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In or Out: Estelle

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Estelle attends the Fashion Rocks event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, wearing Indian designer Manish Arora.

Manish Arora Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Tereza Cervenova

Now see? Dresses like this always pose a problem for us. We're the ones constantly bitching about how boring most celebrities are when it comes to red carpet choices. In theory, we should be completely behind this dress. It's bright and vibrant, textural, with an interesting silhouette. Unfortunately, it makes her look a little like a piñata. We might have given her an IN on effort alone, but then she had to go and pair it with those shoes and that bag and it was all over for us. Sorry girl. OUT.

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I need other pictures before I can make a call on this one. She might just be doing a shlumpy pose.

I thought you meant Estelle Getty.

Miami hotel carpeting.

At Anon 10:35,
I totally thought the same thing!!!! Hahahaa

I don't know Estelle, but I give her a Burger (meaning both In 'n Out)

She looks very pretty, and it's a cool dress. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to photograph well off the runway. Hence the Burger.

The texture is clearly horrible but the colors look fabulous on her! I might have given her a pass...

The colours look magnificent on her though- compared to the model.

A for effort, B for execution (the dress appears to be properly cared for unlike the wrinkly messes you often see; points off for the shoes and bag), and A for knowing what works for your body.

I give this one an IN, on the basis that I love pinatas, Estelle Getty, Miami hotel carpetting, and the colour orange.

Legitimately though, I like the blue shoes with the bright colours, it's not matchy matchy, but it's not boring either.

Estelle sings American Boy featuring Kanye. Awesome song, cool chick, but the dress looks like a piñata.

On second look, while I don't get the blue shoes with the dress, I hate the shoes on the model (not crazy about the stupid glasses, either). So I give her a pass on the blue shoes, since anything is better than those Sleeping Beauty Evil Stepmother shoes.

There's just way too much going on with this dress. If you're going to go all out with the fabric & texture, then the dress should be simpler. Too much sleeve and front pleats. Plus the bag and shoes just plain fugly it up.

I like this dress a lot and I almost want to give her an IN for sharing it with the universe. The shoes are awful, I like the styling but it doesn't work with this dress and the color is not flattering, I think it is a misperception that black people look good in any and all bright colors, gold and orange on some black people looks Halloween-ish.

I have no idea who Estelle is, but I will give her an OUT and throw in a "I want to see more from her," which is worth more than an tepid IN in my book.

OUT, alas. I too can't get past the shoes.

Jess said: "Legitimately though, I like the blue shoes with the bright colours, it's not matchy matchy, but it's not boring either."

I totally agree. I love the colors and, while it may not be as flattering as it could be, I think it's both youthful and sophisticated. IN for me.

My first thought was Jay does Halloween and I smiled. And now that I've looked long enough I'm torn. Fun, yes. Styling could have been better. But she made us all stop and look, and it's not typical so I say mission accomplished, girl!

Good on paper kind of thing: Love the colors, hate the texture, it looks a little heavy on her. Manish Arora is actually a very interesting designer. I like his work.

Estelle who?

I think this is a case of the dress wearing the wearer. If she were standing tall, proud and sassy, she might have pulled it off.

As it is, she kind of looks like "Why the hell did they make me wear this? Perhaps if I shrink behind the sleeve/collar they will think I am one of the Yo Gabba Gabba characters"

I think it is too small on her.

Even though I hate the shoes and bag, I give her a weak IN because I kinda like the dress on her.

The collection escapes me, but this reminded me of that Heat Miser wig from a while ago. Pop that on this model and we've got a Christmas movie waiting to happen, bitches.

Say What? said...

Estelle who?

She's a very famous Senegalese-British R&B singer. Love her. Hate the dress. OUT. Sorry, girl : (

I hope that thing wasn't dyed in the toilet.

Didn't she create a line for Puma with Christian Siriano?

I like the shoes and the dress. The shoes go really well, now the bag, different story. However, I do see where ppl are getting the pinata effect though lol.

well, I like it! and I think the color looks gorgeous on her!!

The colours are fabulous and I love the blue shoes but the shape of the dress does NOTHING for her. It overwhelms her which is a shame as she's nice to look at on her own.

If it were strapless it would be a bit better but it's still an unflattering shape and makes her look dumpy in the torso.

What actually bugs me most about this is that her right collar needs serious adjustment - makes the whole top section of the dress look weird. Other than that, I have to say I like this dress and I think the colors on her are gorge. Also don't mind the blue in the shoes - it's sort of interesting.

I almost always agree with you, TLo, but this time I'm going to say "IN." Not the biggest in ever, but in nonetheless.

ohhhhh! color! i had forgotten it existed! send this to the project runway contestents.

and I like the blue shoes. No matchy-matchy here. C'mon, where is the fun?

Me likey!

I think the dress, interesting as it is, doesn't flatter her figure AT ALL. And it's also not right for her skin tone, which is already warm, looking at the photo.

I'd like to see it from the front, because that side pose doesn't flatter her at all.

While it's not my taste, I give it an IN, just for being something different and fun.

The colors themselves are gorgeous on her, but those shoes. Oy!

ummm........the best I can do is a shrug. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.

Who is Estelle and why is she wearing my Grandmother's bathroom rug???

I adore the color and design of this dress. The shoulders are kind of interesting. So is the huge fabric spiral on the skirt. And, surprisingly, the blue shoes were an inspired choice and do keep the outfit from teetering totally over into Halloween.

That said, the thick, nubby looking texture is kinda off-putting. Looks like somebody wove together furballs and dyed the whole thing.

She rocked it as much as anybody can rock a great looking carpet.

Two thumbs sideways.

I'm a huge Estelle fan and admire her style, love of fashion and willingness to take risks. However, I'm torn with this one. The dress is amazing, but I just don't like her choice of footwear and accessories for the dress. Love the runway model, Tereza and how the look is styled. Sorry, Estelle darling --- I'll have to give you an on-the-fence in/out.

- edina -

are you kidding? i love everything about this look....especially the shoes. she gets a big IN from me.

I give her an A for effort, but agree with everyone saying she needs to wear the dress and not vice versa. Stand up proud, Estelle! Own it! IN, but with reservations.

ALthough I think this dress has one too many ideas (the colors, the texture, the side pleats AND the shoulders? C'mon, listen to Chanel and take away one thing), I do like the colors on her AND I like the accessories. Even though she could be selling it a bit more, I'd say she's an IN.

I'd just like to thank TLo and the commenters (sounds like a 50s rock group) for making me laugh this morning. I needed it.

I like the idea of blue shoes with that dress, but those particular blue shoes are not working for me. Estelle looks like she's going to pitch forward and fall out of them because the heels are too high for her.

Love the colors, love her shoes, love her eyelashes. Sometimes a girl wants to look like a pinata. IN from me.

I'll bet this dress is really stunning in person, with the texture and the slight ombre-ness. Beautiful popping color on her, but I am really bothered by the wonkiness of the right shoulder/collar on her. At first glance thought she had had it altered somehow. That part does her no favors stylistically. Blue shoes are an inspired choice. Bag, don't care, liked the one the model carried.

I'll call Burger too (cute concept, we don't have that chain here in Colorado.)

"I thought you meant Estelle Getty."

Um, she's been dead for over a year now......

yeah! ho! wah!

agree 100%. nice try, but no.

In - I think the problem is with the photograph, not the dress.

The bottom looks like Jay's skirt for Nancy O'Dell.

We should have a poll with this, because this one is definitely an IN to me!

Love it.

I wouldn't wear it, but then I'm an older and pasty white chick. On Estelle it looks pretty awesome, and I do like the shoes with it. As someone else said, "Color!" Thanks, we needed that, Estelle.

At least she didn't wear a mask with it. Geez, the styling on the runway version was bizarre.

I don't know this woman's work, but that won't stop me from saying "darling, what were you THINKING! those shoes and that bag with that dress!"

I don't adore the dress but might have given her a qualified 'in' if not for ... oh god, blue shoes!!! nononononono

I'm in the lukewarm in camp. It's a gorgeous dress, a real show stopper. But something about her pose or the fit makes it look like it's swallowing her whole.

I've been persuaded on the shoes . . . they make the outfit more about "COLOR" and less about a child's birthday party.

Perhaps I'm the only one thinking this, but that dress makes her look hippy! Even the stick-thin model looks large in the stomach-hip area in this dress. I love the colors, but the fabric choice is just too heavy for me.


Love, love, love the shoes and especially the bag on the runway version.

I like the shoes. The dress is terrible on HER. I kinda feel like it's OK to look like a pinata in Rio.

It's a cool dress; I love the colors, but I agree with the general consensus that it doesn't photograph well.

I like that dress. I believe, it's just a case of a pretty and interesting dress photographing quite badly. One might argue, that the sense of a red carpet dress ist to photograph prettily though...
Funnily enough, I also like the shoes with it. Sure, black shoes would work well - if not better - with it, but I like that subtle pop (does something like that exist?)of contrasting colour. The bag on the other hand has to go.
My problem with the whole outfit is, that the collar part is completely wonky and makes her look like an unusually colourful neckless rider. Had she worn it strapless, I think it would have looked better.


Actually, on closer inspection, the runway bag appears to be a bejeweled
orangutan- so maybe not:

But hooray for this bat-shit crazy, jungle-fabulous collection!

I agree, Rudy. I want to see a straight-on picture. You can't get a feel of how her figure looks in this photo.

Looking like a pinata is never a good fashion statement....

points for hair and makeup

The colors look beautiful on her. The shape and texture of the dress... do not.

I think the dress looks far better on her than it does on the runway model, due in large part to styling issues. That said, I don't think it's a dress that would flatter anyone, really, what with the wonky shoulder/collar things combined with the hip-widening accents and the dish-scrubbie texture. She's rockin' it as well as any might, and better than most.

So I guess I give her an IN for bravery, and for coming sort of close to pulling off an inherently OUT dress.


Big OUT. That dress is ugly and unflattering, period. I love the model's bag and shoes, though.

the colors are gorgeous on her & ill give her credit for being brave with this one. but if its lumpy on a size 0 model, there's no hope for anyone else.

Never heard of Estelle. I think she looks really cool and I love her hair color.

Hey TLo,

You guys have always been awesome - and I've always appreciated how you showcase ALL different designers. I'm really excited your blogging about Manish Arora as well - I've loved his stuff for years (I'm slightly biased being from India) but regardless - thank you! =)

I think she looks faaaaaaaaabulous.

I just watched "The Shining" and it looks like the 70's carpet in the hallways after the kid rides his Big Wheel over it.

I do, however, dig the shoes.

It does look like the carpeting in The Shining, except after the elevator doors open and it is covered in blood.

I would have liked this better on Estelle GETTY.

i think it should have stayed on the runway.
viva pinata!

Oh no sweeties. I think you are suffering SVS (sandy vagina syndrome and omg is it goin' around today!) on this one. I love the colors on her. The texture calls for skinny but I think it's a wonky angle. Purse=fail but the shoes work for me.

"Sometimes a girl wants to look like a pinata"


Overall, I wish I could see it from a few more angles. Can see why the shoes were chosen, but dubious about the purse - looks like someone trying for a safe choice after realizing that it's gonna be hard to pick something that works with both dress AND shoes.

But I call it IN. Doesn't obscure her figure, beautiful color - and she is in Rio, for gosh sakes. Very few of us would call this too much like a pinata if it were worn by one of our faves (T. Swinton, maybe?) whom we expect to wear clothes that might strike as sculpture first, body covering second.

The colors on Estelle are IN, the dress is OUT, as is the purse.

Papier mache disaster. OUT.

Points for effort with the non-US/Euro designer.

This is an excellent example of post-colonial fashion, as James Paul would say. Big IN. The blue shoes are a wonderful contrast to the warm colors in the dress. The bag, however, can certainly be replaced.

This is one of those times when I think the celeb should be demanding an alteration- namely the ugly sleeve things. I think the dress would have been fabulous on her without those- either altered to be closer or gone completely.

i disagree. besides the shoes, i think it is interesting and kind of pretty. the shoes would be good by themselves but not with that dress. i don't mind the bag. i say IN

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