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In or Out: Veronica Webb

Brevity is the soul of wit, bitches!

Veronica Webb attends the American Ballet Theatre 2009 Fall Gala at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City wearing a gown from Christian Siriano's spring 2010 collection.

Christian Siriano Spring 2010 Collection

She looks fabulous, full stop. IN.

[Photos: Getty Images/WireImage/firstVIEW]

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This is what an "IN" should look like!

I want that dress.


LOVE this dress. One of my favorite that Christian has made. It also kind of looks like it would feel at home in the McQueen collection that you boys posted a few days ago.


In - love her earrings, and the dress suits her.

I almost hate to say it but I love the dress. IN.

Full stop indeed. Luh-uh-of! IN!!

The dress is so fabulous that I ignore the fact that an Oompa Loompa is wearing it. Yay PPS!

o. m. g. This is awesome!

STUNNING. GORGEOUS. Haven't seen a look this "in" in SO long.

A lovely gown being worn nicely.

Not bad, Webb.

Boys did you see Iman????
Now there is an unqualified IN.

So Veronica won the fight. I knew this gown of PPS was the one women would be duking it out to wear first.


also, interesting clutch, wish i could see it better.

Respectfully I say to the ...... ICK! I appreciate the whole Eva Perone thing BUT The pattern looks like a cheap K-mart sheet and I thought we called a moratoreum on Wilmas?

I agree. In. She looks good.

Gorgeous! IN!! She looks impeccable.

Wow, just WOW!

PPS is really whoring herself in all of the right ways!

Can't be mad at keeping her name in the papers!

She looks absolutely gorgeous!! Everything is just right with this look!! From hair, to makeup, to gown to accessories....fabulous!!!

oh god, I LOVE that dress.

When I first saw that this was a Veronica Webb post, my thought was "Oh Jesus". VW never fails to get it completely wrong. This time, she got it right.


Wow! She looks great. IN.
I wonder if she's wearing the Payless shoes too.

IN! Dress and styling, perfection.


IN-without a doubt. That print that Christian created is gorgeous, and love the colors!

so far IN it's ridulous! She looks fabulous ans seems to have rebounded from Tim Gunn's Guide to Style.

Love her!

THAT... is incredible! Great job, Christian!

Agreed. This is a HUGE in for me.

The colour looks AMAZING on her, the styling is right, and it makes her look a LOT younger than she did on Tin Gunn's guide to style.

Perhaps Tim helped her pick it out?

Also, I'm on board with ANYTHING Siriano.

IN. IN. IN. She looks gorgeous!!!

She looks amazing, I'm so happy for Christian!

good lord she's a beautiful woman.

She looks absolutely stunning.


and a big ole IN for PPS too!!


Congrats to Christian for getting his dress worn on such a high profile red carpet.

Love. So much love.


The dress fits her like a glove. Good job, PPS!

I agree, the color just makes her skin and hair look gorgeous and the dress fits her like a glove.


Seeing this gown made me go back to TLo's post on Christian's collection, which I enjoyed even more the second time around.

This gown is to DIE.FOR.

I LOVE the print on the fabric but personally hate the hem and the Wilma...I think its too busy for the gorgeous print and would have looked better w/o the bubble hem and strapless. But she does look fabulous when all is said and done.

I see I am in the minority, but while the fabric and pattern are gorgeous, I think that the proportions are terrible and that she looks like "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down". Perhaps it has a more ethereal impression in person, but in both the runway and Webb shots it just looks heavy and droopy.

Going against the tide here, but bubble hems are just clunky and unattractive to my eye, even on statuesque model types. I do like his fabric, though.


And the best part is, Christian isn't standing next to her in "THE Pose!"

I don't know. I wish it was more fitted in the chest. The overall bubble effect isn't my thing. A little too much volume

It is a beautiful fabric and the hair/makeup/earrings are lovely.

I'm just not as in love it as everyone else seems to be.

She really is stunning this dress. A good choice by all!

10/9/09 11:07 AM The dress is so fabulous that I ignore the fact that an Oompa Loompa is wearing it.

Oompa Loompa? How in the world is VW an Oompa Loompa?

Lay off the rubber cement honey, you're hallucinating.

She looks pretty good, though I find her coiff a smidge boring.

Must take concentration to hold onto a bocce-ball sized minaudiere evening bag-- were it me, the thing would have gone bouncing down the steps of Lincoln Center into Broadway traffic.

Diana said...


And the best part is, Christian isn't standing next to her in "THE Pose!"

Tlo posted a picture of Christian and Veronica Webb : )

I think she looks great. The dress is gorgeous.

The color choice for her was dead on. I rarely see someone whose looks are so enhanced by a color choice.


To Bettie:

ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Is there no escaping THE Pose???

A perfect IN! Extremely flattering in color, stying, hair, jewelry.

The purse intrigues me.

TLo, could you post a picture of it, pretty please?


duhhhh, *styling*

She looks stunning. Definitely an IN.

Glad that PPS is reining it in. This doesn't have sleeves (puffy or otherwise), bib neckline or skin tight pants. It isn't black and HE'S NOWHERE IN SIGHT! Brava!

Bettie, that pic is hilarious. The dress looks stunning from the side too. Big IN for me, Veronica looks beautiful. How did she look SO BAD on Tim Gunn's GtS?

I still hate that bubble bottom of the gown. And that print reminds me of the Starry Sky pillow case I had in college. But she looks gorg!


"brevity is the soul of wit, bitches!"

HAHAHA love you guys!!

I like it, other than the bubble hem. And I normally loathe and despise PPS' work. Her styling is perfect, too. Any time she gets tired of those earrings, I'll be happy to take them off her hands, uh, ears.

She looks so gooD!


Absolutely stunning gown that perfectly flatters VW's figure and complexion.

Ninety six thumbs up!!!


AHH I covet COVET those earrings! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
If the event wasn't too formal, modifying the gown into a short cocktail dress (cut along the asymmetrical hem), and it would've been supercute too. Ah, I'm just daydreaming now.

i'm not dorothy gale

Beautiful! PPS is going to be at a Payless Shoe Store at Oak Park mall in Kansas on Monday; I didn't know he was making personal appearances.

Holy guacamole, what a gorgeous woman in a gorgeous dress.

Wow. Hubba hubba. She looks FANTASTIC.

Love the dress and love her!

serious IN!

She looks great, but I'm with Susan and Gary - I swear someone I went to college with in the mid
80's had those sheets.


God I love that collection. IN! Although it looks kinda out of place with her on the street. They need some kind of carpet :)

I think I'm going to have to disagree with most of you. I don't know if it's just my computer, but the color of that dress is doing horrible things with her skin tone. Not crazy about her hair or makeup, either. This is all a shame, because she is a beautiful woman!

Great dress and looks better on VW than on the runway model.

From the moment I saw the first photograph, Christian Siriano popped into my mind. I absolutely love that dress!

Side note: Christian Siriano's going to be at a discussion&signing at a DC Borders tomorrow! :)

Out of ALL of the gowns in princess' rather magnificent collection, this is the one that I immediately knew that the stars would be clawing for. I am not surprised.

Definite IN.

It actually does look like a dress McQueen did for his fall 2009 collection. Check it out. It's dress #39. Very similar silhouette

Looks wonderful, chic and so elegant. I'm not so crazy about the side view, but I think the camera caught her at an off angle.

But SO glad to hear people referring to how weird she looked on that Tim Gunn Style show. I hadn't found T & Lo yet, but was her peculiar hair style discussed, and what the hell was up with it??

I now realize I've been Yearning to Know about that for a while now!

She looks glorious in the dress. That color really works for her.

I love it in the 3/4 close up, but that full length bubble isn't doing it for me. I didn't notice it on the runway, but it reminds me too much of a hoop skirt. Like, give her a bonnet and a shepard's hook and she'd be Fierce Bo Beep.

Thank GOD girl ate a cookie.


Gorgeous dress on a gorgeous woman--what's not to love? IN

No matter how silly and random Project Runway gets, they can always point to Christian as their star alumnus. He is truly a top flight designer. I was not especially a fan when he was on the show (puffy sleeves and '80s influence--I'd seen it before in the '80s; hell, I'd worn it before), but he really stepped up with this most recent collection and I salute him. He should be crowned King Puffy Sleeves IMO.

It actually does look like a dress McQueen did for his fall 2009 collection. Check it out. It's dress #39. Very similar silhouette

Just looked, and you're right. It's very similar to that gown minus the side puffs and Wilma floofiness.

Now THIS is a blue dress...if only the PR designers had more than 5 minutes and bargain basement Mood fabric to work with........


I'm stunned this is the same woman from Tim's show. She's fantastic!

What the heck was wrong with her on the show? Was she dressing herself or was that a costumer? She was one hot mess back then.

Great to see her looking so lovely.

Stunning in every way. VW is so IN!

And love the bubble bottom, just reminds me of the beautiful blue waves, gorgeous. Go Christian!

P.S. Excuse me if I'm wrong. McQueen's 2010 fall collection showed in Paris, right? Isn't NY show came earlier than Paris??

In. The dress looks great on her.

Definately in. Not a dress for everyone, but Ms Webb is absolutley stunning. Hair and accessories compliment it perfectly. Well done.

I think this is the best I've ever seen her look. It's perfect.

Nice to see her looking so good. Not that she isn't a beautiful woman; she certainly is. It's just that she dresses kind of crazy sometimes.

I love the colors on this dress; they look great on her. The dress is pretty close to being too much, but she manages to pull it off and look great. IN

Even though I despise her, I have to admit she looks good here. Lately her hairstyle has been much improved.

Gee, I have to go with the minority on this one. Wearing a giant topographical map with a Wilma and a big poofy bubble bottom just isn't my thing. Pretty lady, though.

No doubt about it, a definite IN! Perfect in every sense!

nope. don't love it. i agree with Gary. The print looks cheap and there is too much of it. Perhaps in person it was gorgeous but not in the pics. I think perhaps people are blinded by the PR connection.

"P.S. Excuse me if I'm wrong. McQueen's 2010 fall collection showed in Paris, right? Isn't NY show came earlier than Paris??"

Yes, you are so right. So if your going to say anything it's McQeens dress looks just like THIS one.

LOVE IT. LOVE HER. A MILLION TIMES IN. sorry, all caps to emphasize my point. that clutch is from Celestina, this Filipina accessories designer. they have the craziest, chicest accessories.

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