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Glee S1E6: Vitamin D

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This was easily the tightest episode so far. For the first time, they managed to combine plot, humor and musical numbers. In previous episodes the best we could expect was 2 out of 3. While the numbers, a mashup of "Halo" and "Walkin' on Sunshine" from the girls and a mashup of "It's My Life" and "Confessions" from the boys, weren't as over the top as some we've seen, they were still entertaining as hell. They can't do "Don't Stop Believin'" or "Somebody to Love" every week, after all.

The key is to make sure that Sue Sylvester is prominent in every episode and this week, they once again gave all the best lines to her. Let's run them down, shall we? First, she said what all of us want to say when we're stuck listening to something we don't want to:
"Oh, dear God, please. Stop talking. I'm trying desperately to ignore the treacly sweet inanity of your asinine conversation but now I've got bile in my mouth."

We are SO going to find a way to use that. Then there were her interesting ideas about how to treat students:
"We're dealing with children. They need to be terrified. It's like mother's milk to them. Their bones won't grow properly."

Her views on motherhood:
"Me, I never wanted kids. Don't have the time; don't have the uterus."

And her descriptions of the glee club:
A "clutch of scab-eating mouth-breathers," and a "cabal of doughy, misshapen teens."

Say what you will about her, the lady knows her way around a sentence. Nothing tops her dead-on description of Emma, though:
"A mentally ill ginger pygmy with eyes like a bush baby."

When Sue wasn't chewing the scenery, we got some movement on the Terri/Quinn's baby scenario and we have to say, it gets more implausible with each episode. How exactly are both of them planning on making the switch without anyone knowing? Yes, yes, we realize that with a show like this you have to suspend your disbelief quite a bit, but since they're already asking us to do that with the musical numbers it wouldn't hurt to make the plotlines at least slightly plausible.

We feel a bit bad for the actress playing Terri, because she's actually quite good in the role, but she's saddled with a character who's awful and whose actions make no sense. The whole Emma/Will unrequited-love thing would have a lot more tension if EVERYONE watching the show didn't hate Will's wife.

So Terri takes a job as the school nurse to be closer to Will even though she's not a nurse (don't think about it too much) and promptly gets to dosing the drowsy kids with pseudoephedrine, which results in two very manic numbers, one from the boys and one from the girls.

A couple things here: the songs and performances are, as always, what make the show. But we'd like to see one of the other girls take the lead, especially Tina or Mercedes. Yes, they've made the hard-to-argue point that Rachel is the most talented and most driven, and we're certainly not complaining about her performance here. It's just that it would be nice to hear someone else take lead for once. They managed to do it with the boys. Finn got a solo but then they handed the mike over to Artie (wheelchair kid) and he's got a GREAT voice. More of that, please. We also liked that these two numbers weren't TOO polished and that for once, they really did look like homemade or thrown-together costumes. Emma never picked a winner, so which team do you think did a better job?

Let's see, what else? Well, we got to see an old lady get tripped on the stairs and wind up in a coma. That's always good for comedy. "They declined my offer to do their hair in cornrows." There was a sweet scene between Rachel and Quinn. For all the plot implausibilities of this show (which, for the most part don't bother us as much as we make it sound), we have to say the writers have done a pretty good job of making us believe that the popular kids and the dorks really can and do start to like one another a little bit. It doesn't seem weird to see Kurt with Puck or seeing the cheerleaders enjoy the hell out of themselves singing backup to Rachel.


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Is anyone out there keeping a log of all the great dialogue spoken by Sue? I was weeping when she was writing in her journal.

There needs to be a Website devoted entirely to the genius of Jane Lynch.

The plot impracticalities with the baby switch is really the only thing that bothers me about this show. The problem is, Terri said she was 3 months along to Quinn's few weeks. Are they really going to try to make Terri be pregnant for 11 months and no one will notice she's not had a baby yet?

Really enjoyed the scene between Rachel and Quinn as well.

And, I thought of you guys and your continuity concerns last night when the football guys announced they had to go to practice. I'm pretty sure I got a small glimpse of Kurt going out the door with them. Although I didn't notice him later in the locker room scene.

I thought it was hysterical that Sue lied about her age in her own journal. Comedy gold.

i was slightly disappointed by last night's show. actually the weakest, in my opinion.

as usual, jane lynch STEALS the show and the first 10 minutes were golden.

The best part of the journal for me is that Sue is supposedly 30.

Yes Terri too unlikeable. I understand why they cast the actress. She played this uber bitchy character on Nip/Tuck but even at her most vile she was still somewhat likeable and had some redeeming qualities

At the same time I am having a harder and harder time feeling sympathy for Emma. I mean props to her for calling out Terri but there's no way Will leaving Terri for her would end well. Imagine the scandal of a teacher leaving his pregnant wife for a colleague. And why does she have to marry Ken? Ken is a genuinely standup guy and I feel Emma is treating him horribly by "settling" and be so obvious and open about it. Ken deserves better even if he does have psioriasis.

Of course what makes it ironic is the actress playing Emma basically is in a role reversal from her stint on Ugly Betty. On that show she was basically play Terri, albeit a more likeable version who really was pregnant.


Cory Monteith's depiction of a kid jacked up on OTC speed was hysterical, especially in the mash-up. I could not stop laughing.

I've gotten so hooked on this show. I need to start writing these Sue quotes down...they're funny as hell. Definitely the most amusing part of Glee.

I actually really love Terri's character in a love-to-hate-her kind of way. She's second only to Sue/Jane Lynch in the "hilariously awful things come out of her mouth" department and she always cracks me up. The actress's delivery is dead-on and SO funny. So while she's completely unlikable, I really hope they keep her around to do horrible things with a crazy-perky affect.

I'm voting boys, mostly because I was afraid the girls were going to shake their heads off.

And Emma's discussion of what she wanted out of a marriage ("I still want to live in different parts of town...and I don't think we should see each other outside of school...") really encompassed what I think everybody looks for in a marriage.

But I literally had to pause Hulu when Will was explaining competition...with a Shark v. a Bear...and Lightning v. and Above Ground Swimming Pool because I was laughing so hard. Just go with it.

With all the praise of Sue Sylvester one would think there would be a picture of her in this post...?

I am eagerly waiting for Terri's non-pregnancy to be made public.

And doesn't it seem like Terri would require Quinn to have tests done that would perhaps inadvertently expose the father of Quinn's baby?

On the edge of my seat....

To borrow a line from PR, I was woeful about last night's Glee. Contrary to TLo, I thought the plot was boring.

I agree with TLo about the pregnancy and Terri's evilness. Both the implausible pregnancy story and the stupid meanness of Terri are annoying and get in the way of enjoying the show. - you can find the quotes from the show here.

Oh! And the line about Ken's testes not dropping was too much!

SpinQueen, just FYI, Jane Lynch doesn't actually write her own dialogue (unless I missed some article where she said she does contribute to her character's lines).

Sorry, but as a writer, it's always frustrating when people give credit for the writing to...the actors. Yes, Jane Lynch is fantastic as always, but if you love the dialogue, she didn't come up with it.

Loved the musical numbers. I'm still not convinced that Kurt and Puck would really hang out together, but whatevs. I also like that Emma is becoming more well-rounded - she's more assertive and even more vulnerable now.

My only problem with the show is they're trying to balance so many plotlines and characters that there's major continuity problems. But still, the show is so ridiculously entertaining, it's right up there with PR for appointment viewing.

The boys win by a milestone, It's a great mash up, I also like Artie's voice.

I H8 Will's wife, and I pray for Will to want to feel the baby kicking or something, and she will have to say the truth, and Will and Emma Elope and raise Puck and Quinn's baby XDDD

I spit out my food any time Jane Lynch utters anything. Sheer brilliance! And I preferred the guys act because it wasn't just the Rachel show like always. Plus I dig Bon Jovi.

Less Shue, more Sue!

I had to rewind that journaling scene to hear the bits I'd howled over. Best writing job since writing for Ralph Wiggam.

I think Terri is funny and love her "it means the baby's not a mongoloid" clueless lines. But yeah, either push the show over the line to Strangers with Candy camp or make it more believable. It's neither fish nor fowl at this point. I think I liked this episode better b/c it WAS just that much more absurd.

Fucking love the show and your recaps, Tlo!!!!

SpinQueen said...
There needs to be a Website devoted entirely to the genius of Jane Lynch.

I agree, she makes me LOL.

I adore the shpow greatly and yes it is plausable for dorks and the popular kids to get along. My father was a total jock, but got along with everyone, he was very popular and would help out the kids who were made fun of for being handicapped, or other thing that people made fun of under his wing, help them out and make it so that they would be made fun of less then before. Also My dad was a gymnast and did ballet as well as captained basketball, was the pitcher in Baseball, played QB in football, Captained the Swim Team, and won multiple state awards for the school gymnastic team...

I was a total dork who also happened to be rather popular. I won homecoming court all four years of high school and was nominated for prom court both junior and senior year. I wasn't a cheerleader, my time after school was dedicated to band, Latin Club, Japanese Club, and my school's Certamen Team. The otehr thing was my school didn't have typical cliche cliques or anything too, we all got along with everyone, and our school was on the larger side aswell.

What I think I am saying is that I that. Soming I love about the show is that unlike other shows and movies about high schools, the students are all getting along for the most part and beginning to have fun with each other ignoring the over used stereotype groups they were in in the beginning. And coming from the school I went to and the way both my father and I were, it's something I'm more used to and reminds me more of what high school was like for me.

Mercedes did have that fabulous number singing Jazmin Sullivan's Bust Your Windows, but yeah, more of that.

I know the recapper over att TWoP makes note of the different color sweat suits Sue wears, maybe I'll check one of the Glee fan sites to see if any keeps track of her zingers.

My vote for the win goes to the boys.

I'd have to give the win to the boys. They controlled their chemical-induced mania better. The girls sounded great, but they looked just too frenetic.

I loved the Halo/Walking on Sunshine mash-up (except the once-again really obvious Autotune, come on, producers), but the boys totally killed it. Finn on Sudafed cracked me the hell up, and I love it whenever Artie gets to perform -- that kid is so underutilized!

Which is basically my issue with the show as it stands in general. I care increasingly less about Will, Emma, Terri, Rachel... basically all the main characters, except that Jane Lynch and Cory Monteith have saved Sue and Finn for me. But I really wish they'd keep focusing on the other Glee kids, a la the football episode. More Tina! More Artie! More Asian dancing football player (I think his name is Harry?)!

I feel bad for Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri). I actually think she herself is hilarious, she just has such terrible material... I don't think there's any way to make that character likable, but I feel like she's really doing her best to at least make her entertaining.

Heard an interview yesterday with Jane on NPR:
She actually does contribute a line or two herself.

The implausible baby story will have to come crashing to a halt. How Terri has hidden her belly skin from her husband even now is ridiculous. He would want to touch her tummy!

I love this show.

Anon -- they actually had a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene last week about how she got out of him touching her stomach (she said she's worried he'll hurt the baby or something), so I assume they're hoping on coasting by with that, but what I'm more confused by is, are they seriously going to go another seven months without him ever seeing his wife's body? How is she making that work?

Personally, I prefer Mercedes's voice to Rachel's - it has a warmth I prefer. Rachel's is almost too perfect.

Does anyone else think that Quinn will have a miscarriage soon? The character needs to stay in her cheer uniform and be able to stay atop the pyramid.

Also a pregnant teen storyline will really weight down the whole vibe of Glee and if she loses the baby then Terri must confess her own hysterical pregnancy.

Last night was a really good episode but a few things nagged at me which were off. Obviously Terri is completely irrational in her actions but I can't see how else they could make the baby swap storyline work. I could easily see the season finale as a zany mad rush to the hospital and baby swap attempt. (Read Neil Gaiman's Good Omens if you want the most hilarious baby swap ever) All while set to music of course.

My other nitpick was Finn's random monologue. I know it was supposed to be stream of consciousness and help develop his character but it completely brought me out of it. Halfway through I was ready to use Sue's "Stop talking now..." line.

BTW, I'm guessing the false pregnancy becomes known before too long, but if I were writing Terri's character, I'd have her and Quinn decide to be each other's Lamaze coaches and then have them pretend to be coming home from one of their sessions when they actually go to the hospital, where Quinn delivers. Then Terri takes the baby and says that she delivered, too, while Quinn tearfully tells everyone that she gave the baby to an out-of-state couple because it was the right thing to do. Emma, who happens to be at the hospital for decontamination after an unfortunate condiment incident, learns the truth, but decides to say nothing, and no one else thinks to notice that Baby Schuester looks like Quinn and Puck.

Oh god, the opening journaling scene. "...and without my endorsements, I'll never get my hovercraft!"

But I think Emma stole the show when she went into the locker room to accept Ken's proposal - the sheer physical comedy, evidence by her posture and barely-contained revulsion...and then the clincher, "that's a better deal than I expected."

Honorable mention: hopped-up Finn, or when he describes his bedtime as "when Skinemax goes back to showing regular movies".

Also, I think Kurt did go to football practice.

I vote the boys (yes, I broke down. I'm watching. I couldn't resist Kurt.) The girls were a little too realistically frenetic.

Am I the only one who hates Emma? She's sowing just as much train wreck in her wake as Terri, easily. I asked a room full of teen girls last night "What does he (Will) see in her??" and they chorused "But she's adorable!" WTF??

I guess he was attracted to Terri at one point, also, so maybe that's the draw. He falls in love with crazy people, if they're pretty, at least. I, on the other hand, run from them if I recognize them, and I especially despise those whose craziness comes in "poor little me" trappings. I am going to loathe Emma if something redeeming doesn't happen soon.

And ya know, I find Sue as hilarious as everyone else - Love her character's consistent contempt - I suspect watching her & Will co-coach will be a peak. But my vote for funniest scene this show was Will gormlessly attempting to explain the competitive spirit to the kids.

I definitely vote girls, because for the first time, I found Halo listenable. And Finn's "dancing" during the boys' number hurt my eyes. Although, mad props to Artie for his solo on that. The actor was previously in a boy band, and it was nice to hear that he actually has a great voice.

I choose to believe that the baby swap will never happen because, even in the world of this show, it's FAR too impractical. I suggest everyone do this. It makes those scenes so much funnier.

Props to Jane Lynch for making those way-out-there lines come across so naturally on screen. She's hilarious.

I think the other blond cheerleader (the one who isn't Quinn) is my favorite minor character. I don't know why, although being in the Single Ladies video with Kurt and Tina might have something to do with it.

Speaking of Kurt, I can't believe you guys didn't mention the best part of the episode: When Will tells the club to split into two groups, guys to the left and girls to the right, and Kurt goes with the girls until Will forces him back. Literally rotflmao.

I, too, loved this episode SO MUCH. The Sue Sylvester dialogue pretty much made my life.

The other part that I loved (and actually made me cry) that no one has mentioned yet was Ken's proposal. When he said he'd try to keep her life clean of sadness, I started to bawl. It could be because an hour prior I had just said the final goodbye to my longtime boyfriend/bestfriend, but still.

Which reminds me that I love the parts of the show when characters you're not supposed to like say meaningful and touching things. The proposal was a farce, but that line... ugh. Tears, bitches. Tears.

FLOVE this show!

The almost cartoony unreality of the show makes Terri's horrible behavior still funny to me -- for now. It can't go on forever, but I'm sure the writers know that.

They'll find a way to leaven her the way that Sue is funnier for being so pathetic ("about to turn thirty" indeed).

And Yes, big-time credit to the writers...although it wouldn't surprise me if there were some ad libbing going on. Ms. Lynch is stellar at improvisation.

My favorite thing right now?
Howard Bamboo.
Just listen to that! It's poetry! And I don't think I'll ever again be able to say the name "Howard" without immediately following with "Bamboo." Love.

The thing about the baby plot is that while it is obviously not plausible that Terri and Quinn could actually pull off the baby switching scheme, it does seem totally plausible that a complete lunatic like Terri and a scared and not very bright teenager like Quinn might believe, at least for a little while, that they could pull it off. So, I'm gonna give it a pass for now.

Ken's proposal to Emma was surprisingly sweet; little things like that improve the show and make it less one-dimensional IMO.

I LOVED Jane's description of Emma and the journal scene. :roflmao:

Oooh, have to add:

Looking forward to this co-directorship. Jane Lynch is a really good singer as well, so I'm dying to see what comes of this!

Jessalyn Gilsig is the actress who plays Terri. She was a teacher, Lauren Davis, on Boston Public back in 2000. She played a self-righteous, uptight, prudish teacher and was really good at putting out the snotty, judgemental lines.


I hope the writers at Glee are reading the wisdom of TLo because you guys really nailed it.

It's a great show but if they don't get rid off/completely remake Terri and the nearly unwatchable pregnancy storylines, they are going to suck the joy right out of the show.

Rachel's character is great but, for gods sake, hand the mic to another girl!

I think Artie actually has the best voice. In the extended version of "somebody to love" he sings a longer part and is great.

I LOVE Sue Sylvester, but I have to give props to Terri for the line "oh sure, he's dumb like sand, and his fondue pot of nationalities is going to open your kids up to a host of genetic diseases, but he's kind." Spit-take inducing.

Boys win the sing off. How on earth did Harry do that dance move where he looks like he's raising himself off of the ground? We watched that multiple times!

I liked this episode. Though it frustrated me so much because of the whole Terri thing. Loved the musical numbers because they were hilarious to watch. I love this show so much.

Love the show, but some things make me feel uncomfortable.... like Quinn's bum cheeks in the first few minutes of the episode... shes supposed to be in highschool... its strange that they show an underage girls bum in a sexy way.

The boy team rocked the boy band genre, and with Kevin McHale(Artie) being a former NLT member, not surprising. Which is also why I was glad they gave him a bit of lead singing time in the piece.

The boy team also rocked the dancing much more that the girl team who looked like they were just running in circles.

Makes me wonder if the show hired a couple of dancers (the football boys) after auditioning the leads as singers and finding out too late that none of them could dance. Except Artie. But his character is in a wheelchair.

Emma and Will have such great respect for the other person's strengths, and a whole lot of compatibility, I love them as a couple, but then you'd lose all those furtive glances in the lunch room.

Jane Lynch is the best.

And I must add that yes although Sue is supposed to be the villan she really does have the best lines. But yeah I really don't know how this whole baby thing is going to work. Of course I'm hoping that Terri is found out before it can get that far but I guess we'll see.

I think I'm the only person who would be predisposed to love this show who isn't, well, loving it. I find the main adult characters, with the sole exclusion of Jane Lynch, to be painful to watch. The love triangle is so incredibly misguided -- the only way to make it possible to root for a married guy to hook up with the single girl at work is to make his wife horrible, but then you hate her and hate him for staying with her. I also think they rushed it too much -- we should have a dawning realization between Emma and Will that they're made for each other, not this instant lust/doomed love thing from the getgo. And Emma's deer-in-the-headlights demeanor is making her less and less cute and more and more incomprehensible as a love interest. Her relationship with the coach is also squirm-worthy in its sadism.

Of the pregnancy plotline, we need not speak.

When the musical numbers move the story along they're great, and I don't object much to what they did this week, but they feel more like fully produced music videos than a glee club rehearsing material gearing up for their big performance. They have nowhere to go if they're already so slick. I did think the girls' number worked well.

What this show is teaching me is that pulling off this style is much harder than Ugly Betty or even Pushing Daisies made it look.

I thought this was an Emmy-worthy episode.

That's the second Emmy-worthy performance in a single week! The first, of course, is Craig Ferguson's hilarious attempt to comment on the recent disclosures regarding his boss, David Letterman.

This pregnancy plotline is really sharkjumping material....I think they made a big story arc mistake before they knew what the show was and are now stuck with it. Quinn needs to lose that baby or run off or get an abortion, because this storyline is DOA and she's too appealing an actress.

Also, is this going to be one of those shows where a minor character takes over the focus from the leads ala Erkel. I like Matthew Morrison but they better give him more of character or Sue Sylvester will cut him up and put his bones in her juicer.

I'm with Mile G on this one. I'm hating the adult leads more and more with each episode (except Sue, of course). I want to throw up each time they give Will's character a singing/dancing scene. It's painful to watch. I had a jazz choir teacher just like that -- young, not bad looking, vaguely talented and totally convinced he could have been Justin Timberlake. I keep wondering if they're doing it on purpose -- if he's supposed to be a total loser and I'm just not getting the joke.

I think that Terri's throwaway comment about not wanting "Baby Daddy Drama" (not as fun when it doesn't rhyme!) could be forshadowing Puck's coming out as the father...Finn isn't really the baby daddy, after all.

And, because this whole thing needs quoting:

[b] Every time I try to destroy that clutch of scab-eating mouth breathers, it only comes back stronger like some sexually ambiguous horror movie villain. Here I am, about to turn 30, and I've sacrificed everything, only to be shanghaied by the bi-curious machinations of a cabal of doughy, misshapen teens. [/b]

"Your husband is hiding his kielbasa in a Hickory Farms gift basket that dudn't belong to you."

Love this show. Go Team WilMa.


"I guess he was attracted to Terri at one point, also, so maybe that's the draw. He falls in love with crazy people..."

See, I think part of the thing is that Emma's not AS crazy when she's with him.

Mlle Gateau:
"I think I'm the only person who would be predisposed to love this show who isn't, well, loving it."

Nope, you're not the only one. I am loving elements of the show but definitely not the entire thing. The implausibility of ALL the plotlines really wears on me after awhile. It's not just that they have numerous ridiculous plotlines occurring at the same time, but that they shove them all into each episode and turn the volume up to 11. Don't get me wrong-- I love the ridiculousness of a number of things in this show, but when you have such ridiculousness as Sue's character or some of these plotlines, you need to mix in some downtime, and I feel like this show barely gives us any that isn't heavily laced with wacky plot-links.

I really enjoy this show, I thought this episode was particularly good. I do agree that there should be more face time for the other characters. I'm glad that Harry got a little dance solo. And during the girls' performance, my eyes kept zooming in on Brittany (the other blonde cheerleader) because she was working it. I know that those two will never really be anything more than backup dancers in the show but hopefully they'll get little mini storylines here and there.

When you have as much fun watching the show as I do, you forgive a lot of the little things that may not be absolutely perfect. After all, we're not watching a gritty look at high school life. We're watching a High School Musical for adults. And I love it.

In addition, I'm going to the HRC National Dinner this Saturday, where Barack Obama will be speaking, Judy Shepard will be recognized, Lady GaGa will be performing... and so will the cast of Glee! I'm already getting chills.

I just have to stick my nose in once more to say this...

We've only seen 6 episodes of this show. Most series need a little time to really find the groove -- and everything we've seen so far was probably written (or at least plotted) before the cast was even all together. For such a difficult genre, I think it deserves a little patience.

Not that I think there are any serious problems - I'm loving it.

Is it wrong of me that I actually agree with everything Jane Lynch/Sue Sylvester says?

I don't want to be right.

Is it wrong to hope that TLo will be interviewing Jane Lynch in the near future? (The nearer the better!)

I'll have to vote 'boys' for the winner. Finn's "stomping-and-pretend-it's-dancing" must be tough to edit around, but I expected a neck injury during the girls' number.

Jane Lynch is my idol.

This was a tough decision, but I'm going to have to vote for the boys on the mash-up. Their performance on "speed" was funnier and more convincing for me. Plus, the 2 songs they chose were much more divergent yet it was put together so flawlessly.

I love this show.


I'm certainly willing to give it more time -- though I'm of the school that thinks a massively produced show on a major network probably has the resources to work on major kinks before production starts, and should do so. But then again, I'm also someone who thought High School Musical made no sense -- wtf? it ends with the BIG RIVALRY TO GO TO THE AUDITIONS??? It's called "High School MUSICAL" not "High School Musical AUDITIONS."

Anyway. At least we were spared the patented Finn-Rachel swirling dance moves last night.

Kevin McHale (Artie)has a great voice! Loved his part in Gold Digger, it was nice to hear him prominently in the mash up. Plus the asian-looking football player can really dance. I hope they do something with him in the future episodes.

Sue's beginning was priceless. I didn't catch the first couple minutes of it, but that's what Hulu is for.

The guys completely destroyed the girls this week!
I totally expected the girls to blow it out of the water but Halo didn't seem quite right for rachel, the dancing and head shaking was a bit too crazy, and the songs didn't go together all that well (halo was too fast)

On the other hand, the guys had great, simpler choreography, perfect song choices, and Artie was FANTASTIC!

The baby thing; I think that Quinn is going to tell everyone she's putting the baby up for adoption, so she isn't stressing about the details. And I feel like Terri is just stupid. There's no way to trick your husband throughout your whole pregnancy. He's going to want to go to the doctor's with her.

As much as I love Sue I think one of the most hysterical actors is being overlooked. We need more Sandy!! "who is josh grobin.Kill yourself!"hahaha

I thought the whole manic pace of the show was as funny as hell. I for one, sure hope Sue gets her hovercraft and Terry finds another implausible way to get back into the school -- who knows, with Sue's help maybe she'll be the lunch lady next week. I think the writer's will figure out they need to make her a little more likable -- after all there can only be one all-around delicious awful like Sue, but I really get a kick out of how lazy "busting her butt, for four hours, three days a week) and cheap ("I'll be paying for the eighteen years, I think you can handle the next nine months") cheap Terri is. Every bad soap has a baby debacle and this is very Melrose Place.

I finally broke down and watched the show, and i just don't feel the love that everyone else feels. It does nothing for me, till Jane Lynch hits the screen. She is brillant.

I guess I don't find the pregnancy plot to be a huge implausible stretch. If anything, the baby switch shows two things: it shows the desperation Terri has reached to keep her husband as well as gives Quinn a very misguided out in her desperation to maintain her "perfect" high school life. The two of them aren't thinking rationally at all, so it makes sense that the overall baby switch would not be rational to the audience. We all know this is a train wreck waiting to happen...I'd be very surprised if the writers are intending for the switch to ever take place.

I think I'm in the minority here, but I actually prefer Terri to Emma. I know that I'm supposed to hate Terri and support Will and Emma, but for some reason I just think that Emma is so annoying....

Cambrita said...

The other part that I loved (and actually made me cry) that no one has mentioned yet was Ken's proposal. When he said he'd try to keep her life clean of sadness, I started to bawl.

^Yes. Same here.

The guys win, hands down. Wheelchair guy was great. Girls were toooooo 60's without the sizzle.

PS thanks guys, for covering all this TV in your blog, I love your analysis', snarky comments and clips. Saves me time watching the actual shows. More time for Indie netflix!

The boys, for working in the whole "Gotta baby mama, what'm I gonna do?" angle with through Confessions all while having neither Finn nor Puck singing that part but rather having druged & manic Finn singing through a rictus Pennywise would be proud of about it being his life...

I love Emma. I don't love her with Will or Ken, though.

And I dislike Will. I mean, I get being attracted to a coworker. But if you're "trying to keep your marriage going" (as he is trying to convince others that he is doing) you don't flirt, repeatedly, with that coworker.

I don't dislike Ken but I think he's wrong for Emma.

And boys vs. girls...I vote boys. Finn on Sudafed is like a five-year-old on chocolate cake and ice cream. (Also I love Artie and want "his" episode soon!)

I think I'm in love with Ken! He's so sweet and totally overlooked. His proposal and willingness to work with Emma's neurotic tendencies was so heartbreaking.

The guys win, all the way! And I love Artie too. More of him please!

Donny B wrote:

SpinQueen, just FYI, Jane Lynch doesn't actually write her own dialogue (unless I missed some article where she said she does contribute to her character's lines).

Sorry, but as a writer, it's always frustrating when people give credit for the writing to...the actors. Yes, Jane Lynch is fantastic as always, but if you love the dialogue, she didn't come up with it.
If I may jump in, no one is disregarding the writer's here. The writers strike taught us all too well how much we need them. However it is Jane Lynch's delivery and comedic timing that sellss it.

boys or girls? I vote boys. Though I loved the homemade choreography in both performances, I found the girls performance exhibited its drug inducedness more than the boys. too much hairshaking and arms flailing about. it was bit messy.

yes on a website for Sue/Jane Lynch. She's my hero.

Those,to me,were not mashups, just medleys. Here is my idea of a mashup---50 centvs. Bee Gees I hope that works....


"Are they really going to try to make Terri be pregnant for 11 months and no one will notice she's not had a baby yet?"

I hope so.

Ha Ha
You know it's a good show when the reader comments are just as hilarious as the original posting!!!

during the whole boys mashup, i laughed so hard everytime i saw finn's face. it was just unbelievably *happy* that he looked like he sprained his face. also i bet the girls were feeling whiplash or something after doing all those crazy hair flips with their necks. this makes my life all the time

I think it's hilarious that you guys, and a great many of the commentors here, are looking for plausibility in the plotlines.

It's black comedy!

I watch Glee the same way I watch any of Christopher Guest's great satire. Did you two watch Best In Show and critique the plausibility? Undoubtedly not.

Same thing here.

I find it nearly irrelevant that the pregnancy plotline is completely unrealistic. I say 'nearly' because the irrelevancy is pointing to something commentary on the part of thew writers? The notion that this is all TV cliche?

I believe the writers are forcing the viewer out of the box. High-school cliques? Lets tear those walls down. "Nice" people can't be dicks and douches? Yeah, right...Will's pretty egotistical and vain, Emma's chasing a married man and is counseling teens when she's WAY more fucked up than they are...

I think the writers are pushing you out of your comfort zones, but you're torn because the music is kickin'.

Myself, I hate musicals. But I love the show.

I hate the pregnancy story. I hate Terri. There's black comedy and then there's crappy and offensive. Terri crosses the line. It's bad when you actually root for the other woman, and I am rooting for Emma to get whatever she wants.

Anonymous @ 10/8/09 6:16 PM said... As much as I love Sue I think one of the most hysterical actors is being overlooked. We need more Sandy!! "who is josh grobin.Kill yourself!"hahaha

Oh my God, yes. Lest anyone think I'm just uptight and have no sense of humor, this maladjusted, possible pedophile and complete weirdo makes me laugh until I cry. When Sandy and Sue get together, it's like some kind of perverse magic.

The boys win, hands down. If I never hear "Walking on Sunshine" again, I'll be happy.

It’s funny how the “bit” part characters often make a show. While i doubt you 2 ever watched it (though you should have), Gilmore Girls’s Kirk was theirs. I remember in a commentary or something one of the writers saying that if a scene wasn’t working the writing staff would always ask themselves “Can we put Kirk in it?” Power to the characters!

Hands down, the boys won. They improved upon both songs (the girls didn't) and the mash up was creative and pretty seamless (the girls' less so).

I also think Mercedes has just as good of a voice as Rachel -- just a very different type. I would love to hear her sing more. Tina's voice is a bit weak, frankly. She has by far the worst voice in the group.

Artie's voice is killer -- and much stronger than Finn's. Then again, all of the guys have a better voice than Finn.

Can't remember her name right now, but the redhead is really starting to get on my nerves.

" b3ar said...

I think it's hilarious that you guys, and a great many of the commentors here, are looking for plausibility in the plotlines.

Do people even read the posts before commenting?

Maybe it all those years of watching soap operas with my mother and grandmother, but I have no problems with the plot impracticalities. It won't be until aliens show up , or an exorcism is required, that I might (might) have some doubts.

Was it just me or did Terri look a little more pregnant in each scene. if she is to only be 3 months pregnant now she will be HUGE by the time she is 9 months.

Love Jane Lynch, she is so versitile. Glee, Criminal Minds, 2 and a half men. Very busy lady.

best yet, especially after a less than stellar episode last week... I was laughing my ass off towards the end.. and the wife as a pretend nurse handing out psuedoephedrine made me scream.... I hope they handle Will finding out about the false pregnancy well...
I agree that I want to hear someone other than Rachel sing. Esp Tina, who has a great voice, after Rachel'w whole speech last week about learning to cooperate to have friends, I am suprised she was lead this week.

I would never have watched this show if I hadn't read your recap, TLo, and the comments here. Last night's ep was really funny - and for someone who professes not to like musicals - I am enjoying the musical numbers WAY too much.

Anyway, Thanks.

I actually didn't have any issues with Rachel taking the spotlight in this one. I do agree that the other girls need to be given a chance, but in this one, she was the only one motivated and she clearly was the one who had to organize it last minute. It makes sense that she would've taken the lead.

Oh kids, it's not a TV show, it's a MUSICAL. Terri isn't a real character, she's a cartoon impediment to true love (Will and Emma). In true musical via Shakespeare comedy fashion, the other need to get together lovers (Rachel and Finn) have Quinn as an impediment. Eventually the lovers will get together, but then there will be others running amok and it will probably never be as good again. Sigh.

The conceit of the thing, I think, is that the kids actually have more nuanced emotions and intellects than the adults around them. Terri is insane and hatable, Sue is insane and hilarious, but let's face it, they are both villains. Quinn, on the other hand, is smart, lovely, and somewhat tragic. She's having a redemption moment.

I can't complain about the characters being one-dimensional given the whole two-dimensional aspect of the show. It's not "Show Boat", but it's not simple-minded and preachy like "Wicked." All in all, I love it for what it is and I happily await each new ep.

When are we going to see Rachel's parents? I can't believe they haven't had a scene with them yet.

I'm sure I'm not the first to point this out, but my teenaged daughter just noticed that Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale) is the member of a boy band (NLT). And in that group, *he's* the cute one. :-)

Girls > Boys, definitely.
But maybe it was because their performance was more funny in terms of portraying their drugged state. That dance routine was hilarious!

Strangely though, I have 2 sisters and a brother, and my brother agreed with me, while my sisters preferred the guys'. I guess they had that boy band appeal that we never understood.

I agree that the musical numbers are really what is keeping the show together. So who had the better performance? The girls had a better performance with choreagraphy and stronger vocals (I do agree that I'd also like to hear more of the other girls). But the guys did a better job of mashing the songs, they were more mashed and blended while the girls was more one song and then the other without as much blending. Ultimately I'd say the guys.

"We're smacking them down like the hand of God."

LOVE it!!!

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