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Girls on Top

Technically, Nicolas isn't a girl, but only technically.

Credit where it's due, our resident 6-foot Nordic blonde pulled a pretty great-looking dress that managed to look just over-the-top enough to qualify as stagewear.

Model: Tanisha Harper

We could have done without the skinned-monkey shrug, though. It's not a bad idea in theory, but in practice it just didn't look right with the dress.

Come to think of it, we could make the same critique of the dress. Good on paper, but problematic on the runway.

Maybe that's a bit harsh, but we can't get past the obvious technical issues here.

Exhibit A. It was a great idea to reverse the sequined fabric in order to make a print out of it, but that involved an awful lot of sewing and she didn't have the time to make it impeccable.

Still, it was a smart idea and the end result was pretty eye-popping in a Cher kinda way.

When they announced this challenge we said to each other, "Nicolas has this one in the bag." After all, he's the "feather prince," right?

Model: Kalyn Hemphill

And to be fair, it was a pretty good entry. Definitely deserving of its spot in the top three.

But kittens, we're just so damn tired of the white dresses coming from his corner. Tim was right to call him out on it.

And while this is just over the top enough to qualify as stagewear, it really didn't go as far as it should have.

Although, again, credit where it's due, he did a really nice job on the feathers. We'll give you that one, Pocahontas.

We feel a little bad that we're being so critical of two entries that were pretty good, but that's just the problem: they were "pretty good" and they're considered the best of the lot. Not to beat a dead horse or anything but where was the grandiosity and fabulosity?

In other news, we're always forgetting to post a reminder, but this week's T Lo Awards are up.

Extended Judging:

[Photos: Mike Yarish/
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Am I the only one who thought "sparkly duct tape" when I saw the reversed strips on Althea's entry? I wasn't impressed at all with the finished product.

Nicholas's dress would have been more at home during the Sasha Cohen figure skating dress challenge.

Looking at Nicholas's dress, I can't help but hum....

"The name on everybody's lips is gonna be....Roxie!
The lady raking in the chips is gonna be....Roxie!..."

Seriously, didn't we see this on Renee Zellwiger in Chicago?

I thought Nicolas's was awful, actually. Cheap and tacky and totally unoriginal. Whoever said Icecapades nailed it. There was nothing edgy or over-the-top glamorous about his dress - in conception or execution. I agree that Althea's wasn't perfectly executed, but at least she had an interesting idea she was going for.

Does Althea know what a hairbrush is? I know she's busy, but the ratty bleach blonde hair is making her look much older than 23. Well, that and the terrible eye makeup.

I just realized that Althea and her model have the same last name!

Pocahontas Patty had best be on his way out. His dress was such a obvious re-tred of his Ice Queen I was sure he'd get auf'd just for that.

Did Althea line the dress? If not, "reverse sequined fabric" means bloodshed on the part of her model. Owwww! And Nicholas dissembled a bit when he said that HE thought it might be too close to his Snow Queen or Ice Princes or whatever dress. Ahem...cough...I think it was the esteemed Mr. Gunn that pointed that out.

Look how Nicolas' dress MOVED. It looks GREAT in photos. It was the only design that looked like stage-wear for Christina Agulera. Unforthunately it is WASHED OUT! It would have been perfect if he'd have done it in colour. It's sooooooo close and yet sooooooo far.
Oye Vey I did NOT like Althea's dress. Anonymous 12:51 is spot on with the "sparkly duct tape" remark.

I can totally see why the entries were all so "blah" this week - the contestants were between a rock and a hard place. Everyone is afraid that the judges will label them "unfashionable," "tacky," or "untasteful," but then they're told to go crazy with an over-the-top blizzard of sequins.

What do you do? You can't go too wild and you can't be too conservative. I suspect that that's why there was very little color on the runway and why none of the designs could be described as Mackie-esque.

I liked Althea's idea better than Nicolas' - too bad the execution was so-so. I give her props for having the shrug, though it didn't do what it could have. I think she'd have deserved the win if her accessory had been more eye-catching and in better proportion to the overall look.

Nicolas' was pretty, and looked well done, and except that it lacked the straps or nude illusion to anchor it for athletics, was just a skating costume. I wanted to throw something at him - he has the experience with these kind of materials to have DONE SOMETHING. I think it shows him up as a designer lacking spark that he didn't.

I liked Nicholas's b/c it actually looked like something X-tina would wear on stage. But Tim was so right when he said it looked just like his ice queen look. I would say I'm suprised that the judges didn't call him on it, but then again the only one who was there that week was Heidi...

I did not like Althea's entry at all. The shrug is very poorly done and the wrong color. It also receeds rather than pops. I think a big feathery shrug should have been silver or white. And very big!
The dress is awful. I did like stretch sequin fabric. Reverse stretch sequin fabric is even worse. And what is that khaki thing that you can see between Tanisha's legs?

I thought Nicolas had a very strong entry. Yes, he could have gone further. But I think since he actually used the correct techniques on the feathers and beading, he did not have enough time. Unlike the other entries I think that this one could actually be worn on stage and not fall apart and stand up to close-up inspection.Bravo Nicky you were cute in this epi.

The thing I kept thinking about Nicholas's was that it looked basically like a shorter version of his dress for the sotume challenge and that it of course looked like a figure skating outfit. It was white and dull. Next.

With Althea's it was pretty but that's about it. And I can't remember if it was with her dress that Xtina pointed out that she'd probably trip and fall with the train. And that's a very good point. That's an ass load of fabric to walk around in on stage.

I guess I can see the "ice skating costume" critique for Nicolas, but in my mind, Irina's was the most ice-skating-est of them all.

Hi, I've been reading this blog for some time now. I have a comment about the clothes but more than anything I would like to say that I always smile when I read your posts. Not necessarily because of what you say in them but just because it strikes me as pretty amazing the amount of posts you do and the incredible quality of each one. It's great to read something into which so much care and work has been put.

As for the dresses I thought Althea's was good. Sort of like what Carol Hannah's should have been. Slightly dressier and more glamorous, the kind of outfit Christina Aguilera could sing a slower number in but it still makes her pop and can still be seen from rows away. Carol Hannah's was VERY beautiful but completely wrong as stagewear. I would have given Irina or Christopher (I liked Christopher's) her place in the top three although to be frank only these two dresses were good enough and met the challenge in my opinion.


While I don't have a full blown hate-on for Nicolas, he does grate. And not big cheese slices, but more tiny Parmesan. His comment about Irina being a bitch redeemed him a bit, if only because it was funny as hell. But, as I've said elsewhere, him calling Irina a bitch is like Heidi Fleiss calling someone else a whore.

I really want Tim to go to Mood and order them to remove all the tacky white fabric, lace, feathers and sequins. Unless it's white cotton for a t-shirt contest, no one get's white material and it would all be PP's fault!!

I did like Althea's. I think her concept was great. I saw someone, somewhere address the fact that it was a long gown for stage wear by saying "not every song is "Dirrrty", some are "Beautiful", and that about sums it up for me. It was a take on the sexy, slinky, chanteuse singing in a smoky speak-easy vibe and I liked it.

Although yes, now that you mentioned it Anon, it does look like sparkly duct tape. And yet, I kinda find that awesome! lol

Sewing Siren, I think if Althea had done the shrug in a vibrant color - hot pink, tangerine orange - she could've won. Stagewear needs to be loud so the cheap seats can see it, and make a memorable statement. None of these outfits were memorable.


“The problem with Irina,” says Nicolas, “is that she’s a bitch.”

Does Nicholas have no self-awareness whatsoever? is a fucking piece of shit. Can't you post your TLo Awards here?

Nicolas has a bright future designing figure skating attire for Nancy and Tonya.

Gretchen - it's not really a lack of self-awareness, he's not denying he's a bitch as well. His bitchiness does not detract from Irina's, and a fellow bitch can suss out another more easily.

Sewing Siren said:
[re: Nicolas]
"I think since he actually used the correct techniques on the feathers and beading, he did not have enough time."
You know, it had crossed my mind that maybe he was slowed down by habit - it's hard to do things sloppily that you habitually do carefully - and that was why he didn't do another piece, or SOMEthing to make his outfit special. And now SS, who has much more construction & design experience than do I, raises the point.

So, o.k. I take back *half* of my dismissal of Nicolas as lacking design spark. But throw in a bucket of lacking survival instincts to make it to BP.

I could not believe he (she/he) didnot get called out for mimicing the ice queen outfit. And if ever there was an ice skating coutume! Why did our beloved chris get called out for sometimes making costumes and PP stays in for only making them.

Anonymous said... is a fucking piece of shit.

To be fair it is marginally easier to navigate than

But I really came to hate it just as much in the process of trying to 1)see and 2)comment on the TLo awards. I assume they simply have disabled comments, since even (after MANY attempts) once I managed to register as a site user, I've never been able to comment. Gave up weeks ago. Now I just jump to the TLo Awards from their blog. Anything else is a waste of time.

Okay, I gotta say. The dropped "s" in "sequined" (giving us "equined) is probably the funniest typo I've ever seen. Her dress is horsed!

In Nicolas defense, both this challenge and the one he did the Ice Queen dress for were costume challenges. Chris March won the wrestling challenge which was also a costume (more or less).

Althea's just screamed for a headpiece or something outrageous instead of the monkey jacket and Nicholas' was too close to the Ice Queen dress for me to appreciate it. This was one of the few times I honestly think not having Nina and Michael around all season effected the game. I'm glad Tim called him on it but would have preferred it come from a judge.

If Nicolas's dress wasn't white, no one would compare it to the ice queen dress. Look at both of them, just the color is similar. Apart from every other entry, his was meticulously sewn, he hand sewed each sequin and each feather to the dress instead of just buying sequin fabric. He took his time and it was beautiful. I thought the winning dress was nice, too, but I applaud Nic for really taking the time to do some beautiful work.

Althea's dress is sewn sloppily. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a lot of strips and all, but they are puckering all over the place, sewn haphazardly. And WTF was up with the train? A train? For goodness sake!

I think poor Kalyn just looks like a sad chicken.

Althea had a good idea but I just don't think it worked. At least it wasn't a suit.

I laughed out loud when twice Nina said of Althea - "Yes, she made a (long pause) pretty dress." She is the queen of damning with faint praise!

Nicolas was robbed! I can't believe Sasha Cohen chose Zulema's monstrosity over this.

I realized this week what so annoys me about Althea: the way she dresses, perhaps even more than the messy hair.

I know the designers are working and want to be comfortable; I know that they probably do not have much money——

And I know that few can be as fabulous as Laura B.——

But if one must go casual and cheap, one can go classic: CH's tank and jeans, for example.

Althea looks as if she shops at Walmart——with her eyes closed——and her tops are frequently quite unflattering.

Perhaps this sounds picky, but I have found myself actively disliking the way she looks, an emotion I do not remember feeling, with any regularity, about any designer in the past——

And if how she dresses herself is any sign of how she would dress others...

I think Nicholas' looked the most like a stage costume for Christina Aguilera. Though Christina might have trouble keeping her girls from making a surprise appearance if she tried to dance in it.

I think Althea's had an interesting idea, but looked more Ann-Margaret that Christina.

Beyond that, I think that everything was too subdued for a Bob Mackie challenge. I just think that they are all so afraid of making a mistake that gets them auf'd they're too scared of taking any chances. Thus the dullness.

It's too bad. They all are too aware of what is at stake to let their creativity really fly. Maybe that has to do with the nutty, inconsistent judging too.


Althea's dress was good from afar, but far from good.

If Shirin got auf'd for her dress being a possible safety hazard ("I could trip over it"), why was Althea in the top even with a similar problem ("the train will make it hard to walk with")? And the reverse sequins WILL hurt unless lined- safety hazard.

The lack of continuity in the judging this year has been one big reason the show isn't interesting. If you have the same core judges, you can see the judges getting a feel for the aesthetic of the designers. You can see them calling out the designers on their flaws, and designers who make the same mistakes again and again get aufed.

Not so this season. A big, big disappointment to me.

meredithp beat me to the comment about the need for a lining with the sequins on the inside.
I also am not sure that I liked the way the stripes were sewn to a large diamond/triangle on her "bum".

I also agree with another poster that Nicolas's is getting more criticism that it deserved because of the color. To be fair the silver and white would show up better on stage than black (for the detail). I don't know if it was the bra or the top of his outfit, but the model's bust is "smooshed".

Where were the cockle doodle doody do wings, wingboy? A fan. A head dress...


Icharus...I mean Nicolas, you've made WINGS for goodness sakes. We were looking for something over-the-top sculptural and you were the guy to deliver it....

And you BLEW IT.

Yes, nice dress. She can dance in it. Feather pieces were nice...yadda...yadda...yadda.

To me, Nicolas disappointed the most.

Althea's looked more like something for Whitney Houston than for Christina, even suring her ballads.

As for Nicolas', I thought it suited the challenge. Was it similar to his Ice Queen dress? Sure, but he's hardly the first person to make two similar looking outfits (I love me some Laura Bennett, but you can't deny that some of her outfits looked quite similar).

Also, I don't get the ice skaters costume that others seem to be getting from Nicolas' outfit. The costume that really looked like it belonged on the ice rink was Irina's.

I think there have been very few PR contestants who really know and are comfortable going really over the top and this lot just doesn't have any. Of course, as has been mentioned before, Chris March really would be the most qualified for this challenge.

Perhaps if it were earlier in the competition, when the designers weren't quite as worn out, and there were more of them, we'd have seen some better garments. I get the feeling Ra'mon would have done well in this challenge.

After Heidi's comment about Althea's dress on a horse, I am wondering if she too watched the Cher video. LOL!

I love Nina. She said what I have been wondering about: it's all been done before. Sooo boring.

Also, why did so few designers do short dresses? These were supposed to be stage costumes, and that means moving and dancing around.

As an aside, anon 12:51 made me think, wouldn't a duct tape challenge be awesome?


The moment I saw Nicolas's outfit I could "Clair de Lune" playing and wondered when his model was going to throw a triple lutz. Total figure skating look. And a repeat of the Ice Queen.

Althea's was okay, the reverse duct tape comment is dead on, but she'd never have made top 3 if the field weren't so weak. All of these designers are deathly allergic to color, and working at a lower creative level than designers from previous seasons.

You've got to be kidding me!

Like vesperbeauty said, it's A FIGURE SKATING COSTUME!

This deserved to be in the bottom just for that & because it was so close to the "winning entry" for the movie costume challenge.

Althea's is a terrible idea for a stage costume for a flamboyant dancer/singer. She only ended up in the top three because everyone else fell down at the plate. Otherwise - strictly middling.

Do you think that perhaps Nicholas has a problem with color the way that Rami did and he stays away from it on purpose in this contest?

Looking at these two entries, all I can think is that this was a really great idea for a challenge and these were NOT the designers to meet it. Everything is boring. Even the failures were boring.

*le sigh*

Some previous designers who I think would have kicked ass (or failed big and beautiful): Chris March, Princess Puffy Sleeves, Leanne, Mycheal Knight, Uncle Nick, Rami.

Actually, someone like Rami is exactly who I would like to have seen attempt this challenge. I'm thinking of how he shined in the candy challenge, when he was forced by the materials about of his drappy, flowy comfort zone.

I see nothing great about Nicholas' feather work at all. If you compare his work to Laura's (see her black and white challenge dress), Nicholas' dress looks like a cheap, tacky piece of cr*p, which it is, after all.
As for Althea, two days should have been enough for her to work more on execution.

I didn't love Althea's, and thought Nicholas's was cute but more appropriate for a chorus girl that Christina Aguilera.

I will say this about Althea's... construction issues aside, she did manage to give something that reflects the lighting without being over-shiny; having the more matte material of the underside fit in was a kinda cool idea.

For Nicholas, setting aside the similarity to his other stuff and his personality, I actually did like this. I understand the 'ice skating' criticisms, but I will note that ice skating costumes are constructed to look good on people doing some fairly intricate movement, which is also something you might want when doing performance dancing. I don't think that made it a bad idea or result. Though I still wish there'd been more colour. On everyone's. Pretty much the whole season.

I think Nicholas's dress will be good for Christina when she makes a guest appearance at the Mouseketeer All Star edition of Disney on Ice.

Althea's I found spectacularly boring.

Wow, what's with Althea hate? She's a gorgeous girl who looks like she's in her mid-twenties.

I heart the TLo awards. Good work, boys!

I agree with the commenters who've noted that Nicholas' dress looks like a figure skating costume. It was pretty, but I didn't think it was over the top enough.
I liked Althea's dress, but thought with more time it could have been better. That said, the way she created the pattern, especially in back, made for a very flattering silhouette.

Wow, you guys have such great eyes (no big surprise, right)! I didn't see any of the technical problems with Althea's dress on my TV, but in your screencaps they're just so obvious.

Nicolas's moved well and could've been a winner for me if he hadn't used the exact same fabric as he used in his Ice Queen costume! In a different fabric, and using some COLOR (red, maybe?), it would've been gorg. As is, it's just another retread.

From the previews, it looks like next week's looks won't be much better, but at least we'll get a little judgy bitchiness!

Pssst - TLo, you forgot to tag the post as Nicolas. Just noticing.

Not to beat a dead horse or anything but where was the grandiosity and fabulosity?

Exactly! Where was the Bob Mackie-ness?????

Althea's dress had construction issues, but she did a pretty good job considering that she only had two days to complete it.

When working with sequined fabric, you have to remove all of the sequins from the seam allowance in order to have flattened seams and to not ruin machine needles. After everything is sewn together, then you re-attach sequins in visible areas along the seams. Althea used a lot of fabric strips and it would've taken her more than two days to remove and re-attach all of those sequins.

I actually felt a little bad for Nicolas because he wanted to emphasize "the girls" and Kalyn doesn't have any. THe bustline on that outfit looks sad, but that's primarily because there was nothing to put into it.

I just have to point out on the topic of 'inconsistent judging' and the problems with not having Nina and Michael.....

I was rewatching the Hershey's episode from Season 4 and Michael said to Chris something like "I judge each one of you different and take into account your backgrounds, previous work, etc."

The fact that that isn't able to happen this season is what is bringing it down in my opinion. The only way to have good judging is to have consistent judges who care! I'm really hoping that Season 7 will bring PR back to its normalcy AND HAVE TWO DAY CHALLENGES. I'm getting so sick of PR now, I can't stand looking at Peppermint Patty's round, round face anymore.

Also...several people on this blog and others (including Chris March) have compared Nicolas' look to what Renee Zellweger wore for "Roxie" in the movie Chicago. You can find it on YouTube--what she wears is a bodysuit in silver sequins with fringe. Not the same thing at all.

I'm glad someone else mentioned Althea's look. It always strikes me as having a little bit of the trailer park in it...badly dyed hair, badly chosen clothes, badly applied make-up. I have never understood why designers can't dress themselves well (Fab Mommy, notwithstanding).

As for the dresses, I thought Althea's got too much praise, and Nicholas' dress got too little criticism. It is entirely too much like the dress that Roxie wore in "Chicago".

Althea's model looked like Quasimoto dragging a bum leg down the runway on the side of the dress with no slit - step, drag, step, drag....I was waiting for her to fall flat on her face. That damn train probably weighed as much as a locomotive. But Tanisha just gritted her teeth and made that puppy work!

Princess Pocahantas disappointed me. This guy made the wings for Victoria's Secret and came up with such a tame design, white yet again, similar in aesthetic to his Ice Queen. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz And poor little Kalyn's boobs were mashed in the bodice - I would hate to see CA trying to squeeze her ample girls into those cups!!

Just ho-hum. Again. For the ninth week. I felt sorry for Bob Mackie.

I liked Nicolas' dress (I KNOW!!!). But white. ZZZZZZ...

Althea's construction just looked shoddy to me. Something was wrong.

Where are the cutouts? Where is the surprise? Where is the drama? How did Bob Mackie just sit there and not say, "Y'all just don't get it!"

Anonymous 12:50 said Am I the only one who thought "sparkly duct tape" when I saw the reversed strips on Althea's entry?

No, you are not. It wasn't terribly obvious on the show, but when I looked at the close-ups here, that was my immediate reaction.

As for Nicholas', it looked a bit too much like a skating costume for my taste.

Honestly, for designs that were supposed to emulate Bob Mackie, all of them were a whole lot of dull and boring.

What? No comments about Nicolas' dress being "too much tootie"?

Those screen shots really tell the story on Althea's. I thought she might have had a real shot (minus the train) but the technical issues are pretty bad.

10/19/09 3:36 PM

Wow, what's with Althea hate? She's a gorgeous girl who looks like she's in her mid-twenties.

Apologies and clarifications:

I do not hate Althea. And she is, indeed, quite beautiful. Perhaps that is why I find her style of dress so distracting——for I was distracted by it this episode...

And from there my mind slipped to thinking about the implications her self-fashioning holds for her aesthetic...

But the real problem, I suppose, is that, like so many others, I am bored by the designers and the designs, which causes my eyes and mind to wander, when both once would have been focused upon the clothes or the drama (or the two combined... ).

I find no one to hate this season, and that is almost as bad as finding no one to love.

I really wanted Nicholas to pair a gigantic feather fan with his look. Then it's less ice skater-y and it would make him the only one slightly in the same vein as Bob Mackie.

And why did several designers do furry coat/shrug type things? Have they ever been under stage lights? It's H-O-T (and I speak only from elementary school production experience).

Seriously, didn't we see this on Renee Zellwiger in Chicago?

Basically, yes - and not once, but twice:

I'm surprised Althea's dress got criticized for not having a reveal.


Hint: It wasn't Granny's petticoat.

Ok, ok, so it's not the kind of "reveal" they meant. *snicker*

Nicholas's entry was BO-ring. And, it would just look like a pile of white dust from the cheap seats. The contrast wasn't nearly contrast-y enough to make it suitably dramatic.

And, for once Heidi was demanding more boobies, not less. That alone is the kiss of death for his costume.

Even though I begrudgingly agree that these 2 should round out the top 3, I don't really like either of them.

Althea's bust is still bad. The cups barely cover anything, and don't SUPPORT anything. She might as well tape a kleenex over the top. Good thing Tanisha's crazy tits stay up on their own. (I hope that's all they do on their own. [i]Quaaaaaade![/i])

I had to go back & look...out of 8 challenges, Nicolas has made
4 white Heidi's
2 black Heidi's
1 hippy divorcee uniform
1 we're so blue to lose you, Louise

Space girl, Model client, newspaper and this. He really needs to stop it.

Aside from the white problem, I don't like the super-square, minimizer bodice. Although it would be interesting to see that bodice on Tanisha. I wonder if Nicolas can work with boobs? Has he always chosen the small-chested models? (dang. now I have to go troll through all those damn links again.)

I love the TLO awards, but I can't see episodes 7 or 8 on the mylifetime site. Am I the only one having technical difficulties?

LOL I just really did laugh out loud at the skinned monkey comment. HILARITY!!

You have to catch the TLo Awards before the next week goes up. They offer a drop down menu for past episodes but don't actually let you select from said menu.
Have I mentioned how much of a PIECE OF SHIT the Lifetime website is? Starting with the busy, too much crap on it, design, to the jerky scrolling, to not being able to register, to retarded issues like the TLO Awards.

Ooops, miscounted PP's White Heidi's.

He's had 5 including this one: Model client, Space Queen, Newspaper, Mackie-lite...and I forgot the Surf Slut.

(I also screwed up my html, but can't fix it. Sorry)

I've had my eye on Nicholas since the beginning and I have to say, more often than not, he shows some real talent. Love the Elizabethan-esque bust of his garment (as one poster noted, it is smooshing the boobs - something that also happened in that era) plus the intricate and complex use of the feathers. I really think he should have won this one.

I just ordered the NEW Bob Mackie Barbie, so I'm in a good mood.

Feather princess did pretty well, but it looked more Tina Turner than Bob Mackie.

If the criteria for success was Bob Mackie's "slit up to there" and "diamonds on the crotch and you're home free," then all the garments on this week's ep were complete failures.

There just was no razzle dazzle.

The remaining designers are very cautious. I get the feeling that they all came to the competition with the same strategy: the best way to get to Bryant Park is to keep my head down, and aim for the middle of the pack.

They seemed utterly incapable of going to the Bob Mackie place.

“The problem with Irina,” says Nicolas, “is that she’s a bitch.”
Does Nicholas have no self-awareness whatsoever?

While I like commenting on the clothes the designers make rather than on the designers personalities, I'm going to have to go with Nicolas on this one...


I like Nicolas more now that he's called Irina a bitch. And his dress looked like the only decent one that she could move in!

I never much cared for Nicolas until this episode - though my opinion changed primarily because of the Irina smackdown. Despite the lack of color and despite its similarity to the ice queen costume, I really felt that Nicolas had the outfit that should have won the challenge. Carol Hannah's was indeed the most beautiful gown but it just wasn't right for the stage or for Christina Aguilera. If Nicolas had only lengthened the dress I don't think people would be saying figure skating costume but if you think about the client and her stage performance then the length was correct. I feel as though I should like Althea's much more than I do.

What really would have been fun would have been for each designer to create a gown in Christina's measurements and then to have her model each one. I know that's impossible for any number of reasons but I'll bet you the results would have been different if it had occurred.

Speaking of Irina - wasn't it two or three weeks ago that she proclaimed Gordana just wasn't up to the level of the other designers and this week it was Carol Hannah?

And finally, is there any doubt that Irina and Althea will be at Bryant Park - whether they should rightfully be there or not? I think the only thing in doubt is who will be with them.

Wow! Wish I could see the TLo awards...I was only able to see the first several episodes. After that, it's a jumbled up mess on the Lifetime site with only the Lifetime Achievement Award showing...arrrrrggggghhhhh!

I swear, as soon as I saw the white dress, I was like, "Really? Really, Nicholas? Why?" I don't understand. I'm so over that color with him.

There's a difference between being a bitch, and being bitchy. Actually, there is bitchy (moody) & bitchy (snarky). Nic is the most fun of the 3 varieties; I've always liked him.
Although of course, there are also many other varieties of bitch, but I won't go there right now...

FWIW, I would rather see white after white after white, over black, black, and black. ANY day.

Oh, and I didn't like the little bust seam at all, but it deserved top 3 for sure.

Anonymous 5:27 said...
I love the TLO awards, but I can't see episodes 7 or 8 on the mylifetime site. Am I the only one having technical difficulties?

Nope. I haven't been able to see them either. Just that jumbled up mess. I keep checking to see if it is fixed, no luck!

Althea's was just messy. I couldn't get past that, either.

Nicolas' was very... uninspired. Who hasn't seen the short dress with feather skirt? It's what Xtina would wear if she were competing in pageants.

Now that I've had a few days, this challenge was a big yawn. And that's not good when it's friggin' Bob Mackie! They need a toilet paper dress challenge or something unconventional. I'm tired of fabric!

Okay... they MUST have told the designers that they could only use black and white. And then edited that part out or something.

No fan of Peppermint Patty but in this case I think he did a good job. Had it been in color I think he would have won (nothing against Carol Hannah, whose dress I absolutely adored but was more couture than stage costume).

Actually, I think one of the big problems with Nicolas' outfit was the styling. Kalyn's hair, while pretty, looked like it could go on the 3rd grade teacher's head. I would have liked to have seen Brigitte Bardot-meets-Tina Turner crazy volume!! And the shoes were clunky. She needed more strappy,sexy mile high footwear.

But it was a good effort on Nicolas' part.


I agree with the general ho-humness of the outfits. Did anyone noticce that Christina Aguilera seemed utterly bored by the options?! Not a good sign...

Oh, and as for the lack of color on the runway...

...Did Mood have a crappy selection of fabrics for this challenge? That's the only reason I can come up with for the blah palette.

I wish you'd post something of Chris March's that he did with comparable time constraints. I know it's beating a dead horse, but it would have been so great to see him shine in this challenge.

zzzzzzzzzzzzz. oh sorry, is this season still happening?

whaaa!!! can't see the awards!!! plz help!!

I thought the top of Nicolas' dress was very cheap looking. It looked like my 7th grade home ec Barbie dress

The TLo Awards are still having problems for Internet Explorer users. Here's how I got it to work: Click on the episode you want. Then click on the award ("Miss Congeniality," for instance). That award will move to the top of the vertical list. Then you have to scroll down to the bottom of the list, by the "Lifetime Achievement Award" and, below that, you should see the picture and the caption. It works for me, so I hope it helps y'all out.

These two at least seemed to get the idea of stagewear. Althea's could have really popped with a huge, cocoon-style fur wrap, but that might have been over the price limit. Nicolas's did need a better top, but, other than the color, I didn't think it was overly reminiscent of the ice queen costume. That had more detail, didn't it?

I totally understand what the contestants were dealing with (or struggling with) this week. They were asked to do over-the-top stagewear, but they were all fearful of being branded "tasteless" by Miss Nina. To me, taste is pretty much irrelevant when you are talking about costumes, especially for a diva the likes of Christina A., Cher, Britney, etc.

Gordana should have done something like her flapper dress, only more fitted and in a color. That would have popped. As it was, I was baffled by hers and really thought it was the worst and least appropriate.

I bet Ra'Mone wishes he was still in the competition. I think he could have nailed this one. He wasn't afraid to take a risk.

Y'know, I don't think the two costumes that have been compared to figure skating outfits were really that far off. They are costumes, and the performer wearing them might be dancing, which can be compared to figure skating. They maybe should have "slutted" it up a little more, but they were on the right track.

Also, I don't know what they had available to them in the way of accessories, but a big part of divawear and stagewear is the accessories.

I think Althea did an amazing job, her dress looks gorgeous and expensive, minus the execution issues, of course. Nicolas' was a figure skating costume.

Nicolas' outfit, two words: Sasha Cohen. Hello?

I was about to say what Ellen M. said about the awards. Took me forever to figure this one out last week, because I wasn't scrolling all the way down. PITA, but it does work.

It looks like shiny duct tape. Me no like it.

Althea: The dress moves beautifully; the skinned monkey shrug (lol) I agree, it's sloppy-looking and unnecessary, unless you're Diana Ross.

Oh, and the biggest problem Nicolas had was Kalyn's boobs. If she was bustier, he could have designed a dress to accentuate them. Unfortunately, it's hard to design for someone and their very famous assets when you're using a model with totally different proportions. I'm sure if he had someone like Tanisha, he would have made a totally different bust.

Nicolas - Nice outfit if you're going skating. Isn't it the exact same material he used for the ice queen outfit?

Althea - Gorge! Hate the stole, though.

I agree with the poster above who mentioned that there are different types of bitches. Nicolas is a "snarky" bitch who would be fun to hang and possible party with. Irina is an "insufferable" bitch whose true colors are starting to shine.

Ok...someone please tell me...Would it kill PR to give the designers a few days to make something worth judging!? Yes, yes, I get it, they need to be able to bust out an outfit in no time flat, we’ve seen that, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. And with ugly results. SERIOUSLY! How often does that really happen? When was the last time Angelina Jolie went to Michael Kors and said, "Bitch, I need a new outfit, TONIGHT!" That never happens! They pick something out of the collection and have it fitted for them! I am so tired of the crap that is coming from these designers. GIVE ME SOMETHING BEAUTIFULLY MADE! PLEASE!

"Not to beat a dead horse or anything but where was the grandiosity and fabulosity?"

Exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself. I don't like the feather prince, but I did expect him to win this one given his love of everything over the top. Tim told him to ramp it up, but he didn't heed Tim's advice. Always heed Tim's advice!

Not to beat a dead "equine"... Hahaha!

StateofSiege97, you are right on the money with Althea's appearance. To take it a step further, I am equally offended that she is still in the competition when her garments have been horrendous. That leaves me to deduce that she's being kept for her looks. And she can't even do that right! Two strikes!!

I have to say, as much as I dislike PP, his dress was well made, appropriate for stagewear and even a little chic.

Althea may have gotten a demo in how to execute a bustline. It wasn't as poorly executed this time. That extra day must have helped.

As for the rest of the garment, Anon 12:51 said it best when it was compared to duct tape. I'm not convinced it WASN'T duct tape. Maybe that's why the boobs fit!

I couldn't believe how they gushed over Nicolas' outfit after slamming another for looking like a figure skating costume. I was expecting a lutz or salkow (sp?)from the model on that one.

I was really surprised none of the judges commented on how Nicholas clearly did all his own hand work while everyone else used pre-made sequins. Not that it really matters, since his work was too subtle to be of note from the back row, but it definitely met the requirements--visible form the back row, looks good on camera, Xtina can shake her ass in it. Althea's was alright, but maybe for a different singer? And you are dead on about the jacket--didn't go at all.

I think Bob Mackie should be considered for sainthood.

Have you seen QVC today?

Check out this stuff, and its in our price ranges!

Plus, I bought moms an embroidered Mackie jacked for ther b-day and she says she gets complimented on it all of the time.

Seriously, check out QVC!

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