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In or Out: Kate Hudson for Harper's Bazaar

Kate Hudson on a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine in New York wearing Emilo Pucci spring 2010.

Emilio Pucci Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Carmen Kass

It's a really cute dress (in fact, it looks like a Laura Bennett) and there are times when it's astonishing how much Kate Hudson looks like her mother, but we have to be just a little nit-picky and say that it's making her look awfully hippy (and we don't mean in the hippy-dippy sense).

Still, it's a fabulous dress, paired with a fabulous bag and fabulous shoes, and her hair and makeup are also...what's the word? Fabulous. Therefore, we say IN.

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Love the dress, but I don't know what it is, I LOATHE Kate Hudson. Strange, I know, since her mother is fabulous...

In. One of the few occasions where it almost looks better on the celeb than it did on the model. Not crazy about how the bodice fits, but good enough!

The dress looks great on her. Don't understand the hippy comments at all. She's stick thin.

Thank God she cut that kid's hair a bit though.

If making her look 20 years older & desperate is what they were going for, then I'd say they did a great job.

Hippy? Have you completely lost it?

She looks great in a cute dress and frankly, adding a little meat to her hips isn't the worst thing for her.

But good lord is she overrated. Has she done anything good since her Oscar nomination?

I like the dress. This is the dress that Shirin should have made for her client. Of course she didn't have time for the beading, but the white feathers at the hem would have been cute.

I think the dress is a little too small for Kate and the neckline is too low for real life. But over all IN>

Uhhhh, I dunno...something is just not right. The bag in no way belongs with a cocktail dress. The dress doesn't fit right around the tummy/hips. Love the shoes, though. Hair looks good.
Not a fan of Kate.
I'm neutral on this one, neither in or out.

Wow... usually I agree with your INs and OUTs, but I REALLY disagree with this one. I think she looks terrible. Way older than she is, the dress is too tight and it's doing her no favors. Ugh.

Cute dress and cute woman. I usually NEVER disagree with you guys but I don't think she looks hippy in the dress so much as she looks absolutely flatchested. So, the curve in the hips, which is really very slight, isn't offset by any curves up top.

Pretty dress, but too bare in the chest region to my eye; somehow that skews the proportions. Have to confess, I never cared for that feature of so many of Laura's dresses (although of course I adore her overall). Not really seeing the hippy-ness you mention, but will take your word for it, boys!


I'm with MINDO, can't stand KH at all - don't think she has any of her mother's talent. Brooklyn Bomber called it right, this does make her look older/desperate.

I remember Laura Bennett's exquisite dresses being a bit more classy than that neckline cut to the waist - am I wrong on that?


I dare her to sit down in that dress. It would slide up and wrap around her waist. But, cute dress. Good hair.Schleppy bag.

When you're skinny enough, I don't think looking 'hippy' is a bad thing, what's wrong with some curves? My goodness, I'll never understand the issue with having some curves. If anything, I think the dress makes her legs look stumpy.

She's got a pretty boyish frame - not much waist indentation - and I think the dress would work better on a curvier girl. And her hair is making me think of a divorcee (thanks, Tim) bar girl. She's really pretty - this just isn't quite the thing for her. So OUT for me.

I looked at that dress and thought "Laura Bennett" .... but maybe a bit of a hooker Laura Bennett.

a bit too short. But cute.

Stkrshock gets it.
That bag belongs on the subway, going to work, carrying all sorts of stuff.
That is not a going to work dress, for most of us.

And horizontal incidental pleats emphasize that the dress doesn't fit her right.

So, an out because it flatters her not at all and flattens her in a way that is reminiscent of the Sock it to Me girl.

i absolutely J'ADORE that neckline on her.

Hippy? Hippy? Are you guys serious? I think you are too accostumed to models with hips like a 12-year-old boy or airbrushed to look like one a la Ralph Lauren recent. (Here comes the rant) This is the problem. We are so used to enhanced boobs and boy-hips that we start to think of this as the healthy normal, when it is very much not. I don't know Hudson's work, but she sure looks great!

In. I like it better on Kate Hudson than on the model.
Very pretty overall.

It would be like a Laura Bennett dress if the hem were 3-4 inches longer. Laura would never stand for the hooker hem on this dress. Other than that, KH looks good in the dress. Much better than the other outfits that they chose for this shoot. Did you see the ice capages wedding dress with the 80s hair? Talk about desperate.

Wow, that sounds harsh. She really is a beautiful woman, but styling is key for everyone.

Its Laura Bennett designing for Heidi.

But Kate looks amazing. IN

It's ok. The bag is a real head-scratcher - I just don't get it. And as Sewing Siren said, the neckline really is too low for real life - not even Laura would cut that low. BTW, where is Laura and how are her Halloween preparations coming along?

Agree with IndyAnna--it's not that it makes her look hippy, it's that it accentuates her quasi lack of a waist.

I do actually admire that she looks happy and comfortable in what can really only be called a "get-up". Congrats to her.

So I guess that's an IN.

Hippy? In what parallel universe is that hippy? I don't think overall it is a great look for her but still an IN.


She looks adorably fabulous-In!

Aly said, "I'll never understand the issue with having some curves. If anything, I think the dress makes her legs look stumpy."

I agree it's not flattering to her legs, but I don't think the issue is having curves so much as it is the way the dress is pulling horizontally. It makes it look too tight (compare it to how it falls on the model).

Her hair's just a little too big, but she still looks great. And I don't think she looks hippy, at all.

IN. She looks fabulous!! Love the dress, very Laura Bennett. When I think of all the comments Michael Kors made about the plunging neckline on her dresses...and now you see it everywhere. Oh, well.

She does look like her mother. We call her "Goldie Spawn".

I love her when she doesn't look like an unwashed hippie!

I should ever look so hippy!

Long time lurker/first time poster - am i nuts or does she look like she's dropping the kid off at the babysitters on her way to a cocktail party? I mean is this an appropriate day look for Manhattan? Out shopping for some flowers with the kids dressed to the nines? Am I miising something here?

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It looks exactly like something her mother would wear to the Golden Globes. All she needs is Goldie's puffed up lips.


I'd like to see some color in this. It seems to wash her out. I also agree that it's an odd day look.

Geez, you would have thought we said she looked like a big fat slob. She looks hippy to us because the dress is making her hips look wider than her shoulders. That's a result of the proportions on the dress rather than a criticism of her body. Very tight, short dresses with plunging necklines can really throw off the balance as we think it does here.

It seems kind of weird that according to many of you, her legs look stumpy, the dress is too tight, and she has no waist, but we're out of line for saying she looks hippy.

In. I think "hippyness" gets a bum rap though ;) Hips = small waist. So tired of women looking starved and rectangular.

I don't like it. Is she on set as a 1980s "high-class" hooker?

I really like the dress, but it is too low cut and isn't at all flattering to Kate's boobs.

Anonymous said...
Long time lurker/first time poster - am i nuts or does she look like she's dropping the kid off at the babysitters on her way to a cocktail party? I mean is this an appropriate day look for Manhattan? Out shopping for some flowers with the kids dressed to the nines? Am I missing something here?

It is a FASHION EDITORIAL, not someone's daily routine at the local grocery store. Dream, people, dream.

Even though I think she looks great, I can already see about 10 things they will Photoshop in these photos. (Because that's what those magazine people DO.)

I think the two of you have been watching too many stick thin skeletal looking models if you think her hips look wide in this.

Too short, too much skin, too froo froo, hair lookes like she is channeling Farrah, wrong wrong wrong.

Yes, yes, you are Anon 11:27:

Kate Hudson on a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine in New York wearing Emilo Pucci spring 2010.

I don't think the proportions are off - I think she looks quite trim. Also, I love a plunging neckline on a small chest. However I think cream/silver does not flatter her skin tone.

I disagree about the bag. It's too big for this look. Otherwise, I think the rest is FAB.

Wearing clothes that are too tight, especially in white and beaded , will give the impression gained weight or that you are larger than you are. Beaded white dress ,too tight though the hips = hippy.

TLo, no one is infallible (even you guys), so I'll give you a pass here, but for the record: you are completely out of your trees if you're calling THAT 'hippy'.
Don't go Lagerfeld on us, please.

The look is IN. Sadly Kate seems to be suffering the same fate as Mira Sorvino; promising start, famous parent followed by a string of bad movies.

Don't think she looks "hippy" but she does look fabulous.

Still can't stand her though.

Ugh...Hippy? No. And if it did make her look "hippy" that could only be a good thing. I normally agree with you on 99% of these but I just HAD to comment. I looked over and over again to see if I missed something or if I misunderstood the comment - you are talking about her "HIPS," right? Cause she ain't got any.

OK, call me a prude, but a woman walking down the street half naked with a little boy - leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, and I am not a fundamentalist Christian by any means! I find this borderline offensive, in a really bad way.

Kate looks ridiculous.

I agree with some of the nit picky comments (hem too short, hair too big) but still give her an "in."

And thanks for the laugh about how talented her mother is! What a freakin' joke!

Your loyal minions are revolting. Out, say we.

Sewing Siren said...

Wearing clothes that are too tight, especially in white and beaded , will give the impression gained weight or that you are larger than you are. Beaded white dress ,too tight though the hips = hippy.

Thank you!

It looks like you can see double-stick tape holding the dress on her boobs. Assume it will be photoshopped out. Bag is awful.

Nancy said...

OK, call me a prude, but a woman walking down the street half naked

When did a short dress become "half naked?"

Definite out. The hair is actually the lesser of all the problems going on here.

She looks like one of the houswives from New Jersey.

She looks stunning to me. IN, IN, IN.

Heidi wants this dress.

Kate Hudson is known for her great butt, just like her mom. And yes, it is a big butt. But big butts are "in" and hers is absolutely fabulous--the best in the biz. So if that's what you mean by "hippy" it should be taken as a 'huge' compliment.

Shoes are NOT fabulous. Down with plastic shoes!

I think she looks beautiful, and for those of you who think she is overrated or untalented - I invite you to re-watch Cameron Crowe's film "Almost Famous."

I don't think she looks "hippy" at all (Gawd, if that's hippy then I need my skeleton surgically altered). I do agree with some of the posters that perhaps the combination of her not being AS skeletal as the model coupled with her having virtually no boobage to balance it out MIGHT give some the impression that she's, uh, hippy. But not me. IN!!

Nancy said...

OK, call me a prude, but a woman walking down the street half naked

When did a short dress become "half naked?"

10/14/09 11:51 AM

It is not the legs, but the neckline, or should I say, the lack of a top of the dress. I have two sons, and I would NEVER have worn a dress that low around them, especially sauntering down a public street with them. Even now I wouldn't and they are 18 an 19 years old.

I just think it is almost in Demi Moore territory.

I hate to agree that in the first pic with her walking straight forward (with her son? - and I also agree that it was more than time for a hair cut) - she does look wide in the lower belly and hips. But that is because she has no shape what-so-ever. The side pic made me also say 12 y.o. boy.

But she is beautiful and so is the dress.

I've never posted before, but this IN drove me to it. Neither of these women look good in the dress, because they are light-skin blondes who look washed out in white. Look at the cleavage shots on both women. Their skin tones look terrible next to the white. With a different neckline bringing the white closer to their made-up, darker faces, the dress would have worked, but this way. OUT

The whole look is an OUT for me, but it might be because I am also highly distracted by the styling/location. Just can't get the image of a movie about a nightclub singer out of my mind, who struggles because she is a single mom in Manhattan, and has to take her little boy..

See? I got totally off point. I really think it is the styling (poufy hair, bag) that makes an out for me.

This one is perfect for Heidi - shiny, short & tight.

Waaaaaay OUT.

The thing is, the dress suits her and she could look great - but it's so totally wrong for the setting of the photoshoot that it just ends up looking tarty and ridiculous. Seriously, no one is wearing that - or anything like that - when shopping with a kid. OUT.

Isn't it a shame... With a mother as stunningly beautiful as Kate Hudson, that kid looks just like Chris Robinson! Poor kid.

Upon futher examination I absolutely agree that the dress is stretched too tightly over her hips, but it read "hippy," but simply that the dress is too tight.

sorry, it DOESN'T read "hippy." Geesh, my typing today...sorry guys!

yeah! ho! wah!

eh... OUT.

i dont really like the dress, but thats not the issue. its just that its too short and too clevage-y for a shoot that involves a child. im reminded of angelas slutty clown kindergarden-teacher (minus the clown).

Oh come on! She looks like she wants to be Dolly Parton. Short, tight, shiny, beading, AND feathers? OUT.

For me, it's too short, too tight, too much cleavage, and those feathers give off an autoerotic vibe.

I think it would look better in black.

Did no one else see Nicolas in this?

If Nicolas could fit a dress properly.

I think it's in. That girl can wear anything.

I don't know... the dress on the model looks interesting & cool, but on Kate in those pictures it looks a little too teen-frou-frou, you know, kind of like Legally Blonde (minus the boobs). Out.


Too much V neck combined with too short a length. The neck makes her boobs look small and unnaturally pushed apart because it's so tight. I see nearly no hips so I don't understand your hippy comment. Her hips don't even approach her shoulder width and I see no illusion of that being created either, despite the tightness of the dress. The hair and makeup and accessories are cute. I give an in, but I'm not in love; it looks a leetle too desperate-trashy.

She looks great, but yes, I am vaguely troubled by wearing such an obviously sexy dress around a little guy. I sort of prefer the story that she's dropping him off at a sitter's to any other potential line. And yes again, it troubles me that I am troubled, but there you have it. 16 years of Catholic school doesn't evaporate entirely over a lifetime.

It's an in BUT the neckline is not one I'd leave undecorated on her. She has no 'visual interest' in that area and it needs a large pendant or something to make up for it.

That neckline is simply not flattering--not on the model, not on Kate. It's downright gawky looking. Love the rest of it, so can endorse the "In."

seriously , is there such as thing as too picky? at first glance she looks awesome. then you flip the page, skim the entire magazine, and go out amd do something productive with your own life.

Short, shiny, and tight. Heidi may like it, but no. Slutty and does really bad things to Hudson's body.

"Too much V neck combined with too short a length."

No kidding, seems to work on the runway on the model in that setting with that styling.

But for me - maybe it's combination of the short skirt, the feathers, the beading and the plunging neckline that screams for illusion fabric - it screams to me like she's on her way to compete in an adult figure skating competition and forgot that she's supposed to wait and change into her dress in the locker room when she gets to the rink.

Kinda like one of Carolina Kostner's plunging neckline, too short fluffy skirted dresses - the one she rejected because it had sleeves...

When designers put feathers or other frou frou that close to the crotch? All I can think of is PUBES.

Overall, in, but the styling does make her look a bit grasping-for-her-youth-ish--the silvery lipstick, the lion-mane hair, the shoes. And I think the hippy comment is a little harsh, but I do see some pulling in that area, which makes it look like the dress is not fitted exactly right.

"Hippy"??? The woman is probably a size 0, and weighs 90 pounds wet.

Leah said...

"Hippy"??? The woman is probably a size 0, and weighs 90 pounds wet.

It has nothing to do with her size. It's about the proportions on the dress.

I know you guys explained it already, but I don't think she looks hippy, her hips are still narrower than her shoulders.... but definitely the dress seems too tight for her, does she need a negative size?
that neckline looks bad on her, she is so flat chested that it makes it even look worse, in my opinion.
also the hair is all wrong....

A complete and total IN of the highest order. She looks STUNNING!

Ok....a good news / bad news moment.

The good news? It sure as hell does look like a Laura Bennett. It's SO her and even the shoot is SO her. lol

The bad news? If she looks "hippy" to you, you two darlings might need glasses. She looks tiny as hell and definitely not wide at any point.

Nice fabric but sorry, the super wide low cut neckline is too slutty for me. Guess I am prudish?

Dearest Boys,

I seldom disagree with you so strongly. This is a high class hooker dress. Laura Bennett's clothes NEVER give that appearance. The problem with this dress is the depth and width of the neckline. Laura has taste and discretion and knows when too much is NOT a good thing.

This whole photo shoot is, um, unfortunate. This is the most uncomfortable walk of shame, with a Mom, known most recently for being A-Rod's flavor of the moment (and accused of being pregnant by him in the last week or two) hustling her son to school in the slut clothes she wore last night !!

I actually LOVE Kate Hudson, the actress, as I did her mother before her, but not this dress, nor this photo shoot.


THAT'S "hippy?"
Good god, y'all. Take it from a straight boy, she looks fantastic.

hey now. let's not be hating on the flat chested girls. they have feelings too, you know. And, as a flat chested girl, I can tell you - we're PAINFULLY aware that we look like "12 year old boys" up there.

I know almost everyone else has added their opinion to the "hippy" comment so I'll keep this brief-
Upon close examination of the photos, in none of them do her hips appear wider than her shoulders - at all.
That being said, I do beilieve that the dress should be one size larger to fit her properly.
I would love this look if the hem were just a few inches lower, and the v-neck a little less deep.


it gets an out from me. She looks very plasticy and desperate. The dress looks stunning on the model, though.

I can only attribute that to a really bad idea for a photo shoot. Are they trying to rip off the French shoot from a week or so ago with the mom taking the boy to boarding school? If so, they've sadly missed the mark. The clothes in that spread were the epitome of classy and this is just not.

I also agree with pp that Laura Bennet would do this dress with a longer hem and a slightly less exuberant plunging V and it would be exquisite.

Sweet Jaysus - this reminds me of the time I reviewed a sewing pattern and said that it wasn't good for someone who had saddlebags. People jumped down my throat accusing me of being a skinny (which I am not) curve-hating(which I am not) bitch(which is debatable). Lighten up people! It's just a fashion shoot!

BTW, her hair is bigger than the rest of her combined. Other than that, I give her an IN.

Hmmm, I'm going with majority rules on this one. I definitely don't see any hippy-ness, her hips do indeed look smaller than her shoulders. If anything, I'd say the cut of the dress and the wash of white makes her waist look wider than it otherwise would. However, while the dress may be pulling slightly in the hips it fits perfectly on the chest - better than on the runway model. Kate also wears it with more joie de vivre. Definite IN.

good gawd. this is a totally crotchtacular dress! I am not sure if I like it... but big plus she didn't pair it with thigh-high boots...

I agree that adding the little boy to the shoot gives it a real sleazy feel. I wonder if the "Mom" in Kate would have let one of her children pose like that, or is that her child???
Is the boy buying flowers for his just coming home from a hot date Mom with her underware stuffed in her handbag?

Love the shoes, the bag not good.
Couldnt discern any hips on her, from the side the dress makes her behind look good but her breasts are non-existant. The wierd gauzy stuff on the edge of the V-neckline makes it look like the sticky tape holding the dress in position is showing.

But Please, could we keep kids out of these kind of images?

She looks fierce. I would want it except that I look terrible in white.

I hardly ever post either, so obviously this image is particularly provocative to some of us. I think she looks absolutely awful. I think the dress looks way better on the model, and she looks stiff and awkward, and the way they've given her the 80's styling is ridiculous. If KH does one thing well it's a kind of natural fresh look and this is just the opposite of that. OUT.

My problems with the dress are that a) It magnifies the fact that she's very flat-chested, and b) It looks like she has no waist.

Hate the feathers on the bottom: makes it look like she's trying to smuggle chickens by stuffing them up her lady bits. OUT

Brooklyn Bomber said: "If making her look 20 years older & desperate is what they were going for, then I'd say they did a great job." I couldn't have said it better myself. OUT.

"Hate the feathers on the bottom: makes it look like she's trying to smuggle chickens by stuffing them up her lady bits. OUT"

Thanks for giving me a laugh while I'm stuck at the office. :-)



Disagree completely.

TLo said...
Thank you!

Oh any time! You know I'm a total butt kiss.
I think you should work the word "hippy" into every post you do between now and Christmas.

If Kate Hudson is hippy, you guys must think Selma Hayek and Eva Mendez are a pair of massive butterbeasts.

For fuck's sake, WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE HIPS. You guys wander off the mark sometimes, but calling the slender to the point of boyishness Kate Hudson "hippy" is so ridiculously unrealistic it borders on misogyny.

Way to go, Tom and Lorenzo. I hope you're proud.

She doesn't just look hippy, she IS hippy, just like her mother. That puts a real premium on staying slim.

Wonderful dress. She's rocking it.


Anonymous said...

If Kate Hudson is hippy, you guys must think Selma Hayek and Eva Mendez are a pair of massive butterbeasts.

For fuck's sake, WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE HIPS. You guys wander off the mark sometimes, but calling the slender to the point of boyishness Kate Hudson "hippy" is so ridiculously unrealistic it borders on misogyny.

Jesus Christ, take a valium. We didn't say she was hippy; we said the DRESS MAKES HER LOOK HIPPY. It's too tight, too short and too low cut to completely flatter her figure.

It looks like a Bring Your Child to Work photo shoot, the Hooker Division.

Aside from seemingly wanting to make sure her child always remembers where he came from, I think this dress does her a disservice. Her legs look old. They look like those of a 50 yo woman who is in good shape. The dress is too short, she looks like she can use the feathers as toilet paper.

I guess I have to say SOMETHING nice... I like the shoes.


I like, eh, the shoes. The dress is great on the model but it doesn't fit KH properly anywhere and it makes her legs look awful. The bag is wrong for the look and the styling is pageant-y.

This is beyond walk of shame; this is walk-of-shameless.

I LOVE the feathers on the hem. And the fabric + feathers make a well-fitting hoochie dress Fun with a capital F. But seeing it on the street, with small child in evidence, emphasizes the hoochie for me.

So, she looks great in a really fun dress - but she'd look greater if it didn't scream "desperately trolling."

hippy? compared to what, a flagpole? that is just not right. I love TLO, I love your commentary, but come.on.

and you know? so WHAT if a woman looks hippy.

I think she looks like a hooker.
She's an OUT, OUT, OUT.

Kate does NOT look "hippy." At all. Such an unnecessary comment.

If that's "hippy" then I'm a hippo.

"This is a high class hooker dress."

I've seen a lot of hookers & never one that was dressed anything like this.

It's more like a Carrie Bradshaw dress.


Use of her son as an accessory in a photo shoot? OUT.

"Sewing Siren sad: I think the dress is a little too small for Kate and the neckline is too low for real life."

But it's not a 'real life' dress, so I give her a pass. I'm sure she's using that sticky spray to keep it stuck to her boobs. I also don't think it's too short for what it is. I like it. It's kicky.

The only thing that makes me go 'huh?' is accessorizing it with that big shoulder bag.


Hippy? NO.
I get that the flat chest thing is almost a publicity stunt, that she has always "milked" it if you may, sort of in an anti-hollywood-blonde, -statement, but this is just TOO FLAT. Little girl in momma´s dress flat.

And the dress looks SO TIGHT.

Other than that, the styling and the dress are OK, I guess.

I really hate to say this, but she just looks too old for this skirt. I know she's only 30, and 30 isn't that old, but on her, for some reason, she looks much older trying so very hard to look much younger. On the model it looks cute and young and effervescent. But on Kate it just doesn't look good. Out. Although the shoes, hair, makeup, and bad are wonderful.


She looks lovely, IN.

"Tlo said: Jesus Christ, take a valium. We didn't say she was hippy; we said the DRESS MAKES HER LOOK HIPPY. It's too tight, too short and too low cut to completely flatter her figure."

LOL. Well, speaking as a life-long owner of a pair of thunder thighs, I found nothing offensive in what you wrote. The dress does make her look larger than she is - as anything that is white & shiny would. That dressing concept is so basic I can't believe anyone is getting upset about you pointing that out.

I actually don't think it's to tight, short or low cut. I think the beading and feathers add a whimsy that makes that OK. That dress would actually be perfect for a date with The Cat In The Hat. And she can get away with it because she's so petite.

But the reality is; You wear something that is white & shiny and you are going to look like a Buick.


I can't imagine a real human female who is not a prostitute ever actually wearing that dress outside. Watching her stride along with her son, I found myself thinking the pics were about to give us too much information about where he came from. Also, I'd never have thought Kate Hudson had fat thighs, but these bad photos make it look as though she needs liposuction right above her knees -- which she certainly does not. Kate Hudson is cute, slim, fit, and young and seems like a really nice person, but that dress is unflattering and vulgar and makes her look like a sad old prostitute. OUT. -victoria

I always think that Kate looks older than her years. She must have spent a lot of time in the sun or something. Still, she is a cute young woman. I don't think she looks much hippier than the model, so it's probably the dress more than her figure. However, her legs are a tad chubby. Still, she's an IN.

Absof*ckinglutely HATE dresses cut to just north of the navel, hated 'em when Laura Bennett made 'em, hate 'em now.

Please let's stop perpetuating the myth that it's not okay for women to have hips.

I like how it's okay for the commenters to say she looks old, looks cheap, looks like a pervert for dressing that way around a kid, looks flat-chested, her legs looks stumpy - all of that's fine. But T Lo says the dress makes her look hippy and LOOK OUT! MISOGYNY!!!!!

I'm betting that her ribs were airbrushed out of those front shots. No way she's not that skinny without ribs showing!

Not realistic for life, but fabulous photos.

Hair and makeup are horrible. The hair is high-school cheerleader 80s and the makeup is pasty and looks like it was applied with a plaster trowel.

That would be a fun dress for the office Christmas party.

Hippy? That's insane...I see no hippyness. She looks cute and she's so thin that any hippiness isn't really going to affect her overall look.

TLo - THIS is the kind of dress you want to be hippy!

As Michael Kors would say: "Slutty, slutty, slutty." OUT.

I'm almost entirely indifferent to Kate Hudson, though after looking at these pictures I at least have to hand it to her for keeping her natural concave chest. It's refreshing.

I often judge things by whether I want to avert my eyes from it or not when I first look at it. I think the dress looks great on her, albeit it accentuating her not having any boobs (poor thing). In!

IN! for Sure!!!


i'm not dorothy gale

"Cute dress"...really? I don't think so. Too much of a "mommy is a call girl" look. Out.

OUT! I can't stand Kate Hudson (which is odd because I adore her parents), and I really don't like the styling. The dress looks a lot better on the model. Great shoes, though!

I'm not a big fan, but she looks adorable, kind of Seventies. And I so admire her for not getting her boobs done.

I think the dress is pretty cute, but I'm not seeing how you guys can justify using the negative connotation of the word "hippy" to describe this dress on Kate...yes, the fit does seem to be off around her hips, but that doesn't mean it makes her hips look big. Because her hips aren't big. It would probably take a roll of duct tape and some pillows to make her hips look wide (OH NOES!!! unflattering useless hips). Sorry TLo, you guys must've been looking at too many fashion models or mannequins today.

I think the dress and the hair look great on her. The only thing is that her face in the middle two pictures looks really old. I'm not a fan of Kate, but I do think she's very pretty and I don't think those photos made her look attractive, but the others are fab.

I suppose at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal taste (duh). I personally will never understand why 'looking larger' NECESSARILY equals looking worse. Sometimes clothes (especially frippy, feathery, spangly, showgirl-esque little high-fashion frocks like this one) are SUPPOSED to make you look big, bold, larger-than life. Like a big screen starlet or a showgirl, I dunno. Like I said, I just don't get why big = bad and small = good, always. It seems like a really stupid and uncreative rule. Oh well.

this whole look seems a bit dated to me. she does look older here. and this look does resemble the slutty older woman type to me too.

Nope it is out, it is pulling across her hips and she looks stumpy. But then I have never cared that much for her so maybe I am biased. No, she looks stumpy whether I like her or not.

Glad she finally cut the kid's hair, for his sake.

I don't think Kate Hudson is so thin that they had to photoshop her ribs out of the picture. She looks pretty healthy to me.

The model looks worse in the dress than Kate does.

I don't mind the plunging neckline on a woman with, as they say, curves. I still think JLo looked stunning in that infamous Versace years ago. But when all the plunging neckline is exposing is the breastbone, it is not a flattering look at all.

As I said, Kate always looks a bit older than she is to me. (Have you seen her without makeup?) However, saying that she looks 20 years older is an exaggeration. No 50 year olds that I know look like that!

Little did you know, TLo, what a controversy you would start just by using the word 'hippy'! I've only been reading your site for about a month or so, and I've got to say it's quickly become one of my first go-to places on the internet. Please don't take all the uproar seriously--people just like to bitch (myself included), and it's easy to nitpick when you can do it relatively anonymously. No, Kate doesn't look particularly hippy in that dress to me, but fashion is subjective, people! And I would love to look as good as she does in that dress at any age, nitpicks aside.

Please, TLo, don't let the criticism discourage you from your great commentaries--I would so miss it!

Are you sure this wasn't the "make a skanky ice skating costume challenge"? Too short, horrible neckline for someone with zero boobs,I know it's a fictional mag spread but bringing her little son into it instead of leaving him with nanny makes it a definate OUT.

TLO, let's be real here. Kate Hudson will NEVER BE HIPPY. In fact, I thought, "Wow, her body looks great!" She does have a boyish figure and I think this gives her a little more curves. Give the chick a break, she's working with what she has. Also, I frickin' HATE Kate Hudson with the passion of several firey suns, so this takes a lot out of me to say.

OT, that little Ryder Russel looks exactly like his dad, EXACTLY!!

The dress is a little formal on her and makes her look older. Overall, Kate looks good.

Another thing in her favor is her bustline. With so many pneumatic boobies out there, it's refreshing to see an A cup once in awhile.

In, In, In!!!

I <3 this dress, but I could never pull it off. I make her look like a pin with my hips :-D

Sorry guys but OUT.

That dress is horrid. Kate Hudson is NOT flat chested and I'm sick of seeing boobs bound flat for plunging necklines to give the illusion of a young male chest (I call it like I see it).

Don't like the hair and I'm not found of the super low dip when her chest is so pale compared to the rest of her, but still...IN

If A-Rod keeps hitting like he has in the playoffs she will be IN until further notice.

Hippy? o.O I feel like neither she or the model have much of a waist in that dress; I'd think it would look better if she were hippy-er (assuming I'm thinking of it the way you're thinking of it.....)

I like the dress from a distance; I'm not crazy about all the detailing when I can see what it is. I don't really have anything against the neckline, but even on stick-thin ppl not wearing a bra can fail to optimize certain assets, so....

on Kate in those pictures it looks a little too teen-frou-frou, you know, kind of like Legally Blonde (minus the boobs). Out.


I think it's because she's smiling pretty hugely; she's not chill, like the model. I like how the model looks, though, she looks sufficiently non-miserable that it doesn't distract from the outfit (though her makeup makes her look exhausted, sigh....) I forgot to say that I do enjoy KH's ginormous hair.

asparagus lust

Nice girl, competent actress, nice and low-key. Hate the photo shoot. Dumb, ridiculous dress, (boyish non-hips and absolutely no boobs. HIPPY? What are you smoking?) Dumb hair, poor taste. Goldie is such a totalled has been now, this kid needs to step it up and make us see her, not a vintage re-tread of a 60's silly girl.

Uh yeah Kate Hudson is flat-chested. To the point of practically having no breasts at all. -A cup.

And of course she had her kid in this shoot. She has proven with her behavior in her personal life that the child's well-being or interests or whatever will always take a backseat to what Mommy wants to do.


Sorry...hate the dress. An Ice Capades reject. Laura Bennet should pretend to throw a cocktail in your face for that remark! I think Kate looks terrible and sorry to be a prude, but it seems strange that she should be out in the daytime with her kid in that look. I think usually the spare bare neckline works on her (with her barely there boobies), but this time, there is something off. It's too wide on top of being so low cut. The proportions are just off. Sorry. It looks like a Peppermint Patty creation.


OUT - can't stand this woman, actress and/or whatever you want to call her....and am still mad as hell that people still pay her to watch her in what some people call "films" OUT OUT OUT
the dress is okay

Looks a lot like Nicolas' Bob Mackie entry. . .

Hate the dress -- too short, ugly neckline -- but I love Kate Hudson. She's gorgeous and NOT hippy. She's too flatchested, but hey, nobody's perfect. I say OUT because we're talking about the dress (yuck) on her and not the woman herself -- although there's a lot of bitchiness going on here. Shame, shame.

Asparagus lust

On second look & read, Vincent would be crowned king delusional, as this look appears to be worn backwards, is overly frou-frou and much too short looks like his aesthetic, and even then, on acid. I actually liked Vincent for his determination and cluelessness. This effort and styling is so reminiscent of him. She is a bimbo , and it is so unnecessary. Cheap is putting it mildly as the in your face effect.

All this A-Rod hook up has gone to Kate's flavor of the month lifestyle. I think she is expecting. Perhaps that's why she is on planet 9 and pulling at the seems. How out can you get?

What Brooklyn Bomber said.

Wow. It takes a masterfully ugly dress to make a woman look flat-chested and fat at the same time. I have small breasts and I think a plunging neckline on a flat chest makes a woman look like a transvestite.

I HATE that neckline. Overall, the dress reminds me of something from Clueless (the movie).

And I can't stand all those hipless women on the runway & red carpet--I'm extremely pleased to see curves where they should be. (And I really don't see how that dress makes her look hippy anyhow. Nothing about those pictures drew my attention to her hips--even when I looked past that hideous neckline.)

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