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Glee S1E5: The Rhodes Not Taken

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Much Like Kurt and Emma, there were a couple moments when we were almost brought to tears last night. Yes, we're big drama queens, but can you honestly say you had NO emotional reaction to some of those numbers?

We wouldn't be, well, us if we didn't have a complaint, though. Last week's complaint was that there weren't enough musical numbers and thankfully, that wasn't a problem. Unfortunately, we had to do without much of Sue Sylvester. She got one very brief scene and frankly, it left us confused. Why would Rachel go to the cheerleading coach to gain full creative control over the school play? You know what? We're not even gonna dwell on it. This show isn't built for analysis or questioning. You just gotta sit back and enjoy it.

And enjoy it we did. There were some minor plot movements, like Quinn's pregnancy now being common knowledge among the entire school and Rachel and Finn got another kiss, but really, you watch the show for two things: hilarious dialogue and truly jaw-dropping musical numbers. Which one should we discuss first? Let's give a rundown of our favorite lines:

"That means the baby's not a mongoloid!"
"No, but I don't remember breakfast."
"I can't feel my lips!"
"I huffed a lot of upholstery cleaner in the '90s."
"I think they call that 'The Full Silkwood."
"He looks like an 11-year-old milkmaid."

Not surprisingly, most of the best lines came from Kristin Chenoweth, playing Will's former high school crush, April Rhodes. So good was she in this role that we were almost tearful at her departure. She just won an Emmy and she's looking for work, Glee people! Put her in the cast full time! Her attempts to win over the glee club members by a)giving Kurt wank material and teaching him that alcohol solves all problems; b) teaching the girls how to shoplift; and C) sleeping with the entire football team had us howling.

And man, can that tiny little pixie sing. We thought "Maybe This Time" was only so-so (because pairing her with Rachel was clever, but their voices didn't exactly blend). It was saved by that shot of Kurt wiping away a tear, though. Child, we fell out.

Kristin bounced back with Heart's "Alone" and it allowed us to have one of those little moments that only old married couples can have. Old married people, you know what we mean. You've been with someone forever and then unexpectedly you find out something you never knew; something that rocks you to your core. Well, last night, after 14 years together, Tom was shocked to find that Lorenzo has been hiding his love for Heart all this time. Yes, Lorenzo got a little teary-eyed over that fantastic (and way too short) duet between Will and April and confessed that he was absolutely nuts for that song and has been for years. Tom will need some time to process that one. Unfortunately, Lorenzo immediately downloaded this version of the song from iTunes and has been playing it nonstop since last night, so Tom may not get the peace and quiet he needs to come to grips with this.

Later, Kristin brought the house down again with a too-good-to-be-true version of Carrie Underwood's "Last Name," continuing a tradition on the show of having high school students sing songs that are COMPLETELY inappropriate for high school students to be singing. Again, if you're looking for this show to be realistic, then honeys, you are watching the wrong show.

Nothing illustrated that better than falling back on that musical standby: having the understudy come in without any rehearsal and nailing a fairly complicated number. Ladies, can we just say that that final number, Queen's "Somebody to Love" was the best number on the show yet and just about one of the best things we've seen on television in we don't know how long? Talk about bringing the house down. And yes, it was Tom's turn to, just like Emma, get all choked up. It's such an amazing song and those "kids" did a bang up job with it.

Is it us or is it a little weird to see the cheerleaders and football players getting into it so much?

Also, is it us, or is Will a bit of a jerk? He sure seems to find a lot of reasons to hang out with women who aren't his wife, doesn't he? And this is the second episode where he let his own ego get in the way of what was best for the glee club. We thought all along that he was treating Rachel a little shabbily to teach her a lesson but no, he was just being a jerk to her. Not that we're complaining. He was always a little too sickly sweet for our tastes and it's nice to see them try and make him a little more complex.

But we mean it, Glee people: bring back April Rhodes. Seriously. We'll start a petition if we have to.


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i caught last night's episode on time for once and enjoyed it. my husband was aking me, "Are you enjoying this?" because he wasn't quite sure how serious or unserious it was. He even mentioned how he thought the Carrie Underwood song was 'inappropriate for high school students' and I told him, "That's the point!"

I was cracking up the whole time. Like you i immensely enjoyed the musical numbers.

Isn't this funny - I didn't care for this episode at all. I guess I'm in the minority, but I find Kristen Chenoweth to be very one-note. When she started in on "Maybe This Time" I wanted to smack her and tell her to stop singing into her nasal passages. I did like her duet with Will.

And yes, the highlight was "Somebody to Love" which is one of my all time favorite songs. But this ep paled in comparison to last week's.

LOVE the episode! I freaking LOVE Kristin Chenoweth!!!

Someone needs to hire Kristen NOW! I mean seriously, how could they not? And it better be a show like Pushing Daisies or Glee where she can sing at the drop of a hat without it seeming ridiculous. I adore that pint sized woman. My one tiny complaint is that while last week seemed lacking in musical numbers, this episode almost had too many and not enough plot. But I don't think I mind as long as it isn't a weekly occurance.

I think that the inappropriateness of the songs isn't just an unrealistic element to's a very deliberate satirical statement. Just about every episode someone professes that they "just want what's best for these kids" and then they proceed to demonstrate that their devotion to competition, to performance, to's all driven by some shrivelled needy thing that hides inside the egos of the adults. Carmel High School, with their sixth year seniors, abusive choreographer, and "Rehab" gives us the artsy equivalent of Sue Sylvester sports figure. "Get the agony out of your eyes," indeed.

I was glad for more music this episode, but missed seeing more of the supporting characters. I would have rather seen "Last Name" edited WAY down to a snippet and gotten more Kurt, more Puck, MORE SUE!!!! But, then, that may be because I hate country music to a degree that can be a bit extreme.

I've been waiting for "Somebody to Love" all season. It did not disappoint.

I didn't care for this episode either, so GT you are not alone. Except I thought the Heart number was HORRIBLY lip synched by April and Will's voice just really isn't that great. Yeah, his character isn't the sweetest, either, but that doesn't really bother me - it move the plot along.

I should say I didn't care for this episode AS MUCH. Still enjoyable TV.

Wasn't Sue made the coordinator of the Arts program or something? Wasn't that how Sandy got his job back? I figured that's why Rachel went to her, because she knows who *really* has the power.

This was definitely my favorite episode of the show so far. And I also nearly cried at "Somebody to LOve"

I loooved this episode. But you didn't list my favorite line, which was when a drunken Kurt calls Emma Bambi and said he cried when the hunters shot her mom. I nearly rolled.

heck yea, the Bambi line deserves to be noted.

Great episode, but man, that actor who plays Will can not only barely sing (or can he? who knows, he's so overshadowed all the time), but it's also painful to watch him try and dance and move around the stage. It's like watching a (giant) fish out of water. And has Kurt sang yet? Other than the Beyonce routine, I can't recall him singing at all...

Kristin is the bomb....

"....there's always Branson"

I will love you forever for tossing in old black woman phrases like "child, we fell out."

But yes, Miss Kristin killed it. I'm still concerned about the pregnancy angle--and I feel horrible for poor Finn. How are they going to resolve both pregnancies--the real one and the fake one? And why should I have any sympathy for Puck at all? What a douche.

The guy who plays Will, Matthew Morrison, is Broadway actor with a number of high-profile roles, so I think they haven't properly showcased his voice yet. He sang "Leaving on a Jet Plane" in the director's cut of the pilot, and it was lovely. Personally, my main complaint last night was that I wanted the Matthew-Kristin duet to last longer.

I thought KC was great last night, but I don't think she ought to be a regular on the show. My problem with last week's episode was that you didn't see the Glee Club doing any numbers, and as much as I enjoyed "Maybe This Time," we got to about the fifty-minute mark in last night's hour before we got actual Glee Club numbers. And then there were two really good ones, especially "Somebody To Love." That's the sort of thing I want to see most.

I agree with you that Will has been something of a dick to Rachel. He was punishing her for going behind his back, but her going behind his back brought extra members to the club, and then he turned around and gave away her solo to someone whose voice was totally inappropriate for it. Quinn has a nice voice for girl group-type songs, but if you need a solo belted out, how would you not go with Rachel or Mercedes? I don't care so much (or at all) about plot realism, but let's at least have musical realism.

Oh, how I always agree. My favorite line of the night was about the fake id and looks like an 11-year-old milkmaid.

And the muscle mag shot where Kurt confesses his new BFF. And the post shoplifting shot, with the new bling. And the post shower scene, with Mr. Mohawk in a towel and April with her hair up in a towel. Hmmmmm, hmmm good. And the post silkwood shot, where Emma is barely able to walk because of those dirty ankles of hers. I love the visual one-liners as much as the one-liner one-liners.

And, yes, I went to download the Heart, Queen and Underwood songs from iTunes, like a teenage fan gurl.

Not my favorite episode ... but did like the songs ... and still luv the show.

Just a gleek-

P.S. I am bettin good money we haven't seen the last of April. Perhaps in May sweeps?

P.P.S. She's either gonna come back from Branson or Rehab a changed woman (for good or for bad) and belt out a tune or so with various life lessons.

P.P.P.S. For bad, I bet.

P.P.P.P.S. Just sayin-

My favorite Kristen line, during the bowling scene: "I think I'm going to keep these shoes."

I love her and think she should stay as well! She's just adorable!

LOVE this show. glad to know i wasnt the only one who choked up during "somebody to love" an hour just doesnt seem long enough, does it?

also love little miss chenoweth.

Yeah, "Maybe This Time" left me a little verklempt as well.

And it was kind of funny watching KC sing "Alone" with all of the Carrie Underwood references, since that was the first song Underwood sang on the first major AI challenge.

Jeri Blank anyone?

And as soon as that fact hit me, on came a commercial for the new Sony reader, featuring Amy Sedaris herself. Intersting.

Let's get Amy & Kristin together for a little Strangers With Candy/Glee mash-up.


Whoops - sorry, I didn't mean Will, I mean the actor who plays Finn...

@Gorgeous Things, ditto. Didn't care for the episode and don't always like Kristen Chenoweth. I do appreciate her being a gay-friendly christian, as far as I know.

@anonymous, YES! Amy Sedaris' Jerry Blank would make a MUCH better character, bringing the definitive laugh at this predictable high school musical!

Also, is it us, or is Will a bit of a jerk? He sure seems to find a lot of reasons to hang out with women who aren't his wife, doesn't he?

He is a bit of a jerk, and I was also thinking about the amount of time he spends with other woman, but can you blame him? This is a woman who is capable of faking a pregnancy and is plotting to take someone's baby. I hope they do something with Terri to make her less annoying and one dimensional. I don't want to hate her, but she brings the show to a screeching halt.

Kristen Chenowith gives me chills when she sings.

I think Will isn't supposed to be hugely talented. Will's voice is decent, at best, and his dancing skills are nil. They addressed the bad dancing a few episodes ago, didn't they?

Loved this episode, but no more or less than the others. Glee has quickly become a show that I love just because it's on. I'm still emotional from last week's scenes between Kurt and his father.

Alas, I'm in the minority. This was my least favorite episode to date, especially after following such a great one.

I [heart] Kristen Chenoweth but I just did not like the character of April at all. I'm open to suspending disbelief, after all, this is Glee, but I found April grating and implausible.

It made me somewhat sad to see Will acting like a jerk to avoid having Rachel in the glee club.

But then again, I never thought Tracey Flick got a fair deal either.

LOVE the Chenoweth! I miss her on Broadway and I miss Pushing Daisies. I will watch her in anything.
Loved her duet with Matthew Morrison. It was so cool to see the two Broadway babes singing together.
I'm not a huge Glee fan. I find Rachel to be endlessly annoying, Will is an idiot, and the songs are completely inappropriate for a high school setting.
I also don't see how Kristen Chenoweth can become a full time member of this cast after her character slept with the football team. I would love to see her get a show, just not this one.

Except I thought the Heart number was HORRIBLY lip synched by April

Yeah, KC's lip synching was awful there, and it was also bad during the country number. I wonder whether all of the songs on Glee are done with lip synching. If so, most of the time it's really good.

What a lovely morning... listening to Glee via TLo and having the Rachel Ray show (can't stand it... but Nina is on! along with some other PR people ; ) ).

The Kristen-Rachel duet reminded me of Kristen and Idina Menzel in Wicked. Idina would make a very cool guest star too.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Lorenzo, I never would have guessed you were a fan of that song! Nancy Wilson - one of the most underrated voices of rock....

Tom, I hope you can come to grips with that soon!

And as much as I enjoyed KC's singing...

Man, that Mercedes...

That girl can't just sing. That bitch can SANG!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope they bring Kristin back for another guest shot or two. Perhaps she'll pull herself together, find success in Branson and show up as a judge at Regionals?

The only disappointment this week was not enough Jane Lynch. Although she did manage to get in a zinger about tranny-wannabe Sandy!

Hello??? Have any of you been in a High School lately??? Not that I approve, but, my son's high school did Cabaret verbatum with "two ladies" & the MC bouncing under a blanket & the boy chorus in two piece booty short spandex get-ups. Seriously.

And, I could totally see "Last Name" in any of the acapella groups. It ain't Kansas everywhere people.

Am lovin' Glee - gladly accept the title Gleek. But wonder two things. Will they ever get the lipsyncing squared away? And, how did Will & Grace's Karen end up on Chenoweth?? I'm just sayin'...

"We'll get you sobered up, find you some underwear. It's not too late for you, April."


I love Glee. The show is very entertaining. Oh another thing, and this is out of the topic, can you also feature Drop Dead Diva, its a silly show i also like to watch and i want your take on the show too..thanks TLo

While I agree that "Last Name" would be a completely inappropriate song for a high school glee club, I wouldn't say it's unrealistic. I've seen dance recitals in which ten-year-olds dance to songs about sex, drugs, and suicide.

As much as I adore Kristin Chenoweth, I agree with TED that she shouldn't be a regular. I think she'd end up eclipsing the glee club members and then it wouldn't be the ensemble show that it should be. However, I wouldn't be opposed to anoter guest spot or two (or three).

I'm hoping we'll see Victor Garber and Debra Monk return as Will's parents (and sing something). And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Brian Stokes Mitchell guest appearance simply because his voice makes me melt into goo.

What blew me away about Chenoweth's "Maybe This Time" was her slight affectation of the signing styles of the time period in which "Cabaret" is supposed to take place. Entirely awesome. Still, I was choked up by the end, not so much because of the performance (poor Rachel was a complete dud in the role, and I'm glad they didn't show more of her), but because I couldn't help but think of Natasha Richarson. I hadn't realized until then that her death had bothered me so much.

We don't need more April Rhodes, but I think pretty much any show on television would be improved with a dose of KC.

I like how they had the club sing the completely inappropriate song with the inappropriate lead singer was participating; she shouldn't have been singing with the glee club, and they shouldn't have been singing that song. Perfect.

I, too, thought "Strangers with Candy: the Musical" or maybe just "Strangers!"

An embarrassment of riches. although, like GT, I found the nasal singing of "Maybe this time" really really annoying.

"Her backpack is always clinkin' with empties."

I agree with Gorgeous Things --- I am just a bit over KC....not sure when it happened...but I think it started with personal wardrobe, hair and makeup

Loved this episode! I was expecting KC's character to replace Rachel in Cabaret though. And wouldn't Kurt have been great as the MC? In the real world, glee members would have been in the musical. That's how it worked in my high school.

Early on I realized that Kristen's character was inspired by Amy Sedaris's character Jerri Blank from "Strangers with Candy" and I was excited. As the episode went on, though, I realized that the character wasn't inspired by Jerri Blank, she WAS Jerri Blank (albeit with a killer singing voice), and I felt a little let down.

It felt like plagiarism.

"Tlo said: continuing a tradition on the show of having high school students sing songs that are COMPLETELY inappropriate for high school students to be singing"

Yeah, but like every Hollywood musical (or religion), you have to suspend reality & disbelief. (Where in the country, is there a barn big enough for Mickey & Judy to stage those Busby Berkeley numbers? And wasn't everyone in town on stage? So who was in the audience? And how did all those animals fit on that that ark? And where was Celine Dion to sing about it?) Yeah, it's like that.

And granted, I missed the beginning of the season (I didn't watch til you guys mentioned it last week), but I couldn't understand why the drama coach was so nasty to Rachel.

I was hoping they'd find a reason for Kristin to sing 'For Good', but good to see her doing the songs they chose as well.


Haven't watched it yet but OMG Heart is one of my favorite bands! I prefer their older stuff but "Alone" is a great song and I can't wait to see Kristin put her spin on it. Makes me wish they would bring back Pushing Daisies...that was a fantastic show.

I still have major problems with the writing when this show tries for a serious or heartfelt moment, but like you boys pointed out, it's all about the one-liners and musical numbers, and this episode didn't disappoint. Some other favorites:

"Two months later...Versace was dead."

"I even stole a cake from a child's birthday party with the candles still lit."

I'm sure I'm not quoting them correctly but still, so good!

I also have to second the suggestion made by...someone that we need more Victor Garber and he needs to SING

I freakin love Kristin Chenoweth! She totally rocked. My favorite line was "Talent doesn't age, sweetheart." So true.

Psychedelic Furs and Queen in the same episode?! My little heart is all aflutter. More please.

Now Ididna shoud come in as Rachel's biological mom, the surrogate.

Everyone always talks about how similar Lea Michele and Idina are, so they already have an angle!

I thought this was the best episode yet, for sure. I loved all the musical numbers and adore KC. I *hated* last week's episode. Ugh. So I guess to each his/her own.

I also don't agree with the posters saying Will has a weak voice - I saw him in Light in the Piazza and man, he is good.

My one major complaint about this episode, which is probably a strange one, is that I'm sick to death of Finn and Rachel doing that same move in every number. They always walk around each other in circles staring into each others eyes and then reach at each other. PLEASE LEARN A NEW MOVE. I AM SICK OF THIS ONE.

Kristin? I died. I. DIED. Slash, I was kind of glad to see Will outrightly make an obvious bad choice. Like y'all said, they had been painting him as like... saintly Mr. Schuster trying to give these kids a chance and it was like, "BORING; DEPTH PLZ?" I almost wanted him to run over a little old lady and not feel bad about it so we could see him be a little more complex.

Rachel bothers me (I find her to lack depth as well), but I do really like that everyone on the show is using her to get their ends. She's there being liek "TALENT? TALENT? MY TALENT? TALENTSTAR?" and in truth no one gives a shit about it. Now THAT was the reality of MY ohio highschool vocal experience, my friends.

Oh yes, also my mom pretty much had every complaint in the book about how realistic this show was, including Will's spending all his time with other women, why the high schoolers were singing inappropriate songs, why Kristen wasn't in night school, etc. I ended up shouting, "THIS IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY BEING FILMED IN REAL TIME." I'm still not sure she got it.

"Maybe This Time" is one of my favorite show tunes of all time, and this rendition gave me goose bumps. I loved the contrast of the two women, and thought they killed it.

I'm loving this show more and more every week.

And, yes, they need to hire Kristen Chenoweth full time.

I love KChen, but it's weird how she has two (or more) voices, and doesn't necessarily use them at the right times. I didn't like the duet so much, for the way she changed her voice. She starts to get all cutesy and turns into Galinda.
As for Matt/Will - saw him as Lt. Cable last year in South Pacific - incredible!
Yes, Finn can't sing so much, but how many high school football stars can? That's part of the charm of the show

By the way, Finn has a much better chance of getting a scholarship - any scholarship, football or otherwise - if he gets GOOD GRADES.

But so what to all of this - I LOVE GLEE!

OMG, I love KC! I gotta start watching this show!

Glee + Queen = 2 minutes of awesome

I'm going to have to start watching

Plus those football dudes looked hot in their cowboy duds....

I love that Sandy's last name is Ryerson - a reference (homage?) to his character in Groundhog Day.

My favorite line, from Puck: Wheelchair kid is right. That Rachel makes me want to light myself on fire but she can sing.

This show reminds me a lot of the movie, Camp. Imperfect in a # of ways, kids singing inappropriate songs, but good gawd almighty when they SING....

I just adore this show and not having cable, I appreciate that it's on hulu without any lag from the tv broadcast.


I'm with Gorgeous Things and a few others in not being a big fan of this episode. Weakest one for me. I didn't hate it but

I've seem Kristin onstage a number of times and have loved her. On film, much less so. And this character just didn't work for me.

Marian S. - we thought the same thing! Get Idina to be the biological mother to Rachel. Would be perfect and they could do some killer duet.

I missed Jane Lynch terribly in this epsiode.

And the Heart song? Loved it! Lorenzo, have you seen The Virgin Suicides? Best use of a Heart song ever.

Can we talk about the shot following the Jewish kid's interview with Rachel (or more like disgusting breach of every kind of ethics and decency) where the camera lingered on his pants and it was obvious he was a little bit excited? My friends totally missed it, but it made me feel so horrible for Rachel. However selfish and bitchy she was being, nobody deserves to be treated that way.

On the other hand, that sequence led nicely into Finn catching Rachel staring at her chest, which I thought was hilarious (and who hasn't been caught in one of those moments?).

My favorite line from last night was, "We'll sober you up and find you some underwear."

I thought this episode was awful. God, that horrible bland "anybody could be singing this" music. The only bright spot was Jane Lynch.

I thought the line about Versace was hystrical..I'm surprised TLo didn't mention that amoung their favorites!

Kay, you are right; Sue is over the whole program, that's why Rachel went to her.

This wasn't my favorite episode either. Ok, I know they are all like 25 or something and not teen age, but I like it better when the kids are singing. And last week was soooo good.

Never saw KChen before until she won the Emmy in that adorable Zuhair Murad dress, which my daughter now wants for Prom next year. Anyone know where I can get a knock off?

Unfortunatly, I found out that my husband has a Willie Nelson CD, and I'm still trying to come to terms with that. No offense to the Willie fans...just can't do the country music thing.

Love this show! Love that TLo are blogging it.

Where can I sign the petition to have April Rhodes back on William Mckinley High (love that nod to early 20th C roots of American empire)? Maybe she and Sue can have some love/hate suggestively lezzie action?

GLEE rox! It's the best tv show ever. It surprises me every week!

As much as I thought KC's performance was hilarious, she did start to grate on me, as well. And I'm not a fan of her voice. I was more partial to Rachel's "Maybe This Time" bits than KC's, though I was drowning some of that out with my own rendition :P. I did love a number of the songs last night (Lorenzo, I am right there with you on that secret love for "Alone". I sing it far too often). The last number was definitely the best, though. I adore "Somebody To Love", and that was just executed so damn well. I was happy that KC wasn't in the number because I feel like she would have thrown it off.

As for Will's character, I'm getting Arrested Development déjà vu; Michael Bluth was the "moral" one who kept professing that he was trying to do all the right things and help others, but he constantly made very egocentric and horrible decisions only to have an epiphany at the end of the episode about his bad behaviour. Will seems to be heading into that territory, and I'm not sure that I'm liking it. I don't get his attitude with Rachel, and I don't understand why he stays with a wife he cannot stand... or why he doesn't know a thing about pregnancy (way to be involved, man). I get that this isn't a show that is meant to be steeped in reality, but the over-the-topness of practically all elements can get pretty tiring (except in the musical numbers-- KEEP THAT COMING).

Kristen Is so incredibly talented that the entertainment exec's must have their collective heads up their collective a**es for not utilizing her more.

I'd watch her peel potatos. She's that good.

My favorite episode so far. The pregnancy actually made sense (a little) as a plot point. KC magnificently sang the Cabaret song and the duet nicely showed (whether intended or not) that Rachel doesn't have the maturity yet, as a real hs student wouldn't, as well.

Best line ever was the "Bambi" line.

My least favorite episode yet. After falling in love with Kurt last week, I was missing him a lot. And, of course, missing Jane Lynch.

I didn't realize it was McKinley High until seeing the flyers this week. Any chance it's a Freaks and Geeks reference? Or do I just love that show so much that I'd look for anything anywhere (i.e. knew I'd like Mad Men because F&G creator Paul Feig directed an episode)?

Apologies if someone answered this already, but Rachel went to Sue with her problem, because Sue was made the boss of the guy (sorry, forget his name) who directs the musical. It was all part of her diabolical plan to use him to lure Rachel away from the Glee Club. So, presumably, if he were making Rachel so miserable that she wanted to quit the musical, that would not serve Sue's purposes. Hence her desire to give Rachel creative control and keep her in the musical. Oh, Sue.

In regards to Will's being a jerk, don't forget how he got Finn to join Glee to begin with? Hello, he framed him with the pot sample from Sandy! I love this show because it's always a study in contrasts - the characters are all inherently good people, but are constantly being faced with demons and trying to do whatever it takes to realize their dreams. LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Plus any show that inserts smart-ass comments at will is ALWAYS a good thing...

Re; the "duet" between Rachel and April: What I heard is how an older, more experienced woman can sing that song with much more feeling and really knock it out of the park.

As far as inapptopriate songs go, I was at my little cousin's show choir competition a few weeks ago, and the other groups performed songs like: rihana's Shut up and drive and britney's womanizer. These were 8th graders. So, I don't think last name is that far removed from reality.

I'm really glad we got a number with a full choir singing last night. I love some of the solos but in a show about a show choir, I want to actually hear the choir sometimes. That Queen number was fantastic!

And Other Eric and I were having a similar discussion about Heart. I was saying that I don't like too many Heart songs but Alone is one of my favorite songs of all time. So Eric starts downloading all these Heart songs and then I had to admit that I was wrong. I love a lot of Heart songs!

"Bill said: I'm with Gorgeous Things and a few others in not being a big fan of this episode. Weakest one for me. I didn't hate it but "

Even with its' unevenness, it's just so great to see people with actual TALENT on TV, that I can put that aside. TV has become such a vast wasteland for variety talent, that it's just great to see some when it pops up.


Music faculty in my high school were easily petty enough to put their favorites in a role over the person best suited to it. That's quite realistic. Love the review!

Loved this episode. As far as I'm concerned, Kristin Chenoweth can do no wrong. I think her sweet nature played nicely against this hard-edged character. There were moments when I really felt sympathy for her-- for example, when she realized how Will idolized her back in the day.

And sure, Maybe this Time belongs to Liza, but Kristin made it her own. Damn.

I, too would like another Kristin guest spot to find out how things turned out for April in Branson.

I so want to love this show, but even when they bring out such fabulosity as Kristin Chenoweth, I'm left feeling unsatisfied at the end.

I think I have a couple of problems: one is that the characters just aren't very developed, even by musical theater standards. I feel like I know Jane Lynch pretty well, and we're getting somewhere with Finn, but everyone else is either one-note or impenetrable.

Second, the plot threads are bouncing all over the place, and I don't know what to follow. I also think they're not very good at building suspense -- for example, on where Rachel is going to sing this week. Related to this is the way they use production numbers. Some of them are zingers, but they're not really what a fledgling glee club would sound like or look like (Last Name is a good example of that) and so I can't tell if I'm supposed to be rooting for these adorable underdogs to get it together and Put On A Show so they can win, or whether they're already capable of pretty slick, produced work. And Will's distraction with the fake baby plot, the Emma love triangle plot, and the power-funding plot doesn't help. I was thinking they'd build ability and showmanship through the season, and then wow us with the competition at the end, but they already seem to be there.

Also, would like to second what Cambrita said about the choreography! Learn some new moves!!!

Oh, to add to favorite lines:
I just opened a fresh box of wine.

So glad that you guys are writing about this show - I love it so much.

Gotham Tomato said, "Even with its' unevenness, it's just so great to see people with actual TALENT on TV, that I can put that aside." I'm with you!

It is so different from the zillions of medical/crime/cop dramas on TV. I would rather watch Glee with a few imperfections than another iteration of ER/Law & Order/CSI. At the end of Glee, I have a huge smile on my face, and that (for me) is great TV.

Oh, and Marian S. - I would D.I.E. of pure delight if that happened. Brilliant!

Rachael favorite line...Are you thirsty? I just cracked open a box of wine"

Doesn't Kristin do white trash so well???

Loved this episode, looooooved Cheno. "Somebody to Love" was amazing. I started squeezing at the 2nd note!

That being said, more Puck, please!

In a special that they did about Kristin's appearance on Glee, Chris Colfer (Kurt) made the funniest comment ever:

“Working with Kristin is what I can imagine a priest would go through if they worked with Jesus.”

Talk about falling out!

Cambrita said: I'm sick to death of Finn and Rachel doing that same move in every number. They always walk around each other in circles staring into each others eyes and then reach at each other. PLEASE LEARN A NEW MOVE. I AM SICK OF THIS ONE.

Soooo motto.

I seriously laughed for a minute straight when Kristin Chenoweth walked out of the shower room. I DIE.

I was a little underwhelmed with "Maybe This Time", but she really pushed it out for "Alone" - which wasn't nearly long enough. Lorenzo has excellent-yet-secret-as-it-ought-to-be taste in music.

I wish this was the kind of show that wouldn't tease out a romance for too long, but something tells me Rachel and Finn won't be hooking up until Rachel's damn near graduating. OY.

least favorite ep so far; not even jane lynch, strange plot (strangers with candy crashing glee club) i think cheonweth did a great job just odd for a show only in 5th episode to completely revolve around the special guest star. some great lines again though! agree with poster about get a new move finn, the circling around looking into each others dreamy eyes, ack!

so the lip synching is TERRIBLE

but this show is so adorable

Somebody to Love is one of my favorite songs ever, and they sang it AMAZINGLY. I feel like this one is going to get so much airplay now, as Don't Stop Believing did over the summer

Loved Kristen, and she could definitely be a regular, they need to get Zac Efron for the next guest appearance.

Favorite line:

Sue: When I heard Sandy wanted to write himself into a scene as Queen Cleopatra, I was aroused. And then furious.

I'll be up, love, LOVE the Chenoweth! Her performance of "Glitter and Be Gay" is astounding!

I really didn't see the Jeri comparison. Jeri is sophmoric and to be honest, the antithesis of alluring. The comparison....older student, blonde, manipulative, back in high school was plainly too superficial and really so, so far from accurate.

That said....April Rhodes was a one note role. If Kristen were to stay it would absolutely have to transition into something more...just as all of the other characters have had to establish depth as the season chick, jock, gay guy, wheelchair guy, arts teacher, cheerleader. They're all stereotypes that the show is just now fleshing out...absolutely no reason why they couldn't do that for KC as April Rhodes.

So I'm with TLo...where's the petition?! Where do I sign?

Oh, and the many voices of Kristin Chenoweth? I saw her pay homage to the many, many voices of Sally Bowles...Julie Harris, Jill Haworth, Liza! And of course...Kristin.

So while others were wondering 'what's with her voice?', I saw reverential tribute to the actresses who've performed an iconic role. Not a flaw...PURE TALENT!


Oh, and the many voices of Kristin Chenoweth? I saw her pay homage to the many, many voices of Sally Bowles...Julie Harris, Jill Haworth, Liza! And of course...Kristin.

So while others were wondering 'what's with her voice?', I saw reverential tribute to the actresses who've performed an iconic role. Not a flaw...PURE TALENT!


The old married people nailed it. Isn't it so strange to find out something new after being together so long? I keep thinking that will stop but two decades in and it keeps happening.

The wiped tear? We had to hit pause to gather ourselves. Love!

I thought having Rachel come in for that solo was musically NONSENSICAL. I mean Rachel quit because she didn't get a solo, which was for The Good Of Glee because it's dumb to pin all your hopes on one member, and others need a workout. So they solve it by... going to get another powerhouse. Hmmmmmm.

OK: in the Real World this does sometimes happen because you can sometimes only have one or two people who can sing like that. but this is TVland, really *ridiculous* TVland too, and I'm not thrilled by the whole white-girl-and-white-guy-take-the-lead while disabled guy, black girl, asian girl, and gay guy get to sing background and stereotypically appropriate moments - so Mercedes gets to belt it out like Ella, which is AWESOME, and Kurt gets to sing Beyonce which is HILARIOUS, but: Not exactly convention-busting, you know?

I thought the juxtaposition in "Maybe This Time" was great, because they weren't supposed to blend. Sally Bowles is anything but an ingenue, but the ingenue is the only voice that Rachel knows, so the more experienced, sorrowful, and deep interpretation that April brought made it obvious why she won over everyone as the better soloist.

I actually agreed with Sandy when he called Rachel's performance crap.

Of course, unlike Sandy, I would never attempt to produce Cabaret with high school students, because I'm not a idiot.

Oh, and, fyi, Kristen Chenowith is never less than incredible.

This one episode of a forgettable television serial is merely another peg in the ever rising scaffold of KC's glory!

ps has Puck done other "work"? any leads appreciated.

@Sparky: my HS did Cabaret in my seventh form year (twelfth grade in US terms, I think.) I thought we pulled it off pretty well, but I totally agree with you about Rachel - she's no Sally Bowles and that was SO obvious when she was singing Cabaret. She was singing it... HAPPILY. and SINCERELY. Um. No.

Just watched the episode last night. I will agree that Chenoweth was great -- but -- she needs her own show and not to be on this one outside a rare cameo.

My favorite line was hers about the Glee club looking like the "world's worst Benetton ad." So funny.

Would it kill the producers of this show to do just ONE NUMBER with the full cast but let Tina, Mercedes, Kurt and/or Artie sing lead and make Rachel and Finn sing ONLY in the background?

Come on, mix it up a little. Bag the guest stars, move the two hams aside from their circle dance for five minutes and let these other kids SING.

If I wanted to watch Kristin Chenoweth squeak for 45 minutes straight, I'd have watched whatever her show was. Get her off my tv, please.

Glad I'm not the only one who's wondering why the Rachel character is the 'star' and Amber Riley's character of Mercedes, who I feel is the MUCH better singer, gets to belt a few notes and is then sent into the background as group support.

Let this woman sing! I would hate to accuse Fox of prejudice against chubby black women. Or wheelchair bound men. Or Asians. Or gays. Or ...

On the ITunes version of Alone, it has a second verse that totally would have pulled that scene together. On the show...she sang, he harmonized a bit but the second nailed it and I am bummed that they cut it out!

About Glinda coming back - from a interview of Ryan Murphy: In the episodes that follow the pilot, are there any new cast members or changes to the basic structure of the show?
Murphy: After the pilot, there are six kids who are in glee club, but you need 12 to go to regionals and sectionals. So the first five episodes are about the teachers' hunt to find those kids from all different walks of life in the school. Kristin Chenoweth's character is introduced in the fourth or fifth episode, and she hopefully will be recurring, because we loved her and she was so great.


T.Lo. asked, "Is it us or is it a little weird to see the cheerleaders and football players getting into it so much?"

I don't think it's weird. For good singers, it's enthralling--even addictive--to be part of an ensemble that's really cooking. My favorite part of the musical numbers is seeing the joy of singing reflected on the faces of the performers.

Regarding Rachel and Finn's use of the same moves they use in "Don't Stop Believing," maybe that's because she didn't know the choreography to "Somebody to Love," so they fell back on some moves she did know.

You can hear the whole song on YouTube.

'Well, last night, after 14 years together, Tom was shocked to find that Lorenzo has been hiding his love for Heart all this time.'

Tom I empathize. Try being married to a Canadian (in a non-Canadian society). Little droplets of 80's/90's soft rock admiration appear out of nowhere on a regular basis. Count your blessings you don't have 'Best Of Foreigner' on the cd multi-changer in the car.

"Is it us or is it a little weird to see the cheerleaders and football players getting into it so much?"

Isn't that the point of the show? Stardom's a drug; and it isn't just the stars that get addicted. The whole show's a satire on America's complete inability to sort right from wrong once 'talent' is mentioned. From artists to performers to little five year olds sporting tiaras and prancing around in makeup a whore would tsk-tsk at, we collectively lose our senses at the very IDEA of stardom. That's embodied in them all in different facets; the wife wants the money, Will wants the notoriety, Sandy cages it in a prettier wrapper and calls it 'art', and Rachael and Kurt see it as their ticket out of hell. But it's all the same thing, and the show has packaged it all up with just enough heart to make it palatable...but you're supposed to be laughing; we're laughing at ourselves.

It's a brilliant show, and Freddy was probably grinning ear-to-ear the other night. Sheer genius, but in order for something to be truly, really FUNNY, it has to have kernels of truth; this delivers those kernels, in a way that should leave you thinking a bit after it's over.

Sheer genius.

I agree. April Rhodes needs to become a co-coach for Glee.

I'm curious...why is "That means the baby's not a mongoloid!" one of your favorite lines? Do they allow the word Nigger on regular television? If not, then why is it acceptable for the word Mongoloid to be said so nonchalantly and why is everyone sooo okay with it?

I have to say that the Silkwood line was a rip off. I heard it in last season's 30 Rock. Jenna says it in reference to sleeping with the writer dude.

But I do love this show! They must have more Jane Lynch in future episodes, though. She is a genius.

@Tiffani: I think people like that line because it shows what an idiot the wife is. Not because mongoloids are funny. That's why I laughed at is, anyway. The wife is dolt and the line exemplified that.

And can we discuss the most understated and brilliant line of the episode:

Kurt: "I've changed my mind. I worship her."

I worship her, too! Good Lord, I've never heard Kristin Chenoweth sing before, but when she sang Maybe This Time, I cried. Bought the song on iTunes and have been playing it on a loop. I'll sign the damn petition! We need more April Rhodes.

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