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In or Out: Iman

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Iman attends Keep A Child Alive's 6th Annual Black Ball at Hammerstein in New York City wearing a Thakoon dress.

Thakoon Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Jourdan Dunn

Fabulous never dies, darlings. Fabulous never dies. Also, Iman doesn't age. She is, of course, a big fat IN. The hair and makeup are fabulous. That Egyptian eye look is on its way back and while it's not a look for everyone, if there's one person on the planet who can pull it off it's Mrs. Bowie. We're in a little disagreement on one tiny detail. Lorenzo thinks the belt is a mistake and Tom thinks it kind of makes the look. What do you guys think?

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She's always IN. I wish I had a fraction of her taste...and money!

after much thought, back and forth between photos, i am pro-belt.

Not only hugely IN, but looking way better on her than on the runway model.

Sorry, Lorenzo, I'd say avec belt. She's IN. LOVE the hair.

I think the dress looks much better on her than it does on the model! Iman is amazing!

I like the belt; I don't know if it makes or breaks the look, but I think it's appropriate and looks good.

In what alternate reality would Iman EVER be an out? The belt makes it.

MAJOR girl crush on Iman! She's always an IN! Also, I like the belt. It seems to go better than the little ribbon thing from the runway.

she looks fabulous (that make up!) but no belt for me....
I keep thinking how Shelley O would look in this dress it is one of her favorite designers....

She looks absolutely incredible. STUNNING.

I like the IDEA of a belt, but not this belt. The flat sheen of the leather is distracting.

Come on, she could wear a black plastic bag, with or without a belt, and she would be IN.

She is fan.tas.tic.

And as you noted, the hair and makeup are perfection.

such genes. sigh.

No belt. I think it tones down the glam. IN, though I'd like to see it as a long gown.

Her hair is freaking perfect, and I adore the eye makeup.

I say the belt is crucial. It gives her that accentuated hourglass, which balances out the volume on the top half. I think the belt is a big reason why the dress looks better on her than the model, though the biggest reason is that Iman herself is unparalelled She just makes the dress look alive and fun.

I'd keep the belt & ditch that thing on her shoulder. That would drive me insane.

But everything else a huge IN.


IN. Ms. Perfection.

With belt.

The belt, the hair, the nude lipstick, the pose, the arms, the bracelet, the fore finger ring - the seemingly botox-free face PERFECTION! She rocked it like the fashion royalty she is.

The day Iman is 'out' is the day I get the text that hell just froze over - IN! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair, ditto the Egyptian eye. It never goes out of style (like tin hats?)...

I am pro-belt. It's a good balance with to the tulle shoulder detail.

(just with, not with to)

Keep the belt. It defines & shows off her small waist. Damn, she looks great!!

Gorgeous as pe usual. IN.

I don't hate the belt, but I think the look would even be better without it.

God, she's amazing. Definitely pro-belt—if you have the waist for a wide belt, then goddamn do it!

Iman like Halle berry, Cher and Aretha Franklin are always in! They know what works for them and know how to work it!


No belt. Better shoes.

She slays me.

Of course, she's in. Nothing in this world is certain, except for death, taxes, and Iman looking fabulous.

And I like the belt, too.

A belt looks good. Just not that belt. Otherwise, IN

I like the wider belt, but not crazy about the leather.

The look is impeccable because it is glamourous, yet understated for the sort of event at which you are raising money for children in need.

She's an INNY. I like it with a belt, but I might have chosen a different one. And I love the loofah on her shoulder. If anyone can pull that off, she can.

Belt gives her a teenier waist. I'd say with belt, but not THAT belt.

Of course she's IN. It's Iman. She's fabulous and I love her and she's simply oozing perfection here.

She is a classic stunning beauty, who is always IN. I like the belt.


Like the belt because I think its one of the reasons she looks way better than the model. There might be a better belt tho

She's always IN and this is no different.

I'm pro-belt, but not that particular belt.

I like the belt but I kind of wish she had skipped the tights.

Anyway, I love her no matter what she wears. Down with Heidi! Up with Iman!

Down with Heidi! Up with Iman!

Good one, Marie!


HUGE IN!!! God she looks stunning, youthful and also age appropriate at the same time. Her hair and makeup are gorgeous. I miss Iman, I wish she did more events just so I could see what she wears.

I love the belt :)

Insanely IN....I like that there is a belt, maybe a different one, but it doesn't make it any less IN, she looks FAB.

Sister Zip said:
"I'd keep the belt & ditch that thing on her shoulder. That would drive me insane."

Isn't a big pouf on one's shoulder precisely what makes a garment "avant garde"?

(IN. So in. With the belt.)

I'm I the only one that saw this dress and was immediately reminded of Christopher's disco trashbage? I think this is the kind of look he was striving for, but just failed miserably.

love the belt; wish my hair could look like that every day. Iman is a miracle, sent to earth to give all us lowly creatures something to aspire to.

What can I say?? Iman is stunning as always, belt or no belt, black hose or not.
Hair and makeup, gorgeous!!
Now THIS is the way a true fashion icon looks!!!

Incredible! Love the belt.

Oh, Iman. Love. Always.

I'm with Tom on this one -- brava to the belt!

I think the belt is great, it breaks up what would otherwise be a big block of shiny black nonsense.

I love Iman... but something about that hairstyle paired with that specific dress is really bothering me. Unfortunately, I can't quite put it into words. The shapes just aren't working, especially head-on.

She'd look good in Carol Hannah's winning gown.

LOVE her in this dress...huge IN IN IN

I think it's better with A belt, just perhaps not THAT belt. Still she's an IN for me, and the only thing I might change is to lose the tights. I don't like them.

She looks fabulous, but I hate that dress. It looks like a was of tulle bunched up and belted in the middle, with a big pouf pulled out of one side. Meh. I'm sick of that look. It doesn't flatter anyone.

holy crap...this woman is a few months younger than my mother. my mother DOES NOT look like that. dayum grrrrl!!!

and yes, the belt totally works. otherwise, it'd be a black garbage bag with a bow on top.

I'm with Karen in Ohio. Love the Player/ Hate the game...

"Tlo said: She is, of course, a big fat IN."

Uh oh. You just know someone is going to read that and think you called her 'fat'.

But anyhoo, yes, Iman is the very definition of IN. I bet if you googled the word in, her picture would come up.


I dont mind the belt. I just dont like that bow thing on her shoulder. She looks like shes wrapped up and sinched at the shoulder. Other than that, the hair, makeup, everything is perfect

Its Inman so IN, IN, IN!


I like the belt but think dress would look better just a little bit longer on her.

LOVE the styling.

I want to take a TEENY bit of issue with the statement that "Iman doesn't age." She does age! But she does it with unbelievable style, grace, and confidence. I love that she's not plasticky and botoxed to death. You can see experience on her face, and IMO it makes her even more stunning.

That said, I don't adore the dress -- it's a little bunchy on her, not as soignee as she usually looks.

She's always in no matter what she wears, even if it has a gift bag bow on her shoulder. I prefer the wider belt she has to the skinnier one on the runway.

I love her hair, too!

I like the runway belt better, but Iman has the better hose.
It is ridiculous how beautiful she is...

I hate everything, but I love Iman! Jesus Friggin' Christ on a pogo stick with a relish and mayo sandwich in his hand. This woman is SO fine! I'm her boyfriend.

Dare I say that the model looks a little .. hippy .. in the dress.

OK ... DUCK!

In to the wide belt, but perhaps without the glittery buckle. That is a bit distracting; there's enough glitter elsewhere on the dress to not need the shiny silver bit.

The shoes are a bit boring -- basic black heels. I'm not saying she needs to wear some of the ghastly things they're pushing this season, but those are a bit too understated.

Otherwise, a total IN. Iman is always IN. I would kill for her bone structure -- she will be beautiful even when she's 90 years old! Such a stunning woman!

this is polling very different at GoFugYourself :)

She is fabulous of course, but am I the only one bothered by the Kate Gosselin-esque sweep of hair so you can't see one eye?

10/16/09 4:00 PM Dare I say that the model looks a little .. hippy .. in the dress.

OK ... DUCK!

Then let's see your figure, dear.

I hate to tie this in to last night's disaster, but this would have provided some real inspiration to the designers for the challenge.

Iman is FABULOUS in this look. I love her makeup so much that I'm headed to Sephora to pick up the tools to try this on myself. Not an every day look of course but now I'm inspired.

It was a joke -
(I guess you don't read the posts regularly.)

and btw I've never been accused of looking hippy.

TLo said: "We're in a little disagreement on one tiny detail. Lorenzo thinks the belt is a mistake and Tom thinks it kind of makes the look. What do you guys think?"


but how else? She does wear that look better than the model, her smile just adds to the overall look.

Perhaps Ms. Bowie might be willing to assist in the belt intervention with Shelley O - as in "if you're going to wear a belt, this is how you do it!"


IN definitely.....

all you need to do is look at what she has worn in the seasons of Project Runway Canada..... she looks flawless....


I like the belt. She looks fabulous!

Love her. Love the look. However, I am torn between with belt/without belt. She may have decided to add the accessory to accentuate her hourglass. Anyway --- truly, truly amazing how she looks so much more fab than her runway counterpart.

- edina -

Girlfriend defines the word IN. Fabulous down to every last detail.

Love it. Love everything about it. The belt is perfect. Her makeup is to die for. Gorgeous.

Of course, this sequins+poof look is the barest of bare minimums that the designers should have been going for last night, and most of them didn't even go this far... sad.

Mere mortals might look like a disco ball with raccoon eyes if we tried this look, but Iman looks amazing.
i like the added definition the belt provides to her torso.

Mary, you are not alone. Christopher's divorcee's dress is this dress' evil twin. Evil, EVIL twin.

Summer said...
Sister Zip said:
"I'd keep the belt & ditch that thing on her shoulder. That would drive me insane."

Isn't a big pouf on one's shoulder precisely what makes a garment "avant garde"?

I totally understand what Sister Zip is saying. On me (and possibly her) a tulle bow would mess up my hairdo and scratch my face. It would distract me to fuss with it until, at the end of the night, it would resemble the remnants of a dog chew toy.

Iman is a lot more graceful than that. And she has a long neck.

Ask-- LOL.

Iman can do no wrong. She looks, as always, utterly fantastic.

In, in, in.

That's not the best belt for that dress, but the dress needs a belt.

I think the secret to her beauty is that she looks genuinely happy, unlike these morose starlets who seemed to be suffering under the weight of their silicone breasts and loaned diamonds. She looks complete.

I think the mistake is in the thighs. she would have looked more balanced and fresh displaying her own great-color legs.

Iman will always be in. I love to flip back and forth between her and the model. Darlings, a smile adds sooo much.

My sister and I would page through fashion magazines looking for her. I thought she was the most beautiful woman and I still do. Love the hair, the make-up... the whole damn look. Take note girls; THIS is aging gracefully.

Iman is really one of the few people on the planet who could wear a burlap bag and still be IN--with or without a belt.

Funny, because I Go Fug Yourself this look is getting more outs (or, as they put it, fancy baskets). Personally, I think she looks fabulous. I wish the make-up was a little more toned down but overall it's a stunning look.

Styling is perfect, and I viciously covet that hair. I think the belt really completes the look.

My only problem is the black hose. I think it would've been better without it, and show off those famous legs.

SHE is never anything but fabulous. The dress, however, looks like a gift basket wrapped in cling-film. Sorry!

Well, the belt isn't necessary, but it looks fine.

Needs a teeny thin belt, and lose the tights. I think the wider leather belt and the tights are too casual for such a dress and look.

Iman never, ever looks like she is trying too hard. Naturally elegant!

IN! I think there is no way she can go wrong in this dress, belt or no belt. She's gorgeous! How old is she, anyway?

I think she's like 62.
David Bowie is 70.

Why even bother having "out" be an option for Iman? She's Iman!

ps: Lorenzo, you're crazy, it looks much better with the belt.


Ninety six thumbs up.

Oh, honey. A true winner. Great makeup, belt makes the look.

THIS is more Bob Mackie than any of the dresses produced in this week's PR episode. It reads as glitzy from far away as well as eyeball to eyeball.

Iman is always fabulous and classy and she has the best accessory on her arm...the thin white dude...

Oh, come on, she's Iman, and could never be out in her life. Not even if she were wearing a disco soccer ball. Iman could rock it.
Love the belt.

Love it! Everything here works--the dress, the hair, the make-up. I'm pro-belt on this one, too. I could do without the shoulder detail, but she makes it work!

Oh and she's 54....Bowie is 62...

This is the dress that Christopher should have made in the wedding dress challenge.


She looks great. Perfect hair and makeup.

With belt, it adds some sparkles to the whole look. IN.

Iman ROCKS!!!!

I hate the pouf on her shoulder. She looks AMAZING, the pouf does not.

Iman is beyond gorgeous. Fraulein Heidi, take notes!


OHMYGOD I love her! She looks amazing!!!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

She's always in, the woman is a goddess.

Iman is gorgeous, but that dress is butt ugly.

It looks soooo much better on her than on the model! And I think the belt is part of why (also, she has curves and the model doesn't).

A million votes for "IN".

Good lord, she is gorgeous!!! I am so jealous of women who don't get wrinkles and stay thin!! And to be married to Bowie, well, that shows she has a brain in her head, too, he is so interesting and quirky.

Don't like the belt, love the dress, hair, make-up, Iman. If only Heidi had half her class!!

I'm pro-belt. I think it definitely looks better with than without.

Big fat juicy IN with belt (sorry, Lorenzo!). THIS should have been in the Bob Mackie challenge, dammit.

Lorenzo, you're in. Iman, I am sorry, but you're out. Now I must go cry quietly in the corner.

Just saw Iman walking down 5th Ave. in a garbage bag.
Still IN.

When you're hotter @ 50+ than the -20 runway model, IN just goes w/out sayin'.

I'm just sayin'.

I met her once, several years ago, when she did the circuit to promote her makeup line. She is very delicate in person and more beautiful than pictures can convey. She was also very sweet.

Iman rocks. Always an IN in my book.

i'm not dorothy gale

Beautious Iman! I think the wider belt balances the shoulder poof. She looks stunning - IN!

can there be any other option for IMAN? bitch is fabulous and will always be.

and the belt works. otherwise, no hourglass figure from her (as what happened to the model). and the styling is beyond gorgeous.

She's certainly fabulous, which obviously runs through her veins.

But the hairstyle, makeup, and belt make her strangely similar to Shelly O. =X

She's IN, but I don't think that belt is the right one for the dress.

FAB-U-LOUS! She looks lovely, and I think the belt works with the dress. Frau Seal should take notes. Without question...IN, IN, IN.

Total IN! And I LOVE her hair.

I would have to see it on her without the belt to judge it (without the belt).

I have been back here so many times to squirt to this fine foxy mama, I may just run out of squizz before my date in an hour!

I'm torn on the belt, but I think I like it. What I'm concerned about are the dark hose. Go Fug Yourself has run several (three is a trend, right?) pictures of women wearing dark hose in the last few days, and maybe it's because I've gotten so used to bare legs, but it really doesn't look good to me -- it drags them down, makes them look like well-behaved high schoolers.

Belt yes, belt no, always IN!!! I too would like to see her lovely legs. She's perfect.

Dear universe,
In my next life, please send me back looking like Iman.

Holy wow - she's such a beautiful woman. She just glows. She is definitely wearing that dress which I feel would have swalowed up lesser women. I adore her hair and eyes. TOTALLY IN!

The model is wearing tights. Iman is wearing elegant and appropriate sheer dark hose. The dress requires the belt. She is IN.

And I was reminded of Christopher's divorcee dress immediately.

Whenever a dress looks better on the star rather than the model, it's always in.

Iman is working it! IN

A belt. No belt. Who cares? This is Iman. She's a walking definition of awesome.

Iman? Always in! She's gorgeous and she has impeccable taste. And while she does look better than the model in this dress, personally I think both the belt AND the ribbon are a miss.

I would say yes to the belt if it didn't ruin the fluidity of the pattern of the dress. You can really see it on the model even with the ribbon. I'm guessing not what the designer had in mind.

It would still need to be form fitting, but I'd love to see it without either.


the belt is a little Shelley O, doncha' think?



Totally in. I love how she added her own personal touches to the dress to make it her own.

love the belt !

I'm with Lorenzo: no belt. Iman rocks it, but the line of the dress looks better on the runway.

The dress ruins her fab figure and makes her look like a glittery, bleted sack of potatoes. Any designer who can make IMAN look dumpy should rethink his career choice. -victoria

Iman is always IN. She made the right choice on the belt.

If I could be anyone for just a day...sigh.

i like the belt. i think it looks better on her than on the model, partly because of it. i do think one thing should change though. i think she should not wear the stockings, because they make her legs look black like the dress. i love the color of her skin and i think i contrasts beautifully with the dress. i just wish that wasn't covered up.

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