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Jerell Scott Spring 2010 Collection

Let's check in with one of the PR alums.

Jerell Scott presented his spring 2010 collection at LA Fashion Week. He described it as "inspiration taken from the world’s obsession with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood decadence."'s the thing: we have to be honest that his aesthetic and ideas about fashion are miles away from our own. We really can't say much about this collection because it's just not our thing at all. So, have at it, commenters.

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Why cant he keep the tits in the dress? That didnt look like it was meant to be a statement

Some of the shorter dresses look nice. The rest is quite reminiscent of his Project Runway collection.

At first I was like "wow, he hasn't changed much from his PR collection," but a few of them are pretty cute.

F to the UG.

Why does every one of his models look like Samantha Ronson?

I do like the maxi dresses though and the peacock inspired dress.

I like the majority of the dresses. The rest? Ehhh...take it or leave it.

I like looks 16 to 20 but, ugh... What's with the nipple? And there's so much that hurts my eyes.

I like the matte fabric ombre caftan-y ones (first two definitely). The others are very... uh, Jerell.

I think the photo with Jerell and the models says it all -- On the left, beautiful, wearable -- on the right -- gawker starlet after too much party time at Chateau Marmot.

There are some things there that aren't doing much for me, but there are some things I quite like. I think it shows some maturing since his PR collection, actually -- I thought during PR he had a definite point of view but it veered off into "ticky-tacky" territory too often to really be compelling, and I think this is a definite improvement. And I really like the diversity in his models!

I want the black lace top with the shoulder pads and stick-on breast biscuits! I'm not sure about the animal print pants, though...

"'s the thing: we have to be honest that his aesthetic and ideas about fashion are miles away from our own. We really can't say much about this collection because it's just not our thing at all."

Translation: We hate it.

When he gets it right, it is nice. Dresses 15 and 22 (count each dress from the first set of double photos) could be stunning on the right person, at the right event, without black eyes.

The silhouettes on several of the dresses are actually interetsing but the fabric and trim choices & combinations often leap into cheap and tacky

I dont mind bling and extravagance but Jerrell really doesn't seem to have mastered how to execute that into something consistently fashionable.

And the styling on the models-ugggh. They look like they just came form an all night bender of drugs and bad sex


Once again I appreciate a runway show which uses of models of varying sizes, so points for that. While there are waaaay too many WTF?? moments for this to qualify as a good collection, there are actually a couple of the shorter dresses I not only like but would consider wearing.

There's a lot of hot tranny messes on that runway. He is very bipolar. When it is good, it is good, but when it goes off, it is a wreck.

Hate the styling. I hope "heroin chic" isn't coming back. Or is it "sad remnants of my dreams"? Either way, for all the fuss that was made over McQueen's clown-lips, I find the blackened eye motif far more disturbing. And distracting enough that I can't even focus on Jerell's clothing.

-- Anun

I don't like the maxi dresses, but some of the shorter ones are really appealing. I especially like the first one, the one in row 4, the short dress below row 4 (not the nipple-showing dress) - it has a fabulous lily of the valley print that I love. There's a vaguely 1920s-1930s aesthetic about some of these that I find really appealing. That short glitzy gold dress near the end (four or five from the final row) - that dress I could see on some young celebrity.

not bad, on the whole. Some spectacular misses, but some very good successes, as well. And I just do like Jerell. He's a sweetie.

I do like a few dresses, maybe not for me, but I could imagine women wearing them.
I like that he used a few larger models and actually put them in something that was flattering and didn't just cram them into something too small that made them look lumpy... no one wants to look lumpy.
That nipple exposure didn't look intentional though, and thats always bad.

Oh dear. I really wanted to like this collection. I guess it's not my aesthetic either and leave it at that.

Construction critique: Look #6 had visible darts on the lace. Handling large galloon lace is an art to itself. If the look is going to be fitted, you must trim the scallops and then piece them together with a zigzag stitch. This way you elimate the dart legs and the look is seamless.

It is time consuming, yes, but anything less screams of amateur sew-er.

Hell to the no. What ever happened to growth over time? Are the theories of progress lost on Jerell?

There are some elements that I like, but I don't like any one dress. The flapper style sequinned dress comes closest, but I don't like the shoulder treatments on the straps.

WTF is with the styling? These poor models look like they just came down from a two week bender.

However, I like that he's using some bigger models, and i love those purple fingerless gloves.

Jerrell still has the same editting issues he had in the past. There are some hits and some misses but, overall, if he took off one THING (like sparkles or shoulder pads or some other embellishment) it would be better.

I love the leather um.. shrug? What would you call that? I quite like what he's doing with the neck/shoulder straps on a lot of the dresses and I'd love to see the straps on something other than a floaty dress.

I would wear some of these pieces but I can see how they aren't meant for everyone.

I liked looks 2, 6, 10, 11, 13, and 18 (in part based on the fabric, and I am a bit of a sucker for embellished necklines). I wish it had more of a storyline or cohesiveness, because it feels so random as a whole. a colour story might be a good exercise for him as well.

that said, he has definitely continued to grow since his last collection- remember that??- and PR, so more power to him!

I know folks who'd snap up several of these, particularly those in rows 2, 4, 5 & 9. they're too busy for me.

As usual, I like the way Jerell dresses himself better than his collections (though he's kind of subdued here.)

If he'd just do a sleeker look, I'd be in major clothes lust - I like the colors and the tad bit of edge.

Mostly not my taste, either, though there are some attractive and wearable pieces hidden among all the hoo ha. I think it'd make a big difference to Jerell's growth as a designer if he'd apprentice with the right designer, and learn to edit his ideas.

The raccoon eyes are beyond distracting, though.

I think Jerrell's having a half-breed moment with this collection.

I love the smudgy eye makeup and the variety of models (all beautiful!), but the collection itself is just okay.

Jerrell seems like a lovely person,and I truly wish him well, and a couple of these things even look somewhat wearable, but some of these outfits look like costumes for a sequel to the Rocky Horror Show. (Obviously his aesthetic isn't mine either).

Has Jerell gotten skinnier since he was on the show? I know he's got that enviable tall, thin physique, but he's so thin now he looks unwell.

They all look hippy.

...okay, in all seriousness, I really like some of the elements here, but not necessarily the way he's thrown them together. He seems like he's having a blast, though, and that's truly awesome.

I really like some of these pieces. And if nothing else, they would look good in a music video or film that is heavy on atmosphere

Also, note the difference between him and the present season's designers: even if someone doesn't like Jerell's fashion ideas, at least they provide some interest and are cohesive. Not like the pathetic blandness of this season.

Just looking at the first pic of him on the runway with the 2 models - I looked at the one on the right and wondered - does he not know where a woman's bust is?

Looking down through the pics - um - no.

Liked a lot of the fabric - but much of this was as ridiculous as his Olympic challenge - only I wasn't laughing. Yoo bad - he seemed like a decent enough guy and I wan't to like it.

Oh, wow. The second model reminds me uncomfortably of Tila Tequila.

it's so bad, not even design school worthy
he should have gotten input from someone with a better taste / design simply does not cut it at all

I do think this is an improvement over his previous work. He has an ability like Jay and Uli to combine things that you wouldn't expect to go together; what he's lacking is their ability to self-edit. Too much unbridled creativity. I think it would be interesting to see what happened if he imposed some arbitrary restrictions on himself (like nothing sparkly or shiny).

My eyes! My eyes!

Dear God this man needs to learn how to edit. He starts with some cool ideas and materials and then keeps adding and adding until he completely kills the look. Most of these pieces look so labored over that, as MK would say, there's no joy there. It's all so weighed down, aside from a few cute, short dresses.

Oh, and his inspiration is Hollywood? How original.

I actually like some of the short dresses, kind of Alberta Ferretti Fall 2009 in a way.

Furry centipedes, lace, spangles and sparkles, paisley, tie-dye, and titty flowers

OH. MY...................................................GAWD.

Jerell, we luved ya, but, woah, hunny, still gotta learn to edit.

I rarely give blunt reviews like this, but let's just spit it out:

Everything here is complete shit.

Ripped frippery, the Jerrell Scott Fabulizor [TM] set to MAX+11, and styling clearly done so that the awfulness of the models mitigates the awfulness of the line.

I appreciate that Jerrell is experimental. However, each of these, each and every one, is a failed experiment. They never should have left the sketch page. He should have bound all these sketches into one volume, and then either encased the tome in opaque lucite or labeled it, "WHAT NOT TO DO" as a service to himself, and all of humanity.

I like a couple of the dresses (mainly the first two), but those necklines are INSANE. They look less like what any woman would wear and more like the sternum-baring ensembles that Jerell prefers for himself.

the ONLY thing i liked about this collection was that he used models with different body types. i think some of the "curvier" (relative to the twigs) models looked fabulous.

aside from the clothes they were wearing and their horrendous styling. MEGAFUG.

Were all these models crying because they had to walk the runway in these dresses?

I actually LOVE the look that is in the preview picture. I think he's on to something there with that repurposed leather jacket. But as for the rest, mostly I think they miss.

He just throws so much stuff on the garments, that are pretty much basic silhouettes, that it looks as if he is just trying to do something different, but can't figure out what, so he's throwing spaghetti against the wall. Design-wise, it looks immature.


Hollywood? Really?

I have two words (or is it 3?): double-stick tape

They make it just for such a purpose to keep the girl parts covered with clothing. Check in to it! :-)



I think Jerrell is in desperate need of editing. Looking closely, I see some interesting ideas that are getting lost because he is putting everything but the kitchen sink in his designs (which is also detracting from the silhouette of the garments).
Now if he would concentrate on just one of these interesting ideas per garment (or extrapolate it for the entire collection)I would probably respond to it better.
Right now I just am in sensory overload and it hurts my eyes.

Jerell, step away from the embellishments and rickrack.

I wish he would learn how to edit. Some dresses are okay but over done. Definitely not my style.

I like this collection a lot. Jerell has grown since Project Runway.
I may be mad, but I see a little Geoffrey Beene(ishness) in some of the pieces.

I love Jerell, but NO. Just NO. He still hasn't learned how to edit his looks or style them.

Post-apocalyptic beach party?

uh, um, perhaps is more reflective of his LA perspective???

As others have mentioned, Jerell's in need of serious help on the editing front. There are a couple of cute looks in there but a whole lotta fug.


I love jerrell, unfortunately I don't always love his work. There are some nice dresses and pieces with potential but overall he is still growing. I do see growth and less cheapness than I saw on his final pr collection. Plus he's such a great person it's hard not to be happy for him.

some of the pieces are overworked to the extreme. what happened to the jerell that won 3 challenges? it's like he needs a mentor there with him in order to do well

Sewing Siren, of course you're mad, but that's why we love you so much.

Hot mess.

Well, If I went to an New Years Eve party and all the women were wearing fabulous gowns like these. I would DIE. Of course that show stopper would be reserved for ME!

Hideous. Ghastly. God-awful. My eyes are bleeding.

Not my cup of tea. And the Tammy Faye Bakker eye makeup was totally distracting. There was just too much going on.

Some of the dresses are very beautiful. Unfortunately, whatever he wants to say about "the world’s obsession with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood decadence" is lost in the inconsistent styling.

All but one model have smudged eyes. One model has exposed breasts. One model wears a mask. There's no strong, cohesive theme.

Pity. Kudos though, to using diverse races, ages and body types on the runway. He's capable of designing for all, but that message is getting lost in all the mess.

No, Mr. Scott. No, no, no, no, no.

He needs Mr. Gunn's Sound Advice so very, very much.

Jerrel is a sweetheart of a guy who is just all about more, more, more and he needs to be about less, less, less! Edit, baby, edit! So many embellishments, prints, extras....I can't see the clothes underneath. And I really like some of the shapes he was going for, especially with the short, flapper influenced dresses. Now it's just a nightmare. I need a drink.

I actually quite like the harnessy things and some of the dresses in toto. But that black lace looks awful, especially on the one with the chest cut-out. It looks like the model has a hairy chest. No woman wants this.

Why do the models have sad panda eyes?

Some of it is serious fug and some not so much and a couple are quite wonderful.
I get the use of varying textures and textiles, but he just picks such ticky-tacky trims and fabrics.

His aesthetic works in the last 2 designs (and in the 20's vamp look minis), but is horrible in the 2 dresses before them.

Love Jerell, don't love this collection. Don't love the styling. More zombies?? WTH??
Have all these designers been visiting mortuaries??


Brooklyn Bomber said:

I think it'd make a big difference to Jerell's growth as a designer if he'd apprentice with the right designer, and learn to edit his ideas.

I agree. I think that this collection has its moments. I hope that he'll get some constructive criticism and feedback, because I really found him so likeable on PR, and I wish him well.

With a L-O-T of editing this could be an interesting collection. Thanks for posting it, guys.

Don't like any of it.

Since he's a former PR alum, I even tried to stretch my definition of 'acceptable' to try to capture one or two outfits and just couldn't do it. Even on the ones that looked vaguely '20s-'30s (I miss Louise :::sigh:::).

Then I decided if I have to try this hard to stretch, then it's not worth the effort at all.

Talent is subjective. Agreed. My subjective reaction; he has no design talent.

WARNING: somtimes the wrong black lace can make a poor woman look like she has a hairy chest (or back) as in Jerell's collection. Designers, please take heed and use with caution.


He might need a stint under rabid but masterful pirate eye of John Galliano--and then he can balance his crazy excess with boho chic.

He has no idea how to effectively highlight women's features, facial or corporeal.

If you ever question why they didn't win. Exhibit A.

Uh, not so much.

He and Santino share a few things: ticky-tack and "the boobs are not where they're supposed to be."

He is so hot and cold. It feels like he needs to take a few years and develop his aesthetic before he produces another collection.

I like the strap/shoulder element he was playing with throughout the collection, and I love the dress on the model on the left (his right) in the first photo. I know he caught crap for defaulting to bronzes and mossy greens, but those are some of my favorite colours, and I really like that print.

Also, Jerell looks great.

The rest, meh. I prefer clothes that keep the bosoms out of public view. Maybe that's just me.

Jerrell is one of those designers whose collections we all desperately want to like. But, alas. I would kind of like some of the longer dresses sans the weird applique things on the straps and necklines that look like a protozoan infection (have yall had Amoebic Dysentery? I have. Long story.) The rest are strange, tacky, not aesthetically pleasing, too short, and insanely low cut. Fer God's sake, his poor model's boob is showing.

Oh Jerrell. He's self taught right? As you often point out about others, he could benefit from the educational critiquing process.

Oooooh! Boobies!

Carol in LA said
"I think Jerrell's having a half-breed moment with this collection."

My first thought at the peacock dress was, "There you go, Shirin. That's how you do it." I happen to love that one, minus the crucifix (?) adornment.

Also: YAY models with tattoos! :)

I see some improvement from his PR days. On each individual outfit, the ricky-rack looks a little more streamlined than it did before, although largely still unnecessary. I like that none of the models look like they're dying of starvation (but the styling makes them look like they're going to die of an OD any day now). Still not a good collection, but with a few adjustments, there are several maxi-dresses I'd wear, like the one in the top picture on the left with the non-smudged eyes.

He has a lot of ideas, and as another commentor said, he needs to apprentice with the right designer to hone his aesthetic.

Not wild about the collection, but I think his aesthetic and mine also really just don't match up. I kind of like the first dress and the gold sequins dress?

Super-props to him for the variety in his models, both in body size and color. That said, isn't it weird that the one plus-size girl doesn't have the same makeup as the others?

I cannot believe (look 7/8) that he has a crucified Jesus looking like he's hanging onto the models nipples! Even Madonna wouldn't go there LOL!

I wanted to love Jerell's collection because he's such a sweetie, but his clothes do need serious editing. I keep hearing Jerell's comment about "elegant bits" when I look at these and all I see are the bits, not the elegance. If he could edit his designs more and concentrate on the fit and rethink the styling then maybe he'd have something. But a collection that needs all of those things changed is doomed. No one is going to wear this stuff and that's too bad.

i would like to see him work with solids

Love the second to last dress, and I find the leather shoulder thing interesting (and I could do a lot with it in a clubwear setting).

The rest? FUG. The styling? FUUUUG

Oh, dear.

I liked Jerell on PR, and I wish him well, but alas, his aesthetic has not changed since then. He still puts too much shit on his clothes, seemingly at random. There are some promising garments there, but they're struggling to get out from under the burden of embellishment.

I know he's reaching for opulence, but this isn't opulent--it's just kind of junky looking. I don't get the impression that he really thought about each element; it's more like he just kept adding stuff until he was satisfied, without ever stopping to subtract anything.

The lack of editing was his downfall in his PR collection, and it looks like he learned nothing from that experience.

Sorry, Jerell--I love you and wish you well. I do think you're capable of designing beautiful clothes. But I don't think these are those clothes.

Does anyone else think the model on his right may be his mom? I don't mean that insultingly - if I remember the "homeward bound" episode of season 5 correctly, she bears a resemblance.

It's Jerrell. There are pieces I like and pieces that are just too wackadoodle. I always thought he needed to attach himself to a major design house and learn to edit. There's a certain knack to the overly embellished style he seems t favor that I think he needs to learn

after look 1 and 2 i thought maybe he has something here....this was not to be the case. oh jerell....FAIL


Marketing Diva

The "Model" with the long dress on with Jerell is Lisa Ray-McCoy, she use to be First Lady Of Turks Island and she is actress, not a full size model.

The collection is ok

Yeah, it's Jerell. Whatever else you can say about the collection, it certainly features his standard lack of consistency.

But his totally wacky stuff isn't nearly as awful as it used to be, so perhaps he's finally learning to self-edit a bit? We can only hope.

He should be glad that it's legal in NY for women to expose their girls. Seriously, how hard is it to shorten the straps? Totally unwearable and unflattering.

He needs to get to know at least one woman as a person. Right now he's dressing them like he thinks a heterosexual man wants his cheap hooker to look.

The "regular sized" model looks like actress Lisa Raye.

On the sixth dress down- I see Silence of the Lambs cut outs on the back of her dress.

On a positive note, I like this better than his final PR collection...

These 20s-inspired looks are fun, especially the last one. Decadent.

But, honey! - FIT THE DRESS. I can't tell when the tits are supposed to show or it's a mistake!!!

When Hollywood starlets of the 1920s and 2000s collide! I get the collection and, for the most part, I love it. Bravisimo, Jerell!!

I do think it's an improvement from his PR work. It's a wee bit restrained, which he never managed to get close to on the show.

The best moment of the collection is the "real" woman in the long dress. She looks fabulous and is totally selling that dress. On a skinny, raccoon eyed model, I wouldn't even give it a second glance, but on her I think it's the best piece in the collection.

The styling is atrocious, and I saw one too many stray tits for my taste. But honestly, this was his first collection that I didn't hate as a whole. There was plenty I didn't like, don't get me wrong. But there were a few dresses, like his red with the gray neck-pieces and the long dress he's walking with in the first picture, that I actually thought were kind of cute. The ones without sparkles and opulence were my favorite pieces. The rest look like apocalyptic stripper wear.

Loved Jerrell's personality on the show, but the clothes: just no. Maybe he could hire Tim as a mentor?

I think it's tons better than his PR collection. And it appears to be better sewn.

Some of it is fug, sure. But no more fug than Alexander McQueen IMO.

There are some cute outfits in there, and I LIKE what he does when he mixes fabrics & textures.

Besides, he's so cute who cares!


Something I really do like is the incorporation of jewelry into the outfits. They way he worked a lot of the beading in as necklaces and necklines really works well.

As for the "edititng" comments about the outfits, I found that when I imagined them with toned down hair and makeup, I actually liked them less. I think the makeup needed to be strong enough to stand up to all the detail. So yeah, maybe a little less going on would have helped.

Just overall unattractive.

Well, hello Miss Nipples!!!

My take on Jerell's inspiration board:

"The Nile"

I kind of liked where he's going. I like the deco vibe, and while I don't appreciate nipples all over them place, I do like the shape of those strappy tops.

And I like that his models were of varying sizes and shades without a whole lot of "Lookit my fatty fat models!" nonsense.

Inadvertently NSFW? Is the peekaboo on the purple dress deliberate or accidental? Never mind, this collection gave me the best laugh I've had all day. How many women who don a sheer lace top feel the need to have boob pockets(?) where they can stash a lipstick or two?

All jokes aside, I do like a few of the looks. This man needs to edit and refine.

Hmmm, overall it's all too messy and too much for me. The maxi dresses aren't bad.

It seems like the more recent contestants are having more success than the first few seasons. I personally think Jerrell is less talented than many of the designers, yet, here he is with a runway show! Who is financing this?

I rather like some pieces in this collection, but the misses are misses. The pieces I do like are mostly ones with the jewelry in the neckline -- I think because they give an effect of structure against the rest of the outfit, something to orient the viewer within the rest of it -- as well as definitely giving off a deco vibe, as mentioned above.

But it definitely feels like there's a lot more being referenced, and not in a way that necessarily connects all the references; more like a heaping on of them, as well as adding on ones that are barely tangential to the idea of Hollywood decadence. There's so much unloading of ideas and not enough thinking through of them in this. I don't want to write him off entirely as not for me, but yes. The editing.

Well I'm gonna stand over here in left field with Sewing Siren and vote for LOVE IT!

Yeah, there's some editing issues and the boy does need to figure out where the boobs are on a woman, but I love this collection. Call me crazy, tell me I have no taste, I don't care.

#'s 8, 12, 13, 14, 17 and 18: Yeeowch.

The rest are kind of pretty but they all just look so...lopsided. (And, my usual complaint with Jerrell's designs, they're all made out of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same.)

He has some good pieces in there, but a lot of it is overworked. Less is more is not exactly Jerell's credo--which is fine, but he does need to edit a bit.

I wish the models were styled better. I get what he is going for, but it doesn't quite work. I've seen that black-eyed look done well.

I've had the titties problem with dresses and tops. From the top of my shoulder to my boobs (and nipples) is not as long as some clothing is designed, so, unless the straps are adjustable, they are way too low-cut. I'm not sure it's intentional in this case, but it's not done properly if it is.

Hate, HATE the styling. Some of the clothes are interesting, and he's obviously an imaginative guy, but most of the collection is capital F Fugly.

I didn't like his aesthetic on the show
and his post-PR collections have been terrible

I guess his models took showers with their mascara on...
I was never a fan of Jerell's aethestic: busy, overcomplicated. There's no focus at all. And the styling is nothing to brag about.

... oh look, it's the makeup from the Saturn challenge. WHY.

... I really liked his entry for that challenge, even if the model had no support for her lady lumps at all.

i think he would benefit greatly from having a partner that could effectively edit him.

hate to say it, but it looks cheap :(

I was a fan of his on the show and thought he got robbed by not being in the final three, but I am really uncomfortable with the black eyes. After what happened to Rhiana, I look at these beautiful models in high fashion and squick out.

Wow. This is pretty terrible.

i'm not dorothy gale

I'm one of those "less is a bore, more is not enough" kind of gals but sweet sequinned mother of God this is cataclysmic.

With different makeup and styling, the collection would have been better. Most of the clothes weren't all that bad, but the styling made the looks worse, not better.

It just looks like a confusing, fugly nightmare.

I think 'Edit' is the key word's like he took random fabric - threw them on the model and hoped for the best.

I think the styling of the model should enhance the clothes but the eye make-up in this case looks off. Not good.


1. Jerell needs a sandwich. He's still a cutie, but he's withering away to nothing.

2. I can appreciate the effort, BUT, it's like he's piling five PR challenges into each outfit. For goodness sakes man, simplify.

3. There's some good stuff hidden by some pretty tacky excess; but when he misses, though, he sure misses by a mile.

4. And PLEASE, no nips and no ghastly eye makeup. The models look like they lost the boxing match.

I wish I could say it reminds me of a Marilyn Minter painting ... that seems to be the effect he's going for. However, it's just TOO ugly. I appreciate the idea and the different sizes of models, though.

What woman wants her tits to look lower than they really are? The square-strap-on-the-neck (lowering the breasts) look is fugly and unnecessary.

Instantreaction: This reminds me SO MUCH of that Aries Lagat "her world was destroyed she is from another planet etc." PR Philippines winning collection.

But maybe that's just the insect-y netting titwillows talking to me.

Are nipples the "in" accessory this year?

Ay-yi-yi... The gold flapper/Xena-combo dress is cute; almost everything else is just unbearably cheap-looking and not good. Sad.

Someone get the man a dictionary and tell him to look up the word ‘opulent’ as he clearly hasn’t worked it out for himself.

I feel like he's gotten worse since Project Runway. I mean I loved the makeup and the hair, but everything else was like he was trying to hard.
And that makes me sad since I saw at least some promise in his Project Runway collection.

He does have a good eye for material though. The overall looks aren't pretty but the material itself is always gorgeous.

Wow, what a mixed bag. Love some, can't stand the sights of others. The styling is distracting, but congrats to Jerell for his success.

I liked him on PR, but this, here, is the worst show I've ever seen. If I was a model I would have refused, ha ha, to do it! The fabrics were nice, but they'd look better still on the bolt. Yikes Jerell! What were you thinking?


Hmm, oddly enough I don't hate it. I kinda like the styling. Let's put it this way, I've seen much worse coming down the runway. I'll leave it at that.

I like the long one with the red circles, and the short blue shimmery number. Other than that they were pretty blah.

I liked that he used models of different sizes, but the fit of these dresses was disgusting!

As people have said before one model's boobs were hanging out, and on some of the other girls their chests looked droopy and gross.

Get with it, J! The clothes looked really sloppy. Tim Gunn would not be pleased.

Whatever, Jerell was never one of my favorites anyway.

It is a little too tent-like for my taste. Also the boobs just aren't sitting right in a lot of the looks.

Oh yah gimme more TITTAYS!!!

I love when the tittays are falling out of the dresses or when I can see tittays through the fabric or when I am on the subway and smooshed up against the big mushy tittays of a roly poly fat chick.

I LOVE TITTAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

^^^ That's what bottle-feeding does to a poor baby boy.

You know, Jerell seemed like a very nice guy when he was on the show. And I understand that you've probably met him, and thus have some reservations in giving a negative critique. It's like when a friend asks if white pleather plants make their ass look fat, but I digress.

Let's keep it real: How on EARTH did Jerell get as far as he did? This collection is all over the place! Everything he makes is overworked or totally off the mark. His clothes make me think he gets a discount by buying rick rack in bulk.

I really hope he finds a great mentor and is able to leave all the trim and notions behind :(

The styling on the models is just too distracting. I am so blinded by the insanely ugly makeup that I can't really appreciate the looks.


He's a doll, but the frocks are FUGly!!! And what's with the fright makeup??

I wrote commentaries on each and every dress, but in the end, it boiled down to three words.

Titty Tape Abuse.

Gone badly wrong in one instance. I was loving that dress until I saw the nipples staring right at me.

I really like this collection, although there IS a lot going on, a lot of ideas, then again that seems to be the point. It's a bit Mad Max-y, but I like that.

The clothes I have no issues with, but that make-up??!! HOR-III-BLE!

This is really very fashion school project-ish... What is the smeared eye? Is this Orphan Annie meets Mad Max, meets a bully? I don't get this as a collection at all.

I don't know him personally or anything, but he always comes off as a sweetheart.

That said, I do not like what is happening to the boobies in most of these dresses. It's like he doesn't know they're there.

~ Ri

The gold, sequined short dress was super cute IMHO. Nothing else really kept my attention for very long.

There's so much I WANT to like here - bohemian chic, steampunk touches, intricate beaded necklines... but what do those things have to do with each other? I DO love that he's got some things that would look great on girls who aren't a size two. However, anything nice is just overwhemed by the eye makeup. What's up with that?

There's so much I WANT to like here - bohemian chic, steampunk touches, intricate beaded necklines... but what do those things have to do with each other? I DO love that he's got some things that would look great on girls who aren't a size two. However, anything nice is just overwhemed by the eye makeup. What's up with that?

Ick. It doesn't quite work. But kudos to him for using some models that have actual meat on their bones.

His work is very..polarizing. Some of these I would give my eyetooth to have and starve myself to have; others I just wanted to kill with fire.

He always has fantastic ideas, but can use some editing. And I really like the styling on the models as it really ties in with the coke-addled, trashed addiction to fame trashy glam theme he was working.

I don't get the post-apocalyptic feel of the styling. It's so horrible I didn't really notice the clothes...

Okay. I don't like them either.

AHHH MY EYES. God. And those poor models look emaciated. When I first opened this post, I was scared for that model on the right of the picture standing to Jerrel's left.
The whole thing is absolutely hideous. The one with the loofahs on the boobs is a big fat joke. I wish we could hear Tim Gunn's reactions to that look!!!!

I'll be perfectly honest. I like Jerrell, but:

This looks exactly like what a local designer would do. You know--someone who has not become known outside their own city for their work.

Specifically, this is the type of work usually seen by a designer working within the black community. All I see is alternative to African prints and no consideration for curves or anything. If I went out to a local mall in metro Detroit right now, I could point you to a ton of stores that have this same collection. Lots of older ladies buy it thinking it's very hip when it isn't. It's very done and very boring.

He must have had to hire Rent-An-Audience to get anyone to sit there and watch this tripe go down the runway. Really bad.

Love the pants in the third row, the short gold sequined dress and the deco dress on the right, fifth row from the bottom. Other than that, there is some serious editing needed on these pieces.

Playing catch up here! cannot believe I missed this.

BLOODY AWFUL is all I can say, and why is that poor womans nipple just sneaking out, its looks like its happened by accident, was it intentional? who cares...get these nightmares off the catwalk immediately!!!

I'd call it a 35-65 split. I like 35%, but 65% is fug.

That a lotta eye liner and far too little editing.

And two of those models look like he had to break them out of an eating disorder clinic to do the show. Very sad.

I like the idea of some of his dresses, but most of it just confuses me. Also the models look like they've gone and taken a dip in Jenny Humphrey's eyeliner kit.

I like the print dresses but the eveningwear is fug unfortunately (because I love, love Jerrel!) I think there is a market for his casualwear, especially after seeing Katy Perry wear one of the dresses. Very unique, effortless chic, perfect for LA and Miama (and Australia - they would do well here Jerrel!)
I understand the nipple exposed factor - although obviously women in real life wouldn't wear it that way - being LA based, I suppose that he anticipates the dresses being worn with a bikini top. If anyone watches Dexter, I think that these dresses are something that Lila would have worn, which is sexy in its own way.
Jerell darling, please find a new makeup artist. I understand the logic - the morning after makeup - but it was taken too far and too literally into fug-ville.
I love the model in the first picture holding Jerrel's hand wearing the print maxi-dress - she is so beautiful with a great body, I love that she is not a stick figure and she looks amazing in the clothes!

oh my...



This doesn't need editing. You can't edit freaked up nasty into something good. This just needs to be thrown away and started over! Gotham Tomat - you crack me up with the models crying comment btw.

Okay - Jerell is dressing tasteless tranny hookers on heroin - -- if that's what he is going for then he is spot on.

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