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Note from Jerell

Ruh-roh! Jerell wants a word with us.

"Hi guys,

Just thought I'd take a moment to help explain my spring 2010 collection. For me it's really about young Hollywood, glitz , glamour and the world's obsession with the 'Pop Star.' It's kinda dirty, it's kinda wrong, but at the same time you can't turn away from it. As everyone knows, I'm a man with a lot of crazy ideas, and a lust for the flashier side of things. I really enjoy mixing lots of unexpected fabrics, textures and embellishments. I'll be the first to scream from the mountain top that it's not for every one, but instead for a select group of trend setting seriously stylish girls. Who set the tone for what the masses will be doing three seasons from now.

Also remember I'm self trained and kinda have my own ways of trying to figure things out. I learned a lot about myself as a designer on the show, and continue to learn with each new piece I create. The whole process is super exciting for me. Also I've made an appointment with the optometrist to try to get the prescription adjusted on my 'editing eye,' but I guess it's all part of the process

I've received a lot of positive reactions to my work since the show ended. All sorts of amazing things are happening all the time, but you can only imagine how excited I was to see Katy Perry strutting her 'fab pop star' stuff all around L.A. in one of my frocks! See, I think I'm on to something.

Thanks to all the amazing people out there who dig my style and who have shown me much love and support my dreams are coming true every day.

Wishing you all the best,

Jerell Scott

P.S. The girls in my show were supposed to look like they were on their way to the after party after the after party. It's 'Hollywood!' But I must admit the 'sad panda eyes' comment had me cracking up."

It's always nice to find out that a designer has a sense of humor and can take criticism in stride. Kudos, Jerell.

Now. Katy Perry, you say?

Katy Perry doing a little shopping in West Hollywood, CA wearing Jerell Scott spring 2010

It's actually a cute little day dress and she looks fine for a day of shopping. Congrats, Jerell.

[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage]

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We comment because we love, Jerell.
You keep on keepin' on!

<3 Jerell

That is a cute dress!
And Jerrell is a cutie too.

Hmm. I see no explanation of the nipples.

That is indeed a really cute dress - it's something that I would wear, if I was ever summer in Canada. (Just kidding... we have summer, sometimes).

While I can agree that the aesthetic from the fall line isn't something that would fit in my wardrobe, it most definitely had a direction and a point of view. I liked the browns that Jerell used, and in general, I just like Jerell.

I'm happy to see that he takes the opinions of the masses as a positive thing... really it just makes him more endearing.

"Summer said: Hmm. I see no explanation of the nipples."

Didn't you mom explain to you where nipples come from? And even if she didn't explain where they come from, the nipples in the show were quite direct as to where they were going.


I LOOOOVE the dress. It's a perfect Saturday afternoon dress. Carefree and flirty.

LOVE the dress on her. Congratulations, Jerell!!

Yay Jerrell! I didn't actually mind all of the crazy fabrics in his collection; the boobs were the things that ruined it for me.

The front is cute. The back makes it very difficult to wear for those of us who are well endowed.

I liked Jerell and am glad he's getting some buzz about his clothes...but he does realize that Katy Perry is one of the Fug Girls' favorite targets? And not just for her banana costume.

But still, that dress is cute and cute on her and didn't get fugged, so good for Jerell!

I am glad that Jerell is growing as a designer and having his stuff worn by the likes of Katy Perry. And the collection did have some pretty dresses. But I think a lot of people, including myself, had a problem with the fit of them. The shoulder straps should not be so long that complete boobs are exposed. Which is probably why Ms. Perry appears to be wearing her's over a swimsuit top. Good luck, Jerell!

And beautifulmonday is right, we do comment because we love our PR alums and want them to do well!

I didn't comment on the collection, but I believe those who did were saying "Boo-urns".

I thought his collection had an LA perspective...guess us east coasters think LA for what is really a Hollywood look. oh well.

Yeah, Katy Perry is exactly the type of star I'd see wearing Jerrell's clothes - so for him, this look is a success.

If the optometrist works re: his editing eye, perhaps he could do a referral for a couple of other folks in need.

Glad to hear he's kept his sense of humor and sweet self with his success!


Have to admit I love Jerell. He seems like the kinds guy I'd like to hanng out with for coffee and mall watching. Katie Perry looks cute in his dress

What's the quote, "Progress, not perfection"?
Good luck to you Jerell and continued joy on your journey!!

Jerell has such a positive attitude. You have to love him.
I enjoyed his collection. I thought most of it was wearable , but I'm not exactly an understated dresser myself.
I would love to go to a party with a room full guests wearing Jerell's dresses .I hope he has much success.

in the end we love you Jerell.

we also love that our pr alums stay in touch with us!

I love Jerell, but sorry, that dress K.P.'s wearing reminds me of a summer maternity dress I once wore. Is KP pregnant? (P.S. GO PHILLIES!!)

yeah! ho! wah!

jerell was such a fun contestant on PR, and he definitly has his point of view as a designer.

but his clothes are still fug, sorry. and this "note" doesnt really say anything that we didnt alredy know, does it? except: "hey katy perry is wearing my clothes!" well, thats not really a thing to be proud about, if you ask me. sorry for being bitchy but its my honest opinion.

Jerrell, nice guy. Appreciate his explinations...
A few nice dresses to wear home from the beach. for the most part, me still no-likey.

Katy Perry is wearing his dress. Enough said.

Aw, Jerell...First off, you'd have to be an evil heartless COMMUNIST not to love that smile!

And, secondly, what a great positive attitude. Some of his collection was pretty cute, and his attitude will help him make the most of his talent!

Cute little dress, congratulations, Jerell!

Man, everybody reads you bitches : )

Jerell, you're sweet and funny, and who knows, maybe I would wear your clothes if I was 3 decades younger, LOL ;-/

There is actually an acronym akin to VSP (visible panty line) called LSSS (long shoulder strap syndrome) that I've heard used when the girls are swinging too low. To actually design by that aesthetic, hmmmm. Hoist'em to heaven, I say.

She looks very cute, except for the little fedora, which is not, repeat, not, for that dress.

I think that dress that Katy Perry (who?) is wearing is rather understated for Jerrell.

And I liked alot of his collection (nipples notwithstanding) because I like that he mixes textures and colors.

I realize that Jerrell would've rocked the Bob Mackie/Xtina challenge, too!

Am I the only one???
I keep seeing and reading in mags, style-guides etc. that the Chanel lambskin quilted bag "goes with everything".
Am I the only one that thinks it looks ridiculous with that outfit????

P.S. Love ya Jerell!

Love Jerrell, but the dress seems a little like there's not much to it.

Jerell always had a great, positive attitude, and it's good to see that he still does.

I hope he keeps learning and growing as a designer. No question that the talent and vision are there, and I think he's going to do just fine.

Still love you, Jerell!

I don't know who Katy Perry is (I live abroad). But let's get down to the essentials. Jerell is fine specimen of manhood.

YAY, Jerrell!!
I may be a little long in the tooth to be one of the stylish trend-setters that Jerrell designs for, but I still love him.
Without a doubt, one of the sweetest personalities ever on the show.
You're adorable, Jerrell. Good luck in everything that you do!

PS- That dress Katy Perry is wearing is supercute.

Jerell, I'll always love you. You have chops and we saw that on PR. Stay true to your style, but keep one eye in your aesthetic and the other in WWD.

Katy Perry's dress is nice, but who is the guy on her date's shirt? Karl Lagerfeld? Tim Gunn?

I don't know - even his note sounds like he's on speed. Be that as it may, KP's dress is cute. But I LOVE the t-shirt with Karl Lagerfeld on it that her companion is wearing!!! Where can we get THAT?

Always nice to see contestants take criticism in stride, and a good sign for them professionally. Major props to him.

Jerell is a nice guy, but c'mon!! Katy Perry looks like can wear that dress well into her second trimester-it a shmate with a shoelace!

who is Katy Perry? and sorry, I'm not loving the dress at all. I guess I'm out of touch completely.

Jerell, since you read this I just want to address this comment to you.
FUCK EM! You don't owe anybody an explination BB!!

it is a cute little dress. Something i would wear a day at the beach, maybe as a pull over.

If it sells, it sells! Jerell could design the collection I keep wishing he would, the one that's a hell of lot closer to how he dresses himself, but if I really knew what I was talking about I'd be doing, not commenting. Ms. Perry's showing the piece off as a cute little sun dress or a street-presentable beach cover up. May he sell many more.

Hi Jerell! I did say that I didn't care for your collection and still stand by that. But you keep doing what you love and just say, "Eff 'em!" And congrats on the Katy Perry sighting!

Love him. I don't love or hate his clothes, but it's him that really makes it for me. He is wonderful. The dress on Katy Perry looks super cute for a running-around-town/bathing suit coverup type deal.

Jerrell, quit dressing women in the same designs that you want to wear. That would be a good place to start.

Well okay then. I am clearly not a trend setting seriously stylish girl...

I think Jerell's clothes are over done, over designed, over the top, and just plain over.

Why anyone would pay money for those distressingly wretched excesses of fabric is beyond me. How many ways can you say UGLY.

Really, Jerell, just stop.

jerell is a sweet and beautiful spirit!
he is doing what he loves and that's
why he exudes such happiness.
i thought his collection was, for the
most part, very cool. it called to mind
all the fantastic hippie clothes i wore
back in high school in the….ahem…

KP looks cute in it. It's a fun little summery dress with cute details! I was wondering if she was at the beach...since she had a bikini top on with it...then realized she wasn't due to how the others were all dressed. When I saw the open back...there was no way a bra could work with that so she had to get support somehow. Not sure I like that aspect from a practical standpoint...but I do like the open back on it...hmmmm

Jerell, since you read this I just want to address this comment to you.
FUCK EM! You don't owe anybody an explination BB!!

I'd also like to add to this: Jerell, I know what I said was harsh, but it isn't to say I'm not ROOTING for you. Your work and you as a person are two different things, our opinions are not meant to be personal attacks. Dude, I've done artwork that's absolutely horrible, and some that's great. But like I said to someone else once: you aren't going to be standing next to every piece to explain what's going on. Your work has to explain itself.

Sometimes what I do is take a painting and present it to a friend to see what they get from it. If their interpretation of isn't in the same ballpark as what I meant for it to be, then I need to do it over.

But congrats on selling a dress, that's a good thing.

Well I must say, I'm glad he explained the method of his madness. The story behind the line actually makes sense now. Funny how a simple explanation can change (most) of my entire view of a collection.

And his frock on Katy? Definitely points to him and her!

EEEk. It always distresses me when I see the designers actually read the comments. I think I said his straps looked like parameciums.

Ok, they still look like infectious organisms but it does look cute on Katy Perry. Jerrell regardless is one of my all-time faves.

No, no, we should not feel bad. It's not like we're just sitting around and trolling. Either the designers can read honest opinions from people who are genuinely interested to see their work, or get a harsh response from a customer who has no idea who they are or why they should care. You know what I mean?

LOVE Jerrell! One of my all-time favorite designers. Funny as all get out, and I used to love the smack talk sessions he'd have with Pasta Joe.

Plus, he said one of my favorite PR lines, "Barbara Bush will be here in the morning!"

And you know what? I LIKED this collection. No joking!

I can see the growth and maturity coming through.

Ms. J sweetie, next time you design for Saudi royalty, please make make a nice robe for me!


Love you, Jerell!!! That dress is damn cute on Katy Perry.

You embrace your style and I love that. You have such an incredibly strong point of view and yes, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's refreshing that you HAVE a point of view. And that you're continuing to experiment and learn, even if everything isn't a total success. You have a great attitude. This season's designers can learn something from you!

Keep on designing!!

I Have One So I Know

Cute dress on a cute girl, and would be cute on any teenage girl .. but it is a teenage-girl-out-shopping-with-her-boyfriend kind of dress.
It's nice to see Katy Perry wearing a pretty thing instead of the usual godawful crap she puts on.

Who said we comment because we love?

Some of us comment because we are angry, hateful, bitter hags and this is the perfect forum to get some of the nasty shit out.

Jerrell, you are one of the sweetest contestants ever on PR and I continue to root for your success. But if young Hollywood is the market you're chasing, you're competing with a lot of designers who dress these women FOR FREE and you need to make a living, honey. If you dropped the "opulent bits" part of your design aesthetic and translated your own personal style to women's wear, you'd be a big, big success. The way you layer your own clothes is more minimalist but really stylish and could be readily transferable to women's wear. Please think about it, Jerrell, because that's where the fabulosity would happen.

Katy Perry looks cute in his dress. IN.

What do the Tlo commenters think about
Dolce and Gabbana spring 2010?
"I hate it all" "All awful" "HATE"

Giorgio Armani spring 2010?
"UNDERWHELMING" "Forever 21" "Meh"

Viktor and Rolf spring 2010
"*blech*" "I think this stuff is totally unwearable" "looks like a toilet scrubber"

Roland Mouret spring 2010
"No" "YUCK" "Not a fan of clothes that make your hip, thighs, and crotch look hugh" hugh? what the?

Anyway, you get the point right?
You are in pretty good company.
Except none of those designers give a shit what we think. Just look at Karl Lagerfeld, he friggin hates us! Not everyone is gunna get it so...(oh, you know).....

As I was scrolling through the pictures, I actually said "That's actually really cute." Too funny!

i'm not dorothy gale

I do that dress AND Jerrell's dazzling smile. And I second (third? fourth?) the posters who said "we comment because we love". Absolutely. I love all the glitz and glitter and tatters and embellishments; have fun with your unique vision and much success, Jerrell.

i'm not dorothy gale

That's "I do LOVE that dress and Jerrell's dazzling smile..."

Resolved: no posting before 7 am and coffee.

i'm not dorothy gale

That's "I do LOVE that dress and Jerrell's dazzling smile..."

Resolved: no posting before 7 am and coffee.

Oh GOD. Fashion like any other form of art is subjective. If your opinion is honest then you should neither shirk from expressing it nor apologise for it. And while the minority might sometimes have sway it's often the majority that dictates what is 'normal,' successful or a failure. As such an art form that is predicated on a level of acclaim that results in profits, the bottom line is all justification or validation that you need. Judgement comes in many forms, particularly in sales or the lack thereof.

I really hate to say this, but it appears that the way for a OR alum to quell some of the accurate criticism is to write in to TLo.

I am sorry, as nice of a guy as Jerrell has been, I try to give my true opinion. That first pic in the previous post, gave me the creeps, That model's look, to his left (right in the pic) in the silver, really creeped me out. The dress the styling - some kind of alien homeless drug addict. I guess if THAT was the look he was GOING FOR...THEN it succeeded.

Not to mention he's the absolute best when it comes to getting along with clients.

I still say he and Reco would be an awesome hookup.

I think Jerell's work is very interesting. With some good styling (maybe pairing a wild glittery top with a basic bottom) it could be very wearable without looking tacky.

He would have rocked the Christina Aguilera challenge for sure...

He's right. His aesthetic is not for everyone.

I don't personally care for it, but he's a sweetheart and I wish him the best.

I love Jerrell, and I think his attitude is fantastic.

But I still don't love that dress. The shape (or lack thereof) is not flattering on KP.

Jerell, you Rock. Keep your light shining. Epperson.

girl, you needed to write in and explain yourself after that crap you sent down the runway. and in my opinion - didn't explain nothin. I have lived in LA for over 10 years - and go to after after parties like it's my last week on earth - and I feel sorry for the poor models that had to wear that down the runway lookin all crazy. the reason people have been so harsh is because you are an amazing artist - and we expect better out of you. there will come a time where you will look back on this collection and you won't like it either. trust me, I been there.

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