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In or Out: Naomi Campbell

Duck if you see a cell phone in her hand!

Naomi Campbell attends Simon Cowell's 50th birthday party in north London wearing Atelier Versace and a diamond and pearl necklace by deGRISOGONO.

Atelier Versace Fall 2009 Collection

This is, of course, one of the dresses from the Atelier Versace collection that we just raved about the other day.

To be honest, this wasn't our favorite dress in that collection. It's hard to do a lace-up that doesn't look at least a little slutty. Still, if there's one thing Miss Campbell knows how to do (aside from beating her assistants), it's wearing clothes. She looks spectacular here. The choker might be a bit much but it does go perfectly with the dress. IN.

[Photos: TheFashionSpot]

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If she can't wear that, who can?

It was my least favorite piece too, because of the lace-up factor. But bitch looks fierce!

I do think the choker is a bit much, but I can deal.



IN. But why does she look so distressed?

Hello, cheek implants. She does look fabulous though.

The other day I thought the collection was stunning. I still do, but now that I see this dress "in action," the full-leg-baring slit makes it an OUT.

Noooooo... in? guys, really?

That choker is SO tacky/what your 5 year-old-niece wants to own, and she manages to make the dress -which could have gone up or down- horribly slutty.

LOVE the dress, hate the necklace its distracting...should've done a big earring instead!

She looks great, but I'm a little scared of her plastic looking face.

Who's the stud she's with?


I don't really like THIS dress from the collection but Naomi does it justice. I think her boobs are screaming to be let free and I don't like the choker at all, but She rock that look.

IN...sort of

Out. I really don't like what it's doing to her breasts and the torso is a mess on her. The choker takes it from haute coutre to the saloon/bordello.

What the hell is going on with her face?

I don't know. The choker is perfect in color and size, but I thought it had a whole different "feel"' - much more traditional and soft - than the gown. I'd have preferred something purely geometric, even the same piece with something angled in place of the pearls.

The whole look is very borderline for me, I might like it better if the skirt were laced a few grommets lower so there is more of a wraparound, giving more of a skirt effect and less of an open tent flap effect when she's in motion, but *she* looks fabulous, and overall IN.



She should have laced the slit "down" a couple of inches.

but she's in.

Who's the guy next to her in the car? Anybody know?

I like the dress better on the model, which makes me think this dress is not wearable except for the exceptionally thin.

The dress looks overworked on Naomi. Sorry, out.

Who's the daddy she's with?

Sewing Siren said...

"What the hell is going on with her face?"


Nothing more than the quest to look eternally not a day older than 26.

another laura said...
Who's the guy next to her in the car? Anybody know?

That's her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin. Le sigh.

I actually liked the dress when I saw it on your earlier post. I suppose I didn't realize that the fabric was so shiny. She looks like she needs a pole! Meanwhile, the choker is horrific. Did she get it at Claire's?

The version on the model seems to be laced further down the thigh/hip/leg thus lowering the heigh of the slit. Dress looks better on the model but Naomi looks fierce too. Both are IN with the highest marks to the model.

I always wonder WHO buys the clothes at full price or volume discount. I am sure Naomi did not pay anything for this dress-probably only on loan.


C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

@ Bill

Isn't she currently dating some Russian oligarch?

Is that what Vladislav Doronin looks like?

Thanks Wiki!

That dress? OUT.
Her delish male escort? IN!

Yeesh. I have to be the voice of dissent. Out.
Dress is WAAAY too busy. That lace-up side that isn't laced up is just plain awkward. Chuck Taylors everywhere are demanding their shoelaces back.
The bustier is awfully structured and fitted for a dominatrix, no? (Oh...oops. Forgot who was wearing the dress. *dodges cellphone*) Those knockers are also, um, rather structured, too, no?
Fabric is gorge, though, and looks so dramatic against Naomi's skin.
I also must admit I like the choker, too.
Holy silicone, Batman! That's some MAJOR work up on that doll face. Joan Rivers had better watch out...she has competition. Good thing models aren't paid to smile...not sure if Naomi could pull one off now.

If the choker were real....

I don't think that dress looks right on her. Her hips are too big, and it hides the geometric effect of the lace up. This dress would only look good on somebody who doesn't have curves.

One of the things I muse upon pointlessly:

WHAT do a couple such as Naomi Campbell and her "Russian billionaire boyfriend" chat about? Their investments? The merits of accountants, or day spas? Or do they just try to sync up their social calendars in their respective electronic devices?

In the wise words of wisdom of Chris Rock:

"If a woman says she's 26. And LOOKS 26, she's damn near FORTY."

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

@ Formerly Anon

They talk about everything BUT money, since neither of them really has to worry about it.

maybe they just sit around and bitch about the peasants waiting on them.

Besides, Naomi has always been about the rich daddies hasn't she?

High end hooker, sorry...

She looks fab and her man is so yummy. Hmmm. If I were her, I wouldn't even leave the house.

yeah! ho! wah!

no no no no
i actually dont mind tha lace up so much, but thosekey holes are bad bad bad.

She doesn't even look like Naomi Campbell anymore. She must have chosen Bruce Jenner's plastic surgeon. She's young (43ish) so why does she want to look like a 60 year old tranny?

Dress- definitely IN
Face- Out.

Helloooooo, Vlad!

Hate the dress. Likewise the surgical enhancements. She makes Nicole Kidman look almost lifelike!

Dear God, what has she done to her face?

blah blah blah, naomi, blah... who's that guy in the car with her?


Oh HE is in, so in, dears.

I hate to say it, but it is an out for me. That necklace was completely the wrong choice. Ladies, if you are wearing a super intricate and eyecatching dress. You do NOT need huge jewelry. A simple chain or nothing at all would have been better. You can't see them in these pictures but her shoes were horrible and too chunky for the dress. And her hair is awful. Someone like Naomi should have no problem knocking this out of the park, but it was just styled incorrectly.

I think she looks great. IN.

Kris said, "She looks like she needs a pole! "

And instead she got a Russian.

I'll take her man.

If she'd laced the dress lower, as on the model, it would be more attractive - it just seems to emphasize her hips with more leg showing. The cup overflow doesn't help either.

Slutty wedding dress is right! And the crappy choker looks like it's part of Hobby Lobby's wedding accessories collection. How in the world is this ever an in???

Yeah, she really doesn't even look like herself anymore.

I agree . . . ditch the choker and lace it up a few more holes and then it's an unqualified in.

I'm a bit bummed we can't see her shoes. I love the shoes the model is wearing.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...
@ Formerly Anon
"They talk about everything BUT money, since neither of them really has to worry about it.

maybe they just sit around and bitch about the peasants waiting on them."

No doubt! A friend worked (years ago) in a Denver restaurant popular with international film/rock world women - though more the millionaire than the billionaire demographic. She said they mostly talked about their kids, kids' schools/nannies, their diets, their exercise routines and decorating their homes.

Ya know, I'm not sure anyone could wear that dress and have it be in, but she does make it look as it is intended to look.

Nicole - You can see the shoes in one of the pictures on this page:

She's IN, but her face is OUT.

I read too fast. For a minute I thought this said Naomi's 50th birthday party.

Then again, what's the diff?

Sorry - she's OUT for me: the dress looks too much like lingerie - almost like she forgot the dress.


Okay, I must be tacky, but I love that choker w/that dress.

The dress only needs to be made in leather to hit "slutty, slutty, slutty".

On the model, the tacky-ass lacing placket appears to swoop around her bum. On Naomi, it just seems to jut out to the side. It doesn't lay well and looks c h e a p. Which I am quite certain it is not.

OUT. It's not flatting on her figure, and as someone else already said, what looked okay on the model looks overworked on her.

I strongly suspect the only woman with curves who could pull this dress off is Beyonce.

Too shiny. I don't understand why you need a shiny bustier with keyholes on a lace up dress. Yuck.

Naomi Campbell is only 39--WAY too young to be doing that to her face.

What, are you kidding? The choker isn't just "a bit much," it's AWFUL with that dress. Complete mismatch of Victorian with Deco. Bleah!

This dress needs something similarly Deco or plain, machine-age jewelry (in white or combined with silver or black). Perhaps some rather severe, Germanic-looking enameled jewelry.

Dress - IN
Necklace - Eighteen thumbs down.

This comment has been removed by the author.

If you didn't tell me she was wearing a dress, I wouldn't even have noticed. All I can see is that GORGEOUS necklace! (Which doesn't go with the dress, but who's going to tell her?)

And btw, something about her looks different...Can't quite put my finger on it.


Her companion - IN!!

OK - I blame the dress for the too small cups and the keyhole. And it looks to me as though there is another slit on her back left thigh - makes me wonder WTH the back looks like?
I usually like lacing.

The necklace is too much but looks cheap. But then again there appears to be too much plastic in the pic as a whole.

She carries it off. It takes Naomi to wear a dress like that! She looks fabulous, but I'm sure as hell not cutting in front of her in the limo line ~~ "no, no, Miss Campbell, I'm sure you were here first!"

When Kris said "She looks like she needs a pole!" it immediately hit me that with the dress laced up this high, it looks like she's going to pull on those laces, whip the skirt off, and be left in a bad corset thingie and start spinning! Her boobs trying to pop out and the tacky necklace only add to that picture in my mind!


I like her anyway, but what's going on with her upper lip?

The dress is wearing her. Too tight looking, too stiff looking, too shiny. OUT


That midriff looks like someone was wrapping the saran wrap good and tight.

PS - If you can't be a little vulgar glamorous at a Simon Cowell 50th birthday party, where can you be?

Nope, Naomi. I can't get past whatever you have done to your face. Grow older gracefully, for Pete's sake. You look like you were injected with Silly Putty.

asparagus lust

Big love for NC. Agree with TLo completely on this. She makes everything look better. Choker kinda lost on this (what a shame!)


I don't like the dress on her, and I finally figured out why. It's too small. Her boobs are bustin' out all over. And I swear the slit is higher on her dress than on the model, though I wouldn't have thought that possible. Those differences make it slutty-looking.

The dress has a very sleek, architectural look, which completely clashes with the slightly romantic style of the necklace, IMHO. The look shouldn't need much jewelry, just some simple earrings, since the dress has so much going on. out.


I can't concentrate on the dress because all that work she had done to her face is distracting me. Why, Naomi?

Naomi is ALWAYS an OUT. She looks cheap.

Hate the dress. It does look slightly better on the model, though. On Naomi the bust is too small (hence the strangled boobs), the slit is too high and it doesn't lay as well on her hips as it does on the model. Plus it looks silver on the model but pure white on Naomi, which really gives it an unfortunate slutty wedding dress vibe. But I can imagine that if anyone could appreciate a slutty wedding dress it would be a Russian oligarch.

The choker does not work with this dress at all.

And poor Naomi - she doesn't even look like herself anymore.

Ugh. Usually I'm with y'all, but this is an OUT for me. That dress is meant to be editorialized, not worn.

The bust looks crooked on her, and the combo choker+leg slit+lace up+white makes her look a bit slutty bride, to me. I've seen her look fabulous--this is not it.

Like the dress on the model, but not on Ms. Campbell. This is a dress that can only be worn by the anorexically inclined, and it doesn't do her hips any favors.

Having said that, the facial surgery is horrifying. I can only imagine how bad that will look as she ages. So sad, Naomi was such a stunning woman.

Forget the dress, the diamonds and the pearls, I sooooo want that billionaire Russian boyfriend ....

Quick, someone tell me how to pronounce Vladislav, so I can practice saying it with my mouth full.

Just sayin-

The choker is out.

Best thing about excessive cosmetic surgery for the already beautiful: in 10 years, looking naturally old will be chic.

ASide from a size 0 runway model, the only person I think could pull a look off like this is Naomi. That being said, she really should gone a size or two up on this one.
Don't know what's holding the top of that dress up but...let's hear it for titty tape!


Gorgeous. Love the choker, even. Not loving that big protrusion at the abdomen. It seems that the design is not resolved well there. It' s just awkward. If not for that, she really pulls it off. Often these fashions looks better on the runway model, not in this instance.

I like the easy crotch access for fucking that Amazonian beast in the back of the limo.

Clueless Jock

Wait, I thought she married Enrique Palacios?

This wasn't one of my faves from the collection either, and while the choker is to.die it is a bit much with the gown...but who am I kidding? She looks stunning. IN!

whoops...hit send too early. As I was saying: IN, with the exception of the FACE! Honey, step AWAY from the hypo. Who said above that she looks like a 60-year-old tranny? Hilarious and - sadly - Miz Thang is on her way.

yep, like the dress, hate the choker, but Naomi is always fierce. IN

i'm not dorothy gale

What happened to her FACE?

That horror aside, I loved the dress on the runway. It doesn't look like it's fitting her properly especially in the hips.

Oh no, I disagree on this one.

The way the dress is photographed on Naomi brings out the tackiness of the dress, especially with the lace-up. And the choker just cheapens the look even more. If she went with just earrings and no neck jewelry, I would've liked it a lot more.

And the hair... Ugh.

She looks like a high-priced hooker - and a mean one at that. Out.

She looks like the bride from a Billy Idol video.


I don't know. There's something about the way the bodice was sitting that irked me. It wasn't particularly flattering on her.




I don't know. That dress looks like it's really awkward to wear, like it would make its wearer realy miserable all night. And if Naomi Campbell can't make a dress look smashing, effortless, flawless, and to-die-for gorgeous, then no one can. OUT -victoria

I'm totally with the folks that made a comment about her FACE. I was so distracted by the horror of it, I could barely see the dress. Then when I looked at the dress, I thought it made her look old. Which means whatever she did to her face didn't work!

Linda & Christie & Cindy are all holding up fine without that much obvious work. What happened to Naomi??

This is a case of spillage ruining the entire look. You can't fit a C implant into a A bodice without making it look taudry.

On the Versace model the dress looks structured and archtectural. On Naomi, it looks tight and stretched. And the ribbon-like part that arcs over her right hip looks too low to me.

So I'm calling it an OUT.

Hmm. A slutty, shiny dress, bangs that look like she chopped them herself, too-dark lip liner/blush, and chola eyebrows. Sorry, Naomi, but you look like a drag queen. In Idaho. OUT.

Obviously, she can wear anything and look good. But that a) doesn't mean she should, and b) doesn't justify this dress.

On the other hand, it's something for Project Runway designers to refer to. If Michael Korssss says, "Would anyone look good in that dress?" the designer can respond, "Naomi Campbell would."

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

In. She looks amazing. LOVE the dress.

Her man is HOT!!


formerlyAnon said...
The whole look is very borderline for me, I might like it better if the skirt were laced a few grommets lower so there is more of a wraparound, giving more of a skirt effect and less of an open tent flap effect...

I agree, it looks a lot more sophisticated on the model precisely because of that.

Still IN, I love her, always have.


If you squint, you can almost see her See You Next Tuesday and it fits her personality, so I say in.

Not to nit pick, but especially since this is a queer friendly site, could avoid the "she looks like a tranny" comments ? Unless of course, that was mean't as the ultimate compliment.

another laura

Thanks for the many return comments on the identity of The Man. droooooool.

darlings, I know this is a safe place to ask this question and so ....

I could swear that I saw a cover of NC waiting in the grocery checkout line, on the cover of Cosmo, more than 20 years ago. I picked it up just to see who the exquisite creature was. She was in her teens. All mention of this cover seems to have disappeared. (I've been looking for this and find the first official Cosmo credit is 1990 in a black dress, while I remember bright sunny yellow. Or was it pink?) Ah, well, it must be my fading brain cells.

or... is it some kind of conspiracy? I write here to see if anybody else has the same memory.

She's IN, but in only the way Naomi could be, which is to be constantly ready to attack. I swear, this woman eats flip flops for breakfast.

Cheek Implants, boob job, restylane, botox. Probably microdermabrasion at some point as well.

Dear Peppermint Patti: This is what the evil queen of the universe would really wear.

Yeah... something's UP with her face. Did she have work done?

The bloom is OFF the rose, if ya ask me.

This was probably the only dress in the collection I really didn't like. Lace-ups just always remind me of those skanky lace-up jeans.

Since my first thought was a Real Housewives of Atlanta vibe, I was shocked to realize this dress came from the beautiful Versace collection of the other day.

That dress is really all kinds of wrong, wrong, WRONG here.

It is always sad when beautiful women go too far with the plastic surgery. Or anyone for that matter.

I don't love the dress, but that's not what's wrong here. The styling is too bridal and wrong for the occasion and in the end for the dress.

The dress is traditional with sort of a punkish angle to it. She should have played that up instead of the bridal. Maybe a more goth black necklace? I don't know, this ended up all too shiny, all too white, all too wrinkled, a little too slit up, altogether a FAIL.

I looked at the de GRISOGONO website, which is out of Geneva. I didn't find this particular necklace, but their jewelry is quite fabulous, if a little flashy for my taste. But impeccably designed, and completely real. I'm sure this choker looked amazing in person.

I agree it is the wrong choice for this dress, although the white of the diamonds and pearls is stunning on her skin.

That necklace is fab!

Naomi is OUT because there is no way that she could not have found another skankalicious ensemble in the Versace closet that fit better.

Naomi Campbell must really be The Evil Queen of the Universe because I cannot believe that in twenty years no one has told her how jank it is to use black eyeliner to line your lips.

Say what now, you guys got a tweeted by the real Versace [/Nomi Malone pronunciation]!

Loved the dress on the model, not so much on Naomi. If anything, I expected her to wear this better - her boobs are overflowing, the dress looks wonky, the necklace is too over-the-top and the overall effect ventures into fierce hooker territory when what it really needed was a softer touch to bring it back.

Plus, look at her body language! She's not working the dress. An out for me, if only because, as I said earlier, I expected more from Miss Campbell.

Many of the comments are making me feel sad. There's bitchy, and then there's just mean. And several are outright offensive. :-(

I hope the guy gets what he paid this instance, a full-size, authentic Madame Tussaud wax replica of Naomi Campbell.

BTW, I think the necklace is lovely, the dress gaudy and cheap looking. I guess Versace's been shopping with the PR designers at the Mood in LA.

I love you, Patsy Stone!

I think the choker is the best part of the whole look. It's perfect against her coloring and with the length of her neck.

The dress? Not so much. Are we sure Nicolas didn't design it?

She's Naomi motherfrickin' Campbell. She can wear whatever the hell she wants and I wouldn't tell her any different for fear of being punched. IN.

Seriously? You gave her an "in" with that major titscrepancy? Not to mention the not-laced-enough slit that practically goes up to her abdomen?

Sorry, can't agree with y'all this time. I do like the necklace, though. It gave me something to look at that wasn't her boobs or the very scary cheekbones.

Well, I liked the dress in the collection but Naomi makes it an OUT.

She's more boobylicious than the Versace model so she really should have laced down the slit an inch or two.

The choker is fab on its own but too matchy-matchy with this dress.

The whole ensemble makes her look old-trying-to-be-young.

Aren't her 15 minutes over yet?

As far as the ensemble: the lacing over the hip looked like it was sticking out somehow. Shouldn't it have been lying (laying?) flat? The bustline didn't do much for her either.

Choker, not so much - Looked like a princess crown worn upside down.

Naomi doesn't look too pretty in these pics. Sometimes pics really distort the perspective; I'm not sure what happened here. The styling was way off: the makeup made her look very cheap, and this dress (which I loved in its original incarnation) is brought down to a slutty Naomi level. She normally looks great in whatever she wears, but I believe she's had some plastic surgery and its beginning to show. Perhaps it was just a bad batch of eye shadow and overplucking of eyebrows and "khmer"rouge that makes it look like she's just had two silicone bags placed inside her chipmunk cheeks.


There is too much going on with the dress. The slit, the lace up, the keyhole... Put a statement necklace on top of that and it just equals too much.

Naomi Campbell is way to wide for that dress.

Kate In The Alley

I die.

Stephanie, are you new?
This place is Cunt Central!

"Unless of course, that was mean't as the ultimate compliment."

Being called a tranny is never a compliment. Buck up boyo, if you're going to hang out in this bitch kitchen.

Naomi's look -- Out.

Russian billionaire -- In. Way In.

As Edina Monsoon said to Patsy:

"You shouldnt start on the collagen, I mean, you start with your lower lip, then you have even it out with your upper lip, then you have to do your cheekbones, until eventually you wind up a visitor in your own face!"


looks better on the first model and w/o the choker. Is the color of the dress different or is it the lighting?

looks better on the first model and w/o the choker. Is the color of the dress different or is it the lighting?

IN on the original model... OUT on Naomi. It doesn't fit her right and looks all warped.

Out. I haven't seen her in a while and hardly recognized her. I don't like this look on her at all. I don't think this dress would look good on anyone in real life, though the still photo of the model was a bit interesting in a statuesque, unreal way.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ugh ugh UGH! Totally OUT! That woman is laced up so tight in that horrible outfit that she can't even sit up straight in the limo for that delicious hunk o' Russian "человек" And what is up with her plastic face? Ick.
That dress should burned, and watch out for toxic fumes when all that ugliness goes up in smoke.

I adore the choker, But I abhore the dress.

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