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Auf Wiedersehen!

Greece is the word.

Aw, we feel a little bad. In a season where there simply wasn't a lot of raw material for the kind of bitchy joke-making that is our stock in trade, we zeroed in on Pocahontas/Peppermint Patty/Lesbian and let him have it.

Much like Irina's bitchiness, Nicolas at least added some personality to the season, even if we weren't ever completely 100% behind his designs.

Model: Kojii Helnwein

Until, ironically, this week. We think this is the best thing he's ever done for the competition.

But we also think the judges had a point in auf'ing him. Stylish as this is, it doesn't really say Greece in any way.

What he wound up with was an outfit that could be worn almost anywhere. Stylish, but not evocative in the way the challenge required.

We LOVE that top. It's once again in Nicolas's favorite non-color, white.

Granted, a Greece challenge practically requires white, but we can't help thinking how great this would look in a color.

And we like the pants well enough. There's a bit of a fit issue, unless he wanted a bunch of lines pointing directly at her vagina, in which case, attaboy.

The thing is, tight gray pants was where he went wrong. The top was a pretty strong piece. He could have done a ruffly white skirt and gotten away with it, but this was too urban while at the same time, too generic.

Although we have to say, we love those little horizontal pleats on the bottom.

He wouldn't have been our pick for the auf. He was off-concept but there were pieces on the runway that were off-concept and style-less, and this wasn't one of them.

Extended Judging:

Exit Video:

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Thank you. You summed up how I felt about his auf'ing, but without the cursing.

And I would like that top to magically appear in my closet, please.


I was expecting flowy since that's the norm in Greece, but alas ...

See ya Peppermint Patty! Marcy is waiting in the wings for ya to come home.

Seeing it on tv, I felt he should go home, but the printed stills look WAY better now that I see the details. Well, now I'm bummed to see him go!


Even with her 2+ bong hits - Ms. Jovovich made a good point about Pocahontas Patty's shirt - it would have been beautiful as a dress. And very Mediterranean with (dare I say it) gladiator sandals from the Macy's accessory wall....

it's not that bad...he's shown MUCH worse...

christopher is still in the competition? mark my words, he'll be in the final 3...the producers love him...

I was frankly more than a bit surprised at Peppermint Patty's aufing as Christopher's Santa Fe looked was somewhat of a design embarrassment and Logan's could be purchased in any department store. And given that PP has been one of the producers' faves for commentary, woulda thought that might have given him a pass.

But, yeah, this look did not reference Greece. And thus, PP's downfall. I had to wonder if he'd just elongated the top into a flowy type dress or done the pants in that strong Grecian blue if he'd have missed being cut.


I think the big problem is the fact that the judges haven't been consistent at all. No wonder he made something that didn't fit exactly within the challenge guidelines. They haven't seemed to care OR stick to the original set. He probably thought they would be fine with it. They've been fine with A LOT this season.

The really great top should have saved him. Really, Christopher or Logan should have been auffed. Neither of them showed anything new. Even if you could say Christopher's colors showed a Santa Fe influence, Logan's outfit didn't say Hollywood at all. It's obvious they're keeping Logan around because he's supposedly cute.

You KNEW he was getting awfed as soon as they showed him saying, "I won't pick New York 'cause that's too easy!"

Bye bye.

I did love that top. If he had added a skirt or made the top extend into a flowy dress (not floorlength lik CH's but maybe knee length or so) and made the whole thing a nice cool color (blue, green, etc.) it would've been a contender for the top. I definitely think it was actually one of the better ones out of the bottom but it's true that it didn't really fit. Maybe if he had Hollywood this would've worked better.

A pop of turquoise with the white top might have said, "Santorini," especially in a skirt or flowing wrap pants.

I'm sorry, but that top reminds me of the unitard things we wore in the early 90's that snapped between the legs - why is it so tight and tucked in? Hate it.

I loved the top, and hated the pants. They were hideous, with the crumb catcher pleats and the crazy crotch. I do think he should have gone next week maybe, but Christopher should have gone this week. The judges have not been really picky about staying true to the challenge rules all year, why start now?

Make the pants fit slightly better in Aegean blue with some gold coin bangles and it could've been a contender.

I didn't think his outfit was the worst, though I agree that he suffered from a total lack of concept.

But what do I know.

Exactly! Nicholas isn't a favorite of mine, but Logan made an outfit that I could buy at the Gap and was kept? Really?

The top is lovely, it's the pants that ruined the look. With something flowy on the bottom (or even shorts with a sandal) it would have been more "Greek", and he might have squeeked by this week.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Oh, PP, how we (and Alex!) will miss you for comedy fodder!

Nina nailed the whole challenge (and maybe the whole season) in the judging video when she asked where the 'dream' was. Where IS the vision in the designer's garments this challenge?

Having been to Greece, I can attest to the fact that it is hot as hell there during the summer. During the off-season is a different story, and this might do for that, for a work look. But, if Nikolai had done a Grecian drape (a la Ramilicious), he would have been slammed by Kors for being 'cliche'.

Love the top, but like Nina said, it doesn't convey the 'dream' of being in Greece.

I'm willing to say that PP was on the chopping block to go at some point, but after looking at Logan and Christopher's, I chalk this auf up to producer bullshit. They want more googly eyes made at Logan, and they want the 'aw shucks, I don't even have formal training' story of Minnesota Slim.

PP, I may not have liked your aesthetic, but you should have won the Bob Mackie challenge, and you made this season more entertaining. Thank you, and good luck!

I loved loved loved loved that top. And no, it didn't really say Greece, but Logan's outfit looked like he took it out of his own closet and cut it down to model size (which isn't much of an adjustment). HE should have been out, but no, Mr. ShinyPants is going to stay in until he sends out tassels and a g-string made of Life Savers.

Yeah, I think the shirt was passable as Greece, if only evoking some wet draping techniques seen on ancient decorative friezes. As Milla suggested, make it a dress and he might have slipped through.

Nicolas has driven me crazy for many challenges now, and I only warmed up to him last week, so of course now I'm bummed he's gone (especially since there was one equally bad pants-shirt ensemble up there and one much worse dress). But we'll get to those later...

I thought our Peppermint Patty was so funny and likable this epi, last one too.

He did not deserve to go home tonight. The draped white top looked "Greek" enough to me. Although the neither here nor there sleeve was a bit of a mystery.
The cuff of the pants were quite nice. I hated the postman stripe on the pocket,though. If he had done that pant in a Mediterranean blue cotton with the top untucked, he might have won.

I'm pretty disappointed about this auf. I actually liked Nicolas, and I liked this look a lot. Christopher definitely deserved to be booted - they described as "unwearable," after all.

I knew that Peppermint Patty's auf was inevitable. Thank god G was saved, but that's a whole other conversion.

I'm with TLo, it was a nice outfit, but not Grecian. And there were some WAY worse ones who got a pass because they look so cute in their shiny pants.

Anywho, bad move, sir.

I didn't see Greece in the shirt, but was a tad toga-ish, don't you think?
If he had continued the top into a fitted bottom, a la bandage dress, that would totally have worked

Kojhi looks like she sucked on a lemon before walking down the runway. Lord, someone needs to auf her!

As for Nicholas, that was long overdue.

He took a risk by completely disregarding the challenge and it didn't pay off. If I did the same thing at my job- "Um, no thanks, I won't do that assignment, I think I'll do my own thing..." - I'd get chewed out, too.

OK, maybe this didn't say "Greece," but at least it didn't say "Mall of America," unlike Logan's.

Definitely did not agree with the auf.

I'll be sorry to see Patty go (And btw, he happens to love the nickname, thinks Alex's cartoons are hysterical, and says everyone at work now calls him that).

I loved the top & think the top actually does say Greece (It could say sailing the Mediteranean). Where he drove into a ditch was the pants. If only they were blue he MIGHT have skated by. Though I think it was in the producer's cards that there was more storyline to be mined from Waterworks & Hubbel, and so that's why Patty got Auf'd.


Seems to me that Tim made some comment about "beautifully made clothes" to Nicolas at the end...but that waistband and zipper look very poorly made to me.
I thought I'd be gladder to see him go than I was - I hated him early on especially when he was attacking Johnny (remember him?) but he turned into an almost likeable character. Unlike Logan BORING!!! and Christopher. Why is it that the most talented people - Ra'Mon, for example - are long gone, while Christopher and Logan stay? It's not the hotness factor - Ra'Mon had them both beat in that department!

Is it just me, or did the fit of those pants make the model look dumpy? I loved the shirt and the bottom pleats on the pants, but thought the fit around the hips was terribly unflattering.

That said, I would have auf'd Logan. He is skating by on his good looks... For me he's not delivering - either in runway looks or sex appeal.

The pants were just unforgivable. Not just the fit or the color, but the fabric choice -- if Nicolas had used a linen, even in the same color, he might have been given a pass.

I'm sorry to see him go. His taste is not mine, but he's got something. I'm having trouble understanding why Christopher is still there -- his belt was better than Nicolas's top? Maybe.

Sorry to see Peppermint Patty/Lesbian go just for the jokes alone. But have to disagree with you on the pants - since when is it desirable for pants to have GILLS?

We think this is the best thing he's ever done for the competition.

That, of course, is not saying a whole lot!

I do like the top, except that the sleeves are too long. As to color, why not a sky-blue? That color sings Greece to me.

I never thought I'd say this because I wanted the feather prince to go long ago, but this was one of his better showings. I dug the top and thought he should have done a skirt with it or dress. I am amazed that Christopher got by again. what's the deal with that? He's sweet and all, but I've never seen anyone be in the bottom so much and not be gone by this point. Logan, well, he's pretty. Heidi definitely has a thing for him. Not that I blame her. He would have rocked Santa Fe. Too bad he and Christopher didn't switch cities.

Last night, when he got the auf, I threw my knitting across the room and yelled "WHAT THE FUCK?"

Having hated PP in the beginning, I've found myself growing fond of him in the last few weeks. He absolutely didn't deserve to go home last night. At least he has the hot welcome-home sex from Marcie to look forward to.

PS: "In which case, attaboy" made me die.

Didn't agree with this auf at all. Christopher has been in the bottom two for weeks now and should have gone. Logan could also have gone and we wouldn't have missed him. I'll miss Nicholas; he was fun. I disagree with the majority -- hate the top AND the pants. I don't see Greece in either.

Yay! We are in agreement with this outfit. I love the bodysuit and think it is very updated version of the toga without being to literal.

And OMFG, I just love the pants. I shreaked for joy I saw that little horizontal pleat detail.

Sadly, PP only had so many get-out-of-Heidi's-bad-side free cards and he would have been auf'd in this episode regardless of what he made. Boo.

i dun wanna sound shallow..
but i believe that logon would be worth going to the final 3.. if it meant him being shirtless- or preferably every episode till then...

Logan: u r a talented designer.. but this industry is half design n half "PR".. if u have what god gave u.. work it to the max!!!!

MyFawny said...
Exactly! Nicholas isn't a favorite of mine, but Logan made an outfit that I could buy at the Gap and was kept? Really?

Not to mention the fact that Logan scored HIGHER than both Nicholas and Christopher. I mean WTF?

Personally, even though this outfit doesn't say Greece at all, I would buy both the top and the pants and wear them constantly. I want that top in Red, black, and blue please.

I have a theory that Christopher is being set up for the win. He keeps NOT being auf'd, despite providing the judges with ample opportunities to get rid of him. (Disco trashbag, anyone?) And there are all these little editing hints that he'll be the winner -- the opening sequence, in which he folds his hands prayerfully and looks at us with big puppy dog eyes as he earnestly declares how important this is to him, definitely gives that impression. So I'm foreseeing a story arc in which he just barely scrapes into the top 3, and then produces the winning collection. (Note I didn't say "best" collection.)

I'm not saying that Peppermint Patty didn't deserve to go, but this wasn't his worst outfit or the worst outfit on the runway, not by a long shot.

my first reaction: angela's macy's challenge outfit without the granny circles and the jacket........

Ew-- you liked that top? It looked so dated... so va-va-va-voom... so 1980's Donna Karan "bodysuit".

I did like the horizontal pleats on the pants, but why the dumb white trim on the pockets? Very dated.

The outfit looked like it was culled from a January sale rack at Loehmanns. Weird, over-thought pieces that bear no relation to one another.

I could not get "You! Lesbian!" out of my mind last night.

The pants are hideous. From what I remember, they were the worst-fitting thing on the runway. Between that and neglecting the challenge parameters, he deserved the auf.

Last night, when he got the auf, I threw my knitting across the room and yelled "WHAT THE FUCK?"

My mom and I text back and forth during PR and at the end of this episode, I sent "FUCKING FUCKHEAD BULLSHIT!!"

After I threw MY knitting. We should party together.

i think i just might miss our dear pepermint patty.

I mean I expected him to be aufed at some point.... but not like this. This is very Suede-ian aufing. :(
Oh, and Kojii looks hungover.

I really don't understand the judges criteria for aufing him. Yes, he wasn't exactly on topic, but it was well made and well designed. (unlike another designer's dress...) I hate how willy-nilly the judges go back and forth between execution and challenge requirements. There's little consistency, and that's why I think I'm so mad at this aufing.

I thought Nicolas' look was very eastern European. I loved the top, though I wish he would have made it a dress.

I was definitely reserving judgment until I saw these pictures and I'm STILL torn about his auf'ing.

I do like the top a lot more then I did last night, but definitely not in the white. It just has a bandage feel to me I can't get over. But I do love the detailing and could love it in a variety of colors. But, IMO, it didn't evoke Greece in any way, shape or form.

I really did expect to be much happier when he went home. Somehow, PP has managed to grow on me and I didn't even notice. I was actually a little bummed, which left me way confused.

Oh, and I adore those pleats on the bottom of those pant legs.

Thank goodness for these close up pics. That top is lovely - I didn't see the details on TV. Agree with TLo's assessment of the pants - sadly, no, not Greece.

So I revise my opinion - PP didn't deserve the Auf last night.

Bummer. I was getting used to Peppermint Patty.

I think MKors nailed it when he talked about how Nicolas must have walked into Mood thinking of Greece and that gray fabric spoke to him. It just doesn't seem like it would have been that hard to evoke the Mediterranean. Maybe make the top in blue and the pants in white.

No, this doesn't look Greek Islands. But to me it looks very much like the chic things the women in Athens wear. He should not have been auf'd.

Are you kidding me? She looked so bad she was unrecognizable. I thought they'd auf'd one of the models and brought in somebody's sister to stand in. The pants are HUGELY unflattering (although I'll give you the pleats at the bottom) and that top makes it WORSE! I can't believe there's anything you like about this outfit. And her styling was awful too. the outfit wasn't great (would never wear those pants. Ick.) But it was not as awful as either Christopher's or Logan's. Although I audibly groaned when we was working at his dressform with white YET AGAIN!
I just think both the other guys should be have been auf'd weeks ago. Logan is just not that talented or "cute" (am sick to death of his ugly wool hat), and Christopher is just a loser. No skill, less talent, and no backbone.

I'll miss PP's snarkiness. At least he was entertaining.

IT WAS AN OPPORTUNITY AUF! Now I wasn't a PP fan -- he was bitchy and conceited but he warmed up and his humility of late made him a lot more appealing.

But just in the case of Shirin going home last week -- it seemed to me the judges were catching, otherwise stronger designers at weaker moments. I can almost hear the producers figuring, we can send Christopher and Logan packing anytime! Heaven forbid if both of them turn out strong entries next week BECAUSE one of them is gone!
I can't believe Christopher was saved by a belt -- Nicholas' jeans were very original!

This comment has been removed by the author.

This was as much Greece as Logan's was Hollywood. I just thought it was fug. Unflatteringly tight, bad proportions on the model, dull, and cheap-looking. I love me some draping, but this looked like something you can find at Target.

Logan's outfit WAS uninspired, but at least it looked good, and was appropriate to the challenge.

I'm SO tired of Logan's slavish devotion to "young... funky... hip". He's too insecure to try anything that isn't 100% Hipster pre-approved, so he does nothing new or creative. More of a stylist than a designer.

A few weeks ago, someone posted a link to an interview Nina did about her absence from the show and just her general read on the season. She made a remark about how she believed some things would have been different had she been participating in the judging. What I took away from that little interview was that she was not on the PP train.

I think, though PP didn't altogether earn the auf this week, his accumulated collection of wack made him a target. As soon as the legitimate judges had an opportunity, they took it. I've personally been waiting for PP to go for a while, and it's quite possible the Nina/Kors combo brought their existing PP distaste to this evaluation.

Just a thought. Christopher is totally next. They can count on him to turn out marginal work, so it will be no surprise to find him in the bottom next week.

Laura said...

My mom and I text back and forth during PR and at the end of this episode, I sent "FUCKING FUCKHEAD BULLSHIT!!"

Same here. Mine said "Christopher HAS to be fucking one of the producers." Mom agreed, then told me to watch my language.

And Another thing! This challenge was hosed -- I took it to mean - a garment inspired by a exotic local that you could still work into your wardrobe ... something that reminds you of that wonderful place ... did you guys take it to mean "clothes to wear in aspen; clothes to wear in Miami etc?"

This season, to me, is the worst yet. The challenges are fairly dull and I don't think any of them are as talented or interesting as Uli or Jeffrey or Christian or Korto.

This seemed like another "make a pretty dress" challenge. BORING!

Hell, none of them is as talented or intersting as Kenley, even.

I thought the fit of both pieces was actually quite good. I guess I do get the judging tho. While Althea's (which was probably my least favorite) conveyed some kind of island vacation, Nicolas' did not convey anything remotely Greek present or ancient past.

Maybe Sappho since Kojii looked rather butched out....

He seems nice yet I still wonder why Logan survives every week. Cmon, he's not that hot.

Peppermint Patty will be sorely missed.

To be honest, I didn't watch the episode last night b/c this season has been so unbelievably boring so far, but I happened to flip past "Models of the Runway" while switching channels last night, and saw that Nicolas was the eliminated designer. I was disappointed b/c I've become a fan of his drama, but figured he must've made another ugly outfit like his lace avant-garde surfware. To find out that this gorgeous outfit is what got him auf'ed!

He was auf'ed for an outfit that was off-topic but well-made??? How many times this season have the judges handed a win to an outfit that was off-topic but well-made?! Of course, there is no logical reason to expect the judges to be consistent this season, but I'd at least like them to auf the poorly-made off-topic outfit made by a designer who has been in the bottom 3 over and over again!!!

BTW, I haven't seen the Bryant Park runway shows yet, but based on the remaining designers I can't help but imagine it must be hopelessly boring (unless Gordana makes it through)!!!

I actually loved the top, not so much the slacks. Total outfit does not in any way evoke Greece, though.
I kept yelling at the television, "Channel "Mama Mia", for Pete's sake, Patty!!".

I would like to see one of the auf'd contestants blurt out "no goddamn WAY!" just once.

I also thought his auf'ing was undeserved. Both pieces are stylish, wearable, and well-made (with the exception of the bunching on the pants). There's nothing very Greece about them. If only he had made shorts or a skirt or turned the shirt into a short dress...but oh well. I didn't really want him in the final, so I suppose it's okay that he goes now.

Best of luck, Patty. You annoyed me most of the season but kind of charmed me the last few episodes after you called Irina a bitch.

Nicolas makes a gorgeous top but hideous pants and Christopher makes a nice BELT and stays. As David Letterman would say, something's hinky here.

I'm not real schooled on the technical aspects, but Logan's and Nicolas's outfits, while both pretty meh, at least looked like they actually required some fitting and sewing.

I feel like I could have made Christopher's outfit myself, with a pair of sheer curtains and some strategically placed safety pins.

That was ridiculous. Ridiculous. Why two people who can barely sew and aren't even that cute or entertaining stay on while more talented designers continue to get kicked off is just one more sign of what a tumble into MTV-land our beloved PR has taken.

If he had made that top a dress instead, it may have resulted in a win.

I never liked Nicholas, either, until he called Irina a bitch. He said it so hilariously, I decided I loved him!! I didn't hate his outfit, either; I thought it was pretty nice.

Sorry Nicholas, sorry to see you go.

You know when the discussion centers around the producers keeping X or Y around because of their 'story' rather than because they want to have a design/sewing competition with some bitchfest on the side, that the show has hit the skids. B-M, you have killed it. I hate you forever.

Do they let the judges into the workroom or show them the footage? Milla mentioned that the top had looked better on the dress form.

At some point, Nicholas mentioned that the top was looking very Grecian goddess drapey and that wasn't what he wanted. I thought "Yes you DO!"

Did anyone else notice that PP seemed to be eating a Peppermint Patty when they were relaxing?

I dunno. I really think, if he could have articulated an argument about the Greek Islands and those beautiful layered and stacked white buildings on the island and how that was reflected in the construction and design of his top, he would have lived to design another day. Because his design was head and shoulders over Logan and Christopher's designs.

Dammit, people. Why is Logan still here?!?

It seems as if people are thinking that the color blue or flowing Grecian gowns are the only thigs which represent Greece. I could totally see a hot Euro-chick wearing this outfit in Mykonos.

Nicolas really grew on me this season. As someone else posted earlier, he was a good combination of bitchy/funny and a bit sweet too. I have this concept of Russia and Russians as being un-fun, but Nicolas contradicted that. Maybe he is more American than I thought he would be. Good luck, Nicolas!

Remember Lesbian's voiceover: "I don't even care that it doesn't look like Greece. Whatever."

Ummmm... The challenge was to create a design that evoked Greece. With that attitude, he had to go.

The Duchess reached too far to make the Greece-"Grease" joke. This outfit looked as much like "Grease" as it looked like Greece.

I liked the top too and the tucks on the pants. But if you don't even try to meet the challenge, there's nowhere for you to go but home. Or to London or Paris or Japan....

Lesbian has a lot of growing up to do.

Agreed - I do not get Greece at all from this outfit, but it's also gorgeous.

Figures I miss the episode where people finally step it up and produce some gorgeous things. Dammit...

While I hated his outfit, I thought the TERRIBLE styling on Koji went a long way towards his auf'ing. I mean, the hair? The seeming lack of make up? The necklaces? She looked like a hot mess and her overall look could have possibly sold that hideous outfit.

I wasn't surprised to see him go, due to the lack of Greece-age. Even if he had kept the tailored look but at least try to give it a more Mediterranean-feeling color palette, that would have helped. That top also would have been great with a flowy skirt, with maybe a couple blue shades or something, very coastal on the water feeling.

Sad that he seemed to know he was missing the mark on the assignment and he hoped the look would carry him through anyway.

Okay. I get what the judges said about this outfit not evoking Greece. However, every time I go out to a Greek nightclub in NY, in Manhattan or in Astoria, every Greek lady in there who can pull it off is dressed exactly like this. Seriously. Maybe more colorful, maybe more jewelry, but this is a recognizable style. So to me, this outfit says, "Greek woman out dancing with friends/husband at Mezzo Mezzo/Lafayette Grill".

"Greece" itself is just too big a concept to narrow down. What was he supposed to be evoking? A visit to the Acropolis? Modern Athens? A goat farm on Crete? Not fair!

I think Logan should have gone. His work is unbelievably dull, and "hot" is not an excuse; anyway he looks like a skinny Radar O'Reilly to me.

Sorry, fellas -- the top is indeed great, but the pants are horrible. Anything that makes Kojii -- gorgeous, gorgeous Kojii -- look downright stumpy is not a good thing.

But I would definitely buy that top. And I have to admit, having not seen the episode, I'm now kind of curious to see the other looks. Can it be that this was a... *gasp* decent challenge?

PP did have a nice idea going with that top and the addition of a flowy white skirt in the same material plus some great sandals would have prevented the auf. Those pants are just bad though and Kojii didn't do them any favors. I think there's a reason she's always in the bottom three and it's not just the designers she's with. She doesn't seem to be able to work the hell out of a hot mess the way that some of the models can. Instead, she seems to highlight the flaws.

That said, I was hoping Heidi would tell all three of the boys they were auf'ed, then call Althea back out, auf her too, and put this season out of its misery.

I didn't throw my knitting. I merely stabbed my yarn ball very hard with my needles...

He was auf'd because it didn't say Greece. And all he needed to do to change it was untuck the top, make it longer, slightly flowier and slightly more kaftan-y and put Kojii in some chunky beaded jewellery and strappy sandals.

Also he's another designer who was done a disservice by Kojii's un-runway like proportions. She's stunningly beautiful but has a long body and short legs and anything closely fitted looks a bit weird on her.

I was just in Athens and I didn't see any women wearing crotch-grabbers like that.

But my real concern here is Celine, Jordon's model. What's with the totally concave pelvis? That was SCARY.


"... Kojii's un-runway like proportions. She's stunningly beautiful but has a long body and short legs and anything closely fitted looks a bit weird on her."

Amen. That's what I've been thinking, thanks for saying it. She's very long waisted and so looks out of proportion. I don't know why the designers would pick her over the glamazon Celine.

I agree. This is my favorite thing he's done all season. Very stylish, but admittedly not on-target for the challenge.

But you know what's weird? You can't see the pleats in the bottom of the pants at all in the full-body shot when she's walking down the runway. Why is that? Anyone else notice that?

Nicolas could have done SO MUCH with Greece. He should have channeled Rami like Carol Hannah channeled Uli.

Yet he delivered this generic look. Kojii would have MELTED and SCORCHED if she wore that in Greece. Women in Greece would be wearing dresses like the one CH made.

Very disappointing. He totally deserved the auf.

I liked him the best of all.
He was funny and sweet. That top was really nice and the pants were cute and well executed. He just failed so masively at this challenge.
That looked nothing like Greece.
Not even a little bit. The styling was soooooooo bad. To top it off, it was unflattering to Koji's figure.
I could have picked out what the other designer's locales were supposed to be, even if there look was GAHD AWFUL (I'm looking at you Christopher). I could never have guessed that was representing Greece.

I felt bad for him. The one day challenges SUCK!
I hope they don't do them next season.

I understood the challenge to be to evoke the fantasy of the destination - not necessarily a literal interpretation and not necessarily a take-off on the destination's best known folk costumes. That said, when he chose a destination he admitted he knew nothing about, he was doomed, unless he got really lucky.

That said, I loved the top. The boy could have picked any movie set in most any decade amongst rich folks' playgrounds on the Mediterranean, taken some cues, and done better.

Either Tim thought the auf'ing was bs or he thinks pretty well of Nicolas, his farewell was unusually strongly affirming, I thought.

Awwww! I miss Peppermint Patty! He really grew on me as the weeks went by....*sniff* :(

This aufing shows the Catch-22 in the challenge: either it's cliche or it's "That doesn't say Greece to me."

Well, this DOES say Greece to me: as someone else pointed out, it gets cold there and even snows. It's not hot in Thessaloniki in December. Yes, the outfit is urban, and Athens is one of the biggest cities in Europe. Fits perfectly.

No, this outfit doesn't have "I stepped off my sailboat or cruise ship for an hour at Crete and this was in the tourist shops clustered around the harbor." It says, "I'm a young Greek woman going to the cafe for a drink after work." This to me has Athens ALL over it.

Not that I necessarily disagree with the auf....I don't think PP has the designing chops to show us anything interesting. But I think the reason for the auf is terrible.


that post was a little incoherent!!!

Heidi likes Logan, that's all there is to it. Milla and Kors were ripping Logan's blase design and Heidi kept saying "I like it." So Logan stays. Not only does he stay, he's first to get safety. They need a male in the final three. They're hoping Christopher can recapture his earlier creativity. If he doesn't, Logan will make it because Heidi has a hard-on for him.

That top read to me as straight jacket chic.

When the Duchess was giving the challenge instructions, he said something about "whether real or imaginary . . . wow us ... this is all about having fun with those inspirations." Was this a ready to wear challenge or a fantasy challenge?

I've been really critical of PP but damned if I didn't start to like him. I liked his funny freak out moments when he would wave his arms and kind of yodel.

Best of luck Nicholas. I was bitchier about you than you were to your co-contestants.

Gary said...
And Another thing! This challenge was hosed -- I took it to mean - a garment inspired by a exotic local that you could still work into your wardrobe ... something that reminds you of that wonderful place ... did you guys take it to mean "clothes to wear in aspen; clothes to wear in Miami etc?

I also wanted to agree with Gary's observation. I took it to mean *inspired by* the place - not design a vacation outfit to go there. Do they purposely make their challenge criteria porous?

I looked at that picture he had and wished he'd taken the blue from it. If he'd done that exact outfit but with the pants in blue (or with the shirt in blue but the pants in white, even) I think he would've been kept on. Because really, the outfit was pretty nice. I loved the pleating on the bottom of the legs, and crotch area aside, they were tailored pretty well.

I don't have a problem with him doing pants, in fact; there's plenty of urban area in Greece where I'm sure women wear pants all the time. But I tend to agree with Milla Jovovich (who I thought was a really cool guest judge) and some commenters here that if he'd done that top as a dress it would've looked really gorgeous, even in flat white.

I'm ambivalent about the aufing decision last night. I see both good and bad in all three of the outfits on the bottom. I don't know.

But I will miss him. I didn't really like him much at first, but he grew on me, and unlike some people I could name, his bitchiness was kinda funny. Plus even the stuff of his I didn't like showed some promise... Ahh, well. (Oh, and: Nicolas, if you're out there? Please, please, please use more colour in the future, at least for detailing!)

Wow, I really, really hate the fact that no one who's left in the entire competition seems to know how to use color--even when this challenge was obviously made for that. The only one who had a location that screamed out grays and blacks was Gordana.

But the rest, yeesh.

I thought Nicholas' top was the best thing in the bottom three. I have no idea why Logan keeps getting saved--I mean one that has to do with clothes-his stuff is unmemorable.

That said, Nicholas blew it on the heavy gray pants. There are a lot of ways Greece could inspire--yes, draping, but also blue and white architecture, geometric patterns--key pattern--and shapes, fisherman's woollies and those ubiquitous black dresses worn by older women. But the gray pants were just off.

Milla wasn't a bad judge--sweet, but unless like most of the celeb judges, she really did give fashion design a go for a few years. Probably why she was so sympathetic to the designers. It was kind of nice to see someone who actually kind of empathized. She was at a similar level--some success, but not enough to stay in business when the economy started turning.

I think it was Kojii's torso that got him aufed. That and everything what you said.

Yeah, I was starting to like him, too.

I do feel bad for Peppermint Patty. Just as i was starting to like him, away he goes =(

The top is stunning but see its like 90 degrees in Greece 9 months out of the year so those pants would be waaaay off. Much too hot for that...

I think I'm in the minority as I didn't have a problem with the auf'ing. There was nothing evoking Greece in his outfit and he focused all his efforts in the pants and the top was more of an afterthought. Sure, if he had turned the top into a dress it might have been a contender, but since the top was thrown together, there was no way he could have extrapolated it into a dress.

As far as Logan and Christopher are concerned, you could see the initial inspiration in their designs. L took the more LiLo/Sienna Miller casual Hollywood vibe, and C's colors and breeziness were pretty Santa Fe, if not as much as either had envisioned.

So long Peppermint Patty. You were entertaining, ice witch, crotchless jumpsuit and all.

This outfit was wretched--tip to toe. Sad, though. As everyone says, he'd finally become likable. Judges took the opportunity to auf him so he wouldn't somehow end up at Bryant Park, where he doesn't belong. It has seemed to me from the start that they have had their top 3 picked out and are just manipulating the winning and the auffing to make that work out in the end. They know Christopher will be in the bottom every week, so no rush in getting rid of him.

I want PR to have a season where all the contestants are the ones who were auf'd in the first episode.

Nicolas has become a little more human with each episode, almost to the point where he's one of my favorites. It helps that when he makes way-off-the-mark garments he's able to admit it.

Totally agree on the pleating comment - i wish i could find pants like his and irina's actually in stores.

A comment on this week's challenge: of course it's boring, it's Kors. He makes great classic clothes, but nothing that will alter fashion zeitgeist.


The guy deserved to be auf-ed, nice top or no.

He was quirky: granted. Personality-wise, he's more colourful than Logan or Christopher.

But I don't think he lost because of those other two's perceived personality pluses.

I think he lost because... of his design.

The top had a lot of potential. And he completely squandered that with those ill-fitting, grey (for Greece? Really?) pants that managed to make his model look longer-waisted (and shorter legged) than she may be.

Bad pant design + bad colour pallet = out!

Aside from 'don't bore Nina', I get the strong feeling that the judges score 'wasted potential' really... reaaaaallly low because it shows that even when you have the start of something very good, you can't see it through.

Milla looked marvelous, though.

What's with "I've never been to and don't know much about Greece but I'm gonna choose it but then I'm not gonna do any Grecian goddess drapings"? Are you trying to royally screw yourself? You've succeeded.

Designers and judges have been ignoring the parameters of the challenges all season long--and they decide to get all strict about it now?!!

I am going to miss Patty, he is far more interesting a personality than Tighty Pants or Weepy and, I think, he's a better designer than either of them.

Loved the top.

There was something very Real Housewives of New Jersey-ish about this outfit. yikes.
am i the only person who was wondering if Patty would EVER wash his hair? He was trying to rock the permanently greasy look and it seriously gag inducing.

My wife and I had stopped watching the show a few weeks ago (keeping up only via TLo) but tuned in last night because nothing else was on.

She fell asleep halfway through and only woke up when I literally gasped loudly (surprising myself as well) when Nicolas was aufed.

That belt saved Christopher. Tim thought that Chinstrap was hanging himself with it, but instead the durn thing turned out to be a rescue rope.

I liked the top and agree that if the pants had been blue, or the top was a dress, he would have a chance.

You are all being kind saying Logan's outfit looked like it came from The Gap. It's Walmart to me!

LOVED the top, hated the pants. I'm not sad at all to see him go, but I was expecting Logan to be gone. I'm usually for picking pretty-but-boring looks over innovative-but-ugly-as-fuck looks, but even I would have sent Logan home. I can't in full honesty say Nicolas deserved to stay, either, though. So a huge big Meh.

how the hell is christopher still in the competition?

granted, none of the bottom 3 were all that great, but i thought for sure it would be between logan & christopher for the auf. nicolas's missed the mark, but it was way better than the other two.

Why is it your posters have better ideas than the designers?

I absolutely agree w/ making the shirt a dress. Perhaps an ombre dye in that Aegean blue that figured so prominently in the photo? Someone suggested gold coin bracelets & gladiator sandals? Gorgeous ideas.

Bye, PP! Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split ya!

I practically leapt from the couch in disbelief when he chose Greece over the "too easy" New York, and spent the next ten minutes pointing gun-fingers at my forehead whenever he was on the screen. What a brainfart! -- I knew IMMEDIATELY he was done, and thus it came to pass.

And how about Christopher, huh? Y'all need to start calling him Rasputin. If you're in the bottom two with him, you're doomed! (I'm picturing him holding a big scythe for next week's inevitable B2 appearance with Logan.)


Its scary how much I agree with you, best thing he's made but SO WRONG for the challenge. But I still would have sent Christopher or Logan off before him. meh

while his clothes are not always the most colorful or tasteful, Nicolas always had something interesting and well made to send down the runway. His pieces were dramatic, fun, and often wearable while still fashionable.

I loved the shirt and believe it was one of the best pieces to go down the runway. The pants were cool as well, especially the bottom, and the white and grey looked chic together. Unfortunately, his beautiful look did not scream GREECE in an expected, boring way. He went for a very modern look that was inspired by a toga-type draping/fabric in the top. I love carol hannah, but his look was miles ahead of hers in style and creativity.

Logan and Chris could have easily both gone home before him. Chris has obviously been floundering for a while and his 4th bottom appearance is too much. He needs more training. Logan's clothes are just boring and unflattering week after week. This elimination was just utter BS considering the terrible track records of the other bottom 2 guys as compared to Nicolas's winning and top 3 looks

Ugh, I'm not fan of Peppermint Patty, but I don't think he should have been auf'd over this one, if only because the top was awesome. The pants were a nightmare - Insane Crotch, anyone? They made the model look like she had a bizarrely large lower belly, and the fit elsewhere on them was too tight. Milla was right; he should have taken the top down and made it a dress, though if he did that, he'd have made yet another white dress and the judges would rip him for it.

Chris definitely should have been the one to go, for that ridiculous costumey ensemble he put out. Blech.

I really think that at this point judges and producers know who they want to be in the final 3 or 4. I think Christopher was kept in in case precious Irina had a bad day in some future challenge and sent a dog down the runway. At that point they can auf Christopher with no argument from anyone. At this point they were ready for Peppermint to go.

How weird was it at the end of the ep to hear Nicolas's voiceover about his "over the top style" and see his white shirt and gray pants on the mannequin. ??? I WISH he did something over the top. It would have made the show a little less boring.

That top looks so much better in the stills than it did on TV. The pants? Other than the detail at the bottom, meh.

Certainly not the worst ever design from Nicolas, but he did sort of wander afield a bit.

More judging BS -

MK - "Gray men's pants"? MEN'S pants?
OK root of the problem - MK considers these MEN'S pants - so honey gray suiting can ONLY be MEN'S PANTS. Even if he made a freakin bra amd panties out of that fabric, would it be a MAN'S pant?

Heidi - ANOTHER WTH - she said there was NOTHING SEXY about this??
Koji looks SMOKING (I am a straight woman and from behind, I thought DAMN she looks fantastic)
I recall seeing Heidi's eyes get that I WANT THAT when Koji walked that outfit.

Please tell me that other people noticed that she was so fighting to save Christopher and Logan, and was contradicting the other judges.

I love the top. And considering his freak out and it sounded like it was close to the end, he pulled that out fast.

Gotta disagree here. Those pants were a guaranteed auf. They were HORRIBLE. Christopher at least had his belt to save him.

I actually liked this outfit - at least the top. I can't believe that they auf-ed this but kept Christopher and Logan in!??? THAT IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULL SHIT!

Also MK said that the outfit was more GREASE than GREECE - REALLY?

Poodle skirt and Cardigan?
Pedal pushers and button down?

Just NO.
Also after all the bitching about nothing but dresses and many complain he didn't do a dress?

I do like the idea of the top in an agean blue or soft turquoise and the pants in white.
Also agree that if he'd gone cliche, they would have ripped him a new one. GREECE is a country not just the islands or one city.

Logan's was NOT LA

Althea's looked cheap and - not that I've been there - didn't look like she was going to get on a yacht (maybe the Greek fishing boat?)

Chris - I liked the belt and the colors were fine - but not really fitting the stereotype any better than most of the other.

And if we want to push the STEREOTYPES - Gordana's should have been layers of black on black on black.

Did anyone else notice that PP seemed to be eating a Peppermint Patty when they were relaxing?

It DID look like one, didn't it??!! I was lmao.

I have mixed feelings about this auf. I'm not a fan of Patty's style and aesthetic but over this? No. With Christopher's piece of garbage standing on the runway next to him? I'm sorry. Christopher's was unwearable. Though yes, the suiting fabric was completely wrong for a Greek-inspired pant, the design of the pant was cool. I could see these made in a medium-weight linen and look very stylish. Though I audiably groaned when I saw him yet again working in white, I didn't think the top was half as bad as Logan's Walmart layered tank tops. And it definitely has some very lovely detailing to the wrapping that shows up in the screen caps.

No, Patty should not have gone this week. Ole Weepyboy should have. The only thing that saved him was Milla liking his belt and Heidi keeping him around. I thought Nina looked like she was going to throw up looking at his outfit. But more on that later.

I wasn't a fan of Nikolas' but when I read Gotham's post that he thinks being called Peppermint Patty is funny and people at work call him that, I have to say, total change of heart for me! Patty, you rock!! Good luck with everything!

First of all, I want to thank TLo. I have been super busy with college and everything and find it hard to catch episodes, so I find myself relying on yall to keep me up to date, not only on PR, but everything else too. Thank you.

However, I can't say I agree with yall on this one. The top, while cute, has a weird fit over her boobs. And the pants were fitted horribly. I did like the pleats at the bottom, but I thought they looked a little sloppy.

Several others beat me to it, but totally agree that PP emphasized all the wrong proportions of his model's body; Koji's waist has to be set higher. Adding insult to injury to the tightly wrapped long waist: the low neck, over long sleeves, and the chunky ankle pleats...all conspiring to make her legs look even shorter. It was not aesthetically pleasing to the eye(a designer better know who he's dressing and how to make them look good!)I have to believe that this played into the judges decision, since the design itself and the execution was not bad. Does this mean that I think Nicholas should have been aufed before Miss Chriss' flea market throw together? You must be kidding! Fluffy Bunny dodges yet another bullet

Am I the only one that didn't understand how the teaser/trailers for this episode fit in? I don't actually even remember seeing any part where Tim said "if she pushes you, push her back" or the "once they were friends, now they are enemies" commercial voiceover... Did I fall asleep and miss part of the episode?

Neither Grecian nor bad (maybe just a bit ill-fitted). Christopher Sobbin' demonstrated yet again that he is fucking clueless, and Logan made some cute separates that could be purchased at any outlet mall. (Logan gets a pass this week ONLY by virtue of the fact that he gives me a boner.)
I'll miss Patty--he was at least fun to watch.

Oh, good. I thought I was really losing it there for a minute. I love the top, and the pants were fun too.

Since I know nothing of Greece, I can't speak to that. However, I thought this was the best thing he's made.

The judging this season baffles me.

4 almost cuts in a row, what happened to 3 strikes and you're out, it's ridiculous based on the body of work that Christopher stayed over Nicolaus!

Personally, I thought Logan should have been the one to go - but then he's never done anything particularly good since the start of the competition. Nicolas' outfit certainly didn't evoke Greece (though I agree with TLo that it was his best creation of the season)whereas Christopher's did in fact evoke Santa Fe even if it wasn't exactly inspiring. One of the problems with this competition was that the designers had to avoid having their outfits perceived as cliched yet they pick Irina whose vest was the embodiment of cliche and told Christopher he should have used turquoise in his. There couldn't possibly be anything more cliched than turquoise and Santa Fe. Think what they would have said had he created an outfit of denim and turquoise.... This was an instance where a number of the designers were damned if they did or damned if they didn't.

I can't work up any emotions for seeing the back of Nicolas, but I was extra bummed to see Celine go. She & Matar are my favorite models left.
Christopher next & then Logan if Gordana doesn't implode. I've never felt so dead inside for PR.

Has anyone noticed how filthy the door of their model condo is? Every time the designers walk out to go to the studio I want to scream looking at that disgusting door!

i am so freaking upset. this look was great. ok, it wasn't greece. but the top was beautiful and i liked the pants.
maybe christopher's hinted at santa fe, but besides that it was flat out ugly. very very bad outfit. awful.
and the judges seemed to say that. i was shocked when heidi said the word "in". ridiculous.

I so wanted Chris to be auf'ed, but I knew that with all the males in the bottom three, the judges had to spare their chosen pretty boys.

Which is a shame because now with Epp, Shirin, and Pocahontas out, Gordana's really the only one keeping my interest.

One thing that stuck with me was the "her look is a little too costume... that's not my thing."


I'm touchy this week. Overworked. Please to forgive.

Give Greece to Rami 2 seasons back and he would have scored this challenge.

PP's look may not scream Greece, but he shouldn't have been auf'ed. Like most of you, I think Christopher should be OUT cos he had the most juvenile look (and he so proud of it). Ugghhhh....

10/24/09 12:48 AM

One thing that stuck with me was the "her look is a little too costume... that's not my thing."


I'm touchy this week. Overworked. Please to forgive.

Same here.. When I watched the show I was like WTF... First of all I don't remember saying this but also why the F would I say that, I'm all about costume.. But anyways thank you all for the posts!!
Love you all!!

Your PP,Pocahontas Lesbian

I'll miss Nicholas. His ego was tempered by his wit and that pixie twinkle in his eye (unlike Irina's ego, which is as boring as it is huge). But by choosing Greece and then willfully ignoring the challenge to create something remotely Grecian he was all but asking for the auf. Ciao, Lesbian!

I started liking Nicholas last week when he called Irina a bitch. And this week, in that moment just before he was auf'd when I realized I had been wrong in assuming Christopher's dress would win him a ticket hom, I felt a little bile rise into my mouth.

Christopher's dress looked like the Little Sorority House On the Prairie and he deserved to go home. He even said that his dress was blue because of the sky and brown because of the earth! I can't even imagine a worse answer! "Oh yeah, my inspiration from this dress was just matching the composition of the picture. Oh, and I made this okay Tony the Tiger belt in case the rest of my dress sucks like a Dyson."

I totally agree with Anonymous 10:46(?) Greece is not just flowy things, nor is it just islands. The top was Greek enough--the pants were a little less Greek, but women in Greece like modern slick clothing, not cliches about the Parthenon and islands. Were they supposed to evoke cliche fantasies for tourists? Possibly. Christopher's was much worse, and Logan's--how exactly was that Hollywood?

Oh cheese and crackers, I can't wait for the onlslaught of comments for Dr. Whitfield.

I think I may start a tally on how many times the name "ULI" will be mentioned.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wait a minuet. Did Peppermint Patty just post here at 1 am? Woot! Post again Nicolas, let us know what really happened!
Somebody make that boy a drink!
Let's all wear white and to the lounge next week, and feathers.

Come on. Gray pants for Greece? And he managed to make Koji look short and as if she had saddle bags. If those pants do that to her, imagine the rest of us. Nothing about this look was flattering to the model- including his styling.

Can we please have Tabitha make over Patty? He desperately needs a better 'do.

Christopher should have gone home...end of story.

It would appear PP was here and if he comes again, this is for you: "You made us love you, we didn't wanna do it..."
Come clean buddy, you were all America's Top Model when the show started with the "I'm not here to make friends..." but you did, didn't you?

I can certainly understand and see modern Greek women wearing this, but the problem is that doesn't make it identifiably Grecian. I could say the same thing about European women in any Mediterranean country. The point was to evoke the specific location. Some did it very literally (paging Carol Hannah) while others a little less so. I actually thought Althea's was the most incongruent - who wears yellowed granny clothes from the attic on a yacht in Saint Tropez?

Still, all the suggestions from people about how Nichola's should have used Aegean blue, gold coins, more Grecian draping and gladiator sandals are making me hurl more than his final outfit did. Really people, costume much? Maybe he should have made her a wreath of laurels to wear as a belt, too, eh? Barf.

The whole "it doesn't say Greece" thing was the judges looking for an easy out. If Nick would have come up with some story (ie, "the top was inspired by tilted Dorian columns, the pants inspired by a stormy sky over the Aegean"), the judges would have bought it completely.

The sad thing is Nicolas would've made the same outfit if he'd gotten New York or LA. I think he just had an idea in his head and thought he could sell it as inspired by Greece. I knew he was in trouble when he chose white AGAIN.

That top looks a bit evocative of Proenza Schouler Spr '10, no?

I wish PP would have gotten a better edit earlier... like many others, I really like him now! Wish I would have liked him the whole competition. And I LOVE the details on those pants. Those pleats are effing amazing (then again, I'm a pleats/ruffles kind of gal). He's had some really incredible work... I loved the CA challenge and agreed with the win for the movie themes challenge (gasp!). Would he be Bryant Park potential? No clue but I wish he would have gotten a decent chance.

Christopher? Oh please. If he's so concerned with having no design education... go get some! Remember others who did well in PR with no design education? Kara Saun for one! Grow some balls! Then again, it's a nice strategy on his part... he's getting sympathy and going much further in the competition. So, on that hand, kudos. It's working.

"drewinca said...
Am I the only one that didn't understand how the teaser/trailers for this episode fit in? I don't actually even remember seeing any part where Tim said "if she pushes you, push her back" or the "once they were friends, now they are enemies" commercial voiceover... Did I fall asleep and miss part of the episode?"

THANK YOU! I watched MOTR because I thought, oh that wasn't in this episode, maybe it was in MOTR instead? But no. What the hell? By the way, one of the best MOTR ever. Why? It wasn't just a bunch of models talking about model elimination the whole time! Katie's been bugging me forever and I'm glad she turns out to be a super bitch in the next episode (according to the trailer). eh.

Hate to say it, but Irina is by far the most talented. And I think she's not as much of a bitch as they make her out to be. After all, other designers gave her a hug when she won and they were hanging out with her at night, laughing and being friendly. Perhaps she's just really frank but not as much of a giant bitch as she's being edited as?

oh, by the most talented, I mean the most talented of who is left. Maybe I should clarify..

PP should've known better than to put white on Koji. And the judging on this year is so erratic that it's making PR lose its integrity. They really need to get it together, or they're going to become "The Fashion Show," which is really just a freakshow with some clothes on it.

So, I was totally confused by the comment that Milla made referencing the way PP's outfit looked ON THE MANNEQUIN. She mentioned seeing it with the top out instead of tucked in the pants. When would the judges have the opportunity to see the workroom?

So, I was totally confused by the comment that Milla made referencing the way PP's outfit looked ON THE MANNEQUIN. She mentioned seeing it with the top out instead of tucked in the pants. When would the judges have the opportunity to see the workroom?

That disturbed me as well. My only thought is that the judges get an additional look at the garments off the models after the runway walk so they can see how the designs are put together. I don't think they're allowed in the workroom during construction—at least they weren't when the show was on Bravo.

I'd guess we're just victims of Bunim/Murray's poor editing. I'm sure the Elves would never have let that comment get on the air.

If Nicolas had done the pants in Santorini blue, or the top in that blue with white pants, he'd have been safe.

For Christopher to have been in the bottom FOUR times in a row and stayed in is nearly a travesty. Sorry, but Nic should have stayed and Christopher (or even Logan with his boring clothes) should have been the one auf'ed.

all he had to do to stay was say he was inspired by ancient greek architecture. that would have instantly created a connection to a visual line associated with greece. it was a beautiful, architectural, sparse look, and my FIRST thought was doric columns.

Sewing Siren wrote at 10/24/09 8:55 AM: "Wait a minuet. Did Peppermint Patty just post here at 1 am?"

Wow - upon re-reading that entry after reading your comment I think you're right; it it might indeed have been the Lesbian himself!! Love it!

I loved the top! Logan should have gone home. I think that the Duchess nailed it when she said Logan was making clothes, not fashion. He's not a risk taker like some others that have been auf'd. I don't get it. He's not that cute.

And "You've heard the last of me"? Best exit ever!

I love the top and I do like the pleats on the bottom of the pants. I would not have sent him home for this outfit.

The top was gorgeous but the outfit altogether was horrible! I hated it. It looked so bad. It was so badly made and the proportions we're thought out well. ooh and the hair and makeup..let's not even go there.
That was a sore in the eye.

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