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Bottom Boys 3.0

Bottom boys ain't got no style.

With this week's episode, Christopher has gone from being in the top three three times to being in the bottom three four times. Has anyone in the history of the show made that precipitous a fall, ever?

We were early supporters of the guy but with that many low showings - and worse, declaring each showing to be among your best work - we're left with the uncomfortable prospect that he's more of a dressmaker than a designer, at least at this stage.

Model: Matar Cohen

This? Doll clothes. Seriously. There's about as much design and detailing in this look as there is in the average cheap 6-outfit set for a Barbie knockoff you can find in the bargain bins by the register.

There's nothing there. Okay, yes. A belt. But that's it. That was the beginning and the end of his design process. Everything else wasn't just basic, it was practically invisible.

Technically, he did a decent job, but then again, we can't see anything here that even comes close to technically challenging.

It's just clothes. The kind of outfit you could put together for practically no money from practically any department store. That shouldn't be what Project Runway is about.

Personally, we adore the guy and we think he's made some very nice stuff both on and off the show, but we can't help thinking his trick bag is empty. He's going to have to pull out a major design for us to have faith again.

Um... ditto?

Seriously, we could just copy and paste the above captions and they'd be perfectly applicable.

Model: Celine Chua

At the sight of this ensemble, The Duchess flicked open her fan and reminded us why she's The Duchess: "They're clothes, they're not fashion."


There is virtually no sense of design or style to these pieces.

Like Christopher's belt, the only thing of any interest here are the suspenders and even they aren't exactly providing a focal point.

Exactly the same criticism applies: These could be picked up for nothing at a million stores the world over.

In fact, the more we look at these two looks, the more we think it was wrong of the judges to send Nicolas home. Sure, his look was off-concept, but at least it was designed. At least it had some detailing and a certain style to it. Lorenzo thinks Logan definitely should have gone home and Tom would have been fine if either of these two went home. All we can think is, if Nina had been sitting in that chair more often, these two never would have made it this far, with one boring outfit after another.

Extended Judging:

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Was so on Team Christopher at the start, but he is becoming this season's Santino to me. He starts with a win, and a few good looks, but then gets repetitive and subpar. I really like the guy, but I don't think he should be in the top 3 unless he suddenly turns it out. The judges really seem to love him as he has had multiple sats-of-execution. At least he doesnt have Santino's toxic personality, and C is way more talented

Umm stays-of-execution, sorry

Both of the "interesting" things .. the belt and the suspenders .. were silly, ugly, and cheap-looking. But I liked Logan's top.

Could I possibly be first? ?

Totally agree. Loveyou TLo.

EXACTLY! "Doll clothes" is the perfect description for those heinous rags.

I get PP missed the "Greece" portion of the challenge, but both of these looks were just as unrelated to any specific destination, and anyone would be ASHAMED to wear the fug Christoper threw down the runway. Logan's was just blah, as usual. PP's was actually pretty, or partly pretty depending on your taste.

Both Logan and Christopher should have gone home before PP. I call shenanigans.

ahhh... you people type fast!!

These two showings were dismal. Logan has no design talent. I don't know what the fuss is all about. Cute? Really? I don't see it.

And Christopher, you're a sweetie, but take a couple of design classes.

This season is exhausting. The only fun part is your blog!

They may not be "fashion," but I love Logan's white jeans. Cute cute cute and so well made.

Thanks for the recap boys. I'm thinking that, assuming no producer shenanigans are in play, we're going to have an all-female finale. The remaining girls are far and away more talented than the remaining guys at this point.

I'm calling it for Carol Hannah, Irina, and Gordana, with Irina winning it and Gordana for fan favorite.

Logan's look was cute and wearable, but neither of these looks deserved to stay over Nicolas. No, his garment didn't say Greece at all, but like you guys said, at least it was designed. Christopher and Logan should have been auf'd weeks ago.

This post reminds me of the ridiculousness of PP's auf.

I was all for Christopher going home for his Simplicity pattern dress. But Logan's zipper-ankle jeans rub me the wrong way. I had zipper-ankle jeans with bows on top back in 1991 (second grade). Never again!

Lame, lame, lame. They are boring me. Can you imagine how bored Nina must be?

Logan is a cute boy, especially in those silver girl jeans of his - but he got a pass week after week. Nothing about his outfit said LA. At least Chris got cliché Southwestern colors on his dress.

Yes! You've trained me well, because this is exactly what I concluded. Only I thought Christopher should have been the auf, because Logan's jeans seemed better "clothes" than Christopher's skirt and top. Nicolas *at least* designed and should have stayed.

I don't get the love for Christopher. He's likable but has made many, many mistakes. Cheri

There's nothing redeeming Chris' look at all. I'm surprised how sad PP's aufing made me.

Yes, and what a boring season. How are the producers going to inspire us to like Irina and be content with her win? What will the sob story be?

I agree completely. There is really nothing to be said about these outfits, just clothes.

I loved Nickolaus's shirt, even if it didn't say Greece, and I thought mostly Christopher was deserving of the auf.

Logan at least had a story to explain his looks. The vest was pretty cool too. The vest is more of a design than Christopher's belt.

Christopher's "design" was Simplicty pattern #101.

Logan and Christopher should be in fashion related jobs, but neither are designers.

One wonders why they're even in the game-- neither have any particular vision, that I can perceive. Fashion design is a high-prestige glamor field that attracts people for a host of reasons other than faculty for good design.

The judges should have done us all a favor and put us out of our misery by having a triple elimination. But then again, that would deprive us of two weeks of TLo's wonderful comments and hilarious screencaps.

I still agree with the auf'ing.

Logan's was mediocre- but not auf material. In fact, had he safed out I would not have been surprised.

Christopher's was actually kind of cute. The skirt is an odd length- but otherwise quite nice and does look Santa Fe to a degree. He could have done much more- Santa Fe is so beautiful and distinctive. But the colors looked nice on Matar. And the belt was beautiful.

TLo said: "we can't see anything here that even comes close to technically challenging."

Exactly, boys! When what's going down the runway is something that I could do with my feeble, out-of-date home ec skills, something is very wrong! I wondered if Mr. Fluffy-Bunny had made more of a long straight skirt (matched with boots) with some detailing on the skirt if it might have been a bit closer to the Santa Fe look. Kudos to Matar for trying, it's gotta be hard these past few weeks.

But Logan is where my biggest WTF this season has been. Don't tell me he's hot, 'cause it sure seems like a lot of us fans watching don't think so (Note to producers - some of us straight women like guys who appear to use shampoo. regularly.) His look this week could have been found in Target, Walmart, Kohls...ya get the picture and design innovation it is NOT. Much as Peppermint Patty missed the Greece inspiration, his look at least had some elements of fashion design to them.

At this point, I'm watching just because I want to see exactly when this guy is going to get the auf. Please let it be soon....this week would be fine!


Once again, Logan is once again the Hubbel Gardner of this season. This outfit wasn't just 'Mall', it was Marianne Shops circa 1982. I didn't see the slightest bit of Hollywood in it.

I really liked Christopher's belt, but it was more Flintstones than Santa Fe. Though I'd give him an extra point to stay just to save Matar.

But you're right: These looks should have gotten Hubbel & Waterworks auf'd before Nicholas.

I think that with most of the entries this week, the designers seemed to have no frame of reference for these locales that were supposed to be their inspirations other than the photos they were given, and that showed in the final products. But this competition doesn't lend itself to the kind of research a Michael Kors would likely do before being inspired.


What a blinking disappointment this season is! I feel like virtually all of the designers remaining have the same faults as Logan & Christopher: no real vision. They all make nice clothes, but nothing that really grabs me and says: FASHION! or even innovation. Irina makes great clothing, CH makes some good stuff, Gordana makes some great stuff, but I feel like even with them, I'm seeing things I've seen before. I have some serious bitchpants on for Carol Hannah's maxi-dress, but I'm holding my tongue for now.

Logan and Christopher - GO HOME. I feel more and more angry that Epperson got the boot when he did; he at least tried to use some interesting shapes and designs in his outfits. Logan is hot, but he has NO personality on screen, and his clothing is even worse. Christopher's sob story about not being educated isn't making him an underdog to root for; it's making him seem even more out of his league. His outfit this week was mortifying. Peppermint Patty at least made something with redeeming qualities - the top, the pleated grey trousers. That belt that Christopher made isn't even all that damn spectacular.

This season has just been one continual lukewarm mess. Project Runway needs to get its shit together ASAP, or the show is cooked. (and where would Project Rungay be, without PR???)

I don't understand what's happened to Christopher. He did a couple of really fine designs early in this season, and he's been producing terrible stuff for the past few weeks. "His bag of tricks is empty," you say? Could be. He's so likable and determined that it's hard not cheer for him, but then, when he sends something like this down the runway and says, "It's a proud moment," I just want to get him a scholarship to Parsons.

As for Logan, one giant MEH! Quick: Name one fantastic design he's done!

Why is he still here? And count me among the straight women who are not attracted. I just don't get it, but it seems right to assume that if Nina and MK had been judging throughout the season, he'd be long gone.

I too wouldn't have minded if one of these 2 went home. As you said, at least Nicholas had something going. These two are like beating a dead horse. If one of them does not go home next week (because I highly doubt they'll be coming up with stellar outfits anytime soon) I will be very pissed.

I have to agree that Nicolas' aufing was mis-timed. Not that I think he should win or be in the finals (really, I think of the designers left, it's got to be an all-girl final), but the criticism for Logan and Chris was to push their designs and make something more than just clothes. And that's what Nicolas did. It wasn't Greece, but I really liked those pleats at the bottom of the pants, and that was the sort of thing Logan didn't add into his look.

I'm with those who are pretty sad to see PP go. At least he designed a great looking top, even though it might not have screamed "Greece".
Logan and Christopher did not design anything.
Both of these outfits can be found anywhere from WalMart to Target to Macy's "take an extra 40% off" rack.
What a bust this season has been. Were it not for TLo, I would be spending Thursday nights from 10 to 11PM catching some ZZZZZZ's. Geeze, what am I thinking? The show's enough to PUT me to sleep NOW!!!!

Has anyone in the history of the show made that precipitous a fall, ever?

Probably Santino. He started out so strong, offering innovative and well-designed garments then later would be spewing pieces Nina Garcia describes as "not aesthetically pleasing" like the lingerie from hell, his "phoenix rising from the ashes" skating outfit, the falling-apart jumpsuit he blamed on Kara Janx, his "Austin Scarlet Grammy Dress" dress, the kimono-inspired art director dress for Banana Republic.

I adore Christopher and I think his bottom finishes these past weeks have dampened his confidence. I know he's much better than this. As for Logan, yes he is pretty on the eyes but I don't recall him being at the top this season.

Why put belt loops on an outfit meant to be worn with suspenders?

Christopher must have naked pictures of Michael Kors or something, because 4 weeks of terrible style, execution, and ideas are usually more than enough to get you kicked off. And am I the only person who hated that belt?!

Logan, while not original at all, at least had those white jeans fitting like a dream on his model.

Totally agree with you guys, Nicolas's interpretation was a little off, but at least he designed something interesting and characteristic. But what's really frustrating this season is how much emphasis the judges are putting on marketability and commercial appeal and how much emphasis the worthless guest judges are putting on "I would SO wear that!". I can't even imagine what Bryant Park will be like because few of the designers still here have shown any individual aesthetic...

Jeez, this show has become "Project I Don't Mind It." (Best line from a guest judge EVER!)

I feel like this season has given us the weakest group of designers in PR history. There hasn't been any memorable points of view from any of these guys, except Ari Fish and we all saw how that turned out.

In fact I wasn't sure if I even had her name right so I went back to the Project Rungay post on July 9 that introduced us to the whole group and completely forgot about Malvin, Johnny and Mitchell.

This season has been so unremarkable that there won't be anything to look back on in a reunion show.

I didn't hate either of Logan or Christopher's looks but I didn't get excited over them either. But I could say that for all the designs in this challenge, they were all rather generic in my mind.

I guess in a way that describes the whole season.


kittens not kids wrote——

Christopher's sob story about not being educated isn't making him an underdog to root for; it's making him seem even more out of his league.

I found myself thinking the same thing when he repeated this line yet again...

(Of course the repetition is in part the fault of producers seeking a story, but he did say it, and say it, and...)

What struck me today, and not for the first time, were the limits of his aesthetic: his knowledge of fashion seems to extend no further than ten years——as if he has no background in fashion history upon which he might draw——and his dresses (has he done anything else?) all seem to be variations on the same basic pattern, with ever less interesting results.

Being self-taught is no excuse for this; between books and the internet, he could have gained such knowledge had he sought it out. This may be why, as TLo suggested, his "bag of tricks" is empty.

(And when the divine Nina mentioned Georgia O'Keefe——one of my first thoughts, aside from summer camp and Sam Shepard, when I heard Santa Fe——I wondered if he understood the reference——)

(I really do want to like the fluffy bunny, but between his designs and his reiterations of his sad lack of training, I am finding it hard.)

Of course, Logan's aesthetic seems to be just as limited, and he has even less of an excuse——

(And add me to the list of straight women who do not find themselves slain by Logan's charms.)

I agree that they both should have gone in PP's place——

And I could not believe Heidi claimed to like Christopher's top... And that she did not mind Logan's look? What was it Mila said, "This isn't 'Project I don't mind it'"?

(Written with one cat on my lap, another curled up against my leg...)

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Well, boys, you pretty much said all I could have with one exception:

Kittens not kids said:
"Christopher's sob story about not being educated isn't making him an underdog to root for; it's making him seem even more out of his league."

That's exactly how I feel about Christopher. When his confessional about a lack of a formal education popped up, all I could think was, "Halston (originally from Iowa) didn't have one either, and look what he did! Not to mention Coco Chanel...."

Christopher's out of his depth, and he's blaming it on a lack of education rather than a lack of creativity.

I can't even remember Christopher's top 3 showings. In fact, I can't remember A LOT of the designers winning garments. That really shouldn't be what Project Runway is all about....

I'm hoping a double elimination coming up in the next episode rids the competition of both of them.

boring and cheap looking and no style

You know, I liked Christopher at the start but I don't understand how he's ended up in the bottom 4 times and is STILL NOT GONE? The guy earlier in the season - what was his name? He ended up in the bottom 2 3 weeks in a row and was gone.

Did like the colors though.

Another small note:

Is anyone else experiencing cross-show strangeness?

Last week, TLo described Christopher as a "fluffy bunny"——

The next day, as I was reading the Mad Men comments, every time someone referred to Suzanne as a bunny-boiler-to-be, all I could think about was Christopher...

(Not to criticize TLo or to draw any meaningful connection between the aesthetic delights of the two shows——or anything else.)

Noticed something... 1st winners of the season are cursed (except for Rami and partially!Santino).

1. Austin -> Ugly bride gown
2. Santino -> Bottom three almost every challenge, but made to the Final 3
3. Keith -> Disqualified
5. Kelli -> Auf'd 5th

Now it's time for Christopher.

I disagree too about Nicholas being auf'd. It should have been Christopher or Logan... No offense, guys.

Hollywood? Hollywood???? Oh, come on, Logan, that's ridiculous. Maybe some suburban mall named Hollywood, but I don't think that's what Miss Kors had in mind.

As for Christopher, did he listen when Tim said it couldn't be all about the belt? Yet it was. That was the only even slightly innovative piece. And then he stuck a piece of fabric above and below it. Nope, doesn't work at all.

Why are these people still here?

I agree re the rather-blah bottom-styles.

In regard to Logan: hottie or nottie, has anyone else noticed his resemblance to stoker John Torrington of the lost Franklin Expedition from the 1840s? [Lots of photos of the long-frozen Torrington are available online, but I found this closeup on, of all places, Facebook: ]

Torrington must have been an attractive young man before a century and a half of deep-freeze (not to mention death), but something about the slack expression, snub nose, and rag-wrapped head makes him seem like Logan's long-lost twin...

Christopher got the wrong southwestern state for his inspiration: instead of Santa Fe, NM, I saw Salt Lake City, UT. It was like he was trying to make a Rumspringa-suitable outfit out of a typical Amish dress. Colors were drab and I didn't get the overwhelming love for the belt.

And Logan's look was certainly young Hollywood, but more Jackie Coogan than Lindsay Lohan. His metallic pants must be very hypnotizing!

How these two survive to design another day is beyond me.

I'll admit that I liked Christopher's ensemble (sans proportion and execution issues), I liked the color story and even liked Christopher's thought process (his design and execution do not always match his intent). Having said that I totally agree with TLo's assessment that these were just clothes; thanks TLo, you guys did a much better job than the judges explaining what was wrong with this outfit (one called it a costume, one called it boring and still another called it ugly/ unwearable (??)). I think this same criticism applies to Althea's outfit; by the way what is her problem with bras, did one attack her when she was a baby or something?

I think that Logan's was the worse of the Bottom Boys, that was just a big pile of meh and there was nothing distinctly Hollywood about it.

christopher, way to make your model look 40.

blech! how can anyone this season really call themselves a designer? bring back the crazy ones, ari and malvin were at least creative!

I'm surprised you boys didn't have something to say about Heidi's "I didn't mind Logan's look ... it looks like he's making a comeback" comment. Apparently, reasonably well-executed is a comeback for Heidi, and that comment alone made me reconsider my earlier decision that Heidi is Project Runway. Someone with taste that poor doesn't deserve to be a judge.

I think it's hilarious that Michael Kors was the one to give them "They're clothes, not fashion" as a negative, considering that of all name designers, he is - by far - the one who makes clothing more than fashion. Yes, he does it great, and yes, he makes a boatload of money (although Mommy's boatload of cash to start out certainly didn't make things difficult for him), but innovative and fashion-forward he is not. What a hypocrite. (PS Nice face work, MK. You couldn't even move anything other than your mouth. Facelift recovery time + botox = missing the first half the season, perhaps? Sounds about right.)

Logan's look was admittedly just clothing, but it was inoffensive. Christopher's look, while I love him because he seems like such a sweet, well-meaning guy, was offensive in multiple ways. The specific hues he chose were not very sophisticated, and the silhouette/design wasn't either. I don't get the love for the belt either. Milla (have always loved that bitch to pieces) hit it dead-on with "1983," and I don't think that's a compliment (though she meant it as a patronizing one) or what Christopher was going for. Ouch.

This season's crop of designers has no less talent or creativity than previous years' - the fault rests solely with the inconsistency of judging. All the ambition in the world won't drive these designers like the desire to face/survive/and thrive week-after-week under the judicious and ruthless critique of two of the fashion industry's great powerhouses. Avoidance of Nina's yawns and Michael Kors' withering bonmonts has given Tim Gunn a lot of ammunition in the workroom to get designers to up the ante on themselves.

But ultimately, the lack of availability of Nina and Michael rests with the producers' poor decision to move the show to LA. Really stupid, when your greatest talent is all tied up in New York!

"kittens not kids said: Christopher's sob story about not being educated isn't making him an underdog to root for; it's making him seem even more out of his league."

I don't think he's presented this as a sob story, just a statement. And I don't think a lack of formal education makes anyone out of any league. Some of the biggest, least talented idiots have that piece of paper that says they went through school. I don't think it means that much, especially in the arts.

The only place I see this as having an impact here is the lack of crit experience. Anyone who's gone through art school has dealt with the crits and gets what they are about (sometimes bullshit & sometimes worthwhile). Not having that particular experience set shows on the runway, in how he reacts too and internalizes (rather than evaluates) what the judges say.

I think that's been his problem. The lack of experience with crits has zapped his confidence.


"honeybee33 said: This season's crop of designers has no less talent or creativity than previous years' - the fault rests solely with the inconsistency of judging."

I think there's been some inconsistent judging in every season, (hello! SweetP made it to Bryant Park & Santino got a pass on a skating turkey costume).

But this season's judging has definitely been the crackiest. Having the strong voices of Nina & Michael missing for those weeks gave Heidi (who really doesn't seem to know much other than what she likes) too strong a voice. And I think the result of that is a bunch of designers who don't know if they're coming or going.


If Logan had made the jeans silver, he would've been in the top 3.

It's kind of sad that this season is more about watching to finally see Christopher or Logan get auf'd than it is about the possible winners.

Christopher's design looked like something Antigone would wear in a high school production.

Clare, amen with the triple elimination! But throw Althea in for the poorfecta, as I really don't see St Tropez in her daisy dukes.

Christopher and Logan's fug this week was so bad. Really bad. Both of them shoulda gone home already. But you gotta highlight the positive, mama says.

Christopher- loved the white tank. It fit Matar like a glove.

Logan- he really made some jeans from scratch? Kudos.

Project "At Least It Didn't Make Me Puke."

On of these boys should have gone home instead of Nicholas. Christopher started so strong and he is very likable, but being in the bottom for four weeks is horrible. Everything has been so boring. At least Logan's is slightly more interesting and didn't look like a costume...

Am I the only one who thought Christopher's top looked just like the one Gordana and Irina made for the "blue" challenge?

Anonymous 4:41, I don't see it as a curse but an opportunity. Austin, Santino & Rami all presented at fashion week.

Austin wasn't sent home for the bridal gown, either. Vanessa took the hit for that one.

Personally, I didn't see what was so bad about Miss Crissy's outfit. Yeah, it was simple, but so is alot of the Duchess' repetoire. Expect to see some sort of derivative Spring 2011.

And Logan...

It's not that I don't like the guy. In fact, he seems like a pretty good dude and able designer, but the reasons for keeping him around for Real World drama really makes me wanna wretch.

At this point, I don't care who goes or stays. Them kickin' Epp off was enough for me.

What a pile of crap Christopher's dress is. It's not a design, it's not inspired, it's a bad sewing project made with a Simplicity pattern. And the belt...pair it with Logan's Wilma Flintstone Ho dress from the Mackie challenge.

I am tired of his sob story, tired of his crying, tired of his poor designs of mall clothes. I thought it was "three strikes and you're out HEIDI!"

Logan is just a bore and should have been eliminated instead of Epperson.

I think the issue I have with Logan isn't that he isn't talented or creative. I'm sure he has something that got him this far, although our tastes are different.

I'm not even annoyed that the producers are using him for an "omigawd, he's so hawt" sideshow.

My problem with him is his lack of gratitude. He seems to be floating from week to week with an impermeable aura of entitlement. Christopher, Johnny, Louise, Shirin and Nic have all had a mini meltdowns. Christopher & Louise took being in the bottom 3 to heart. Even when he was in the bottom 2, he didn't express any sort of appreciation for being spared like Louise & Christopher have done.

Logan just seems to be so indifferent to every challenge.

you guys are so right about his work being doll clothes - just look at his sketches. the faces he draws look like bratz dolls and i can't help but mentin that the stage outfit he made for the xtina challenge was cartoon-y as hell.

I think Christopher should have gone home. There was no fashion outside of the belt. He's adorable, but cuteness alone isn't enough, and furthermore he hasn't produced much quality recently.

Nikolas did make a great top, and for that reason alone shouldn't have gone home. At the very least, an interesting top trumps an interesting belt.

I'm not convinced that either Logan or Christopher fulfilled the challenge any better than Nicolas did. It's a real stretch to call that top Christopher did turquoise, and Logan's explanation of why that look was Hollywood was no different than poor Nicolas' "you could wear it in Greece." If someone showed you those two outfits and then showed you the seven places the designers had as inspirations, would you know that any of the bottom three outfits was matched to the supposed inspiration place? I wouldn't.

I bet if Nicolas had been able to spin some sort of bullshit story about how his outfit came from Greece (or if he had picked a location that he knew anything at all about) they would have sent one of the other two home. I'd be hard pressed to choose between the two of them for worst in show, thoguh.

Gory! How the heck are you? That is such a GoryDetails reference. And, once again, we posted at exactly the same time (though not the same thing, which is odd).

Lilithcat, a/k/a mojosmom

Good God, Logan NEEDS TO BE SENT HOME!!! I can't honestly think of one outfit of his I've liked. And while Christopher hasn't done anything decent in a while, well, at least he has in the past. Peppermint Patty should have stayed, but Logan? Never. But then again, I've thought that for a long time. The problem with this season is inconsistent judges, judging, and a crap load of boring challenges. If the next season is more of this, I'm going to have to call it quits with this show!

I live in Hollywood -- maybe logan was trying to dress the tourists? YUCK! Chris -- YUCK! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! They, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Aweful. Just aweful. Nick made something that was decent - these two didn't really make anything. You are so right, had Nina been around - she would have seen to it they would have left earlier. I miss Shirin. I would have loved to see what she had made rather than these guys. Hell, I would have loved to see what the Egg dude would have made and that crazy stand on my head lady - at least it would have been interesting.

Doll clothes, yes. But hasn't this been a season of doll clothes?


LMAO! The most unexpected link ever. Now I'm going to see that image every time I look at Logan!

Here's the thing about both of these: neither of them were wow pieces, but because they were generally competent clothing, they left me with ambivalence about the outcome. Really, I'm not sure that Nicolas's was really any more "designed" than these... nice details aside, there wasn't a lot of 'wow' to his, either. And that's why I don't know who I'd have picked to go home if I were suddenly a judge. Which I am not, thankfully, because PR could not pay me enough to get over my fear of being filmed... anyhow, moving on.

I think Logan's outfit did have one point of interest besides the suspenders, which was the vest closure, which I honestly don't think I've seen anywhere before. Might just mean I need to get out more. And it was competently made, and probably at least going in the right direction for what he claimed his inspiration was, but... not far enough, as the judges said. However, I do think he could have a really successful career doing sportswear separates, even if he maybe needs some more flair. I don't think he sucks or anything, is what I'm saying.

Christopher at least tried with the colours. They were too muted (it would've been fine if one of them were, but the other should've been richer or more vibrant), but he took a stab at it. I think the skirt ended up too short... he was right to trim it, but possibly not quite that much. I did think the top was pretty cute, but I suppose 'cute' isn't enough. And, yeah, I loved his earlier work, but boy's running out of ideas. Which, again, doesn't necessarily mean he sucks, but maybe he needs to get a little more experimental, too.

So, so ambivalent. I mean, I think I probably would've liked Nicolas to stay at this point maybe a bit more than these guys, but I don't know that any of them would've lasted to the end, honestly. We'll see what the next couple shows bring us.

boring clothes and boring shows. i miss all the personalities and talent of years past.

Ok, here's what I don't get: the judges (Nina? whose criticism I in general adore) mention O'Keeffe, and then proceed to say that they saw none of that, and why wasn't there more vibrant color?

I saw in the dress (apart from the belt, which I did not personally care for) a direct but refreshingly non-literal O'Keeffe tribute, from shape to the fabric choice to the color. As a (former) denizen of New Mexico, though not the arts-colony portion of it, I have to say bravo, Christopher. Wish the judges had liked it as much as I did.

It's a pretty safe bet that the three finalists will all be female.

Debating which of the 3 guys should have been auf'd is like debating which mosquito to swat first. They all need to go.

This season lacks vision, this season lacks fun, this season lacks flair. This season just lacks.


sewsew said:

but then, when (he) Christopher sends something like this down the runway and says, "It's a proud moment," I just want to get him a scholarship to Parsons.

If this kid is serious about a career as a designer, he truly needs to get some professional mentoring or schooling.

He and Logan both seem to be likeable guys, but neither really seems to bring anything approaching a vision to the table.

I was thinking about this over the weekend - what's bothering me so much about PR this season. And what I think it is, is that (besides for it being mostly incredibly BORING) is that no one is really that....well, good.

Irina won, yes. She's won two other challenges as well. But in the pieces she's won with, do we really see "Irina" in all her designs?

Christian, Jillian, Rami, Luanna - all these designers has a very distinct style and vision. Iriana? She's following the challenges to a T and doing her best, but it's nothing earth-shattering or very distinctive.

What PR is missing this season is a real stand-out, talented designer with a style, look, and vision.

Considering the monstrosity Heidi was wearing, how does she get off criticizing anybody?

Rainwood said...

Debating which of the 3 guys should have been auf'd is like debating which mosquito to swat first. They all need to go.

ROFL. But I still think Logan should have gone first.

I really, really don't know why Logan's still around. Christopher used to make interesting clothes, but has done a major, major crash.

But Logan? Seriously, I cannot remember his stuff. There's just no there there as a designer.

It's a bad sign when I'm more interested in the models--Matar's got this great edge to her. I think her strut saved Christopher's neck, frankly, while Cecelia's legs made it look like Logan had done something of mild interest.

Nicholas failed the challenge, but at least he had an interesting shirt--these two--*my* clothes are more interesting and my clothes ain't that interesting.

Sut seriously, has Logan ever been in the top three and with what? I really can't remember his stuff.

Carol in LA said: Christopher's design looked like something Antigone would wear in a high school production.

Along the same lines, it's the spitting image of my 2nd grade fairy costume, minus the leotard.

I like Christopher's personality, and some of his early creations were great, but his entries are getting more and more juvenile. Double elimination next week—him and Logan. Girls rule!

I am getting so sick of seeing these 2 dopes in the bottom 2 week in and week out. And please NO MORE remember-whens from Christopher as to back when his designs didnt suck. It was almost pathetic to hear his i used to be talented talk...

"I like Christopher's personality, and some of his early creations were great, but his entries are getting more and more juvenile. Double elimination next week—him and Logan. Girls rule!"

Agree! Put the boys out of their misery! This season belongs to the ladies! Girlz RULE and Boyz DROOL!

Amy wrote:
"I'm surprised how sad PP's aufing made me."

Me, too! I've been bitching about the guy all season, but I actually almost cried when he was auf'ed, which surprised the heck out of me. Chris's outfit was so awful, and Logan's was so ordinary, that I couldn't believe they were really sending PP home, essentially over a crappy pair of pants. At least, like others have said, he makes things with an eye towards designing fashion.

As for Logan, the only two things he's made that I can remember are the excellent, but unwearable IRL, outfit he made for the film challenge, and the hideous Goth-Prom dress he made for the "make your model a pretty dress" challenge. He might be a nice guy with great cheekbones and a hot bod, but his clothes are so effing DULL.

Can't. Stop. Laughing!!!!!

Oh my. I am going to have to disagree about Christopher's technical skills. He is not a dressmaker. He does not have the skillset to be one. I believe he is repeating himself because he does not have the ability to take it any further. The skirt he made is a rectangle with an (elastic?) gathered waist covered by the belt. Is it lined in muslin? Anyway it's the wrong color. The blouse is a tucked in poncho (why does it have a zipper in the back?)I really think he needs to go to school and learn some technique.

Logan, I don't know what to say. Except I hate the " Young Hollywood".

CLo has gotta go; they should get together and open a consignment shop in a strip mall in Shakopee.

christopher has a place in the american fashion industry

he has no talent, his taste level is zero, and is not innovative...he could easily make a living by just doing provocative ad campaigns with his crappy's worked for calvin klein and ralph lauren, so it could very well work for him

this is the worst season...when is it over already???

Ok, I give up. No more "maybe it will get better." It IS a crappy season, and a hefty part of the blame goes to Heidi for moving the show to LA and depriving us of the judges who, together with Tim Gunn, are the lifeblood of the show.

Sigh. What if Egg Boy turns out to have been the most original designer of this entire bunch?

I would have preferred to see Christopher go home. It does look like bargain bin doll clothes! As for the venom towards Logan; I agree with whoever made the comment about focusing on these two moops and not the winners. I really don't see any reason to hate him. He's a bore and lacks any form of emotion other than a shy smile. And it certainly isn't his fault that the judging is relective of one too many bong hits.
I, personally, don't find him attractive, but I understand why some young women might. C'mon no one has seen a young couple walking down the street and ever thought, " what the fuck is she doing with him?!" Is there ever any explanation for what women find attractive? Take away fame, money and talent and there was no reason for the love girl's had for another dirty, skinny boy-Kurt Cobain or any number of messy, scrawny, mascara wearing musicians.
A lot of those designers probably would have never made it anyway. I'm just pissed that we've been stuck with judging that seems to have encouraged zippo improvement and that this crap is boring me.

Brian B. said There hasn't been any memorable points of view from any of these guys, except Ari Fish and we all saw how that turned out.

You know, I'll bet they are regretting that aufing now. At least she'd have been interesting!

Yes, either of these looks deserved an AUF much more than Peppermint P.

Poor Christopher! He's lost his way.

And how demoralizing to be kept on because they are hoping for a story with Logan.

I hope this incredibly lackluster season reflects the stress of the lawsuit and this show comes back strong.

Logan scored the weekly "WTF" I lob at him every episode, but I genuinely liked Christopher's outfit, its demure colors and simplicity. No argument that it was not evocative of Santa Fe, and it was "just clothes, not fashion." It was pretty, I liked it.

Christopher's "story" aside, I would hope that future casting calls give preference to candidates with some kind of apprencticeship, internship or extended association with an established designer, whether it's in fashion or costuming -- enough proximity to a) learn how to hear criticism and b) soak up what it really means to design with "vision." Irina is making a grim march to BP and probably the win, but I don't see the kind of consistent vision in her work that says she's ready to start her own line. My thought is that she could really hone her skills as a designer for one of the topmost houses -- something Jillian Lewis had already accomplished at Ralph Lauren when she went on PR and got thisclose to the win.

I think that the absence of Michael & Nina has resulted in the designers getting scared and timid, afraid of exploring "vision" or "fashion," because the judging standards have been lowered to "I would/wouldn't wear that." Designing to simply be what somebody would wear means you make clothes, not fashion.

Will Christopher "shakopee" Gorgeous Boy now that they're both alone in the room? Maybe he'll get more inspired now! :-)

God help me, I rather liked Christopher's outfit. I too saw a Georgia O'Keefe influence but maybe Nina was looking for a tad more color. Perhaps an ombre type fabric for the skirt would have spiced it up for her. Just think if with a little more styling how this outfit would have met the mark - cowboy boots, striking tourquoise jewelry and maybe big sunglasses. Presto! A much more Southwestern look.

Logan, forgetaboutit. He hasn't had a shining moment yet and the forecast doesn't look promising. Look, he's not 'that' good looking and even if he was what does that have to do with succeeding on a design show. He's just a skinny, slightly unkempt Kevin Bacon type with bowlegs. I wish someone would have hidden the knit sack he wears on his head. He's overstayed his visa for fashion design.

I agree with JoyJoy in that so many of the designers lost their way and were afraid to be too 'exuberant' in their designs when the judges ignored what the challenge description was (including or especially Heidi!) and made their decisions randomly about what was wearable. It was deflating to the contestants. Now late in the game the rules are changed again to what they should have been to begin with. Who knows who would really still be here. Epperson? Ra'mon? Shirin?

boston boy! thanks for mentioning heidi's crap outfit. Did anyone else notice the horrible neckline of the piece she wore in the beginning of the show.

The fact that these two are still around, just proves what a bust this season is. Heidi seems angry. Very little Duchess and Nina. Tim seems like he would rather be getting his toenails pulled off with a pair of rusty pliers than being on the show. What is wrong with Tim this season.

Mediocre designers, Logan's silver pants and Christopher crying every week. It's time to wrap this one up people.

Maybe they should hire the Top Chef folks to produce the show. That show gets quality players and everyone still seems to want to be there.



It hurts me that i like chris in person, but his works has been terrifyingly weak recently...

I'm guessing Chris, Logan, and Gordana(sorry girl...) for next week's bottom 3

With logan out, i hope.

I was flipping back and forth to the baseball game, so I missed some of the beginning. Anyway, when I saw that Christopher's "inspiration" was Santa Fe and the cliche colors he was using, I thought he would be gone for sure.

Farewell, PP! I didn't always like the clothes but loved the laugh!

(another suz)

So what's the sustainability factor of these reality shows that are based on skill? So You Think You Can Dance gets better every year--the auditions bring out more amazing people every season. At the other end of the spectrum, Design Star on HGTV is a humiliating circus for all could just pluck shoppers at random from the aisles of a Bed Bath & Beyond and get a better crop of talent. The first year of DS was the best, but it disintegrated year to year, and they shouldn't even attempt another one. PR is nowhere near as bad as Design Star, and the best designers this season are equal to the best of any other season (in my view), but the worst have been just AWFUL. It's as though they had to fill out the bottom ranks with people who were panhandling around Parsons. Have they already tapped the best talent in America? Except for new design school graduates, is there a finite well of talent and is it empty? Should they go abroad and start combing Paris, London, and Milan?

This comment has been removed by the author.

"Anon said: Anonymous said...
Ok, here's what I don't get: the judges (Nina? whose criticism I in general adore) mention O'Keeffe, and then proceed to say that they saw none of that, and why wasn't there more vibrant color?

I saw in the dress (apart from the belt, which I did not personally care for) a direct but refreshingly non-literal O'Keeffe tribute, from shape to the fabric choice to the color."

I think, with the judges here, the keyword is 'non-literal'. When most people think of the iconography of Georgia O'Keefe, they think Red Poppies and other bright colors. They don't think of the canvases with the more muted colors. Maybe Nina isn't even familiar with the wider range of O'Keefe's work.

I can't recall Christopher mentioning O'Keefe when he was putting his piece together (unless they edited that out). I'd be curious if he actually did reference her & if he did, why didn't he say so when Nina said that?

The shape and the way the fabric moved is actually very reminiscent of the floral/female shapes in many of O'Keefe's paintings, but I don't think he went far enough - because, as we have learned, the meek shall inherit the auf.


Hi GothamTomato, this is the same Anonymous from above. I think I was a little opaque. I thought the colors and some of the edges were the direct reference, and by non-literal I mostly meant at least he didn't send a big flower down the runway or decorate the belt with a miniature parched skull. (Thank the gods.)

I didn't realize that her brighter canvases were more famous. (Indeed, I'm culturally clueless enough that I didn't realize that she was world-renowned until high school, though half of my friends went to an elementary school named for her.)

So you think he wasn't literal enough?

This comment has been removed by the author.

"anon said: So you think he wasn't literal enough?"

No. I actually think if he was too literal he would have been accused of being costumey. He needed to go farther, but not in a literal sense. I think that is actually harder to do in one piece than in a larger collection. But the judges have been so cracky it's hard to say.

They say they want the designers to take more chances, but if you're a contestant (which is what the designers are) you have to wonder what that means this season. I can see why they are afraid to go out on a limb - they just want to get by, stay out of the line of fire, and get to Bryant Park. This is really a bizarre situation to be working in for a creative person. You need more than talent and vision: You also need the kind of personality type that can handle this insane situation without wilting under the lights and doubting yourself.

You can sometimes see the look of defeat on their faces, the same look you see on the faces of Olympic athletes right before an event if they've been psyched out. If the pressure has gotten to them, they've already lost the mental game, and they have the look of defeat on their faces before they even compete.


Re: Gotham Tomato and Anon

I do not buy the readings of O'Keefe in Christopher's design: he did not mention her, and from what we were shown, his color scheme came from the photograph and his ideas about the Santa Fe landscape. The only other reference I could glean was, perhaps, to Navajo dress (or a cliche version of it).

Moreover, as I wrote above, Christopher, sweet as he is, does not seem to have a broad or deep range of references upon which to draw. His silhouettes have been so limited, as has been his ability to play with them.

He said this episode that he hopes PR will give him the resume he needs to get a job in the industry——

While I hope this happens for him, I hope more that he takes the experience as a call to intensify his education on his own——in technique and art and fashion history.

That said, I think Gotham Tomato expressed perfectly the dilemma in which the designers find themselves: they are told to push themselves, to take risks, but risk-taking has not been rewarded this season. Despite the comments of the Duchess this week, the greatest rewards have gone to those who make clothes, not fashion. The real risk-takers were early auf'd, and the survivors read the lesson given only too well. In response, they have led us to the land of the bland, and one can hardly blame them——

For example, while I have no problem with Irina's win this episode, given the land in which we have found ourselves this season, her outfit, although well made——especially given the budget——was absolutely predictable, absolutely already done and re-done. She seems to be the one who has best figured out how to survive this season. Thus, while I find her boring as the resident bitch and have not liked much of anything she has made (the paper coat excepted), I must give her props for having deciphered the game——and for having the skills to play it well.

I like the colors Christopher used and the belt was interesting. His garments were very wearable and perfectly fine if sold at Walmart or Kohls. The sort of things every girl has as staples in her wardrobe.

Logan's is similar, but a smidge more edgy. Mall clothes.

There is nothing wrong with designing clothes for the masses. It's a perfectly respectable design aesthetic. There are many nameless designers doing it every day for mass production.

This is not innovative, fresh, unique or creative. I thought PR was to find the "next great designer" and neither of these guys is going to be it.

Easier to reign someone in who is over the top than to push someone to stretch who doesn't have it in them.

I'm just bored out of my mind with this season.

StateOfSiege97, your comment is a more articulate rephrasing of what I wrote on one of the boards last week. The one thing consistent about the judging is that conservative has survived where risky has been eliminated. If you look at earlier episodes, Qrystil is the ONLY one to get the auf for playing it safe. And if you imagine we somehow had Ari and Malvin remaining in the top 6 instead of Christopher and Logan, not only would we be commenting on that pair's crazy-ass designs instead of C/Lo's mall fashion, but I'm certain that their continued presence, and what it would imply about the judging preferences, would have a visible effect on the choices made by the other remaining designers.


But this season's judging has definitely been the crackiest. Having the strong voices of Nina & Michael missing for those weeks gave Heidi (who really doesn't seem to know much other than what she likes) too strong a voice. And I think the result of that is a bunch of designers who don't know if they're coming or going.


very good assessment of the problems with this season's judging, and particularly with Heidi's contribution, GT.

What StateofSiege97 said. Irina has seen the game and is playing it for the win.

That the game has been lamed, rigged and switched is not the designers' fault.

But this season's judging has definitely been the crackiest. Having the strong voices of Nina & Michael missing for those weeks gave Heidi (who really doesn't seem to know much other than what she likes) too strong a voice. And I think the result of that is a bunch of designers who don't know if they're coming or going.


Can't agree with you more, Gotham. Let's get you on the judging panel! Heidi's lack of taste and her penchant for Eurotrash design (as was the incredible garbage she had on this week on both PR and MOTR) has really harmed the quality of design coming out of the designers. They are scared to death to take risks and are just producing what it takes to get to Bryant Park. It's so tragic how the good designers (the girls) are shooting themselves in the foot for their futures.

As far as Christopher's dress being influenced by Georgia O' I think he was talking out of his ass, frankly. I've studied O'Keefe's paintings as an art student and I don't find her influence there. I think he reached into sterotypical "southwestern" imagery to create his look and failed miserably. The colors, okay, you can argue that they could reflect O'Keefe's more muted paintings, but the design of the dress isn't inspired. I just think he thought "American Indian", "Southwest", "desert" and came up with a hokey dress. Luckily he cut it. albeit too much. Long, it really was a cliche. I love NM and AZ and I didn't see the landscape in that dress at all. It's much more dramatic. That colors are more suited to a beach than a desert.

Anyway, I don't care for Christopher's designs. He seems like a sweet guy, but he is sorely lacking in originality beyond his tight top, puffy skirt variations, which are sadly, not too original.

Who is Georgia O'Keefe? Is that the real name of Grandma Moses?

Here's the answer to your question, Anon 3:02.

I just didn't see ANY Santa Fe in that dress. Everyone knows Santa Fe is concho belts, bright colors against blue denim, broom stick skirts in rich velvet colors, or jeans, turquoise and silver jewelery.

Those are apparent the minute you get outta the car and walk through any part of Santa Fe. Has this guy never heard of Georgia O'Keefe?

This comment has been removed by the author.

When I saw the three guys as the lowest, I totally thought they would call Nicholas as the best of the worst and send him off the runway. Even though I wanted him gone a while back, he definitely didn't deserve to go this time. And he has been growing on me along the way by exhibiting a little less ego and a little more fun snark. Logan and Christopher were just obviously in left field on the challenge.

But this season's judging has definitely been the crackiest. Having the strong voices of Nina & Michael missing for those weeks gave Heidi (who really doesn't seem to know much other than what she likes) too strong a voice. And I think the result of that is a bunch of designers who don't know if they're coming or going.

I think GT is totally on track here. The early judging was so incoherent that creativity got smacked down, and consistency was devalued in favor of looking only at the one week. If they wanted a guy in the finals, they screwed up royally by aufing Ramon and Efferson, who might have deserved a spot in the finals. These two do not.

And Heidi's weekly torturing of poor Gordana have made her mistrust her own judgment. No WONDER she criticized her own dress - Heidi has driven her to that point. I hope for the next season they ease Heidi out of a decisive role in the judging and keep her as a hostess only. Or maybe give her a half vote. She is the only reason that Logan is still there for sure.

And poor Tim is looking more and more haggard. He can't help the contestants much when he has no idea what the changing cast of judges will do from week to week.

I see Carol Hannah, Irina, and Gordana in the finals. At least I surely hope so.

Sante Fe 1990's design-y paint colours from Home Hardware's store brand? Check!

Belt that was focal point and well made (in a 1980's edgy New Wave-ish way in a vaguely desert-y/tribal way)? Check!

Blahpass for Christopher.

Well-made white denim jeans what I'm not sure has anything to do with Hollywood and, really, only the 'young' can carry off? Check!

Well-made shirt that may set off gymed-out muscles or Pilated sinewy lines for hip young things? Check!

Jacket with the two closures that are mildly interesting and seem to go with the whole look? Check!

Blahpass for Logan.

At least these two looks had *something* to do with the locales.

I still don't think Nicolas' contribution was any better than these two designs and suffered additionally that it looked *nothing like* Greece.

However, I happily concede that both of these are blah, too. But at least mildly keeping with the challenge brief.

And that's about all the enthusiasm I can come up with for the bottom three.

How is it that Christopher has been allowed to stay this long? He's been in the bottom, what, four times in a row? I thought the third time was supposed to be the definitive kiss of death, but this is seriously fifteen shades of ridiculous. Much as he seems like a doll, and I'd totally love to hug him, he really should have been auf'd by now.

Barring someone rising from the near-dead, All Girl Bryant Park.

Christopher has talent but it wasn't on display this week. That thing was hideous Becky Home Ecky. I thought Logan's was much better. Boring but wearable. I liked the jeans.

Pittypat said And poor Tim is looking more and more haggard.

I think Tim is stretching himself too thin. Everywhere I turn, he is appearing on this TV show; having a cameo in that movie; making a personal appearance here, there and everywhere for this, that or the other cause - all on top of doing PR and his job at Liz Claiborne. I no longer wonder when he sleeps; I wonder if he sleeps. This cannot be healthy. He needs to cut back.

Lilithcat, I second your concern for Tim, as we have seen him crisp and curl around the edges -- but remember this show was shot a year ago. I'll wager Sir Tim has had a nice rest and a massage since then.

Plus, season 7 has been shooting in NYC, back home again.

So I was thinking...If the designers from TFS & this season's PR were switched we would be seeing more exciting designs from PR and the immediate for retail kind of designs that TFS was seeking.
Am I wrong?

Christopher remade Epperson's bridal dress. Go look at the belt, the cummberbund, the top, EVERYTHING. One's a copy of the other.

And his face is so pinchy, I think he's really ill.

Logan is dull.

There were several comments liking the vest, but from what little of it we see - I think it looks like a boring rectangle.

And on the show the editing made it seem like Nina is saying that Georgia O'keefe used bright colors - in the video here I'm not sure that that is what she meant. I sure hope not. Some of her florals had some vibrant colors but most of her southwestern stuff is muted and I have a couple of her prints that use colors very much like Christopher's colors.

I've been doing a bit of analysis in Excel, mostly to try to predict the top 3 and bottom 3 for each episode. Basically, I give 2 points for a win, 1 point for being in the top 3, -1 for being in the bottom 3, and -2 for being in the bottom 2. (And I stop tallying points for the person who is auf'd.)

I've only done season 2 and the current season so far, because it's lots of typing. I want to look at other seasons too, but I've got some theories:

- After episode 5 or 6, they know who's going to Bryant Park. After that, it's just a matter of eliminating people one by one for the sake of television. Santino was in first place after episode 5 and 3rd place after episode 6. (After that he sank like a stone). Christopher was tied for second at episode 5 and tied for first at episode 6. I suspect he's following a Santino pattern, but he'll make it to Bryant Park.

- Gordana's curve looks a lot like Andrae's.

- Logan's well overdue for an auf; it's clear that the producers' input keeping him around.

- Shirin was in 4th place at episode 5 and 6, but she had a long, long period of just qualifying to get to the next round. Going flat for several episodes seems to be almost as bad as scoring low (ex: Louise).

- Carol Hannah is tied for second with Althea now, but most of her points came after episode 5 and 6, while Althea distinguished herself right at the beginning.

- Since Jerell only started to excel after episodes 5 and 6, that may explain why they made such an effort to oust him in place of Kenley. I haven't done that season yet, but I bet it's fascinating.

Anyway, just theories. We'll see who actually goes to Bryant Park :-D

lots of people bandying about O'Keeffe, but I'm wondering how a designer would translate/transform a whole lot of vagina paintings into a garment? Other than the Vagina Hat, I'm just not sure how this would work.

On second thought, that weird cup dress that whatshername made for The Fashion Show might have been a good fit for an O'Keeffe-inspired design.

(tongue mostly in cheek here, btw).

I don't get the love for Christopher. Despite his lack of talent he is still the fan favorite on He is the only Season 6 designer to have a Wikipedia page. I smell conspiracy!

All PR fans - don't let the show disintegrate this way! Go to and vote for who you think is the truly talented designer!

Logan needs some shampoo and soap - I don't get the love for him. He looks skanky.

Christopher needs to go home - he is not educated and worse - doesn't want to be educated. Go away already, get off my TV.

Nicholas - liked that he trash talked about Irina, but not a great designer.

Nor is Irina, Carol, even Gordana, who is my favorite?? Where are the PPS's, the Chris March's, the Austin Scarlett's, even Santino and Jeffrey were occasionally interesting. These guys - dull, dull, dull. I can't wait until this season is over, and that is sad, because I was SO excited for it.

The Fashion Show actually looks more interesting in retrospect. Except that they have their judging in the broom closet. Move the judging, and the show was better. And I CANNOT believe I just typed that!

I didn't actually have that much of a problem with Christopher's. Yeah, it was boring, but I like how it didn't go too literal with the tourquoise and "Santa Fe" look. I'd have liked the skirt much better if it were 4 inches longer and didn't have a white base. It would have looked better tone-on-tone.

Logan needs to just go away. He's not that damn cute and he can't design for crap. If he's what qualifies as hot, then please kill me now.

I just don't understand why Logan is still there. Nobody is that attractive.

I don't understand the hatred of Christopher this week. No, it wasn't a great look. They commented that it was tired and nothing new, and the only good thing was the belt. Then Gordana got up there with a tired, boring grey halter dress where they only interesting thing was the necklace and they went crazy over it.

I don't understand why Logan is cutting himself short. Dude, you own silver jeans. If he had done some interesting detail work on the pants like spray paint, or writing all over them, or dying them I think he might have been in the top three. In his portfolio of pre-show work he shows some really great dying and bleaching work. Where is that? Perhaps it's just time contraints and stress, but I hope he pulls it out this week. He seems like a nice guy, and I like his designs despite them being just 'clothes' and not 'fashion. Step it up dude.

I really haven't gotten much of anything Christopher has done. The Victorian vampire outfit and the subsequent praise it received baffled the shit out of me. That one was seemingly as off challenge as this one is. I did actually think this one was pretty. Maybe Milla and I should smoke together.

I really don't understand why the both of them are still there. Like, really. If the whole crew was mediocre I'd get it but Epperson and Shirin have both gone home. Sigh.

Nicolas made a stylish look that had nothing to do with Greece and Logan made a boring look that, at least could be worn in Hollywood without too much shame. But Christopher didn't make it on any level. Nobody should ever wear that outfit in Santa Fe or anywhere else.

Christopher knows how to do big and poofy but he hasn't shown the ability to fit the body properly. I just think he needs more technical training.

They both should have gone home.

Poor little Christopher Sobbin! He started strong, but it's becoming clearer that he is out of his element. Send the poor boy home--one last tearful closeup (ala Ricky) and goodbye!

I don't dislike either Christopher or Logan, but being in the bottom so often and so frequently is just ridiculous. I was holding scissors in my hand when Nicolas was sent home and I had to resist the temptation to stab myself in the arm.

I really like both these boys, but they really do need to step it up. Sigh. This season is boring me.

Marshal said... I don't understand why Logan is cutting himself short. Dude, you own silver jeans. If he had done some interesting detail work on the pants like spray paint, or writing all over them, or dying them I think he might have been in the top three. In his portfolio of pre-show work he shows some really great dying and bleaching work. Where is that? Perhaps it's just time contraints and stress, but I hope he pulls it out this week. He seems like a nice guy, and I like his designs despite them being just 'clothes' and not 'fashion. Step it up dude.

This is exactly what I think about Logan. I don't believe he's talentless. Like at least a couple other designers from this season, he's most likely not cut out for PR. The bleaching and tie-dying takes up too much time for one day challenges. And seriously, maybe he just doesn't give a damn anymore.

His style is very casual, and maybe that doesn't fit well with what PR usually looks for. I'm guessing, as I'm not as versed in the show as some others here.

When I think "Hollywood" these days, I tend to think of skank wear, but I doubt everyone in Hollywood dresses in skank wear. I can't say if his design reflects Hollywood in any way, shape or form, but I liked what he made, and I loved what he did for the surfwear challenge.

And as I write this, I realize that my defenses of Logan are also reasons he should go home. He can't work in the constraints he's given, his aesthetic is too casual for the show, and he doesn't care anymore.

CHIRTOPHER SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME! that was a flimsy little shift with a cheap metallicy undershirt and an out of place, mediocre least logan had some cute jeans on his model.

The fact that Chirstopher & Logan are still on... I say we scrap the whole season! I sit unamazed and usually multi-tasking watching these episodes now... no challenging challenges, no consistent judges, no innovation, no fashion! The only reason PR is even worth watching at all is to read your blog and listen to you tear them apart. Lifetime needs to ditch Heidi, California and the Models of the Runway (*yawn*) and go back to NYC! Or better yet, Lifetime should hire the two of you to be permanent judges! I could more than live with that.

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