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Spring 2010 Potpourri: Milan

Ready, set ... GO!

Alberta Ferretti

Old school romantic (meant in a good way). Very pretty and feminine.


Fun! We don't care what anyone else thinks; sometimes you need to break out the neon tie-dyes. What better time than now?


It's okay. Some interesting prints and shapes. It's a bit severe.

Roberto Cavalli

Another old school romantic. We could do without the coveralls, though.

Salvatore Ferragamo

It's all about the silhouette, baby. We love.

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I love them all, my heart is fluttering right now! Feretti is definitely my fave though!

Oh, heart -- I love Ferragamo's.

Casual Bohemian Hippie Chic, that's me.

Never been keen on Camo, however.

*sigh* I like coveralls

Ferretti and Blumarine have some beautiful looks. The others? I'm disappointed in.

Gucci's stuff is too hard, flaccid 'edgy' and I don't like whatever not-black colours there are.

Cavalli's stuff is hard to see since the shapes, textures, prints are all fighting each other to the extent I can't pick the pieces apart in my mind to match them up to other basics.

Ferragamo's stuff is just... blah. Bad shapes, non-inspiring colour.

Ah, well.

AF and SF are my total favorites!


Keep them dresses rolling!


sometimes you need to break out the neon tie-dyes. What better time than now?

The sixties? Seventies?

I have to say that when I see things on the runway and in the stores that I probably shouldn't have worn thirty years ago, I run the other way!

Love the Ferretti.

Thanks, Boys.

Ferretti: eh, esp. because I think I see granny panties underneath, which means one has to go find a long slip.

Blumarine: Asbolutely! I like all except the camo-ish stuff. You're so right about the tie dye. It's necessary sometimes!

Gucci: ixnay, except the prints on the first 2.

Cavalli: overalls? No, thanks.

Ferragamo: mixed. I like the color story (there actually is a color story with that one!). But the last piece looks like an exoskeleton. Or droopy breasts.

Ferretti, Blumarine & Cavalli, YUM.

I don't get this notion of mesh woven stuff over a dress or skirt. Does not resonate here.

Gotta go back and stare at those spring-sheer trouser outfits.

The dress in the Bluemarine collection, top right, looks like it's slit up to her bejesus. My kudos to her waxer.

I love the Blumarine collection, too. We need some fun.

MOajority is lush and fun. The Gucci collection is not only severe but the many of the girls look too masculine and butch. And I dont mean in that cool Marlena Dietreich kind of way


Overalls make every woman look like Junior Samples.

And to think the Ferragamo designer purportedly got canned after the spring 10 collection.

Some very lovely stuff here, particularly the Gucci. Yum!

Roberto Cavali - a welcome change from the dreck he was showing previously.

Farragamo - good stuff, but those exaggerated jodhpurs are seriously fugly.

Love it all, agree with you about the overalls. Could also do without the bloodstained Ferretti

Feretti is gorgeous. Cavalli - not so much. I don't like those prints in that fabric layered like that.

and though I think I would normally find those jodhpur-esque pants revolting, somehow - most especially in the first, all white ensemble - they look really neat and sharp and almost futuristic in a good way.
liking the all-white Ferragamo, VERY much.

Love the Ferretti. The dress with the red "rosettes" looks a lot like Louise's auf'd dress, doesn't it? This is what her dress should have looked like.

Ferragamo was definitely channeling Malvan and his chicken thighs.

hm. so if I wear a tie dyed coverall with a flowered print down my side, thigh or across my girlparts, and if the flowers are kind of Laura Ashley-esque and I have a jodpur like swelling off to the side, I will be a fashion icon.

Alberta Ferretti... gorgeous!! Dump the shoes, though.

Blumarine is so fun, but isn't that the same dress in the first three pics?? Just try that on PR!

Love them allllllllll. Ferragamo and Cavalli are my favorites. I'm really happy with the Spring 2010 collections.

Ohmygod, the Laura Ashley look of the 80s has risen from the dead.

Where is my stake?

Oooooo. I like the Blumarine - but those "shoulder/sleeve" scarves are kind of odd.

These are great, and seem to be a cut above what was shown in NY (at least what I saw). A couple of Ferreti's look like nightgowns, though.

I like these shows because each designer has a strong point of view that is different from the others'. It seems like some of the New York shows were quite similar, but these folks are going in their own directions, which I love. And the models are absolutely stunning.

Oooo, pretty!

Except for Cavalli's pants under dresses. They're not even leggings, they're pants, and I detest that look. Even the overall does not bother me as much as those 2 looks with the pants under the dress.

Feretti: Not bad but could use an injection of Proenza Shouler or Blumarine color.

Blumarine: YES! I'd wear all of it (but I live in the Caribbean)

Gucci: miss.

Cavalli: Orphan Annie Hall

Ferregamo: Who here thinks that jodhpurs are a good silhouette? Anyone? Anyone? Didn't think so.

Given the oppertunity i'd rock the all those Ferragamo looks; if I was a girl-girl, I would want the Feretti pieces, they're lovely.

However the whole Cavali line seems made to add 10-15 pounds, some of those models look very wide, not cool. Gucci didn't really move me, it was just ok.

Ferretti - I really like the hats, I like the flower applique effect on the dresses and the mesh apron is growing on me. I am not wowed, but it is appealing.

Blumarine - I like the glamor girl styling. I yippeed when I saw the tie-dye but my goodness, how simple, uninspired and unambitious can you get. I can do a better job than that with some twine, a bottle of Rit and a toilet bowl - eat some 'shrooms, drop some acid, do something to your expand your imagination. I like the ensembles on the second row, I like the idea of the camo, but looking at it, the camo may have been taking the looks one step too far.

Gucci - I like the last two looks on the first row and the first one on the second, but overall I don't find it that exciting.

Cavalli - Hate, hate, hate the styling, who is the genius who thought that wet, greasy looking hair, and heavily winged eyes went with flowy prints???!!!

Ferragamo - Some of the looks l liked, many I did not.


Love love love the Gucci, loathe loathe loathe the Ferragamo!


Julia said: Ferregamo: Who here thinks that jodhpurs are a good silhouette? Anyone? Anyone? Didn't think so.

LOL, and not just jodhpurs, but CAPRI jodhpurs! Hideous.

The Salvatore Ferragamo collection is gorgeous, I lovelovelove those pants.

fun and dare I say it, very wearable

Most of those are gorgeous. Not to mention wearable and well-built. I especially like the Gucci and Alberta Ferretti ones. The only ones I did not like were the tie-dye ones...and they are still wearable and appealing to some people.

The Feretti and Ferragamo collections are my favorites - that last dress by Ferragamo caught my eye immediately, I think it's my favorite of the whole lot.

Blumarine: Fab!
S. Ferragamo: Gorge!

Loving the blumarine collection! I miss color on the runway.

Wow. I can't believe how much I like the Cavalli. Even the coveralls!

It's all sort of a softening of what I wear and is encouraging me to relax my look a bit. Interesting & fun to think of what I can do.

PS - I heart u Boyz.

Ferragamo, best collection, no doubt.

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the two vagina dresses.

Like the yellow spidery/tattoo-ish gown Drew Barrymore wore, two of these have bold graphic vaginas dead center on the skirts. They're saying "Yoo hoo, boys, right here! Right here!"

Everybody gasped, beat their breasts, and declared the end of the civilized world as we know it over Drew's dress. But not a SINGLE PEEP this time?

Wassamatta wit youse guys taday?

Prop yer eyeballs open with toothpicks and take another look-see.

Must be a new steampunk trend, eh?

"So...Ferragamo...what was the inspiration here?"

well, there were these flying squirrels we spotted when we were strolling around Cherynoble...

I liked the Gucci.

Love most of it.

Alberta Ferretti(sp) is really starting to become my favorite designer.

... 7,8,&9 in the first set are horribly dated, they have a homecoming-esque feel to them from 2003. i sure hope no one seriously attempts to bring back that sort of combination.

I heart. Alberta Ferretti and Gucci are my faves.

Ferregamo's is the one I'm loving. I love those shapes. I think those aren't jodphurs but flaps on the front of the pants, which fly out like jodphurs. I'd like to see the backsides of these looks.

The Ferreti is doing absolutely nothing for me. And I usually like those flowy embroidery thingies. But meh.

Blumarine, meh.

Gucci, I really like those prints, but other than that, i'm not loving it.

The Blumarine stuff reminds me of a protest during the Vietnam Era- Tie-Dyes on the left, Vets on the Right. Is that just me?


Love the pink Blumarine. And Ferragamo is fab, but what's up with the Space Alien Baby models?

It is just me, or does the bluemarie collection of tie dye dresses look a bit simple...I like it if it were designed by Ella Moss or a designer of that ilk w/ comparable price points, but I really cannot see spending over 1k on one of those dresses.

Im assuming the fabric choices are a cotton or rayon jersey type material. Even if the material is silk jersey, I cant really justify most of that collection as being high fashion.

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