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The Forgotten Middle

Thankfully, we never forget.


You want to hear something shocking? We don't hate this look.

Don't get us wrong, it's not stylish in any way.

And it's poorly executed, especially the pants.

But as a concept, it's pretty strong, mainly because it looks like something this hippy dippy chick would actually wear.

And you can't deny that he really transformed the wedding dress into something completely different. In fact, this entry may have been the most transformed out of all of them.


This was also a huge transformation. Unfortunately, it was transformed into something kind of ugly.

The basic design is okay, although the hem's a little high for her.

But it's poorly executed and it just looks so sloppy on her.

Part of is the whackadoo dye job on this thing and part of it is the weird belt that doesn't go with the dress, but a big part of it has to do with those lines radiating out from her boobs. If you take a good look at her, you can see that she has a nice figure, but those lines make her look wider than she actually is.

And all that sloppy foofaraw on the back doesn't help.

Carol Hannah:

Gotta say, Dr. Whitfield knocked this one out of the park.

In fact, it should have been in the top three, easily.

She has a tendency to make these little shrug jackets that don't always go with the outfit, but this time it worked.

But it has a nice, light, breezy feel to it. It's a shame she couldn't get a better color out of the dying process because this drab gray doesn't help the look.

Still, it's probably our favorite piece from her all season.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique

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I hate CH's little jackets. This one was just as bad, and that's why she wasn't in the top three. This dress was way better than Sharin's.

If Peppermint Patty doesn't get sent packing soon I'm SO done with this season

In previous days' comments, people kept saying CH's should've been in the top 3 and for the life of me I couldn't remember it. People were right. SO much better than Irina's melting breast dress.

Nicolas' little jacket isn't bad. Not good, but not bad.

Does Althea make any other kind of bodice? It seems all her dresses are basically skirts attached to bikini tops.

THANK YOU for giving Dr. Whitfield her due. I loved this dress, felt it was 2nd only to Gordana's and DEFINITELY deserved to be in the Top 3. Didn't love the shrug, would have left that out of the mix altogether.

Nicolas said to Tim his dress didn't have much fabric. . .?!?

I think the shrug in this case worked against CH. I liked the dress much better without it. It probbaly made the difference

Why did Altheas make those blue blocks over the breast. ugo

Nicholas' isn't great but he knew it and was just trying to please his client. However the design suited her


Carol Hannah definitely did better than Irina...but it was a little dryer sheet-y, no?

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Oh good lord, does Althea know how to properly fit a woman's bust? Yeah, it's a one-day challenge with recycled fabric, but this is consistently Althea's achilles heel, and it disappoints me that we see something like this so late in the season. (4 epis until the finale? I feel like I've slept through most of the season...)

Dr. Whitfield did deserve to be top 3, upon further review.

I love Dr. Whitfield. I love how there this huge discrepancy between how she acts/talks and what she makes. I guess the same could be said about Shirin - hm, no, I don't think it could.

I thought CH belonged in the top 3.
really did not like Althea's.

Nicholas - what he was doing with the fringe on the vest looked a lot like what he did last week on the ice queen outfit. Way to highlight the messy waist on the pants with an opening at the waist on the top and the vest??

Althea is always making the "boob triangle" tops (as we referred to them in design school) because they are EASY. All of the slackers in design school made boobie triangle dresses. All. The. Time. It was laughable. Not saying that Althea is a slacker, I really like her - but boobie triangles are quick and easy in a pinch.

If Carol Hanna had had a more interesting story that week, she would have been in the top three.

Shirin's story had drama - when she finally attacked that dress with rows of machine embroidery, it was like scene in a movie where the hero finally escapes.

I think that's why Shirin was placed in the top three - because her story was interesting. When a contestant has a really interesting story, they are taken out of the middle-of-the-road and put in either the top 3 or the bottom 3. And if the story is really interesting, they win or loose (like Johnny's red dress that didn't deserve to win, or Ramon's neoprene dress that didn't deserve to win). Producer manipulation.

I was not a fan of Althea's. I just thought it didn't look good on the woman wearing it, and I hated the exterior bra look.

CH's was cute. Not exciting, but you could sell it, no problem.

Nicolas (I admit grudgingly) did a decent of pleasing the client, but really, it was ugly. A cleaner version, no lace collar, I might have liked it better, but the client wouldn't have.

CH's was way better, in my mind, that Irina's MOB dress. You could make a case for either of these other two being no worse than the MOB dress.

I have to say, Althea's dress was God-awful. HATED the blue boobs and it was obviously shoddy in its workmanship. And that BELT! WTF??? WHO would think that looks good??? I've never been sure what the Althea Love is all about, her bustular areas never fit correctly, her "suits" are hoochie...she seems like a nice girl but I don't expect to see her in Bryant Park unless she seriously ups her game.

Unfortunately this season, the designs aren't very inspired. I had completely forgotten CH's dress. I couldn't remember Althea's or PP's either. They all just kind of run together in a big continuous trail of "meh"

I have a friend getting married next month in a dress that strongly resembles the 'before' dress of Nicolas' look. When she emailed me a photo and asked me what I thought, I was getting ready to tell her kindly, but then realized she'd already bought it (no returns!) so I felt it best to bite my tongue... damage already done, etc.

There's an important lesson here. If you're kinda clueless fashion-wise, consult your more fashionable friends BEFORE, rather than AFTER, buying things you can't return.

Completely agree on these three.

I thought Nicolas did a decent job (for a change).

I hated Althea's dress, although I don't think I would have hated it as much if she had just left off that stupid belt.

And I would have liked to have seen Carol Hanna in the top three instead of Shirin.

I hate to say it, but Althea's dress gave me the heebiejeebies. I actually had a bit of a petite mal seizure when I saw this dress come down the runway (or perhaps I just had to move away from the television). In fact, I often have a visceral reaction whenever I see her looks come down the runway. I simply do not get Althea's aesthetic. At all. (But, then again I could be eating my words when she makes it to Bryant Park!)

Dr. Whitfield (sorry, but I love her!) did an amazing job with her dress and got shafted. I think she's quite underrated. Perhaps people discount her talent because of her seemingly ditzy personality. Again, love the dress. Love her. Doc definitely should have been in the top three for this challenge.

- edina -

I was SHOCKED that Carol H didn't make the top 3, and that Irina's MOB creation did! Though I would have ditched the incongruous shrug, I really appreciate her thought process, and all the work that went into it. It looks great on her model. Also shocked Nicholas wasn't in the bottom 3, replacing Epperson.

Ugh- Nicholas. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like a woman of a certain age should not show her belly button under any circumstances.

We don't hate this look.

That's okay. I hate it enough for all three of us.

And Carol Hanna's dress is just lovely and so much more flattering than the Lace That Ate the Client. She really should have been in the top three.

I thought Carol Hannah's dress should have knocked Irina out of the top 3 for sure. If I'd been the judge, I'd have probably made her the winner. I love the light as air feel of the dress.

edinamonsoon wrote: "Dr. Whitfield (sorry, but I love her!) did an amazing job with her dress and got shafted. I think she's quite underrated. Perhaps people discount her talent because of her seemingly ditzy personality. Again, love the dress. Love her. Doc definitely should have been in the top three for this challenge."

Right there with ya, edina! It's like her work is invisible when it comes down the runway, while more often than not I have a strong positive response to whatever she sends down. But she's playing it smart (she is a Doctor, after all ;-) ); she is keeping her head down, doing consistent work, and assuming she keeps her game up could really build momentum for herself as the number of remaining designers starts to dwindle...

Nicolas completely transformed the wedding gown, because he threw 9/10 of it in the trash. I don't understand these people. He has the best one for dying (100% cotton) and he uses a small part in the natural color, dyes a small part pukey rust , and buys some cheapy olive poly blend for the pants. An ugly head scratcher.

Althea transformed a beautiful expensive looking flattering gown into an ugly, ugly, unflattering dress that I cannot imagine anyone wearing for any occasion. Another ill fitting bust, this time with the saggy baggy bra on the outside and a macrame belt on a silk dress, what the..?

Carol Hannah's was very nice, too bad its the exact same grey (trying hard and failing to be black )as the dress that Gordina did. FInally she does the shrug over a strapless dress, where it makes sense. Shoulda been in the top three.

All of these designs are horrible. And I know you like Carol Hannah's but I think it is very basic and pedestrian. There is nothing even remotely interesting about a basic shift dress and a basic shrug. I cannot believe that this is the best she has to offer. I am so deeply disappointed by this season. If any of those designers are talented, then we simply haven't seen it yet.

I'm honestly surprised that Carol Hannah wasn't in the top 3. Her dress was way better than Irina's.
I also agree about Nicholas. The outfit was nothing ground-breaking, but the divorcee loved it and felt very comfortable in it, so good for him. He did OK this time.
Althea's wasn't attractive at all. Not bad enough for the bottom 3, but if there was a bottom 4, she should have been in it.

Althea's model looks better in the wedding gown than in what Althea created for her. Sigh.

I didn't much care for Peppermint Patty's outfit, but he did make what his client requested (thanks to the magic of the Interwebs, you can go back and listen to the wackadoodle interview with his client). In fact, I'm sort of surprised that he didn't get called on the runway carpet for listening too closely to his client and not keeping his designer aesthetic more in the mix (of course, with PP, the less of him the better). Althea, on the other hand, gets the kid gloves treatment every time. Sort of like Irina. If she'd just comb her hair, I'd probably find her less annoying. And Carol Hannah did a great job. If only she would lighten up on the smudged eyeliner, I'd love her the most.

Wow Althea's is so fugly that it must have seared my retinas into forgetting about it...until now. Bottom three instead of Epperson, easily. It's even worse than Nicolas'...thus making me even more pissed that Epp got the auf. UGH

CH's is so cute I agree that it should have been in the top. Wackadoodle judging this week.

Taking this and previous weeks into account Carol Hannah is officially my frontrunner. Sad it took so long for anyone to make the cut. Gordana, Shirin and Christopher are good in my book too.

TLo read my mind on Patty’s look – not hideous, but zero style. I throw this on to run errands on Saturday afternoon. Concept & execution were better than dear Logan’s.

Yes. Dr. Whitfield should have replaced Irritina in the Top 3. I don’t LOVE it, but it’s way better than the shiny beige nightmare.

As for Althea’s? Let me repeat the same two primary thoughts I’ve had about Althea’s work since the very beginning:

1. I do NOT understand what some people see in Althea’s garments. Yeah, she’s better than, say, Suede, but none of her stuff has felt creative or new to me. Or pretty. I’d have to go back & check to be sure, but I think I’ve flat-out HATED almost everything she’s done.

That freaking blue rag is hideous. WTF with the back? WTF with the hem? WTF (again) with the boobs? WTF with belting something with seams like that?

At least she wasn’t in the top 3 like the other Teacher’s Pet’s rag.

Peppermint Patty's look used so little of the original dress it seemed to be something of a joke. Unfortunately, the fit on the pants was most unfunny.

With Althea, I'm with c'est moi Lola in not understanding what Althea's issue is in fitting the bust. Has she sent a dress down the runway once this season with a properly fitted bodice? Ya'd think Heidi would be all over her on this one but no...I just do not get the Althea love shown this season. I'm suspecting producer interference because she's a busty blonde babe.

Dr. Whitfield's look was the runner-up on this challenge for me, really the only competition to Gordana. It was so much better than that fugly MOB creation Irina sent down the runway.


I liked Carol-Hannah's a lot, I'm surprised she wasn't top three.

Is Althea living in the past? Wasn't the blue challenge last week honey?

Althea's should have been in the bottom, but there were too many "bottom" contenders this week. PP's--meh. Carol Hannah's was okay, and I kinda wish she'd win only so that she can buy $100,000 of mascara remover and not keep adding today's layer to the 50 old layers already there.

The fringe on PPs vest reminds me of icicle Christmas lights.


Dr. Whitfield-nice work, she actually did transform the wedding gown into a cute cocktail dress.

I thought Althea's look didn't really suit her client, particularly with all the cleavage AND the largely bare back-that's a lot of skin showing, honey!

What is with Althea and boobs? Why is she so awful at fitting the bust? I don't think she can sew very well, and she has taste issues for sure. Tight and/or tacky, that seems to be her "style". Nicolas didn't do such a bad job, not a good job, but not SO bad. He made an ugly outfit that his client liked.
CH just doesn't get the credit she is due. Maybe she's not LA enough for this season. I like her well executed pieces. I like her POV. I like her.

I will quietly admit that I didn't particularly care for CH's dress on the runway. It should be noted that even though I didn't like it, I could still see that it should have been top 3 over Irina or Shirin!

Someone mentioned here already the "dryer sheet" effect, and I think that's what bugged me. It looked like she had wicked static-cling. lol I did really love the color though (it kinda looked purple to me but what do I know lol) and thought she did a great transformation. It really is a cute little dress and just cause it's not my thing, doesn't mean it's not fab.

I don't know why, but I thought Nicolas's pants where made out of the dress material. He bought that material for pants on purpose? Yikes. Also, taking that into consideration, he didn't do much with the original stuff except the could-be-kinda-cute vest. I still think this should have been in the bottom. Maybe not go home, but in the bottom for sure.

Althea is boring me to tears. "Boobie triangles" says it all.

Althea has sent some of the tackiest stuff down the runway. The boobage issue, OY! I actually preferred PP's creation.

While I haven't seen the entire episode, from the photos here it looks like there were WAY worse designs than Epperson's. Both pants outfits were terrible-- really unflattering -- and the mother-of-the-bride dress and Althea's five-and-dime store look are ALL worse than Epperson's.

I cannot comprehend the judges' apparent love for Althea's stuff. Her proportions and execution are terrible. This looked like she had the poor lady put a navy bra with a loose strap on over a cheap party dress.

Nicolas and Logan could have had a rivalry over the most horrifically fugly pants outfit on the runway and ended in a tie.

Epperson's dress wasn't great, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't even close to the bottom. Oktoberfest? WTF is Heidi smoking?

I thought the neat seaming detail to create a pattern in the fabric of the vest had potential.

But didn't the challenge require that the wedding dress be turned into a new outfit, not just one small piece of the outfit? I'm having a hard time understanding why Nicholas didn't get slammed by the judges for making something almost entirely from Mood fabrics.

Somebody on an earlier thread said that the test of these transformation-jobs working or not was: would you feel great running into your ex wearing it.

On that basis alone - I give PP a grudging pass because the client really liked it, it fit her persona, and if she ditched the pants and paired it with her own best fitting jeans, I'm guessing she'd feel pretty good seeing her ex.

Althea's creation, however, would make her client's ex laugh. Or worse, sneer.

But, CH's client? I think if her ex saw her out on the town in that dress, he'd break a tooth gnashing it.

As for Althea's dress, it was kinda cute and youthful and reminiscent of faded denim blue. BUT, entirely age inappropriate here.

Plus, what's with the ugly belt? The lines were flouncy and slimming until she added this Grandma detail.

Carol Hannah's was cute. And the jacket adds wearability to it- otherwise I would not be able to pull it off. It was a close call between hers and Irina's. I would have an easier time wearing Irina's, though. OK, so Gordana's was tough to wear as well- but she made a better job and it is more solid and sturdy (CH's may have fallen apart more easily).

Nicolas, as much as I dislike him, was middle of the road material this week. Nothing outstanding, but he was mediocre, not bad.

Don't know why Althea was not in the bottom. Was Althea's that much better than Christopher's? Was execution the only problem for Althea? If better executed, it could be a chic dress.

Sadly, while I honestly think Irina and Shirin are 1000x more attractive than Althea, Althea happens to be the beauty standard :( Hence they may be favoring her so much. Irina at least has talent.

Carol Hannah's dress: Very original and cute. BUT again, totally inappropriate here. They got to talk with their clients, and that in that one-on-one, Carol should have noticed the aging neckline that should be stylishly covered, not cringingly bared. Perhaps it's just unflattering photography, but I think there were better features to be highlighting on this woman.

Also, HATE the grey. Fuschia, scarlett, or deep turquoise would have popped this look. Is there some reason why it couldn't have been dyed a nice vibrant color?

What, did this crop of designers all spend their childhoods playing in mud? I'm SOOOOOO tired of all these dreary, dark clothes.

Poor CH. I think the shrug killed it for her.

And, thanks for making me feel not so crazy, TLo! 'cause I also sorta liked Nicholas's thing.

Althae ick.

MouseAnony said...

Also, HATE the grey. Fuschia, scarlett, or deep turquoise would have popped this look. Is there some reason why it couldn't have been dyed a nice vibrant color?

Nicolas was the only one who could have dyed his fabric a deeply saturated color, because he had 100% cotton to work with, why he didn't is anybodys guess.

The tulle Carol Hannah was working with was probably nylon and the body of the dress was probably a synthetic or synthetic blend. So it would not take dye well or evenly. I think she and Gordina were both trying for black.

Irina probably dyed her fabric brown and Althea probably dyed her wedding dress navy blue dye.

I really like CH's dress, but the little jacket really didn't go with the dress. She should have left it off and style some bling to lift up the dress color.


There is not a single original thing about Carol Hannah's dress. It's a basic shift with frill.

Is it possible to have no winners? I think they all stunk. You are really grabbing at strings when you are analyzing who's was worse, the ugly dress or the ugly dress that looked less like the original dress. I say scrap the season, reorg, and start over.

That lady could have passed for Nicholas;s mom. How about a design for you own mom challange?

Interesting point from Sewing Siren, what if that "great color" Irina got such credit for was an accident?

I don't get the hate for Peppermint Lady in general. The guy is a scream. I am constantly LOLing at his comments during the confessionals.

I guess it's just me!

Carol Hannah definitely did better than Irina...but it was a little dryer sheet-y, no?

I'm thinking fly-away hair, which could be solved by a dryer sheet. : ) There's been so much praise for Dr. W's dress, and I thought a closer look might make me like it more. I do like it a tiny bit more. I can see the appeal, but it's just not moving me. However, it's better than Irina's, which is dowdy and frumpy.

A closer look at Althea's has done it no favors. That thing is awful. The woman has a 25" waist, and Althea still managed to make her look thick around the middle.

Nicholas' is meh, at best. But the client loved it, so there's that.

Miss Jess
10/13/09 1:12 PM Althea is always making the "boob triangle" tops (as we referred to them in design school) because they are EASY.

Thanks. Now I know why I hate them so much. The remind me of those cheap, sweatshop made dresses you buy at the beach.

And had you or anyone confronted Nicolas about his pants, he would have pointed out that he made two pieces from the original dress.

Cruelty free? Obviously, Nicolas has never watched a sheep being sheared.

The shrug totally cheapened the look. The dress was fine on it's own. I liked how fluttery is was, but agree that the color was off.

Princess Althea's dress was horrible!

I didn't mind PP's outfit, but he used so little of the dress! I would have preferred it if the pants were made out of the dress fabric.

Was anything besides the vest in Peppermint Patty's campfire girl uniform made of the wedding dress? Actually, I think he had the most interesting materials to work with.

Althea's was hideous — another dress that belonged in the bottom 3. Looks like an elderly mental patient who wore her navy Maidenform bra over her dress. And don't get me started on that beaded belt.

Carol Hannah's was cute and deserved to be in the top over Irina's. It was so youthful, especially without that shrug.

Perhaps the dyeing swayed the judges too much. Fabric dyeing isn't exact and results can vary widely.
Irina's nice dress color and unfortunate dress design > Carol's nice dress design and dreary color.

I'm going to put it out there: if Christopher shouldn't have been the one eliminated (and I don't necessarily think he should have - whilst completely inappropriate for the client, on a 6' model, with some serious tweaking and the right styling, his idea could have had some potential), Althea should have gone.

This dress was one of the, if not the absolute, worst on the runway. Even visualising it on Natalia Vodianova can't save it. Even imagining walking into a charity shop, finding it on a rack and going 'Hey, 5 dollars and I could actually customise something cute from that' can't save it. If you saw someone walking down the road in that thing, not God nor man nor the threat of embarrassing your parents could prevent you rushing over, screaming, to stage an immediate intervention.

Because the woman is wearing a bikini top over a scale-version of a bridesmaid's dress designed for a three-year old. A badly fitting bikini top. For a three-year old whose parents have no money and no taste, and secretly hate it.

At least Epperson did the Wild West dress. At least Christopher has put out three well-executed 'wow' dresses, even if they are all drawn from the same well. At least Logan is...generally inoffensive?

Seriously, what has Althea done? Made a couple of suits for hookers to wear when they interview for that 'classy' upmarket strip club, and proved to the world once and for all that just because a designer has breasts themself doesn't mean they have any idea whatsoever of how to fit and clothe them flatteringly? Provided a PSA about the dangers of overuse of hair bleach? I really don't get it.

Oh, I did sort of like that one maternity dress she did, I suppose. So yay, she's still here?

I'll give credit where credit is due: Dr. Whitfield really did deserve the top three, if not the win.

I had to go back and look because I really was thinking that Gordana's and Carol Hannah's dresses seemded very similar.

While I admit that the actual constuction IS different - I find a great deal of similarity between their dresses. Both fairly simple gray short strapless (mostly shapeless) dresses constructed out of of strips of fray edged fabric.

On MOTR, the Tanisha was talking to Marilyn, Althea's model, saying that Althea always emphasizes the bust in her clothes. But the bustline is always the thing that is most askew in her garments.

I so agree with Carol Hannah's. It really should have been in the top tier.

And Althea's, what's up with her making this dresses and shirts with outrageously wonky boobs? They weren't fitted with the dress probably.

And Peppermint Patty, *sigh* he just needs to go home. He's another one that doesn't think his shit stinks.

I agree with you re Nicolas's outfit. Good colors and well proportioned. The jacket was cute. I actually don't mind it!

CH's dress was breathtakingly beautiful. The shrug is forgivable since it kinda anchors the look without crushing it. Loved the belt.

Althea? What can I say that I haven't said for every challenge? Wierd boobs! Neither fitted or well done. This challenge she must have thought it was clever to put the padding on the OUTSIDE.

Between them, the questionable wacky straps on the back and absolutely crazy lace ruffle on the hem, I couldn't find anything about it attractive. And if you're going to send a 40-something down the runway, have some taste and cover the knees. It looked like she was trying on a juniors dress at TJ Maxx.

I must reiterate that I hated that wonky hem job. I used to do that to my homemade Barbie dresses when I was 8. In 1974.

Is this chick self-taught too?

Loved CH's dress! so cute!
she definitely deserved to be in the top 2 with Gordana
I love irina's clothes, but not this week

I could totally see CH's or Gordana's dresses with a leather jacket and some cute black boots/heels on a 20 year old and they still look fab on a woman older than the typical client

Dr. Whitfield was ROBBED. ROBBED, I say. I literally gasped and went, "ooh" when hers came out. Stunning.

On the other hand, Althea should have left weeks ago. So should Nicolas, but I can't say I minded this look from him. It was hippie-dippie perfect for his hippie-dippie model.

I LOVED CH's look. I even liked the color. Did it remind any one else of Calvin Klein's stuff? It looks like it'd fit right into the 2010 Resort collection:

On close inspection, Althea's dress is even more hideous than when I saw it on the runway. To echo the masses here - she is incapable of fitting a boob! Or two! This dress was SO much worse than Epperson's.

Dr. Whitfield should have been second to Gordana rather than Irina or Shirin. Either of those two should have been in the middle but hell, there was so much shite coming down the runway this week, it's a toss up as to who the the third designer should be in the top three.

This season has been so lackluster. Wake me up when we get to the finale.

I hated Nicolas' look when it came down the runway but on second look it's not so bad - aside from the bad fit issues and the fact he appeared to use almost none of the wedding gown. I'd forgotten just how truly bad Althea's dress was. In her defense as a designer, though, one shouldn't forget just how good her newspaper dress was. I liked CH's and feel it should have been in the top three - and probably in the top two. Still think Irina's was pretty dreadful and was more worthy of the bottom than the top. Early on I thought this was one of the strongest group of designers yet on PR but now I'm beginning to think it's one of the weakest.

I'm a little disappointed with Althea. She's capable of designing much better things. Nicolas is hot or miss. CH did a good job. I like the dress a lot.

I love CH's dress, it enhances her model's body, makes her look tall and willowy and chic. I also like the color and think it goes with her skin tone and hair; totally gray would be a mistake, but this looks to me like a dirty mauve... go to a bright primary color and it would make it look like she was trying to be younger than she is, and end up making her look older. I guess you could say something similar about Irina's MOB outfit in bronzed beige, which I have a hunch is the same color as Irina's shit-that-doesn't-smell.

Still don't like Nicolas' outfit.

Really hate Althea's (the belt? WTF?)

And CH's outfit was like the perfect little bit of fluff that tickles your nose on an Indian Summer sort of day. But without the shrug which was fug.

I didn't care for Nicholas or Althea, but loved Carol Hannah. The dress anyway.

Once again, Althea did not construct or fit the bodice correctly. I was an early fan of hers, but I am getting sick of her NEVER getting called on making women's breasts look bad. What's up with that?

Though I do not particularly care for Althea, at least her design was cute and modern and could be sellable at Rave or 5-7-9 nowadays. Epperson's is a throwback to the early 90s.

That, and Althea at least did a big transformation from the original dress. It may have simply been an execution problem on her part.

Still torn on which one was worse- if Althea's or Christopher's. But while Althea's was not auf material, it may have been bottom 3 material still.

Nicolas' was as mediocre as mediocre got. Client was satisfied. Ensemble is sellable. Otherwise mediocre.

Carol Hannah probably deserved a top 3 spot, but Gordana's was better. Though the little jacket made CH's a bit more wearable IMHO. Shirin's was still better as well. Torn between CH and Irina as to which one was objectively better- but I would feel more comfortable and elegant in Irina's.

I always loved reading your recaps and your take on the outfits, there was always a new perspective to hear. And then, I read that you don't hate Nicolas's look this week. And. I just. don't. care. anymore. That rubbish should have been sent home. Bye

Since I did not much in the way of "real" work today, between this and the suggestions for PR, I do have to give a shout-out to to:
Anon 1:18 - adding "bustular" to boobage in my vernacular
Tamarama - "Irritina"? ROFLMAO
Meow - re: CH mascara layers. I did pose what I "think" was the first comment on that hideousness. Loved the confirmation.

Carol Hannah's dress was far better than Irina's, in spite of that silly little shrug jacket. I am a little sick of the overpraise Irinia's been fielding.

I'm way tired of Althea's single look, which usually includes some sort of bizarre and distracting titscrepancy or other boob-related issue, as illustrated in this sad design. She's making me miss puffy sleeves. Also, she does know the blue challenge is over now, right?

I think Shirin was in the top three because she was willing to put her foot down and assert herself when her client made unreasonable demands, when most every other designer has crumbled, was upfront about it, and didn't 1) act like a total douchebag when asserting herself and 2) didn't produce absolute fug as a result (*ahem*Jeffrey*cough*). Her design was more palatable than Irina's, and CH's bested them both, with Gordana presenting the one dress to rule them all. (In this production of Lord of the Rings, Nicolas will be playing Gollum.)

I also loved CH's dress. I thought that Althea's dress looked like the model was wearing her bra on the outside.

ON Nicholas' outfit, that Butt was Insane!!!

I don't understand how the little shrug works with the dress on Carol Hannah;s. They just seem like two pieces of two completely different outfits - the colors, the designs, all of it. The little dress is cute and fluffy, and the shrug is kind of heavy and solid. And the colors look pukey together.

But the dress was a LOT better than Irina's, and probably better than Shirin's, as well. I'd forgotten about this dress; your screencaps here show it off much better than the filmed episode did.

I thought CH should have been 2nd. She did a great job and her design was very well-executed. I'd give her the edge over Shirin because you couldn't see any of the wedding dress in her design.

I agree that Christopher or Logan should have gone home, not Nicolas. His granola-crunching divorcee saw to that, IMO. And his design was not bad, just the execution.

Carol Hannah hasn't been getting much love from the judges. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I've thought her design was underrated. Not as bad as Gordana, but she's overlooked nonetheless.

I wish they would give them more time. It is extremely difficult to do anything but "a pretty dress"--usually sleeveless--in the time that they have. I think that is a lot of why we aren't seeing more suits, pants, etc. Not everybody sews as fast as PPS.

I also associated the little shrugs more with Shirin than CH. Shirin did a LOT of them in her portfolio, as I remember.

After actually seeing photos of the garments, I don't have such an 'oh no, oh hell no' reaction to Nicolas' outfit. IMO, it's the color scheme that produces the strong 'ick' reaction to this one. The pants seem to be stolen from the U.S. Forest Service uniform, and that tattered lace gives the jacket a Miss Havisham vibe. I like the pleating and style of the jacket tho'.


Thoughts having now seen all this past week's offerings once more:

Beyond the performance in individual challenges, the factor that determines my own decisions on who should be auf'ed is how curious I am to see what they would do at Bryant Park. And now that Epperson is gone (and I remain unconvinced by all the defenses of that decision posted on earlier threads), there is no one about whom I am sincerely curious...

Gordana? Perhaps. I like many of the things she has done, but I am still not sure how much of my sympathy has to do with some combination of her maltreatment by the judges and her lovely way of being in the PR-World.

The CH? Shirin? Christopher? Each has had moments, and I do agree that our good doctor is not getting the props she deserves, but I do not find myself really wanting to know what they would do if given free reign... And I fear that I do know what Christopher would do——hard/soft short plays——and I cannot bring myself to care.

Althea? Like so many others, I do not get the love, and I do not see a point of view.

Irina? The coat was good. The rest I have trouble remembering... save in the negative... And I find her bitchiness tedious, as it lacks some saving combination of humour, cleverness, and self-irony.

Logan, blank.

Nicolas? Never mind.

I love the process (and this blog) enough to keep watching and reading, and I will not give up all hope (there is the chance that with time and freedom, someone will surprise), but I am struck by my inability to really care one way or another about any of the remaining designers.


MouseAnony wrote: "...Also, HATE the grey. Fuschia, scarlett, or deep turquoise would have popped this look. Is there some reason why it couldn't have been dyed a nice vibrant color?"

CH mentioned to Tim that her client wanted something grey so that's no doubt why she chose that color. I actually think it was a smart choice. A brighter color could potentially have read "prom dress." The grey makes it more "age appropriate."

I wasn't as crazy about CH's dress as some... I don't think it's appropriate for this client; it needs someone younger and with a certain attitude to carry off what could potentially look like dirty dryer sheets. This client has a slammin' body, but I'm trying to picture her wearing it out places, and it could really go either way. I do like the graduated layering that CH did. The shrug/bolero, though... I hate those things, they're so useless.

I described Althea's dress as "People of Walmart Chic." So ugly, the piping is weird, and WTF is up with that belt?? Agree with everyone who is puzzled over Althea's inability to fit a bust. You'd think she didn't have, and had never seen, boobies.

I thought the jacket part of PP's outfit could be cute on one of those vintagey/Grandma-chic young types, but it doesn't fit with the top he made, and the pants are just hideous. Glad he made the client happy, but the whole thing is so unflattering and doesn't fit.

Sometimes the dresses go by so fast that I wonder if my eyes deceive me. When Althea's went down the runway, I was wondered if the back was really sloppy. Turns out, yup.

At any rate, I can't get that excited about Carol's or Nicholas' altho the former's was well-made. I dunno, this season is not exciting. Maybe as you say I'll wait until the next one (the real one if you will) to judge.

Totally agree that Carol Hannah was the clear winner on this challenge. Her dress is luminous and beautifully made. Why it didn't make it as a final 3 is anybody's guess, but it has nothing to do with merit, that's for sure. The judging on PR is so whacked, who can say. Nicolas' ensemble was so depressingly pedestrian, I thought sure he was in mortal reality show danger...alas. No doubt the judges keep him on as the "guy you love to hate," but I, for one, don't enjoy hating him one bit...just want him GONE.

fragile industries

You've convinced me. Dr. Whitfield IS a rocket scientist. Her dress should have been second to Gordana's (the clear winner).

Please let this be the week where Peppermint Patty gets auf'd. Those colors. That attitude. His laziness. Ouch.

Althea -- words fail me on the ass of that dress.

I'm still furious about Epperson's auf and Irena's MOB in the top 3. ITA with State of Seige above, no one in this gang has me cheering for them.

The comments about the color of CH's dress fascinate me. So many see it as gray, but a few, myself included, see a lovely subdued purple (mauve). On Chris March's blog, he refers to it as "an interesting gray-purple color." Color perception is so subjective (and probably inherited) and affects our overall perceptions of these garments. The differences in the colors that people are seeing could also be coming from the t.v. &/or computer monitors.

Then again, the clumsy construction and poor fit of Althea's garments are apparent in any color.

Hi, I'm Nicolas's divorcee/model Stephanie.
I probably should have taken off the little jacket so you could see the really cute tank top underneath, but didn't trust my runway stripping skills... there is lace (from the original dress) down the center which you can see in TLo's pix, and lace on each armhole. SUS said 'Was anything besides the vest...made of the wedding dress?' Yes, the brown tank top was made from the original dress.
It's true, the Forest Service pants are a bit of a throwaway, but let's face it, one day and 25 bucks!!?? SusanID is right, I'll wear the tops with jeans, or... And I do love the biomorphic trim Nicolas bought & added to the neckline - it looks like underwater coral - and it's a great 'thingamijig' which is something unusual that you wear to a party where you don't know anyone, because it is a conversation starter: "What an unusual top! Where did you get it??"
Now, MouseAnony & others, before we give my beloved Nicolas too much credit for the 'neat seaming detail to create a pattern in the fabric of the vest' - all that seaming detail was in the original dress's fabric!
Suzq said 'Cruelty free? Obviously, Nicolas has never watched a sheep being sheared.' but there was NO wool in my outfit! I specifically requested no wool. Maybe you're thinking of LOGAN's wool pants. Oh, and in case you're wondering... the vintage sweater I was wearing earlier in the show is all synthetic, no wool, no fur, DUH!

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