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Auf Wiedersehen!

Oh, thank god!

We're not such horrible bitches that we're happy to see a contestant go, but we were biting our well-manicured nails last night because we were afraid if they sent Gordana home all hell was going to break loose in T Lounge.

Heh. Didn't work this time, Guy's Guy.

And he must have been seriously feeling the pressure because all of a sudden not only was he speaking, but really bitchy words were coming out of his mouth. Say what you will about Irina, but she can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. When it's someone who's spent virtually the entire competition at the bottom of the pile, smack-talking just comes across desperate.

And while there were a lot of accusations flying around last night, we have to say, that is EXACTLY the same collar. Irina acted like she invented big sweaters but let's face it, a stand-up collar made entirely out of zippers is unique enough that Althea's accusation was warranted.

In the end, for all that drama...

Model: Kojii Helnwein

He really didn't have a lot to show for it.

And once she made that face, we knew it was all over for Lord Silverbottom.

We'll give him credit for this: it's the most "designed" thing he's sent down the runway. In the parlance of PR, he "really thought about it."

Of course that doesn't mean those thoughts were actually good ones, but still. After weeks of him sending the most basic, boring looks down the runway, we'll at least give him props for trying to do something new.

Of course "new" doesn't necessarily mean "good."

We kind of like the bottom half of it now that we can see it better.

We like the sash and we think the little zipper pulls as embellishments was kind of a cute idea. Since there was so much talk of plagiarism last night, we feel compelled to point out that the construction of that skirt looks decidedly Christopher-like.

It's the top of this thing that's such a freaking disaster.

Disregarding the plagiarism charge, this collar is way off on the proportions.

And there's just too much going on with that bodice, not to mention how poorly it's constructed. Plus it looks a little like a diner waitress's uniform.

And can we please do something about designers who, when they decide to be edgy, think "I know! ZIPPERS!" Designers, it's been DONE. A lot.

And finally, there's nothing about the second look that makes you think of the first one, zippers or no.

We would have felt a tiny bit bad to see him go if he hadn't been such a little bitch last night. And of course, ending his time on the show with the oh-so-original "I'm too edgy for the masses" excuses had us opening the door and pushing him out.

If there's anyone to feel bad about it's Kojii, who we think is a wonderful model with a unique look and a ton of charisma. She worked the shit out of that thing and it was all for naught.

Extended Judging:

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

Exit Interview:

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Yeah, that was really sad.
But WHY couldn't we get some more skin from Logan before he went?


What bugged me was that the proportions were not flattering to Kojii's body, and he's been fitting her for *how* many challenges?

I hate it when magic silver pants lose their power!

This outfit reminded me of Jerell's outfit from the Saturn Car Challenge. Or the whole outfit just reminded me of that challenge...

Thank GOD he went home - if Nina wasn't there, I know Heidi would have sent Gordana packing. Stunning, what a b**ch Heidi really is.

Next week: Christopher. Please.

It is the same collar, but who the hell knew Althea's feather jacket even had a collar? Tanishia ripped that shit off so fast nobody even saw it (maybe even Logan didn't).

Anyhoo, this outfit looks more like a companion piece to his surf wear.
I personally thought Christophers was worse.

Not surprised with the decision. His clothes just look to low-end for Bryant Park. I've often wondered whether he even looks at top-of-the-line collections.

Is it wrong of me to want to spray paint my jeans silver and go as Logan for Halloween? I have the wool cap thingy too. Throw some zippers over my shoulder and I'm good to go!

Lord Silverbottom! ROFL!!!!

I tremble for Gordana all the same. What happens if La Nina is not there next week??!

I'm thrilled that Gordana stayed over Logan, but I have to say, I didn't hate this. It would've been my first in of the bottom 3.

"Heh. Didn't work this time, Guy's Guy."

Yep it's kind of perfect that he wore the magic pants just so we could all go, "didn't save your sparkly butt THIS time, did they?"

Two points:

One: this creation was desperately cheap and shoddy looking.

Two: I do not agree that Koji worked the shit out of that thing. I'm sure she is a nice girl, and she has an interesting face. Credit where credit is due. But she is not a good walker. She has an awkward body and stumpy legs. She also has a zombie expression every time she walks down the runway.

So not sorry to see either of them go.

TLo says... She worked the shit out of that thing and it was all for naught.

I love it when you boys comment on that. It's so true that really, an entire garment can almost be rescued as long as the model is willing to be like, "i doesn't matter if this is garbage, i am going to work it", rather then "jeeeeeeez I'm working for an idiot, I don't know WHAT this piece is"

I actually thought this was one of the strongest designs this episode... I thought it was attractive and well-designed. It was in my top 2, that's for sure. Of course, it didn't go with his original design, but whose designs did?

One of the things I liked about Logan was that he had a design aesthetic that was easily identifiable. Overall it's classy, somewhat elegant, but not over the top. His first design and the design last week (Hollywood) are extremely him. The thing is, he's not edgy. He's more department store than mall.

But whatever. It's not like he was actually going to win this thing.

As I said last night, me thinks the producers finally got tired of waiting for him to shtup someone for the cameras.

And what a relief! As soon as Gordana started talking about her childhood I thought, uh oh, she's getting the Auf edit. But they faked us out. (Then again, some might say that much of this season has been a fake out.)


I said this last night, and the judging bothered me so much, that I want to say it again:

I am a teacher for 18 years - if I want the best out of my students, I instruct them, not mock them for their missteps. In their quest to get good television this year, the parade of guest judges, led by Heidi, have mocked the contestants, not guided them. I was struck by the difference in the remarks by Nina and the other three this evening. She thought Irina's dress was cheap; the others loved it, but couldn't defend their decisions. Heidi said, "It is one against three," as if that made the outfit passable. God, are we in high school???

Occasionally in the past, the judges would mock someone. Michael Kors' famous line, imitating Uli, comes to mind, and still makes me giggle: "I live in Miami, I love the bright colors," in Uli's accent. But really, think of all of the constructive criticism he gave over the years, and to Uli. They told her over and over, that she had to stretch and she didn't win the whole thing. They told Rami, the Serial Drapist, to stretch, and he didn't, and he didn't win. There is a consistency in that. Even Kor's MOB comments are constructive, and "that crotch is insane" is so much more constructive than, "I would wear that, I GET THAT OUTFIT!" bullshit that Heidi spews out of her mouth.

So, I hate the mean-girl attitude of Heidi and most of the judges this season, I miss the consistency of Michael and Nina. Heidi has an inflated image of herself as a judge she thought her inane and meaningless comments could keep the season on track. But we are not the viewers of some absurd Survivor type show. We have interests in fashion and taste, or we wouldn't be here. I feel badly for us, but mostly for the contestants: they don't deserve to be mocked, they should be instructed.

actually it was ironic that Koji probbaly did her best work in this final challenge. Heidi made a big deal of commenting on her efforts. And you could see even during the commentary she was trying to sell the outfit.

I agree, I was oblivious to the zipper collar on althea's dress. All that fur and fuzz masked it.

Gordana is damn lucky. Her was pretty auf-worthy as well. Don't care how badly heidi may have treated her on other challenges, she deserved the tongue lashing


THANK YOU for saying that Irina didn't invent voluminous knitwear -- my thoughts exactly!!!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Oh TLo, all hell would have broken loose in TLounge if Gordana had gone home.

This outfit does look like a project, as Nina said. It's like he just started throwing sartorial spaghetti on the wall to see what could stick....

The zippers on the skirt annoy me. On the runway, they look more like pins holding everything together.

As soon as Logan was aufed I started humming:
"Shiny, shiny. Shiny pants of silver..." to the tune of The Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs". I think it would be a great number to "PR: The Musical".

PS: I know this is off topic, but I can't wait for you to post Tim's visit with Xtopher. "You better sex up that top like there's no tommorrow!" Tim suggests. Nothing like sage pick-up advice from Mr. Gunn....

Lord Silverbottom! Barking laughter This is why you guys get the big bucks!

I was stunned by Logan's final words, when he said that, well, his clothes are not designed for middle America (whatever that is!) and if the judges couldn't see it, too dang bad.

Logan. That wool cap is baking your brain. Seriously. You need a lot more experience and practice, and you need to learn to listen to people like Nina.

Very sad to see Kojii go, though.

And Nancy, what you said about the judging this season? NAILED IT!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola


I'll miss Koji too. I hope she goes far!

i havent watched it yet (yay on demand), but i still wish it were christopher. every week i wish it were him; i dislike him and his work immensely... logan's mess had potential, but it's do or die time. you cant be sending any old crap out there. personally, i like the top more than the skirt... at a distance... if i squint just a little

He lost because Heidi's silver bike shorts countered the power of the silver jeans.

Lord Silverbottom! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I'm not sure what I think about Logan getting the boot. I guess it doesn't matter in what order he and Christopher go, because they both should have gone long ago. But I rather liked this look. I think Christopher's was a bigger mess.

Logan gave me a big laugh when he said no one understands his aesthetic. Doesn't he specialize in casual wear? What's not to understand about a tank top and jeans?

Beh. This challenge should have been more fun than it was.

I'm more bummed out that Kojii was booted. I love "mama bear".

Nina's face during the runway show was oh so telling and so classic Nina. I have missed her so much this season!

Did anyone else notice Heidi got her own silver pants for last night's show? Between pissing Nina off and wearing the same pants as Heidi (and wearing them better than Heidi to boot [WTF was with her wardrobe last night?]), he had no chance at all.

Not shedding any tears, and why is that every time they design something shitty and they're sent home they say "It's because America is not ready for me" or some bullshit like that? Please and I'm not even American.

Well, it's about bleepin' time. I am shocked that Logan even made it past the audition stage much less to the Final 6. When a designer gets auf'd for actually DESIGNING something that should be a hint that perhaps he didn't deserve to be there in the first place.

Lord Silverbottom LOL!! He was clearly trying to work the silver ass-ets to no avail.

"Lord Silverbottom."


Boys, you're too much.

Lord Silverbottom!!!

Yeah, this one totally reminded me of his surfer "couture" dress (wetsuit like collared top over a Christopher tulle cloud skirt).

Anyway, it's a mess of stuff and I don't know WHERE to look.

hard to totally justify the plagiarism charge, after all, this is the first episode i even figured out the difference between althea and anyone else left on the show...

Props to you, Nancy @10/30/09 12:16 PM.

I won't even cut & past because the whole post deserves to be read in its entirety.

Soon as I saw Heidi's shiny shorts I knew the power of Logan's silver pants was checked. :) Poor Koji, though. She rocked.

I found myself not caring about whether Christian or Logan went home last night (same as last week with Nicolas). For me it's been obvious for a while that we'll have an all-female final, so it's just watching the inevitable. Of course, that's supposing there are only three official finalists. Hmm.

Anyway, I am a little confused about how TLO found Logan bitchy. He was harmless! It was the bitchfest from Althea and the ever-annoying Irina that had me scowling through the episode. Logan was pretty good humored throughout the episode ... was I watching something different?

Oh my little silver pants one. Sigh. The loser edit was so painfully obvious that I knew it was coming. Yes, he had been in the bottom of the pack too long, so it was just a matter of time. I know Heidi wanted to send Gordana home, but Nina won out. I wish I could say I'm really heartbroken, but I think Epperson's aufing is the only one that broke my heart this season. The others have just left me at meh. Goodbye my little Logan.

For all the problems with this look (and they were legion) it was still light years better than Christopher's. The chinstrapped one should have been packing his bags last night, not Lord Silverbottom (snort!)

Kojii is not only a fantastic model with a dynamic presence and a very original, interesting look but she's very thoughtful and bright. After a slow start I'm actually finding many of the models to be more interesting people than the designers this year.

Somewhat off topic: there were a couple of references to the fact that there's only one more regular challenge. Does that mean that the last challenge is a double elimination, that there's going to be a pseudo-decoy, or what? Kind of weird that they just dropped the info blithely--the audience isn't really keeping count of how long the season is supposed to be, just how many contestants are left.

Assuming it's a double elimination, those who want Christopher out are nearly certain to get their wish next week. Either Gordana or Carol Hannah will go down with him. And then...well, we've seen the show already, and that's that. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

Thank you Nancy and SewSew - I'm in complete agreement. The judging has too often been simple empty soundbites, not helpful critique. What's to be learned from that?

I never did understand the Logan-love. I guess the magic silver pants didn't work on me. Too often he showed marginal work, and ended up in the bottom 3 - only to survive, as better designers got the auf. What can you do, he's gone now.

I was really starting to groove on Kojii though. What a unique look she had. I'm going to miss her.


Might have to rethink Lord Silverbottom being a real 'ladies man' after reading a 2008 interview with him on the Web:
"His name is Logan Neitzel, he lives in Seattle, he makes up the design team romeo+saint together with Blayne Walsh (Project Runways’ resident tanorexic)..."
BLAYNE WALSH??? Yeah, he looks like a guy who likes to get out there and rebuild a trani for an old Chevy on the weekend, doesn't he??
Uh huh...
Further down in the interview Logan alludes to the fact that their close friends know why each of them chose those particular names. It was a brief but enlightening little interview, no?

I'm not going to say that Logan deserved to stay in the competition - I would have sent him home packing a while ago (though I did rather like him until the "most people don't get me, cause I'm super special" comment during his exit interview). However, I really, REALLY think it was Christopher that should have been sent home. I don't think this is horrible - sure, a little too project-y, but not horribly unattractive. It didn't really look like a companion piece, so I'll give them that.

Christopher's look, on the other hand, was just plain full of fail. It looked like he tried to attach a black dress on top of a bad copy of the original dress. That is not a companion piece, that is a bad attempt to get back to what the judges liked because he no longer can produce new things that the judges will like - or that most people with eyes and taste would like. Bottom three for five weeks in a row, FOUR of them in the bottom two? COME ON.

I don't know if it was just me.. but I'm pretty sure that Heidi's silver pants at judging were inspired by Logan's. Seriously.. when she went to kiss him, they were matching.

Nancy, thanks for your insightful comments about the judging. Their tone last night was anything but respectful or constructive.

Logan was auf'ed not a minute too soon. Sorry that Kojii is gone. I knew once he was out, she'd be gone too.

Wow, nancy, well written!

Michael Kors and NIna would have auf'd Logan, Christopher and maybe even Althea a LOOOng tme ago and Gordana would probably have won a few challenges.

Thank goodness they'll be there for season 7 or I don't think there would be a season 8. I'm still not sure there will be. Sorry, off topic, but I'm just not that inspired by this season.

I do feel sorry for Kojii as well - I totally have a girlcrush on her. She's intelligent, has an adorable daughter, seems to be have a great relationship with her husband/partner, and is an all around cool person. She, Matar and Celine were my favorites. Now I only have Matar and Tanisha to root for.

Did anyone besides me think Heidi's outfit during the judging was not only, as one poster commented, a testament to Logan's silver pants, but God-awful besides? Where did she get the idea that outfit looked good?

Well said Nancy!

I was taken aback and put off by Heidi and the judges' mocking critiques as they decided the winner/loser. Rude and classless... Cheapens the show when those are the sorts of bits that are chosen to air.

I know - "I'm too edgy for my shirt" was like, "America isn't ready for a conceptual designer." (Sorry, can't think of his name right now.)

Logan's a nice guy (car-fixin' braggin' notwithstanding), but that outfit was a disaster. I commend you Boys for being able to see a few positives in it.

@mollyoday: When she made her entrance in that monstrosity I actually jumped away from the TV and yelled "Jesus Christ, what the hell is that??" as if a giant insect had just flew into the room.

I liked Logan's better than Althea's and I HATED Logan's.

I agree with Nancy's comments on judging, too. It's a bit like watching sharks. One judge comes up with a comment and the rest jump in to say the same thing and it's not constructive.

I think the skirt portion was interesting. It didn't work as a companion piece for Logan's "best piece of work" but if the top had been well-sewn and simple, there may still have been some magic in those pants.

When did "edgy" become synonymous with "bad design"?

Dittoing, what Nancy@12:16 said. Absolutely.

A comment some months ago (actually I think it showed up during TFS) noted that Tim Gunn is essential to this show because as he critiques and guides the designers, he is also teaching us, the viewers, how to see, understand and evaluate garments.

Michael and Nina have been doing that teaching, too, for the viewers, at a higher level -- how does a successful designer see and evaluate a completed garment? How does a magazine editor see the garment?

Evaluating a garment on "would/would not wear" is an acceptable criterion only if you're looking at matters of taste level and appropriateness for age or situation.

I mean, ALL of us look at the gorgeous work of our favorite designers and KNOW we can't/wouldn't wear it! Our wearing it is not the point!

Thank God Michael and Nina are in the whole of S7. Can we just delete S6 and use it only for a teaching tool?

@ Nancy: like others, I absolutely agree w/you... very well put.

In addition to the snarky versus constructive comments, there's also frequent empty praise, which you alluded to as well (Heidi: "I would wear that!"), which isn't any more helpful.

Thank goodness Tim has maintained his integrity during the workroom critiques.


Lord Silverbottom's time was way, way overdue - he shoulda been out of there weeks ago and has been one of the real beneficiaries of the revolving door judging, IMO. It was very telling that he was the only one who didn't have a winning challenge look to remake. That right there made him an easy pick for the auf - and then he cooperated by sending that zippered nonsense down the runway.

I'm torn on Kojii - I think she's a good model but for a model she does have a different shape - very long-waisted with shorter legs. But she makes up for this nontraditional look with an edgy attitude that has carried her far & well.

Nancy, your comments on the judging should be posted in the judging green room on PR for the guest judges!


joyjoy said... "Can we just delete S6 and use it only for a teaching tool?"

YES! As Judging 101: "What Not to Do"


Now can we get Lady Silverbottom to take a sabbatical from her bitchiness?

Nancy, I read your comment last night and applauded - and I am still applauding. Amen to everything you said.

All the contestants this season were ROBBED.

In fact, if these designers felt like they needed to hear shitty, catty, zingers, they could have stayed home and just asked the girls at their local high school to comment on their work.

I am not passionate about anyone left in the competition. And that is kind of sad.

Christopher should have gone for doing the EXACT same dress he's done for nearly all the challenges. I could have stood Mr. Silver Pants for one more week. Just one, but one, yes. I honestly think they are keeping Christopher in because he's not trained and OMG wouldn't it be cool to have an untrained designer show at Bryant Park? Plus they couldn't have an all girl BP sashay, could they?

Please. I just threw up in my mouth a little. The fact that Nicolas went home after winning a challenge and Logan was all "I didn't have a winning outfit up there so..." made me hysterical. Peppermint Patty should have been able to design this one.

Awww, poor Logan. He was such a lost little Silverbottom.

I liked his minimalist looks. Some people are meant to design white-shirt-black-pants outfits. Clearly taking it up a notch, or whatever the hell they called it, was bad for him.

I can't get over the overinflated self-opinion that almost every auf'ed PR designer displays. They NEVER fault themselves, they fault the judge's inability to perceive creative genius!

A little bit of humble self criticism goes a long way in actually improving one's game!

(I see this attitude constantly, in many of the cocky 20-something art-school clowns I work with.)

Since you guys call him Uncle Nick, it's hard to comment on how cute I think he is, without sounding like a sick nephew haha.

Anywho, I loved the skirt on this. If he designed maybe a simpler top he could've gotten by? Who cares what kind of top, but anyone but that one. It cheapened the whole look, and made it look like a Halloween costume

Christopher definitely should have gone home over Logan. Logan's wasn't great, or even good for that matter, but I am so tired of seeing Christopher skate by. Why are they keeping him? He's really not good television, and that dress was dreadful.

Count me as a member of the Brava Nancy Society - well said and Amen!

Oh, and about Logan. He finally "listened" to the judges comments and "turned up the volume" and it got him an AUF.

You know, I realize the judges aren't responsible for Logan's design decisions.

But the inconsistent and non-constructive criticism from the judges IS partly to blame for the design weakness we are seeing now at the end of the season.

This entire season sucks. My guess is that the winner of this season will be either Althea, Irina, or Carol Hannah. All 3 are good designers, but none of them are exceptional designers, and only Irina seems to have a strong personality - in a negative, Jeffrey Sebelia kind of way. This is the first season where I don't have a favorite to root for. All I know is that I don't want the winner to be Irina (which means it probably will be).
Someone remind me why the move to Lifetime was a good thing?

Must say I agree.

And now something I've wanted to say since February: enough with the freaking zippers! On top of everything else, they're uncomfortable and destructive and an admission that even sportswear designers are putting out clothing with no intent that it actually be worn- at all, or at least not, ever, more than once.

Zipper trim on the arm eye? In a S&M fetish boutique, maybe. OUCH.

What was up with Logan's aufing shown on "Models of the Runway" being different from the aufing shown on "Project Runway"? On PR, the hair was in a ponytail the whole time, and on MotR, his hair was down until the very last scene. The voiceover was the same, but completely different visuals. Did they auf him and then go back and auf him again?

Along with some others I want to report one of my posts from last night - after they GAVE Althea the win and when Gordana and Logan were the last 2 -
I want whoever is aufed to say - IF YOU GAVE THE WIN TO ALTHEA, then I am happy to go because I am being judged by idiots

My order Worst to "Best"
Gordana (sorry)

I've said it before, it is a little bit of quibbling when someone who should have been sent home before goes home on what is NOT the worst look on the runway. But I think it TOTALLY shreds any semblance of credibility when one of the most ridiculous looks is given the WIN.

So while I don't think Logan should have gone this week - that is nowhere near the travesty of Altheas being given the win.
(Hell I don't want to see Nina in the scuba dress, I want to see her in the "T" top and THOSE PANTS. - C'mon Tim MAKE IT HAPPEN!)

Also agree with Nancy - I hate when there is no constructive criticism.

'Bout damn time, sez I.

I don't even remember Althea's collar. Of course, it WAS buried in feathers.

I was fully expecting Gordana to go home last night. But I am somewhat glad that Logan is finally gone.

Stephanie said, Plus they couldn't have an all girl BP sashay, could they?

Why not? They did last season (Leanne, Korto & Kenley).

I kinda liked this look. Christopher's was awful. And I LOVE Christopher.

It sucks that Kojii had to go. I'd much rather listen to her than Katie, who needs to be shot with a tranquilizer dart. (Nobody cares about the boob tape thing! Drop it and shut up!)

A big AMEN to Nancy....well said!

I agree with him going home, and thank god it was him and not Gordana. What is the hair that Heidi has across her a** with Gordana anyway?

I'm going to dissent from the love for Nancy's comment.

I first got interested in PR based on Virginia Postrel's writeup of it on her blog. She wrote about the appeal of PR in Forbes way back in season 2:

But design in all its forms is not only big business. It’s also part of what political writer Michael Barone calls Hard America, “the part of American life subject to competition and accountability.” While M.B.A. programs water down courses and curb classroom questioning for fear of offending their student “customers,” becoming a designer still means developing adaptability and a thick skin.

Hence Project Runway judges say things like: “The hem is a mess”; “Your taste level wasn’t there”; and “You’ve let us down this time.” The show’s young audience--73% female, median age 33--is absorbing attitudes that directly contradict the culture of entitlement and everything’s-good self-esteem.

I'm not convinced that the judging is harsher or less constructive than its been all along. Constructive criticism is not what the judging is for. That's Tim's role.

A huge part of what makes PR better than its imitators, IMO, is it balances the hard, subjective, arbitrary, and often "on crack" judging with Tim's mentoring. Despite the extended workroom clips on the Lifetime site, I feel like we're not getting enough Tim, or at least the kind of Tim screen time we used to get, and we're also not getting enough technical/design content in the workroom. The PR editors are emphasizing the drama queen bitchfest aspects of the show instead of giving us any insight into the creative process. Some of that may be because creative designers are often not very good at explaining the process going on in their heads, so it's easier to get clips of them ripping each other. But I feel like we used to see more of Tim getting them to talk about what they were actually making.

I thought Christopher definitely should have gone home. Tacky prom dress. Not that Logan's outfit was good (although I did love that belt), but I don't think it was the worst.

And agreed with the others who couldn't even see Althea's collar in that mess of feathers. I watched the episode where that was made, and I never once realized there was even a collar there, much less a collar made of zippers. If you hadn't posted a picture of it, I'd still be wondering where exactly it was.

And while this isn't a personality contest (though I do wish it would be sometimes, because even if others like it, I don't watch shows to see people bitch at each other), I don't think Logan was acting bitchy at all last night. Yes, I rolled my eyes at the end statements too, but he was fine through the rest of the episode. He pointed out that Irina isn't nice, which doesn't seem to be all that subjective. Pointing out that she's got a reputation for being mean is kind of like pointing out that Gordana has an accent.

Whatever. I too look forward to Season 7, because this one has been a waste. I agree with Nancy about the judging; it's a sham.

I never noticed how Bowlegged Logan is until last night. /shallow

Another problem with so many weeks of Missing Sir Orange and the Neenster? Nobody had a chance of mentioning the zipper collar thing because 1) Nina wasn't there Xtina week, 2) Michael wasn't there this week and 3) Heidi isn't looking at the collars, she is looking at boobs and vulvas.

Well of course the magic of silver pants wears off very quickly, as you know. It's a one-time use kind of thing. You know how it goes:

First wear: "Wow! Those are cool!"
Second wear: "Oh yeah, I remember those pants. I like them."
Third time: "You must really like them too. Are they really comfortable or something?"
Anytime after that: "Yeesh, is that all you ever wear?"

Lilithcat said:

"Stephanie said, Plus they couldn't have an all girl BP sashay, could they?

Why not? They did last season (Leanne, Korto & Kenley)."

Yes, but last season was coherent and made sense.

Heidi must really, really hate Gordana's work (or Gordana).
That's the only way I could understand her saying that this was such a "hard decision."
Honestly, I wonder what the reaction to Gordana's outift might have been if Heidi hadn't started it off with her "this is the saddest outfit ever" talk. I'm probably a philistine but, while I didn't love it, I didn't think it was any worse than the "winning" looks.
What I really miss about this season (other than real judges, talented designers, the Magic Elves production team, better challenges, and better use of locations) is the loss of Tim's Take, particularly the audio version. I loved hearing him talk for 45 minutes about the clothes and the process the designers went through.

Althea said it in a nut shell last night on the show...Logan not once was in the top three. He should have been looooong gone. As for looks, Christopher is sooooo much better looking. Also im not into bow-legged men, sorry


SusanID said: I am not passionate about anyone left in the competition. And that is kind of sad.

I feel the same way. May Season 6 of PR go quietly into the night after the finale and not show its sad little self again.

And, Nancy, thanks for such eloquent comments about the quality (or lack thereof) of this season's judging.

If there's anyone to feel bad about it's Kojii, who we think is a wonderful model with a unique look and a ton of charisma. She worked the shit out of that thing and it was all for naught.

Precisely. Kojii was my favorite model and the ONLY reason I was sad about the auf.

Hence Project Runway judges say things like: “The hem is a mess”; “Your taste level wasn’t there”; and “You’ve let us down this time.” The show’s young audience--73% female, median age 33--is absorbing attitudes that directly contradict the culture of entitlement and everything’s-good self-esteem.

I think there's a difference, though, between being harsh and being catty. "That hem is a mess" is still constructive, as opposed to "I wouldn't even wear that to the grocery store!" I also think all the "I would totally wear that!" comments contribute more to that sense of entitlement than being more "politically correct" with your criticisms would. And it's not really even being "politically correct" that we're asking for, but just to be a little more objective and focus on the actual design elements as opposed to personal taste.

That said, I completely agree that we don't get enough Tim and workroom time. I want to see the process, not just a shot of Carol Hannah going, "I don't know what to do with this fabric," and then in the next shot she's got a finished garment. You know?

Thank you Nancy for your comments on the judging. No future episode of PR should be filmed without both Michael and Nina. The only acceptable subs that I can think of would be DianneVF and Fern Mallis. Please no more celebrity wanna-be-designer actresses.

I fell out tha damn CHAIR!

It's not that I don't like Logan, he seems like an okay guy, but I didn't get all fo the fuss.

But he does have a gimick: He mainly designed things that either a man or woman could wear, so he could have a real market in that kind of adrodgynous look.

Anywho, I'm just happy that G did get a chance to show at MFW.

Go Gordana!!!!

"Nancy said: In their quest to get good television this year, the parade of guest judges, led by Heidi, have mocked the contestants, not guided them. I was struck by the difference in the remarks by Nina and the other three this evening. She thought Irina's dress was cheap; the others loved it, but couldn't defend their decisions."

I second that emotion (and everything else in your post).

Heidi's behavior this season, coupled with the too frequent absences of Duchess & Nina makes me think that there's always been a friction (that's been hidden from the viewers) over the content of judging.

As I've mentioned before, with those two missing, there has been no one to keep Heidi in check (and she's taking glee in humiliating the contestants). That, coupled with some guest judges who sounded like they made up their one-liners in advance, to audition for a more permanent gig, has left us with worn out contestants, who may be more talented than they appear, but are so skittish from the completely non-sensical judging, that they are too full of doubt to take chances.

It also makes me wonder if there's a new person talking in Heidi's ear this season or if she's grown so out of control she thinks her own model-brained opinions actually matter. She's become like one of those Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloons that's broken it's tethers on a windy day and is terrorizing the city.

While there have always been questionable decisions, for the most part, thoughtful judging has been what has distinguished PR from other, trashier reality shows. They need to take a serious look at this for next season.


I can't believe they sent Logan home over Christopher My mom and I nearly gagged at that gown... thing.

I miss Kojii already. The only reason I even watched MOTR last night was in the hope that she would not be eliminated... Alas. There goes my favorite model.

"If there's anyone to feel bad about it's Kojii, who we think is a wonderful model with a unique look and a ton of charisma. She worked the shit out of that thing and it was all for naught"

here, here! But in all honesty i kinda liked Logan's design. It was different, unique, and fun. Too bad, he was such a cutie =(

Yeah he was overdue to go home. I am so sad though because Koji is my favorite model. But she is so awesome, both in looks and personality and brains, that I know she will go far!

Boy did he deserve to go home, but I must say I was a little shocked. That thing looked like my sister's prom dress from 1991.

I too was only sad to see him go because I knew that was the end for Kojii. She was one of my favorite models this season.

I've been anti-Logan since at least week 4, so no tears from me, but I must say I "didn't mind" this particular effort of his, and truly thought Gordana was doomed until the moment the auf was pronounced.

And I'll join the chorus of support for Nancy and GT's comments re: the judges. Frau Seal's comments in particular are far too mean-spirited and non-constructive coming from someone who is who she is strictly because of the genes her parents happened to pass along. (And WHAT on EARTH was she WEARING?!?!?)

P.S. Isn't it weird how closely Logan's closing comments echoed Malvin's, his polar opposite?

It is the same collar, but who the hell knew Althea's feather jacket even had a collar?

Yeah, I was like, "What collar is she talking about?" (and, later, "I never even saw that.") And it's not like Logan has never worked with zippers before. I really don't think he consciously copied, but whatever.

Also, I honestly thought his actual design was pretty cool. I will agree the execution was very off, but honestly I liked the idea. The one thing I hate about fashion is the way that old styles are constantly reviled, except for when enough people do them, and then it's "retro" and "in". Lots of 80s stuff has been back in the last 5 years or so, so dismissing it just because it has an 80s-reminiscent silhouette seems so arbitrary to me. I just hate "Oh, you're wearing last year's shoes," style comments and while I know that the 80s weren't last year (except in my head where I'm still a teenager) it really strikes me as the same sort of, again, arbitrary decision.

But, whatever... he really wasn't going to last either way, though I still think Christopher's was worse this week.

I'd've sent home whoever created that grotesque silver shorts/clashing blouse outfit Heidi was wearing.

Assuming that was not an option, Id've sent Althea home for being uttlerly without taste. Her pants are clown pants, whatever the judges say; and the braless top just screams SLUT.

Sluttyclown = tickethome, in my book.

A woman wearing Logans's dress might actually live it down (after five years or so). A woman wearing Althea's in respectable company might find herself on the social blacklist forever.

Sorry, Logan stayed too long.

This outfit was hideous. Thank God they didn't send Gordana home.

Logan, what were you thinking?

"Lord Silverbottom"

Freaking hilarious!!

This is a costume, not an outfit.

I'm really sorry to see Kojii go, too. Stunning girl with a great attitude and personal style, who seemed very smart and sweet and, like TLo said, had loads of charisma.

Definitely sorrier to see her go than Logan. She's been my favorite of the models for a long time.

I am going to join in the parade behind Nancy (10/30/09 12:16 PM). Too. Damned. Right.

The quality of constructive criticism is what's been missing from the judging. While Michael Kors and Nina Garcia have been harsh, they've also helped those they were evicerating, letting them know why they were failing in the eyes of the judges. As someone who has dealt with criticism of her creative work, I would much rather have someone tear me down while telling me exactly why than spout off "I'd totally wear that" or "depressing," neither of which tells me what I'm doing right or wrong. The judging this season has been random, pointless, and occasionally taste-free, and frequently nasty, and I can't help but feel this is because the only constant we've had is Heidi Klum.

There is no way Heidi would have gotten away with that awful comeback at Nina if The Duchess had been there. Heidi's pretty, but she has no goddamned taste. She needs to shut the hell up. If moving the show back to NYC means less frequent Mrs. Seal but constant Kors/Garcia, I'm ALL FOR IT.

Logan would have been gone weeks and weeks ago if we'd had Kors/Garcia and no Heidi, no matter how tightly besilvered his bottom.

Judy Jetson goes Goth.

I was "impressed" with how Logan was able to make actual fabric and sewing notions look like duct tape and industrial plastic sheathing. Seriously, the outfit looked like the result of a "tear this car/room/restaurant apart & make a dress" challenge.

Bye bye.

Nancy and Gotham Tomato, thank you. I think the producers should listen very seriously to what you and others have said. Many of us have lost respect for Heidi and we're not going to continue watching this show if it continues on this trajectory. Even TLo can't save it, after a while. Cheri

While some posters are bestowing sainthood on Nina - she complimented this Althea's diaper outfit and the Malvin/JP monstrosity won with her support. She pushed for the neoprene combo to win and there have been others.

Just... let's be objective.

Okay - this might be over the top. But this is what the judging this season reminds me of:

"Learned helplessness"

There is a Wikipedia entry for Learned Helplessness that explains the experiment more fully, but essentially there were dogs who could stop getting an electrical shock by pushing a lever and there were other dogs who got the same shock but their levers were inoperative.

The dogs who could control the duration of the shock went on with their dog lives unscathed. The other dogs (who couldn't stop the shock by pushing the lever) developed symptoms of clinical depression. Because nothing they did was effective in controlling the pain or duration of the shock. They had no power to alter their environment. Nothing they did could effect or control the arbitrary pain.

Well, meet the Season 6 designers. The judging is the random shock - the designers are given no direction to guide them to make "better" design choices. One of the designers last night said that they were all playing it safe because no one wanted to go home. Problem is, they have no idea what "safe" is (their levers are inoperative).

They get advice from Tim that heads them down the wrong path because Tim is out of sync with the guest judges and Heidi. Bzzzzzt the designer who follows Tim's advice gets shocked. They follow last week's guest judge's advice Bzzzzzt. Shocked again, b/c this week's guest judge is completely different from last week's guest judge. The designer follows her own instincts - Bzzzzt. The designer is shocked because this week's judges are MK, Nina and Heidi. It is hopeless.

Result: they don't know what the hell to do.

(BTW I don't condone this type of animal experiment and I do think it is cruel.)

Mike B said: "...there were a couple of references to the fact that there's only one more regular challenge. Does that mean that the last challenge is a double elimination, that there's going to be a pseudo-decoy, or what? Kind of weird that they just dropped the info blithely--the audience isn't really keeping count of how long the season is supposed to be, just how many contestants are left..."


Since only three showed at Bryant Park, I think that confirms a double-elimination for next week. Next week is the last week. TV Guide says the finale will air on Nov. 12. I'm guessing it's goodbye for both Christopher and Gordana. It seems inevitable that Irina wins; since she's hardly endeared herself to the audience, they'll need to spin some hard-luck story about how she's not really mean, just misunderstood. Not sure I'll watch!

I am okay with the auf. But I will miss Kojii.

I had NOT noticed the zippers in Althea's feather collar at all. So Logan can be given the benefit of the doubt.

It did look like a student project. Not very wearable.

I will miss Logan. But he is more department store than haute couture indeed.

One down, one to go. But I would have thought Christopher would have been aufed. That was a nuclear mess.

I actually liked Logan's, though the execution and skirt were terrible. I would have put him in the bottom 2 over Gordana. I liked her jacket quite a lot and didn't see it as "old."

I Can't Find My Shampoo

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Runway seven that night.
The TLO lounge was humming while the internet held tight.
A pall-like silence fell upon Gordana, Log, and Chris;
Among the stricken Rungay gang grim melancholy hissed.

There was ease in Logan's manner as he stepped into his place;
There was pride in Logan's bearing and a smile lit Logan's face;
You're safe, said Heidi, who smiled at Chris, the TV watchers paled;
One scornful look from Logan and the audience was awed.

The sneer has fled from Logan's lip, Gordana grits her teeth;
Heidi's face grows stern and cold, we saw her bosom strain,
We knew this was a turning point, in this reality game;
When she said Gordana, you're in; our jaws dropped in disbelief.

Oh somewhere the sun is shining bright, glinting like a zipper;
The models all are tearing up, the stage is all a-tremble
Is there an earthquake in L A, is that what it's all about??

NO NO my friends, high five your seam rippers,
Mighty Lord Silverbottom has struck out!!!

[with deepest apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer]

EEK/STL said...

"I am shocked that Logan even made it past the audition stage much less to the Final 6."

My thoughts exactly --- in fact, my thoughts each and every week. I cannot even imagine Logan in any other season or up against the likes of Jay McCarroll, Kara Saun, Christian Siriano, Judy Noodles, etc. Did he even have an aesthetic? I usually hate to bad-mouth PR designers (I know---I'm on the wronnnng forum!), but Logan really got under my skin as have many designers from this season and last. Where is the talent, skill, creativity, professionalism and experience these days? It's so obvious that Logan filled the pretty male quota for the season, but to have so many other designers with so much talent auf'd weeks before him is simply appalling. There's no need to even elaborate on the look he sent down the runway last night, or the judging because TLo and other posters have covered it all.

- edina -

I Can't Find My Shampoo


The runway six

Long overdue aufing. Even if you disregarded the style itself, that garment should have fit Kojii flawlessly after all the challenges he's worked with her on.

That said, until the judge's comments, I was sure Christopher's monstrosity of a dress was going to get him auf'd instead.

Nancy, GT, and SusanID all have excellent summaries and I agree totally.
Also, from anonymous Honestly, I wonder what the reaction to Gordana's outift might have been if Heidi hadn't started it off with her "this is the saddest outfit ever" talk. I agree - Heidi totally influenced the guest judge, and Uncle Nick fell right in line also. She has done this frequently this year. In past years she would ask for feedback, and then follow with her ideas (i.e. "I would wear that!") but this year she has totally taken control and steered the judging the way she wants. Her ego has run away with her, and they seem to have given her much more editorial control than in the past. She needs to be only the hostess. And I have liked Gordana's model a lot in the past, but I hated the way she threw Gordana under the bus to curry favor with Heidi. Poor Gordana looks so different now than she did early in the show - she is so defeated looking, thanks to Heidi's relentless criticism.

I was ready to auf Heidi for her outfit. Listening to her comments about Gordana's outfit, which I thought rather unfair, I kept thinking "Bite your tongue, Gordana. Don't look Heidi up and down and then roll your eyes. If you do, she'll really trash you."

This season just sucks. Period.

The frontrunners: Irina, Hannah and Althea are way too commercial in their approach and it shows in their uninspired work.

Only Christopher has real vision, but it's unfortunately somewhat limited.

I'm so not into PR this season, so much so I FORGOT TO WATCH IT last night.

And having it on Lifetime sucks. No HD broadcast. No luster. No snarky Bravo behind it.


I didn't think Logan's outfit was great, but as much as I love her, I thought Gordana's was definitely worse.

Nancy at 2:16 PM

Beautiful, thoughtful post. You've really put your finger on the flaw in the judging this year, by instructing, not mocking.


Emerging from the clouds of Heidi-hate, I had a thought -- what if Heidi kept her Executive Producer title but they hired Milla Jovovich to host?

Would I watch that? Damn straight I would! Would anyone else? You tell me.

Constructive remarks: Milla not only models like a volcano goddess, she designs clothes.

"Anon said: Honestly, I wonder what the reaction to Gordana's outift might have been if Heidi hadn't started it off with her "this is the saddest outfit ever" talk."

Interestingly enough, when she introduced the final collection show at Bryant Park, she started by saying, 'This is so sad for our designers...'. Ever since, I've wondered how they were going to edit that in to the final show. The whole intro was just a downer - as were the three collections.


TLo said

'And once she made that face, we knew it was all over for Lord Silverbottom'

I did too! Best cap EVER.

Couple of things-

Salt 'n Peppa. Just sayin.

And who the HELL is dressing Mrs. Seal these days? Her flight attendant blazer and top with silver torreadors? WTH was THAT?


While they might eliminate two designers at once (in the rush that has become a downfall of this season) and while many of us are eager for this season to end, they may also send 4 designers off to create collections and then eliminate one right before Fashion Week, as they've done before.

Giving the "Auf Wiedersen!" to Heidi would be fine with me, along with those who felt that moving to Lifetime and L.A. was a good idea.

We can only hope that the return of Nina & Michael will save the franchise (and please, more of Tim).

joyjoy said...
Emerging from the clouds of Heidi-hate, I had a thought -- what if Heidi kept her Executive Producer title but they hired Milla Jovovich to host?

Well, I would love to see that show. I liked Milla a lot - I think she would be a great permanent judge. As you point out she could be critical, and she had a strong point of view. I liked that she was actually sorry to see the aufee go and was empathetic to them.

I don't see Heidi voluntarily handing over the reins, though.

That was a dippy thing to say "she could be critical.' I should edit myself more carefully.

What I meant was that she offered cogent criticisms and backed them up.

"she could be critical." sheesh.

"Wiedersehen!" Gentlemen! Ladies! German!

I didn't even realize Althea had done a zippered collar, either - like others have said, it was there and gone and we almost didn't even see it. Though surely Logan would have seen it at some point. Maybe he thought doing it in white would be different enough, or they're all so sleep-deprived that he thought he'd seen the zipper-collar in a dream or something.

Whatever, it was definitely past Silverbottom's (hahaha) time to go, and the top on this outfit was such a cheap-looking, badly-made cross between a diner waitress and Judy Jetson.

I'm just sad to see Kojii go. She was really lovely, if a bit short in the legs.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

"I know - "I'm too edgy for my shirt" was like, "America isn't ready for a conceptual designer." (Sorry, can't think of his name right now.)"

That was Malvin. But you can just call him Chicken Man.

BeccaGo said...

"I completely agree that we don't get enough Tim and workroom time. I want to see the process, not just a shot of Carol Hannah going, "I don't know what to do with this fabric," and then in the next shot she's got a finished garment."

Definitely agree! This is one of the things really irritating me about this season.

Help, TLo or Fellow Minions: how can I find the "anonymous" Bryant Park show for this season 6? Gracias.

To Anon re Bryant Park shows:

Bottom right of every page, under Project Runway, click Finale Collections and all seasons will open.

Anonymous said:
Help, TLo or Fellow Minions: how can I find the "anonymous" Bryant Park show for this season 6? Gracias.

Go to the main Project Rungay page, scroll down. In lower right hand corner you will see "Finale Collections"...drop down to season 6 and click on. De Nada!!!!

Ugh, I watched this episode and wanted to slap Irina.

I'm glad to see Logan go, too, but as you said, I will miss Koji. She was my favorite model and seemed really to stand above the bitch-fest going on in the models' apartment. I hope she succeeds in her career!

Can we fire Heidi's stylist?

For the judging she looked as if she had run through a thrift store and picked up whatever fell off the tables.

The bottom three were so very bottom. I would have understood if they had sent any of them home. Gordana, baby, you need to snap out of it. Heidi has some seriously weird bias towards her eastern block sister....but she was right. That was such a sad sack outfit.
Logan should have gone home before Epperson. Or the dude who kept making all of the catsuits.
And jesus...Christopher has really gone off the rails.
He is so ripe for an aufing. I wonder if design school applications are up after seeing his piss poor products these last few episodes. Might be time for some formal training Chrissy.

Ellie Mae's was okay. But then, I would never wear those pants. But I like the skimpy tank and the big sweater combo. It's very coastal california. Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon...hence you need layers.
Irina's was a good showing. And she is reality tv gold. She is so balls out bitchy. Love it.
However, for the win, I was pulling for Dr. Whitfield.
That was a cute little number.


I must be smoking crack because I'm not a Logan fan, but I liked this look and thought it was his best yet. I also could see it in the same collection as his dress. If I were a judge, he would have been auf'd awhile ago so wouldn't have been around for this challenge, but I wouldn't have auf'ed him for this outfit.

And I don't get the Kojii love. I don't watch MOTR so I only judge based on PR, but I can see why no one picked her. She did actually work the dress this week, but too little, too late. She's miles behind Tanisha in working the shit out of a POS.

I think it was pretty telling that Logan didn't even have a winning look to work from. Even Christopher won once.

I died laughing when I read the first like of your post because I had just said the same thing to myself:"oh, thank god!"

YES! FINALLY! I wish they would have eliminated LOGAN and CHRIS. I would have loved to see Nina blow them off the runway with a giant leaf blower while Heidi laughed.

And that guest judge -- she was yukcy yuck.

Koji - lets take a moment to talk about Koji. Some like her, some don't - I happen to consider myself a model expert, especially after watching 13 cycles of ANTM - and I will tell you - KOJI IS AMAZING! Maybe runway isn't her strength - but she is a born model. Absolutely stunning. She was by far my favorite. I wish her the best!

Did anyone lese see Logan's outfit and think "revival of Starmites", or was it really just me?

While I won't really miss Logan (although he seemed nice enough), I'll miss Koji. Probably won't watch MOTR much anymore (can someone please explain the appeal of Lisa to me?)


hurrah! Logan is gone, they should have done Christopher too, 5 weeks in bottom three, that means he'll win doesn't it?

Koji is fabulous i agree she's not the best runway walker but her look is fabulous, no one ever styled her properly IMO, i would have been fighting for her every time. in theory paired well with her, but you'd need a talented edgy look not crap. best of luck Koji!

thanks for posting the updates
i really don't watch this season anymore because it sucks ass
when is christopher out of there already?

I wasn't happy to see Logan go, but I was THRILLED that Gordana stayed. It may just be me, but I do not see all the criticism in her look. I LOVED that jacket and would happily buy one like it. I thought it was classy and far more flattering than Althea's paperbag wasted pants.

I really cannot stand the "The Judges didn't get it" comments when someone is eliminated from a show.

Anyway, I'm glad he's gone, he's been at the bottom for most of the show.

Speaking of that, when is Christopher doesn't to get the boot? Not only does he send crap down the runway, he's convinced that each garment is suddenly going to turn the judges' hate into love.

asparagus lust

I didn't hate Logan's as much as the judges, Christopher's was worse. This is now Melrose Place, not the PR I knew and craved. Amateur hour all the way, with Althea's 3's company silly girl looks LEADING the pack. Oh my.

Logan wasn't very talented. Better than say, Suede, but not by much.

Heidi is XXXXX out. She is so out I will not like her again any time soon. She is a joke and her dumb ass comments which led others, like Bitch Face Uncle Nick (and a host of others) to turn it into the 7th grade going on Melrose Place 3rd rate wanna be clique. What a shame.

I tip my cap to you, Nancy, for an excellent post on the misfortunes of this season's judging. And GT, Becca, and everyone who has added to that discussion. I was seriously disappointed to find the judging back to an "I'd wear that!/I wouldn't wear that!" bs fest this episode after such an intelligent debate last ep.

And yes, joyjoy, let's get Milla! She rocked. Frau Seal is just out of control this season with her snarky meanness. I just don't get it. This isn't Real World.

As far as Logan goes, I didn't think this was too bad from him. Christopher's mess should've been the losing look from the bottom.

This season is one big long sigh.

Miss Heather said:
Thank goodness Tim has maintained his integrity during the workroom critiques.

10/30/09 1:11 PM

Even Tim is different this season. He is much more the teacher, actually telling them what to do, rather than just hinting. For example, when Carol Hannah was once again stuck, he asked her what would happen if she tried the blue-green fabric UNDER the black. When she tried it and liked it, he told her that "she" had had a real breakthrough here and should definitely go with it.

That was extremely diplomatic, but the fact is that she was stumped and he GAVE her the answer. I think he was a bit appalled by the looks coming out of this group this season and intervened a lot more than usual to make sure that some decent garments actually made it out of the workroom. In past seasons' interviews, Tim has made it clear that he avoids giving them the answers and just tries to make constructive comments that lead the designers to their own decisions. This season, he's had to be extremely directive with this sorry bunch, much more the teacher. He's been poking, prodding, guiding, and corralling these folks with a degree of involvement and energy that just should NOT be required of designers at this stage.

I believe he took it upon himself to make sure that the season wasn't a total fiasco. It's my impression that an awful lot of challenges had to be repeated when they had to strip all the Bravo-related material out of it, and that he became more interventionist because the designers had mere hours for the repeat challenges and were probably lost and discouraged a lot just because of having to redo so much.

We'll probably never find out just how much the litigation screwed episodes that had already been filmed, but this episode strikes me as one that had to be pretty much scrapped and redone immediately with little time left in the filming schedule.

Also I think Heidi's extremely bad moods could be attributable to having to dump some pretty lovely episodes and scramble for judges and challenges in the "Oh, CRAP, we have to re-film that episode too" portion of the summer. This cannot have been a very happy journey for her this season.

It's my impression that it fell to the ever professional Tim to be the point of calm in the midst of all that havoc going on, and that he responded heroically.

Heidi giving Gordana a hard time is as predictable as her kissing Irina's ass. I mean....seriously.

Althea handled herself well. Logan stole from her and Irina accused HER of stealing. Apparently there is a list of things you can't do without Irina being convinced you have stolen from her. Attention: from this point forward no one is allowed to use any shade of brown. Brown belongs to Irina.

That said, Logan deserved it. I can't believe CHRISTOPHER is still in it. Talk about just sneaking by. Jesus H. Christ!!!


This was not that bad, in fact I kind of like it. Of course it needs some major tweaking, but so did most everything else made this season.

He's just ahead of his time. A few years from now, we'll all be dressing like this.

SIGH I had such high hopes for this season-in the past I made the guys I work with watch PR and discuss the show with me during lunch and turned a couple macho guys into moderate fashonista followers! But now..I admit, I wait for Top Chef eagerly, and have some love for So You Think You Can Dance but am bored with this season...Heidi has turned into a ginourmous beyouch this season!

Agreed. More constructive critism, less of Heidi's "funny" comments please. No celebraties wanna be designers. More showing the process of the making of the clothing.

And Heidi saying "Maybe it's a personal thing" about Gordana: glad Heidi admits it but so unprofessional

I CANNOT believe they chose Logan over Christopher. What's the deal here??? Logan's wasn't that bad, Christopher's was HORRIBLE. What is up this season???

I honestly thought Christopher would be auf'd as his outfit was a lumpy frumpy mess and he scored higher than Gordana? I can't believe it. This season's final 6 designers would never have made it this far in past seasons and the poor judging didn't help.

I wished Louise and Shirin were here instead of Logan and Christopher, but wait...that would make it an all girl competition and the producers can't let it happen.

Another "right on!!" from me Nancy!!

MouseAnony, I appreciate your thoughtful assessment of this season, but, no matter how hard it was, I can't condone Heidi Klum's insulting behavior.

Also, I've been a fan of Kerry Washington's but I was very disappointed with her pathetic performance last night. And I totally agree, Milla Jovovich rocked! I loved her honesty and humanism. She's one of the only celeb judges I'd like to see again.


A lot of commenters have observed that Heidi often seemed angry.

I don't think there was any "seemed" about it - I think she WAS angry.

I think she was in an extremely angry mood for a lot of this filming due to the lawsuit screwing around with her plans to move the show to LA to make it easier on herself. Everything went haywire, and I think it pissed the hell out of her that just nothing was going right. Her anger is palpable at points.

Her nastiness to the designers to me is an expression of that anger and frustration. Not that that excuses her behavior by any means.

Nor does it explain her absolutely unprofessional and shocking treatment of Gordana.

Christopher should be gone. His was by far the worst on the runway.

I'm just so glad Gordana's safe...

I hate that we are having some of the same conversations we had about The Fashion Show - the "how can we fix this sorry mess" conversations.

MouseAnony, you have a good explanation for Heidi's sourness. Now I wish someone could explain Irina's meanness. It is one thing to go on the show with no expectation of "making friends," but it is another thing entirely to go on the show seemingly intent on making enemies.

It's Koji I'm gonna miss like crazy. She was not only good at her job (beautiful, talented, professional) - she was damned nice to boot. I hope like hell this exposure does wonderful things for her career - tardy as it is (this was shot what - 18 months ago? More?). Still.....I was hoping Koji would hang in till Bryant Park. Ah well. Good luck, girl - wherever you are.

Chin Strap needed to go home...weeks ago.

Seriously, who is Christopher fucking at Lifetime?

Semi-sort of-spoiler. If you go onto EW's Project Runway Talk, you are able to watch a video of Logan, who confirms that the final 3 are ladies. Obviously, we figured Christopher would be auf'd, and by looking at the final collections, I am sad to say that the final girl to go home will be Gordana, which makes me SO sad. I hope I am wrong, and some other gal goes home.

It's kind of ironic that some of the same people here who are ever so sensitive to any negative or nasty comments from the judges turn right around and say the same or worse about Heidi. Project Runway has a winning formula that is well paced and has to fit into a tight 1 hour slot. I recall reading that the judging receives a very tight edit; I think Uncle Nick in his blog mentions that the judging can go on for hours. Obviously it's not possible to see a major portion of that (this isn't C-Span). I will agree that consistency in the judging has been missing, and has resulted in some strange aufs, but it looks like they're aware of that and it will be corrected next season. But lighten up girls...this is the fashion industry, not a PTA meeting or high school class in etiquette. These are young (and not so young) professionals, they have to have a thick skin and a fire in their belly to even have a slim chance of making it.

Graciella16, I can agree with your assessment on a very basic level. Negative comments should be constructive. If you can tell me that the comments shown during the show are constructive, then fine. But let's get real. Though this show is for entertainment, there are a lot of designeers, aspiring designers, and regular folk who would like to watch this show for a real world prespective on design. To watch a former model run the judging; as opposed to people in the business, is a slap to the face to the comepeting designers and the audience. They may have just gone on the street to pick judges. Heidi needs to tone it down. She does not have the background. Being a model does not make you all knowing. Why do you think they announced the Duchess and Nina as judges for each episode of season 7? Everyone knows that this season's juding has been a farce.

I really really hate Christopher's smile as he watched his model walk down the runway.

SusanID said...
I hate that we are having some of the same conversations we had about The Fashion Show - the "how can we fix this sorry mess" conversations.

I was just thinking the same thing today!

Sadly, TFS doesn't look nearly as bad in retrospective. That show left out the poetry of creation by short-shrifting the workroom scenes, but it did have some extremely diverse and talented designers and, of course, the utterly compelling Isaac Mizrahi. THIS show has only the workroom scenes to recommend it this season, plus the life-preserver-to-the-drowning-fans when the Dutchess and Nina were able to put in an appearance. God bless Tim Gunn for trying to hold it all together.

I was talking to my PR friends-and you know what it comes down to?

Talk about some of the previous seasons' episodes-the Zodiac one, where Blaine pooped fabric, and TwoFacesThreePatterns made a costume for the whiz. And the two guys made a dull shower curtain Aquarius outfit. The dog outfit challenge. The grocery stores. Ice capades, Botanical Gardens, Uli’s street dance, wrestling. Paris. Recycling. Levis. Elle in the 1980s.

All I have to do is name those challenges; you'll think of some aspect of the episode.
NOTHING in this season is that memorable. Well, maybe the newspaper, but other than that? meh.

Hello! I just wanted you guys (Tom and Lorenzo, particularly) to know you helped inspire me to do my own recap blog. It is a little rough-looking because I am not all fancy pants with HTML or anything. You may or may not know the show, "Venture Bros." Here is a link to the blog if you are interested...

(but if you haven't ever seen the show, it is very narrative and arc driven, so starting in season 1 at best and 2 at least is necessary for comprehension :) )


Hey, the next episode will feature Cindy Crawford as guest judge, and Tim and the Mayor of LA will have a filmed segment inside the Getty Museum.

Nothing anyone is making is really knocking my socks off. Even Irina's good pieces aren't anything really special; she only looks good by comparison. And her hideous personality just overshadows any positive work she may turn out. There's bitchiness that's entertaining, and then there's Irina, who is just plain mean, with a VERY overinflated sense of self.

Lord Silverbottom bombed out, at last. Christopher's was oogly, as well. Althea's was boobily wacked, Carol Hannah's was boring, Irina's was just ok.

what crap. The judging sucked. Why did that guest woman keep laughing, AT THE CONTESTANTS? Heidi has been so irrationally nasty to Gordana, and so clearly driven by her personal taste (which we can SEE sucks ass) that she doesn't even feel like a judge, more like someone's bitchy passive-aggressive frenemy commenting on their clothes.

Ugh. If it wasn't for this blog, I would have stopped watching weeks ago. Shit needs to be changed, or PR is going to lose some serious viewership.

The worst thing about Logan and Christopher Sobbin' being so damn deserving of an auf is that they work with my two favorite models. Gonna miss Kojii something fierce, and Katie...well, sadly, it's inevitable she'll get the auf as well. The designers have been really loyal to their models this (sorry suck-ass) season.

Glad Logan went. Maybe it wasn't the worst look on the runway. I think Christopher's was actually worse, but Logan hasn't produced anything worthy all season, and the judges probably don't want someone to luck their way into the finals without a winning look.

At least Gordana and Christopher have won something.

Not sure why everyone hates Heidi. Gordana's look sucked this week, but no one is supposed to criticize otherwise they are a mean person. But judges can say nasty things about Logan's look, and it's ok.

People think Heidi is out to get gordana, but she has praised her looks that were actually good.

Call me confused, particularly when none of the judges liked her outfit.

To Anonymous from 12:09

Last week Heidi was just biting and cringing her lips while the other judges praised Gordana's Park Avenue outift... let's face it, she's just dying to auf her for no apparent reason whatsoever!


I rewatched the extended judging. At the beginning Heidi was smiling when she mentioned Gordana's name and her comments were effusive with praise.

And that means she's biting and cringing her lips?

Just confirms to me that people see what they want to see. What actually happened is a completely different story.

I'm sorry but since I don't live in America I don't have acess to the extended judging videos (USA permission only)... so from what I saw of the regular edit that is showed to us during the show, she really was like holding her tongue as she couldn't stand the good comments about Gordana's outfit... I might be wrong but i'm just commenting on what i saw

granted he's not deserving of bryant park, and people like epperson should be here and not lord silverbottom, but i cannot believe this lost to chinstrap's monstrosity. please send him packing next week!

It's about time!

I never got the fascination with Logan's looks either. Someone needs to feed the boy some sammiches and take his bony silver bottom to the gym. Maybe the endorphins from working out would perk him up enough so he doesn't always sound and look like a greasy, stoned airhead.

But back to his designs... He hasn't put out a single garment that doesn't look like it came straight out of a McCall's pattern catalog circa 1986.

This is awful but I think Christopher's might have been worse. Or Gordana's. Anyone of them could have gone home. I thin Christopher is a doll but I haven't liked anything he has made since the red carpet challenge.

I never before screamed with such delight when a contestant was eliminated. Even when he was in the bottom 2, Logan's hubris was more than I could stand. Get over yourself or else you'll be serving screwdrivers until old age & bragging to strangers that you're a "celebrity".

Don't give a crap that he's gone but I LOVE Kojii and am so sad she's gone. We believe in you! Hopefully somebody gets smart and picks her up during model casting for the rest of the BP clothing. Yeah, her proportions aren't ideal but she has so much presence and is so damn cool.

Speaking of models, I'm glad they're never going to let Christopher into Bryant Park... I can't stand his model. What a biatch.

I started this season as a big Heidi fan.

Now I'm not.

I think that what frustrates me the most is that she doesn't even seem to make any effort to bring some sort of objectivity or rationality to her judging. As was said above, Nina can justify her comments and criticisms. Heidi can't, and she doesn't even try to. She doesn't say anything helpful or even interesting.

I don't watch the show to hear the judges say things like "I'd wear that" or "It looks like she's going to Oktoberfest." I'm perfectly qualified to render those judgments myself, and my fashion resume consists of "I wear clothes, and sometimes I notice that other people are wearing clothes too."

The fact that she's not a designer or fashion editor or what have you is irrelevant. Even I (see my credentials above) could come up with something more useful to say than Heidi ever seems to. Because if I were to find myself as a judge on the show, I might not be able to tell whether the garment was on trend or a re-tread of Balenciaga, Spring 2004, but I would actually make an effort to find some aspect of the outfit that I could reasonably critique--the construction, the fit, the color palette, the proportions, whether the parameters of the challenge were met, etc.

In addition to her piss-poor judging, Heidi also has been bringing an entirely unnecessary nastiness to the proceedings. There's a difference between harsh criticism and just plain jerkiness.

I'm not very happy that someone posted a "semi-spoiler." Not everyone wants to be spoiled, and there was no way for me to avoid seeing that.

When Heidi walked out on the runway in the sliver shorts all I could think of was that she was foreshadowing Logan's demise.

Does anyone understand why Tim seems so positive about Logan's design? How is he so out of sync with Nina?

Has anyone ever gotten this far in the competition without winning a challenge?

Carol, Kara Janx made it to #4 in S2 without winning a challenge. But unlike Logan, she was in the top 3 three times.

And Jay McCarroll (unbelievably) never won a challenge, although he placed in the top 3 several times and his Chrysler Building dress was phenomenal.

I was at Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco right before this ep and one of the kiosks was selling purses made out of zippers. Entirely. Zippers. Fug.....So, when Logan went zipper crazy, I said, you can buy that crap at Pier 39! If he had stayed one more week, I'm sure we'd have seen some seatbelts used in "an edgy way.

Thank you. That "I'm too edgy for America/the masses" trope is so lame. Logan may be a fine designer but he wasn't cut out for that format. Edge or lack of was not the issue. That said, I was very sorry to see Kojii go home.

Did anyone notice how bowlegged Logan was. Shheesh...He couldn't catch a pig in an alley....Sorry to see him go though. Liked most of his style....

I was so sad about Kojii. I loves her.

I am oh-so-late here, but had to come in and see what you had to say about Nina's face!
As soon as she made it I said "TLo is ALL OVER that".

I want to gag over how the women were drooling over this guy. It had to be that "All Girl Catholic School" syndrome- anything with a penis- or should I say any STRAIGHT thing with a penis gets abnormal amounts of unwarranted attention. The models and designers all cooped up with only each other and he started to look like something they'd tap. Bet they look back now and realize how stir crazy they REALLY were!

Oh goddess, I think Logan is teh pretty in spite of his wide-open nostrils. And bow-legged, ye gods!!!
Also, WTH is going on with Althea's hair? The color is not good & the styling??? :(

I'm starting to think that they are leaving Christopher on just to see him cry and make fun of him. I

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