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GleeS1E7: Throwdown

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"Are you an Eve who was born a Steve?"

As far as we're concerned, the show gets a little tighter with each episode and last night's was the tightest yet. Plot, character motivations and music all combined flawlessly. For once, we didn't have a "What the...?" moment. It all made sense. We had hopes that the show could eventually pull this off. They're trying to do a balancing act and so far, they've never quite achieved what they achieved last night. Sure, most of the plots are wholly implausible, but at least they make a kind of internal sense for the show.

There's a lot of criticism of the character of Will's wife Terri and in a way, we kind of feel sorry for the actress playing her because we think she's doing a really good job in an almost impossible role. Yes, she's annoying and self-centered and the fake pregnancy plot is completely implausible, but when she grabbed Will's face during the fake ultrasound and implored him to remember this moment and remember that they loved each other, it played really well. You could feel her desperation to keep her marriage together and the insane lengths she's gone to to make her husband happy. Obviously, it's not going to end well but we can't deny we're insanely curious to see how they're going to wrap this one up.

The show is also doing a damn good job of taking cliches like the bitchy cheerleader and turning it on its head. Quinn not only got a great little musical number with the Supremes' "Keep me Hangin' On," she also got some great character moments as well. The final number, an emotional rendition of "Keep Holding On," wherein the entire glee club basically pledged to be there for her was ...well, we're not ashamed to say we teared up a little bit and that was due almost entirely to her performance. When she looked down lovingly at Artie, of all people, we totally believed it.

Here's a question we want to throw out to you to hash out: Most of the time, the show's musical numbers occur in-story, meaning it's a scene where the characters are supposed to be singing or performing. Every once in a while they go the fantasy route, wherein the characters walk around singing at times when no one would do so in real life. They did this with Rachel's version of "Take a Bow" a couple episodes back and they did it twice last night with Quinn's number and again with Rachel and Finn's duet of "No Air." Does it bother you when they do it? Does it take you out of the show? Frankly, we don't mind it at all but we love classic musicals, which tend to trade in that sort of technique constantly. We know some people find it a bit too unrealistic and it takes them out of the story. What say you, minions?

As usual, Sue Sylvester was on fire last night, getting almost all the best lines. It's also nice to see that the writers are finally realizing that Will isn't the goody two-shoes he likes to think he is. He's as inappropriate around those kids as Sue is.

To wrap it up, our favorite lines followed by our favorite numbers. Actually, we really wanted to post Mercedes' version of "Hate on Me," not just because we loved it but because we're happy any time they yank the mike away from Rachel. Don't get us wrong, we think she's got a stunning voice, but so do several of the other cast members, Mercedes most notably. Unfortunately, we can't find a video of this number on line. Found it!

"I empower my Cheerios to be champions. Do they go to college? I don't know. I don't care. Should they learn Spanish? Sure, if they wanna become dishwashers and gardeners."

"I don't trust a man with curly hair. I can't help but picture little birds laying sulfurous eggs in there, and it disgusts me."

"I can't stand the sight of kids getting emotional, unless it's from physical exhaustion."

"Bye, white people!"

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You are not alone. I was tearing up during Keep Holding On, just from the glances Quinn kept shooting everyone. And when Finn grabbed both girls hands' and Quinn just gasped...oh man.

Loved this episode. It had emotion and humor - it was on it's game last night. It just gets better and better...

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I don't mind suspending disbelief within the context of the show (characters breaking into song, cheerleaders never wearing anything other than their outfits, etc), but has no one who writes for this show been pregnant?? You can't find out the baby's sex until it's at least 16 wks--usually more like 18 or 20. I hate when these are the dumb details that pull me out of a fun and engaging show.

Preggo rant over...
I agree that it's getting tighter and tighter -- I think that the episode really benefited from so much Sue (lurve her!) and it didn't get bogged down in the Emma sub-plot.

Sue Sylvester rules! I missed her so much last week. She was back in spades last night. I know it's a cartoony character, but I'd love to see Jane Lynch bag an Emmy for it.

Love the episode, especially the line by the gay kid about how he couldn't rock a bald look.

As for Will, I think the writers have always written him as someone who's got a not-so-nice underbelly. His motivation for Glee was suspect from the beginning, he abandoned the kids to form his own group, he's been courting another teacher even while "knowing" his wife was preggers... I always wondered why people thought the show was portraying him as a good guy. He's more sympathetic than some, but his moral compass has always been gray.

Okay, my favorite minute was when Shue and Sue were arguing in the Principals office and Sue said "Don't you touch me." Then, Will reached over and poked her in the arm. I was rolling!

I was crying at the final number, it was very touching. Quinn's number took me out of the moment and I don't feel like it stood up to the rest of the show.

Not as funny as the prior episodes, but really, really quality.

Loved the ep. I don't mind when they have the fantasy sequences where they are singing in situations where it makes no sense. I do musicals and that happens all the time. It's crazy, but who cares?

I freakin love Jane Lynch. I know the writing is great, but without her delivering the lines it would not even come close to the brilliance that she's achieved. Love, love, love. "I empower my Cheerios to live in fear by creating an environment of irrational, random terror." Hee hee. The one you quoted about learning Spanish was my other favorite.

Loved it. Including the suspended disbelief sections.

And I wanted to see Mercedes's song again too! How come you didn't post it?

LOVE IT!! Jane Lynch is a goddess, and it's so interesting how they're slowly expanding beyond the "core" characters with number's like Quinn's "Keep Me Hanging On." Which was awesome.
Also, singing in the hallways is fantastic :)

Totally agree on all counts. Last night's episode was simply divine. Keep Holding On was so incredibly emotional and I could really feel everyone's feelings coming through in their singing and facial expressions. Best musical number so far, in my opinion. I missed Emma last night but she wasn't necessary to the storyline so I can forgive it.

I love when the musical numbers merge into the characters lives and daily routines but this is coming from someone who spent all of high school in musical theater.

You left out the fabulous line of about the hippie teachers "getting worked up over kids' emotions like they're real."
Perfect Sue moment. Rivaling lying about her age in her journal.

I LOVED this episode... then again I loved all of the episode. Every time I watch Glee I get really really upset when the bar on my DVR shows its more than halfway through.

I also teared up on Keep Holding On. Their performance of Somebody To Love was wonderful and it gives me goosebumps every time I watch/hear it, but this one has the most emotional impact out of all of their performances.


I love you guys. I've been following your blog for a long time and I am very glad you are doing recaps of two of my other favorite shows besides Project Runway (Mad Men being the other).

You guys rock.

Best episode yet! Sue really stole the show but one of my favorite lines was "The independent polling company in my dockers named you the hottest girl in school"

I'm glad you guys noticed the look Quinn gave artie, it was one of my favorite moments.

Jane Lynch is AWESOME
"In fact, I like minorities so much I'm thinking of moving to California to become one"

Glee just keeps getting better with each episode. As implausible as some of the storylines are, I don't find it difficult to suspend my disbelief. And yes, I too teared up a bit at the "Keep Holding On" number. Love it.

Plus, Jane Lynch is genius.

Honestly, I grew up on musicals, so I have no problem with non-linear, out-of-nowhere musical numbers, so long as there is a reason for it. In fact, I like them incorporating music in such a way to best express the emotions and turmoil plaguing the characters in ways that words can't do. I think it's a nice balance.

I actually felt for both Terri and Quinn last night. Yes, both have bouts of bitchiness (Terri more so than Quinn), but I could see myself being a bit sympathetic to them both.

And, of course, Jane Lynch. I don't think I even need to elaborate.

PS: I agree with Jen about finding out the sex of the baby. It takes a while for that to even form, so no to that.

Bill, I totally agree about the Emmy. If Jane Lynch doesn't win one I'll boycott tv forever!

I almost wet myself during the hug scene. "I'm about to vomit down your back". This is one of the few shows I DVR while watching, so I can rewind and rewatch some of the better scenes. I had really given up on network television, rarely finding any show outside the crime, medical or dreaded sitcom category. Glee has been like coming up after a long dive for a deep, long, satisfying breath.

That last song was amazing. I was wondering when they were going to acknowledge that this is a major life-changing event for this girl, and that she has to be something other than devious and angry.

I don't mind the fantasy sequences, because they allow more numbers in each episode, and that's half the reason I watch this show.

I teared up during the final number, too.

On the question about breaking out into a song irrationally or out of plot---LOVE IT. That's what musicals do! It's a lost art and I'm sooo happy to see a tv show taking a risk to do this. Those are the moments I've loved the most in GLEE so far. Well, in addition to all of Sue/Jane Lynch.

Really loved how they turned that Sue/Will battle. I love that her weakness is her inability to deal with emotional teens. And that her teaching philosophy--is none! That speech about not caring about the students and she is there to win is golden. Though appearing like obnoxious, I found it incredibly honest and human.

Loving this show more and more and more. it just rocks in so many ways.

I think this episode added a couple of layers to Sue and Quinn

1) Sue keeps saying she wants to destroy Glee but she's really after Will. Despite doing everything she can to undermine Will, she actually brought some good things to the group. She gave Mercedes and the others a chance to shine using an unconventional song. Her plan evolved into taking over Glee club instead of destroying it. And she backed off when she started to look bad as a teacher. She said it herself she likes to win and she wouldn't mind the glee club being a success if she's connected to it

2) I like how Quinn is being more and more fleshed out. No matter what lies she's told she is going through a tough situation. And is doesn't help Sue turning on her. And despite her infidelity she does have genuine feelings for Finn. As she said last week, she's giving the baby up since it would be wrong to make her and Finn try to raise it. She cares enough to not use the baby to trap him unlike Terri.

and yes more chances for other members to sing.

But it was hilariously typical of Rachel to demo a walk-off


You know what threw me out of the show? The goddamned auto-tuning. The only time auto-tuning is acceptable is when the news is being auto-tuned. As soon as I heard it, I wanted to throw large and heavy objects at the heads of those involved in that particular production decision.

The tears in Will's eyes when I saw the faked video of his (not really) fetus daughter broke my heart a little, as did Terri's desperate plea for Will to continue to love her even after the train wreck even she sees approaching. But it was not enough to make me stop being pissed off at the producers, director, et al., for the goddamned auto-tuning. AUUUGH! NO NO NO NO NO!

my favorite sue line of the night:

"cock fight, fantastic!"

i also just about died laughing when he told her not to touch him and he poked her arm. hilarious!

fantasy singing doesn't bother me, but am also a fan of musicals.

love the show, love the blog.

do have to mention that i was able to find out the sex of my baby at eleven weeks. had to have a special ultrasound though because of my "advanced maternal age" (ugh). anyway, it is possible, but not always.

I too felt Quinn's "Keep me Holding On" was a tad too um...enticing? I half expected to see Lester Burnham sitting in the bleachers watching her. But as a whole the episode was GREAT because Sue had her mouth open the whole time. I NEVER get tired of her performance and dialogue. Genius.

Yep I got a bit teary eyed at "Keep Holding On" too. Also I don't mind the the characters randomly breaking into song like with Quinn's number last night. It's good to have that suspension or reality every once in a while. Though I'm also dying to know how this pregnancy plot is going to turn out. I loved this episode and as always love the show.

This was much better, and notably because the Emma/Coach subplot didn't appear, in favor of more Jane Lynch time and her rivalry with Will (even though I think they keep losing the thread of WHY that rivalry keeps things churning along).

I snickered when the club was discussing their materials and said they want more R&B and fewer show tunes. They do almost no show music, mostly top 40 hits!

The use of fantasy singing sequences doesn't bother me anywhere as much as the suddenly fully-produced (with band, effects, lighting, etc.) numbers that appear without any audience or reason for being. Quinn's number for instance -- I can buy her singing in the hallways, since we've seen that before and recognize it as fantasy, and I can buy her leading the cheerleaders in a musical number on the field, but then why are they intercut with the same number in different costumes on a lit stage? I don't think it's the choices to stage this way that creates the problem, but they're not clearly and consistently communicating anything when they do this.

Still wishing for a real story arc for the glee club as an entity, but glad to see that at least the characters' stories are getting more shape.


"I empower my Cheerios to be champions."

My God-Jane Lynch rules!!

This show is so incredible! One of my favroite quotes was from Will actually: "They shouldn't really have been passing. On the Spanish test, one cheerleader mis-spelled her name and answered every question with a drawing of a sombrero". However, Sue's lines were really outstanding throughout the epsisode. Jane Lynch is my hero.

I don't mind them breaking into song randomly since it's essentially a musical and the corniness can be found throughout the series.

Where was Emma during last night's episode? Strange that she was so MIA. They prob ran out of time to incorporate her story line into this episode since the last episode ended on such a big moment for her.

Sue Sylvester had awesome lines last night, but the one that had me rolling most was,
"The independent polling company in my dockers says that you're the hottest girl in school" (

I also rolled my eyes at the gender ultrasound bit but if I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for the songs, I'm willing to do it for pregnancy stupidity, too.

There is so much fine and subtle acting in the Keep Holding On segment. Kurt and Puck both have some amazingly powerful moments during that scene. This show is so wonderful.

I teach in a school so I am sometimes taken aback by the little things they manage to get correct in a sea of unreality. When Figgins urged Sue and Will to hug as part of a technique he "learned in a leadership workshop last week" I about died.

Favorite line:

"I have in my hand a quiz one of your Cheerios took last week. She spelled her name wrong and answered every question by drawing a little sombrero!"

The goddamned auto-tuning.

I'm glad it is not just me.

Teri's sister and her stupid, "creepy, ginger kids" made me guffaw a few times last night.

I find myself entranced by the range of tracksuits Sue has at her disposal. Jane Lynch is my Queen; I bow before her!!!

I actually really like it when they take the music out of the practice room and into the rest of the world.
It makes it feel more "musical".
And I do wish they would give some leads to the others. Why wasn't Quinn singing No Air? I know it fit the plot to have Rachel sing it, but I think she could have handled it and done well. When do Tina and Kurt get a number?

I am also a big fan of musical theatre, so I have no problem with this show interrupting the flow of the storyline to put in a fantasy musical number. But I didn't really like Quinn's Supremes-style number. I don't mind being taken out of reality as long as the song is mind-blowingly emotional and beautifully performed, like "Keep Holding On" was. You just can't put Quinn as a soloist on one of the fantasy songs, because she does not have a good enough voice to make it worth my time. (Though her dancing, and that of the cheerleaders, was fantastic.)

Ok you will not a more adoring Jane Lynch fan, but dare I say it was almost too much Sue Sylvester last night? The writers have such a powerhouse there and they know it, but so many great lines got lost because she was all great lines -- I don't want her carrying every storyline -- that said, I loved the Damien music and when she screamed and vented and had to be warned not to hurt the children. I wish they would wait a bit to show us "Sue in Love"-- a tease now and then, would be delicious!

Another favorite Sue line "Oh, Will, we all know about your devotion to that dying language."

@Julie the Vintage Goddess:

As someone who sang in school groups from elementary school on, and as someone who has grown up loving musicals and opera and choirs and acapella groups and— ...well, damn it all, the auto-tuning is a deadly obvious huge frickin' NO. These kids are talented singers, which is one of the draws of the show. Why treat their voices like they're Britany Spears? It's so stupid and wrong and deeply, deeply irritating. I could barely watch the show after that first performance, I was so distracted.

I hate auto-tuning so damned much.

I too love classic musicals, so I don't care if the musical numbers are out of context or in. And I don't care if it's unrealistic: Everything is unrealistic on TV anyway, from the way people look to how they live to just about anything you can name, (Did Jed really strike oil just shootin at some food? Where was the outrage there, huh?) so I don't get when people complain about realism with regard to certain TV shows.

I just hope they do more stunt casting: Principle, Patti Lupone; Substitute teacher, Nathan Lane; Rachel's pushy mom, Barbra Streisand; anybody's cougar mom, Charlotte D'Amboise; school nurse, Liza Minelli. And while we're at it, let's find a place for Elaine Stritch and Bernadette Peters.


I completely agree with Tracy's comment above; I too have watched very little network TV these past years, and having this to look forward to every week is amazing.

I adore Jane Lynch and I only hope that her work here brings her more and better TV and movie work. I know that in the Christopher Guest movies the actors ad-lib quite a bit (if not almost all) of their dialogue. Do you all think that any of her lines here are ad-libbed? I just wonder...if not, they have someone really great writing her lines. Every week I feel like her character expands a bit more, so just when you think you "get" her, there's some twist and you have to revise your opinion.
I don't mind the "musical numbers as part of the action" moments; it's almost like these kids are so immersed in music and performance that we're sometimes seeing them the way they see themselves--if that makes any sense at all.
I also agree that the actress playing Terry is doing an excellent job. I see some flashes of rationality and sweetness in her which makes me hope that she will not completely crash and burn when her deception is revealed. Her sister is obviously a horrible influence on her!

Autotuning is Of The Debbil.

I'll join the "Give Jane Lynch an Emmy," chorus, but I want to add a big old "And, save one for Chris Colfer." Every time he is on, even if he's in the background and not speaking...HE'S AWESOMELY PERFECT. And, yeah, the costumers deserve some kind of statue for his Pink Angora sweater ALONE.

I like it when they choose more obscure music. I'm sure they are picking modern Top 40 in order to both appeal to a teenager audience and to honestly show what these kids would want to sing...but I love it when they dredge up some timeworn old 70s or 80s anthem and smother it with awesome. I nominate Kurt singing lead on Lenny Kravitz's "Fields of Joy." Plus...more show tunes. Come on. I want jazz hands, damn it!

I agree that this was the best episode they've done: more Sue, less Emma/Will whining, lots of Quinn (who I now vastly prefer to Rachel), one song that actually sounded like a bunch of kids sitting in a room singing a song together... And like you guys, I think Jessalyn Gilsig is actually incredible as Terri even though the role is awful, so I was glad to see her get some good moments.



I cannot talk about last night without talking about how unbelievably disappointed I was by their failure to take themselves to task for their own stereotyping, or even to have any sort of self-awareness or acknowledgment about it. When Sue siphoned off the minority kids, I thought for sure they were going to incorporate some kind of meta commentary on the practices of the show itself, and I was really excited about it. Instead, they utterly squandered the opportunity they had. The minority kids continued to be sidelined in favor of the main plot, Mercedes got her one song per month, no one else did much, and we got hilariously ironic lines like "I'm more than just a black girl" or whatever it was. Really, show? Would you like to show us some other traits she has sometime soon?

It was a huge disappointment, despite how much I loved the rest of the episode. At this point it's becoming clear to me that there really is no purpose to the stereotyping; they're not using it to poke fun at cliches, they're embracing it so they don't have to do any real characterization. We're seven episodes through and what can we say about these characters other than, "she stutters and is Asian," "she's black and sassy but secretly vulnerable," "he's... in a wheelchair"? Kurt's the only one of them who's had any development at all, and even that was all about his sexuality. And he's still a mincing, sexless princess on par with Jack from Will and Grace, complete with hag. You're killing me, Glee!

Wow, sorry, that was a huge rant. I'm really annoyed by this, can we tell?

As a grateful TLo minion, I'd like to say (in concert with my husband) that the way Glee characters sometimes sing in context with the story, but out of context of any "performance" piece, is entirely in keeping with the nature of the show. OK, so I grew up on Astaire & Kelly musicals, but the way that Glee manages to to be of the current time makes it appropriate.

What about Finn's BEST BABY NAME OF ALL TIME...



Agree, great ep. I like the fantasy musical numbers, too--but I also like classic musicals, so I'm used to it.

The only thing the episode left me questioning was how Puck (Puckerman!) is feeling about the whole Quinn thing.

Loved the episode, the final number was great. Sue's popped collar during her tantrum with Figgins reminded me of villains--mostly Maleficent since I just watched Sleeping Beauty. I loved her.

The show - not feeling it, not even a little. Having said that I do love Jane Lynch in everything I've seen her in.

I wanted to like it, but I've turned it off each of the 3 times I've tried to watch it. I must be missing something...

Oh, yes, one more thing.

I just wanted to say it, just once.


I feel better now.

I must be the only one who gave last night's episode a mostly thumbs-down. The Sue-Will thing was too manic and gave me a headache, and it all seemed excessively ugly and mean-spirited instead of wickedly funny and balanced. Someone should be slapped for putting Kurt in front of the group kicking his legs like Esther Williams (why wasn't he singing?), and Quinn had total Dead Face during her fantasy sequence. Step it up, girl! The auto-tuning makes me insane, but I accept its necessity. Loved the obstetrician (awesome cameo!) but am getting really tired of the faked pregnancy thing and Terry. Please don't tell me we're going to have to endure that for another 7 months! But just when I was thinking "Meh," they made me cry with "Keep Holding On."
I'm hoping for a new romance for Rachel that will create a less predictable emo teen dynamic. Stunt casting! We need a hot male transfer, pronto!

Did anyone else notice that Sue Sylvester apparently carries several styles of sunglasses at one time? I LOL'd when she switched from her aviators to a square style all within one minute's confrontation in the hall.

Um, what's auto-tuning?

I'm so over the fake pregnancy storyline. I don't even care anymore, I just want it to be overwith. I'd much rather see more interaction between Kurt and the football team or Quinn and Rachel.


Google is your friend. As is Wikipedia, on occasion. Actually, Wikipedia's kind of a frenemy, but generally useful, like a high school frememy with their own car.

The Only Acceptable Case of Auto-tuning Any Audio File: Auto-Tune The News

I felt for Quinn when she broke down. It definitely seemed like she had been trying to convince herself that she'd be able to hide her pregnancy from others (at least for a little longer). And I totally cried during "Keep Holding On".

I think one of the best moments is during the flounce -- not only did the kids storm off, the football players (sans Finn who was onstage) carried Artie out. I think that, more than the goofing around together scene, shows that the group has bonded.

Speaking of which, I want to see more Artie.

Forgot to add that I was watching this with my son last night (he's a HS senior and very involved in drama club and vocal performance) and he said the "storm out" scene was absolutely spot-on. He was in "Les Mis" last year and he said half the cast walked out during rehearsal and it was just as Rachel did it :-)

As I tweeted last night, Quinn totally stole the show! I completely agree, Fabray was so emotive, especially during the closing number, I was tearful. As far as the "cutscene" numbers, I like them. It has to be really difficult to come up with something new for the setting for three to five performances each week. I'll be setting my alarm clock to Quinn's You Just Keep Me Hangin On every morning for the next week!

I really loved the "secret" all-glee-club jam with the Nelly song. I think that's the first time we've actually heard the kids without processing, and it was wonderful to see them interacting without too much polish. But I'm a sucker for the choreo numbers, and the last number had me boo-hooing, child.

"lovesmesomelogan said: "I empower my Cheerios to live in fear by creating an environment of irrational, random terror.""

This was one of my favorites as well.

This character is really like an Archie Bunker-type. There's been a lot of discussion recently about how that character would never make it nowadays, but I think the Sue character shows that yes, it can IF (big if) both the casting & writing are just right.

There's a fine line they are treading and the thing that makes it acceptable is that it is funny. Unfortunately, nowadays, most actors cast in comedy roles on TV are NOT funny. They are just trying to act funny. This actor/character is just right. This casting/writing combo is lightning in a bottle & that's what makes it work.


Loved the non-autotuned Nelly song & hope that it's a sign of things to come for future musical numbers. I adore this show, and the only thing that takes me out of it is the ridiculous overproduction of the songs. I can take all of the over-the-top plotlines, but I want to hear the kids sound like a real show choir, not like some pop princess/boy band studio album!! Save that for the soundtracks that are coming out, but leave the in-show numbers sounding like these talented performers are actually singing, rather that replacing them with lifeless robot voices!!

In any movie/show that Jane Lynch is in, I can't help but think that she really has very few scripted lines and the writers just give her complete creative license. "Ok Jane. You've got 90 seconds of screen time...GO!" She is so good.

Terri's sister is another character who is fun to utterly despise. She says the most ridiculous things. The OB gave her too much Pitocin and now her kids are stupid with ADHD and red hair. Holy crap, that's gold!

My fav Suism from last night. "If you are an Eve that was born a Steve. There is a another high school better suited to your needs. It's in Thailand."

My favorite was the very beginning where Sue and Schu were fighting in slo-mo, and Sue's voice over was talking about how she can be so regal even in the heat of battle.

Just rewatched and heard my fave Sue line from last night:

Quinn: The minority students don't feel like they're being heard.

Sue: A chink in the armor, huh?

Oh yeah, totally spit out my tea at that one... a tiny nugget of pure, wince-inducing gold!!!

You know what I didn't miss? Ken Tanaka and Emma Pillsbury. Jane Lynch steals the show, but Matthew Morrison holds his own. The double pregnancy story lines take up enough time.

It was nice seeing Quinn's acknowledgment of her pregnancy by finally putting her in a maternity top instead of the ever present cheerleader uniform.

Fav moments from last nice was Artie being carried out by the football team to flounce with the others.

I like the fantasy scenes. Another good one was Mercedes singing I'll smash you car, when she realizes she and Kurt aren't dating.

Bottom line for me is this show is pure feel good fun.

V'Rah -- really insightful rant there. I think that is something that bothers me a lot about this show. They notice the stereotyping problems (including the mean cheerleaders/jocks vs. the glee club nerds and outcasts) but so far haven't done anything to explode them and instead play right into them as if they're set in stone.

It's not easy to sing a Jill Scott song but Mercedes did it justice last night. Brava!

Love the show and love your recaps.

I don't mind the fantasy sequences...hell, it's tv.

I'm down with fantasy musical numbers. And I was thrilled to see Mercedes and Quinn get a piece of the singing action. But give it up, y'all for Ms. SUE SYLVESTER!!!!!!

I watched it this morning on my DVR. Jane Lynch cracked me up so much I had to keep rewinding and watch her scenes again. Everything about her was delightful, from her roll call for Sue's Team members to her walking with purpose while ordering a trick coin to her recognition that she has to be affiliated with a winning team even if it means being the consigliere instead of the mob boss.

As TLo said, this episode was very well balanced. Loved it.

I don't mind at all when the show takes the songs and they sing when they're not really supposed to be...I think it shows that Glee club and singing are important to them and that their emotions and much of their lives can be epitomized by songs rather than perhaps them saying the things the songs say.

Love the show, love love love love love it.

Fantastic episode.

And I hope Jessalyn Gilsig is able to separate people's feelings for Terri from feelings about Jessalyn.

I think Ms. Gilsig is AMAZING in the role, but yes - Terri is a very unsympathetic character.

If I remember correctly, Larry Linville had a very hard time playing the hateful Frank Burns year after year. It can mess with you.

This was actually the first episode in which I *did* have a WTF moment. Two of them, in fact -- the wind effect in the hallway during Finn and Rachel's duet, and Quinn's whole number. It didn't make any sense to me, and it just underlined her relative weakness as a singer.

My tears weren't just welling up-- they were flowing. And over the "bitchy cheerleader"! This show is fantastic. I actually really like it when they sing out-of-normal-context. I feel it ties the music in more with the storylines. And lets face it: the choir kids at school always roamed the halls singing like idiots. It's far more realistic than you give them credit for.

Well, there was no Emma and Puck kept his shirt on the whole episode, but still, I agree that this was one of the best episodes so far.

Like you guys, I watch for the one-liners and musical numbers, and this one had a lot of both.

love this show. i am either laughing my ass off or choking up over a song. the fantasy moments are great too.

dear god is sue just to much?
when she did the roll call of the kids. LMFAO!!!

It's not just autotuning. It's echo and reverb and flange and just about any other effect you can name that's piled on the tracks. It's driving me up the wall. My favorite thing last night was the scene where the kids were "just jamming." There were rough spots in the tuning and sound. The blend wasn't perfect. The number of parts being sung actually corresponded to the number of people singing. In short, it was nearly "real", as if the recording was made right there when the scene was filmed. The song following seemed even more egregiously overproduced by comparison. This show should be a celebration of real singing, not studio recording.

Aside from that, I loved last night's episode. I hope Puck's story line comes back soon.

UGH - I almost vomited down my own shirt when I heard the first note of auto-tune. Save it for someone who really needs it, like that horror Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives!

BabylonSista, I'm completely with you. The jam session was fantastic because it seemed like the most real HS thing we see, but I also like the super-produced show numbers. Although I think a little less auto-tuning might be nice.

I loved this episode. And while the fake preg is still annoying, Quinn's pregnancy actually now makes sense and really, what's more real than a HS student getting pregnant. When I was in high school there was a girl who didn't know she was pregnant until 2 weeks before she gave birth prematurely and hadn't told her parents yet when they got the call from the hospital about the delivery...

I thought the male empowerment plot line was very interesting and, maybe, some foreshadowing? Maybe not, I'm no TV writer.

"Wheels, Gay Kid, Asian, Other Asian, get over here" I was howling!

Ditto to Jen on the pregnancy thing, not only can you not tell the sex until 16 weeks, they do the ultrasounds differently when you're only 10 weeks. The wandering during the songs doesn't bother me at all but the pregnancy thing is annoying.

The other thing that is weird is Will never seeing his wife naked. Huh? Never? He doesn't even figure out he's hugging a pillow and not a pregnant stomach? How clueless is he?

Amber Riley was FABULOUS!! Yes I used the F word. Between Sue and Mercedes I can't get enough of this show.

The fantasy musical numbers don't pull me out of the story. What does pull me out though, is how disconnected the singing sounds. They obviously look like they're lip-synching and it's distracting. I'd rather hear real, imperfect voices than Auto Tuned laden tracks.

But Jane Lynch totally rocks on this show. I still keep laughing over her "ginger pygmy" line.

@GothamTomato: YES! YES! YES! "30 Rock" seems to be done with Elaine Stritch -- get her on "Glee!" I would love to see her in a showdown with Jane Lynch.

I appreciate the traditional/old-fashioned musical numbers and think the show does them pretty well.

I am also annoyed by the anachronisms with the pregnancies (like when you can determine the sex via ultrasound, when you start showing, when a husband might be able to tell that his wife is faking...).


That is all.

Oh I am an unabashed lover of Glee. And admittedly, uncritically so. It's a musical kids -- one big happy fantasy. If it gets a little right here and there, a little minority limelight and feelings, a little of what it's like to be gay, or pregnant or beautiful or otherwise in school, that's all gravy. All those things are felt, expressed and nuanced in the numbers. Everything else bows before the musical purpose. And yes, last night was the first time I didn't totally hate Teri. What happens if Quinn loses the baby during cheerleading practice? Can that happen, or is it a last-minute rush to the hospital?

Really love to see the writers acknowledge Will's asshat side. He really isn't completely a good person. Also like to see acknowledgement that the white stars (Quinn, Rachel, Finn) are getting pretty much ALL the solos. Tina had a tiny bit of a solo from West Side story, a few episodes ago, and she ROCKED it - certainly a much better performer than Quinn. Quinn has a pretty voice, but not a solo one - it's just not expressive enough. Yes, and the producers need to BACK THE HELL AWAY from the sound editing equipment. too much production, not enough of the pure joy of really SINGING.

Another thought on Will's cluelessness about Terri's pregnancy - What if he really is that disconnected from his wife? What if this inability to detect a fake pregnancy is meant to show how shallow their marriage really is and Terri is not the only self absorbed member of that house?

If that is the case then this story line makes a little more sense to me. The marriage is weak on both sides and Terri is willing to go to any lengths to hang on to Will - who is oblivious to her desperation AND her deception.

I need to get another name to post under besides anonymous.

I wasn't too keen on Quinn's solo, but I thought this was an amazing episode overall. Definitely one of my favorites, and you can add my name to the list of people tearing up on the last song.

For those concerned about the non-leads getting songs, checking out the track listing for the Glee Volume 1 cd contains spoilers that could prove interesting. Considering that not every number that has been released on itunes has shown up on that cd, there are plenty of opportunities coming up.

Also, remember, we're only on episode *7*. In those 7 episodes, we had Kurt's dance number (3 times no less), Quinn had a full solo and two partials (ep2 "Say a Little Prayer for Me" and 10 seconds of "Don't Stop Believin'", two solos for Mercedes, one solo for Tina, and half the mash-up for Artie. This does not include the pilot which had solos for all the cast members. Yes, we do get a bit much of Rachel and Finn... I just feel its a bit early to get overly riled up about it.

I haven't read all the comments, but I bet I'm not the only one who feels this way:

Hell no, the completely implausible no-excuse-for-it musical numbers don't bother me a bit. (3 of my 5 favorite movies of all time are musicals, so what do you think?)

The auto-tuning bothers me a little, but I'm resigned. It's the way of pop music this decade. Apparently, there's no need to be subtle, we're not just not embarrassed to need it, we *want* the vocal to sound like we've been auto-tuned in production.

But for the love of god!!! I realize there are budgetary concerns in a t.v. show vs. a major motion picture. But if Marni Nixon's voice could be almost undetectably dubbed 55+ years ago (yes, it has been that long. unbelievable), surely every musical number doesn't have to look like the dubbing done on the old "Speed Racer" cartoons. As in, the mouth movements are completely OUT of sync with the vocal. THAT drives me nuts, when I let it.

Now, the pregnancy sub plot completely irritates me, but I am waiting for it either to be eliminated or for it to push the whole tone over into complete farce (remember the series "Soap" from the late 70's?)- it is almost but not quite there.

Oops. 45+ years ago. I can't subtract.

I don't mind the scenes where they are going about life and singing, but I adore musicals, so it has never been an issue for me.

What sort of took me out of the story last night was when the kids were just fooling around and singing and their singing wasn't all spiffed up and overproduced like the rest of the musical numbers. It wasn't so much that I minded the naturalness of it, rather that I couldn't figure out what the show was trying to say by having that one song be so different from the others. I still don't have an answer for that, other than that maybe it was just meant to show that they were singing for fun rather than for Glee Club?

What I'm really enjoying is that we started out with everyone firmly in their box and we're slowly teasing them out of the stereotypes bit by bit. I don't think it's realistic for the stereotypes to be completely dismantled at this stage, but we're getting more and more about who these kids and adults are and it's not every exactly what you're expecting. Take Will -- at the beginning, we're clearly set up for him to be the good-guy starry-eyed dreamer -- but he's not just that, he's also a bit of a selfish bastard. It's that he's *both* that I think is so great -- and it's not as though we all of a sudden see him as *all* selfish bastard now that we've had that revelation -- he's still the other, it's just now that he's a good-guy starry-eyed selfish bastard. And I think we're getting the same treatment with everyone, bit by bit and that we'll see more focus on the other kids in turn. Maybe if feels like this show has been around a lot longer than it has because we originally saw the pilot so long ago and so had a long time to steep in the bare-bones stereotypes, but I am fascinated to watch this unfold.

On the topic of Will...

He's been a bit of dick since day 1 if you think about it.

He used pot to get Finn into Glee.
He left the club just as it was formed.
He joins the club JUST to leave again and make his own boy band - bringing his students with him out to nightclubs.
He brings in an alcoholic when Rachel leaves...who just HAPPENS to be an old flame.
He's been flirting with the guidance counselor for months.
He says he wants the students input, and then does his own thing (the "Push it" debacle, the multicultural debacle)

I do like the guy, but I think I like him because he is really a human character. You root for him and the club, even though they all have internal problems that they all have to overcome.

I must throw out that while watching the Will-Sue rivalry? warfare? drama? whatever - I started to think how perfect it would be to have them evolve into a sexual attraction for each other that they each find revolting, impossible, and yet - undeniable.

And if you think it makes no sense, might I refer you to "Terri, insanity, faux-pregnancy" in the index.

I'd have to say my favorite moment was when they were all singing "Must be the Money!" It wasn't perfect, but it was exactly how I remember my days in drama and choir practice waiting for the teacher to come. Its those moments that brought the popular and unpopular together, and the fact that the "kids" weren't perfect made it all the more real and believable. Its those moments that help me suspend reality and think, hey, this could happen.

Does anyone know whether any music from Glee has been released for play on radio? I swear I heard some song (unidentifiable) sung by the Glee cast on the lifeguard's top 40 radio station the other day when I swimming laps at the pool. That would be the only time I am ever exposed to top 40 (or whatever) radio and I heard it between flip turns. Anyone? Was I just hypoxic and hearing things?

Quinn's number didnt pull me out when they were performing with the lights and props because the show had already established that Sue gets ridiculous amounts of money for the CHEERIOS.

It would make complete sense that the Cheerios would have all of the lights, costumes, etc at their disposal and Sue would make sure they had every advantage.

I also thought the cheerleaders dressed as football players interacting with the cheerleaders was hot.

(PS. Kurt will get a Showtune Solo of "Defying Gravity" from Wicked in an upcoming episode. Based on his own experience of being denied singing that song in his own school because it was "for a girl". Ryan heard that and wrote an episode for him.)

I loved it when Kurt and Quinn were looking at each other, because Kurt's look at her had such pathos, such feeling for her.

And as someone who was heavily involved in all kinds of after-school activities in high school (on a typical day I'd get to school at 6:40 AM and not leave for at least 10 hours), Quinn's "Set Me Free" number really hit a chord for me. I remember feeling tugged in all directions by everything I was involved in, and to be, on top of that, carting around a big secret like hers,

I'll also say that when you work with teachers that closely in high school, you start to see their very human--and very nasty--sides.

I love the show - and like everyone, Sue especially. I'm probably alone in this, but I just don't like Will. I can't decide if it's the actor or the character or both. I just find him to be an energy vacuum. Imagine someone like Sean Hayes or Matthew Perry in the role.

I liked last night's episode. I don't mind the out-of-left-field musical numbers, but some work better than others. I laughed when Will was complaining about the dumb Cheerios, "Last week they tried to spell out 'Go Team' and ended up spelling 'To Game'."

Great episode, thanks for the recap, guys!

I like the strange transition into songs.

my favorite quote though was when Sue offered up the new song, and then asked for some...



I didn't like last nights episode. I didn't like Quinns number and I really hate the fake pregnant wife story line....god I was hoping that was a one or two episode blip.

How are they supposed to know that Quin is having a girl when she isn't even showing. I can suspend disbelif for the musical numbers but not for something stupid like that.

Not sure if anyone else noticed, but when we saw Quinn in the 'You are Not Alone" number, it was the first time we saw her out of her cheerleading uniform. Heck, she even wore that thing to the ultra-sound.

I have no problem with singing in the halls or on the football field. Isn't breaking out in song in inappropriate/unexpected places the essence of musicals? Plus, we got 5 *by my count* numbers in this episode - Yay!

I was one of the *dummies" who didn't know what auto-tune was, and still am not sure I understand the hubbub. The reverb/echo thing on No Air struck me as intentional, but not annoying. Do we really want to listen to a bunch of H.S. singers that don't sound professional on TV? I don't. I LOVE this show and just take all of the quirks and plot ridiculousness in stride to enjoy an uplifting viewing experience.

And Elaine - Fo Shizzle, mah Drizzle? ROFLMAO

I really did not see the significance of Quinn's number. It was fine, but who was she singing to?

Also, I was surprised you didn't mention the "Ride Wit Me" song. No auto-tuning! They looked like they were really having fun and sounded like... they were actually singing. While "No Air" was good, it was hardly believable that there was no auto-tuning. The producers et. al. didn't even try to hide that fact.

Also (part 2), I am getting tired of the sexual harassment Rachel is subjected to. That is really not okay.

To answer your question about the musical numbers: I think this show does a great job of balancing the "in-context" numbers with the "fantasy" ones. If it was all fantasy all the time, I could see how it could get strange, but a real strength of the show is that most of the songs occur organically out of the story. They have resonance for the plot but they're also part of the plot itself. (I'm also a huge fan of musicals, though, so take that how you will).

And THANK YOU for mentioning my favorite quote of the night - "Bye, white people!" Was that Artie who said it? I hope so, because I laughed for five minutes straight after I heard it.

I really enjoy when they sing in the halls or on the football field or wherever. And I like the mix of music they do--I've heard some stuff I'm not familiar with.

I want the other kids to have a chance to sing. I don't care if Rachel is the "star" and she pouts if she doesn't get her way--it's not realistic to have her run the whole thing.

I'd love to see a duet by the other two cheerleaders and maybe one with the football players Puck dragged along.

More Kurt please!

Favorite moments: the little exhale, inhale, exhale that Quinn does at the end of "Keep Holding On" gave me tears every time I watched it on Hulu yesterday. The smiles between Kurt and Quinn, and Artie and Quinn. And when Sue opined that the most important thing her future captains of industry needed to learn was a round off.

Unsung heroes: the Glee pianist, and the writers. Jane Lynch is a marvelous actress who artfully delivers lines written by WRITERS. While she may contribute a line or two, I do not see her name in the writing credits. Let's give credit where credit is due, okay?

SO glad you are blogging this show, guys. Muchas gracias, as they say in that dying language.


I love Glee but I'm in the minority with PeaceBang, I guess. I didn't like the episode. The actress playing Quinn seems to have a total of maybe two facial expressions when acting or singing and she did neither of them when singing her solo number. I didn't find the final number touching at all. I am sure she will realize the Glee kids are her only friends but she isn't there yet so that number didn't fly. And I thought she just looked constipated during the final number...or attempting to fake cry. I also noticed the sunglasses thing with Sue. That was funny.
Last night was disappointing. I am sick of the fake pregnancy storyline. Jane Lynch is the reason to watch though. Love her!!

In general, I hate musicals, but I like the fantasy numbers in Glee. For whatever reason, they work. The wind in Rachel's hair when she and Finn were singing in the hallway cracked me up.

Will the fake pregnancy story never end? If there's anything that takes me out of the show, it's that. I just can't build up any sympathy for Terry. She's not even fun. That's nothing against Jessalyn Gelsig. I loved her in Boston Public, and her character wasn't particularly likable on that show either.

I love Quinn more every week. I like that she's more than just a mean girl cheerleader, and she reminds me of a cheerleader in my class back in the early 70s, pregnancy and all. She was a lot sweeter than Pregnant cheerleader + Catholic high school + early 70s = Big scandal.

If I listed everything I loved about this episode, we'd be here all night. But a big "yay" for Mercedes and Quinn each getting a solo. And Jane Lynch was tearing it up this week. This is totally worth a second, and third, viewing.

I loved hearing some actual singing last night during the jam session! I get a little tired of all the "Cher-effect" computerized singing we get most of the time.

And I love the fantasy singing segments!

"It's like that time I sold my house to a nice, young couple and I salted the earth in the backyard so that nothing living could grow there for a hundred years. You know why I did that? Because they tried to get me to pay their closing costs."

i'm bothered by the fact that the wife is stuffing her shirts while quinn is not showing whatsoever. doesn't the wife want her fake pregnancy to line up with quinn's real pregnancy?

i don't think mr. shue is so bad. he's just human. i think he's got a good heart, he just needs someone like emma to put him in the right place every now and then. also, he's totally dumped on by his wife and his job, can you blame him if he's a little selfish now and then?


I love that Hate on Me was the song Sue gave the group, as that song sums up how she acts and feels about others' criticisms of her.

I also like how Quinn wore a billowy shirt in the last number, not just out of her uniform, but allowing for her pregnancy.

I'm having trouble with the persistent misogynism.

The wife's a shrew.

Sue Sylvester is a great character and a great performance--and a great bitch.

The cheerleader is lying about the babydaddy.

The guidance counselor is broken.

I know, I know, it's comedy and the protagonist is a man-- but it seems that all the bone-deep mean is aimed at the women. Lovely.

when are they gonna let Kurt take the mike? I want to hear what kind of pipes he's got!

The actress who plays Quinn is great but... something about that solo was really off. Mercedes definitely deserved another solo for sure, but Tina doesn't get to redeem her solo that ends sharp? Plus Kurt, Artie & Puck need some more air time as well. It'll take awhile.

The storyline was tighter but I didn't care for the episode, and even on my period that Rachel + Finn 90's chick flick scene made me go "UGH!" I liked it with "Take a Bow" though.

I'm waiting for some Shania Twain or something silly.

Does anyone else think that Sue was genuinely upset by the fact that Quinn didn't tell her about being pregnant? When she said, "now everyone knows... even me," I think we saw a chink in Sue's armor. I don't think she was just disappointed in her head cheerleader: I think she really relates to Quinn and Quinn's keeping that secret from her really hurt.

Also, I don't think Quinn's song was at all incongruous. I understood the stage portions to be pure fantasy, while the cheerleading portions were partially true (they were actually cheerleading, but not singing).

I agree with those who say that a lot of the characters need fleshing out (Artie, Tina, and Puck especially). I like how Will is being fleshed out as a complete (and very flawed) person, though; his whole "good intentions but completely oblivious" act was frustrating. But as much as I like Quinn, I think they need to back off of her for a while to examine some characters who haven't had a chance to grow as much.

Watched this for the 1st time last night, thanks to TLo, and was a bit horrified! Will try again next week...

I was okay with Quinn's fantasy number being staged, because it's fantasy. But Glee way too often breaks my belief in the more realistic parts. Even from the first episode, when they suddenly have a 100-voice choir coming out of 5 mouths and somehow got techies in to do a full light show FOR THEIR REHEARSAL, that bit has bothered me. I just want more realistic voices, mainly. Small group choirs can and do sound amazing. Most of the famous jazz choirs only have one or two on a part. They could easily have 12 kids singing rather than 50. I did enjoy the jam session they had in the rehearsal room; that felt real. But when they are handed sheet music, a band is brought in, and suddenly they are perfect and have a huge choir dubbed in and autotuned to the brink of death, it kills it for me.

I loved this episode...I'll admit (now that I know I'm not the only one) that I teared up during Keep Holding On. Jane Lynch kills me every episode, but I almost died when she was picking out all of the minorities: "Asian, Other Asian, Gay Kid, Aretha..." The writing is fantastic, but her timing is ridiculous.

I enjoy the random musical interludes. If I could sing like that, I might burst into song at seemingly inappropriate times too. :)

"When do Tina and Kurt get a number?"

They don't get their own number because I would effing DIE. I love Kurt, I wish he'd get more screen time.

And I could not STAND Sue last night. She's way too brash to be a main character. I love when she has 2 or 3 brilliant lines but I can't take 45min. of her.

I LOVE the mix of real into fantasy-- but I love musicals so there you go.

I was disappointed to find that the Glee version of the Nelly song isn't out anywhere-- I have got the others off itunes. Has anyone heard it since the show?

Jane's lines were priceless, and so was the look on her face when the Principal stood up to her and she wasn't getting her way.
I am anxious to see if Quinn (or poolboy) will reveal who the real babydaddy is. And what Mr. Shue will do when he finds out his wife has fooled him.

I don't mind the musical non sequitors at all. And I thought this episode rocked it. I love glee.

What I do mind, and this is a larger cultural phenomenon, is the obvious processed nature of the audio. And I know it's a TV show so of course they are going to, for lack of a better term "airbrush" the audio. But in a real glee club you do not get the super echo and autotune BS they are using.

I just think it is ridiculous how little we hear people singing without mics or reverb or autotune. I know these singers are talented, so is all of this really necessary? I also think it is hard on young musicians who think "Why don't I sound like that." Uhm, because you don't have a whole team of people and computeris and mics making you sound like that.

I guess that's what american idol is for? I will now return to the unmiked world of opera.

I may have missed this (tried to see if anyone else posted it), but the pianist is composer/arranger/conductor Brad Ellis of "Forbidden Broadway" fame.

Amazing musician.

In response to Anonymous 9:30, who claimed that the show was misogynist:

The main character is a man debating whether or not to cheat on his wife, who has poor academic honesty (Anyone else notice when he changed the B- to a B+ arbitrarily?), and who was deliberately cruel to a student (either out of revenge for her leaving the group or some plan to get her to come back). Not only that, but he is ignorant both of his wife's OBVIOUS deception (He hasn't seen her naked in a month?) and his students' OBVIOUS substance abuse.

The football captain is an idiot who alternates between being shamefully gullible and deliberately manipulative, and kisses another girl when he knows his girlfriend is pregnant.

The football captain's best friend is *also* lying about being the babydaddy, has no remorse about sleeping with married women, and lacks the courage to deal with the consequences of telling his best friend that he slept with Quinn.

The football coach is both professionally and personally incompetent: his team is awful, and he has so little self-esteem that he accepts Emma's sham of a marriage. He is not a sympathetic character: he is just pathetic.

And Terri's sister's husband is a spineless sap.

I think the women on the show are more obviously damaged in some way, but it's clear that the men have just as many faults; the show simply hasn't focused on them yet. I don't think anyone came out of this last episode thinking that Will was just the well-intentioned sap that he was before.

Personally, I think that Will and Emma are going to have an affair, and everyone is going to come out messy.

My favorite part was when Sue called out "Santana, Wheels, Gay Kid, Asian, Other Asian, Aretha, and Shaft."

I laughed so hard.

Keep Holding On: MAJOR CHILLS.

As another huge fan of musicals, I love it when a song is taken out of reality and into fantasy... but not here. Because they don't do it well. If you're gonna take it into fantasy, go all out! None of this half-hearted business.

And another thing with the stereotyping - ten bucks the writers are mostly white :P I don't mean this in a racist way, just that there aren't the obvious in-jokes that a "minority" poking fun at their own culture would make (as a "minority" myself, I often make jokes of my own culture, only because I know how ridiculous and true some of the stereotypes are, heheh)

One of my favorite Glee moments is a suspension of disbelief: Mercedes singing Bust Your Windows at the carwash backed up by the cheerios.

Fabulous singing--perfect plotline (girl crushing on the gay boy because she thinks he likes another girl) and the beautiful Glee wackiness of the glee club girl backed up by the bikini clad cheerleaders.


More please.

I'm really surprised that hiding a pregnancy's fakeness is less believable that a group of kids doing a full production number moments after being handed sheet music. or Sue Sylvester having a job. It's fantasy, the whole thing. Relax.

I need to watch it again, but my first reaction was that I didn't like this episode much. And it was surprising b/c I got more numbers AND more Sue and yet...and yet...While there were laughs, there was nothing like the last episode or the Chenoweth episode. And while it's a nice touch that it's also sweet and moving at times, I'm here for the funny.

I'm worried that Sue Sylvester will get the Kenneth the Page treatment. Hilarious, the high-light of the show when used sparingly...eventually grating if used too often.

"...we're happy any time they yank the mike away from Rachel."

While agree with the sentiment, when is the last time that someone in the Glee club other than Finn had the male lead for the numbers? Uh - never?

Agree with lots of commenters...if someone from Glee is reading this (and if they're smart, they are) please KILL the AutoTune!!!

I've managed to mostly avoid hearing it, due to the fact that I avoid most contemporary music, and it sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!

(Also, you kids get off my lawn.)

Anonymous (10/16/09 10:55 AM)said:

"(Also, you kids get off my lawn.)"

thanks, I literally laughed out loud (to the interest of the next cubicle)

I do feel like that's what I'm sliding towards, sometimes!

I loved the subtlety of switching out the Swingle Singers "passing music" for the ubiquitous Carmina Burana...

I loved this episode, mainly because of the classic music theatre pieces where people just randomly run around singing! I think it works on this show, where it didn't work on say, "Cop Rock".

Oh, and in my highschool (in the early 80s) cheerleaders wore their uniform any day that they would cheer...which was just about every single day!

Sue said:
"When you hear your name cross over to my side of this black shiny thing-
Gay Kid
Come on move it,
Other Asian

Great seeing others get the lead last night. I sigh with resignation every time Rachel gets another lead. Too. Much. Rachel.

Loved this episode, agree with everyone if fantasy songs get us more songs, then bring it on.

I think any extemporaneous numbers are excruciating to watch (ahem, Dreamgirls ... sorry JHud) except in a Broadway show where you know that's part of the game. But all was forgiven this week because Overadancing Cute Asian Guy finally got to speak!

I'm torn, because I'm a huge fan of musicals and I'm so psyched that a musical tv show is mainstream and doesn't majorly suck.

But at the same time I hate their stereotyping of minorities! I get that they stereotype everyone and it's supposed to be funny and all that. But I cringe every time Mercedes opens her mouth - I would HATE to be the actress playing her! The supporting characters need their personalities developed more - so that they stop just being Sue's roll call!

I love the show and I love that they just break into song, even when they're in a real life situation (I'm a big fan of musicals too, though). I do think that people need to relax a little on the issue of the minority characters not being complex yet. How many episodes have there been, seven? And it's still the first season. I think they still have some time to focus on the other kids.

10/16/09 10:55 AM

(Also, you kids get off my lawn.)

LOL! Love that line!

A show involving musical numbers is all about suspending disbelief. Glee has done a fabulous job with this so far! This week's episode was the best since the pilot, in my humble opinion. And, as everyone's saying, Janice Lynch MAKES this show. End of story.

Also, is it just me or is Lea Michelle's acting a bit one-note? I feel like I've seen the same facial expressions, range and emotions from her week after week. Especially int he songs. Even the blocking in the musical numbers is similar week to week. Sorry, I'm just too much of a theatre nerd myself not to pick up on that stuff.

I'm not sure whether or not it's intentional, but the repetitive choreography (which does bother me) is realistic in the context of a high school theatre program. My high school used the same choreographer for every show, and while she did her best to diversify, there were a few moves we did in every single show. The audience may not have recognized it, but the actors certainly did.

You also have to consider the fact that virtually the entire Glee cast has admitted that they are in no way dancers; you shouldn't expect complicated modern/jazz/tap dance from everyone (and if they did those routines impeccably, we'd all call it unrealistic anyway).

Long time reader and lurker, first time caller...

In answer to TomLo's question about the musical numbers that are in fantasyland... I am mixed. I do enjoy them but for some reason it takes me a sec to take it all in and tell myself it's not part of a Glee number...

My final opinion is that they should keep them because as we all know this show is not plausible and we are watching it to be entertained more than anything. And what's more entertaining than a splashy musical?!


I've only been watching a few weeks, thanks to TLo, and I'm fine with the break-into-song moments. What I don't understand is why all the songs need soloists? Is that all that Glee clubs do now? When I was in school 20+ years ago, we sang many songs as A GROUP with really nice harmonies, not just as solos with back-up singers.

I get that this show isn't focused on classical choral repertoire (although I loved the "O Fortuna" moments with Sue Sylvester), but I would appreciate hearing some arrangements that had true harmonies.

My favorite moment was when the kids were just jamming. Not auto-tune. It sounded great. I'm with the person who wondered why all of the sudden a "natural" song but my guess is that the cast is starting to form a "real" group and the sound is beginning to develop (I am a conductor of pop choirs). This takes time. Maybe they've evolved far enough into the show and worked together enoough to start doing some "live" songs and not that overproduced crap. The arrangements are really quite good by the way. Wonder who is making them. Thanks for blogging about Glee. I love to hear other's take on different parts of the show.

I got to catch up on Glee this weekend, so I can finally comment. Yeah! I loved this episode. It was a nice mix of comedy, drama, and music. And I don't mind AT ALL when the music seems out of place or out of the confines of a performance. I think that is what makes the show fun and more like an old-style hollywood musical.

Sue Sylvester hit her stride this week. Absolute perfection.

Someone else already mentioned this, but I also wanted to say that I loved it when Sue tells Will not to touch her, and he reaches out and pokes her arm. HILARIOUS!

An aside - Some of the Glee cast was in DC last week at an HRC dinner, our Fox channel 5 interviewed them. Jane Lynch says this is the role she was born to play and we agree. Best part of the news broadcast was Sue Palka, the weatherperson giving the news and finishing with, "and that's how Sue "C"s it" Most fabulous

Joss Whedon's going to direct an episode of Glee. And he talks about it here.

I loved the past episode it really really plucked at the heartstrings and i love how we start to feel for the snobby cheerleader. i must say though that the whole singing in the hallways thing is not doing it for me. i mean its just so unreal (not that the show is completely plausible).

I would be disappointed if they didn't sing in the halls. This little controversy reminds me of when West Side Story [the movie] came out. I was 16 at the time and felt like the world had changed when I walked out of that theater. It really was a life-changing experience for me.

So I was shocked and grieved when I talked with my best friend after she saw it, and she was making FUN of the gang members dancing in the streets! Our friendship never quite recovered.

Which just goes to show you there are two kinds of people: those who totally GET gang members dancing in the streets, and those who don't. Sorry I can't make that line more pithy.

This episode was my favourite so far - Sue Sylvester was ON FIRE. When she called out the kids as "Wheels! Gay kid! Asian! Other asian! Aretha!"... it cracked me up.

And I really liked Kurt's outfit in "Hate on me". Those colors look great on him.

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