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PR Toons, E6

Uh-oh! Alex is losing coherence!

[Illustrations: Alex Cox/]

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lol oh no!!! he's fading out!

yet another Laura

Damn you, producers, for letting it get this bad.

If "Don't bore Nina" is a rule for the contestants, then "Don't bore Alex" needs to be one for the producers, right after "Don't bore Tom and Lorenzo".

Shouldn't they have learned that by now?

Haha love that ridiculous West egg party reference.

"East Egg"

Brill, as always, Alex! And you sitting there in your robe, reading-- fabulous!

Yay, Naked Alex!!! Now Carol Hannah and/or Epperson knows what she/he is missing.

Sleestak reference - Excellent!!

Naked Alex? Hooray!!

I call naked T LOunge. Everybody strip!

I think Lean Serene Sex Machine should be the new Sew Easy.

NOOOOOOO! Alex! Hold on!

Everyone, clap your hands and say "I believe in Alex!"

(teh naked? I blush.)

Can I shave Alex's butt?

"If "Don't bore Nina" is a rule for the contestants, then "Don't bore Alex" needs to be one for the producers, right after "Don't bore Tom and Lorenzo"."


...and stop boring the viewers!


Thanks for the truth in cartooning, A. Needed some truth. Should next season be ANYTHING like this, I am done for good. It is horrible so far. Drek.



Two words I never thought I'd see in the same sentence: "Sleestak prom". Awesome!

I'm so looking forward to the return of the Duchess this evening. We really need something to kick this show into a higher gear.


The season needs more Epperson and Carol Hannah, if for no other reason than to keep Alex alive!

Yeah the show sucks this year!

I'm not sure which is more disturbing; the hair on Alex' cartoon back, or the hair on Alex's cartoon ass, or the fact that I am contemplating cartoon ass hair to begin with.


I guess I'm the only one who isn't bored this season. :(

At least now we know what Alex is wearing under all those outfits!

Gatsby reference FTW!!!!

brilliant again, as always. Love the understated Epperson: "Nope."

since i am sick as a dog today, that very last swirly, fading pencil sketch panel is pretty much exactly how i feel.

bravo, Alex!

also, is the cartoon Alex! reading a book labelled Peanuts or Teanuts, cause it could go either way. I'd be pretty stoked if it was Peanuts, of course, but Teanuts has a certain je ne sais quoi....

oh man. cold medicine + sick = i'm SO out of it.............

"Sleestak Prom" and Pooty Tang in one cartoon?!!
Now I can die happy. Thanks Alex!

You know it's sad that the grocery store challenge they did on Rachel Ray today was more interesting than some of the challenges this season have been.

Sa-da-tay, Alex. Sa-da-tay.

(I KNEW Ra'mon looked familiar!)

Alex - are you referencing Masterpiece Theater...or referencing Buffy referencing Masterpiece Theater? Because there's no such thing as too many nerdgasms in one strip.

All my life I've been searching for this missing piece of me. The one thing that would make me feel complete. The key to all of the happiness and joy in the world. The one thing I could find that would feed my soul and make me shine. I have now found that treasured and elusive something.....

Alex's cartoon ass.

Life's complete.

"Cartoon Ass Hair" will be my next band's name.

What the hell is East Egg, somebody? Please? That went straight over my head.

Ass hair and East Egg in one. I love you, Alex!!!

I'm with you on the bore factor....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Shit, I'd take Kenley again compared to this season.

I am also need an explanation for the East Egg reference. Love the Slestack comment tho

Bless Alex! for speaking truth. Boredom does interfere with the serious business of "the mockery of talented people trying their hardest!"

Epperson's one line "Nope."

I do hope we're not on the sunset cruise of a gently dying Great Thing. I am not yet giving up hope that next season will recover, but hope for this season is getting withered and sere. ("Tim Gunn, we hardly knew ye" with Taps sounding faintly in the distance.)

Don't fret, Alex!

The Duchess is back.

errmmmm. back. hairy back. hairy ass back. er.....d.d.dribble.

aww. i was so hoping for alex's reaction to the romance of the century!

Noooooooooooooo! Come back Alex! Don't fade away! We need more of your fuzzy bum popping up around here.

(Gettin' it on with Epperson = inspired. It would have been totally cliché to have said Logan)

Fabulous Alex!

Once again, Alex nails it!

East Egg = old money enclave, thought to be based on the Hamptons. West Egg was new money. F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby."

Poor Alex. =(

I started watching the model show given the ennui of this season, and it is vastly more entertaining than PR. Against all odds, the models are more interesting _people_ than just about this entire crop of designers.

The battle between the lovable international axis (Fatma, Matar, Celine, Kojii) and the horrid All-American Debbies (Emarie, Vanessa, Lisa, Tanisha, Ebony) has me gripped. That the competition is slightly favoring the dull models over the interesting ones underlines how few of these designers themselves are interesting.

The models had the best character (Fatma), have the worst character (Vanessa, on her way to anchoring Fox Sports New England), the most ridiculous character (Tanisha), the best moment (Fatma, in full sub-Saharan severity, hilariously silencing the room by saying 'Now they realize it's more than just money, you have to have loyalty'.

Also, Kojii is totally freaking amazing. Incredibly beautiful and with more gravitas than anyone on either show other than Epperson.

Dare I say that this season of PR is every bit as boring, maybe moreso than TFS?? Ok...I'm ducking the onslaught of BOO's, but I believe I speak the truth.
I am so hoping the Duchess adds the necessary snarky pizazz to the show tonight.

ALEX!! Please don't fade out on us!!!

Alex, hurry up and publish a mini-comic of all your PR toons so I can justify a review of said book and gush wildly about it.

"If "Don't bore Nina" is a rule for the contestants, then "Don't bore Alex" needs to be one for the producers, right after "Don't bore Tom and Lorenzo"."


...and stop boring the viewers

Double Amen!

i hope this doesnt mean the end of the cartoon =(

"Dare I say that this season of PR is every bit as boring, maybe moreso than TFS?? Ok...I'm ducking the onslaught of BOO's, but I believe I speak the truth."

Truth it is! At least with TFS most of the contestants on the show were entertaining. Its 6 weeks into and i still dont have a have designer yet...that is weird for me. =(

But still LOVE Alex's cartoon, please dont stop posting!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Am I the only one enjoying this season? I think they're doing a great job so far. It's a lot better than the last two seasons. Season 4 had very few designers worthy enough for Bryant Park, and season 5's designers by and large sucked ass, whereas I could see almost any of the remaining designers this season making it to the end. As for the "pretty dress" challenges...I don't mind, as I cringe whenever they send someone home over a "make a dress out of shit" challenge. They may be fun for TV, but how in any way do they tell us who they are as designers? Has the Duchess ever been asked to measure his talent by his innovation with cardboard? So gripe all ya want, I'm gonna keep on having fun.

And in NO WAY is this show inferior to the steaming pile that was The Fashion Show. Sorry, those designers were mostly PR castoffs (if you watch the opening scenes of PR Season 4, you can see Reco trying out!) and were boring.

And yay to naked Alex! I'll strip down with ya!

Just for clarity, while I'm a little bored overall, I'm far from deeming this season worse than TFS. Far.

And I will be honest that I usually find the extended critiques available on line very interesting. I expect that with more articulate judging, they'll be even better. I especially like that one can get a better idea of how the designer's react to Tim Gunn's feedback, and (sometimes) a more balanced feel for what the judges said to the contestants.

mummy needs champagne

sepatow, indeed!

One more for the TLounge streak show over here!

I can totally relate to your hard-on for Epperson-- that air of divine right... those resolute eyes... a man of so few words that we've no concrete evidence he's an annoying numbskull. What's not to like?

Any naked Alex day is a good day! I love Epperson, too, and I think he's getting the shaft because he doesn't cry, trash-talk, cry, lie/cheat, cry, act cutesy, cry....

*LOVE* your reading material, Alex!

Dayum, Alex. That is 1 low ass!

heh heh heh sleestak heh heh

I wonder what Carol Hannah thinks of Naked Alex Ass?

hee hee!

Also not feeling the animus for this season..I’m enjoying it quite a bit especially in light of how long we went WITHOUT during the legal fight. The challenges so far have been either okay or neat (pregnancy was funny and the newspaper challenge produced some GREAT print looks).

I agree that the guest judging has been a bit spotty and its been highlighted by Tim’s reaction to the garments being so much different than the runway judging. I’d say that this has been the first season where most of the “made for tv characters” have gone home early instead of being kept around for ratings so I’ve also been impressed by that.

The only weird thing in the back of my head is knowing that this whole season was shot almost a year ago at this point. It’s like watching a bit of history and wondering about their fashion week shows where the designers were kept hidden. At this point, I’m glad they did that for the show’s sake but I do feel a little bad for the designers not getting their names out there yet. I presume after it airs, they’ll be free to promote that their collection was shown at fashion week and see where it takes them professionally. However, how odd to have that feather in their cap but having to hide it for almost a year potentially holding back exposure from their careers.

Anyway, good stuff so far. I’m enjoying Gordana’s work (I think she’s both fabulous and gracious) and Christopher. I would like to see each one of them break out of their comfort zones and wow us as the season progresses.


Everytime Epperson talks I have to turn up the volume on my T.V. Seriously dude, show some fucking life once in a while.

I'm with Alex on this one, fuck this show. I can't be interested in it anymore. Louise Brooks is gone.

Gatsby's East Egg and West Egg are on the North Shore of Long Island, where Great Neck and Kings Point (West Egg) and Sands Point (East Egg) are now ... still fairly wealthy enclaves on the "gold coast."

What is Slezack and Sepatow?

I do not think this season is that boring, but I'll agree it's not the best. I loved season 4--the final 3 were amazing and so was Terri. As for this season, it's nice for a change to have no clear leaders so far. Anything goes. I think that is what the show is all about. Season 2 was the worst season so far.

LOL! Alex hits the nail, right on the head. Love the cartoons! Honestly, this season is really boring me to tears. :( And if I see one more commercial for that slug-shaped, Sherri Sheppard show I might fall apart like poor Christopher. (º_O)

East Egg!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh, Alex, comic genius as always!

Love it! LOL.


Alex, you rock! BTW, nice body : )

Bored? Bullshit.

Alex! Just wanted an excuse to show his ass.

It is SOOOOO Boring. Like "Blue" is a challenge. Bitches, Please.

I'm really concerned that after last night's episode, next week's toon will be stick figures.

If there is a toon next week! Perhaps Alex! switched the channel to the Ken Burns documentary on the National Parks.

Or if you see him singing "Don't be tardy for the party..."

worry. We've lost him.

"I'm not A gay"? WTF!

There was a Ken Burns doc on?!?!?



Love how it deteriorates from ink to graphite.

OMG Pootie Tang reference! THANK YOU ALEX!!!!

OMG Sleestak PROM! brilliant! LOL

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