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A fully integrated, multimedia extravaganza, bitches!

[Illustrations: Alex Cox/ - Video: YouTube/Lookherechump]

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OMG, I've missed these so much!

Somebody get Alex a Prozac and a blowjob, STAT!

Very funny, as usual, Alex. But, if you love CH so much, why didn't you wear her feather dress? It would do great things for your figure.

Thanks, Alex!, for the smiles. I've missed you.

Hey Alex! you may want to reconsider that wish that Logan gets a blow soon. Think about who the most likely candidate to be the blower is....yep.

And Eppersons dress gave you very flattering nipped in waist.

I thought of you when Dr. Whifield won. Knew you would love it!

And thanks for apologizing to my little Logan. He can't help it that he's so pretty. I did expect him to go home instead of Epperson. I miss that silent man.

dear alex,

how i missed you so.


Holy crap, we missed you!!

I also thought of you when CH won. I was hopeful that her win would blow some life into you and get you creating again.

Is it wrong that I find Alex in the designers dresses even hotter then regular Alex? What does that say about me?

oh Alex, it's been too long! we've miss you!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Alex, your rendering of Irina was dead on. Have you been staring too intently at her confessionals? What would CH think? (Besides totally agreeing with you.)

Thanks, Alex.

Alex! is back! Halleluiah!

Valkyrie Althea-Brunhilda!

damn - I knew Irina reminded me of someone.
But looking at Alex's drawing I SEE my BIL's sister.

You know, I think this show would be much improved if they just threw out the usual format and had our darlings TLo and Alex as permanent guest judges. Heidi, Michael,Nina and TLo could write on the little Project Runway cards, while Alex gets to sketch on a big ol' PR sketchpad. Then when the judges comments are presented, he can just show his 'toon!

Brilliant as usual, Alex, but I think my favorite was "Gordana McMeltdown". Your portrait of Irina is spot-on as well.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one whose reaction to CH's win was "Alex will be so happy!"

"Cute as a motherfuckin' button"...Alex! where do you come up with this stuff? You make me smile. Thank you!

Jeepers but my keyboard needs an umbrella today! First it was coffee with TLo's Tim screencaps, and now water with Alex wearing Epperson, Althea as Teutonic Love Goddess and Gordana McMeltdown. Paper towels and Windex, STAT!

It was worth the wait! So nice of you to hug poor Gordana. And I never realized it until now, but it's true: it IS every hot girl's right to say catty things. We expect no less.

Now I must say something serious, Alex. As a formerly depressed person myself, I recognize that your self-deprecating jokes about your mental state may contain a large grain of truth, and that worries me. I know depression goes with the territory when you feel blocked, but don't just make jokes about it. I'm not a fan of pharmaceuticals/psychiatry but there are plenty of natural, healthy ways to feel better: a healthy diet, exercise, yoga, meditation. These things really helped me, and I was clinically depressed for many years.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled frivolity...

Alex = more entertaining that PR

Thank you, Alex.

Alex, dear Alex, you and TLO and Tim are the super heroes of PRW.

The picture of you and Epperson is so totally fantastic... I think it should be my screensaver!!

Cheer up sweet pea. We think you are da bomb.

I don't know how much more hilarity I can take today!!!
Welcome back, Alex, we missed ye!!!

Alex! Good to have you back! Personally, I think Althea's never looked better. Not everyone can pull off the Ride of the Valkyries look.

Oh, how good it is to see PRToons again!

Hang in Alex. If SAD is part of the issue get yourself in front of/under that light box EVERY day. Makes a noticeable difference. (If you've been diagnosed with SAD you know what I'm talking about.)

And I must say, I never expected a Charlie Daniels Band clip in the context of PR - you are going above and beyond to keep us amused!

I'm eating chili as I read this, and just an FYI: When you laugh unexpectedly and one of those spicy green things goes up your nose, it burns. Pretty bad.

Alex, as a fellow depressed person, this season ain't making my medication's job any easier either. Try reading the Tim Gunn screencaps -- the effect's more immediate than a whole bottle of Prozac. :)

Welcome back, Alex!! Love love love your 'heterospective.'

"Uff Da!"

Thanks for the shoutout to the upper Midwest!

that song will always play in my head whenever CH is on tv! hahah

Alex! ROFL
Thanks for coming back, I totally missed you. Come back soon.

An excellent day in the neighborhood (TLoland).

Glad to see you back Alex

Logan = Kid Rock?! HILARIOUS! =D My thoughts exactly about Epperson leaving.

PLEASE start calling Gordana "McMeltdown."

Wonderful work, Alex.

And Gorgeous Things has the best idea I've heard in a long time. TLo as JUDGES!!! What better way to get this trainwreck of a show back on track again? Next season, after the first half-dozen riff-raff designers have been aufed, bring on our favorite queens to sort out the rest!!!

I heart Alex (in a strictly platonic way).

I'm with TVKimmy - love to see 'toon Alex in the dresses. He wears them so comfortably and without a trace of irony.

Althea as valkyrie - brilliant.

"Alex said: I guess what I said about Logan was unfair. He can' help it if things will always work out for him because he's a good looking white guy."

Yes, Logan is the Hubbel Gardner of Project Runway.

And Alex is the neurotic conscience of the Tlo nation (the Katie Morosky, if you will).


Yay! I'm so happy to see another Alex toon. Good day in the Project Rungay neighborhood!

Thank you Alex!

You're sentiments pretty much echoed mine.

I just completely stopped caring when they gave Epp the boot. I was even more frustrated when they kicked off Princess Jasmine (especially when her resume wa 10times better than Grozirina's)

We already know who wins, so who cares?

I'll wait for this new bravo experiment to take off until then.

I would BUY this as a comic -- it is better than the TIM Gunn comic that is out there now.

Oh poor Alex!

But thanks for helping us get through our collective stroke over this season of PR. When a straight guy is throwing shoes at the TV, you know there's a problem.

We already know who wins, so who cares?

What?! How do we know this? [But don't spill the beans if you really know, ok?]

Alex,how did you know they say Uff da in Minnesota? Is it that well known? Well it will be now! (and here I thought it was just an expression in our family, I never heard anyone else ever use it!) You are sooo cool!


I'm with Daxx!! Thanks for the Uff-da! Love, Minnesota

Yay, Alex! There's a lot of love on this blog, man - soak it up.

a lot of love on this blog, indeed! and plenty from hot straight girls (and hot straight guys), which should warm alex!'s heart.

I love the drawings of epperson and peppermint patty this week, in particular. just fabulous. i like your style, alex!, and not just when you're wearing sequins & feathers.

Love it, Alex!


You're back, Alex! : )

Amanda in Austin said...

Somebody get Alex a Prozac and a blowjob, STAT!


UFFDA! I LOVE IT!! Woo hoo for Christopher from Shakopee, MN!

alex, so great to have you back.

totally loved the strip and you, as always, look marvelous in the designs.


Why are you so hard on althea? She has been so nice hard working and i think she is really pretty,Her work is really good!

Alex-please keep creating these hysterical PRTOONS! I love them, and just gotta say, I wish I could come up with material and sketches like yours.
Until next week...


Hey I think the artist is funny. Epperson, (I) spoke as much as everyone else. I just had positive things to say about everyone. Sometimes I had to dig deep for a certain person, but theirs some good in all of us. I love the sketch of me. Thanks T and L Epperson

S'up Epp? Thanks for stopping by.

Whis you and the fam all the best.

"Uff da!"

Brilliant. Alex knows his Minnesotans! Long live Scandinavian-American expressions.

Uff Da! What a pisser. Loved every single cartoon!

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