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Gordana Gehlhausen Spring 2010 Collection

Let's show the love, minions!

T Lo fave Gordana Gehlhausen showed her spring '10 collection and it's just what you'd expect from her: feminine, romantic looks, some with a slight edge, all gauzey hems and faded colors. We especially like the crocheted knitted dresses and the layered, slightly deconstructed gowns.

From Gordana: "In this season, I am taken into the places of Lady of the Lake. With the combination of hand-dyed silks, beaded leather flowers, and texturized silk organza, I am taking the elements of the past and bringing them into modern time. From day looks into the evening, I am thinking of the colors of the Spring from the time of Robin Hood, when colors did not have such modern brilliance. I am extremely drawn to textures created by my hand, thus making the fabrics my own."

[Photos: Courtesy of Gordana Gehlhausen]

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The gowns are "GOR"geous... The look so classic romantic edgy!!!

Seeing these I realized Gordana has been verring away from her style and aesethetic on the show. I hope she gets back on track.

Some cool pieces. I agree the crochet dress really stand out


It's got some nice pieces. The only one that would tempt me is the grey gown. The rest are cute. That's all. Nothing earth shattering, alas.

I think she should continue to use those two models who together call to mind the romantic novels I read that featured "Le Sirens" of New Orleans French Quarter, which featured different different shades of "femme de colour" Beautiful ladies!!!!!

Love love love. Maybe when I go home I can head into her store and pick up some things. Wonder how much they are?

Beautiful collection! Go Gordana!

Oh, I really love that last dress.

Love the crochet dresses, but the long gauze dresses look like swimsuit cover fabric. It's not dressy enough for the style of the gowns.

Some very lovely work, all of which are wearable and salable.

I really like Gordana but I do NOT love this collection. It would sell well in Charleston, I guess but there is nothing interesting or special about it.

pretty. as you said, very feminine and simple. the crochet dresses are beautiful- i take back everything i ever said about crochet being ugly.

Loved the crocheted dresses. Beautiful collection. I like Gordana, so I hope it does well.

Gordana's pieces over all feature simple designs with a romantic nature that IS hard to resist. The standout pieces are the crochet dresses which give a fresh take on victorian lace. Overall I would say the collection is for a woman who loves softness and beauty and is happy with who she is. The great thing is she won't have to sacrifice comfortability for beauty.

Sounds corny, don't it?

P.S. As a follower of P.R. I must say Gordana must be careful of the fluerechons (sp?) or she will be in the "Jubilee Jumbles" zone!

Wow, those are pretty, and they have a vintagy feel -- that long gauzy one makes me think the model is wrapped in bed sheets -- in a good way! OK GUYS -- does ANYONE Know of a way I can PR tonight? I don't have cable/sat and lifetime won't post it until Saturday.

LOVE the deconstructed gowns!

I love the gowns. And being here in South Florida, where it is now 94 HOT degrees outside, the gauze fabrics look wonderful!!!! Not crazy about anything crochet, but those crochet dresses are really pretty.

Very pretty collection but I think those dresses are actually knit, not crochet. It's hard to say for sure because I can't get a close up of the stitches, but as someone who both knits and crochets, those designs look more like a knitting pattern.

Love love love! I would buy the short blue dress in a heartbeat.

Is she still based is San Diego (I think?)? Did she show there or in LA? If you guys ever interview Gordana, will you ask her about the different moves that she made for Atlanta to South Carolina (or vice versa) then to the west coast? Does she still have business interests in Atlanta or SC?

Re the clothes:

It is a lovely collection, I didn't even know that I liked crocheted dresses (or whatever that technique is?). It is sexy and edgy without being skanky or pretentious; and romantic without being sappy.

Also, in general I am not a fan of that color palette, but it is working here (except the neon pink skirt IMO). She has such a great eye, kudos to whoever styled and set up the photos.

Love her!!!

The GOWNS (and in blue no less!!!)!

Also, good model selection.

Lovely collection. Perfect for Spring.

yet another lauren

Lovely collection. Unfortunately, the judges usually far prefer "edgy" over "feminin" and "modern" over "romantic". Which might ecplain why they have ben judgung her so harshly.

Also, a lot of her designs seem to be simple with beautiful details or a little twist. Very wearable, should sell well, but not as "stand out" as they prefer. Ad in the fact that she is not an attention grabber, and her future on the show sadly doesn't look as good as she deserves.

Also, I agree that those dresses look like knitted victorian lace to me. Whish I could get my hands on a pattern.

Gorge!! Love Gordana - fingers crossed she's on the PR for several more episodes! I have a suspicion that the crocheted dresses are actually knitted. You can't get lace like that with a crochet hook. I hope she'll think about submitting some of her designs for Vogue Knitting magazine. Thanks, TLo for the collection!

I loved everything except the two flower dresses. The flowers just look cheap and awkward.

It's very "cute sexy" which is totally my style. I loved the crochet dresses. To me, to make a crochet dress that doesn't look like a gigantic doily or Steve Nicks hankie is a pretty deal. The gowns are GORGE, and I adore the color story.

Two stiletto's way up for this one.

LOVE GORDANA. really like the white on white pieces

I'd say definitely knitted - and if so, she's another designer I want knitting patterns from.

Lovely colour palette too...

The third to last blue gown was just absolutely stuning.

Her collection is wearable, beautiful, and fun. Of particular interest are the crochet dresses (great for hot Atlanta summers), and the white, side tie top and skirt. Yummy!!!


I agree the crochet dresses are beautiful and the flowing looks of the longer dresses are nice as well.


I've always been a sucker for knit/crochetwear. Just love it!


I so love her style and color pallet. For spring these are perfectly lovely. Easy and breezy. Go Gordana.

This might be a bit shallow, but honestly one of my first thoughts on opening this post was that most women Gordana's age would emphatically NOT be able to rock a pair of leggings like that. She's looking hot!

The collection is pretty but I'm kinda neutral. Definitely don't dislike it, but don't really love it either.

Love the collection. Soft
and feminine and still sexy.
Love what looks like a black T
shirt paired with the long white
skirt. Just the thing for a pretty tomboy who has to put on a dress!

I love the crochet!

I just went to Gordana's shop in San Diego when I was there a week or so ago! There was some lovely stuff, both her own and the work of other designers. And the sales clerk was hot. :-)

Re above question on price: There were some gowns similar to these for sale; I think they were around $800-1,000. Not something I'd randomly buy, but OK for a super-special occasion (ie wedding dress). And actually they would make really nice wedding dresses.

I also noted that the gowns were much prettier in person. There were lots of interesting layers, beadwork, etc., that don't translate in photographs.

I am madly in love with these beautiful, feminine, romantic dresses and gowns. In my younger days in Florida, I would have loved such choices.

I particularly adore the blue *crochet* dress (I also think it is probably knit), and the first white layered, folded dress. She obviously wants to flatter the female form, and as much as I love really cutting edge designer collections to look at, I would rather wear clothing like this.

And she is nowhere near Jubilee Jumbles territory, this is much classier.

You GO girl!

I'd wear all of them.

Am I looking at the same collection? This looks like a new Kolh's or Walmart line.

I love this collection! And the models are really gorgeous!

Loooved Gordana's collection. I especially found the gowns and tank/skirt looks refreshing, wearable and very modern. At first, I wasn't really diggin' the obi-style wrap (belt), but it works. I didn't mind the fleurechons (sic) because they worked with the looks and did not come off as afterthoughts. It's not the tightest or most cohesive collection I've ever seen, but there are definitely some real gems there.

- edina -

P.S. The models are gorgeous!

Love what looks like a black T
shirt paired with the long white

Yes! I think the tank has parrots on it. It's so cool.

I don't like the short, ruffly skirts, although they're cute, and great for a young woman. The knitted dresses aren't my style, but I love them anyway. The gowns are gorgeous. I want one (or two. Or five.)

Gordana rocks!

I'm not a fan of the "dusty" rose or other pastels with a muddy undertone. But many of these garments were utterly delicious, particularly the whites. Loved the gowns, too.

Girl's got talent!


I think the crochet dresses stand out because we (I, at least) don't see too many of them anymore (not since the 70's), not because they are anything special in the universe of crochet dresses.

What I think she does well is use the gauzy fabric in ways that create shape while keeping the impression of being light and ethereal. I also think that look is very pretty with the color pallette she uses here. I am not a fan of the pieces using fabric tabs or shaped ruffles or fleurchons or what ever, they don't always seem terribly well integrated into the pieces to me, they are just added stuff on top of the basic garment. Of course, I could just be prejudiced against shaped fabric additions.

I agree TLo, the crochet dress is so pretty. My favorites are those gauzy pieces though. SO pretty and feminine...they look like they would be so comfortable and breezy on a warm summer day.

i think it's a whole bunch of "meh" with two WOWs.

Pretty! I especially like the smoke-colored and pale blue gauzy gowns (tho my personal preference is for the slimmer fit of the grey). It's refreshing to see a traditional formal gown in a more casual, laid-back fabric. I am also a big fan of what I am calling the Post-It skirts. They are darling and I'd wear one in a nanosecond.

Obviously as of this posting we don't know where Gordana ends up this season, but as a big fan of hers it's nice to see her producing terrific work that this woman at least would love to wear. Yay, Gordana!

Maura, those aren't parrots. It's the same design on black that Gordana is wearing in white. Her own drawing of four ladies in flowing dresses. See them here

I particularly love that last, layered gown.

Very romantic, love the colors and the knit/crochet pieces are really exquisitely lovely.

I like also that there are things for a variety of ages/bodies. And yes, dammit, they are wearable. I guess I'm not sophisticated enough--I do believe designers should actually create things that can be worn by real humans who do not yearn to have hoof feet or Dilbert hair and who actually weigh more than a poodle.

Rant over. Thanks Gordana and much luck to you!

Love the last gowns : )

Geane said:
I have a suspicion that the crocheted dresses are actually knitted. You can't get lace like that with a crochet hook.

Actually Geane you can get lace like that with a crochet hook, I have done it several times as part of recreating vintage dresses. It's hard and takes lots of practice, but it can be done.

On to the dresses:
I loved them. I wonder how long the white 50s inspired one towards the top is, I think it would be a perfect dress for my friend's wedding. I love the long strapless blue dress. If I had a fancy occasion I would wear it in a heartbeat. I also think the last one reminds me of Chris' Victorian gown from the movie challenge. Anyone else see it?

It's a very pretty collection and as mentioned very soft and feminine. Thing is her aesthetic reminds me a bit of Sweatpea, but I think Gordana is better at construction. But soft and romantic has never won PR. Interestingly enough I think the model reminds me a bit of Matar. I read that Gordana didn't switch Tara because she wanted to help boost her confidence. That's nice but won't win challenges. I would love to see Gordana style Matar.

Well, like it or not, she certainly has shown that she is more than a dressmaker!

This collection is so spring! Love the muted colors, the textures, the softness, the femininity. Flattering, pretty, and wearable. Definite point of view, I wish I had seen more of this on the show, but I have liked what she has done on the show as well. I'm so glad she had a collection, because I think the judges have it in for her and she won't be in the finals.

Give her a sheep, she will make you a gorgeous crocheted sweater dress. Love to Gordana!

Hey Jen;

We'll have to ask Gordana to be sure, she's probably talented enough to do both knitting and crocheting in the same garment! I think the tree-like sections of lace near the waist are definitely knitted. There is stockinette stitch (flat knit) that you can't do with crochet. Anyway, it grabbed MY interest, that's for sure! :)

asparagus lust

Gordana has more talent in her little finger than 9 out of any 10 PR contestants of any season. Loved all of it, she is very, very, saleable.

Very pretty. While I can appreciate the edgy artistic design aesthetics of the Viktor and Rolf collection for example, very few women can pull off that sort of conceptual ideology in any real world setting.

The type of garments shown here, while forging no new territory, represents fashion for the modern woman in a realistic rather than rarified fashion climate. Nicely done.

love love love love love love love

LOVE this collection! This dress in particular is gorgeous -

I NEED that blue dress in pictures 19 and 20... looks like it was made for me! And I love the color.


i'm not dorothy gale

Loved! especially the crochet and the floating dresses.

The gauzy pieces stand out.

don't shoot me but I'd totally wear one with a little cardi for the cool evenings we have here in N'ompshire in the summer.


Sarah's Left Boob

Pretty dresses. Like you would find in the nicer stores at the mall.
Do you know which mall stores will be carrying her stuff?

It began with a slow start, but some of those dresses are impeccable.

Gorgeous, Gordana! Just beautiful!! Get thee into more boutiques! Those crochet dresses are awesome, vintagey and the fit looks great. I'm too short and slight to wear such voluminous gowns, but they are stunning. I'll take the short gauzy white dress. Beautiful!!

Go Team Gordana!

Gorge, gorge, gorge!

I like Gordana's collection too--like, not love.

But, honeys--not one of those dresses is crocheted. They're pretty, yes, but they're knitted.

Her collection looks great!

Beautiful shapes and I love the colors. For this collection I would lose 50 pounds! Love to you, Gordana hon!

Gordana lives in San Diego and has a boutique downtown. She still has her store in Charleston. You can find more about Gordana and her stores at


Anonymous @ 10/8/09 12:42 PM said...

Maura, those aren't parrots. It's the same design on black that Gordana is wearing in white. Her own drawing of four ladies in flowing dresses. See them here.

Thanks. My old lady eyes strike again.

I rarely can say I "Love" it, but this collection is an exception. Gordana's collection is indeed GORgeous!!

beautiful dresses.. not for my body though :(
now i'm SOOOOOO happy she FINALLY won! i was smiling throughout the entire episode, because i just KNEW she would win this time :) if irina had won i would've been so pissed.
congratulations gordana and much success in the future :)

p.s.: it's my first time posting a comment, but i've been reading your fantastic blog since the begining of this season. you are fabulous boys! keep up the amazing work :)


I do believe the ecru and blue dress are knitted lace. I have made a pattern similar to the leaf motif in the ecru one many times. I cannot imagine how much work goes into these!

Gordana is one very classy and talented woman. I just wish the judges wouldn't be so dismissive of her.

I'm a little late to the party, but between this and last night's PR I'm so pleased!

I have to say, what really gets me with Gordana's style is most of the work she's done on the show is stuff I wouldn't wear even if I were thinner than I am (as I tend to avoid short dresses), but yet I still love. This collection has things I both love and would consider buying if I only had the money and had lost all the weight I want to...

I adore soft muted colours, so the palette of the non-white pieces is right up my alley. The layering used overall is a really nice look, giving things volume but not too much. I love, love, love the first knitted (crocheted?) piece. The outfit shown in pic #s 15&16 is something I'd wear; 18 is something I think a friend of mine would look so gorgeous in, and in fact I like everything below that quite a bit.

Gordana, do some more long stuff! When I win the lottery I'll come buy it.... I haven't been to San Diego since I was a kid anyhow. :)

Geane said...
I have a suspicion that the crocheted dresses are actually knitted.

We asked Gordana, and yes, they are knitted.

T Lo

YESS!!! What do I win? (just kidding) Thanks!!

Gorgeous. When I win the lottery I'm commissioning Gordana to do my entire wardrobe. Until then ... I wonder if she'll design for Target?

Oh, what pretty clothes! And manh of them potentially flattering to non-skinnies. I want! had me at "Lady of the Lake," and you really delivered! Absolutely beautiful!!

You knocked my socks off, Gordana! And I'm so glad to see that she was able to show her talent on Project Runway this week. I had almost written her off, but I guess she was just playing it safe. Or maybe she doesn't work well under pressure and without any sleep. (We more mature women need our rest!)



love the work, but someone needs to edit out the lighting cord in some of the pictures!!!

Is that her *WINNING* PR collection?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Love you, love your collection! You are going to go far!! Keep it up girl!

Better than maybe ALL of the Bryant Park collections for Season 6. Which, unfortunately, means she probably isn't in the finale.

I adore the last few gowns and the crochet pieces are very interesting.

Having just seen the finale (and being unhappy with the winner), Gordana's collection is much more beautiful and wearable for an ordinary woman than either Irina's or Althea's. It is colorful, whimsical, and fun. I liked Carol Hannah, and part of her collection, but I love Gordana's collection. Why didn't we see this kind of stuff on the show?? This collection should have been at Bryant Park!

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