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PR Canada Winners' Spring 2010

Time to check in on some of the PR designers north of the border, eh?

S1 PR Canada winner Evan Biddell and S2 PR Canada winner Sunny Fong presented their collections at LG Toronto Fashion Week.

Evan Biddell

Some interesting shapes, and while we like the color story, it's a bit limited. He has a real knack for making stylish jackets and coats. We're not all that sold on most of the dresses though. And harem pants are never going to happen, no matter how many designers push them on us.

Vawk by Sunny Fong

To be frank, it's a little dull. Although attention must be paid to those pleated print skirts. They really are gorgeous. More of that and less of the same old, same old in neutral colors would have really bumped this collection up.

[Photos: WireImage]

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oh my, i love the first collection. (if only i were slender enough to pull off that first look. !)

i too love the pleated chiffon dresses in collection #2 but the rest is awfully dull. pretty, but dull. but the last dress is a STUNNER.

btw i am a Canadian American (dual citizen) so thanks for showcasing these!

Was Biddell doing the camping materials challenge? If so, perhaps he could have considered doing something, ANYTHING, to that orange tent before he put it on the model.

As for Sunny, he won PRC2 because he consistently made beautiful, wearable clothes, and this collection is more of the same. Beautiful, wearable clothes. Perhaps it's not super fashion-forward, but they're all lovely garments.

I love the last two looks in Sunny's collection, but they feel completely out of place compared to what came before. That should have been the way the whole collection looked.

evan's - eh.

sonny's was pretty and you're right, those pleated dresses are gorgeous! he also made some interesting model choices. i do wish that the pictures were taken from a better angle though.

Biddel was season 1, Camping challenge was season two.... and the orange tent is one of my favourites!

Love love love that TLo showcased PRCanada! Sunny had season 2 clinched from the jump off, so it's nice to see that he's actually showing collections. Also, Biddel LOOKS nice and sweet in the photo - but he was the Santino of PRC, big time. It added some drama to the season, that's for sure.

Oh yes, harem pants ARE going to happen again. Caftans too. Everything comes around again if you just wait long enough.

I love Sunny Fong! Thanks for posting!

I've always liked Biddell. Some interesting pieces, at least it looks hip and young, Sunny Fong's stuff reminds me of the other guy with all the crochet, I forget his name, anyway, not impressed.

Sunny's collection is just okay, but not super-memorable. I feel I've seen similar looks on the runways of other designers.

Evan's (who looks pretty damned hot in his pics!)collections has a nice, stron color story. Love the street-inspired looks although I don't know a guy who might sport the entire outfit ---- maybe clubwear? Anyway, an interesting group of 80's silhouettes with just a hint at Miami Beach.

Both of the collections are rather amateur, when it comes right down to it. I think Biddell's is more interesting than Sunny's, though some of his silhouettes already seem very "2008" to me. That includes all the things harem. Like his menswear, though. He should explore that realm more.

I would have thought Sunny Fong was a female. The collection is very feminine. Loved the red and yellow dresses. I agree the rest was just ok.

Love that Sunny used a plus model and an older model in his show! They both look lovely. And though the collection isn't breaking any new ground, it's refreshingly forward-thinking of him to use some unconventional, beautiful girls.

Anyone else Biddel's #2 and #10 and think "scrotum dress"?

I love Sunny's. Maybe it's not going to be on the cover of Vogue, but it manages to strike that rare combination of just enough oomph to be visually interesting (especially the red and yellow dresses), but not so much that the piece becomes unwearable.

I want to run out and buy his dress #5 right now.

"Eh?" indeed. Not really loving either collection, with the exeception of your faves - Fong's last two looks. Those fire-colored pleats are stunning.

Stop. Hammer time.

Now that's going to be in my head all day.

I actually really like the second collection, much better than the first.

Wow, Biddell sure blew up. Guess that prize money went to drugs and a lifetime supply of Popeye's Chicken.

Peaches said: "Oh yes, harem pants ARE going to happen again. Caftans too."

Do you have a timetable for the return of these two looks? Just so I can schedule my suicide....

Sorry, but I think these collections, well, blow. Except for the pleated dress. The first collection looks like it should have Coleman stoves and backpacks included.

You know what it a complete DISASTER? The models that Sunny Fong used... yech. I guess none of the good models want to be seen at Toronto fashion week.

Remember on The Fashion Show that one group did a collection where harem pants were the wardrobe staple? I guess Bidell was watching.

Sunny Fong is ridiculously talented... and also the most successful Project Runway contestant ever in terms of challenges. EVERY single episode he was either the winner or one of the high scores:

That's right, out of 10 episodes his track record was two highs, three wins, followed by another two highs and another three wins.

Damned impressive. (Also indicative that the other designers, besides Jessica, were largely not up to snuff.)

Not crazy about the first collection, bit kinda like the seconds collection, esp the last dress.

First collection is too full of the big, baggy, unflattering shapes for my taste. I like the colors.

Second collection I really love.

First Collection: Must have gotten a great deal on a bolt of "International Distress" orange.

Second: Is there fabric under those "decals" or is that skin? Obviously, not resort wear for Canadian resorts...Brrrrr!

Harem pants on women are silly enough. Harem pants on men are just too "Thief of Baghdad" (1940) for me.

I'm Canadian and watched both of the season, and these guys are both capable of better, this is disappointing.

wow, I loved the second collection - and was poised to actually hate it because of the ridiculous second outfit. But wow. Every piece interested me, even the bland no-color ones. Love the feathered? skirt in white.

Biddell's menswear is potentially stronger than his women's - I can see lots of prominent sports figures in look #12 (jacket and baggy shorts/knee breeches in khaki, olive green & orange) as-is. All it takes is a star to wear it and it could actually take off - I can not *wait* to see the kids in my neighborhood playing b-ball in baggy shorts gathered just under the knee!

None of Fong's other looks are as interesting as the final gown, but since most have little color and the photos are not always good angles, it's hard to see them. I'd especially like to see #6 better.

didn't like biddel's collection at all, but I have never liked his aesthetic. Sunny's was dull, but as said many times, the print dresses were gorgeous.

I love Biddell's collection. It's very Vancouver/sporty/outdoors, and I can really see it on people in the summer. The menswear is great.

It's interesting that a hefty guy like Biddel would use such skinny models. Most of them would plump out from eating one tootsie roll.

I did not like the color sense of either collection.

No one looks good in harem pants except Yul Brynner.

I would agree that the execution of the final pleated dress is impressive and gorgeous, but think that the colors and pattern are garish and just this side of costumey; it's almost like it's bleeding color, maybe appropriate for a high end Halloween party.

Not at all impressed with either of these collections. I guess I still keep thinking that we should see collections like Jay's or Laura's in finale collections.
Biddell and Sunny belong somewhere in the lower middle of the pack.

Psst... Beautiful Monday, Canadian American is redundant.

Canadians ARE Americans. Never sell yourself short!

And herein lies today's geography lesson.

Sorry, one of my pet peeve's.

Did Christo help out with the first collection?

I love Biddell's collection. Somehow, even the harem pants work for me. Jackets & color are so sophisticated and make me sort of proud of him. He's got a great architectural eye.

Could you Boyz try to interview him? I like the guy.

Not familiar with Sunny Fong 'cause I didn't watch 2nd season. A whole collection with that pleated color effect would've been lovely.


....or at least re-cap the first two seasons

Love them all! They show great lines, a sense of originality, some decent color, and interesting details. They're all so refreshing that I don't even mind the harem pants or hoodie dresses!

And, of course the comparison to Project Runway Season 6 (US) couldn't make our current season look more dismal by comparison.

I have to think that the Dutchess and Nina would have whipped this current bunch of designers into shape with a few well-chosen "prick and poke" comments. Clearly the talent is there in this bunch, but it's like they're sleepwalking right through the season.

How sad that this season was ravaged by the need to exorcise anything with a Bravo tie-in after filming had begun and by the move to LA.

If Heidi has even a pindot of a brain under all that beauty (and of course she does), she'd better move the show back to NYC pronto and for good or watch the franchise just die. She can afford to drag the family to NYC and shack up in a tony apartment for the summer to "make it work."



Evan Biddell = Hammer time


I understand that Canadian American is 'redundant,' but what is Beautiful Monday supposed to say? Canadian US-er? Cause "dual citizen between Canada and the US" is pretty long to deal with. Canadian American maybe be technically redundant but at least everybody understands what you're talking about.

Having grown up half hour from the border, we just said that everyone was Canadian, which is much more technically inaccurate.

OOOOOOH the first one I looooooove. And I like the harem pants. They work if they're done well.

#2 is weird. Kinda schizo. And also boring. Plus that one dress looked like it belonged on Great Aunt Madge.

Hey, color!! what a pleasant change,eh!

Is there some way possible to view PR Canada in the US? after this season's dismal PR watching, I'd be more than up for checking it out. I know Netflix doesn't carry the dvds.


I like Biddell's collection, I do not like Fong's.

Nice work, fellas.

Sunny's finale collection (and his work during the season) was more impressive than this collection. But he still has a lot of potential.

Biddell has the brash obnoxious energy of youth, and I like it. Not all the pieces, but I like it.

I really liked both collections! Wish our PR designers this season could put out something interesting like that.

To be fair, these designers are producing collections, not designing for challenges, so you can't really compare them to PR6.

I like the first collection, at least the designs for women. The men's stuff looks awfully...bulky.

The second collection has a couple of nice jackets in it and the pant suit is good. Those last two dresses, with the pleated skirts, are fab! I wish he'd done more with that style.

Marylandmom: PR Canada was over and done well before The Fashion Show, so Bidell came up with that bad idea all on his own. Love his collection though. It has an epic "priestess" feel without traipsing through the Shire or going Stevie Nicks on us - a tough balance to tread.
The "crochet" guy was Matias (or something like that). His collection brought one of the judges to actual tears of rapture. But Bidell killed it and one gets the distinct impression that Iman held the deciding factor.

Hey Hutchlover, in Canada we use "American" to mean "people from the USA", not, as you do, to mean "people from the whole continent of North America". We use North American for that. One of our own pet peeves :)

I loved all of the second connection. Are those leather leves sewed together? They look interesting.

yeah! ho! wah!

both collections are a little underwhelming, especially compared to the awesome final prc collection both designers had.

irrelevant, but it must be said: sunny and evan are both HOT. and im usually not into asians or slightly chubby guys. (its ok to call evan slightly chubby, right?)

Yea I never really got into PR Canada, and I wanted to but the talent level is much lower than the US version of PR. You know who is going to win from the begining. I think it was in series one where the vast majority of the desiners said that they could not compete with the guy who was the eventual winner. Folks, you're not really missing much.

Now Quebec did their own version that was ok, La Collection. I still rather Project Catwalk for my international PR fix :D

This is Sunnys Elle Canada spread, featuring some of his work from his PR Canada finale collection.

Project Runway Canada is a bit of a letdown! But you know what wasn't?! Either season of PR Australia, especially season 2! It was the best season in PR history, hands down. Maybe try and cover that! If you can. It's worth it!

oooooooo totally forgot about PR Australia! Series one was really good. Didn't know about series two but I do now! Thanks Eric :)

unfortunately, harm pants are all over europe and south america.

Not sure I agree with harem pants for men but each to their own.

I love the first collection, mostly because of the orange!! I love orange, and am so glad to see it in gorgeous clothes!

Second collection better than the first. The first is interesting but those looks are nothing new.

Note to Christopher——

Sunny, too, is self-taught——

And not only did he not blather on endlessly about it, in an effort to gain the sympathy vote, the status of underdog——

He also showed masterful sewing and tailoring skills...

(For details on Sunny's efforts to learn tailoring——from spending hours on the internet to haunting the aisles of Holt Renfrew and looking at construction——see the Elle article referenced above (Thanks for the link).)

Wow, my wife would love nearly all of these designs, I gotta send this article to her. Well, maybe not because then she'll want to buy all of them...haha.

Take care, Lorne

yuck and yuck --- not my thing

Gah I still feel that Lucian Matis was robbed of his win by Evan Bidell.

Here's Lucian's website, but his SS2010 collection isnt up yet.

yeah! ho! wah!

"Project Runway Canada is a bit of a letdown! But you know what wasn't?! Either season of PR Australia, especially season 2!"

really? i havent seen pr australia season 2, but season 1 was so boring i ended up not watching it to the end. the host is dull, the mentor is obnoxious and the judges taste is pedestrian.

pr canada, on the other hand... the talent level might not be quite as high as pr america at its best, but the finalists are just as good as their us counterparts. iman is PHANTASTIC, the mentor and the judges are almost as good as tim, nina and michael. and the whole show somehow feels more sophisticated and less manipulative that pr america. i think its fabulous.

Believe me, harem pants are not all over Europe, as someone stated above.

"Yea I never really got into PR Canada, and I wanted to but the talent level is much lower than the US version of PR. You know who is going to win from the begining. I think it was in series one where the vast majority of the desiners said that they could not compete with the guy who was the eventual winner. Folks, you're not really missing much."

I disagree, completely. PR Canada is just different than PR US. And frankly, it has had WAY better challenges.

"pr canada, on the other hand... the talent level might not be quite as high as pr america at its best, but the finalists are just as good as their us counterparts. iman is PHANTASTIC, the mentor and the judges are almost as good as tim, nina and michael. and the whole show somehow feels more sophisticated and less manipulative that pr america. i think its fabulous"

Yes. Yes yes yes. :)

Well, I'm Canadian-Australian-American and am addicted to all the Project Runways (except this season).

Let's get some perspective here - of course the US seasons are going to have amazing talent. The USA has TEN TIMES the population of Australia and Canada. When I think of the season with Rami, Jillian and Christian - wow, that blew me away. There are more design schools, more opportunities to develop as designers in the USA...

But having said that there have been some really crappy designers in the american shows and in the fashion show, so people shouldn't be so smug.

The Canadian and Australian shows also, I suspect, have a much smaller budget to play with to do their shows.

Having said that, there have been some amazing, wonderful, entertaining and talented designers on Project Runway Canada and Oz, I love both hosts (especially Iman), and there have been great challenges.

The shows are fun to watch and I take them as they are - an insight into the design and fashion industry in each country and the personalities of the people. So American for some Americans here to talk about how great they are!

What is interesting about the Oz and Canuck shows is that often the designers actually like and support each other, so the producers have to focus on their friendships and support for each other rather than bitchy competitiveness. The 2nd season finale of PR Australia was especially notable for this - all three designers were rooting for each other... Take from that what you will.

Iman is 100 times better than Heidi as a host and judge, and I think PRC had an equivalent number of great designers and duds as US PR has (though this season is really meh). Nina and Duchess are of course, a joy, but other than that I can't say there is that much of a difference in talent and production values between the 2 shows.

Is there a website that will show the episodes of the Canadian or Australian PRs? I would love to see those.

Does live streaming of season 2... I'm in Canada, so I can't guarantee it'll work in the States. is a torrent site and you can download the episodes there. It is slower than but you need an invitation to the second site.

I've watched all the seasons of the US, Australian, and Canadian Project Runways, and I agree that the non-American ones have fewer people to choose from but are still great... enjoy!

I'm sorry, Sunny's macrame merkin just kills the whole collection for me. How could he think furry macramé hanging in front of her lady area would be attractive?

Sunny Fong was amazing on the show and had an amazing final collection, totally on par with anything PRUS has come up with blahblahblah

OK, I do find this kind of boring. I remember a couple pictures they showed from the pre-competition Vawk lookbook, and I think they were more interesting, but I think they were probably from a winter season as well (same as his final collection). I kind of wonder if he's just a bit better at that, though I did like the "spring must-have" dress he came up with for Winners.

I am a bit disappointed because, I know he's trying to get these things sold, but when they came up with their practice pitch for Winners he gave an MSRP for his coat at $2000 and was pretty adamant about not wanting to be just another designer who made wearable, forgettable stuff.... :\

On the other hand, I hated the first post-season collection I saw from Bidell, and this is quite a bit better. I still like his hoodies, and so does he. Wonder how that'll play out in future collections....

if it is possible to catch the entire BIDDELL show including animation opener it will make complete sence....many pieces are missing...he ran 40 looks down the runway with makeup gradually being added and more black white and taupe dresses. This rather odd selection out of context, sans music is difficult to judge.

Anyone else was reminded of the Phoenix from the Xmen upon seeing Sunny Fong's last dress?

I agree with the 3rd comment about seeing the whole show including opening animation (youtube-Biddell animation) and actual music. I was there and saw all 40 looks. This is an odd choice and makes the whole collection look orange.
I love my Biddell jacket from this collection....

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