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Bottom Boys

Okay, villagers. Get out your torches and pitchforks.

It seems that the general consensus is that Epperson should not have gone home this week. We agree. However, here's where we part from the general mood: it wasn't Logan that should have gone home; it was Christopher.

Don't get us wrong; we didn't WANT Christopher gone but to our eyes his look was clearly the worst. Let's break it down.


Hunh. How about that. We can't break it down.

Why? Because it's tip-to-toe AWFUL. There is literally nothing else to be said about this dress.

The proportions are terrible and unflattering.

And while we don't have an issue with the textured metallic idea (Prada did it well for spring '09), this attempt at it simply did not work.

Which brings us to our main issue: Christopher was apparently perfectly fine with this look. He said as much when he declared that this dress really represented who he was as a designer. We always have a problem when contestants can't admit that what they're sending down the runway looks like shit. It either speaks of a willful blindness based on ego or it speaks of a designer who has no tools to self-assess their work. We tend to think it's the latter since Christopher hasn't really demonstrated a drop of egotism.

Now don't go assuming that just because we think Christopher should have gone home that we also think Logan produced anything better. He didn't. It was a very tight race to the bottom.

The client said she didn't like to show her legs and Logan quite reasonably decided that pants were the way to go. He'd have been better off figuring out a way to make a gown that didn't look like her wedding gown.

Unfortunately, he got a deal on that wool and that was all she wrote for this look.

Here is the one nice thing we can say: we like the closures. Other than that, the whole look is a disaster.

Once again we have a pair of manpants on a woman. You know, one of these days they need to do a challenge where skirts are not allowed just to put the designers through their paces. They can add that sleeves are required.

It amazes us that he tried to do that ruffle thing on the neckline since Louise got auf'd last week with a dress that had a very similar detail on it. And just look at those "cups," which aren't really cups at all; just fabric shoved in to the vest.

And can we just say that if you're going to do one of those "Saint Pauli Girl" vests that go under the boobs like that, it really only works on slim women with small boobs. This client has a perfectly nice figure but she doesn't have the figure for a boob vest. Most women don't.

And finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out the ridiculous cuffs.

It's to his credit that he, unlike Christopher, knew that he was showing a piece of crap. Here's why we think he eeked out a spot slightly above Christopher: if you made some minor tweeks to the design and if it was perfectly executed, it wouldn't be all that bad a look. We really can't say the same about Christopher's at all.

Now, a lot of people are assuming that Logan was kept in for his looks and youth. We can't speak to the truth of that, but we can offer a slightly different tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. Take it as a discussion point because we have no idea whether there's any truth to it.

He was kept in the game in the hope that his looks would lead to a storyline. He seems like a nice enough guy, but he's not exactly setting the screen on fire with his personality. Instead, we've been hammered over and over again with sound bites that all the girls think he's hot. Which, again, nothing against the guy, but he's "only" an attractive young guy. He's cute, but he's not world class or anything. Because these are all discrete, relatively low-key tossed off comments, we tend to think that, aside from Fatma's Fatal Obsession, most of the other girls don't really think much of it. Logan's hot; the sky is blue; water is wet. But because it's been thrown at us so many times, we can't help but wonder if Bunim/Murray are trying to desperately to create a Real World-esque romance subplot between Logan and one of the girls and THAT'S why they're still keeping him around. Discuss.

Extended Judging:

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Am I the only one who thought "Jiffy Pop" when they saw Christopher's dress?

What's funny is that I've heard Fatma-style comments from my girlfriends about Logan-- "I'm glad Logan didn't go home, he's adorable." But I don't think that anyone would suddenly miss Logan's designs if they disappeared from the competition.
Personally, the only reason I am happy that Logan keeps slipping by is my huge crush on Kojii.

I truly hope that's not the reason they are keeping Logan, cause he's the softest looking straight guy I've seen in a minute. He's not more than a'ight in my book.

THANK YOU TLO for saying that- I also felt Christopher should have had the auf!!! We KNEW they wouldn't send Logan home (yawn) but to send Epperson- just wrong. Thanks for laying it out so thoughtfully.
And Anonymous 221pm? I hear ya re Kojii. She's fabulous!

Besides the problems with the actual dress, I felt he should have gone home for putting that dress on that client. Frankly, I didn't think Christopher's dress was age appropriate for his client. Once you get to your 30s most women shouldn't be wearing a short shiny bubble skirt. It looks like they're trying too hard to be young. I think that had been designing for one of the regular models, he would have done the same dress.

how the heck did christopher survive with that hideous crinkled bag of a dress?

it didn't even fit her well, it just made her look bulky and lumpy.

I actually think you are right about Christopher's dress being the worst. And it is disconcerting when a designer has a real turd blossom and doesn't even recognize it.

Anybody can get caught up in the trap of loving the thing you just made b/c it took so much time and effort. I am undecided if Christopher is someone who can't be self critical or someone who just loves the last thing he made.

This is probably stupidly naive - but the kind of producer manipulation you describe is inherently unfair, so why do they conclude it is what we all want to watch? How come they can't actually have a rational set of standards for judging and then stick by them?

I'm not convinced that if Christopher had had more time and sleep that he wouldn't have realized how awful that dress was. But it was awful. Certainly miles worse than Epperson's dress.

Clearly, if you had to go somewhere, and your only choices were Logan's and Christopher's outfits, you'd stay home, but I have real trouble saying that Christopher's is worse than that monstrosity Logan shat onto the runway. Maybe Logan's could have been simply boring, instead of fugly, with major reworking, but it still wouldn't have met the parameters of the challenge, and the designers are supposed to design something that they can pull off within the time constraints of the challenge. Logan's was just a massive fail.

I am really hating this season. I can't stand Althea's work and I think Logan is so bland as to not be memorable. Kinda like Wendy Pepper only without the evil.

I'm in the minority here, but I like Nicholas. His stuff is rarely boring compared to the rest of this snooze fest. I also really like Carol Hannah, Christopher, and Gordanna.

I think aufing Epperson was a tragedy, but I realize they can't have to many contestants over 30 around for very long.

And I think Heidi has way too much control over this season and it's showing.

Logan who?

Christopher should have gone home, obvious. Logan wanted to go home, you don't send what he sent down the runway, unless you are a just plain sabotaging yourself. The boy is tire, maybe it's from servicing all of those femal designers.

But the real question is - why are we letting the judges off on their praise of that fugly mother-of-the-bride lace dress? Now that was a hot mess.

Totally agree-- Christopher should have been auf'd. The dress was ass. I liked (personality-wise) all the guys in the bottom 3, but someone had to go and it should have been C.

Ps maybe you are right they are hoping for some romance to spice up this snooze of a season. But they are all too tired. Maybe the producers need so start slipping something in their drinks.

Boys, don't bait me with the Logan theories- I've said enough! His outfit blows, and he knows it. End of story.

Now Christopher; that look, like rancid butter, gets worse with each passing day. To his defense (did i just type that??), he took his iron butterfly concept and this time tried volume over tight. Tight little chemise with some irridescent voluminous something on top of it. In theory it could have worked, but it didn't. No actually, it really couldn't work! Oh, Xr, you worry me!

Also, Logan chose a client whose dress had miles and miles of fabric in it. He had a lot more options than some of the other designers, and he just did nothing with them.

My memory does fail me from time to time, but hasn't Christopher been "hanging by a thread" for a couple of weeks now? Now sure how that hefty bag dress got by the judges. At least Logan recognized the caliber of his work before judging. Just can't seem to get my brain around this season.

I'm on board with the view that Christopher should have gone home. Good lord, what was he thinking sending that hideous garment down the runway? I thought maybe it was the color but there isn't one thing I like about it; the belt looks like something my grandmother use to sew onto our Barbie clothes for character, that crinkled bubble look does nothing for this woman's figure and every time I see it I focus on how thin her legs seem...not that thin legs are bad, but it's just not flattering to her coloring, hair or body type. If anything, I think it ages her.
I hated it and agree that with a little work Logans's might have passed if not a bit boring.
But the horrid cougar-i forget how to dress-mess makes me cringe.

I'm so glad you brought up Chrisotpher becuase I honestly thought his was worse in terms of design.

I know many people ranted about Epperson getting auf'd over Logan but I would have expected more folks to be upset over Christopher.

Again I didn't like any of the bottom 3 and would have been okay with any of them gone but Logan's main problem was tailoring and fit. The ruffles were really the only major problem in terms of design concept. His client made it clear no dress and no skirt. And slacks made from wool would work better than slacks made from the dress. But just having slacks and a blouse would have been boring. Adding a vest or in this case a bodice does add interest. And a bodice can look good on a fuller girl if tailored correctly.

For me Christopher and Epp had bad design concepts to start which could not be saved by a seamstress.

I think the decision was close with Nicholas just sqeaking to 4th. Ultimately I think a factor that save these 2 was there was a more obvious transformation with their outfits


"Tlo said: The proportions are terrible and unflattering."

BUT, it will keep her fresh.

That's something anyway.


It was no surprise that Heidi gave Miss Crissy a break:

I'm completely on board that Christopher should have gone home...disco trash bag is right.

So glad to see from the previews that Nina will be back next week. I agree with the previous poster that said Heidi has too much control this season. The show simply doesn't work without MK & NG.

>He was kept in the game in the hope that his looks would lead to a storyline.<

And Carol Hannah's remark broke Alex's heart and that is why we haven't seen him this week. He is weeping over his ink stained pages. Alex needs a hug. It won't work Carol Hannah! - Logan isn't as talented as you - it would be all Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson eventually.

"Tlo said: He's cute, but he's not world class or anything."

No, he's not world class, but he is pretty.

But that outfit, OY! It looks like it was made by SweetP. I don't see how, even with changes, it could work. The fabrics clash, and it's beyond hideous.

In fact, I'd say so many things went wrong with this, it looks like it's from the Murphy's Law spring collection. (And why shouldn't Murphy have his own line? everyone else does.)


...and btw, LOVE the post title, LOL.


Christopher's dress does NOT fit the client's style. I mean c'mon. She is very Laura Bennett. She would look great in a sheath with some beautiful beading and a lowi V in the back. IMO. The dress Christopher made was way too young and boofie for her.

Logan's outfit this week was appropriate to the client's age and sensibilities. That is about as much praise as I could work up for it. So sloppily finished.

Give these guys a TWO DAY CHALLENGE for the love of god.

I agree with Chris for the auf. And I agree that the "dress" is a tragedy. But it is also just so far off for the client. The client is tall and lanky and has very severe facial features and he created a dress that made her look even moreso all arms and legs.

I mean look at her in the wedding dress, she does have breasts and hips, but you'd never know it the way Christopher dressed her. He should have been working to make her look more curvey and he just made her look so amazingly terrible.

And the styling, was there any? I want to be kind, because she is just a regular person, but her hair was a hot mess, and they just pulled it back, they couldn't have done anything to fix her hair? Some makeup that would compliment her features? Look at her on the runway, does she have lips? In the before she did. How about a necklace, she has very nice skin, draw attention to her neck/chest... Anything..?

My Korsism for this look is tinfoil body diaper.

Now, on the other hand, if judging were cumulative (and made any sense), Logan would have been on the chopping block for adding more dreck to his body of work, whereas Christopher has been showing basically well all season.

I'm surprised Peppermint Patty wasn't in the bottom just so Heidi could rake him over the coals some more (which he deserves). She was so enraged last week with his sleepwalking through the challenge he had immunity on, I thought she'd want to pick at his remains some more.

I would have had Logan, Minnesota, and Peppermint Patty in the bottom with Epperson given a pass for his performance over the season, but a careful eye on him for next week. But the musical judges chairs don't allow for that.

Re Anonymous 2:50- Disco Trashbag! I love it!

Re Gotham Tomato- Yes it does look like something SweetP would have done..or had done. I have to revisit season 4.

Totally agree with Logan being spared elimination because the girls think he is so hot. I think the producers are hoping for a drunken hookup between Logan and Carol Hannah - especially if there's a hot tub in the apartment.

Christopher's dress looks like a little girl's costume that lays crumpled in the bottom of the dress-up bin with the limp tutus. I think he escaped the bottom two because Heidi wanted to use her *brilliant* Oktoberfest barmaid analogy for the umpteenth time.

"rachel said: Ps maybe you are right they are hoping for some romance to spice up this snooze of a season. But they are all too tired. Maybe the producers need so start slipping something in their drinks."

They need more than 20 minutes to sketch, shop, construct, and style a look. Enough with the one day challenges, that's why we have no personality from the designers, they are working flat out.

Funnily enough, I just noticed that Christopher's clients has really nice legs. At the time I was so blinded by the cinched, metallic Hefty bag I didn't see that. It's sad because what he did with the material was cool (in terms of turning it into a metallic) and if the fit and silhouette of the dress had been sexier and sleeker this could have worked. I agree that Logan is being kept in hopes of his single, straight, attractive guyness leading to a storyline (vs the judges being dazzled by his looks which... no.)

I've been saying since the show was aired that Christopher should've been auf'd.

And Christopher's work has been basically inconsistent. He's bee in the bottom 2x in a row. Whereas Logan has been more middle of the road. And he got robbed for not being in the top w/his fabulous FITTED black leather outfit.

I really think these one-day challenges are getting to him. And it appears he's in the bottom again next week.

BTW, I DON'T believe in producer manipulation in this case. I've read rumors that he & CH are dating. And yes, CH has made "hot" comments w/emphasis regarding Logan.

I think the thing is Christopher has done a few nice pieces. I liked Eperson, but I can't remember most of his stuff. And that dress was awful. come on. I know what he was trying to do. I also think sometimes they just get tired, and he was ready to go - get back to his family and such. He wasn't going to win it all.
I do think Carol Hannah is one of the better but overlooked designers. Her stuff is always just really good.

"Okay, villagers. Get out your torches and pitchforks."

Love you guys. You're right that Christopher's dress was unforgivable. It was a dress for the grocery store challenge: grab a Hefty bag, cinch at waist with twisties -- voila!

But I think the reason so many people think Logan deserved the aufing is that both Christopher & Epperson have done some really good work. Not all the time, to be sure, but both hit it out of the park once or twice. Logan, on the other hand, has done nothing better than fair-to-middling. That's why I thought he should be the one to go, despite Christopher's trainwreck. I think a lot of other people feel the same way.

The thing is, the show has never been clear about whether to auf/keep people based on a single look or on the body of work. Sometimes they take one approach, and sometimes the other.

I actually think the idea of Logan's outfit could have been cute if executed perfectly, but I'm fond of the menswear-inspired vest sort of look.

On a tangential note, did people know that Heidi Klum is a barbie doll now?

First thing I thought when I saw the picture was short, shiny, and tight - so very Heidi.

Martin Scribbler

People have been complaining constantly about the lack of Nina and Kors throughout the season, forgetting that hideous judging has been nothing new when they were on board, perhaps even more common than the times that they have been absent. Yes, they are masters of the snarky soundbite, but are they balanced judges at all? I have disagreed on several of the winners this season, but that has been vindicated by having the worst offender aufed on all episodes. Up until now. With Kors already back on the judging pannel. Hmmmm....

Yeah, I agree completely with your opinion on why they kept Logan. In fact, when I realized he was staying, it was the first thought that passed through my head. Realistically, Logan and Epperson were contributing equal amounts of drama and personality to the show on their own (which is to say... not at all) but Logan's looks were at least generating some kind of feeble backstory. Especially in the awful mess that is Models of the Runway, where any shred of interest is held on to for dear life.

Oh, forgot to add:

Whomever made the 'Wendy Pepper' analogy couldn't be more wrong! Logan has more talent than that balloon-fested bikini designing POS.

Shit, even Ricky does.

I COMPLETELY agree. I was stunned when Heidi announced that Christopher was safe, because as much as I like him, I really thought his fate was sealed with that awful catastrophe of a dress :P

I CANNOT believe they Auf'ed Epperson!!! He is sooo talented and I didn't even think his dress was bad at all... fair that Logan and Chris get to stick around, esp since their designs were worse than Epperson's..and their designs haven't been as consistant as Eppersons...

I'm really mad at the show right now... the producers meddled a little too much this time.

I was reallllly looking forward to seeing Epperson's line at Bryant park.

<-------- PISSED !

I totally thought Jiffy Pop when I first saw Christopher's dress. That thing was hideous and he definitely deserved to go, more than Logan and waaay more than Epperson.

I'm with those who really don't care about Logan. Is he really that atractive? I don't think so and I also don't think he's shown a personality. Has he done or said anything even remotely interesting on the show?

Anon who posted that picture of Heidi-- that's hysterical!
Also: am I the only one who finds "am I the only one" comments annoying?
You know, given the way this season is going, I'm starting to miss Ari Fish.

I can't even remember anything Logan has designed...seriously!!!!

Sad, isn't it?

Epperson on the other hand...some serious design asthetic and a very clear and distinctive style.

Thanks, TLo, for the screen shots.

Only after seeing them did I realize how hideously wrong Christopher's dress was for his model. From proportion to color to styling, this look was wrong, wrong, wrong on a middle-aged, thin-legged, red-haired woman.

On the runway, she looked both anorexic and thick through the middle (?!). She actually looked much better in the original wedding dress.

This dress could have (possibly) worked on a much younger woman. The fact that Christopher designed it for THIS woman shows he is delusional. He should have been auf'ed.

We'll miss you, Epperson. Here's hoping Logan goes shirtless for the rest of the season. (His design ability seems to magically improve when his shirt is off . . . how does that work?)

I do like Christopher's belt, but... WTH?

And, all Logan's look needs there is a matching jacket & it would be the horror I wore in the early 70s when my high-school eased up the dress code & allowed girls to wear pantsuits- especially the pants cuff!

Ugh. At least he had an idea of what he was doing.

Speaking of Logan -- he's bartending in Seattle according to Lorraine (Here's the thing blog) whose neighbor's daughter tweeted them over the encounter.

I agree. as much as I root for Christopher, he really should have gotten the Auf.
They seem to be "edit-forcing" a romance between Logan and Carol Hannah.
Wasn't it much more interesting when you could sit at home and speculate whether people on the show were getting it on or not? Like Jeffery and Marilinda, or Robert and Alexandra.
It's like Lifetime is hosting its own little version of the Bachelor.

Let's face it - the men are the weakest competitors this season, and all 3 of the bottom dwellers this week could've gone home.

Who knows what Bunim/Murray are trying to manufacture with keeping Logan on board? So far, it isn't working! The designers in the "hot young 20 somethings" category are a conundrum for B/M, who clearly don't know what to do with reality participants who don't backstab, binge drink, and screw each other.

Brooklyn Bomber wrote:
"You know, given the way this season is going, I'm starting to miss Ari Fish."

Me too (I also miss Malvin). I think Ari was eliminated because she looked like Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend and she doesn't sketch (Lifetime's website has a feature where you can view the designer's sketches).

I hope your theory is true. I'd love to see some drama on this damn show. Don't get me wrong; I watch for the fashion (and Tim, natch). But because we are getting so little of the former (and we never get enough of the latter), I'll take a silly Logan-centered storyline. Anything to keep me awake.

In any fairness, though, this episode was the best of the season, despite the heartbreaking aufing. Some more eps like that and I might begin to almost sort of like this season.

Agree about that mess Christopher sent down. The only thing that impressed me about Christopher this week was that he wasn't the usual tear-stained blubbering mess he is when his work is criticized. Or praised. Or when his mail is late.

I don't know about the rationale for keeping Logan around, but I really did this his work had some things going for it, unlike Christopher's, which made me think both "Hefty, Hefty, HEFTY!" AND "Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!"

On another note, if they would keep Zanna and ditch Zoe permanently (if we haven't seen the last of her already), the judging panels would be much, much better.

I still think Logan's was unforgivable. Those pants! It should have been Christopher and Logan duking it out for the auf with Epperson safe by a mile.

Brooklyn Bomber wrote:
"You know, given the way this season is going, I'm starting to miss Ari Fish."

What does it say about the quality of this season where her losing design is currently the HIGHEST priced selling item ($777) from the PR auction site so far this season? I chalk it up to the overwhelming blandness of nearly all the challenges, since the designers left so far are quite talented.

yeah! ho! wah!

i disagree, TLo. yeah, christophers was bad on many levels, but he also was creative with reusing the fabric and all. the belt was cute, too. the whole look would have been much better if the top part was fitted. logan and nicolas were both way worse.

Yeah, I also thought this was the worst of the worst. I think the reason people got involved in an Epperson vs Logan discussion in Epperson's thread is because they were the last two standing, the cracked-out judges having already given this monstrosity an inexplicable pass. Chris wasn't on the same chopping block.

I'm another who thought "Jiffy Pop!" when she appeared on the runway, followed closely by "or maybe metallic Cinch-Sak".

Chris seems like a truly nice guy, but in his case "self-taught" seems to include a hefty (heh) dose of "inability to self-critique".

Christopher's outfit: foil-wrapped baked potato with a belt.

However, Christopher's did, at least, look better constructed and more finished than Logan's. Still, that doesn't excuse it.

I can't remember ever being so frustrated with any PR episode from any season.

Epperson had at least two win-worthy looks in the past weeks. This week's dress was humorous... but it was a fourth-from-the-bottom look, above the truly disgusting craftings of Logan, Christopher, and Peppermint Patty.

Keeping Logan on is not working for this straight female at all. He's sweet and funny, but blandly so. Otherwise, he and his work just refuse to register in my brain. Epperson at least had watchable personality; I'm trying to detect what it is Logan brings to the table besides silver pants. He's kind of a bore.

At this point in the season, I'm feeling so much more manipulated than usual, and looking forward to Thursday nights less and less.

I didn't understand all the Logan hate in the Lounge thread. Here's why I think Christopher deserved the auf more than either Epps or Logan: Christopher looked like he was competing in a completely different challenge, one which required them to use a shower curtain as the material. It was just fugly.

The chief problem with both of these designers is that they have not attempted to show any range. Christopher's all about volume, and Logan ... well, we truly don't know what he's about. He really hasn't produced anything all that memorable, really. These two may have missed the ax this time around, but I don't think either of them are final three material. For that matter, I really don't see any of the guys making it all the way to the end.

I think Christopher used the dry cleaning bag his client's dress was stored in.

Anonymous said...
Personally, the only reason I am happy that Logan keeps slipping by is my huge crush on Kojii.

This. Because the other designers seem to not realize she's one of the better models on the runway. Her, Matar, and Chloe are the top three models and all three of them seem to be the ones that everyone's over looking. (Thank you Gordana for having the sense to stay with Matar!) I still want to know who Ra'mon wanted to choose over Vanessa that one episode, but at least she finally went home. That girl was a train wreck.

As for the challenge, I say again this had nothing to do with age or beauty. It was the fact Epperson completely missed the challenge. And as many others pointed out in the Auf post, this is nothing new to PR as we've seen in past seasons. It's not the first time, and won't be the last.

Those saying Christopher has been consistantly in the bottom, he's been in the bottom TWICE. This week and last week. He's been in the top three several times and has won a challenge. Just because he got in the bottom twice in a row doesn't automatically mean he should be out, or are you forgetting that Mitchell was kindly given 3 chances and everything he made was far worse than Christopher's stuff.

Agree totally with every last word, TLO. Just assumed that Logan was kept on for storyline potential, both for PR and for the astoundingly vacuous Models show, the emptiest calories on TV today--which is really saying something. Hint for getting thru Models: hit mute and make up your own storyline.

you notice that both christopher's and epperson's individual silhouettes matched the very ones they made last week together?

see "bloomy with legs" versus "pointy man shirt"?

why is logan still on? harvey w. has a mancrush.
gotta be.

Jules wrote:
"[Kojii], Matar, and Chloe are the top three models and all three of them seem to be the ones that everyone's over looking."

Totally agree. Kojii has a good walk, but she always arches her shoulders forward. If she moves her shoulders back, she could go far.

Here's a question: Are the designers given the challenge in writing or just verbally on the runway?

Given Easy Sewer's past work, it really seemed like he didn't understand the challenge.

If the challenge were posted in the workroom, he'd have had the chance to reevaluate.



I personally think that Logan's was the worst. That top, that vest, those man pants...his poor 'divorcee' looks fat in his outfit.

Yes, Christopher's was horrid, Logan's was nasty, and Epperson's wasn't good. I'll take your tinfoil and raise you a strainer (to wear as a hat) -- not only do the producers want to create LUV drama with Logan, the LA location = lack of continuity in the judging which means that Michael wasn't around to see Epperson's genius, Christopher's good shows, and Logan's nice guy but never-anything-stellarness. That's why Althea can produce the same outfit time over time and never be called out for boob issues and Logan can skate by with bad sewing and mediocre design.

The rumpled metalics of Prada spring 09 were Heinous, Chrissy's dress was not so bad, his attitude is rediculous. Logan's outfit was Heinous, his attitude is pretty sweet.

I agree that Lifetime is trying to create some kind of love story with Logan and one of the girls...they haven't really decided yet.

However, I disagree that Christopher should have gone home. Yes it was a disaster, but he had a concept that was very now and creative the execution was simply atrocious. Logan's, in my opinion, just looked like a thoughtless pants and fancy vest combo, no innovation just bad bad bad. Not to mention the fact that Logan has not made anything of note yet and Christopher has been in the top several times.

Anon 4:04:

Logan is a good sewer. Witness his very well fitted 'Action' outfit.

And MK has seen Christopher's best: Episode 1's win.

I could not understand the vitrol against Logan in the TLounge. It wasn't HIS fault. Blame the judges, blame Bunim, blame Heidi, blame the planets. It's not like he's Kenley, Wendy, or Santino. He doesn't seem mean or malicious at all.

Logan may be working as a bar-tender, but that doesn't mean anything. My daughter still bartends several nights a week, even holding down a full-time job & school. He wouldn't have gotten on the show if he didn't have some talent.

No, the first thing I thought of was Jiffy Pop when I saw Christopher's dress.

And ITA that his dress was the worst this week.

Christopher deserved the auf hands down. It was a basic sleeveless dress with a weird organza condom belted over it. And he LOVED it. All we heard was how it was his vision, and that he would stand behind that dress 100%.

At least Logan tried to hide his face in shame as his outfit walked the runway. To be honest, I really think Heidi just flat didn't like Epperson. She's made numerous snide comments, and I feel that she was the deciding vote in not giving him the win for his stunning Western dress.

Christopher has some idea in his head that playing with volume is going to make him the next Balenciaga, and really, I almost feel bad that he's so blind to his shortcomings.

I take it that Logan will be the recipient of the Insane Crotch awards at the TLos

Speaking of which, what's going on with the Lifetime site? It didn't show any commentary or any of the episode pics anymore.

TLo, help!

I disagree that Logan's could be tweaked but somehow Christopher's couldn't. If he had chosen to lay the saran wrap-like fabric right over the stretch material underneath, instead of letting it balloon out, it would have been sleeker and more flattering. Still maybe not amazing, but much better.

Of course, you'd maybe have to give the designers something more than 8 hours to work on a dress to allow for adjustments like that. As is, there's no time for developing or adapting their designs.

I think the problem with Epperson -- and what got him auf'd -- was that he feigned ignorance of the challenge. He didn't know he was supposed to to use the gown?


Assuming he really did misunderstand the challenge (which I seriously doubt) at first, didn't a bell go off when he realized everyone in the design room was rippin' up their gowns? The judges sent him packing because they didn't buy his brand of bullshit.

I liked him fine, but his designs never really set me on fire. Like my mother said, "He's like that quiet guy in high school who everyone liked, and then you find out later that the reason he was so quiet was because he didn't know how to read. All that time you thought he was quiet because he was cool. Really, he just didn't know shit."

Maybe Christopher should've gone home this week, but Epperson was never going to make it to the finals.


Hutchlover, I wasn't implying anything by the bartending comment, although I guess it means he didn't win the big prize (or spent it already on his girlfriend, Carol Hannah....).

He DID fit that action outfit really well, didn't he? So, I don't understand why he had so much trouble with these pants. Probably a bit of self-sabotage.

can't believe logan was safe.

I thought Chris's model was, in those immortal words, a hot, tranni mess. Just SAY it people---nothing would have made that poor gal(?) look good. And the mother of the bride dress? MK is smoking more than crack these days to think it was anything more than white trash ugly. Oh, and pllleeease let me slap Heidi.

I agree that Christopher's was probably the worst this week (though Logan's was close). But I don't really have a problem with past performance being taken into account for the win and the auf--the judges and the producers have some responsibility for ensuring that the Bryant Park show will be as exciting as possible, and second chances should go to the designers who've earned them. Christopher's overall work has been better than Epperson's.

I will say, though, that the last couple of episodes have revealed some hitherto unapparent taste issues with Christopher. Hopefully these are minor aberrations and he'll be back on top shortly, because he's one of the most likable designers this year.

Epperson should have gone home on that day because of his wedding dress, it just looks like the same dress but shorter with some black strips of fabric sewn on. Both of these looks, although bad, look like they at least tried to do the challenge. They tried to make something new out of the wedding dress, instead of making the same dress new by half assed pieces of fabric sewn on.

Dear Anonymous/Frank,
Your incisive take on what entries really had merit was perfect.
Logan's entry, with all its fit issues, still worked as an idea.
Epperson and Christopher completely forgot the person going inside the clothes.
Christopher is going to be the one, I 'd put money on it, who gets served the acid comment next week from La Nina, "But it not tasteful!"
And in the future, Frank, could you and Gotham Tomato post next to each other. It keeps the reading so delightful! :)

"It was a very tight race at the bottom."

I'm sorry, I can't resist.

That's what he said.

Lif, I have to say that was a bad analogy.

ITA that Christopher should've been the one going home this week. The last 2 episodes really have me questioning his taste.

Also, ditto Anon 5:13 on the T Lo Awards showing up all wonky on the Lifetime site. What gives?

I just had the chance to watch the ep and my god, what a mess. All four boys could duke it out for ass sucking rags this week!

I agree Christopher's was the worst Jiffy-Pop crapola mess that ignored his client with all the subtlety of Rush Limbaugh. But it was finished. I think that's what saved him over Logan's complete unfinished pile of shite.

But to auf Epperson???! WTF? Yes, to bottom but no to auf-fing.

If taste was the criteria, Christopher should have gone home with Peppermint Patty and Logan duking it out for second.

I agree with the poster who mentioned that Epperson and Logan were in the bottom so Heidi could use her lame Oktoberfest analogy.

I miss Ari and Malvin, too. I would have loved to see what crazy conceptual stuff they might have come up with. Gotta be better than a metallic garbage bag and a dumpy 1978 monstrosity.

Dissenting here. Logan's outfit was much worse than Christopher's. And Christopher clearly has more design sense than Logan.

I think they kept Logan not for the possible romance with whatshername, but for the gratuitous shirtless shots when he gets up for coffee in the morning.

I've nothing against bottom boys, but that dude needs to work out.

Logan is banging Christopher.......and Chris is in love, so he tried to make a dress uglier then Logan so he could sacrafice himself in hopes that Logan would reward him later....Epperson was so upset he couldn't get the challenge right. Gordana felt that success was the best revenge - and the best opportunity to get Logan to notice her.

Clueless Jock said...
I've nothing against bottom boys, but that dude needs to work out.
And he needs to shower. I'm guessing he's taken hair care tips from Robert Pattinson.

To paraphrase Princess, it was a shiny trash bag cinched in the middle. It should have been the loser, but it was not even in the bottom two.

Nina, please, come back!

Christopher's dress was, just as the Dutchess said, a big shiny metallic garbage bag. Unlike TLo, however, I can find something about it to love: the belt. That's probably all that saved it.

The fabric actually turned out to be really pretty, but the garment born from it was stillborn. It had SO much potential. Had it been made up in a slinky, figure hugging style, it would have given Gordana's dress a run for the money. As it is, it stinks.

You heard me. It STINKS. I think that's the first time I've ever been so undiplomatic about these things, but let's get real. Nobody would be caught dead in it. Even the dead wouldn't be caught dead in it. Christopher gets props for creating a pretty fabric and belt, and for nothing else whatsoever.

Logan's offering just made me cringe. The top STUNK. Good lord, if anything said "student effort," this was it. Why Logan didn't get the auf here is the number one question of the day. Sex appeal just doesn't fully explain why they kept him. Or maybe it does. Perhaps the cheesy feather boa look-alike around the neck suggested that Logan might do well in the next challenge (Bob Mackie) and should be kept for at least one more round. Whatever it was, the man should have been thanking his lucky stars that night, because he absolutely did not deserve to stay.

Forget Logan...I think Christopher is a hottie. =)

With all his crying the producers must have thought Christopher would slit his wrists on the catwalk. Why else?

Dear anonymous 4:40 - please take your racist garbage elsewhere. Thank you.

I didn't *like* Christopher's dress - and I guess I'm exhibiting the lack of discrimination that keeps me off anyone's best dressed list - but it looked like a perfectly decent Project Runway approximation of a dress that some perfectly well respected designer could show. I find a fair number of the clothes I see in collections oddly unflattering - and lots of the PR clothes are the near (or far) misses that happen if you're sewing a look in a day.

So it didn't seem so awful to me. Which is not to say I liked it.

As to Logan being kept on in hope of a story line - maybe? I've thought several times that both he and CH must be remarkably well-mannered - even staid - people that the production editors haven't been able to get enough clips-out-of-context to construct a full telenovela drama by now.


The first thing I thought was "Jiffy Pop" when I saw this dress too! It was a mess, but for me Logan's was the worst. Very little of the wedding gown left, the horrible construction on the pants and the ill fitting vest. I'll miss Epperson even if I wasn't always a fan of what he sent down the runway. He was creative and was one of the few designers left with a distinct point of view.

The Judges/Producers seen to have a problem this season with designers with an artistic point of view and are slowly but surely auffing all of them, which explains why the three final collections that made it to fashion week are so lackluster.

I watch the show for that few minutes on the runway, if there is drama and bitchiness that's a bonus. Don't give me fake drama give me crazy fashion!

Enquiring minds want to know Lilithcat of the Dear anonymous 4:40 - please take your racist garbage elsewhere. Thank you.? Are you sure you don't mean 4:17? Or can you please point out what's racist in anonymous 4:40:

I personally think that Logan's was the worst. That top, that vest, those man pants...his poor 'divorcee' looks fat in his outfit.

Yes, Christopher's was horrid, Logan's was nasty, and Epperson's wasn't good. I'll take your tinfoil and raise you a strainer (to wear as a hat) -- not only do the producers want to create LUV drama with Logan, the LA location = lack of continuity in the judging which means that Michael wasn't around to see Epperson's genius, Christopher's good shows, and Logan's nice guy but never-anything-stellarness. That's why Althea can produce the same outfit time over time and never be called out for boob issues and Logan can skate by with bad sewing and mediocre design.

10/10/09 4:40 PM

Anon 6:28 said:

"Logan is banging Christopher.......and Chris is in love, so he tried to make a dress uglier then Logan so he could sacrafice himself in hopes that Logan would reward him later....Epperson was so upset he couldn't get the challenge right. Gordana felt that success was the best revenge - and the best opportunity to get Logan to notice her."

L O L ! ! !

Hutchlover said:
"BTW, I DON'T believe in producer manipulation in this case. I've read rumors that he & CH are dating."

Pretty sure they are. She's got a picture of them together on her Facebook page.

And yes, I freely admit I am a cyber-stalker. :)

ITA, boys -- I was flabbergasted when Christopher didn't get auf'ed. I may have even used the Tim Gunn-esque preposterous. Epperson's gown wasn't exactly to die for, but Christopher's was a travesty and made his divorcee look like a hot tranny mess. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Honestly im still scratching my head trying to figure out why Epperson went home and Logan stayed. Christopher's dress was a mess BUT i really dont think it was as bad as Logan's. The belt was really nice, the length was appropriate, and true the material was wack but the general design was nice.

Logan.....omg what a mess! I couldnt find anything pleasant about that outfit. Him and Nicolas--both designs were AWFUL!

Maybe it's the power of the silver jeans compelling me, but I think if there was a pantsuit sent down that runway worthy of an aufing, it was Nicolas's more than Logan's.

I am not sure...I could be wrong but I think Christopher's dress looked a tiny bit better in the work room than it looked on the runway. I don't think that top layer was sewn...just "arranged" under the belt. I felt it didn't look as crumpled tinfoil-y in the workroom as it did on the runway. I think it needed more sewing down than poofing.

Whoa. That was exactly what I thought. Christopher's dress was both hideous and extremely unflattering, and yet he was very proud of it. Plus, I didn't find Logan's design that bad, just the execution of it. It wasn't exciting or novel, but it could have been wearable, had it been executed better.

Also, I didn't think Epperson even belonged in the bottom 3. It should have been Nicholas instead of him.

That top of Logan's is, IMO a much worse abomination than the pants. Poorly fitted, badly constructed, and the ruffle - ew!

That said, I would LOVE to see a pants challenge on this show. Anyone who has ever sewn them knows that pants are the most difficult garment to fit well on a woman. I'd love to see them require the designers to make a good pair of pants or a pants-based outfit.

I agree that they are holding on to Logan because of hoping/manufacturing for a storyline in this boring season.

The 2 at the bottom should have been Logan and Christopher and for me it's a toss up as whose outfit was worse. You make good points about sweet christopher not even KNOWING how bad that dress was being quite alarming!

I'm starting to feel a little bad for Logan as we're all ganging up on him. It's not really him everyone is down on, it's just how this season has gone down- the bad challenges and nutty judging. He seems perfectly nice. And I heard that he and Epperson had a show together.

Dear Anonymous 7:53 -

You are quite right. The fingers slipped. Dang, I wish we could edit our comments after we post!

I blame it on the cat that's sitting half on me and half on the keyboard.

Lillith Cat:

You can edit your comments after you post if your name is in blue due to having a Google Account. For a while, there is a little trash can under your post. You can click on it to remove the post, then start rewriting it. It's cumbersome, but better than nothing.

Ding ding ding! I think we have the answer to why the producers want to keep Logan on in the hopes of creating a romance scenario.

Evidently there may have really been one.

Check out the pictures of Logan's Spring 2010 line that Blogging Project Runway just posted. One of them shows him and Carol Hannah looking awfully close together for mere "friends."

I think Logan's was by far the worst. Epperson's and Christopher's garments may have done nothing for the women's figures, but Logan's made the woman look fat and humiliatingly busty.

Christopher's was BAD BAD BAD! she should have gone, the judging is insane this year

all of you were complaining about The Fashion Show, which i didn't think was so bad, you all said "oh the new season of PR" oh that will fixes everything -- wrong, this is even more than TFS!

i don't know how to sew but even i can wrap a women in a silver garbage bag and slap on a daisy belt! ick ick ick!

AGREED. On ALL counts.
Plus I'd like to add that Christopher's dress was insanely inappropriate for a woman her age. SO inappropriate.

Yes, Christopher's dress was a hideosity, but back to that continuity issue, I think he's a better designer than Logan so I'd probably base it on the entirety of their work thus far on the show. No question I'd still have sent Logan home for that boring, illfitting...

...I'm sorry, did you ask us to discuss something regarding a storyline for Logan? Apologies. He bores me so I must have drifted off...

I think Christopher is adorable and has shown promise. But that dress is just...I don't even know.

I think Logan does deserve another chance to see if he is more then just the cute guy. If he doesn't step it up, there's no excuse for him not to be kicked off.

I liked Epperson, but there really wasn't anyway he was going to win.

To be fair though, only based on those three looks, Christopher should of went home.

I thought, after the Duchess's "garbage bag" remarks, that Christopher would be out the door for sure. At least Oktoberfest is a look of actual clothing; "garbage bag" is not.

Old Logan is precisely the soft sort of boy I go crazy over; I'm not sure if he's world class, but he is for damn sure at the top of my list.
Alas for me - romance with Carol Hannah? noooo!

(random note: I have a friend who went to high school with CH. small world, eh?)

Alex! and I could console each other over our respective losses. That is, if he wasn't so busy making awesome comix and being a TLo celebrity.

The judging on this show this season is more than unusually borked, and I am getting very perplexed and frustrated with it. GRRRRR.

Maybe Christopher was afraid to use the steamer after it ruined Johnny's outfit...

Well, I thought that Epperson was properly eliminated because he didn't comply with the requirements of the challenge, but if the judging was just on the looks of the outfits, I would have eliminated Christopher. Sorry, but that design just was not very attractive. Logan's was pretty bad, but it was more a problem in execution, than concept (except for those ruffles--there is no excuse for those). I did not care for Christopher's concept. I also agree that Logan was properly concerned about his design whereas Christopher failed to see the problems with his.


Carol in LA said...
Maybe Christopher was afraid to use the steamer after it ruined Johnny's outfit...



Carol in LA said...
Maybe Christopher was afraid to use the steamer after it ruined Johnny's outfit...


I totally got the Jiffy Pop idea when I saw Christopher's dress. I somehow kept hoping it would be reined in at the last moment. But I still didn't hate it as much as Peppermint Patty outfit, for which I could barely keep my eyes open.

I think Christopher's lack of schooling is starting trip him up. He is repeating himself, and not in a good way. The techniques he uses are unpolished and not profesional looking.

Logan's is just a mess and remarkably similar to the blouse pant combo he did last weed for Team Aloganthea. Why on earth did he use that cheap looking fabric for the trouser? He had about 20 yards of silk satin. Make a white satin pant suit.And while on that subject, neither Logan or Nicolas seemed to use enough of the wedding gown to be within "the rules".

Anyhow, bad pants are usually worse than a bad dress so Logan should have been out in my book. At least of the three they picked for the bottom.

Alright, bitches:

Lifetime PR marathon tomorrow.

Are we down?

AAnonymous said...
Well, I thought that Epperson was properly eliminated because he didn't comply with the requirements of the challenge,

I hear you on that, homie.

But there have been designers who CLEARLY did not comply with the rules of the challenge and sailed through with flying colors (anyone remember Jillian's "real woman" outfit from s.4?)

Logan was in the bottom once before, so was Christopher (Epp was with him, but everyone knows that the team leader usually gets the auf in those cases).

There were other circumsances that saved Logan over Epp. Honestly, in personality instances, they both weren't really that much different than one another.

Now don't get me wrong, I acutally like Logan (even though I don't understand all of the fuss.) But Heidi, Harvey, B-M and Co. kept him around to create some kind of storyline.

zzzzzzz-huh? Oh, sorry, I dozed off.

Christopher has been making the same frothy dress all season. BFD.

Logan made crap. More BFD.

Anyone else notice how bitchy the judges were...these were women who took something that was symbolic of a big FAILURE, and the judges made sure they rubbed their noses in it MORE. "She looks ridiculous...." on and on and on. I'd be surprised if no one had a prozac/martini spa weekend either after filming or airing. Cuz there was serious model abuse going on in that edit.

Producer influence? Well, Heidi is a producer and I think you need look no farther. She loves the short and shiny, which makes Christopher safe. Epperson went for the high crime of not paying attention to her when she spoke. Logan got lucky when Epperson opened his mouth.

The truth is that this year is not up to par with other seasons. The man designer are the worst. Every show there is really only one or two designs that you can say are alright or passable. Let's hope for a better season next time.

The clothes have been awful in a bland way this season. Even though it was hot mess, Logan's was still a blah hot mess.

If the producers really wanted to make the season interesting they should've had Logan take off his pants to use as a pattern.

Yes, Christopher's dress was awful, but I could see it in some designer's collection and on the red carptet. Feh!

I would rate myself as an average fan of PR - meaning I've seen all the episodes, but don't re-watch and analyze them.

Here's what I remember the most in all the years of watching it:

Clothes-wise: Uli, Laura Bennet, Jillian

Designers: Wendy Pepper, Jeffrey, Chris March, Christian Siriano

The problem with this season is this is the biggest group of Dullards ever assembled. NO ONE has a personality except Nicholas. NO ONE is producing memorable clothes. I have no idea what these designers are all about! The only 2 outfits I even remember are Chistopher & Eppersons "movie" outfits.

LOVE TLo - the best thing that ever resulted from this show. My favorite blog was when they had Nina comparing Rami to a bird who keeps building the same nest over & over.


Perhaps Christopher's love for his design, or his inability to see the problems with it stem from what TLo pointed out in an earlier post, that he has not benefited from the kind of critique that he would have received had he gone to some kind of design school.

These designs just make me sad, and bored for this season of PR.

The back of Logan's garment looks like the model tucked her shirt into her granny panties and they're sticking up from the waistband.

Maybe the more interesting question is why did they keep Christopher? I thought for sure he and Logan would be bottom 2, and he should have been auf.

To SusanID at 2:53pm 10/10/09:

It's unfair to compare Christopher's model to Laura Bennett simply because she's over 40 and has red hair. Christopher's model - I feel for her - she's clearly trying way too hard to be much younger than she is. She has gorgeous legs and I would love to see Laura Bennett give her a makeover to dress more to her strengths than to her desired age.

I have to disagree. Christopher's look had major problems that he was clueless about, but with some tweeking (making the metallic overlay more flow-y, making the dress a bit longer), it could have been something approaching the awesome Prada example. Logan's was poorly made, poorly designed, and a boring idea. With some tweeking and excellent tailoring, you go from crappy St Pauli Girl to a boring secretary look.

Chris overall seems to be more creative than Logan, so if the choice were between these two, I'd say keep Chris. (I also think he's cuter than Logan, who looks a little bland to me.)

Christopher's was bad, Logan's was bad, Nicolas's was bad, Epperson's was bad. They weren't all bad in the same way, but they were all bad, and we're just arguing about degrees of worseness.

By this point, most of the remaining designers should be pretty good, but I'm not seeing that this season. Each of the remaining men has shown a flash of talent in one or two challenges, but none of them has shown consistently strong work. The remaining women seem to be stronger, but I'm not sure that's saying much in a weak field. And for the first time, I don't have a favorite or two. I'm not rooting for anyone in particular so I'm much less invested in the show. Bummer.

And for the first time, I don't have a favorite or two. I'm not rooting for anyone in particular so I'm much less invested in the show. Bummer.

Sadly, so true. Gordana has a following but many don't think she'll be around for long given Heidi's dislike. Epperson also had some followers [including me!] as can be seen by the outrage at his auf'ing. The rest meh meh meh, some nice people and some not-so-nice people but no one who creates great passion.

I am writing auf season 6, wake me up for season 7. I still have hopes that Lifetime can get it right once back in NYC. And I hope they'll continue with the editing (the one thing they've done well so far)...Bravo's editing was so very predictable.

I'm also calling "shenanigans" with the use of Christopher's "model/divorcee" as I saw her on an episode of "Split Ends" last night in, get this, A WEDDING DRESS CHALLENGE! Can you believe it? And her "stylists" were both aufed, or cut or whatever it is they do to them on that show. I only stopped to look because I knew there could not be two tall, red head, square jawed, women wearing wedding gowns on "reality shows" in this lifetime! (forgive the pun)

So, yeah, Christopher should have gone bye, bye, bye as the dress did nothing for his "client" and did nothing for him.

Brooklyn Bomber said, "But I think the reason so many people think Logan deserved the aufing is that both Christopher & Epperson have done some really good work."

Um, yes!

There's no excuse for Christopher's dress. It was just horrible in every way and made the poor woman look like she'd put grocery store produce bags over her real clothes for some inexplicable reason. Maybe fear of falling fruit....

But there's no excuse for Logan's mess either--those cuffs! Madon'!--and Logan really hasn't produced much of note all season.

I just hate the judging this season. I mean, really hate it.

After a certain age, a woman should only show her legs OR arms, never both (will someone please tell this to Heidi).

Christopher's client has AMAZING legs and an excellent slim figure. A body-hugging long-sleeved
sheath at that length would have been incredibly flattering. As it stands he deserves the auf for not having the first clue how to flatter his client.

I agree that Logan's outfit had a ton of fit and finish issues, however, I think it would have looked a ton better if her hair had been left loose and flowing, as when she's wearing it with her wedding dress. The proportions of the pants would have looke so much better.

Logan might be cute if he showered and washed his oily hair.

Girl looked like a ginormous Hershey's Kiss cinched in the middle.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Really looks like the tinfoil packages of leftovers you get to take home from a big restaurant meal.

Not the best association for a divorced, forty something lady.

Carol in LA said:

It's unfair to compare Christopher's model to Laura Bennett simply because she's over 40 and has red hair. Christopher's model - I feel for her - she's clearly trying way too hard to be much younger than she is. She has gorgeous legs and I would love to see Laura Bennett give her a makeover to dress more to her strengths than to her desired age.

I guess I said that unclearly. I didn't mean to compare the model's *looks* to Laura Bennet. I meant that it looked to me like her personal style was very Laura Bennetesque. And, as I said, I thought she would look great in a sheath with some beautiful beading and a low V in the back. The kind of thing Laura would design.

When Christopher first held the shiny organza on top of the dress I thought it could be fantastic. I was envisioning some sort of jacket-y; cloak-y thing. Instead he made the spray painted hefty bag. I was disappointed to see something go from so promising to so terribly bad.

That said. I think it was bad enough to send him home.

I really like Christopher's handling of the fabric. I really think that had he "tightened it up" if could have been much better.
I thinkk that he was safe because he haa had several in the top.

My first thought about Christopher's is that his krinkled fabric reminded me a little of Jerrells bridemaid dress (pre-qualifier for the finale).

So the bright side out of this whole miscarriage of justice for me is-you guys agree with me!! Or maybe I should say, I agree with you guys. On Thursday as I watched I concluded Christopher would be going home. As you say, not because I dislike him but that "dress"-oy. I think that was the first time I've ever watched Pr and thought "I could make that." I do not know how to thread a sewing machine.

Logan's was bad too but it was possibly saveable. Epperson's was the least egregious of the three. A small-but crucial-distinction.

No question that keeping Logan around adds some value and they're hoping for something to come of it. But aufing Epperson is the solution? No.

Also no question that Christopher is delusional. He really did like the look. Metallic hefty bag indeed. At least Logan admitted his look sucked.

Christopher's dress is horrible. It reminds me of a partially deflated mylar balloon. He's done better and if that's the best he thinks he can do, he needs to rethink his career choice - seriously.

Logan's whatever-it-is is one of the worst ensembles that I've seen this season. Close up it looks worse than it did the other night. He did no favors to his "divorcee model" tailoring pants that don't flatter her figure. Yech.

This is what I think is the deal with Christopher. He is from the Midwest. He is trying to design clothing HE THINKS is East or West Coast edgy and hip. He should have looked at this challenge from the perspective of having a 40 year old client (if she is a day) and what would she want to wear out in Minneapolis. She would be laughed off the street in St Paul if she wore that dress and he knows it. If he had designed something for the area in which he lives and knows, he would have had a 'safe' garment and who knows, maybe better than that. Think of Joe Faeris (sp) from Detroit--when he did his final show at Bryant Park he designed for his area of the country--it got slaughtered here on the blogs but look at him now. He just got done producing his own fashion week in Detroit and he is really opening things up for fashion there. Good for him--Christopher should look to him as a role model and emulate is good example.

Ugh, these were both so bad they made my head hurt. One of these guys definitely should have gone over Epperson, even though I hated Epperson's look.
Which of these two is the worst? I don't even know. They should have both gone home.

I just had to comment on SusanID's comment about how easy it is to get in the trap of thinking something you made was great because of all the time and effort you put into it. I agree. As a writer I know that there are a lot of writers who don't recognize when something is awful because they worked so hard at it. I'm sure I've done it myself. I also agree with the general concensus that Christopher is the one who should have gone home. Certainly it should not have been Epperson. It'll be interesting to see what happens this week.

Christopher's look was bad but I disagree that it couldn't be tweaked to work. With a slightly longer skirt and slightly less volume, it would have been fine. The main problem with it was that it was wrong for that woman. So I think he deserved to be at the bottom but I don't think he should have been out.

What the hell is with Christopher's models face? She's frightening!

I'd love to know whether Christopher had any input into his model's hair and makeup. The makeup made her look twice her age, and the hairstyle looked as if she had pulled it back to wash her face and do her makeup in the morning and simply forgot to style her hair before she left the house.

The baked potato dress was bad enough, but all that puffiness contrasted with the severity of the hair and makeup only made it worse.

I just went back to look at christopher's pre-show collection, and this exact design was in it! It worked better, different fabric, but was the exact same thing.

This isn't kind to say, but Christopher's model was a strikingly unattractive woman and scraping back her dyed hair and stuffing her into a muff didn't help her at all. It's like he couldn't stand the fact that she wasn't a 16-year-old runway model with big eyes and no wrinkles, so he took revenge by designing a dress that would challenge even those fawns of the runway to make look decent.

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