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Note from Gordana

Everyone's favorite Yugoslavian dropped us a line with some exciting news.

"Hi Guys,

I just wanted to share with you the power of your blog and the wonderful people who are spending their time commenting on it. Remember
your post of my spring 2010 collection and there was a debate about two of my knit dresses? Some of the bloggers suggested that they should be in Vogue Knitting. I got contacted by Vogue Knitting because of you and I will be featured in one of their issues as well as the dress I knitted.

Could you please share this with your readers and thank them for me?

P.S. In the last episode I was sick and was given medication every 2 hours. That dress was the only thing I made that I wasn't proud of. Sorry to disappoint you guys. I have to say I am proud of everything else :)

Sending all my love to you and thank you again.


[Photos: Mike Yarish/
Gordana Gehlhausen]

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Yaay the power of TLo and the talent of Gordana!

Not to mention the solid hard work put forth by all of the above.

Yay Gordona! So glad that dress is getting the attention it deserves. And I'm happy to ignore the last PR dress -- we all experience sewing failures from time to time, especially when working with such difficult material.

you go girl!!! And what excellent luck that you had immunity when you needed it most. Sometimes, things just go right.


hip, hip, hooray for the combined delights of TLo, good design, lovely designer, and successes of the same.

and indeed, how fortunate that you had immunity while sick.

I'm so glad she had immunity the week she was feeling yucky. It's the closest thing to a sick day you get on PR!

And, let me also add that as a former PR rep, I am impressed with Gordana's grace and professionalism. I don't doubt that she'll be very popular with mag editors and others, as she is very quick to acknowledge and follow up with her supporters and with good publicity. Best of luck to this classy lady.

Wow! That is SO cool!

WTG Gordana! That is fantastic news!

Hearing that you were sick makes a lot of sense, but you had a bad day. You didn't disappoint us. You still rock!

*sorry for all the !'s, but I'm excited*

I'd take up knitting just to be able to make a gorgeous Gordana dress, but I don't think I could come close to making one.

Congratulations and hope to see more.

So using TLo and the power of suggestion, everyone repeat after me:

Gordana Knits at the Golden Globes.

Gordana Knits at the Golden Globes.

Gordana Knits at the Golden Globes.

Gordana is possibly the all-time classiest contestant ever to appear on Project Runway. (Sorry, Laura!)

If she were a guy, she'd be a mensch. And I would love to wear her designs!


Gordana is a peach!


For some reason I felt like several of the designers were ill on the last episode, including Althea and Christopher. Maybe the producers should lay off the no sleep crap. The results are not good.

How awesome is that? Congrats, Gordana!

Oh crap, now I have to learn to knit. These are so beautiful and flattering to many body types. Thank you Gordana, and Vogue Knitting!!

I second the view that working with a true professional like Gordana must be very attractive to merchandisers.

Gordana, I'm just happy you had immunity on your sick day! I can't wait to see more of your clothes!

Amazing! Yay Gordana!

Repetetive or not -- I must add some Gordana love.

Congratulations Gordana!!!!

That is awesome! Gordana, you are a classy lady and I wish you all the best in your future.

I only crochet, but I'm so stalking the Vogue Knitting magazine until this issue comes out.

And now I really need to drive over to Charleston to visit Gordana's store since I live in SC. If/when I do, I'm getting pictures and sending to you guys, TLo.

I love her. She is one of the best designers and I can sort of overlook the bad dress because it's not as if she was always turning out bad work. Everyone has off days. Congrats to her!

I love that blue one! Mass produce and sellllllll (to me lol)

This post made me happy, I love blog power.

Congrats, Gordana! Awesome that fellow TLo readers helped you get some recognition/exposure :). So good that you had immunity if you were sick!

YAY Lady G. you go girl!

Thank goodness I have a subscription. Can you let us know what issue you will be in?

All the best to you.

That is awesome! Congratulations, Gordana!

How wonderful!!!


hell, now i feel bad. i hate to knock on a contestant who's ill. i also agree with mohub that gordana has the most class of any pr contestant. you can always judge a persons character by how they handle adversity.

for someone who gets criticism on a regular basis that's conservatively peppered with praise, she's definitely got character.

suzq says: "I'd take up knitting just to be able to make a gorgeous Gordana dress, but I don't think I could come close to making one."

I DO knit, and it would take me a year to knit one of those dresses! Truly stunning! I don't know where Gordana has them made, but kudos to her for being such a terrific, talented, classy lady!

"Give me a sheep and I'll give you a sweater," she said. And it landed in Vogue. Sweet!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Note to self: don't mess with the power of TLo.

What a lovely note! We've all been there: having to knock out something at work while under stress and meds. If that's the only garment she's not proud of, I'll give her a pass. Best wishes to you, Gordana.

Thanks, TLo!

Good for her! She deserves it.

I love Gordana, I love Vogue Knitting.

This is a match made in heaven.


Amazing, the power of a blog. We love you, and are so glad you had immunity while you were sick.

Lady G—awesome combo of talent, hard work, grace, professionalism, and character.


You go, Gordana!!!!!! That's awesome news!

Yay, how awesome!
Good luck, Gordana!

woo hoo Gordana!!! you sooooooooo deserve it :)

woo hoo for the power of T-LO!!!


Well there you have it. No matter how this season ends, Gordana is already the winner in the real world of fashion. Congratulations on your well deserved success!

Hooray for Gordana! Love those dresses!


She is adorable! Congrats to her on the Vogue Knitting gig.

Methinks I learned how to knit at just the right time! Yay for Gordana!

Congrats Gordana! The dresses are beautiful.

So this is how PR now gives exposure to designers: PR --> TLo --> Exposure

Hurrah! I was hoping we'd be able to find out more about those dresses!

AWSOME girl! =D Both dresses are stunning and Im so happy your getting recognition you deserve. Be sure to write back and let us know what month Vogue Knitting will feature your work.

Everybody has off days so dont sweat last week's design.

Yea!! How terrific is THAT!?!

And the people at Vogue Knitting are smart cookies as well.


Go Gordana!

Now that's an issue of Vogue Knitting I'll definitely buy.
I'm a knitter, and haven't bought Vogue Knitting yet.

Fabulous Work TLo.

Jane from Boston

Wonderful news.

So sorry you were ill, and so happy you had immunity.

You're fabulous, Gordana.

Why can't PR just show us when contestants are actually sick? First Chris March on All-Stars and now this. Seriously, just show us the daily lives of these people in this crazy competition. UGH. Getting more and more annoyed with this show...

But congrats, Gorana! So cool.

I'm disappointed in the production company that they didn't let us in on the not-so-little fact that a cast member was ill. The show was edited to suggest that she was depressed and exhausted for unknown reasons and phoning in her entry. Why would that make for better drama than the truth?

So happy to hear this, Gordana!! Can't wait to purchase that issue!Geane

Oh that's awesome! And she is such a sweetheart, so cute.

They never comment on the health of the contestants. Remember Chris Marsh in the all-star challenge?

Any way, hooray for Gordana! That is wonderful, and great that you all played a part. This makes me happy.

Anonymous said...
They never comment on the health of the contestants. Remember Chris Marsh in the all-star challenge?

Well, at least Top Chef let us see Jennifer make a barf run for the bathroom last week.

Agree with MoHub: Gordana is one class act. But you don't have to be a man to be a mensch--and Gordana certainly is one. She's real and down to earth and she focuses on her work, rather than on bashing the other contestants. Take notes, Irina and Nicolas, so maybe you can be half the person Gordana is when you grow up.

Behold the power of TLo! Great news all around!


As for being sick, the dress may have suffered, but the entertainment value made up for it. I was laughing so hard at you "hiding" behind the fabric and just pointing at the dress and laughing hysterically that I rewound the whole segment 3 or 4 times. Too funny! :)

I really must re-sub to VK (Or Designer Knitting as it's now called in the Commonwealth.) Hopefully they'll include some similar patterns b/c I'm waaaaaay not worthy to figure out a knock-off myself and I really liked a couple of them.

PS, crocheters: told you so... (Or actually, I didn't, but other people did.)

YES! The first thing I thought when I saw these was "where is the pattern and how can I knit it."

Gordana, thank you for the lovely note on this lovely blog!!
I'm not normally a fan of knit anything, but your dresses are making me a believer!! They are absolutely beautiful!!
The very best of luck to you and congrats on the attention your designs are getting!!!

Hurrah for the power of TLo! Congratulations, Gordana, we're so happy for you!

Gordana + TLo = pure class!

I'm excited about the VK feature. Please, please, please keep us updated about what issue it will appear! Don't normally get VK anymore, but will definitely snag that copy.


I knit and this makes me so excited :)

Gordana, sweetie

i)can you come back and let us know when the issue you're featured in is out?

ii) could you design a jacket please? or something for people with boobs? I love your style but those dresses would never fit me

iii) are you on Ravelry (the knitters' social network)? people would be thrilled to see you there...

TLO - apologies for hijacking you blog. Carry on!

Oh and TLo while you're in the market for making knitters happy could you show this to Jillian Lewis and tell her to get patterns for her knitwear out there pronto quick?

Thanks a bunch..

She's such a beautiful person, inside and out, and of course hugely talented; so awesome that she got the VK nod.

Exciting! Want patterns!

oh, and, well this weeks episode i was not that proud of either. i was just drunk. haha.

Behold the power of TLO

Congratulations Gordana!
Both of the dresses are beautiful.

Now make us proud this week!

Gordana is basically the only reason I have continued watching this season.
That's so great and exciting for her!


Wow, that is so cool! Congratulations, Gordana!

I'm starting to think that TLo should just run a fashion reality show themselves, and cut out the middleman. :D

Congratulations Gordana!!! I am looking forward to reading the feature.

Gordona is sweet. I like her and her designs. I'm glad the power of social networking is helping make awesome connections.

i'm not dorothy gale

Beautiful - all of it; the publicity by TLo, Gordana's talent, and the fact that this classy lady wrote in gratitude. I only wish Gordana had designed in crochet, since I'm a terrible knitter!

GORDANA!!! My PR co-viewers and I adore you!

Yes!!! Yes!!! I am a PASSIONATE knitter and am really inspired by some of the fabulous, fashion-forward knits I see on the runways and I REALLY WANT TO KNIT THEM!!!Gordana, I will buy every pattern you publish, I love you! -victoria

mummy needs champagne

Well done, Gordana! It's so great to see strong and beautiful knits that don't fall back into the retro/kitsch/twee trap.

Your aesthetics and sincerity shine through in your work; it's wonderful to see you doing what you do. One funky dress doesn't change that. :-)

Isn't it ironic that she got sick the same week she had immunity? (Play on words ... and I've had too much merlot.)

Wow, congrats to Gordana and TLo. And I learned that there is something called Vogue Knitting - I had no idea!

Big congratulations to both TLo and Gordana!

Yay for you Gordana! You have class, style and deserve every good thing (and more!) that comes your way. I'm a *horrible* knitter so I wouldn't attempt the pattern myself, but maybe I could bribe someone? XX's

I am really liking the idea of a TLo season of PR. In my perfect world, you two would get to:
1. design all the challenges
2. pick the guest star designers
3. judge every week along with Nina and Kors.

My only concern is that this blog might fall down a hole, but for that level of fabulousness I think we could all deal with it.

Time to start a petition?

Congratulations to Gordana!

Congratulations, Gordana! That is fantastic!!

Congratulations, Gordana, and thank you for sharing the great news with us.

Congratulations, Gordana!! YAY!! Congratulations, TLo on your ever-increasing influence and mass appeal!!

(And Gordana, no worries on the last dress, heck, it was still better made than most of the dreck that came down the runway last week - and it certainly doesn't make you any less of a talent!).

asparagus lust

Gordana: I am a fan, luv ya, and yes, I knit & look longingly at the Vogue Knit patterns. You deserve every ounce of recognition for the beauty that you do. Call me a fan, but I did not dislike your Mackie dress. I would wear it with a tweak here or there. Far, far from UGLY, I loved the basic idea of it and would NOT come close to auf'ing your look. This season has been an anomoly, and I don't put much stock in what the "judges" say. You are a great designer and have already won that designation in mind, and many, other people's minds. You are wearable and uniquely stylish. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing, it made my day. We care and I am sorry you were ill but greatful you got over that episode in more ways than one. Thanks again.

Love her! That's so awesome about Vogue Knitting. And, as we know, it sucks to be sick on this show (I'm thinking of Chris March here).

Congratulations are due all around--
to Gordana,
to TLo (for being the "publicity" daddies)
and to Vogue Knitting for making a great decision.

Congratulations Gordana!! You deserve all this recognition plus more. Someone posted earlier that others should take a lesson from you, yet they forgot one person... Heidi. She should eat sheep, er I mean crow.

Congrats to Gordana!!
Only one tiny side note - there's no such thing as Yugoslavian anymore :)

Congrats Gordana!

(Didn't know you were a fellow knitter. You now have my full support.) :)

YAY! I'm so happy for gordana :) She didn't disappoint me! I was just glad she had immunity, because Heidi seems to be gunning for her like something fierce!
Congratulations to both Gordana and TLo for their amazing power! Much success :)

Congradulations Gordana!!! I love all your designs. You are very talented.

this is wonderful news. congratulations, gordana! all the best. those dresses are absolutely gorgeous.

i agree with the posters upthread who commented on the obvious goodness and beauty of g's personality shining through.

a particularly nasty co-contestant can take a page out of her book. regarding the sweetness, as well as gordana's superior talent.(yes, i certainly am typing about/to you, irina.)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gordana, I will be sending sheep via UPS mail.

I'll be expecting sweater sometime next week.

For real y'all, vote her 'FAN FAVORITE'!

Congratulations, Gordana!!

Yay! A fellow knitter (and even more in the comments)! I've never attempted anything half as ambitious as one of those dresses but that doesn't mean I won't try :)

Love her!

wow,those are so exquisite&beautiful.

I do SO like Gordana. Nice to hear good things are happening for her. And that dress is drop dead gorgeous. It deserves all the attention it can get - kind of like Gordana herself. So you go girl!

Any woman that claims to be able to knit a sweater if you give her a sheep is a fan of ALL the knitting world. I may hit this link off to Stephanie Pearl McPhee ( --- it's about time a knitter became a fan fave.

Okay, I adore her. I hope she wins!

Ohmygoodness I was so excited to see this that I almost cried! I've been a longtime fan of Vogue Knitting and a longtime fan of Gordana! I am so excited!

Yea Gordana for the Vogue knitting! You can bet a lot of us knitters will be snapping up that issue!


How lovely for Gordana!

To be a pain-in-the-butt detail queen:

To call her Yugoslavian is a serious misnomer. Even when Yugoslavia was still Yugoslavia, she would have been an ethnic Serb born in Bosnia.


@last anonymous:
maybe she doesn't want to get identified with an ethnic group per se but to her old citizenship and the country she was born which does not exist anymore. identity is a very personal thing and nowadays people more and more want others to choose one and sometimes it isn't very necessary.

Gordana is awesme. I hope she rocks.

did anyone ever notice how gordana made her sheep statement in the season three road to runway? cause i just did. three seasons later, she finally got on the show!

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