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In or Out: Susan Lucci

Who doesn't love Erica Kane?

Susan Lucci attends the 2009 Child Protection Agency's Gala at 583 Park Avenue in New York City in a modified Marchesa gown.

Marchesa Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Lyoka Tyagnereva

Even though we have some issues with this, we'll give her an IN because it's still a stylish, eye-catching dress and good old Susan is working the shit out of it, Tupperware tits and all.


We think the changes she made to the dress made it a far less interesting dress. It may just be a result of photography and lighting, but it looks to us like the altered dress is in a far "reddier" red than the original, more toned-down red. Certainly, Susan's got the coloring to pull off a fire engine red, but that with the gigantic hip bow gives her a decidedly "Christmas present" look. Second, virtually all of the textural interest is gone except for that little strip over her left boob. Again, it makes the dress a lot less interesting. Plus, that strip over the boob almost doesn't make any sense anymore. It worked when the bow and the skirt picked up the same detail, but it just kind of stands out for no reason now.

Oh, and we like the shoes but the bag looks like it was made from scraps left over from the dress and that's never a good thing.

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Honey, its La Lucci

Always IN.

mhm, entirely too Christmas present with all the alterations.

she is rocking it, but she shouldn't have messed with the textures. OUT.

Way too much satin, way too much pop top. And yet. . . she knows what she's doing and somehow it works for her.

I've never been a fan of hers, something about her irks me, but when she hosted Saturday Night Live in the late 80s she kind of won me over. Still...I think the dress is not right for anyone, regardless of age, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Out, out, out! I don't much like the original dress, but the altered one is just hideous. Shiny red satin with an enormous bow? No, thank you!

She looks good, but I agree that taking away the modifications made it less interesting.

hmmm. The altered skirt just looks Photoshop'd to me. Are you sure she's *really* wearing it?

original dress is mui, mui better.

however, she looks so good, without looking like a different person. So many celebs "of a certain age" get face alterations that make them look, well, a bit alien. She just looks fab.

Tupperware tits?!? Priceless!

The original is far, far better. It speaks to my love of vintage galmour. I'll give SL an "in" to be kind, but she should've stuck with the original design. The two seem hardly even related.

- edina -

With all that work done, she looks like Jane Seymour's long, lost sister.

But she's still fly!

I agree that the original dress was more interesting. That said, I think the dress suits her. It is very Erica Kane, and she's definitely working it. I, too, give her a big IN (but I am chuckling over the Tupperware tits).

She looks great. Very cougar-esque.

It's Erika Fricken' Kain! She is ALWAYS IN in my books.

But yes, I was really unhappy with how much of that beading was gone. Just made it a totally yawn.

Tupperwate tits! ROFLMAO.

Oh, she's out. I hate the modified version.

The bow also has some of the the texture over her breast isn't so out there....You have to look closer.

Thr model looks like she just rolled out of bed.
Loove how La Lucci shortened the length. She's working the heck out of it. In admiration, she gets an IN from me

The original was way better; I loved its contrasting textures. In particular, making the bow out of satin makes her look like a Christmas decoration.

Tupperware Tits!! Truly another TLo-ism for the ages!!!
Speaking of ages, I think Ms. Lucci has done much better than many other celebrities of "a certain age". At least she doesn't look like her face was pulled back with Krazy Glue.
Not a fan of the dress, but somehow she makes it work.
I give her a qualified IN.

I have to disagree about the changes to the fabric. The original looked quite old lady. She may not be a spring chicken, but Lucci certainly does not need to be in a wasp-y lady's luncheon dress.

IMHO, the texture on the bow in the original is a bit much. I like the small amount of texture on SL's version better. But she should have kept the textured skirt.

I thought you boys were never fans of bows on grown women???

Um, can we say "titscrepancy?" Too much going on with this dress, and the unevenness at the top it very distracting.

She needs to have her implants redone!

By the way, isn't it time Marchesa did a new show, one without Models of Cellblock 8 as its theme?

I like the original textured skirt fabric better. She does look good though.

I think she likely opted for the all satin version because she's so petite. Maybe the more interesting textured fabric was too overwhelming? I'm not liking it. It looks like a bad, cliche Valentine's Day dress.

What year is this again? Looks like a prom dress from the Mandee Shops circa 1987.

A big red satin bow belongs on top of a shiny new Lexus, not on a dress. I'm not crazy about the bow even on the original dress, but it is definitely better in the textured fabric than in satin.

I'll give her an in, but only barely, and only because she looks so radiantly happy in that dress.

I think it's a matter of knowing what you can pull off. She definitely looks like a Christmas present, and most people couldn't pull that off, but she does.

I think that we come to expect different levels of crazy from different celebrities, and this is the sort of mildly crazy dress that you'd expect from her, as opposed to the really out there crazy that you'd expect from Lady Gaga or the fabulous crazy that you'd expect from SWINTON.

... and she should have kept it below the knee (probably still shorter than the original, but with no kneecaps in sight)

Agree wi your critique and it makes it more of an OUT for me. Susan has looked better and unless she's doing a Christmas concert with Regis there's no reason for her to look like this.

Beef jerky dresses as veal.

Because mutton as lamb isn't enough years.

Age appropriate? No.
Her body looks devoid, except for the tupperware.

the original was way better....and i like the shoes but she's so tiny, she should've been in some giant hooker heels! La lucci is SLIPPING

She is too petite to wear a bow that big. If anything if this dress should have been modified, it is that. Also, what is with all the saggy boobage being pushed out of the top of the dresses (i.e. Paula Abdul). Ladies, after a certain age, please put it back.

TLo - can you enlighten us somewhat? How exactly do these modifications get decided upon? Lucci (or any star) goes into see the dresses and says "this one - but make this fabric into that fabric - and take off an inch here" - ? And designers just do it? Even if it compromises the gown? They must draw the line somewhere? Is it all decided upon by stylists and lawyers?

I like the original dress better (though the color looks great on her). But her confidence and that smile are what really sell it. IN.


Tired of Looking at Bones

10 lbs would make her look far more youthful.

Tupperware Tits!!!! OMG! That hit the spot.

Lucci is clinging to youth like a Titanic passenger to a lifeboat. She looks like an beauty pagent contestant in the plus fifty category.

TLo says: It's ... an eye-catching dress.

Honeys, it's not the dress that catches the eyes, it's the protruding fake, softball boobies. The dress is strictly secondary.

Agree with the observations that changing this to an almost single fabric dress removes the interesting contrast from the original. Yet the contrasting fabric looked like it could be a tad dowdy on an older woman, so perhaps La Lucci was afraid the total effect would be to actually make her look her age.

It definitely is an extremely well-designed dress that really shows off the figure. Perhaps more of a true red or a blue would have been more flattering on La Lucci in particular than that red with orange tones. Too scream-y.

The shoes and purse both detracted from the look. They just didn't look sophisiticated. Rachel Zoe would have selected awesome accessories that really rocked the hell out of this dress.

I rate this a "very nearly there."

Terry said:
Lucci is clinging to youth like a Titanic passenger to a lifeboat. She looks like an beauty pagent contestant in the plus fifty category.

10/29/09 12:42 PM


I just read on wikipedia that Lucci was born in '46 which makes her 63 years old!!!! I'm giving her an IN just for the upkeep.

Please find out the name of her plastic surgeon / dermatologist!

She is so tiny, and the first full-length pic of her makes her look wide. I would avoid that. Then, the picture of the model, did they find this homeless girl and say Come do a shoot, we'll buy you some Sterno? And SL's bust, what is wrong with seeing the gentle natural slope of breasts, she's got those ponies hitched up to Sunday.

I met her once, and I adore her.

She's starting to look like what Helen Gurley Brown was hoping to look like at the same age.

Nonetheless, and seriously despite the bow, I'll give her an IN. I'm not sure she was wrong about removing the texture - it did decrease the wow factor of the dress, but she's a mere slip of a gal and I am sure she did not want to be eclipsed by the dress.

She took an interesting dress and turned it into something you would find at Cache in the mall.

You guys completely nailed it. She still looks awesome, but the original dress was far more interesting. She took a textually interesting dress and almost brought it into bridesmaid territory.

IN IN IN...she is super sexy, and looks her age in a very appropriate way.
She is a soap star, the dress works...
I do like the original though.

Oh this is hard, but she's out.

I want to congratulate her for not giving in to being middle-aged, but this is too much boobage for her age. Yes, I said it. She's too old to be pushing the girls up like that, like she's a a starlet.

I agree with your points on the over-modification of the Marchesa. It went from cool to Sexy Mrs. Claus Wannabe in a few fell swoops.

Sorry, Susan! Don't hit me with that crystal thingy!

I actually like the fact that she changed the skirt to plain silk. I think it would have benefited from the textured bow. It would have tied the look together a bit more. I'm totally with you on the clutch though. Very Becky-Home-Ecky, and that is not Susan.

Overall though, I'll give her a pass. IN.

IN! When I grow up, I want her plastic surgeon. Except for the breasts, she looks natural to me. If she is, MAN she is doing something right. She's 63! She looks great. Dress...meh.

Her changes to the dress, which would have been very nice in the original on her, and those matchy-matchy accessories have turned it into a FAIL.


Susan is always IN. I do agree with you re the modifications though.

It looks like she's giving somebody her big ol' boob job for Christmas.
Too bad, because the original dress was very pretty.

Miz Lucci ALWAYS looks amazing, but I think she should have gone with the original dress. Not only is the original morre beautiful, it's more appropriate to the event! But IN, she still looks fab!

"Tupperware Boobs"! LOLing here!

Why was the poor dress modified so? It WAS an eye-catching dress. It now looks generic-satin tacky and waaay too much like a Christmas present. The boob spike is scary--in the original it looked softer. The bow, a rich accent before, is now just accentuating the fact that there is SATIN EVERYWHERE. AND an EXACT matching bag? Yeah, she looks all right, and happy, but why let this through on just "nice but she did make it generic didn't she"? Out.

She is awesome, but the combo of superfake boobs and a lot of surgery (however beautifully done, and this is beautifully done) makes this an out for me. As soon as you add in the modifications to that dress (which was OK before and cheap looking now), it's an OUT.

Lucci is around 5' 1"s tall. If she had kept the textured skirt it would have made her look too stumpy. She knows what she is doing by keeping the top and bottom in the same fabric, color, and texture.

The original was much, much better. The brighter red does it no favors, and I don't like the alterations she's made to it, either.

Add that to her annoying and needy behavior on DWTS, for me it's a big OUT.

I agree that she shouldn't have taken out the textures, but it's a total Erika Kane look. I say IN, but only because it's La Lucci.

This is an IN, including the changes. I agree I like the original color and think she would have looked lovely in it, but if you are going to remove some of the texture, you need to add some umpf in a different way and that color certainly does that. I think you also need to keep in mind she is not a tall, skinny model, she is very, very tiny (although, she certainly has the scary skinny thing going) and the change in textures would have made it wrong for her size — too busy. And the bow is great too, especially if you were to have her standing next to someone or with several people, since it gives her more presence.
- Donna in Seattle

The poor model in the original dress looks like some old house frau dragged off the street before she could even brush her teeth.

Augh, she looks terrifying. Like someone reanimated a corpse and stuck balloons in her tits. Eat a sandwich and take out the implants, dear.

I mostly agree with you about Ms Lucci, but I think she was wise to make those changes. She is a TINY person, and the gorgeous textured fabric in the original would have overwhelmed her. The gigantic bow on the hip doesn't do that in the smoother fabric. I completely agree that it is a much less interesting dress than the gorgeous original.

But, Ms Lucci wasn't looking for a gorgeous, knockout fashion statement dress. She was looking for 'supporting players' in her overall, personality centric look. In the new incarnation of this dress, the eye moves over the dress and says "Oh, pretty dress. Cute flirty bow, pretty flattering color," then the eye moves up to her face and says "Wow, look at that smile, she's really looking good". It is not about the fashion statement for her, it is about the STAR statement.


Is it just me or did the model forget to do her hair that day? Eek!

You Will Love Me

Can't someone get her to change that same 80's hairstyle she has been wearing since, well, the 80s?

I hate when people say 'it's so-and-so, ALWAYS in.' Being a certain human being means you always look great no matter what? Quit baaaah'ing and have an opinion.

i'm not dorothy gale

Oh, OUT. Just 'cause you bought 'em, honey, doesn't mean you have to serve them on a plate.

IN, but she should have left it as is (except for the hem length).

Much better before the modifications. Not liking the boobs, yuck.

She looks as REDiculous there as she does on her show. Her pathetic attempts at holding on to her long ago coop-flown youth are just sad, and again .. mirror her character on AMC.

What is she, 60? FAB. Yes, the dress is too too red and too short, and she looks like she borrowed her breasts from Victoria Beckham, but this is Susan, the DIVA of all soap opera divas. Big IN.

I like the original better BUT I think it would have looked too young on her that way.

Susan is a sweetheart. I'll give her an IN even though she looks like she's going to a network Christmas party.

How can you give that critique and STILL give her an in?

I agree with what you said and that's why I say OUT!

i'm not dorothy gale said...
Oh, OUT. Just 'cause you bought 'em, honey, doesn't mean you have to serve them on a plate.

10/29/09 6:34 PM

Oh, my god. Laughing so hard I can't see through the tears. BEST COMMENT ON THIS POST!

Ughhhhh. It's hella boring. It looks like the dresses that the girls at my school are going to be wearing to the winter formal dance. Come on now.

And she needs some serious hot oil on that dead ferret on her head.

And AARP members need not have those titties.

I'm torn- she looks really, really good over-all: good skin goes along way at any age, but over 50 it's the one best fashion accessory. But the dress is so terribly red and so tragically shiny and while I agree she's too petite to carry the length or weight of the original dress, the changes have resulted in something as blah as red satin can be, and she'd have done much better to choose a different dress: preferably one that doesn't have the eggs-on-a-platter effect up top.

I wonder how long she had to lay on a slant board with cucumber slices over her eyes to look so well-rested?

I've got to say IN because she is so gorgeous. But the dress has been ruined--it's so generic now. I liked the color better before, too. But all great '80s divas must wear RED.

Everybody in Hollywood should be going to her doctor! Her face looks great! Not overly plumped and frozen.

I agree with you two-- far less interesting than the original.

I think she could have carried the original off. And I think she should have. So I'm giving her an OUT!

She should done the original.

I meant she should have stuck with the original.

I really dislike the alterations. The original is so much better. I'll give her a big meh.

OUT ten times better on the model.

I don't kmow when half grapefruits stuck to your chest became an acceptable stand in for the real thing.

I'd LOVE the name of her plastic surgeon.


Any way you slice it this is a holiday dress and should be used between Dec 15 - Dec 26.

I wish she'd left the texture in the skirt and nixed (or possibly moved) the bow. It *is* too Christmasy, though.

Wise to move the hem above the knee, I think. She's too petite for the original hem.

Anorexic grandma

read my lips: O-U-T

I think the original is hideous!!! While the bow may be a little too much, she still looks fantastic...Color suits her well.

Blair Waldorf wore this at Cotillion.

She totally pwned Erika Kane.

Ditto what Anonymous said about Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl this week. The minute she popped up with this dress on, I had to scroll back and re-look at this entry.

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