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Hot Bitchy Girl wins and the crowd is revolting!

Pretty good episode, no? Maybe not as well defined as previous "inspiration" challenges, but at least we wound up with a runway show that was more than just pretty dresses all in a row.

Maybe we're biased because this is always our favorite period in a Project Runway season. The cast has been narrowed down significantly and everyone's starting to either take the competition a lot more seriously or cracking under the pressure. Results: bitchiness!

So congrats, Hot Bitchy Girl! We continue to applaud Irina's "Everyone here sucks except for me" attitude. Come on. Without it, the season would be a little boring. Bitchy smack-talkers are the life blood of PR.

Model: Kalyn Hemphill

Especially when they can bring it. And in our opinion, she definitely brought it, far more than the other designers.

Love her or hate her, we think it's hard to deny that her look was head and shoulders above the rest.

It had a luxurious, expensive feel to it (appropriate for the locale) and a stylishness that was both hip and classic at the same time. In other words, it looked very much like a Michael Kors creation.

Plus, she worked in a range of materials, which gave the look a nice, textural feel to it.

When we saw it on the dress form, we thought she was making the mistake of a too-large cowl, but seeing it on her, we have to say the proportions are just right. The only thing we could do without is another of Irina's ever-present sashes.

We understand the thinking behind the low-contrast color scheme, but we wouldn't have minded seeing a little pop of color, somewhere on this look, no matter how subtle.

But aside from that, we have no complaints. It's also a very well made outfit.

And come on! It's not a pretty dress! That alone is cause for celebration. We realize she's made no friends, either in the audience or in the work room, but this, to us, is an instance where the judges got it exactly right. It's no coincidence that this happened on a judging panel with both Nina and Michael.

Oh, and Milla Jovovich probably should have stopped after 2 bong hits, but she made for a pretty decent guest judge.

Extended Judging:

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I had such mixed feelings about Irina's win, on the one hand I hate her attitude, on the other hand? That outfit was gorgeous, and completely deserved the win. I just... I want COLOR.

I'll probably be in the minority here, but I hated this look. The cowl is outdated and ugly, and what was with the open back? This looked more Baby Phat than Michael Kors.

love the desgin and details.. but not the colour tho

She deserved the win! I really loved the look from top to bottom.

And her bitchiness ... LOVE IT. :)

Yes, finally something other than "pretty dresses." Most of the designs were pretty boring, but Irina's was pretty good. I hate to admit it.

Irina still is bitchy, but her clothes are decent! I can't wait to hear what you guys will say about the Bottom Boys!

I agree with Mina -- where is the COLOR this season? It was complete bullshit that Peppermint Patty got the auf, but at least we don't have to see any more solid white from him. The fact that there was no color in the Mackie challenge was a sin!

Yeah its well made but to me it looks a lot more like 45 year old suburban divorcee on the prowl for cougarbait on whom to spend her ex-husband's money.

Oh gentlemen, were it not for your blog I wouldn't know what's going on with Project Runway. Your recaps and insight are far more interesting than the show. Can't you be guest judges? I stopped watching around episode three. I'll check back here later to see who was au'fd.

Going to have to go ahead and disagree. The vest looks really cheap and tacky, you'd expect it on a hobo. And a huge open back on a turtleneck sweater? "She's not going skiing" is right.

I felt like I was in a beautiful dream last night. Nina and the Duchess were back. It was a good challenge. There were some really good results and some really bad ones. And--and this is the part where I woke up--I agreed with the all of the judges' decisions! And I liked the guest judge!

I wouldn't want Irina as my BFF--she'd steal my boyfriend and bring me cupcakes when I was dieting--but I thought her design was the best of the bunch (although Gordana gave her a strong run for her money!). Everything was beautifully made, the pants fit like a glove, and I loved the back of the sweater.

Making an outfit like this with $150 in one day was a feat that deserved the win.

So what if she is bitchy, she backs it up pretty consistently. Im still on team Gordana tho. Think its gonna be an all-girl top three in the end.

Yup I think Irina won because her outfit was on point and very much in the style of Michael Kors.

She was less bitchy last night. In love with herself, yes, but not that vicious towards the others.

Yawn. At least they saved the Logan eye candy, which is the only reason I haven't stopped watching altogether.

"Tlo said: When we saw it on the dress form, we thought she was making the mistake of a too-large cowl"

Me too. As soon as I saw that cowl I thought, she'd a goner, because I seem to recall LaNina saying, in a previous season, that she hates cowl necks (or something like that). But I guess she's had some therapy to get over that.


Loved this outfit, the pants are hot!

Even with Irina's attitude, this season is still a little boring.

I am really kind of awestruck that anyone could make three pieces of clothing in a day and a half. Irina can bring it.

Wish I could like her as much as I like the pants she constructed.

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I'm starting to like Irina more and more. Yeah, she's bitchy, but she had a valid point about everybody screwing around in the workroom and then wondering where the time went. That girl is all asses and elbows and she's the only one who hasn't had a time management freak out yet.

And I loved that sweater. I would like to be wearing it right now.

Paging Henry Higgins. This is brown, brown, brown. And looks like she made it out of a towel. And what the shit is up with that cookie cutter in the middle of her back?

I haven't seen the ep yet, nor have I seen any of the other outfits (yay for Seoul time), so I'll reserve any further judgment until later.

Pretty good, not perfect. I especially didn't like the open back, and would have liked more color.

Have to poke a little at "without Irina's bitchiness this season would be a little boring." It's a really boring season, even with her bitchiness, which doesn't even rise to the level of the Great PR Villains of Yore.

Clearly the best look on the runway. It looks like she got twice the budget.

And I hate her guts.

My wife wonders what she looked like before the nose job. She thinks the reason Irina hated Shirin is because it reminded her of when she was twelve.

All three (and now two) boys are terrible. The next to go.

Yet again, though, this was making something nice. Maybe not pretty, but shall we say standard. No material restraints. No impossibly narrow criteria. It's all so nice. It's all so standard.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

"Oh, and Milla Jovovich probably should have stopped after 2 bong hits, but she made for a pretty decent guest judge."

So true. I kept on thinking about Milla's role in "Dazed and Confused".

Anywhoo, I know I'm going to get stuff thrown at me for saying this, but I'd be a bitch too if I was bringing everything I've got to the competition and the rest of the designers are just playing safe. Seriously, only CH and maybe Gordana could give Irina a run for her money (if Gordana doesn't totally meltdown, that is). The rest, in my opinion, are merely playing the game to be safe, not playing to win. And that sucks.

Irina brought her best to the challenge, and deserved the win. Too bad Nicholas is gone and the opportunity for a Slavic bitchfest has passed.

Don't even get me started on Christopher. 'Scraping the bottom of the barrel' is 3 levels above where his designs are at. He has no vision. I don't blame Katie, his model, for being pissed off about his precipitous fall in potential.

A little boring? This season it already a LOT boring.

So boring that I've actually stopped watching, I'm just reading your posts instead.

It reminds me of something out of that old Perry King movie Aspen or a Jacqueline Suzzane/Jackie Collins movie. I don't have a problem with her winning, but I wondering if Gordana's self depreciating presentation cost her the win.

I love the muted colors of this outfit. It looks great with Model McSmiley's skin tone and the earthtones work with the retro 70's vibe. HBG nailed this challenge.

And now I know this will be discussed at length elsewhere, but Lesbian sent home over Chinstrap? Bad call I say.


yeah! ho! wah!

"Pretty good episode, no? Maybe not as well defined as previous "inspiration" challenges, but at least we wound up with a runway show that was more than just pretty dresses all in a row."

seriously, guys? this ep bored the hell out of me. and i used to agree with your opinion that the casting this season is pretty great, but now im starting to think that there is a certain lack of talent and inspiration amongst the designers. yeah, most of them are quite good, but none of them are standouts like leanne, korto or christian in previous seasons.

but yeah, irina deserved the win.

Okay, seriously? Line Irina up against Wendy Pepper, Santino, Jeffrey, and Kenley. She's Chloe-friggin-Dao compared to them. She's probably about as bitchy as Christian was, and while not as good as Christian, she's head and shoulders above most of the rest of these people. I've liked her work from the beginning, and, while I think Gordana would have had a shot if she hadn't dissed her own dress, this was a deserved win.

I don't mind her as a character, but I thought her dress wasn't up to the standards of Gordana's last night. The collar was too big, the vest was too big, the sash was weird, all the proportions weren't right, ect.

But since Heidi hates Gordana, I doubt we'll ever see her win again.

I've tried to dislike Irina since she is such a bitch. However, she's a good designer and I think she definitely deserved this win. The only thing that bothers me are those sleeves, they seem to end in a weird place.

Everything about this outfit is so pretty, so well done... then she takes off the coat and turns around. And there's a giant wonky triangle cutout staring you down. I think the cutout takes this look down quite a few notches into bad art-school-goes-clubbing territory, but if the coat remains on, then no-one will ever be the wiser. Better yet - make the top WITHOUT the cutout. Pretty and sophisticated otherwise.

It was just SO cliche to me.

I mean, slap a fur hat on her head made from the vest fur, had her a drink and have some young hot guy hanging on her arm and it would totally be "Alexis Colby does Aspen." Does no one else see that? Just me? Okay. lol

I still can't stand her. I hate arrogance and I hate fake people and looking at the previews of her being mean girls with Althea turns my stomach because Althea doesn't realize how much shit Irina was talking about her prior (and e1 else for that matter.) Grrrr.

The outfit deserved to win, but I disagree about this being a good challenge.

I thought it was a corrupt tongue bath for Kors and his banal collection. I assume they did it in order to bribe him to fly to LA, something he and Nina have shown they aren't very interested in doing.

As for the locations, I thought they were trite and weak. St. Tropez? Aspen? Santa Fe? Yes, very hot in 1976. Very boring in 2009. They gave this whole episode a promotional, tourist-brochure feel.

And of course none of the contestants showed the tiniest bit of color imagination, just as they haven't all season. Carol Hannah at least HAD some color, though her garment was painfully obvious, and obviously straight out of her own closet as well.

But Irina made perfect trousers, so she wins. And anyone upset about Nic going home is blind.

Let me preface this by saying I am a 20-something currently wearing leggings and a cowl-neck sweater and boots as I sit at my desk to type this...but I WANT this outfit :) I like Irina, I like her attitude (nothin' wrong with bitchery if you can BRING it), and I like her clothes!

And SewSew, I WOULD want you as my BFF because you say things like:
I wouldn't want Irina as my BFF--she'd steal my boyfriend and bring me cupcakes when I was dieting

This comment has been removed by the author.

This challenge was a no-brainer for me. Irina deserved the win, as much as I would have liked to see Gordana become the second contender to win more than one challenge. Seriously - Irina is the ONLY repeat winner 10 episodes in, which has to be a record.

Yeah, I don't like Irina, but I have to admit she's bringing it. And setting in on the table, unwrapping it, and dishing it out.

I hadn't watched the episode yet, so when I heard Irina won I was a little pissed. She annoys the **** outta me.

So coming into this entry, I thought I'd hate this outfit. But I don't. Dammit.

It's gorgeous. And no matter how much I dislike Irina, I'm glad she's doing well in the competition - if only so that my girl Kalyn makes it to the end!!!

Very cool look, kind of Vogue 1979 - does make me want to live the glamorous life.
See, I told you guys her fellow designers don't hate her all that much. She got kudos from Althea and CH -- I did crack up when she said her major challenge is outdoing herself. I loved the cowlneck, minus the cut-out but wish it had been in white.

Love her or hate her, we think it's hard to deny that her look was head and shoulders above the rest.

I deny it. At best she was forehead above them, not the whole head plus shoulders, too. Gordana's look was lovely, and CH's was fairly nice as well, and both of them nailed their locales as much as Irina did. I'm not going to argue she shouldn't have won by any means, but I don't think she was a shoe-in, either.

I personally really hate that cowl, especially combined with the open back... it led to a very jarring effect for me. I'll grant it's a well-constructed outfit that was overall a good idea, but those two details really did not appeal to me at all. (I also thought the pants colour was a little off, not quite a good blend with the other colours, but that's just nitpicky.)

That having been said, I will give her kudos for making three pieces that she actually finished. Bitch is quick.

But not entertaining. I'm starting to tune out when she talks now... somehow not the effect I'd think they'd want.

Yes it was probably the most successful outfit. And it looked like it greatly transscended the budget. But I do think Irina was right to call people out on their time management. You're not at summer camp. It's interesting that as bitchy as she is regarding the other designers she seems to have a good relationship with the models she's worked with.

I would be very surprised at this point if Irina did nto make final 3

BTW I think Milla was an excellent judge. It's clear she understands the market and the industry. It's clear she just wasn't a figurehead in her design company. I think it says a lot about Milla and this season of designers when she came up with better suggestions and ideas than some of the contestants.


She IS adorable!

"Oh, and Milla Jovovich probably should have stopped after 2 bong hits, but she made for a pretty decent guest judge."


I strongly disagreed with this win. All this look needs is a massive set of wooden rosary beads, and the location inspiration isn't Aspen. It's "Name of the Rose". If you're going to give your garment a massive cowl, it shouldn't be monks-hood BROWN.

So very much BROWN. Blah.

"Pretty good episode, no?"


Where to begin?

-Althea belonged in the Top Three, replacing my precious CH.

-Gordana was robbed because of Frau McNasty. (It's getting painful to watch the poor thing on the runway.)

-Although Irina made a lot of look for a little money, I wore that cowl neck in my HS Senior Picture.....IN 1977!

-Logan's was actually cool, but did need a bit of stepping up.

-Nicolas was lost, but the little lesbian was starting to grow on me.

-Christopher? Safe again? All I could think of was Jay McCarroll's comment when Wendy Pepper survived the bottom yet again in Season One, "she's like a cockroach."

Where were all the demanding challenges?? Leanne and Korto made slamming designs with car parts for chrissakes!! This year has been.."Here's a lot of money, buy a lot of fabric, make something nice."

I remember one challenge when the designers were given a ridiculous budget of about $20! Wasn't that the H&M Challenge?

I loved Irina's look; and this makes me think things that I shan't post here, but I'll leave it as "She's one to watch out for."

TLo said: :We understand the thinking behind the low-contrast color scheme, but we wouldn't have minded seeing a little pop of color, somewhere on this look, no matter how subtle."

yes, but there'd probably be collective heart failure on the part of the viewing audience for the shock of finally seeing some color this season.

I think what brought Irina the win was the fact that she was able to use her time wisely to put out three looks that together were pretty well-made and representative of the "Aspen" look, even if a bit cougarish-cliche. Her comments about the other designers wasting time may be very valid - although I personally liked either Dr. W's dress or Gordana's Manhattan look better, the fact that Irina made three pieces well probably positioned her for the win.

I'm reconciled to the fact she's going to be in the final three.


I thought Irina did a good job until she did the faux fur vest. I guess I have a fur-is-fug prejudice (I remember watching the Price is Right as a small child and Bob Barker would yell "you win a new fur cooooooat!" and Janice would come out in a floor length dark brown fur and my newly developing sense of aesthetics would wonder why anyone would want an amorphous hairy shroud!) However, I LOVED the pants. Pants seem to stymy people on PR with few exceptions but those were gorgeous. The cowl neck? Meh. But, the outfit was well made and better designed than the others. I'm not loving Irina's bland taste and I think her looks are often dated (this look screamed '70s like her triangle top dress) but I do think she is clever and thorough in every detail.

When Tim sent PP packing, he used his code phrase "matter of taste". God I miss Tim's take!

I dislike the open back, but there's no doubt this outfit deserved the win. Doesn't mean I like Irina, though. Bitchiness is entertaining, sure, but I would much rather have mad talent and mutual respect on a reality show like this than "drama" - see Top Chef Masters. Unfortunately, the designers weren't bringing enough of their talent, so someone had to bring the bitchiness.

This was the obvious winner the minute it came out on the runway. Three pieces, expensive-looking on a minimal budget, extremely well-constructed and it had "Aspen" written all over it.

I barely stayed awake through the episode, it was so boring. I was hoping when they took them to Rodeo Drive, it'd be a part where there was a McDonald's or something. I'm so sick of all the "made an outfit out of... fabric!" challenges. There's only been one single episode with nonconventional materials, and even that was just paper, which isn't all that far off. I'm glad they saved Minnesota Slim, but he hardly deserved it. I didn't much care for HBG's outfit. The pants were great, but I thought the sweater looked cheap with the cutout, and the vest was a little too over the top, plus I can't stand that color scheme. I liked Gordanna's dress the best, and how she stood up for adding the shiny parts to it since the flat grey was boring. But she does need to bring more confidence. She's a great designer, but you wouldn't know it half the time for all of her apologies about her great work.

Do the Germans and the Slavs just not get along?

Okay, so this morning I pointed at my husband and said, "You. Lesbian. What's this?" Then I laughed maniacally for quite a long time.

Come on, I'm not the only one who's still getting a charge out of yesterday's post, am I?

What? On topic content? Oh, yeah, bitchy girl wins - whatever.

This was a good episode, but it seemed like too little, too late.

Yeah, Irina pulled out a decent outfit. Now can we stop pretending that this season's competition is going to produce anyone who's really going to blaze any trails in design? Can we just tell Irina that she's won the position of designer in charge of Michael Kors new line for JC Penney, get rid of the two remaining bottom boys, put the girls in Bryant Park, and hope for a new season with better challenges, better eye candy, better drama, and better judging? And in lieu of two more episodes of what we're getting now, can we just pair the remaining designers with their models; put them in a room with a hundred yards of white cotton, four sewing machines, and very sharp scissors; tell them that the first pair to emerge, still standing, with a wearable red dress will win $50,000; and then sit back and watch the carnage?

I agree that Irina deserved the win. Her look while not exactly earth shattering is heads and shoulders above the others. The cowl didn't wow me, but the pants were great.
Gordana being her only real competition, sunk her own ship by calling attention to the faults of her garment.

Am I the only one who thinks Irina is usually correct and not bitchy in a bitchy way but bitchy in an astutely observant way? I like her, she is gorgeous, has amazing cheekbones, and can really back up her mouth. It's not like she is boasting ridiculously, she is pretty matter of fact and often correct.

For me, she makes the show with all these super young, young designers with no experience, no sense of the history of fashion in the twentieth century, and no sense of color. I liked the bravo shows with a variety of ages and backgrounds.

While I agree this was a good challenge, I actually fell asleep before the runway show. I woke up to the judges telling Althea she was safe. I don't know if the season is just too boring or if I should stop after the third glass of wine. Anyhoodle, Irina really was head and shoulders above the rest. It was a beautiful. I agree with TLO and the judges, though, thta it was a little monochromatic. A bit too much camel, but that seems to be Irina's style.

Oh, and Irina wasn't really that bitchy last night. I get that she needs to devote her energy to the clothes, but I think what's really going on is that she's figured out she doesn't have any real competition this season, so she can put away the claws. Alas.

Okay. So taking my snark glasses off and looking at Irina's outfit again. I have to admit one thing and one thing only. The pants looked great.

It's a big thing considering how many technical issues there have been this season. I will give Ms. Myshitdontstinkhonestlyitdoesntaskanyoneitreallydoesnt that one.

Ok there is no denying the woman can sew and sew fast and well.

HOWEVER--Aspen? Not today--30 years ago maybe but certainly not today. Or rather Kors Aspen, not everyone elses. LMAO.

Someone else said that this episode was a shameless Kors plug, I thought the exact same thing! Sickening actually. The only thing missing is Mike Meyers jumping in off camera with a Pepsi can. How much more are we to take on the product plugs? UGH.

And sorry guys, I gotta disagree. This episode was so boring I fast forwarded it past all the BS to the runway show and then to who one and who lost. I could care less about the supposed bitchiness coming from Irina: its as blah as her choice of colors (or lack there of) this season.

As for the auf, I'll reserve my comments for the losing post.

Season: Yawn.
Challenges: Yawn.
Colors: MIA. Even from the "blue" challenge. I miss Uli!
Bitchiness: minimal (thank GOD for Irina...and I'm gonna miss the occasional cat swipes from Peppermint Patty, too.)

Now that that's out of the way...

Praise Jeebus that La Nina and Duchess L'Orange were back. Milla was a wonderful, exuberant guest judge. Apparently bong-hitting does her well. Love her.

Irina's design was a shoo-in from the moment I saw her designing the ski pants. But the rich cowl neck won me over totally. Her model turned the corner, and I knew there was no competition. Yeah, I was confused by the cutout in back. Whatevs. Irina for the win.

Gordana: Sweet. Love her, but her dress was praised too much. Boring, actually, if you take out that necklace that everyone oohed and aahed over.

Yes, Irina deserved the win - by a fake-fur hair. Loved Gordana's dress, very sad to see Nicolas go (even if it was deserved). My only disappointment in Irina's outfit was her choice of shoes. Honestly, I would think boots! Some form of boots in Aspen during ski season! The shoes seemed really strange to me. My only guess is that there weren't any boots from which to choose.

No, this was not a good episode. As others have said, it is so boooorrriiiinngggg.

My god, Logan is pretty (can I have skin that clear and teeth that perfect, please? kthxbye), but seriously, he and his designs are pretty bland. We are, what, 10 challenges in and he's NEVER been in the top 3? And no one has called him out on this?

And when they get together for drinks at the end of the day, they just sit around No going to bars, no gymnastic shenanigans, no bleeding gashes on their skulls...god, I miss season 1.

Irina's cowel sweater with the triangle back would have worked better if the hole had been an oblong oval or a tear-drop shape. It would have echoed the lines of the cowel better and been more risque.

And what is it with this eighties stuff being done by people who were born at the end of the eighties? Ick. I lived through it the first time. Not much good pseudo-fifties inspired fashion came out of the eighties.

I am trying to think of one famous, still-wonderful look from the eighties and I can't.

TED said...
And in lieu of two more episodes of what we're getting now, can we just pair the remaining designers with their models; put them in a room with a hundred yards of white cotton, four sewing machines, and very sharp scissors; tell them that the first pair to emerge, still standing, with a wearable red dress will win $50,000; and then sit back and watch the carnage?

Hell yeah! I'd watch that one! It would be far more interesting than this lackluster season.

Anne asked: "Come on, I'm not the only one who's still getting a charge out of yesterday's post, am I?"

I laughed hysterically every time they pointed the camera at Peppermint Patty last night. it.

still laughing. TFF!


Am I the only straight girl out there who doesn't think Logan is hot? I think he kind of looks like he needs a shower.

I am not overly fond of Irina but she had valid points last night. She is really trying to innovate and push herself on every challenge and some others clearly are coasting (or just worn out or just confused.) And I loved that look. I agree tho there was a preponderance of brown and camel.

On a different note, I am terminally uninterested in "celebrity" judges, a casting stunt that fizzles in my opinion. Some random TV star's opinion on this week's challenge does nothing for me. And while I enjoyed the Lipstick Jungle challenge, Jerrell and Stella were so robbed by Brooke Shields' decision. Having said that, Milla Jovavich was freaking adorable and I enjoyed her commentary. Please more.

Why is everyone freaking out about Irina's attitude? She would wilt around people like Wendy Pepper, Santino Rice, Jeffrey Sebilia, and all the other "not-so-nice" contestants the show has ever had. Please. This just goes to show how weak this season has been.

Why is everyone freaking out about Irina's attitude? She would wilt around people like Wendy Pepper, Santino Rice, Jeffrey Sebilia, and all the other "not-so-nice" contestants the show has ever had.

Another all-star??

Personally, I have no problem with Irina's color story or the 'dated' cowl-neck sweater. I'm old and we old people love a good cowl! The whole look was very MK which is fine with me. I, too, thought it was a little 'urban' as they say, with just a little bit of gangsta hood hottie.

Milla J. was an absolute hoot as a guest judge. I've always loved her and last night she was totally on. And for all of the "Irina is such a bitch" edit she's been getting this season, how is it that when they showed all of the designers having a toast and laughing it up in the apartment, appeared to be just like everyone else and having a grand old time?

- edina -

Irina's comments aside, as she said she is constantly challenging herself to produce better and better designs. Thank goodness! She doesn't get much push from her fellow designers.

I did like Althea's design as well. Carol Hannah's was nice but really?
Palm beach - prints and flowing dress - check
Aspen - ski pants, cowl neck sweater and fur - check
New York - glitzy cocktail dress - check
Saint Tropez - shorts outfit - check
Although overall the designs were better this week, this crew continues to do the obvious. Even Irina.

Let's push the envelope, designers!

Kara Lang said...
Why is everyone freaking out about Irina's attitude? She would wilt around people like Wendy Pepper, Santino Rice, Jeffrey Sebilia, and all the other "not-so-nice" contestants the show has ever had. Please. This just goes to show how weak this season has been

I don't know Kara. She has given a the editors a little to work with, but she's also probably tired from working so hard . The the ones that are goofing off, then freaking or the ones that just don't know what they are doing, would get extremely irritating. Also she has that central casting "look" of the dark haired , beautiful ,meannie.
I don't think she has been all that bitchy to her competitors, just blunt.

I remember one challenge when the designers were given a ridiculous budget of about $20! Wasn't that the H&M Challenge?

I think you're thinking of the Season 4 "Bitten" challenge for Steve and Barry's: Make two pieces with a budget of $15 to sell cheap.

The garments eventually sold in the store bore no resemblance to the winning design whatsoever.

I think I am also in the minority that I was not that impressed with this outfit personally, but I do love the idea and approach she took and I did think it was a well deserved win. I still love carol hannah and althea over her though!

I liked this one a lot and it reflects "Aspen". My only request would be some color. Maybe turquoise or something. Anyway, congrats Bitchy Girl, you deserve it!

Actually Dana, Louise sewed right through her thumb this season. That's the only blood we got, so I savored it, lolz.

I watched last night's epi with wonderful indifference. I didn't care who won, I didn't care who got auf'd. Well that's not entirely true. Christopher made some auful assery. As soon as he said, "blue sky, tan sand" I was harkened back to Ra'mon saying the exact same thing for his win.

I loved Irina's ensemble. It was very Ralph Lauren, especially the pants. I didn't like the fur vest at all. But I guess it lent itself to the back treatment of the cowl once it was removed.

I don't think PP should have lost to Chinstrap; his toga-esque bodysuit gave a nod to Hellenistic Greece and the pants were effing beautiful.

Oops, I'm emoting! I want to stay apathetic!

Did anyone else notice that the figure in Irina's sketch looked JUST LIKE HER??

I fell asleep right after that.



The pants are nice, but seriously? SERIOUSLY? It's too bad Gordana wasn't more confident on the runway because her dress definitely deserved to win over this.

I'm still surprised that nobody created a stink abou her using fur. (I didn't read all of the posts, so excuse me if I'm spinning a broken record.)

Grozirina dosen't really bother me all that much. I don't dislike, nor love her. I nothing her.

Anon @ 10:25 Saide: "Yeah its well made but to me it looks a lot more like 45 year old suburban divorcee on the prowl for cougarbait on whom to spend her ex-husband's money."

Then she nailed it----exactly who do you think hangs out in Aspen ski louges???

I see this look Target or JC Penny....Where is innovation? I don't get it.

Laura, I also don't think Logan is remotely attractive. Perhaps it's his boring persona, or maybe because he never smiles. Or maybe he's sporting the same goopaline as RPattz?

I don't know, I thought Kors was right on with the '80s look comment. In fact, I heard it as sort of :"I made that in 1984 bitch. Get your own style." He was sort of radiating irritation at all the looks, I thought, and concluding that none of them, really should have won.

Anon 11:46: It's faux.

Love the Bob Barker comment above. In addition to my general aversion to wearing skinned animals, I also carry the cultural weight of "a new fur coat!" as the suburban housewife's dream garment.

Laura said Am I the only straight girl out there who doesn't think Logan is hot?

No, you're not. I do not find the lanky hair, unwashed look attractive in the slightest. These guys all need to become acquainted with shampoo, soap and water.

I loved the look...I'd buy that in a heartbeat!!!

I'd prefer the back not to be cutout just cause it makes it easier on the undergarments! lol

Ugly!! Outfit looks like brown furry poo with a sash.

"Laura said: Am I the only straight girl out there who doesn't think Logan is hot?"


He's pretty, but no hot. Though right at this point in the competition, at this exhaustion level, he looks like the girl who was the little popular small town cheerleader in high school, now 10 years later, who's been waitressing at the town diner.


I LOVED Milla. How many other celebrity judges that are actresses were able to offer actual advice instead of just saying, "I'd wear it." Not many.

High or not, she was amusing, supportive, and offered constructive criticism. I wouldn't mind seeing her on the show again as a guest judge.

I like Chris March's description of Irina's outfit: it looked like she slung her dead Golden Retriever over her shoulder. LOL!!!

Oh, and I wore cowl necks, yup, in 1979 I was all the rage. Today - never!!

Irina is a horrendously nasty human being, and I don't see any soul or creativity in her garments. It was absurd, IMHO, that she won. This show is now officially a fixed joke.

Fur vest: Sonny Bono circa 1966.

better than the rest, perhaps, but still hideous. it looks like she has a giant vagina hanging off her neck.

barf. i am so done with PR.

I grew up in Steamboat and spent many many weekends in Aspen playing hockey and going to the base shops to pretend I could afford the Louis Vuitton and Gucci stores. And I've seen outfits like Irina's all over the place. No one dresses like they're going to ski unless they are physically on the snow, and I thought Heidi at least would have known that.

I see where you guys are coming from in enjoying bitchy smacktalking - I've enjoyed quite a few of PR's past villians (I was a huge fan of Santino, for his bitchiness alone). BUT, I have to respectfully disagree with you guys about Irina. She is not this season's entertaining bitch. If anyone, this season it was Nicolas.

I hated Nicolas as much as anyone else at the start of this season, but he really warmed up to me over the last several episodes. Nicolas brought the funny/bitchy all the time. Irina has just been another boring egotist who can't stop talking about how much better she supposedly is than everyone else.

DID NOT like that look! The colors are very candy toned (if that makes any sense) and that sweater looks like the hooker clothes they sell at Cache! The pants were cute, though.

In the cold light of day and close-up pics, I grudgingly admit Irina did a better job than Gordana (whose design I loved but the fabric was pulling in weird directions...)

I would have loved more color but fine, whatever, bitch wins.

She brings out the nasty in me - and not in a good way. I see she has talent and I love me some bitchy but Irina's brand of bitchy just doesn't sit well with me for some reason. And that reason would be because I dislike her strongly.

with all the bitchy boys that have blown through project runway in the past seasons, I'd say, keep it up, Irina! While no one is perfect, she is the only one that seems to be designing at a professional level. Way more talent than from Peppermint Patty. If I were Chris, I'd quickly adopt Catholicism, grab a rosary and start praying for some divine inspiration.

And while I'm thinking about it, Irina chose the easier location. Most of the other designers had beachy locations. Her choice of Aspen automatically contrasted her with anything else there.

It depresses me that these designers -- the top of their heap! -- have to be urged week after week to pump it up, to bring their best game. What was fun in previous seasons was that you couldn't keep Austin, Santino, Christian, Jeffrey, etc. from pumping it up. They'd never think to do otherwise. While I blame the judging a little for clamping down on originality early on, a really good designer would have some strong vision that they would have to let out. I'd rather see them being told to refine, edit, bring taste, etc.

Also: Logan not hot, to this straight woman.

Wasn't there a challenge in a past PR season, where someone did a cowl neck (it might have been a retro challenge), and was mercilessly scolded by the judges( Duchess and LaNina)?
Yet they loved this cowl neck on steroids? WTH???
Maybe Irina was just the best of the lot, but I honestly thought Gordana's dress was beautiful. Not well executed except for the jeweled removable necklace, but a great idea, nonetheless.

"Laura said: Am I the only straight girl out there who doesn't think Logan is hot?"

No Laura, you are not alone, I don't find him attractive at all....I'm puzzled about it, just like some find those guys from Gossip Girl attractive...... (which I've never watched anyway).

Love this! Congratulations, Irina!

It was a lovely outfit, but the vest... it seemed to eat her. It was a giant fur throw, and if it was shaped like anything, it was hard to say. Maybe I'd have liked it more in black?

Cowl neck pretty damn lovely though, and I may covet the pants (in a higher size). It was all... the dread word... wearable, while being fairly obviously something mere mortals cannot afford to wear.

Still, that vest. 'Wendigo may be cursed, but it doesn't have to be cursed with bad fashion as it stalks human flesh on the icy tundra. Irina Brand! For the cannibal ice-monster with a flair for style.'

Mlle Gateau said:
Also: Logan not hot, to this straight woman.

10/23/09 12:23 PM

ITA!! Logan is so not hot to me..he just looks sloppy. Maybe a good session for him with the Garnier people while the models are being styled would be a good idea. Blech.

hers was definitely the best, but that's not saying much in this crowd of designers. the look was very dated, but at least it was well made. i'm so bored by this season. irina is good, but she would've been eliminated already in any other season. she was up against carol hannah's uli-wannabe dress (which was not original at all) and gordana's dress (again, not original at all)

I actually like this one, except for the cut-out in the back. The margins on it look very badly done, which is unusual for Irina. Her work is usually very clean and precise.

Still don't like her, though.

No--Logan is NOT hot. He's just dirty. Yes--I am straight.
Now then--I loved this look. Maybe because I am from the snowy hills of Wisconsin, but this look really said "Aspen" to me. Sitting near the fire with a hot toddy. It was well executed and did look way more expensive.
And I wear a faux fur vest all winter. It is warm.
I also love Gordana's dress, so for me the win was a toss-up. Either one could have taken it.

Amy Sez
I am on Team Irina. Her smacktalking is justified...there is a lot of crap being produced this season (see Christopher and Logans last 3 outfits). She is way more talented then a lot of the other designers.

I like Irina "ducks". She is nice to Tim (as compared to Kenley last season). And she is far from being the only person taking jabs at others. I mean, Althea said something mean about somebody else on yesterday's episode, for crying out loud.

I can see why the judges granted the win to this outfit. It is beautiful and well made. It fits the locale perfectly.

But I think it was a close call between the top 3. And I would not be able to wear this outfit because the colors do not look good on me (though they suit Kalyn well) and because of where I live.

I would have added a bit of color- it was rather monotone (though had the monotone been in shades that look better on me, I wonder if I would have the same reaction). And I actually like the sash- otherwise it would have been too boxy and not shown off the model's figure.

Congratulations again, Irina.

One more thing--I actually liked the shades of brown. Looked all warm and cozy to me.

People: IT WAS FAUX FUR. Move along, nothing to see here.

Wow, so people liked this? I hated hated hated. It was really well made, which is one of the things Irina has going for her. The pants rocked. But that cowl-necked sweater was fug, to me. I hate cowls anyway, so may not be objective, but the length and width of the sleeve was weird. That cutout made no sense to me.

The fake fur jacket, although a layer like that was necessary for the proportion of the outfit, just - yuck.


I'm okay with her win even though Miss Thang ain't nearly as hot or as good as she thinks she is. Whatever. The look worked for the locale but there was nothing new, innovative or creative or fresh about it. It was strictly in retread territory. Well-made and appropriate but a retread nonetheless. The brown didn't bother me at all. I'm probably in the minority but the lack of color all season hasn't bothered me. Maybe it's because my own wardrobe is full of neutrals (with some pops of red or blue or purple on occasion). In NYC, where I live, most women wear neutrals. If you see someone on the street in bright colors or pastels you can almost guarantee that they're a tourist.

I think it's become clear that while this group is very competent there isn't a single person with vision or creativity. They're good dressmakers. Even Irina, who seems to be the clear frontrunner for the win now - has produced well-made, bland versions of other people's work. Where's her unique take on things? At this point in the season so many designers had exhibited a clear esthetic - Christopher, Rami, Jillian, Laura, Leanne, Korto, Jeffrey, Uli, Mychael - even some of the weaker designers such as Angela and Stella had a distintive approach. None of these people do. And that's why this season has been such a disappointment.

You guys were right, she deserved it. Shes a bitch but she can pump out some great clothes.

Also did you guys find it funny that Heidi hyperbolizes the designer they are to meet, Althea's clip saying "It could be anyone!" is played and the guest designer is..... oh my god Michael Kors! How did they manage to get him to do the show? Lifetime must have been pulling strings.

Irina met the challenge -- I've seen the empty-headed fur-clad trophy wives strutting in Aspen.

However, her bitchiness has a certain selectivity to it that irritates the hell out of me. She's demure and professional with the people she thinks "count"; (Tim and the judges) and a nasty shrew with those who don't (everyone else). If your going to be an aggressive bitter rodent, be that way with everyone. The simpering sweetheart act in front of the "important people" just emphasizes what a little, little, person resides deep inside her tarry heart.

I thought Milla was a fabulous guest judge! I thought she really gave the designers some good insight and constructive criticism. She's probably one of my top 3 favorite guest judges ever! I hope she comes back someday.

As for Irina's look...yes it was well executed and very wearable. I'd just like to see some color. None of the designers use color! Where's Mychael Knight when you need him?!

"Yeah its well made but to me it looks a lot more like 45 year old suburban divorcee on the prowl for cougarbait on whom to spend her ex-husband's money."

That IS Aspen.

i don't care what you guys say, i am so tired of her attitude and comments - i feel like she's a mouthpiece for the producers, trying to stir shit up.

and honestly, i am bored with her designs. i really preferred carol hannah's palm beach breeze to the camel explosion. also, i hate those pants.

MORE COLOR!!! where's Korto when you need her?

For a while I've been thinking Irina's gonna take the whole thing, and now I'm more certain than ever. She's an amazing designer but she has such a rotten attitude! I've been known to side with the villains (Santino, Laura - though she wasn't bitchy -, Kenley), but Irina's just so blah it's irritating. At least Kenley and Santino were loud, Laura was funny, Irina's just.. ugh.. Congratulations on that win!

I am just so bored by all of these designers. That cut-out? Ack. They're a wan group who make wan designs. I hope CH wins, but I'm not that over the moon about her; I just think she's cute and hard-working and talented.

I just want to stick a fork in my eye over the *lack of color.*

I'm amazed that Christopher The Deluded is still up there. He has atrocious grey pants (Athens?) with hideous white lining to thank for that.

Boring colour choice, and I really don't think the faux fur coat looked that expensive. But she did manage to do a lot with so little money, I guess. And kudos to everyone for actually figuring out how to fit a pair of pants.

Irina deserved the win. Hands down. She brought a luxury "destination" feel to the runway. And for everyone complaining about it being too 70's or 80's Aspen, too "Kor's Aspen" - uh, what was the challenge again?? And which decades are currently coming up in the retro-rotation-wheel??

Now, in another season, she might have been middle of the pack, or top-3 but not winner, but this is a season with designers who can't seem to create anything dramatic or strongly evocative or terribly interesting. So, she won. And deserved to.

I thought this was a greatly improved challenge over most of the ones this season, and I can hardly wait to slam some of the sad, sad, half-assery that hit the runway.

For once, I did think Irina deserved the win. She did a great job on this outfit, it does look expensive and Aspen-y, and I actually prefer that it's all earth tones. It would be too busy otherwise.

I differ with you, TLo, though about Irina's entertainment value. She's bitchy, but she's not funny or clever about it. Wit needs to have some humor and snap behind it, and Irina doesn't bring any of that. She seems rather humorless actually which just makes her a mean girl.

I loved Irina's look.
Polished. Chic. Very expensive looking. Want that faux fur vest NOW!
Obviously she's going to Bryant Park.
I'm guessing the other 3 ladies (Althea, Gordana & Carol) will duke it out for the remaining 2 slots. My $'s on Althea & Carol (unless G grows a pair, stops denigrating her own work & brings it the next eps).
Unless the producers give Chinstrap (HA!) the underdog edit. Otherwise both boys suck & need to go home.

The outfit might be worn by a first time tourist to Aspen but the styling was terrible. All that heavy makeup and those silly shoes would look ridiculous anywhere in town. She looks like a hooker who might have come into town on the arm of a much much much older man.

Irina's design/outfit is a great combo of pimp/hooker look. is that what aspen is sporting these days?

And Milla J! She's the hottest guest judge ever. I wish they had just shown the judging panel the whole hour, so we can figure out what uppers she took.

This season's PR is seriously uninspired. bring back jerrell, epperson, and mother hen already.

"Now, in another season, she might have been middle of the pack, or top-3 but not winner, but this is a season with designers who can't seem to create anything dramatic or strongly evocative or terribly interesting."

formelyAnon: EXACTLY!

p.s. Lifetime should be sued for false advertisement. They played up the "turning on each other" like somebody pulled a scissor on someone. It's just desperate.

Luxe is an annoying word.
People who describe themselves as specializing in luxe are generally ASSHOLES and people who ACTUALLY specialize in LUUUUUUUUUUXE are not game show contestants (no matter if that game show or how fab. said game show is/was).

I wish the lining inside the fur vest looked more luxurious. As soon as she takes the vest off, the lining makes it look really cheap. But that's my only quibble with the outfit.

Good Job Irina! But seriously, would it have killed her to line the fur coat in a color so we get at least a pop? I also liked the sweater, even if it would look terrible on me, but think the fur vest ending at the same place as the sweater was a bit odd. A cropped fur vest would have been terrible, but a little shorter would have added a nice dimension.

Also glad to see that Kalyn took Heidi's words to heart from MOTR and worked the outfit during the judging as much as during the runway.

RE: Logan. Pretty, not hot. And I'm old enough to be his mother, so "hot" can't be an option for me.

I'm no Irina fan, but I loved this look. I would have preferred Gordana for the win, because Gordana's head won't swell. Irina, on the other hand, won't be able to get through the door.

Anyway, Irina brought it this week. I think it was a fair call.

To everyone talking about Irina's lack of color, I'd say that, for this season, that was color.

Can Milla J. be a substitute judge all the time. I love her.

Anonymous @ 10/23/09 1:01 PM said...

People: IT WAS FAUX FUR. Move along, nothing to see here.

Exactly (and I wouldn't be caught dead in real fur). And isn't fur appropriate for an Aspen look?

Just chiming in on the "Straight girl and don't get the Logan fangirls" list. He's not bad-looking by any means, but he's not exactly drool-worthy, either. I think he'd be pleasant to hang out with, mind, but I've seen hotter guys. I do wonder if his personality is factoring into it... the whole quiet boy 'aw shucks' sorta thing he's got going would really appeal to certain women.

I think Christopher's cute, though. Aesthetically pleasing, to borrow a phrase. :)

It is spot on, but ... confession: I hate it 'cause I hate the ladies who'd be wearing it.

Where was the part from the preview where Tim tells someone that if she pushes you, you push her right back?

newfoundmass02 is so right about the whole "huge famous designer!!!!!!!" thing. OOOOOOH, it's Michael Kors, OOOOOOHH.

I'm not feeling the love. To me it looks like something Joan Collins would have worn on Dynasty or Sue Ellen when she took a little break from JR and Dallas and pretended to go skiing somewhere.

Plus, a winter sweater with a big hole in the back? Kinda dumb, IMO.

Looks as though she wore it backwards but it works. Maybe it should be a new styling concept.

Had there been an episode of Dallas, in which Sue Ellen Ewing took a trip to Aspen, this is what she would have worn. ick.

People have mantioned she looked like Alexis Colby, but she made me think of Deborah Raffin. Or I could even go as far back as Return to Peyton Place, though that wasn't an Apsen location but ski resort all the same.

In other words it was a cliche, and a time tested one.

Irina reminds me so much of Rachel in Glee.


Much as I dislike Irina's stinky attitude, this outfit was a good one. I'm not a fan of the look of fur, even if it's fake, but the color saved it.

What I hated was the back of the sweater. From more than a few feet away, it looked like the model got attacked by a rabid ferret.

Still, kudos where they're due. This is probably the only thing Irina's made that I would consider wearing (but I'd insist the back look fucking normal, you know?).

I agree with this win, once again not wowed by anyone but Irina brought her A game. I hate the various shades of "poop" going on but whatever.

Milla had to be my favorite guest judge so far. She was insightful, funny and honest.

While I thought Gordana should have won (even though it was ANOTHER dress w/o sleeves).

But I think once again Irina did very well.

I thought the pants were gorgeous; so well done. I liked the sweater minus the cut out since the trim kind of cheapened it for me, and the sleeves should have been longer. But regardless of some people saying cowls were late 70's _ I consider them a legit style -0 like turtleneck, v-neck, crew, boat, or sweetheart (and I would like to see more square necks).

BUT I don't think it looked that expensive. If the item was $150 in materials - that was a fairly big budget. I mean for any of the other outfits (other than Gordana's beads) I can't even figure out how they spend that much. Seriously, at the fabric stores I've been to, the most expensive fabrics I've seen (other that decorative fabrics) are silk, tafetta, velvet, embroidered, embellished...not the kinds of fabrics most of these designers used.

To those talking about Gordana not expressing confidence - I posted this last night...

Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"
Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"
Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"
Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"
Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"
Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"
Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"
Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"
Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"
Heidi - "Gordana you SUCK"

Heidi - "Gordana - show some confidence"!!!

I didn't realize it until you dropped the Duchess's name, but it came back in a flash that I had seen Irina's look before...

Not that I'm accusing her of plagiarism or anything, I mean Carol Hannah's was straight up a Korto/Uli hybrid, but you hit the nail right on the wonder Mz. Kors liked this look so much.

by far the best look on the runway last night
And Kalyn worked it
Irina is so obviously the best of the group that it'll be absolutely ridiculous if she doesn't win (although I still find CH adorable)

by the way, when they panned to the winning looks, I realized that there's been no color this season at all!
week 1: black dress/beige tulle underneath
week 2: black jacket/burgundy dress
week 3: crazy neon green neoprene
week 4:black suit/grey top
week 5:newspaper coat, no dye or paint
week 6: white gown
week 7:navy, very pale blue, white black
week 8: black
week 9:beige

....seriously guys? a total of two looks have had real color. TWO!

I hate to say it, but I agree with Chris March's comments on his blog:

Irina: This incredibly odd Aspen-inspired ski-lodge look is so many kinds of wrong, I don’t know where to start. Maybe with this: It’s not the ’80s anymore, and Alexis Carrington is not a fashion icon. She would have looked ravishing in this brown and tan symphony of cliches. It is made with fake fur, but PETA should throw blood on it just for being ugly.

-- and, my personal favorite--

But oh no, not only was I wrong, but Irina Shabayeva was in the top, and actually won with this outfit that looked like her pet golden retriever died and she slung it over her shoulders to stay warm. Appalling.

LOVED Milla. Her comments were surprisingly smart and on target for a guest judge. More!

I feel like I'm supposed to hate Irina (I DETESTED Kenley + other PR villains) but why does her bitchiness seem kind of quaint? Maybe because there would be utterly no plot to the season otherwise. Yawn.

I thought this was definitely the most thoughtful of all the outfits. It hit the mark just right and Kalyn gave it the added bit of "James Bond goes skiing and picks up a hot chick" (a la For Your Eyes Only, but without Lynn-Holly Johnson).

Anon 1:01 said: In NYC, where I live, most women wear neutrals. If you see someone on the street in bright colors or pastels you can almost guarantee that they're a tourist.

Hmmmm.....I guess I ain't MOST. And I'm sure as hell no tourist. But I digress....

I crave and covet the pants. Maybe it's just seeing a pair of pants that FIT that's driving me wild, but I owned a pair of those pants in black in 1986. Exact style with the pockets and the front seaming. I love them. And that alone gives her the win from me.

The sweater is okay, but the color is baby poo. I would have loved t see the sweater fitted to the body instead of so boxy that a sash was needed. The fur vest is atrocious, but I do like the shape of the hood. I think a different fur would have worked better, as well as some color. How about some deep reds, berrys, plums? Something???!!! PLEASE!!!

I hate the sashes Irina keeps throwing on everything. If you're going to have a signature, don't make it a pussy sash.

LOVED Milla as judge. Bring her back!!

And as far as Irina being a bitch, even Kenley would have laid her out on a slab with bitchiness and she was pretty tame compared to someone like Jeffrey or Santino or Wendy Pepper.

I liked her shirt, and the pants were fine (even though I'm not a fan of the wierd slanty zipper pockets). I didn't even mind the color so much. I REALLY hated the fur thing though. I thought it looked bulky, and it felt like the shirt was competing with it. Also, the cutout in the back? So not a fan. I thought it looked out of place, and it'd get a little cold when you're somewhere snowy.

Irina's outfit was AMAZING ! ! ! Anyone that says they don't like it is just saying that cause they don't like her. You have to seperate the cloths from the personality people. And the "lack" of color is perfect for winter/aspen. AMAZING. She so deserved the win.

The sweater looked like a vagina with a baby's head (the model) coming out of it. With the fur jacket it just looked like all vagina to me.

I don't think Logan is hot, at all. He always looks like he needs a shower. He also doesn't appear to have any energy.

I thought Milla did a great job as a judge. Probably the best guest judge they've had all season. Way better than Christina Aguilera. If we can't have Nina & Michael, then can we have Milla?

I liked the concept of Gordana's dress better than Irina's, but Gordana's execution wasn't good.
There were puckers in front and the puckers and wrinkles in the back were awful. Really didn't fit the model. The judges were kind to comment that a simpler dress would have been better if she had to spend so much time on the necklace.
I don't think it's the challenges that are boring, it's the designers. No one is trying to win, they're just trying to stay in. They don't seem to have any real confidence in their abilities, except for Irina.
I'd like to see a challege where they're all given a bolt of bright print and a bolt of a solid color and told to make something.
Tim would go into the room for his walk-around and find them all sitting there frozen, staring into space in catatonic trances.

Lol @ the bong hits. I actually liked Milla and would not mind seeing her back again as a guest judge.

The judges got it right, and HOW GREAT is it to see Nina and the tangerine queen reunited...

I thought she deserved to be in the Top 3, but undecided about the win: all three of those women women were really on point this week! My only complaint with Irina's design was that it lacked that bit of cheek that would have made it cutely retro; I thought it just looked dated (though impeccably tailored).

While I understand why Irina won this challenge, I did not like her garments.

It just all felt done to death to me.

Yeah, I know. I'm getting old...

I was fine with Irina winning this week. I didn't care for the sweater back or the vest but overall it certainly met the criteria and was very well made. It definitely wasn't original but that could be said pretty much of every outfit. I'm surprised at the love being expressed for CH's dress since to me it looked like nothing more than a retread of a combination of two of the outfits beach/resortwear competition, down to the colors and the braided pieces. I did think Gordana's look was very appropriate but it wasn't nearly as well-made as Irina's.

Can't argue with you about the win-- as much as I'd like to-- but I disagree about this being a particularly good challenge. It's kind of like Michael Kors just said, "Hey, you know what inspires me? Rich white people!"

Which is probably true, but not exactly gripping.

the length of the sleeves is DRIVING ME INSANE. i want to love this look, but i would not wear it in aspen because my arms would be freezing. that's the only thing. gah.

I'm in the "this is fug" camp. I don't mind the cowl neck, and the pants weren't bad, but I hate the color, the cutout back, but most of all that hideous "belt" and the tunic's length and saggy, dated shape. It's really those things that make it look like a page from the 1977 Sears catalog. Ew.

I think Irina is extremely proficient technically but I find her work neither inspired nor inspiring. Other than the newspaper coat, which I loved, nothing has wowed me. But I'll concede that she probably deserved the win last night - as you said, TLo, at least it's not a pretty damned dress! As for her bitchiness, it's pretty minor league. I find her rather full of herself but even her hubris is boring and uninspired.

When I saw this, with the vest, I thought "oh, no, Irina will be auf'd!" And when the model took off the vest and showed the back of the sweater with that cutout, I thought "oh, that's it! Auf!"

Shows how much I know. They loved it! Go figure. I give up.

Her nosejob makes me crazy.

Someone needs to fix those fallen-ass grafts up in that thing.

I'm sure you-know-who will pipe in with "Hi, Irina!" again (it's old, shut it), but I will be so glad when Gordana finally gets the uff-da. Her clothes are ugly and her endless boohoo'ing gets on my last nerve every Thursday night. And if anyone needs to take a bath and wash her hair ? it's your beloved GG.

Sonny Bono would have rocked that vest in the 70's!

The vest was very caveman to me, hated the cowl and belt. The pants were ok, but nothing new. Her attitude stinks, but I remember the paper coat being stunning. This was not. I kept thinking ugly, ugly, ugly.

Nothing was that great last night, so I can't pick a winner, but this was just brown and blah.

Um Zippy

Anon 1:01 said: In NYC, where I live, most women wear neutrals. If you see someone on the street in bright colors or pastels you can almost guarantee that they're a tourist.

Hmmmm.....I guess I ain't MOST. And I'm sure as hell no tourist. But I digress....

Um you do know what (color) you ae wearing in your picture, don't you?

Yep, OK.

With no exciting clothes even Irina can win. Since when does Herr Kors have a Target Collection? The slacks were very well tailored - not having camel toe in those showed that - but what a boring overall look. Gordana's necklace and nipples dress was great too bad she is self destructive. What we really all want to know is how long will Christopher survive just on the Michael Kors crush on contestant factor?

I feel like I could go to the mall right now and get this outfit. Really nothing special here.

As soon as I saw this come down the runway, I screamed "Winner"! I want that sweater and I want it now!

Justin on 10/23/09 at 10:36 AM said...
But since Heidi hates Gordana, I doubt we'll ever see her win again.

I do not think this is quite true. What you have to remember about Heidi is that she is not a Girly Girl or a Girl's Girl. Heidi is much more into men both gay (Sissy Bear & Daniel) and straight.

Someone needs to talk to Gordana about her appearance. You can dress like a train wreck as long as you are a well dressed and well styled train wreck. Gordana needs to show her personal style in the way SHE dresses.


OK, I actually AM somewhat of a ski bunny, though I despise that term. I was a ski instructor for 10 years before I had kids, and I've traveled the world to ski.

If THIS is the best that a Project Runway designer can give us for "Aspen," I'm ashamed for the show. Dearie, I already have plenty of stuff that looks like that in my closet. There is nothing new and different about a fur vest, a cowl neck sweater and tight pants with zippers on them (though I gotta admit, the fit on those pants was TO DIE FOR). I am always searching for cute clothes to wear out @ night that don't look like they came out of the Patagonia/orvis/cabela's catalog (or Sarah Palin's closet), and she FAILED miserably. Even Sarah Palin (gasp! I might go to hell for this), is better dressed for the "Aspen" look than Irina's model was.

Was it the best put together look of the lot? Maybe. CH-'s dress looked like an Uli throwback, Gordana's was definitely pretty, but had some fit/sewing issues but also didn't push the envelope. Even Althea's was a cute look, but was totally zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

This season is so fucking boring.

Oh, and I thought that Logan's "Hollywood" creation was so Mickey Mouse it defied description. He could have done SO MANY cool things - he could have literally taken that anywhere. For god's sake, he could have Lady Gaga'ed it out with "Hollywood" as his inspiration. But instead, he pulled something out of Joel Madden's Closet from 2005?? I know Heidi didn't mind it, but people, please. It was hard to choose with a bunch of losers like Christopher, Logan, and Nicolas this week, but I hardly thought Nick's was the worst of the three. But it was pretty tough to choose a worst.

Dear Project Runway Producers -

Get more talented designers, stop making auf's based upon some hoped-for story line, and think up more interesting challenges.

And keep reading TLo, since they seem to have better ideas than you.

On second thought, maybe you ought to hire them.


I actually loved this look, knew it was gonna win the first time I saw it. I don't really understand what everyone hates about Irina. She's playing to win and sure, she's a bit bitchy, but she's never actually done anything to anyone.

Mostly like the outfit, but the back looks sloppy to me

I pegged her as my winner from day 1. I just always like her stuff....she reminds me of Jillian.

Eh. That pretty much sums up this look, this episode, and this season. Inspired by beautiful locations? Really? Because it looked like everyone was headed straight for Dullsville. And it's going to be a looong, slooow journey. Thank God for Milla, though -- at least there was once nice thing to look at.

Wake me up next season. I'm going into hibernation now. I think I'll wear Irina's outfit during my nap. Perfect for the bear cave.

Hey Empress,

a really good friend of mine was raised/still lives in Steamboat. Cute town. =) Love the springs.

Oh yeah, there was a show... nice outfit. Hated the vest, liked everything else. I was born in the early 80s and rock the cowl neck all the time... because I didn't live through it, I had no clue it was retro! ha.

I'm going to join the Straight Women Who Don't Think Logan Is Hot team (seriously? don't even think he's cute!). Though, sorry mommyca, I do find the guys from Gossip Girl attractive. I also find bikers and tough guys attractive too. I guess Logan's too in the middle for me!


No complaint from me about Irina's winnning this challenge. She took $150, one day and turned out a very polished look that deserved the win.

I found myself not disliking Irina so much this episode. I can't criticize the woman for coming into the competition with a very business like attitude, and working hard.

I agree that it is most like a Michael Kors creation; dated and boring.

all of you crying about not liking Irina's outfit don't know what you are talking about. It was amazing! I ski in Aspen every winter - and it was spot on. Irina also is not a bitch - she just tells it like it is. and Chris March is really one to talk - please, he's just mad because the judges didn't get his "vision". he has nerve telling Irina her outfit looks like something died on it, when all of his looks look like there is death all over it.

It kind of looked like Contempo Casuals, circa 1990 (not that this is such a bad thing). I thought that the green dress was so much better.

Um Zippy

Anon 1:01 said: In NYC, where I live, most women wear neutrals. If you see someone on the street in bright colors or pastels you can almost guarantee that they're a tourist.

Hmmmm.....I guess I ain't MOST. And I'm sure as hell no tourist. But I digress....

Um you do know what (color) you ae wearing in your picture, don't you?

Yep, OK.

Yep, I do. It's purple. Get some glasses, darling.

Zippy said "And as far as Irina being a bitch, even Kenley would have laid her out on a slab with bitchiness and she was pretty tame compared to someone like Jeffrey or Santino or Wendy Pepper."

This, a million times over. I keep talking to my friend about what a pathetic excuse for a bitch Irina is. I mean, sure it's fun to have a bitch on the show when it's otherwise a total blahfest, but Irina is TERRIBLE at it. There's nothing worse than a bland bitch, and that's exactly what she is. There's nothing fun about her comments. She sounds like she's trying to remember how to formulate sentences when she says her little insults, and none of them are particularly cutting, witty, or clever in any way. Have a bitch for bitch's sake is not worth it, in my opinion. It just makes me want to throw things at her.

Meanwhile, I was not in love with this look, either. I did not like the neck of her sweater, I hated the cut-out, and I didn't like the brown colour scheme, even though the browns worked together. I didn't think it was particularly fresh or interesting, either.

Maybe it's just my inner (or not) bitch fighting back at Irina, but I'm really not looking forward to seeing her at BP

I must say, I completely disagree that that shit-colored excuse for fashion and taste was anywhere near deserving of the win. Those pants looked like a polyester mess, and I simply cannot wrap my head around the idea that this look was expensive or luxurious. That win made me want to tear my hair out. CH should have had it in the bag (although, she was still no Uli).

I hated this look, so boring, so cliched, so "meh." Really, you wanna talk doll clothes? Barbie's been slogging this look since the 50s. Even Edith Head must be smoking her sticks down to the nibs.
There is no "now" here. All retro and no show. (And that back looked horrible and already stretched out after fittings and the catwalk).
Irina's a bitch, sure, but she also can't smell her own doodie...and neither can the judges.

Irina deserved this.

zippy - right dahling

purple so dark it looks black IS LOTS of color

zippy - right dahling

purple so dark it looks black IS LOTS of color

I wish Kalyn would drop that stupid "Valley Girl" talk. If she says "like" one more time, I'll lose my lunch. She comes across as so phoney. She needs to grow up and learn how to communicate.

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