled myself into thinking that PR was different from other reality shows, and actually had something to do with talent and creativity. This episode finally disabused me of that naive notion.

I believe Tim did say "potential" to reinvent the shirtdress and these two took him as saying "you HAVE reinvented the shirtdress." Listen to God Tim. Actually, when Tim looked at the shirtdress, it didn't have the tacky white cuffs and collar and looked more along the kimonesque lines of Epp's newspaper garment. I thought that would be cool. But what he ended up with was a horrible yawn.

Christopher's looked like some of the $8 tops I saw in Strawberry yesterday on the Upper West Side. But they were cuter.

How is teal "blue", darling Cry Boy? If you went for turquoise, okay. But teal is green. Tacky, tacky. If this was in soft, non-shiny material, maybe it could have worked somewhat better and bumped the hootchie mama suit into the bottom, but as it go, Madame Kors!

All in all, this is just boring crap to fit a boring season. Wake me up when we're down to four designers.

commenters are in fine form today; necklaces of thermometers! and barbara: "now, i want mistress kors to say, "that looks like some crap heidi would wear" while ranting about how tacky a look is."

hee hee. I'd love to hear that. Heidi wears some ass-awful clothing.

I also didn't get the judging on this. Not fabulous, obviously, but the "disco pumpkin" shirt is everywhere right now (and was beginning to be everywhere when this season was filmed). And as for the pieces not going together - Christopher did show the Macy's woman a sketch, right? she saw what he was planning?
And Tim's critique was positive in the workroom, what we see of it anyway.

man, what the HELL is going on with this show?
more than ever, I am only watching to keep up with TLo.

OK. The shirt dress has been done and done and done again. They did nothing new or innovative to it. I agree on that.

But... now, don't hate me, but I kind of liked the "disco pumpkin." I'd wear it, and, as a college student, I've seen lots of girls my age wearing something like it for a night out. At least it's in style now, unlike Irina's boring, out-dated dress.

And I thought the fabric was kind of fabulous. Maybe I just like that color, though...

I felt geniunely bad for Christopher. He just looked so pathetic up there. I agree with Patrick all the way when he says that "Tim Gunn totally missed the mark". Just to take it a bit further, it's not just Tim, it's the judges. Christopher has ignored the criteria for every challenge and continued to make the same poofy dress again and again and the judges has failed to call him out on it. Instead they heap praise upon him. So, to have M.K. come back and give him harsh criticisms must have been a SHOCK to his system. Plus Heidi was a SERIOUS BITCH in judging. The vibe must have been suffocating on that catwalk. Not to mention Epperson was of NO help with that rediculous face of his! I don't like that he always looks so puzzled when he gets criticized, furrowing his brow and cocking his head to the side like a puppy dog.

You know what though, as bad as that shirt dress was (it was horrendous!!) I didn't think the first outfit was awful. The bib was rediculous but the shape was just mundane, designed for a mundane store in a mundane color. It was the first time Christopher actually designed perfectly for the challenge, not surprising he was almost booted for it.

I liked the shirtdress and it was NOT bottom material. Glad Epperson was safed out.

The disco pumpkin ball was NOT easily wearable by many women (raises hand). It is way too revealing in the back. Does not provide proper support. So I understand why it was bottom 2 material perfectly. It was better made than the light blue ruffly dress- but wasn't that the one Nicolas made?

This is the first time Christopher has been in the bottom, up til now he's only been heaped with praise. So when you add in sleep deprivation, boring challenge, & the revolving door of judges, no surprise the waterworks turned on. At least Epperson tried to rescue him when he was too overcome to even try to speak. Hopefully he'll grow from it. I think the shirtdress might have been better with princess seams or something to make it more fitted. XX's

I'd say it again if its been said before, I f-ing love Michael Kors. The man has talent and sass for days.

How could they have not seen, right there at Mood, that these two main fabrics clash?

I actually liked the shirt dress fabric, but that balloony silhouette was not flattering. And that black sash on the shirt dress was weird (and also clashed). If they'd made something more fitted, like a take-off on a wrap or something, they might have had something.

And that second balloony dress (with the dreaded leggings) just made the model look like a cross-dressing British barrister. (Only thing missing was the white wig). I just didn't get it at all.

That said, I also found Heidi to be annoying. Am I crazy or is she worse this season? She's never had anything witty or constructive to say really, but she seems to have now dropped the pretense of actually trying to pretend to be nice, and just comes across as full of herself & even more clueless than before.


Did anyone else think the shiny fabric of the shirtdress looked like the material on an ironing board cover? It looked like mine :-0

That is the single best tutorial I've ever seen of what to expect and how not to act when one's work is being trashed.

When Princess said "disco pumpkin" I immediately wished that the challenge had been to use the color orange. And a disco ball.

Now that would be interesting.

I really thought Christopher should've been out for this. These are appalling. The shirt dress actually made me gasp in horror.

Anonymous said, "I actually like the disco pumpkin but I also admit I don't have the greatest taste."

Possibly my favorite comment ever.

Yeah, this was bad and sad. If anyone wants to talk about reinventing the shirt dress,they should talk to Angel Chang.

I agree with everyone else who mentioned that Tim Gunn made the shirt-dress sound like a slam-dunk for the Winner's Circle.

Frankly, I've seen far worse make it's way down that anything Angela made, or Mitchell's nightie with the hemp collar.

C'mon, peeps, it's a jabot:

A couple other random things:

I agree that the sash on the shirtdress is wrong. I like the shirtdress itself, but I'd lose the sash. A belt might've worked better, but if they were going with the sash, it should've been a different colour. I do like the necklace they picked, though.

I'm still undecided if they should've been in the bottom or not but I certainly agree that they didn't pull out winning looks that really reflected them much.

I find it interesting how many people are in the "teal isn't blue" camp. I think of it as blue, myself, but really, it's actually an almost exact mix of blue and green (if you use 'teal' as an html color it's #008080), so it could go either way. I don't have an issue with them picking it, but what they did with it was uninspired.

Christopher got beat-up this episode from an uncharacteristically bitchy Heidi. I don't know if she or the producers smelled blood in the water, but they seemed to go after him with a bit more tenacity than usual.

The biggest villain of the episode was the INC lady. She approved the sketches of both looks and picked his design as one of the five best. As Christopher says in his video blog, "I sold it to you, I gave it to you, why do you hate it?"

This is the first episode that I can think of where a judge (not a another designer) tossed someone under the bus. Once she heard the other judges rip the design she approved, she was quick to turn on him.

Also, this was the second time this season that Tim's critique seemed completely at odds with the judges (the other time was Gordana's newspaper dress). Is there some sort of rift developing between Tim and the judge’s aesthetic?

That bubble dress looks EXACTLY like something you'd see in the INC line. I don't think it's good fashion, but it did fit that part of the challenge.

Heidi was mean to the point of cruelty. It doesn't suit her. Missing Nina - when WILL she be back? Because the judging is all out of whack this season and it's ruining the show.

Am I the only person who thought "Walk of Shame" when I saw the shirt-dress? It looked like the model grabbed a dress shirt out of her bf's (or whatever's) closet, tied her scarf around it, and ran out the door.

Plenty of recycled ideas have won challenges on PR. With a killer belt, a belt that was interesting and innovative and flattering, sculptural or architectural, the shirtdress could have been smart and fun and fresh. As someone pointed out, it was well made. Maybe buttoned up to the top with the tailoring really emphasized. But the belt was key and boy did they miss the mark on that one. The other design was so repulsive, nothing could have saved it.

I sound like a broken record but back away from the shiny, designers! Shine usually equals disaster on the runway yet they flock to shiny fabrics like moths to a flame. Is the lighting in the LA Mood so terrible they can't tell the difference?

Myfawny-- spot on re: Angel!

I know these posts are supposed to concentrate on the looks before us, but once again, I am befuddled by the structure of this challenge. The goal was to produce one look for Macy's right? Why teams of two working on two looks, then? Why not another individual challenge? The challenges suck this season.

And we don't get a shot at the winning look...although that could be more a factor of the lawsuit than anything else.

I swear to god that I've seen the disco pumpkin at Macy's. Maybe not in teal, but definitely some sort of baggy bib halter. It was probably INC, too.

Anonymous 6:07 said Is there some sort of rift developing between Tim and the judge’s aesthetic?

I don't think there's been a Project Runway season yet where Tim hasn't disagreed with the judges, at least once, often more.

Christopher pitched the shirtdress to the Macy's person who made him the team leader. Tim was encouraging. They appeared to be well made. The biggest problem was that shiny was the only thing the totally disconnected two pieces had in common.

I think editing this season is just showing more of the rift between Tim & the judges to boost up the drama. In previous seasons, we'd sure hear about it later from Tim.

Remember the time when Ricky won & it was edited to sound like Tim told him his dress was - and I'm paraphrasing here - "The shit" when really what Tim said was "It's shit."

If I ever go on PR, I'll bone up on my technique & study fashion books & also stand on a chair in front of friends I've commanded to insult me. That should cover it!

i'm not dorothy gale

Boys, you showed such incredible restraint in refusing to put dialogue with the dramatic screencaps.


I didn't get the impression Tim was thrilled with the shirtdress, but encouraging them to make changes without actually telling them what to do. At least, that's how I interpreted the "reinvention" remark.

I finally stayed awake during a repeat of this episode and saw the runway show, and realized I missed nothing when I was snoozing through it Thursday night. Underwhelmed is an overstatement for my reaction to this PR season. The designers are talented but their niceness does not make for good tv fodder, and they are playing it way too safe. That shirt dress resembles a sewing project I attempted in 8th grade.

"an uncharacteristically bitchy Heidi"

Uncharacteristic?? "Bitchy" has always been Heidi's character, but these days she is in full out cunt mode. She needs a good hard slap across her pinched, pointy face.

Aren't pumpkins orange?

Brooklyn Bomber said:
C'mon, peeps, it's a jabot:

Ug! Thank you! Every time I think "jabot", my mind immediately goes to curtains so I called it an ascot.

I think the boys' real mistake was in these designs having so little to do with each other (besides "Black Leggings? Meet Black Belt."). The shirt dress is very mid-70s Kenzo and the shiny dress is, as someone else said, not so different from the usual Inc line). But they were HORRIBLE together...only serving to amplify each outfit's flaws.

Frankly, I really hated the looks from the two high school girls. They were so cheesy and cheapy that even the models looked all wonky in them. Ugh.

And that "prize" of a holiday dress with the fakaktah sparkly butterfly plastered to its hip? Even Mariah wouldn't wear that, and she's crazy about butterflys (and just crazy).

As for bitchy Heidi, I'm guessing since Kors and Garcia seem to be taking nothing but "sick" days, Heidi's a bit pissed with having to always sit with the new kids. And I don't blame her.

The "disco pumpkin" looks like the cheap crap they sell at Bebe. The shirt dress would have been better with a better fabric and less full at the bottom.

The critique process is VERY important, IMHO. I have a degree in architecture, and while the professors usually didn't resort to the snarky barbs common on PR, you could get skewered pretty bad. (However, we did make a professor mad and stomp out of the room before a crit one day. Heehee!)

I remember making pretty much exactly that shirt dress out of blue pillow ticking for my 4H sewing project in 1968. From a Simplicity pattern, no less. It's as far from being innovative as it's possible to get.

The blue bubble I'm pretty sure I've seen on a Bratz doll.

Distressing, as well as boring.

They REALLY didn't work well together. I know they were all lovey and showered praise on each other, but they just did their own thing and it showed. (groan)

And speaking of groans...PLEASE tell me you're going to post about the Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro show in Paris? Everybody loves a good trainwreck, after all.

This was a perfect recap of all things wrong with these looks. And Christopher. I don't remember if Epperson is also self-taught, but he should benefit from it too.

Self taught designers tend to lack fashion history, fashion forecast, illustration, and portfolio. There is a hell of lot more to fashion education than just knowledge of draping, patternmaking and sewing.

magicalrealist, you mentioned 'Threads' magazine. Wasn't that mag was the best?! It was printed by Tauton Press and they have a knack for excellence in every medium.

All that crying.......PUKE!

perhaps christopher was too distracted by epperson badu's headwear?

I saw Christopher's breakdown as genuine exhausted sleep-deprived crying. They've been driving the designers really hard with these short-timeframe challenges.

Gotta, say, Ep & Chris's outfits did not look that terrible at Tim Time; I was surprised at how bad/bland the finished garments were. With the editing, it's impossible to tell what was really said by Tim vs. what was heard by Chris & Epperson, but something got lost in the Telephone Game there.

That teal shade did look mighty, mighty green up there next to all the other blue outfits. That jabot was just a retread of what Chris did last week, except worse. Boring!

Who wears leggings these days? Besides 6 year olds? I can't believe none of the judges commented on that! I seriously cannot remember the last time I saw a full grown woman (who was not obese) wearing leggings like they were a pair of pants.

I actually LOVE the shirt dress. Including the color and the shininess. I would wear that. I thought they were way too hard on these guys.

PR Fan and Not a Sz 2

SPRITE SAID: "I seriously cannot remember the last time I saw a full grown woman (who was not obese) wearing leggings like they were a pair of pants."

You know, I expected more from this site. I get it's all about fashion here, but that was just mean and obviously meant to take a swipe at the overweight.

Can we talk about those weird metal armor things Heidi was wearing on her fingers? WTF were those? For the love of God, were they Frau-designed creations?

Thanks for the weekend posts, TLo!

At least with the pumpkin dress, Christopher and Epperson embraced the color of blue, which was part of the criteria for the challenge. Nearly all the other designs went for either a dark navy or a grey - two dull colors that seem to sum up the entire season.

I wish they'd do a challenge where everyone has to use the exact same fabric.

Lauren said:
"Can we talk about those weird metal armor things Heidi was wearing on her fingers? WTF were those? For the love of God, were they Frau-designed creations?"

...I noticed those too, and I think they are worn by all the single ladies. Thank you Beyonce for another tasteful trend.

(speaking of singer-inspired gear, TLo must blog Ungaro!)

A lot of people are commenting on Tim's approval for these outfits (or, at least, the shirt-dress), and some people are criticizing Tim's entire performance this season. It does seem like a number of his praised workroom choices have gotten particularly torn apart on the runway (and not because of any major changes I could tell).

I am really interested to hear TLo's take on Tim Gunn's feedback to the designers and how it differs so much from the judges... and maybe if they think that Tim's feedback has been different in any way this year-- as in, he's way off the mark, he's "phoning it in" (as one commenter put it), etc.

Not saying that I am accusing my darling Mr. Gunn of such things, but I would love to hear what the TLo take on all of that.

Also, this was the second time this season that Tim's critique seemed completely at odds with the judges (the other time was Gordana's newspaper dress).

Far more than twice. He also led Q astray and Epperson in an early episode and somewhat with the failing newpaper dress (I just forgot his name) and others.

I'm surprise by all the comments about the shirt dress not being that bad. I think it's one of the worst things I've seen - it's the one of the only ouftits I've seen where I can't see a thing that could be salvaged from it.

I WEAR shirtdresses - I don't think they're fabulous or fashionable, but they can sometimes be my friend. and I like Epperson. but...

THAT dress made a gorgeous model look schlumpy and unkempt. and tacky. Without bringing any creativity, energy or interest to the table.

it's my least favorite look of the season for being desperately ugly and desperately boring all at the same time.

I completely agree. Someone did NOT criticize that boy enough as a child. This is why I do no subscribe to the "every child is special" psychology because then you get this: a grown man crying on national television.

I remember making pretty much exactly that shirt dress out of blue pillow ticking for my 4H sewing project in 1968. From a Simplicity pattern, no less. It's as far from being innovative as it's possible to get.

But they were supposed to design something for INC, and INC. isn't innovative. It's basics such as tunics, leggings, skinny pants, and dresses. I didn't like this particular shirtdress, but I think a good one would fit in well with the line.

What made the disco pumpkin so awful was that band on the bottom (also what made it a pumpkin). There's no easier way to make a flowy top look tacky than to add a stretchy band. It's as bad as adding strap to leggings and turning them into stirrup pants. (Back when leggings were the thing to wear, of course.)

I've now seen the word "cunt" used three times in comments about this episode - twice about Heidi, and once about Irina. They were bitchy and mean, but neither one of them stole money from an old lady or ran over someone's dog on purpose. Can we get some perspective, please?

Six Toes Each

I'm a grown woman and I wear leggings, and all my grown women friends wear leggings too. We wear them with tucked in tank tops and wrap a scarf around our hips like a sash-belt. And then flip-flops. It is SUCH a cute look! We get lots of glances as we walk through the mall.
Leggings are the SHIT, bitches!

Oh, are we only allowed to call females bitches? What about skanks, whores, sluts, and fatties?
We need a list of what derogatory terms we are and are not allowed to use.

Callahan and others got it right regarding Tim's comments to Christopher and Epperson; he was definitely trying to warn them that something wasn't coming together, while at the same time encouraging them of it's potential. But Ms. Chris was still so high on his "dream team" fantasy that it went right over his head. He needed to be knocked down a peg or two, and if he's serious about pursuing a career in fashion, he'll learn from it and develop a tougher's a jungle out there! No one knows that more than the Duchess.

Perplexified, I'd rather you didn't call women any of those names unless truly deserved, and being kinda bitchy isn't deserving of being called cunt. To me, cunt is the equivalent of the N-word for blacks or the F-word for gays. Just don't go there, please. I mean, nobody called Epperson the N-word for the way he treated Qristyl. Nobody would EVER call him the N-word, even if he slapped his child around.

If you picture the disco pumpkin with puffy white balls down the front, it looks a bit like a clown outfit, albeit an unusually tasteful clown.

To me, the flaw with this pair (and I believe it was a fatal flaw) was that the two designs had no connection or reference to one another. The reason these two did not get auf'd is because they are two of the better designers this season. Epperson is not a team player. I think Christopher dealt with him by letting him do pretty much whatever the hell he wanted to do, thereby avoiding friction and confrontation. He was hardly a "leader" if they each just did their own thing.

Agreed, the designs were like a bottle of Demerol, but it's MACY'S kids! Macy's schtick is to sell clothing that is not edgy, not risky, not interesting, just safe. Macy's is where you go when you need a last minute outfit that will be inexpensive and "appropriate."

That little sack thing would be halfway cute on a petite skinny gal, I can see it in Macy's junior department.

Could we pass on ALL the sexually derogatory comments. They don't enhance a fashion critique, or any critique for that matter.

Anyway, enough about crappy clothes, how about that Mad Men episode! Holy Mackeral!

Epperson mentioned that he treated Qristyl like crap because he didn't respect her, and he said how much he respected Christopher as a designer and as a person. Then he turns around and make these messes. I've lost my respect for both of these designers.

Hmmm. What does it tell you that I forgot to watch the episode on Lifetime Saturday? And, now that I've got insomnia & might as well watch, their friggin site is crashing my browser (Safari)... But, look what I found on YouTube!

NinaGarcia Target videos -- Frugalista! They've been running for a month, I think. Ha ha - check out this one with cardigan & belt!

I totally agree with Patrick about Tim Gunn "phoning in" his comments. Perhaps he was a little tired with the grind of filming another season. (Let's not forget that the sixth season began shooting very shortly after the fifth one.) The truth is that none of his comments to the designers was particularly incisive this week. He just offered rather stale "positive" feedback. (Of course, the challenge itself didn't lend itself to much excitement, did it?) I also doubt that Tim enjoyed being transplanted to LA as much as he claimed to in interviews. Anyway, just hope the long lay off (b/w season six and seven) and the return to NY will rejuvenate our dear Tim.

Wait -- hideous clothes, badly made, terrifyingly cheap fabric? I thought that WAS INC. I'm surprised the Jersey lady didn't give them perfect tens.


When I was listening to the critique of the shirtdress I started thinking about the episode of the Fashion Show when Angel did her white shirtdress, which was more innovative than the offering from Christopher/Epperson.

Personally, I didn't think Epp's was all that bad. So I don't see all the bitching about it when everyone around here pissin' themselves with glee when Angel's shirt dress wasn't really that much better.

I did kind of feel bad for the both of them, because they really had respect for each other, and Miss Crissy seemed especially enthusiastic about the opportunity to work the Easy Sewer.

ES also didn't say he didn't respect Q as a designer, he just said she lost focus (which she did) and he felt he had to take over a little more then he should have. Don't get it twisted.

Now with my Monday Morning Quarterback critique: all I have to say is ES should've known that Miss Crissy was off the mark, even if she didn't and should've told her so.

If they stuck with the shirtdress, shortened it, then used the striped fabric for a men's shirt, and made a pair of white capris or maybe some flared out slacks (ala Korto in the Olympic challenge), they really could've fared much, much better.

But I like both of these guys, and am glad that Miss Crissy just barely escaped an auf.

And Heidi's remarks are making me think more and more that she's clueless about judging.

Where the fuck is Fern Mallis these days?

I got pissed when the judge said she didn't like the idea of the shirtdress in blue. WTF b!tch, then why did you choose that design?!

Ok, catching some flack about my leggings comment. Am I wrong in thinking that they are a serious fashion faux pas? I loathed Christopher's outfit, but I think it was the leggings that did him in. I think if he paired the shirt with dark dressy skinny jeans and strappy sandals if would be passable.

this show was taped a year ago or so, correct? (perhaps a bit more than?)
i just found the disco pumpkin remark amusing especially when it was followed up by the "pumpkin pie" phrases of the person critiquing the models' walks on MOTR. (which put me to sleep.)

How sad when the untrained designer hits the history wall. I had an original Rudy Gernreich shirt dress in 1969: soft, soft, soft and thick cotton, which looked like fine striped, muted mattress ticking/ Atkinson's striped peanut butter candy bar.

I loved that dress with all my heart. It was comfortable, beautifully constructed, and one of the most memorable birthday gifts my parents ever gave me.

Tina on 10/5/09 at 8:49 AM said...."I totally agree with Patrick about Tim Gunn "phoning in" his comments."

INMO, I do not think Tim personally "cares for" any of this season's designers other than Epperson. Even Kenley got more critique from Tim than this bunch collectively.


I thought the INC lady choosing the team leaders and the one doing the judging were different people. Was it the same woman? My connection is too slow today to view the videos. If there were 2 INC ladies involved, that would explain the outcome a little as to why approve something to be made and then tear into it on the runway.

Heidi must have been in a bad mood that day - she came to work in her pajamas.

And I was also wondering about those wonkin rings/broken finger casts......

sprite said: Ok, catching some flack about my leggings comment. Am I wrong in thinking that they are a serious fashion faux pas? I loathed Christopher's outfit, but I think it was the leggings that did him in. I think if he paired the shirt with dark dressy skinny jeans and strappy sandals if would be passable.

I saw Taylor wearing leggings in a recent episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, so I guess they're in style again? But she's LA fashion through and through (and probably not someone I should be taking fashion cues from), so I'm not sure. But I love them now as much as I did 20 years ago. I just don't know if I should wear them out of the house. Durham, NC isn't exactly a fashion capital. I could probably get away with them. : )

The judges hated the top, but I agree the leggings probably didn't help, especially considering the length. If they had been standard length, they would have looked better. To my eyes anyway.

Still hating the bottom band on the disco pumpkin.

The disco pumpkin king and queen laughing at Christopher might want to realize that they are are freaking ORANGE, so that covers the pumpkin part. As for the disco comment, they both come from the disco ball era and need a little more botox on their pumpkin faces. I guess it makes Kors feel better to verbally trash a really nice guy since he got beat up on the playground for so many years. Heidi and Michael you are asses and its too bad Christopher is too kind to give you both the one finger salute you deserve.

So there was no saving the pumpkin but the shirt dress wasn't horrible. I see the shiny fabric in stills much better than on the runway (which makes me reconsider at least some of my critiquing of TFS's poor lighting but that's a topic for never) and I understand much better why they didn't like it. Also, the collar looks weird and uneven. But it's not bad. I dunno. This was a vague, dull challenge. It's hard to be a hater.

10/5/09 9:55 AM
INMO, I do not think Tim personally "cares for" any of this season's designers other than Epperson. Even Kenley got more critique from Tim than this bunch collectively.


I won't say so much "care" as I would say that Tim respects him and has faith in his judgment. Epp has been in the business probably as long as Tim, and I'm sure they must know each other from business circles.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm disturbed that Heidi has a nighty in her closet resembling the shirtdress.

I just can't figure out why his face was so pinchy....

You guys have me cracking up! So damn funny... and all true. Team delusional, yes.

When the shirtdress walked out, I turned to my husband and said, "I had that same dress in pink in 1982, from Lands' End." Shortly thereafter, Kors said it looked like 1979.

OK, so I'm always a little behind the times, but...HA!

Here's my beef. Criticism of both bottom 2 teams talked about the designs as being unattractive and I've got to wonder what the woman from Macy's was thinking when choosing the team captains. Were they setting certain people up for failure? Yes, fabrics were an issue too and that wasn't necessarily represented in the pitch, but if you don't like the designs themselves, why choose them? Ok, rant over. Glad Christopher and Epperson are both safe because I enjoy both their work and their personalities on this show.

I think the disco pumpkin top is hideous all the way around, and I'm quite used to bizarre clubbing tops. It's just amazingly bad. imagine my surprise when I spot a shiny garish shirt with an odd bib on someone who should be able to afford to dress better...

I guess that means Chris was "on trend", but let me just say it's a trend I'm not looking forward to.

-- Anun

I've said it already, but it bears repeating: Christopher is the new Ricky.
Sooo over his crying.

sprite 10/5/09 9:16 AM said.. "Ok, catching some flack about my leggings comment. Am I wrong in thinking that they are a serious fashion faux pas?"

There are two camps on this one - that they are a faux pas and that they are back on trend.

Personally, I love them but with the right top/dress. When I was younger, I used to wear them with just t-shirts. Now I mostly wear them with dresses, skirts or long tunics.

I know many fashionistas hate them, but shit, they're comfortable and look good on me, so eat that, bitches!

I see a designer in that shirt dress; Issac Mizrahi.

It disturbs me to see bad 80's clothing bob to the surface again. The "disco pumpkin" outfit reeks of the shiny tops with banded bottoms over black leggings that we used to wear ad nauseam. And we were DRAWN to shiny. Like crows. But we were 28, and usually drunk.

I've grown fond of Chris, he has such lovely gestures. 'Kind of a cross between Joan Fontaine and Ronald Colman. So I hope he will manage to move on sucessfully this week, and pull a zinger out of his ass.

I actually liked both these dresses.
The shirt dress I didn't like quite as much, but I really did like the "disco pumpkin" one.
Also, I'm pretty sure that I've seen dresses like the "disco pumpkin" one at Macy's, and I've definitely seen girls wearing dresses of that style. As a teenage girl who shops at macy's, I would have worn both those dresses, if the shirt dress wasn't so shiny.

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