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Jimmy Choo for H&M

Throwing something out there while our coffee drips, darlings!

Here's the what:
Jimmy Choo for H&M clothes, shoes, bags
Available November 14 at H&M stores

And here's the visual:

What do the ladies think? Anyone planning a trip to H&M next month?


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Perfect for the stripper on a budget.

And are people still buying gladiator sandals?

I am soooo bored of these sandals now....HATE IT!

More like Jimmy Choo for S&M...

And you know the shoes will be cheaply made and therefore WICKEDLY UNCOMFORTABLE.

I like the grey bag and the little clutch with the star. The shoes don't look that unique to me I'm afraid. Not all of them look like stripper shoes, but they're not that great either.

Love most of the heels (1st, 3rd, 7th, 8th, and 9th). Not the flats, but then, I never wear flats anyway.

I would consider getting a pair since my dog chewed up all of my open toed heels, but it's winter and I don't live anywhere near an H&M, so that won't happen.

Awful, just awful. They look cheap & uncomfortable.

I like the capsule shaped hot pink bag . It looks like it's made out of hard plastic.

I agree with clarabows and both anon.'s. I like a couple of the bags but that's about it.

I would wear that.

H&M has been really brilliant in the way they market cheap 'designer' crap to people with more interest in labels than fashion sense (or common sense). But shoes are another matter.

A cheap, hideous blouse isn't going to hurt you, but cheap shoes will. Those shoes are to feet what cigarettes are to lungs.

And they're ugly.


Mmm...not so much. They look dated already. And really uncomfortable.

You in danger gurl, Nomi Malone is in the house!

I still love a gladiator sandal (the red ones especially; I think it's the studs that take the other ones over the line into bondage babe), but my sense is that they're on the way out. The zebra flats are cute (love an animal-print flat), as is the grey bag.

The zebra flats will prob be cute w/ jeans and I like a couple of the bags. Can't guarantee a buy, but I'll definitely go have an in person looksee

Wonder if they will also sell out in a day like when Stella McCartney did a range for H&M in England.

I don't love. Bondage for the ankles. Yuck.

These things are perfect for college students on a budget who want to look fierce without all the amenities of a steady pay check. Anyone over thirty should probably just buck up and buy the real thing instead of whining about how cheap these look-- yes, they are cheap; no, they are not marketed to you.

Fugly. And insulting to the very market they're trying to reach. If you're going to bother to reinvent your luxury brand for the masses, at least give your consumer something new. This is nothing but a tacky, cheeap retread of what Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 have had on their shelves for forever. Slapping a Jimmy Choo for H&M label on something doesn't fool anyone.

The zebra ballet shoes are cute but they will KILL your feet.

Nope, not impressed. I wouldn't buy any of the shoes or bags, even if they sold for $9.99.

Anonymous 9:48 AM wrote: "You in danger gurl, Nomi Malone is in the house!"


Hmmmmm.... shiny zebra print and chain ... did Logan get a job with Jimmy Choo?

It all looks very cheap. the gray bag is cute but it also looks like it's make from fake suede, so in person it probably doesn't look like much either.

Jury's out. I'll get back to you after I run my cost/benefit analysis on a pair of JC H&Ms vs. a pair of shoes from Payless.

The tube of Gem-It came free when I bought the Mighty Mend-It from Billy Mays on the TV.

Love them! I'll be in line.

Anonymous @ 9:38am said...

More like Jimmy Choo for S&M...

My exact thought!

I really do covet the zebra flats though. My legs, ankles and feet are simply not strong enough to wear a heel anymore, so I pretty much covet ALL cute flats. lol

The majority of the rest look cheap, tacky and painful.

I do like most of the bags. Not love, but like. Except for the 1st one in the second row and the middle one in the last row. In both cases they needed to put down and step away from the bedazzler.

Everything with studs looks cool.

I don't wear heels. They hurt my feet, my legs, my back. Give me flats any day. That said, the one pair I saw made me feel kinda "meh." They look like they'd show the lines between my toes, and I always thought toe cleavage looks ridiculous. Big ol' pass. As for the accessories, none look particularly to my style. But then again, I'm not a "party" kind of gal.

The zebra bag looks ok.

I cannot believe how many gladiator sandals I see walking around my college campus. Gross...

Not for the gladiator sandals, that's for sure! Never liked them, still don't.

But those zebra flats look good and the clutch. Will drop by H&M for a look see next month.

epic fail

get a real shoe designer, for christ sake

Anonymous said...
epic fail
get a real shoe designer, for christ sake

A real shoe designer???

yeah! ho! wah!

some of the sandals (the ones without animal prints) are fun, but nothing special. the bags are very mediocre.

I don't quite get the season for these shoes? Is it not winter in most of the northern hemisphere by November?

My heart goes out to the poor poor-girls who'll inevitably buy these.

I'm with you, Sharon T. I like looking at them, hate to wear them.

no less ugly than Christian Siriano's line for payless.

Is it possible that the release of this line was delayed by about 9 months? At this point they are a snooze.

Why must the heels be so insanely high? I often dance in 3" ballroom heels, but I couldn't wear any of these heels for 5 minutes without my ankles aching. However, the zebra print heels on the middle left are pretty cute.

One pair of flats? Is it that impossible to make a fabulous shoes with a mid-range (2-3 inch) heel? Not that these are fabulous...

The gray bag looks sharp, I'd like to see it in person. The shoes are a bit much for everyday life, though. Not a fan of animal prints or broken ankles.

"And you know the shoes will be cheaply made and therefore WICKEDLY UNCOMFORTABLE."

And the expensive 5 inch stilletos are like walking in a fluffy cloud?

I'm not really a fan of them anyway, but who would be crazy enough to buy super inexpensive shoes with that high of a heel? Your feet would DIE. The zebra clutch is pretty cute though.

H&M's target demographic is very different from TLo's, I think. Isn't H&M where the kids on Fashionista shopped?

"Heidi Klum
10/19/09 9:44 AM
I would wear that."


Robin said...

"And you know the shoes will be cheaply made and therefore WICKEDLY UNCOMFORTABLE."

And the expensive 5 inch stilletos are like walking in a fluffy cloud?

Well said.

i'd only buy two of the purses. the shoes are a complete no.

TED said...H&M's target demographic is very different from TLo's, I think. Isn't H&M where the kids on Fashionista shopped?

Not true. I'm 21 and I love all of it. : )

Animal prints are all the rage for mass market ready to wear, so I guess the shoes are on trend. I don't think they're very pretty, except for the red ones, although I do like that shade of blue very much. I just don't like that particular shoe shape.

SJ Donovan said...

"Anyone over thirty should probably just buck up and buy the real thing instead of whining about how cheap these look-- yes, they are cheap; no, they are not marketed to you."

Forgive me for being 35 and not wanting to spend $1,000 on a pair of shoes for a night out. Not all Manhattan girls have Carrie Bradshaw budgets.

To answer your questions: Ick, with the possible exception of the gray bag. And no.

For the record, I love the red heels, the zebra flats and the first blue pair. And I don't care if they're cheap and I have the taste of a stripper. There are 2 H&Ms down the block from my office and I am going to *work* those bitches! :)

Whose brilliant idea was it to put out a bunch of strappy sandals for the winter?

They look kinda cheap and tacky and hurty to the feet.

Nothing there I'd buy.

Not all Manhattan girls have Carrie Bradshaw budgets.

Carrie Bradshaw didn't have any kind of a budget. That character lived a fantasy life. Writers of weekly syndicated columns don't make enough $$$ to be able to afford her apartment, much less her clothing and shoe collections.

As for the shoes and the bags: boring. As noted above, aren't we well past gladiator sandals now? The bags are a total snooze.

Imo they're tickity tack & fug

You'll care that they're cheap once you try to wear 'em, BeccaGo.

A nicely-made Italian leather stiletto is a challenge to wear. A badly-made Chinese synthetic stiletto is blister-inducing torture device.

But, don't take my word for it-- buy a pair and let us know how they work out.

Lisa said
"A nicely-made Italian leather stiletto is a challenge to wear. A badly-made Chinese synthetic stiletto is blister-inducing torture device."

I actually disagree. Maybe because I have no feeling in my feet (I do, but apparently not as much as others) or because I routinely wear 6 inch heels, but I've found that the difference isn't so much in the maker as it is in how well it fits you with the cut. I've worn designer shoes that hurt after a few hours and cheap shoes that felt fine, and vice versa. Actually, my most comfortable pair of heels is a cheap knockoff that I got for around $30; they're super comfortable for me.


Most of those I wouldn't wear, mainly because I dislike sandals. The soles look really thin, too... Other than that, I picked out three things I like--the gray purse, the purse with the star, and those blue shoes at the top (for half an hour before I kick them off).

I like the *design* of the first blue pair. But in that extra shiny, tacky synthetic, and no doubt painful material? No thanks.

No interest in the shoes. They look like what you find in Payless. The bags are okay, but nothing that makes me want to part with my money.

The grey purse is nice, but not really groundbreaking or anything. The shoes. They are boring and look cheap--is there anything worse in fashion?

"Beccago said: Forgive me for being 35 and not wanting to spend $1,000 on a pair of shoes for a night out. Not all Manhattan girls have Carrie Bradshaw budgets."

Carrie Bradshaw didn't have Carrie Bradshaw's budget either (unless she was turning tricks on the side). No TV characters can afford the homes they are depicted as living in or the clothes they wear. SATC was a comedy, not a documentary.

That's what's so idiotic about these dumb girls who try to emulate the characters, (aside from the fact that they are annoying; traipsing & teetering through our neighborhoods in their Manolos & LV bags). A person on an average income who tries to emulate those SATC characters by wearing their pricey labels is no different than a person who tries to emulate Peter Pan by attempting to fly out the window.


I like shoes 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7. Sorry. Then again, it has been said that I dress like a cartoon hooker.

i would only buy the grey suede-looking bag. but it probably costs 20-something bucks at the very least. and I bet i can find a real suede bag of the designer variety for 100 at tjmaxx or marshalls.

this is the thing about h&m shoes -- theyre utterly cheap and the materials they use look cheap. they can certainly find cheap materials dont look as such. theyre also uncomfortbale because they have no padding in them. id rather save my money for something better.

Missing this household's [& friends] demographic altogether. The teens who want them have had $20 and under versions of the zebra & gladiator flats for two years now. Neither the teens nor the old people wear cheap heels - though for different reasons.

I'd like a better look at the pink hard shell clutch - it could be cute if it didn't look too cheap in real life. Would prefer a different color, though. None of the other bags stand out, from the stuff I've seen elsewhere (for cheap).

Some of the purses are cute, but the shoes are so tacky, cheap and very stripper-esq.

I'm with the others that say they look uncomfortable.

Carrie Bradshaw, didn't she have a lot of friends (wink wink) with money?

Animal prints, zebra particularly, is so trashy looking.

I like the pink clutch thingie. Wonder if they've got it in electric blue?

That's it.

bleh, I could buy something cuter at at any number of stores on sale. They're tacky and fugly.

Why bother just because of the name? This reminds me of the cheap knock offs of designer purses young girls buy just because it has a well known logo; meanwhile there are those of us who will take stylish and stitching that stays put.

We love this! CAN NOT WAIT TO GO TO H&M !! THANK YOU MISTER CHOO :) And to make animal prints work for you:

GothamTomato said...

"Carrie Bradshaw didn't have Carrie Bradshaw's budget either (unless she was turning tricks on the side). No TV characters can afford the homes they are depicted as living in or the clothes they wear. SATC was a comedy, not a documentary."

Well, that's really what I meant. Perhaps I should have said "the SATC wardrobe budget." :) And I wouldn't doubt she was turning tricks on the side. (I'm obviously not a fan.)

Also agree with whoever said it's not the price of the shoe but the cut. I've got a pair of Marc Jacobs flats (FLATS!) that pinch way more than my Payless knockoffs.

I don't know, I think these are actually LESS hideous than some of the shoes I see people gushing over around here. The red ones, for example, are less tacky than half the absurd Louis Vuitton collection, IMHO.

And, all the money in the world won't make a 5 inch heel good for your feet. Ballet flats are a good step....but where are all the attractive 2-3 inch pumps? Do we really think that these won't sell? Good lord, I think MOST woman would appreciate that option!

I really like a lot of it and am still debating whether or not to buy a pair (not pictured here). A lot of the clothes are really nice too. I dunno, I'm a sucker for anything metallic or sequined.

Yay on the bags, nay on the shoes.

I'm a SAHM on a limited budget and I live for H&M. But even I know not to buy their shoes if you plan on walking in them.

They Both cheaply made of cheap materials, and for cheap women. Am decidedly unimpressed.

"Imo they're tickity tack & fug"

So eloquent. You're like Shoeddha.

i covet those first blue heels. everything else...take it or leave it.

Looks like Jimmy Choo is doing his part to ensure full employment for the medical profession.

Teetering around on these heels should be an excellent incentive to twisted knees, stretched and injured tendons in the arch, and mile high calluses on the balls of the feet. Cuz you just KNOW that anybody who buys them at H&M isn't just going to one red carpet event and then abandoning them forever. Those hard earned pennies are being spent on stuff that women will wear repeatedly.

Mind you, that would never stop the seriously rabid fashionista.

But enduring all that pain for THESE?

No. No and no and no. The shoes must be TO. DIE. FOR. to risk all that injury and discomfort.

These just...aren't.

And the bags? Even a budget line should look less hooker and more subtle than this. I can't imaging that faux zebra stripes and pink -- what, plastic? -- are going to translate to something craveable. Perhaps they look a lot better up close, but I really do think women expect to see a fair amount of unique merchandise at H&M, not classic low-budget looks.

The shoes: meh

The bags: FAIL

I'm not impressed. Why aren't there any shoes with a medium heel? They're either totally flat which is killer for old ladies with plantar fascitis or sky-high which is killer for old ladies who want to navigate without breaking something. And by the way "old ladies" is not synonymous with "unfashionable"! (smile)

I'm going with the anonymous at 5:58pm: why aren't there designers working with heel heights and shoe cuts that actual human beings can wear and walk across the room in? Not just "old ladies" either- I've had crap feet all my life, and they've been made worse by wearing "business" shoes.

Less fetishism, more understanding of foot and knee anatomy, please.

According to the website, those red shoes are $99. That's not super-budget. I make a decent salary and I've only got a handful of $99+ shoes.

Tamara Mellon says this is a day-to-night, have you seen the dresses?

I'd wear this if I were going to work...the corner.

Ditto on the cheap shoes for brand whores. They look painful and the styles aren't unique enough for all the pain and suffering.

I like the bags. But what's with all the gladiator sandal hate? I'd rather see girls walking around in those than in dirty flip flops any day!

I had been looking forward to checking them out when I heard they'd be in my local H&M. This definitely saves me a trip. Ick.

Jessica Simpson's shoes for Macy's look higher quality than these. I really don't care for any of the styles either an I'm a shoe whore.


Trashy + Tacky + Fugly = Trackgly.

Those flats look like they were made from a zebra with a skin condition. (And I usually like the clothes at H&M).

If $99 is a representative price, I am sure you can get much nicer shoes at Macy's. Or at higher priced retailers on clearance. The only problem with clearance is that you don't get trendy stuff, but these shoes aren't trendy anyway.

Has anybody ever found out if there is any truth to the rumor that Epperson is working at and H&M store? I've heard this a couple of places, but I'm not sure if it's true.


Nope. I love Choo because of its high quality. I don't go for the cheap version.

They look so chip in a chip way. Not for me.

FABULOUS! Thank for posting this! I can't wait to buy them.

Love the shoes, love the bags, I can't wait to try the clothes on too.

I believe they're actually all made from leather. And I read that their price point is much higher as well. There's a pair of thigh high boots that are nearly $300. But I do agree that some of them are pretty hooker-ish.

I can't wear any shoes from H&M, thanks size 10 feet. The zebra flats are cute, but you can currently get that look at Target.

I was so excited when I saw the title of this post, but the shoes just look tacky to me. I'm sure they'll do well at the H&M price point, but not for me. I agree with the posters who are over gladiator sandals, I was never under them.

Tacky Tacky Tacky.

The Jimmy Choo team couldn't do better than this?


Since I wear only flats, the zebra ballets were the onlly shoes that grabbed me at all, and I've already seen those from Steve Madden.

Is... cold for sandals in November, no? I'm cold just looking at them. It's BOOT season!

How disappointing.

Animal prints will always be Old Lady Palm Beach to me. Yuk.


Are you trying to tell me that the Jessica Simpson line isn't sexual chocolate? I love the shape of her shoes. There are some that are pointy but they still give your foot that round look and you don't look like a possessed duck. Ahem, excuse the off-topicness. I'm a little worried that I have bad taste in shoes because I LOVE the Jessica Simpson line.

Nothing but cheap, tacky and fug. All of it.

M. E. H.

I might have been into a couple of these, if I hadn't found out that they're selling them for $100+. No way I'm spending that kind of money on H&M quality, when a good eye for sales can get me the real thing for not that much more.

looks cheap.

Feh. Those first ones are a pretty shade of blue, but the actual design of the shoe is scary-looking, to say the least. Like Chinese foot-binding. The far-right one in the top row is tragic. Blue and black together is a cardinal fashion sin nine times out of ten, and I've known that since I was eight. Those cow-print looking ones directly below them are actually kind of cute, but I won't be buying them because I'm six feet tall, so I don't need heels and in fact am a little scared of them. Unfortunately for me, the flats on offer here are beyond fug. The bags are actually pretty cute; they look like the kind of thing I dig out of Buffalo Exchange on a regular basis. But it would be cheaper to just keep going to Buffalo Exchange, so again, I'll pass. I wouldn't be caught dead with that pink compact clutch though, at least not unironically. It looks too much like this plastic pencil box I had in elementary school.


No, seriously... some of you people really are shallow and clueless and make the rest of us feel a little better about being on a budget, shopping smart, and doing what we can to look good.

just fyi

they're all made from leather...
grant it, it's not as high a quality as the leather used on regular Choo's, but still better than the crap fake leather they use at stores like forever or payless

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