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Glee S1E8: Mashup

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"It was a message from God: Rachel was a hot Jew and the good lord wanted me to get into her pants."

Okay, before we get into it, watch this (as if you needed to be asked):

Amazing, amirite? In fact, this may be our favorite solo of the series so far. Puck has a great voice, which makes us wonder why he's not singing male lead instead of Finn. Still, we've been bitching and moaning about handing the mike to anyone but the two leads, so we won't belabor the point this time.

Here's what makes this clip so amazing and how it's going to lead us to bitch again: while the camera swoops and pans during the song, we're treated to some great dialogue-free character bits: Rachel is swooning, Quinn is swooning (And can we say, we don't blame them a bit? Who wouldn't swoon while a boy who looked like that sang that song to them?), the lightbulb is slowly going on over Finn's head, and, our favorite, Santana, the girl who dumped Puck due to his poor credit rating, looks like she wants to vomit. This is something the show does very well: these quick cuts just to show a character's reaction to something. It's a great way to fill in the details on a character without taking pages of dialogue.

Now, why on earth would we complain? Just this: all those little character bits demonstrated that a Rachel/Puck romance not only works wonderfully, it opens up the show to a ton of possibilities, plot and character-wise. So what did they do? Dumped the idea before the show was over. Stupid, Glee folks. Very stupid.

In fact, much as we loved the episode, this dropped plotline kind of soured us on the whole thing. Sure, we never expected the kindler, gentler Sue Sylvester bit to last the whole hour and we weren't disappointed when she went right back to being sociopathic Sue at the end, but this, we just can't let this one go.

And the whole arc about the social repurcussions of cool kids hanging with the dorks - hasn't this been done already? A couple of times now? Will and Emma stare longingly at each other and sigh while Ken looks on, angry. Hasn't that been done enough? The Puck and Rachel pairing was the first thing to come along since the pilot that really threatened to turn everything on its head; the first really new thing to come along in 6 or 7 episodes. Plus, we would have loved to see the two of them share a duet. Aren't we all a little tired of the endless Rachel/Finn duets?

Okay, okay. We're bitching too much. We really did like the episode. Loved Emma's solo on "I Could Have Danced All Night," a perfect blend of character, costume, and song. And while others may bitch about Will's constant white guy rap, we think it's funny and besides, unlike a LOT of white guys who attempt to rap, he's actually good at it. We think he's cute enough, but when he starts dancing, he goes from cute to hot in a couple of seconds. Also, Kurt (and there's never enough Kurt to our tastes) got a great bit in when he took one for the team and pointedly asked Finn if his football friends would do the same for him. Nice little burn there. And of course, how can we ever forget the image of Sue and Will swing dancing?

Okay, let's wrap this up with our favorite quotes and a couple more musical numbers.

" I can't be caged in, Sue. That's why I got my tiger tattoo."

"Someone get me to a day spa! Stat!"

"You sunk my battleship, Rod. And you sunk it hard."

"I, for one, think intimacy has no place in a marriage. Walked in on my parents once and it was like seeing two walruses wrestling."

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LOVED the Sweet Caroline bit and 100% agree with you on your analysis of Puck (though his sudden awakening into his Jewish identity seemed rather forced). All in all, I was a little disappointed in this episode. Sick of the Will/Emma thing (not to mention the pregancy plot/s). Resolve it, for God's sake! Thank God for Sue--"You sunk my battleship, and you sunk it hard." BRILLIANT! Hand over that Emmy to Jane Lynch. Stat!

Can someone please post Sue's amazing kitten comment from then end of the episode? I almost fell off of my couch!

"If it is one minute late, I will go to the animal shelter, buy you a kitten, you will fall in love, and then one night I will steal…into your house and punch you in the face."

I actually thought this was the best episode to date. Maybe I'm crazy but I was grinning and swooning throughout.

Also, my husband pointed out at the beginning of the episode that he thinks the whole reason the show is succeeding is that the producers are going through all the songs twenty-somethings love to drink to at happy hours and weddings. (referencing "Don't Stop Believing", etc). His point was proven when they busted out "Sweet Caroline" 30 minutes later!

Loved Puck and Rachel! Love Puck- he can sing and he's cute! (And Finn is so boring and kinda dim.) If Murphy's twists from Nip/Tuck are any sign, this won't fade away.

Oh and Schindler's List being the turning point for him and his mother to be interested in being Jews??? Classic- happens every time I show that movie to my students.

I really enjoyed this episode! Given how the writers handle things, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rachel/Puck thing brought up again. Look at the Mercedes/Kurt relationship - Mercedes continues to be the first person to stick up for Kurt. And the continuity with Kurt still being on the football team. I think there is room for this to grow.

Unfortunately, "I Could Have Danced All Night" is not showing up on iTunes - which stinks. I think Emma did an excellent job!

And I agree about the Emma/Will plot... it just isn't going anywhere.

That being said, I want to believe that the writers have good things in store as we head toward sectionals...

when will pregno cheerio girl start, *ahem* looking pregnant?

Can someone please tell me who designed the wedding dress Emma was wearing? Obviously not the ugly one, the second one.

Boys for me it was all about the Thong Song, and I agree having Puck and Rachel become hot little sodomites wouldn't of hurt either. It was beautiful even with the obvious flaws.

I couldn't love Sue Sylvester more if I tried.

I want it on my desk warm from the laminator at 5pm. If it is one minute late, I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark, cold night I will steal away into your home, and punch you in the face.

I LOVED the Jewish mother guilt: "You're no better than them [referencing the NAZIS]! Why can't you date a Jewish girl?" Ahahahaha!

I thought the episode was a little weak last night, and definitely felt like a throw-away, but it had a few good moments. LOVED Talia seeing Shire in her brief cameo as Puck's Mom. I hope she'll be back.

LOVED Sue's little speech at the end about the kitten. Hilarious.

My friends and I got in a debate last night while watching about whether Will is cute or not. I said "yes." They both said, "NO WAY."

What say all of you? Cute or annoying?

"Sweet Caroline" - oh God, so great. I was melting right along with the other girls.

And the "Thong Song" made my life. The dancing was so hot, and just MADE the song.

There was one thing I didn't understand - after the girl climbed through the window and they were making out, it seemed like the guy's hair was a mohawk and then it either wasn't or he turned into another guy. It happened so fast I wasn't sure which.

And what's the deal with the slurpees?

Don't think you are complaining too much, boys! While I truly eno=joy moments of this show so much and really want it to be a success, I'm starting to lose interest.

They absolutely need to expand the plot. Very very tired of Quinn/Rachel and teacher/counselor plots. I want to hear other characters sing and have story lines. This would make the show much more interesting and less monotonous.
Do we have to resolve everything in one episode? It makes it feel like nothing happens. How many times does the number of Glee kids needed for sectionals have to be threatened? Boring.

Constant bright spot: Jane Lynch. Sue Sylvester simply ROCKS

Favorite Quote: "Dude, bros before high notes"

My favorite part: when Will went up to Kurt in the 'Bust a Move' and Kurt was like, "Oh My God..." and walked away lol

Look at the Mercedes/Kurt relationship - Mercedes continues to be the first person to stick up for Kurt.
I was so giddy when they started doing the "touching hands" thing during Sweet Caroline. That just seemed so organically high-school-ish.

HEATHER - the wedding dress Emma wore during the musical number is from J.Crew - the silk gazar Nanami gown.

How could you NOT talk Puck's "Are you questioning my badassness? Have you seen my guns?" LOLOLOL I loved it!!!

And I almost DIED with Sue's kitten remarks - HI-LARIOUS! She really makes the show.

And Emma's hair was so pretty in her wedding dress! Random comment, I know. But it's true!

As to when Quinn will start "showing," it might be a while. She's only a few months pregnant, if the timeline of the show is "real" time, meaning they haven't leaped weeks into the future with each new episode. Given that it's still football season, I suspect that we are on "real" time.

With my first baby, I didn't really start to "show" until my 5th month. Every woman is different, of course.

And it's not like this show deals with pregnancy in a realistic way. It's been said before, but there is no way in real life that you can find out the sex of your baby as early as Quinn did.

Although the Emma / Will lust-hour is getting really old, I loved this episode. Sue and the hot Jew on Jew action were hilarious. But I can't wait for the Madonna episode!

Also, Kurt's D&G clear raincoat? TO DIE FOR. <3 Chris Colfer

I also liked the idea of Puck and Rachel. Anything to show that hot boy off more! Puck's little sister's freak-out during the Schindler's List showing made me fall out of my chair laughing. That's some first-rate family time right there!

I agree that the Puck/Rachel plot line was incredibly awesome, and to have it be a throw away (as it seems at this point) would break my heart. He is so much more interesting than Finn at this point (also can't hurt that he's hott on a stick). But I did think that their "relationship" evolved a little too quickly into cutesy. I mean, they are so different, it would be great to have some, oh I don't know, reaction from some of the other characters to their being an item. And also a few more clashes of character than what we got.

Anyway, the rest of the episode I could take or leave, really not my favorite. Too much teen angsty drama without actual funny. Although the Sue romance had me laughing, especially his Tiger tattoo and her zoot suit.

Wow, crushing on Puck now. Sweet Caroline was hot. Great voice. Who knew?

Agree with Kattid about Kurt and the OMG/walking away moment during "feeling fine cause the girl is stacked". Hilarious.

Gotta admit I fell for the Puckster after Sweet Caroline. I too am disappointed that they dropped the Puck-Rachel thing so quickly. I definitely liked the possibilities. Maybe it will be revisited.

Will is definitely hot when he dances! he is leading Emma on, though, and that's a little disappointing.

Is Finn getting on anyone else's nerves. Can he really be that dopey and clueless?

Love me some Kurt! Get me to a day spa, stat!

Kandy: "I agree having Puck and Rachel become hot little sodomites wouldn't of hurt either."

Erhm...I think you mean "Semites"?

Oh - and how about the look on Emma's face when Ken talked about his toenails?

amanda, yes you can. via amniocentesis or cvs. you can't find out that early via ultrasound, which is the mistake the show made (which is extremely annoying, i agree).

Emma's song was wonderful, but the scene where I really cracked up was Puck just asking, "You wanna make out?"

"Yeah, ok."

Very high school. :)

Loved the Rachel/Puck pairing and I really hope they come back to it.

I cannot begin to say how much I hate the Emma/Will storyline. I can take or leave Emma and Ken as individual characters, even though I didn't miss them last week, but the love triangle is boring and distracting,

Loved Sue's zootsuit and was really looking forward to seeing her dance in it.

First of all I loved the fact other poeple got the musical spotlight. Puck and Emma singing. Will and Sue dancing. very cool

I too wish Puck and Rachel would stay a couple. I did like that they both know the other's true object of desire. But I would have liked it if they both agreed to give it a try anyway. That way even if they broke up they wouldn't be overly crushed by it. I too hope they revisit them

Curt's raincoat was fabulous

I actually liked Ken as the "bad guy" this episode. He showed backbone and was finally demanding some respect. Also Will needed to be called out on his relationship with Emma. And Ken was the right person to do it. For all his good intentions Will isn't exactly the wonderful guy he likes to think he is.


Audrey Hepburn would be proud. Great casting on Emma.

Amy Sez..
Was that really Jayma Mays singing? Is anyone ever dubbed on the show?

I think the guy who plays Puck is great as a supporting character. In fact, most times the supporting characters are way more interesting than the leads. Puck, Kurt, Mercedes - if I were an actor I'd much rather play one of them.

Loved this episode. I was out with Emmett last night so I missed the beginning rap. LOVE it!

The Thong Song bit was adorable.

@Christina: thanks for the tip. Didn't know that!

I like how they gave a nod to Cory Monteith's (Finn) musical background. When he was on The View, he talked about his audition tape and, having a limited musical background, sent a tape of himself drumming with pencils :) So it was cool to see that in the Bust a Move clip!

Another great quote, from Sue of course: "Live and let learn."

Ah, yes, wonderful episode - I actually laughed out loud more than once.

And how strange was it seeing Quinn stripped of her red Cheerio shell and in normal clothes? I knew it would happen eventually, but I almost didn't recognize her sitting on that chair in the final scene!

I have really been waiting a long time for a Puchel scene (I also like Puck way better then Finn, looks and vocally). And I was greatly satisfied last night. Loved this episode so much.

Totally swooned over Puck's "Sweet Caroline"! Damn you bad boys with your good looks and nice voices!! I was also upset they dumped the Rachel/Puck storyline so quickly. It had at least 2 more episodes in it. :(

Dawndilion, they've had Finn playing drums quite a few times now. I didn't realize the actor actually has a background in that.

Also, the reason Puck was so good last night was because the actor playing him is actually a singer/songwriter in real life. So glad they finally showed that off.

And how amazing was the Will/Sue dance scene? LOVED IT.

But how weird was it when Will agreed to teach Emma how to dance, and then he just basically danced in front of her? Between that and "Bust a Move," they seem to be forcing the musical numbers rather than inserting them organically. And how processed did the girls sound singing the chorus during "Bust a Move"? They have good voices! Let's hear them really sing!

Overall, they went from one of their best epsiodes (last week) to one of their, not worst, but weirdest. Just weird choices. A lot of potential that was then let go of.

"There was one thing I didn't understand - after the girl climbed through the window and they were making out, it seemed like the guy's hair was a mohawk and then it either wasn't or he turned into another guy. It happened so fast I wasn't sure which."

Anne: They showed Finn for a second to imply she was imagining Puck as Finn, who she would rather be kissing.

Ugh, I hated last night's episode. Well, that's an overstatement - I loved Sue Sylvester, and I really enjoyed Puck/Rachel, but their breakup ruined it. It just makes it seem like the writers are determined to restrict the show to two BORING plotlines (Emma/Will/Terri/Ken and Rachel/Finn/Quinn).

I am so sick to death of Emma/Will. Good on Jayma Mays for getting her sing on, but every time Will and Emma interacted in this episode I wanted someone to show up and punch Will in the face. Just sooooo sick of it.

Anne said: There was one thing I didn't understand - after the girl climbed through the window and they were making out, it seemed like the guy's hair was a mohawk and then it either wasn't or he turned into another guy. It happened so fast I wasn't sure which.
I'm pretty sure that was Rachel making out with Puck (the guy with the mohawk) but imagining he was Finn (the other guy she pictured).

Semites works, but I was thinking more old testament - sodom and gomorhea

I wish there was somewhere you could go to see where all of Emma's clothes were from each episode. I'm smitten with the way they style her.

She had a great mug from anthropologie on her desk this week when she was suggesting sunglasses for Finn and Quinn.

...o wow, I just now noticed their names rhyme. smart.

Kandy - sodom and gomorhea. Did you mean Sodom and Gomorrah, or was that a pun? That reminded me of when I read "King Lear" in HS English class, and we all kept calling Goneril and Regan "Gonorrhea". :-)

Couldn't watch. NLCS on last night and Go Phillies! However, I love to read the blog to determine if it's worth a hulu stop, and it usually is. Oh, and to keep the meme complete, Talia Shire has a Philly connection. Penn. I have a friend who went to school with her and dated her roomie.

Will had to sing TWO songs?! Enough already. Yes, the man is talented, but the geeky adult trying to be young again act is growing tired and embarassing. Let's see some moves from Tina, Kurt, and/or Mercedes. Is that too much to ask?

I knew Sue would return to form before episode's end, but I was hoping we'd had a short scene of her forcing Will to be her dance partner at the swing contest because she's just that competitive and wants to win.

Can I just say that in the picture of Will with the slushee all over, he totally looks like James Franco? Love it!

loved this line too: you must know something about cool kids from watching them.

something like that, Finn to Emma.

i for one think they'll keep up the rachel/puck thing. the show seems to me to have more continuity than you guys give it credit for (i.e. "it'll be interesting to see if kurt's still on the football team in future episodes" and he was). even kurt's crush on finn is sticking around after however many episodes, even if only hinted at. yes, there are plenty of unrealistic elements, but there's plenty of continuity for such a fast-paced show.

yeah! ho! wah!

"Also, Kurt (and there's never enough Kurt to our tastes) got a great bit in when he took one for the team and pointedly asked Finn if his football friends would do the same for him. Nice little burn there."

that part i didnt get at all. what on earth does throwing a slushie in ones own face accomplish? how exactly is that supposed to "burn" finn? totally stupid. also: why is everybody in the glee club - rachel, kurt, tina, mercedes, artie - taking those slushie facials so willingly? its like theyre getting off on it.

this episode didnt do it for me at all. yeah, rachel and puck were sweet and so was sues romantic adventure. but otherwise the ep was all over the place.

My favorite line (and I wish I was sure this was exact, but may not be):
Finn to Kurt, as he (Finn) angsts about throwing the slushee: "[I hate to do this?], I know how picky you are about the products you put on your face."

I rolled.

Someone asked earlier why Puck's hair kept changing while he and Rachel were making out - it wasn't. Rachel was imagining that she was making out with Finn instead of Puck. =)

That said, my love for Finn is gone. He chose football over glee club, so boo on him. Bring on more Puck!! =D

This episode made me go from disliking Puck to swooning over Puck. And he and Rachel really work together!

Will dancing and rapping = hunka hunka.

And I love it when Finn plays the drums. He's adorable.

elle dee said: I wish there was somewhere you could go to see where all of Emma's clothes were from each episode. I'm smitten with the way they style her.

I was thinking the same exact thing last night! Possible TLo post, pretty please?!

I have done a lot of swooning in my life. In fact, I am extremely prone to flights of fancy (I get it from my mother). And yet, in all my 22 years on this planet, I have never swooned as hard as I did last night over Sweet Caroline. *Melt*

Noah Puckerman suck my battle ship, he sunk it hard.

Really thought this was a great episode. I like how they incorporated the idea of the mashup and combining two things that you wouldn't expect to go together into nearly all the plotlines:


I'm really loving this show more than I ever anticipated.

To yeah! ho! wah! said... :

Curt taking the slushie was him giving an act of kindness/compassion in spite of Finn's desertion and betrayal. Curt knew as part of Finn regaining his status and acceptance from his fellow footballers, he would have to be slushied. The consequences would be dire if it didn't happen. Curt was willing to openly humiliate himself to help Finn out and relieve him of the moral dilemma. He was saying that none of his so called jock buddies would ever even consider such a sacrifice especially for someone that turned their back on them. Curt knows he that much of a person

There's nothing masochistic about the Glee kids and the slushies. Before the football players and cheerios joined, Glee club was only composed of those of the lowest social order. People of their rank are considered fair game for humilaition and torment much like in a caste system. It's something they just have put up with during their tenure in high school

Ergo why rachel was constantly telling Quinn she will need Glee in the long run since people will ostracize her for her pregnancy. Glee is something Quinn will still be allowed to enjoy and floursih w/people who will support her.


I really liked this episode. Puck was great, loved Sweet Caroline. My favorite part was "Do you want to make out?" "Yea ok."

I am apparently in the minority, but I like Emma even though her unrequited love triangle story is a little tired. I love how they style her and the actress who plays her nails her OCD. I love the way she always holds her little hands up like when you do a sterile procedure. LOL when she was in the Lady Di dress too.

I wouldn't rule out a Puck/Rachel team-up in a Pygmalion plot sort of way--Puck resolves to help Rachel get Finn if she'll help him get Quinn, then Rachel gets with Finn and realizes he's rather vapid and boring and misses hanging out with Puck.

Worst episode ever. Will's Bust-a-Move dance/song was creepy and borderline inappropriate. The Thong Song dance/song was so embarrassing that I could barely watch. The Puck-Rachel hook-up was ridiculous and completely out of character for both of them.

The only good thing I can say about the episode is that the Sue storyline was hilarious (loved the zoot suit!) and I was ecstatic that we didn't have to suffer through more of Terri's Adventures in Fake Pregnancy. The Kurt slushie thing was good too.

So I did a little research if anyone cares... Here's an interview with Glee’s costume designer, Lou Eyrich, in which discusses where he gets Emma's looks:

RE: Emma's clothes -- has an interview with the Glee stylist about Emma's look:

I think Puck and Rachel work a lot better than her and Finn. I'm holding out hope for that pairing to make a reappearance over the rest of the season.

And I completely agree with you that singing/dancing Will goes from cute to hot in a second!

Yup, totally agree with you guys. Will=adorable most of the time (despite the fact that he's no Mr. Nice Guy), but SingingAndDancingWill=HOT! I actually thought they were going to let his character develop a conscience a little in this episode, after he had the talk with the coach, but then he goes and takes Emma dress shopping and twirls her around, gazing into her eyes. Grr.

I was a little confused by this episode, though. Maybe I just have the wrong concept of "mashup", but how was Sweet Caroline (much as I loved the number) a mashup? I thought a mashup was supposed to combine two different things, like that awesome YouTube video that is a "Hey Ya" and Peanuts mashup. Is doing an acoustic guitar version of Sweet Caroline really a mashup?

"Anonymous (2:03pm) said...
Really thought this was a great episode. I like how they incorporated the idea of the mashup and combining two things that you wouldn't expect to go together into nearly all the plotlines:


I'm with you. The entire episode was about mashups. Some work, some don't, some need a little tweaking.

Puck can sing to me anytime. :)

Lisa Lisa, sans Cult Jam

Kris, I think he gave them their assignment he told them to find a song that was very different from (but would go well with) "Bust a Move," with the idea of making a mashup later, not to actually make a mashup of the two to perform in class. I was a little confused by that too and had to go back.

I guess I'm in the minority, since I didn't really buy the Puck/Rachel thing at all, and was glad it ended so soon. Puck is hot, in a 'rough bar fuck' way, while Finn is adorable in a more 'boyfriend' kind of way, and I just see Rachel with that type more.

I also LOVE Will (Matthew Morrison is so hot), and really enjoy the Will-Emma storyline (they so belong together!). They've got great chemistry together. I swooned when they danced together, once I got past the utter cheese. Or I dunno, maybe it's because I know how that aching of wanting someone you can't have and I can relate. Plus, Terri's just a straight-up bitch, and Will CANNOT end up with her. He is too good and pure, (and looks way too fine in a t-shirt) lol.

2:51 I agree with you--where were the mashups?? I didn't hear one. I kept waiting for Sweet Caroline to slide into Busta Move.

few posters have mentioned Talia Shire as Mrs Puckerman - it was actually Gina Hecht who I remember from her days playing a supporting role on Mork and Mindy.

I was getting soooo much second-hand embarrassment for Will when he was singing the Thong Song, I could hardly watch!

LOVED Sue dancing with him, though.

And agree with some above: Kurt's silent "Oh my god" CRACKED me up!

I found this blog on Emma's style, too!

Hi Guys-- FOX just had YouTube pull all of the Glee Sweet Caroline renditions, due to "copyright violation." Looks like you need to relink to Fox' video.

btw, they haven't found this, yet:

A Kurt and Puck romance! aka "Purk"

@Maggie at MagsRags: you're right!

Wow. I'm red faced now for saying that was Talia Shire. Oops!

Gina Hecht was on Mork & Mindy. What a blast from the past. Wow.

Loved the line by Emma to Quinn and Finn: "Too many friends on myspace?"

I thought it was Bros before "Heigh-hos". That and the Thong Song had me laughing it up in my office like a deranged hyena.

I'm still on the fence with this one.

Yeah, count me as an ADD flunkie because I'm more interested in the musical numbers then the romantic plots.

I guess 'Fame' is still part of my subconscious, and I keep comparing 'Glee' to that.

Am I the only one who was hoping that after getting ditched by her anchorman, Sue would enter the dance contest with Will and kick ass? I would have liked to see that.

And Emma in her wedding gown--made me want to divorce my husband just so I could get married again in that dress.

Don't get me wrong I love Glee and I liked this episode but it was probably my least favorite. Firstly, I was kinda confused at certain points, like when Puck sang Sweet Caroline in response to Schu asking if anyone had a mash-up for Bust a move...but it wasn't a mash-up at all. Speaking of confusing mash-ups, the Thong Song and I Could Have Danced All Night were played at completely different points and never even attempted to be mashed up.

Puck and Rachel make a good match but it was never really established whether they were dating, just make out buddies or nothing at all. And then it just ended like that.

I liked the Sue plotline but it suffered from the same problem, jumping around from I'm in Love to I'm a Swinger to Sue's back to normal way too fast. And I really didn't think the news reporter was referring to swing dancing at first, he said "I'm a Swinger" (as in open relationships) so when Sue and Schu started dancing (it was completely amazing so I'm not really mad at them for it) I had no idea what was going on.

Meh, all of the musical numbers felt forced and none really involved the Glee club members so compared to last week's amazing episode this one let me down.

Okay, so Puck is cute, but, no, that's not a great voice.

Hey everyoneeee,

Just wanted to say that I think everyone (like myself) who wants to see the Puck/Rachel thing again DEFINITELY will. I know this show has its surreal moments, but they have captured some key parts of being a high schooler (unrequited love that makes Rachel do ANYTHING, Kurt coming out, etc) REALLY well. In order for something like Puck and Rachel to be authentic, it would HAVE to go back and forth because he was just a jock who would have slushied her like 2 weeks ago. That's how high school is, relationships DO only last half a second, and then they come back, etc.

On a similar note, I think to go along with TLo's comment that they do a good job with expressions telling a whole story, I think those slushies are meant to do the same. Without endless scenes of people just saying random awful things to the nerds, they convey their status with a simple act. This was ESPECIALLY clear in the moment Puck got slushied, Rachel was wearing a raincoat and he wasn't yet.

This was my absolute favorite episode since the pilot, and I watched it twice/back-to-back last night - it was so good! But I agree - the show is on Fast Forward. I've thought that ever since the third episode when they brought the cheerleaders and football players onto into the glee club. I thought that should have been saved for season two, or, at least well into the first season. Same with Quinn's pregnancy, the Ken/Emma marriage, Kurt's coming out - all great scenes and plot twists that would be even better if we'd had a little more time to develop relationships with the characters. I'm afraid they'll run out of drama by season two, the show will jump the shark before then. All that said, I LOVED loved loved this episode.

I've stopped watching the show--it frustrates me--but I still love the musical numbers and your comments... Thanks for posting both!

Fashion Trivia: the first wedding dress Emma wore is a copy of Princess Diana's. It was a monstrosity in 1981, and it's still a monstrosity!

Love this show! Thanks for the recap, guys.

Puckerberry all the way!
As much as I love the really is becoming the same thing over and over again, and Puckerberry is a great way to get a new facet of the show in.
Plus, I'm not wild about Finn, He's a bit dim.
and Puck is absolutely gorgeous.
I have a feeling, and am hoping, that this wasn't just a throw away and that it'll show up again some time, I just hope it's sometime soon.

First time Will looked cute to me. He turned on the charm or was getting the "cute" edit..:-)

I loved this episode. I don't know why anyone thinks that any of the characters are sweet and innocent, and this episode clarified that by adding Ken to the list of total a-holes. Ken is clearly obsessed with Emma (He says he loves her, but how well does he really know her when she has been avoiding him all along?), and he is the one enabling his own self-destructive relationship.

On the plus side, this episode had so many little things that impressed me. The scene with Puck's family, from the little girl screaming and running away to Puck's mom's ridiculous guilt trip, was priceless. And during the "I Could Have Danced All Night" scene (which I am rewatching over and over on Hulu because Jayma Mays is amazing in that scene), my friends and I kept expecting the shop employees to make the "so when's the wedding" cliché, but the director got the message across and avoided the cliché by lingering on the approving glances of the employees for just a second. That is an example of great direction.

However, I'm now adding Will to the "no more songs" list. He, Rachel, and Finn need to have a break for, like, 3 episodes. (And when Will does sing again: no more rap. I get it. Matthew Morrison is a white man who can legitimately rap. You've only done it THREE TIMES.) Ugh. More Artie, Tina, Kurt, and Background Singers!

The two best moments had Kurt in them. His silent "Oh my god..." during 'Bust a Move' and when he touched hands with Mercedes.

So tired of the pregnancy story lines. More Puck/Rachel!

I know Emma's dress was from J. Crew but anyone know where her headband was from...LOVED it!

Here's a blog, Midwestern Cliche, that is giving all the dirt on where Emma's clothes come from. Enjoy!

I had a lot I wanted to comment on but I think everyone hit on all of them -

the football team said "bros before Hi-Hos" according to the closed captions

Rachel was imagining Finn in that scene

I would have liked to see Sue & will enter the dance contest and win

I am sure they will go back to rachel & puck...

OK two no one said -

the reason they didn't do a mashup in the end is because "some things just don't go together" (I forgot which character said it)

and - hilarious if you are jewish... the Puckerman family annual ritual of watching schindler's list on Simchat Torah??? LMFAO - one of the most joyous holidays of the jewish year.

Honestly, I don't mind Will rapping. But my favorite thing about it is Kurt's reaction to it. He's always just shy of an outburts of "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!"

Also, I'm crossing my fingers that the Rachel/Puck thing isn't REALLY over. Surely they won't jut let it be over and done with that easily..?

Oh well, one can hope.

can any of the guys actually sing? everyone keeps complementing puck's voice but all i hear is autotune.


Is is wrong that I was bothered by Emma's pronunciation of "danced" in her solo? I just wanted that soft 'a' of a British accent, even if the singer isn't British. It's nit-picky, but I love 'My Fair Lady', so it just grated on me.

My 14 year old daughter is a big fan of Glee and a big fan of this website. She was talking about Rachel's dads and how they seem to be important to her but we've never seen them. Who should play her dads? She looked right at me and said, "Tom and Lorenzo."

stillnadine, we've seen pictures of her dads, in the first episode. It was a visual gag where she mentioned how they don't know which of them is her biological father, but since one dad is black and the other is white (and Rachel doesn't really look black), it was obvious whose genes she got.

At least... I'm pretty sure that happened.

Bryan Z. that is what happened with Rachel's dads. I am guessing that they will be shown for the first time cheering at Sectionals.

Loved the Emma's styling sites that were posted. thx

OK, but Will asks for contributions to the mashup, then Puck says "I've been working on something" and sings a solo that has nothing to do with the mashup. The writers could do a much better job of tying the musical numbers in to the actual plot.

Madeline - Will asked for songs that do NOT go with Bust A Move... so Puck's song was fine.

Finally caught up on Glee, and am enjoying it quite a bit.

However, so many bitchy females are annoying me a little. And their lies are so serious and disturbing! Sometimes it really gets to me.

I really hope that the episode following the next (duets) has a Puck and Rachel duet. I WOULD DIE (of happiness).

That rendition of "Sweet Caroline" has pretty much committed me to Glee forever. My favorite episode yet!

I'm surprised you guys would wonder why Puck wouldn't be singing lead. He obviously doesn't have the wholesome, preppy look that Finn has.

Finn is the cute, preppy quarterback every mother would love whereas Puck, although a great singer, has a decidedly "bad-boy" look and will never be leading man.

"Finn is the cute, preppy quarterback every mother would love whereas Puck, although a great singer, has a decidedly "bad-boy" look and will never be leading man."

I have to disagree. Finn can be bland and boring, Puck is sexy and has the moves. Also, when he sings, you fall into his eyes. -did I say that out loud?

OMG, yes -- when Will dances, he goes from cute to hot, for sure. This is *nothing* against gay guys, whom I adore ... but to me, there's not much hotter than a straight boy who can dance. (Dancing gay guys are hot too, but I'm less likely to crush on them. :-)

You missed the best quote of all, which was when Puckerman said "Are you questioning my badassness? Have you seen my guns?"

I know it might've been mentioned before... but did you guys know that Kurt's clear raincoat was a Dolce Gabbana one? Full length and fabulous... I heart Kurt.

Loved the Sweet Caroline bit, but I can't get onto the Puck bandwagon just because he is the mirror image of a very horrible ex-boyfriend that I had, right down to the mohawk. (UGH!)

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