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Auf Wiedersehen!

Darlings, in order to talk our way through this one, we're going to lift the veil slightly.

You see, it goes like this: Thursday at 10, we sit down to watch the show. There is no talking allowed during the show except for commercial breaks. Minions allowed to watch with us are instructed as to this and violators are socially shunned for the remainder of the season. As soon as the show is over, we half-heartedly watch Models of the Runway, while we talk about the game plan for the next morning. Then we'll usually sit through the entire rebroadcast of the show at 11:30. One of us stays up late getting the screencaps for the first post of the day.

The next morning, we write the first post and somewhere between the "Congratulations" and "Auf Wiedersehen" posts, we watch the show AGAIN so that we can write the T Lo Awards for the Lifetime site and to hash out any hashing out that needs to be done for the "Auf Wiedersehen" post. Then, one of us gets the screencaps for the post while the other one puts the finishing touches on the T Lo Awards and sends them off to LifetimeLand.

Are you exhausted yet? We are! And that's just for the first two posts!

Why are we telling you this? Because this week, we actually needed all that time and that many viewings just to come to terms with this auf'ing. And you know what? We haven't come to terms with it yet!

Here's the thing, peeps: this is not a good dress, no matter how you look at it.

All right, calm down. We'll say upfront that we don't think he should have been auf'd but we have to admit, it took us several viewings to get to that consensus.

It's not just that it's a not particularly flattering or stylish dress; it's that there's a distressingly juvenile feel to this dress and that's WAY off-message for a challenge revolving around what Tim charmingly called in his retro manner "divorcees."

Something that's weird and a little irritating about this look: he made a jacket for this dress (she's wearing it in the above pic) but we didn't realize that until the 3rd viewing because it's not only the same fabric as the dress (which isn't a crime), but when she took it off, there was no change in her look. Usually, taking a jacket off or putting one on alters the look, sometimes drastically. And in a design competition, you want that effect to be drastic. Otherwise, why do it?

Could it have worked? Yes, with some major tweaking.

Like a different skirt and a different top. Sorry, kittens. As much as we agree he shouldn't have been auf'd over Logan's monstrosity, we can't in good conscience find much to praise about this look.

Okay, that part's a tiny little bit interesting, but it send Heidi off to the Rhineland and to be honest, bitchy as she was, she kind of had a point.

We'll say this: You have a friend trying on clothes and needing your opinion. She comes out of the dressing room wearing Logan's look. You say (quite rightfully), "GOD, no! Take it off!" She comes out wearing Epperson's look. You say, "Mmmm. Not really. It's kind of cute,"

THAT'S how we differentiate between the two.

Ra'mon twittered: "EPPERSON is a Master who deserves mad respect! I'm so fortunate to have been in the company of his wisdom, talent and honest compassion."

To which, we can only add "Amen." We truly dug the guy (not that way) and we're truly sorry to see him go. He's an artist and a real talent and on top of that, he just radiates cool. Hasta la vista, Easy Sewer.

Extended Judging:

Exit Video:

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Okay-you've sort of convinced me it's not good but I still would have put him in the middle and aufed either Logan or Peppermint Patty. Both those guys produced UGLY!

Oh Epperson, I was so sorry to see you go. And so sad that you didn't get what they were after. But that dress was a hot mess.

Epperson didn't deserve to go at all, but the way he handled it with grace and humor really increased my respect for the guy.

It was the auf that officially bumped PR to DVR status. Lifetime, I'm going back to Bravo for the 10pm slot.

Yeah, not a good dress. And the neckline didn't differ much from the wedding dress. But I really thought they'd give Epperson another chance.

But Logan's was even worse. As was Nicolas'. Christopher's dress was not successful, but it didn't resemble the original wedding dress at all.

But.. but... why and how do you think Logan didn't go? How could this possibly have scored lower than Logan's mess? Do the producers just have the hots for Logan or what? Any theories?

Yes, Epperson's dress was a mess. But Logan's outfit was a mess and the fit was horrendous. Those pants! I physically cringed as the woman came down the runway. Based on overall talent, Epperson should have stayed.

I think the ladies (and perhaps the Countess) kept Logan around for a little eye candy.

Poor, Epperson. He inadvertently stepped on one of the hidden land mines in Heidi's psyche - the childhood trauma of being dressed as an (oh god no) Octoberfest Girl.

Whatever. At least this looked like it would hold up in a stiff wind. Logan's would disintegrate.

While I didn't realy like Epperson (just something about his face, you know when that happens?) or maybe I'm just not into strips of fabric all over clothes, whatever it is, he got shafted last night. Logan REALLY REALLY should have gone home. His look was off the wall UGLY, Ill fitting, and had zero style.
Does anyone else find it curious that MK is back and now the designer who didn't really understand the parameters of the challenge went home? Heidi's all "I thought I made myself clear". In that respect I can kind of understand why they sent him home.
New set of rules designers, they better pick it up.

Epperson, I love you. What an inspiring exit interview. I was so impressed by his comment that being on the show taught him not to limit himself, and that the challenge now was to mimic that creative push internally. How astute, and seriously the best thing to take away from such an experience.

Loved hearing the process involved in coming up with the blog posts. My heart would go pitty pat if I could view the show with ya'll. I promise I'm a total mute while it's on.

As to Epp's dress. Yes it isn't great or even good. I don't know why he started of using so little of the actual dress fabric. But.. It is way better than Logan's , Nicolas's, and Althea's none of which can I see their client or an actual human wearing for any occasion, including Oktoberfest.

Epperson's dress was not perfect and was similar in ways to a couple of other looks he's created. HOWEVER, it wouldn't be a total punishment to be seen outdoors wearing it, unlike a few of the others... I don't get it!!!

"She comes out of the dressing room wearing Logan's look. You say (quite rightfully), "GOD, no! Take it off!" She comes out wearing Epperson's look. You say, "Mmmm. Not really. It's kind of cute,"

Absolutely. Whether Logan had the absolutely *worst* look on the runway was debatable - but it was waaaay worse than Epperson's. And, I think his body of work was both better AND more creative than Logan's.

Complete and UTTER bullshit.

And ladies & gents, coming from someone who thinks Logan is pretty - Epperson is plenty fine as well.

I literally did not sleep last night due to Ep's aufing. It was bullshit to the core. Seriously, I cannot imagine anyone picking Logan's fug over Ep's.

I suppose we will get to Logan's piece of shit eventually, so I'll just leave this post as a very heartfelt adieu to Easy Sewer. Maybe my head can wrap around the BS aufing tonight, so I can finally get some sleep.

We may be in a minority, but my mom and I didn't think Epperson's dress was that bad, and were quite shocked that he was the one to go because he made some great things before, while Logan has yet to make the top 3 on any challenge. I guess this is another one of those Alison/Kevin/Kit moments.

I will admit, seeing the super close-ups of the dress, that the technical issues are there. And I thought the same thing of the "jacket." It literally was exactly the same under it, so it had no point at all.


I loved the concept. I liked what he did with the black and gray corsety type thing in her mid-section. The proportions didn't bother me. Over all, I really liked it and think it should have been in the middle. At the very least, bottom 3 but the first person named safe.

There is no way in hell that man should have gone home before Logan or Nicolas. Period.

As much as I love Epperson, I have to agree, this was a mess.


This wasn't a strong offering from Epperson, but I did not see the auf coming, particularly when Logan's look had so many problems.

I see the slimy, craven hands of the producers all over this decision, and perhaps that's not the case, but we're left with one pretty boy designer who quite frankly hasn't sent anything in the way of memorable design down the runway, and Epperson, who did create at least two strong looks-Matar's cocktail dress and the genre piece, is out.

GAK...I'm going to need more than one glass of good wine or a fabulous cocktail to calm down.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned is:
Never underestimate the power of shiny silver pants

I only watched bits and pieces of the episode and I was shocked and outraged that they kept Logan and sent Epperson. Such a bad decision. Icky.

Minions allowed to watch with us are instructed as to this and violators are socially shunned for the remainder of the season.

ROFL. You two are hilarious!

Alex? Are you there?
It's been over a week since we heard from you, and last time you were. . . well . . .I'm worried.

Do we need to post your scruffy face and hairy ass on milk cartons?

Please honey, pick up a pencil, slip on a dress, and let us know you're okay!!!

Clearly it seems that Epperson's greatest sin is not being young and pretty. It's really a shame. He's done some great work and I'm finding it very difficult to recall anything that Logan (or Nicolas for that matter) has done.

Logan, Nicolas, Epperson and Christopher all produced some tough looks. All of them have a record of producing some tough looks.
I'm sorry to see Epperson go, because I don't think this was his turn. In my opinion, Nicolas or Logan made the losing outfit. But Epperson's wasn't good.
Similarly, CH definitely should have been in the top, perhaps instead of Irina.

Um...maybe just a guess, since everything else has been so wacky this season, but Epperson is from NY and very much misses his family, while Logan is from LA, is he not?

Like I said, just a wild guess since nothing else has made much sense this season.

And I think PP's should have been in the bottom also, a bottom FOUR!

I saw four "Oh God No" outfits on that runway, and Epperson's wasn't one of them.

PeaceBang said, "But.. but... why and how do you think Logan didn't go? How could this possibly have scored lower than Logan's mess? Do the producers just have the hots for Logan or what? Any theories?:

Yes, I have theories. I think Lifetime or TPTB want a young, non-ethnic looking bunch.

Althea, Nicolaus, Christopher & Logan have consistantly made crap week after week and very rarely get called out on it. Irina has made her share of fug and it NEVER gets questioned.

OTOH, Gordana has had to endure more unfair criticism than any contestant should ever have to. And a lot of talent got auf'd early.

Based on this BS criteria, I think that Irina, Althea & Logan will be the final 3. Talented? Hell no! Pretty? Abso-fuckin-lutely!

Logan's silver jeans must have secret powers...

You know, Epperson's design really looked a bit like the Dirndls women love to wear to the Oktoberfest. And thats's the point, some women still buy and like such dresses for special occasions, whereas Logan's garments were just ugly as hell and I could see NOBODY wearing that.
*sigh* Epperson is so much more talented than Logan.
I really start hating this season.

Ginger said...

"I saw four "Oh God No" outfits on that runway, and Epperson's wasn't one of them."


Ginger, you make me feel so long-winded. Summed up my exact feelings in one sentence.

Personally I hated this dress. But I hated all 3 outfits that were in the bottom and I imagine Nicholas was a very close 4th. So any of the guys getting kicked off was fine by me

The design I felt was bad from the get go as soon as I saw the sketch he made.

What amazed me is how little he actually did with the amount of material he had. What he created was so similar to me as the original dress. At least Shirn had an excuse that she was severely limited.

I wonder if what got him kicked off was his approach to the challenge. When he started saying he was going to use as little material from the gown as possible, that really annoyed and shocked me. I said to my roomie that is not what the challenge is about. Then he went the other extreme adding as much fabric as possible. hence that redundant jacket that offered nothing.

It seemed to me he really did not get the point of the challenge even after Tim corrected him. It wasn't about volume. He failed to see the task was about transformation and creating something new to affirm this new point in the client's life.

Now I like Epperson and think he's talented but I was more pissed than Heidi about his outfit. No amount of tailoring made up for the misfire


I was so sad to see Epperson go. I think he is a great designer, and auf-ing him before garbage bag boy is an affront.


I don't see why all the comments keep saying it should have been Logan going instead of Epperson. I agree that neither did anything remotely interesting, but ... honestly, Chrissy Minnesota's space age bubble dress monstrosity was the second craptacular design in a row from him. That was the auffing that should have happened.

But I'm not outraged that Epperson got canned. This isn't a case of a clearly successful design getting the axe instead of a clearly unsuccessful design all because of producer manipulation (a la Suede and Kenley on the rock-and-roll and hip-hop designs). This is a case of crap vs. bad vs. and boring failure to transform the wedding dress in any meaningful way. Epperson was rightly on the chopping block. Whether I would have chopped him instead of one of the others is worth discussing, but this isn't a case of injustice.

I didn't like this look at all. It was very... done. Sort of an Oktoberfest version of what a housewife from the '50s would wear.

I did actually prefer Logan's look over this one - there was a lot wrong with it, but it had style. Something this look didn't.

I'm okay with Epperson going. When he was good he was very good, and when he was bad he was BAD. And tonight he was bad. He deserved the auf.

Was Logan wearing the silver pants again with their hypnotic powers?

The producers know that they're offering up a not to par season overall (I rolled my eyes at yet another one day challenge)and so they're hoping that keeping pretty people will satisfy?

Maybe? I don't know.

Lets not forget The Dalai Tim warned us about this season.

I kinda liked it. I'm always glad to see a dress with a full skirt that is not so short there is a chance the model will flash her lady parts at us.

Logan's outfit was really one hot mess.

At one point Kors said if she wore Epperson's dress on a 1st date the guy would leave.
My hubby turned to me and said "ummm, no, we really don't care how you dress. Really, we don't and no dude would walk out on her because of that dress unless he was an idiot."

I agree with TLO! OMG, I just can't believe Logan got away with that lower level IT manager pants outfit! Epperson was starting to show some growth. Too bad. I didn't like his dress either but Logan's crap was just horrible. I have to say, the only dress I remotely liked was the winner!

But, as an aside, thanks for showing us "how the magic happens." Oh, I love you, you blogging squirrels, you!

either i have to rewatch the episode or just wait for the screen caps to see nicolas' "outfit" again. i was horrified. doubly so when i saw he was SAFE.

he should have been standing up there with the auf'ing between him and logan. i don't think epperson made a fabulous outfit either, but it was not in the realm of dogshit, blind-monkey-missing-fingers-sewed-it that logan's and nicolas' were.

on second thought, i don't want to revisit the ugly. i'll stick with my original assessment. ugh.

Sorry, but I'm not convinced that this dress was that awful. Not a winner by any means, but it looked nice on the lady, waaaaay nicer than the other three guys' offerings. I also gotta say that any man that would walk out on a date because she was wearing this dress (MK's comment) isn't worth spending a nanosecond with.

There's something so off about the judging this season that it's really tainting the show for me. And I'm not saying this cuz Epperson was my favorite or anything (actually nobody's triggered my luv reaction so far). But he deserved to stay by virtue of his demonstrated talent and productivity over either Logan or Nicolas, and you can throw Christopher in there, too.

Just adding my voice to the choir (or glee club, if you will). Epperson should not have been auf'd for this.

The baked potato should have been booted.

If we play "which is the greatest sin," wouldn't it go like this:

Easy Sewer: Didn't grasp the challenge, swung too far in one direction, then way too far in the opposite direction.

Tin Man: Caved in to the client even though the client's wants were not doable -- whether due to time limits or skill limits.

Eyebrows: Created a hideous, side-dish dress and thought it was fabulous.

I know it's not 100% comparable, but on Top Chef, the judges HATE it when something sucks and the cheftestant just can't tell or doesn't understand why.

This is quite the girls season, isn't it? Only 3 boys left, and none of them particularly awesome.

Sewing Sirin said
"Loved hearing the process involved in coming up with the blog posts. My heart would go pitty pat if I could view the show with ya'll. I promise I'm a total mute while it's on."

THAT would be a prize worth winning. An invite to Chez TLo to watch the show :) Wish you boys lived in NYC

Thanks guys for the wit and insight

I only just now realized that Epperson is his last name and not his first!

Also, didn't see that this look had a jacket! It's unfortunate that his look didn't change with or without the jacket.

I'm sad to see him go, particularly when his was not the worst design on the runway, not by a long shot!

He's a sweetheart (and way hotter than Logan, too).

Oh, and adding to the "Heidi isn't as witty as she's trying to be"

Her comments during judging...

MK: No one wants to dress like they're going to a theme party
Heidi: And there's not even a THEME!


Poor Mrs. Seal. Between her indignation that her village was once ransacked by Gordana's people, and the thought of gorging on sausage and beer, it must have been a very trying day.

I actually got a little teary-eyed with this one. I was rooting for Epp as the dark horse of this race and unfortunately, they had to shoot him down in favor of the prettiest little pony in the shiny pants.

I agree, it was not a winning dress, although I found the black weaving in the middle kind of cool. But there were way more worse outfits on that runway that were spared because their pretty little faces appealed to the pretty little German model and her two cronies who aren't even worth mentioning.

Epp was at best, middle of the road. The style was definitely more of a Charlotte York feel to it which may not have been what Heidi&Co. was looking for, but it was definitely not worth an elimination.

But I appreciate the man's artistry and experience, and it was pretty obvious that the rest of the designers did, too.

I truly wish this brotha the best. He was a class act, through and through.

I would have given the "God, no! Take it off!" response to Christopher's look as well. I'm not defending Epperson's dress, but this judging had oducerpray anipulationmay written all over it.

Also, I just didn't get Heidi running on and on about how E. didn't get the challenge. He didn't understand it at first, and then he corrected, after Tim told him that he should. Tim said the same thing to everyone, including especially Logan, so maybe it just wasn't that clear to begin with?

Regardless, Epperson did meet the parameters of the challenge, Logan didn't, and Logan's hideousness quotient left Epperson's in the dust.

On the other hand, the end result wasn't unexpected. I was pretty sure they'd keep Logan around. I think Epperson understood that he was at a disadvantage from the standpoint of the target demographics, and he seemed pretty happy to have gotten the mostly very positive exposure that he got from PR.

I think Logan's cute, but GOD NO!

Even he thought he was going home. He actually looked taken aback that Heidi said "You're in".

Actually, at least Logan made an outfit.

Christopher space age POS should've been auf'd!

But Logan wasn't wearing the magical silver jeans. I must assume ALL his jeans are magical!

Epperson's dress was fugly, but at least he showed sewing skills. I don't see how Logan, with his puckery vest and lumpy pants, got to stay, while our Easy Sewer went home.

I also don't think Epperson deserved to go. I personally thought Christopher's trash bag dress was the worst. This is the second challenge in a row where his sense of style has completely lost its way. But Epperson made some big missteps that really seemed to rub the judges the wrong way.

And as bad as Logan's was, he was lucky he was able to hide behind the defense of "It's what the client wanted". I believe that's what really saved him this week.

On the subject of keeping people around based on their looks... I think Epperson's way handsome!

Logan didn't go home because he's pretty and he had the girl judges drooling over him. I don't understand Peppermint Patty being in the middle...his look sucked.

I will miss Epperson. He is one of my favorite personalities from all seasons, simply because you can tell he is just a laid-back, comfortable-in-his-own-skin guy.

On the subject of keeping people around based on their looks... I think Epperson's way handsome!

I think he's quite attractive, too, but I suspect the problem isn't looks, it's his age. I think this show fancies itself the discover of prodigies a la Christian Siriano, and an older designer doesn't fit that profile. And then there's the general agism prevalent in our culture anyway.

why, WHY did they not send CHRIS home for that sorry excuse of a cocktail dress or whatever he was trying to make? i thought it was completely insulting that he got to stay. i'm surprised he didn't burst into tears yet again.

i am sorry that epperson had to leave us. i was wondering out loud after the show why in the hell permiment patty wasnt in the bottom 3 or 4?

omg boys, what you go through for us, another reason to love you. thanks!

Epperson's dress was pretty mediocre, but the other male designers sent complete monstrosities down the runway this week. No way he should have been auffed.

The ONLY reason I can see keeping Logan (no, I don't think it's for the prettiness, actually) is that he completely transformed his dress into a whole new look. Granted, half of that whole new look didn't even involve using the dress (those pants), but you would never think he had to start from a wedding dress.

Epperson, meanwhile, made a bad, new version of a bad, old dress. Not good.

My wish every season, though, is that they would take past performance into consideration. It's harder to do this season with the revolving door of judges, but they never do it anyway and they lose talented designers with a few major mistakes versus mediocre designers who are always in the middle.

We watched the show last night in a group that included Shirin (lucky me!). She swears it's Logan's tight pants that distract the judges. His lack of basic sewing skills distracted me a lot more.

This dress was so incredibly unflattering. Look at where the seam is between the belt section and the skirt: it's at the widest part of her hips. AND THERE IS A FULL SKIRT BENEAT IT!

It makes her look so wide and pear-shaped, and she was neither.

Surprised he went home, too, but I simply could not get over how unflattering the shape of the dress was.

It was ho hum, but not nearly as awful as Logan's outfit. I don't think it deserved the auf, but it was one boat in a sea of "meh" this week.

Ow Chica Ow OW

I think what happened here was similar to what TLo posted in relation to Daniel V's win on the superstar episode. Epperson doesn't fit the judges image of an up and coming designer. He's not the young, trendy hipster on the cutting edge. (Which is not to say that Daniel V is not hugely talented.)

I think the same applies to the totally bogus treatment of Giordana. In her case, I'm not sure if it's just ageism or if it also has to do with how she presents herself. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with going au naturale (I do), but look at how she gets treated in relation to someone like Laura Bennett, who wasn't in her 20s either, but who always worked to put forth a certain image. While the judges did slam Laura more than once for not creating "young" enough designs, they did not (at least to my recollection) display such outright condescension of HER.

Right or wrong (ie, wrong), fashion is image and apparently the designers' images are just as, if not more, important than what they design, at least here. It blows. But it's true.

The only reason this dress got an auf over Logan was that Logan was cute, young, and white and Epperson is older and a person of color. Thanks, Bunim/Murray, for giving us the most whitebread, homogenous, boring season ever.

Epic fail.

Yea i can understand why he was in the bottom (i guess) but NO he did not deserve to go home! Honestly it should have been Nicolas and Logan in the bottom 2. Both of their designs were FUG!

Sad, sad, sad to see Epperson leave.

What an emotional nite last night was! =(

I am so saddened at Epp's auffing. I realy thought he was going to go further in the competition. That being said, Logan did not get the boot simply because he's hot and this is the same producers that make The Real World. On the other hand, Christopher's body of work has made the judges swoon, so he obviously wasn't getting the axe. So, Epp seemed like the perfect sacrificial lamb :(

Oops forgot to add:

In the plus colum this was an EXCELLENT episode! FINALLY Lifetime, it was entertaining from beginning to end and even though im not happy with who left i still enjoyed the show thoroughly! =D

Maybe Logan didn't go home because that was his first time in the bottom and they thought they would give him a second chance. Epperson had already been in the bottom so maybe he used up his grace period?

I completely agree with Parula. They weren't going to let Epperson win because it's going to be harder to market an older designer as the new "It" boy. That's why Logan and Christopher are still there, although I think their days are numbered too. Lifetime wants their Siriano. I would also be very surprised if Gordana makes it much further. They seem to want young and cute. If Gordana made Irina's dress, she would have gone home.
That being said, I think Epperson was robbed. Christopher's dress looked like a trash bag and Logan's was a hot mess. Epperson has a lot of talent, and being older and more experienced, he doesn't bring the drama and immaturity that some of these other designers bring.
I do want to say that as a person on the other side of 50 like Epperson, I'm proud that he "represented" for us AARP eligible people and showed that there can be successful second acts in life. I wish him much success and I will be watching to see what he does next.

I don't knock the judges for putting Ep in the bottom 3, but he should have been safe with Christopher and Logan on the chopping block. I was so sad to see him go. Once they get rid of Gordanna (sniff!), I'll just have Carol Hannah to root for.

I feel like the only one who never particularly cared for Epperson. I never really liked anything he did, but that's a difference in taste, I suppose. Consequently, while he seemed like a cool guy, I wasn't sorry to see him go.

Sprite, Logan was in the bottom 3 once before — for his model/client peacock blue "punk rock '50s inspired" dress for Kojii.

Why, oh why wasn't Christopher's in the bottom two with Logan? That metallic trash bag was truly cringeworthy. Epperson's wasn't great, but it was wearable.

sprite, Logan was in the bottom for the "models as clients" challenge. And Epperson's only been in the bottom on team challenges, where he was following someone else's designs.

This comment has been removed by the author.

At first I thought it was his mellow, drama-free personality that got him auf'd. But then I remembered that Logan hasn't created any fireworks either.

So it's got to be the pants. Logan's silver pants are like Dorothy's ruby slippers: No harm can come while the leather talisman is being worn. (and those danm pants are so powerful, they're still protecting him on the runway, while they're back at the apartment).



Anonymous said:

I would also be very surprised if Gordana makes it much further. They seem to want young and cute. If Gordana made Irina's dress, she would have gone home.

I'm imagining Heidi's comments had Gordana made Irina's dress:

"Gordana, you have made me very sad. that is an old lady dress-why did you make bat wings for sleeves, did you think your client needed to hide flabby chicken wing upper arms? and the color, the color is like bad, decaf coffee sweetened with non-dairy powdered creamer, it is not attractive, and worst of all, it looks cheap!
Auf, auf with your head!"

You know what I loved most about this episode? The moment when they asked Logan's model what she thought about her outfit and she said she loved it. Michael Kors was totally sweet to her and directed all his criticism at Logan - such a relief after that bitchy judge who told a model off for having no taste earlier this series. The same with Shirin's model - he didn't diss her for wanting Cher, but he also praised Shirin for not giving it to her.

In general, I think this was the best judging panel all series - they got what the challenge was, they understood what the designers were doing, they made constructive criticisms, and they made good decisions. More, please!

For a long time, I used to wonder what bothered Gotham Tomato so much about Sweet Pea. I believe that she mentioned they kept her around to appeal to all of the suburban housewifes who watched Bravo because they felt some sort of "connection" with her.

Welp, you win GT. Only this time it deals with the young pretty ones. After all, this is Bunim-Murray. Logan can bring is some of the younger teeny-boppers and college undergrads, while the hot chicks may actually make a frat boy stop and check out their hot racks.

If that's bringing in the viewship and the money for B-M and Lifetime, then they aren't going anywhere.

And trust me, the pretty ones aren't.

Lifetime is getting a makeover y'all. No more tv movies about Tori Spelling trying to escape abusive boyfriends.

He was auf'ed because his dress was neither shiny, nor tight nor short.

Everyone else sent something down the runway that fit at least one of these criteria.

PLEASE auf Heidi and her iron grip on this season's judging...

Epperson first made a dress that had absolutely nothing to do with the wedding dress until Tim came over and told him the rules of the challenge again. So he made this dress, but still didn't understand the rules of the challenge.

Certainly not Easy Sewer's best creation, but others were worse (Nikolas, Christopher's Jiffy Pop nightmare, Logan's). So sad to see him go. TLo--please interview him; would love to hear what's he's up to now.

I figured this would be Nicholes' week. But Epperson didn't deserve to go over this. Chritopher and his space bubble should have been the one to go!!

So, a black man can be elected president, but cannot win Project Runway. WTF?

I don't really see the whole Logan as hottie. Epperson is much more attractive to me. Tomato, tomahto. Anyway, that outfit that Logan mad was awful. Talk about an insane crotch. And aren't they the same awful pants he made with Althea last week. The top is pretty familiar too. I hated it last week and I hate it more this week.

Epperson's leaving is just not right, no matter it with any reason this eps.


I sure would not have auf'd Epperson. Granted, the dress was not good, but it wasn't the insane piece of crap that Logan put on the runway, or the cast off aluminum wad that Christopher "designed". Either one of them should have gone, but, alas, they are both single and "cute" (I don't personally think so, but seems most do).
On another note, how can I get in touch with Tim to have him suggest Logan wash his hair and that ratty cap???

He was so gracious and seemed a true gentleman. And I liked so many of his outfits. I was flabbergasted that they kept Logan, based on the two outfits.

I'm done with Project Runway. This was the last one to watch for me, at least until next season when I may try again. Three reasons:

1. The challenges are boring to the viewer, and I don't think actually challenging the designers talents in any real way.

2. The judging is horrible, without any reservations or qualifiers.

3. Heidi is mean and spiteful, not funny or cute. Her comments are asinine and not of any value to the designer. There is no constructive criticism of how to do better, only vitriol.

I'm tired of "I would wear that." or "I wouldn't wear that."

I don't care. I'm done.

Great blog, boys. I may still stop back to catch up on Mad Men. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You are great!

Epperson likes strips of fabric sewn on dresses. That is his vision as a designer. To me it looks like band-aids, but what do I know.

I while I was sad to see Epperson leave, I don't think it had to do with ageism at all. As someone mentioned I believe it has to do more with the consistency of the contestant.

Christopher (and I don't care for his designs) has been a high scorer, maybe they wanted to keep him on due to merit, Logan maybe more consistent, maybe more adventurous. Nic, I have no explanation.

Every week people scream to the heavens 'it's the judges', it ain't, Nina Garcia is the one that fought for Ra'mon's win on the beach challenge (no 'producer manipulation). I think Epperson may have had the bottom score, and in a sea of underachieving boys, drew the short straw.

Lets face it, its a girls season, the boys are just fodder for the judges.

I am a huge Epperson fan, especially the dress that he made for the tiger model for the industry party. Huge talent there. But this does prove that Logan doesn't have to wear silver pants to deflect a bullet, and that is good information!

Honestly, Epperson was my favorite and now that he's gone there isn't one designer that I find likable, and that I really want to win. This was a horrible AUFing!!

What's the deal with the AWFUL hair this season?

That didn't help Epperson at all.

Thank you! I actually saw it on the runway and feared it would somehow land in the top given how unevenly wack the judging has been this season. When I saw it was not so wack this time, I thought ok, the bottom 2 are Christopher and Logan. And Christopher will go home. Cause seriously, that is a kitchen garbage bag and a belt. I was shocked-like, SHOCKED-they sent Epperson home. Heck I couldn't believe he was the bottom two. Logan's was bad (I totally expect him to win the Insane Crotch) but there seemed to be a lot of work and effort behind his look at least.

I will say he was exceedingly gracious about the whole thing. This genuinely saddened me.

Lifetime is an IDIOT if they are aufing people for their age. Who wouldn't get caught up in a "second chance" story? You'd think given their demographic that they would court older contestants.

what is christopher still doing on the show?

his dress was much worse than epperson's...

Why the flip wasn't patty in the final 3? What a crock of shit...Logan got kept because of his looks and youth. Bullshit aufing.

I liked Epperson and his skills, but I wasn't at all surprised he got the auf here. The show has a long history of kicking out the designer who doesn't meet the parameters of the challenge with some notable exceptions (Hi Jillian).

Of all the outfits, Epperson's looked the most like, well, a wedding dress. It retained the basic shape and feel of the original wedding dress. In fact, I'm not sure where you'd wear the dress except to your second wedding. And while the work on the bodice was interesting, it didn't fit well and looked a bit sloppy compared to Epperson's other work. (He was robbed of a win with his denim dress.)

Logan's was a mess, but it doesn't scream hacked-up wedding gown, neither does Christopher's. Christopher's, I thought, was a case of WRONG dress for the woman, but a dress that could have been pulled off by the right model and styling.

So, wish he were around, but I totally get the Epperson auf.

Lifetime is an IDIOT if they are aufing people for their age. Who wouldn't get caught up in a "second chance" story? You'd think given their demographic that they would court older contestants.

First, I'm just guessing about the age factor because of the patently lopsided, youth-focused judging -- I could be wrong. But I don't think I am. I don't claim it's the ONLY factor in eliminations/negative perceptions on the part of the judges, but I think it matters. And I expect they'd deny it, too, as they're steeped in a youth-oriented world and likely unconscious of their bias. The understandable desire for another fierce, talented, snarky prodigy is kind of plain to see, IMO. Look how they dote on the two trash-talkers in the bunch.

I don't know how much daily/episode specific input Lifetime the network has into the production. I would expect the actual production companies to be pulling those strings. Lifetime's attempts to youthify it's audience fits in with the show's slant, though.

Seeing the grace with which Epperson exited, I have to think he figured from the outset he was the wrong type of guy to be the judges' pet, and he made the most of the experience, taking it as it came. A mellow and winning philosophy.

Epperson was pure class. It's a travesty that Peppermint Patty and that loathesome mess he sent down the runway weren't auf'd.

When I saw Nicholas' I thought "He's out". When he wasn't even in the bottom three, I couldn't believe it. Logan would have given him a run for his money, neither used very much of the dress at all.

Also, didn't Tim advise Epperson to use more of the dress? This seems to be the season that Tim's advice is not dead on (as far as what the judges seem to prefer).

Worst judging of the season, IMO. Maybe Epperson wouldn't have gone to the final three, but Nicholas and Logan deserve to leave before him.

I have never disagreed with the judges so hard on anything before. When they announced it was Epperson, I screamed and had to stop the show.

Logan wasn't even wearing his shiny silver pants. This is BS.

This auffing was totally bogus, I agree with everyone that Epperson didn't fit the next "Siriano" image and so was cut. What's particularly galling is that Heidi, who's been wearing weirder outfits than usual this season, has the nerve to pass judgement. I know people were ragging on Kelly from the Fashion Show, but at least she dressed herself decently!

Thanks for "lifting the veil." That was fascinating and enlightening. We already knew that you work hard for us minions, but I had no idea what really went into it. Makes me appreciate you even more.

I was not happy to see Epperson get the auf. Logan's was worse. But Epperson is "old" and doesn't have VPL silver jeans. They kept Logan because he's young and cute. End of story.

I definitely disagree. While it wasn't Epperson's best, it was still far superior to the hot messes Logan, Peppermint and Christopher produced.

I'm beginning to hate this show. I think I only watch it anymore so I can talk about how bad it sucks.

Gotham Tomato said:

(and those danm pants are so powerful, they're still protecting him on the runway, while they're back at the apartment).

GT, that's basically what I said as well, but I venture for the judges it may be what's IN the magic pants, that's so magical.

Even has CH all atwitter.

(And I like Logan, but I think he or Christopher should've been auf'd.)

I will sooooooooooooo miss Epperson! He was super-classy in his exit interview, too!

And since I didn't watch the show until a few minutes ago, I'd just like to say a great big HOORAY for Gordana!!!

I wouldn't have even put this in the bottom three, Nicolas would have taken Epperson's place.

The only way I can justify his elimination is that he didn't transform the dress, but he also didn't send out something that was ridiculously badly executed and ugly. I think Logan's adorable, but from the bottom three the judges picked, it was definitely him who deserved to go home.

Epperson is such a class act, and so talented, and in general so awesome. Good luck, Epperson!

The names of the series should be changed from "Project Runway" to "Random Judgeway."

Maria said... "why, WHY did they not send CHRIS home for that sorry excuse of a cocktail dress or whatever he was trying to make? i thought it was completely insulting that he got to stay. i'm surprised he didn't burst into tears yet again."

Frankly, I was surprised his "divorcee" didn't burst into tears when he made her put it on. :)

As an aside, who chooses the screencaps that go with the T Lo awards on the website?

I thought for sure Epperson would have wound up in the middle for his weak offering....AND I thought for sure that Irina would be in the Bottom Three for the bad prom dress. Maybe I need some Judge Crack.

...violators are socially shunned for the remainder of the season...
Oh my! I wouldn't make through one episode! (Just ask my dog.)

Redspring said...
The names of the series should be changed from "Project Runway" to "Random Judgeway."


I was very disappointed about this aufing. To me, there were THREE entries that were far more visually offensive: Logan's (should have been auf), Christopher's and Nicolas'.

This. Is. A. Travesty.


Epperson was a very talented designer even if I didn't always "get" it, I loved his "model dress" for Matar and his western movie costume. Gorgeous beyond words.

This was an unmitigated and heinous act! That such a talented and amazing designer could have been sent home before and ass face like Nicolas is beyond me. Seriously who is he blowing to still be in the competition?

Was the dress fabulous? No. Was it costume-y? I guess. Did he deserver to be sent home because of it? HELL NO!

meow said..."Certainly not Easy Sewer's best creation, but others were worse (Nikolas, Christopher's Jiffy Pop nightmare"

meow, that's TFF!!! Jiffy Pop nightmare sums it up so well!

I had brief delusions - after all they had auf'd Ra'mon- that 'young & pretty' might not save Logan's tush for putting such a wretched outfit down the such luck.

While I'm not defending Epperson's creation, 'cause heaven knows the back of that dress was as fugly & unflattering as they come, it was no where near the "would never want to be caught dead in this garment" status of Logan's outfit. [shudder]

And Peppermint Patty could have just as easily been in the bottom too for his hot mess.

I don't get the Loganlove and think that y'all are right that this is just producer manipulation of the worst kind. Doesn't bode well for Gordana, unfortunately.

But thanks TLo for the view behind the veil! we minions knew you worked hard on our behalf, now we can further appreciate your efforts!


I absolutely agree that it was not a good dress at all. It missed the mark in so many ways.

But dude--it so should have come down to Logan or Christopher last night. Epperson's dress failed, but if I had to choose whether to be seen in public in Epperson's dress or Christopher's? If I had to choose between Oktoberfest Pirate Wench or Baked Potato? Is this even a question that needs to be asked? Because Christopher's was shockingly bad.

Logan should have been the one sent packing. I have nothing against Logan (even if I can't remember anything he's made), but those trousers weren't even finished and his look included as little of the wedding dress as he could possibly get away with. "Hot mess" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Arrrghhh. I haven't been so pissed at an auf'ing in...I don't know how long. I thought Epperson handled it with tremendous grace, but he shouldn't have had to.

TED said:

Also, I just didn't get Heidi running on and on about how E. didn't get the challenge. He didn't understand it at first, and then he corrected, after Tim told him that he should. Tim said the same thing to everyone, including especially Logan, so maybe it just wasn't that clear to begin with?

Regardless, Epperson did meet the parameters of the challenge, Logan didn't, and Logan's hideousness quotient left Epperson's in the dust.
No, unlike several challenges this season, this one was perfectly clear. Tim even told them before they started shopping that they could buy no more than 2 yards of additional material and made a point of reminding them about their notions. They only had a $25 budget and that doesn't allow you to buy much beyond your necessities.

Epperson was the only designer who didn't understand the challenge. You're right, he did scrap his original when Tim explained to him where he went wrong, but the dress he produced went from one end of the spectrum and then jumped right to the other end. His design was too much like the original dress. Seeing the two garments side by side, this is obvious.

The reason he was picked over Logan was because he failed to meet the expectations of the challenge. The judges were baffled when he admitted not understanding it at the beginning. As soon as he started talking about his original design, my first thought was "but that's not the challenge".

And to everyone saying this is about age, race, and/or beauty, why does everything automatically boil down to an -ism when something doesn't go their way? We talk about how bad -isms are and how we need to get passed them, but when everyone makes a point to constantly make them an issue when they aren't there, they will NEVER go away. Again, Epperson was auf'd because he didn't remotely meet the challenge. Logan's outfit was a hot mess, but he still met the challenge.

I'm sure those reading this think I'm just a Logan fangirl, but I honestly liked Epperson's dress (though it needs a bit of tweaking before I'd wear it) and I'm probably one of the few girls not getting their panties wet over Logan. I have no idea what everyone is drooling over.

Nothing to add except ...


(another suz)

I agree with those that say Epperson might have been "auf'd" because he did not transform the wedding dress enough. His design had a very similar silhouette and with as much material he had to work, he could have really changed the original dress.

If this was the case, they should have included this in the editing so it would be clear why the judges were sending Epperson home over Logan. Now it just looks like the producers made the decision.


I just love this post. It's perfect in every way.

Here's what I don't get:

Epperson did make some bad outfits. But he made a couple of really, really good ones. At least one really great one.

Logan did not make one great outfit. And last night he made a horrific one.

So what gives?

I don't think there's anyone, including the judges,who thinks that Epperson isn't a much better designer than Logan. But, as some have said, the point of the challenge was TRANSFORMATION. And as kitchy as it might be, what Epperson came up with could conceivably be used as an Octoberfest wedding dress, even though it was MUCH better made and wearable than Logan's disaster. But pretty boy will be gone soon too.

Did you see how PISSED Heidi was when she was grilling Epperson about his not understanding the challenge? I think that was the reason he got auf'ed. SHE MADE HERSELF PERFECTLY CLEAR! HOW COULD HE NOT UNDERSTAND?

She was not going to take the blame for that Oktoberfest mess.

Sheesh...only one designer left that I find worth watching(Shirin, and even she has been bothering me as of late)... I think it's just about time to auf this show from my weekly schedule. I think I'll stick to reading this blog for my weekly dose of Project Runway, since the show itself doesn't seem to have much actual 'Project Runway' left in it anywhere.

I can only think that Logan's cuteness saved him (yet again! and not even with the magical silver pants!) because Logan's look was a hot mess. Epperson's dress was a failure, but it was a well-constructed failure. He belonged in the bottom three, but he didn't deserve to go home.

Epperson was not on my top three list of season faves, but I, too, am sad to see him go. His dress was way off the dictates of the challenge, but certainly not the biggest crime on the runway --- and we all know who was guilty of that? Logan's cute, but cute only get's you so far on this show. I think the clock's a-ticking for hime and I wouldn't be surprised to see him auf'd as soon as next week.

- edina -

Epperson is a great designer. Project Runway doesn't always bring out the best in every good designer.

His wedding dress re-do looked an awful lot like his paper dress design. And a number of times, he went for the wide skirt with wide, cinch-waisted look. That silhouette is ok with a stick-thin model who can carry it off. But with an ordinary woman, it can be rather unforgiving.

I wonder if he was trying for a tribal or oriental look with the design on the wide belt. He ended up in Bavaria and I don't think even he knew how he got there.

Finally, the dress itself did not undergo enough of a transformation into something else. Yes, Logan's and Christopher's frocks were fugly, but they no longer resembled the dress they came from. So they "met the brief" as they would say down under.

I knew Epperson was auf the moment Heidi asked him if he understood the challenge.

I didn't see the entirety of this episode and missed almost all of the runway looks (they were giving out free crepes. Can you blame me?) but when seeing Epperson eliminated I knew without seeing his or any of the other bottom 3's looks that he didn't deserve it. At this point, the aufings are usually predictable or understandable just based on a contestants overall performance on the show, and both Logan and Christopher have been pretty weak. Epperson has been kind of hit or miss, but usually, especially lately, hit. It's sad to see him go when you know he could have produced a winning collection while in the case of Logan, Nicolas, and probably Christopher, it would take some huge leaps for them to. Oh well, it seems like there's always at least one person in the Bryant Park show who clearly isn't as good as the others, but after seeing the final collections there just might not be.

So some believe that he was aufed because he didn't do enough of a transformation? Then how does that explain all the oohs and aahs over Shirin's dress? It looks like she just hemmed the wedding dress and stitched all over it. Maybe I didn't understand what Heidi wanted either.

Wait, PR is still airing? There was a challenge? Oh. *looks at W Magazine spread again*

This is a summary of my response to the sight of this post.

Sorry, Epperson. I like you.
And the challenge sounds stupid.

I don't think he should have been auf'd but I cracked up when Heidi smacked Epperson down over the instructions for the challenge, although at least two others seemed to also decide not to use a lot of the original wedding dress. Still Epperson gets little sympathy from me (for the smackdown, not the auf'ing) for his genius move in admitting it to anyone who would listen.

Now if we are going to bash Heidi, WTF with her clothes. Whoulda thunk I would miss short, tight and leopard skin. Macy's must be forking over a ton of moolah, so I guess she is bought and paid for - but you mean to tell me that Macy's / INC doesn't have more interesting stuff for her to showcase.

I don't find Logan attractive at all. He looks greasy and icky to me. Epperson, on the other hand, is hot AND articulate. He was the one I looked forward to watching each week. He's probably better off for being auf'd, but I, for one, will sadly miss him.

Like I miss Nina. The show is awful in LA, but Nina would be a breath of fresh air amongst the mess they've created. BRING BACK NINA!!!

WWTLoD said, "Alex? Are you there?.pick up a pencil, slip on a dress, and let us know you're okay!!!"

I know. I want to see him in those wedding dresses.

Nina's back next week :)

I thought for sure Christopher was going.

btw thank you for lifting the veil. you often have the Congrats post up so quickly, i honestly thought you had some magic up your sleeves. you work hard for we picky minions, yet it comes off as almost effortless.

CHristopher's was atrocious! Epperson's could at least be weared in public! Logan's pants were so dismal! has Logan ever even been in the top? at least Epperson had, wrong auf'ing IMO!

So said - I don't see why all the comments keep saying it should have been Logan going instead of Epperson. I agree that neither did anything remotely interesting, but ... honestly, Chrissy Minnesota's space age bubble dress monstrosity was the second craptacular design in a row from him. That was the auffing that should have happened.

- - -

Thank you! I join you and the others who are outraged that Christopher stayed on, despite the baked-potato-jiffy-pop thing he sent out. Unimaginative, unflattering dreck.

And Irina's MOB dress? Guess they're passing the leather pants around.

Love you, TLo!

I honestly didn't understand the uproar. Yes, Logan's outfit was hideous, but I really was not a fan of this look either. The bottom three all deserved to be in the bottom three to me.

But, it was still sad to see him go.

I've read all the posts, and am really bored with all the conspiracy theories. Now, I don't know if the producers are influencing the judging. Maybe. And it's possible that the all white, all girl (yes, you too, Dutchess) judging panel are subconsciously voting for young, white and pretty. Only that doesn't explain Gordana's win, now does it?

Or, imagine this: it could be that Epperson's dress was awful. Truly, I'd rather wear what Logan "designed" (for lack of a better word) than that white dirndl dress. If I wore Logan's, my friends would think, "Hmm. Must be laundry day, and she got dressed in the dark". If I wore Epperson's, they'd be on their phones calling for an emergency psych eval, right after they got up from LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF!!!

Anonymous said: So some believe that he was aufed because he didn't do enough of a transformation? Then how does that explain all the oohs and aahs over Shirin's dress? It looks like she just hemmed the wedding dress and stitched all over it.

True, but Shirin didn't have much material to transform, unless she wanted to do a lingerie set.

I really wanted to see Epperson make it at least to the final three, and then be in the top two with Gordana. Oh well.

Scarlet "Clearly it seems that Epperson's greatest sin is not being young and pretty. It's really a shame. He's done some great work and I'm finding it very difficult to recall anything that Logan (or Nicolas for that matter) has done."

I'm with you. I think the producers including Heidi, who all her life has ONLY been valued for her looks , have a distorted view of what a good PR cast should be -- and it's based too much upon youth and looks. Not surprising given the other shows that they cast for and produce which are all based on youth and looks. I imagine them making the decisions with Heidi and thinking, ok, we have to keep the pretties because the audience wants pretties. NOO NO NO, we want gorgeous clothes, we want challenges that provoke, we care if there is "the greatest romance in history", "the biggest lie" or other made up drama and we don't want to keep the pretty boy if he is only producing Scheiss (another German word).

This is Anon 6:46 pm. I meant, " we don't care if there is the greatest romance in history"

I didn't believe what I was seeing when they didn't auf Logan. It must be because they think he's pretty. I just don't get it.

Epperson's wasn't good but it didn't look like a**.

I did like the challenge in general though. I didn't keep my wedding dress after my divorce. I sent it to the dump lest it curse anyone else.

Okay, here's the thing: I've never really got Epperson. Maybe I'm just not that fashion-forward, but nothing he's done thus far has really made me sit up in my seat and go, "Wow, that's cool/pretty/really awesome." I agree that Logan's "outfit" looked terrible, more terrible than Epperson's dress, but at the very least, Logan had a creative concept. I think it could have been saved with a few days work, but he over-extended himself and didn't get to really put the time and effort into what his concept required.

Epperson apparently didn't even listen to what Heidi was saying about the challenge and had to re-think his design midway through to even meet the criteria for the challenge, and he just slapped the original top and bottom of the dress (with some minor tweaking) onto that black-and-white panel. If Tim hadn't have tipped him off, he would have been auf'd for not fulfilling the challenge, so really, he was going home either way.

I will go as far as to say that Epperson sure wasn't giving the producers much to work with, which is why I (correctly) predicted last night that it would be him to go, not Logan. That may or may not have been a factor (although I am leaning heavily towards the "may"), but I stand by my belief that he simply had no concept, where Logan did.

Every other show in TV Land has pretty people. Why cant they make one show that is based on peoples talents rather than looks? Its not like Epperson was super ugly and unbearable to look at on TV....he had a very cool, hip, artsy look going on...Logan just looks like a dopey, droll pretty boy.

Has Logan designed anything memorable? I can distinctly recall 2 very cool outfits of Eppersons...his western costume, and his brown model night on the town dress, which I believe won the challenge. I cant think of anything good Logan has designed and can only think of horrible designs he made or designs he always had an excuse for how poor it turned out.

If I want to watch people like Logan...I will watch Gossip Girl or The Hills. Please leave the talent on Project Runway, and leave the need for "pretty people" to win, to the "models of the runway".

Heidi started attacking Epp before he could even get a sentence out, she was that eager to save The Beauteous Logan. Heidi has dirndl-phobia. Fine, we get it. There were 2 dresses with dirndl-esque qualities. That is bad; so stipulated.
(Although the age range of the models/clients combined with the materials provided seems to have propelled many of the contestants to design a more modest and flowy garment. And I say that with love for the ladies who BTW did not deserve to be referred to as "divorcees" throughout the evening by the increasingly self-regarding Uncle Tim. Knock it off, Gunn.)
Anyhoo, even and despite all the Oktoberfestivitus, Logan's outfit was (1) poorly made, (2) badly fitted, (3) not in keeping with the assignment, and
(4) made his client/model look really awful.
The clear loser was Logan.

Starfish said: "Lets not forget The Dalai Tim warned us about this season."

What? Where? When? I want to read that! Where poor Tim has to manfully prevent himself from rolling his eyes as he warns us of exciting challenges like. . ."Everyone Wears Blue", or "Make an Ugly White Dress into a Non-Ugly White Dress".

It seemed clearly to be ageism to me--all the judges want is to see more of Logan in his shiny silver trousers. And Gordana's got no hope, with Heidi gunning for her.

Very disappointing season. At least I found your website--that's the one plus of this series.

I wouldn't have auf'ed Epperson this round, but I do think he will be gone (and rightfully so) before the final three so it's just a timing thing to me. I don't see Nicolas and Logan (and probably Christopher) making it to Bryant Park so they can get the auf any time too.

Total b-s aufing. Total righteous win. How could one episode be so right and so wrong at the same time? What was up Frau Seal's ass last night? I want to know what happened to her at the Octoberfest that has her so freaking angry. I didn't even know what she was talking about at first. It's not like he send St. Pauli girl down the runway. Not like I would have ever worn that dress, but he should have at least gotten a pass. Logan's was waaaay uglier and not finished. At least Epperson's was well constructed. Project Runway, you are hanging by a thread.


I am outraged at the injustice. Fine, it wasn't even close to the best work from Epperson. But what have we seen from Logan on the runway of any note? No question to me: Logan's ill-fitting, cringe-inducing monstrosity of this week, after a lackluster showing overall, should have just gotten him auf-ed. I have lost all respect for this season.

A slightly related question for the group: how much do you think the overall body of work shown through the previous challenges count? I thought it did in giving a designer the benefit of the doubt.

A slightly related question for the group: how much do you think the overall body of work shown through the previous challenges count? I thought it did in giving a designer the benefit of the doubt.

My personal take on this is that it varies. It seems like contestants the judges are hot on get a pass when they send something atrocious down the runway (see: Christian's brown satin prom howler) while contestants they don't care for so much (perhaps not seeing them as talented enough overall, or as producing good snarky TV) don't get the same latitude.

I don't know what the show's "official" stance on this is, though, if they have one.

I think there are several factors that led to Easy Sewer's aufing. Others have made the point that his dress had the same profile as the original wedding dress, which is somewhat true. Also, he confessed he didn't understand the rules. That kind of negative admittance has led to a lot of others being eliminated in past shows. I think the dress itself was an interesting idea gone a bit off.

Here is why Logan may not have been eliminated: he made multiple pieces. It seems the judges always go easier on those contestants who make more than one piece. The construction was terrible, but I wonder if this was a factor.

What I don't understand is why Christopher wasn't in the bottom. It was not age-appropriate or flattering. At least it was finished, though. But to me, even worse than that, was how poorly his lady was styled. She looked harsh, and older. He has had problems with styling in the past, but this just jumped out at me.


I had Peppermint Patty for the Auf. I hate being so wrong. Especially because Epperson just didn't deserve to go for this.

You have a good point, Anon 8:11.

Poorly constructed idea and poor garbage bag idea beats well constructed no idea any day.

I dearly wished to see Epperson at Bryant Park. His pre-show portfolio is beautiful.

I agree with the comments by Jules -- Epperson lost because he didn't follow the challenge. I'm glad that the judges are finally holding the designers responsible for abiding by the rules of the challenge. I'm sick of designers who get away with producing a green dress for a blue dress challenge or surfer wear that has nothing to do with the beach, swimming, surfing or anything other than its a pretty, little dress. Most of the comments are about how much better Epperson's outfit was than Logan's--that's not the issue. Otherwise, every designer will just ignore the rules and produce something pretty (or try to) and we've had enough of that this season.

Clueless Jock

Yep, I thought Logan's dress was more auf-worthy than Epperson's.

My cable went out with 10 minutes to go, and stayed out for 30 minutes. Only on Lifetime, not any other channel. I'm convinced that there's some sort of evil conspiracy here.

That said, what Logan sent down the runway was hideous and poorly made, and he richly deserved to go home. I will miss Epperson so much.

Second time I am very pissed off at the Auf'ing. Last time was a few weeks ago, I can't even remember, but I am starting to hate this show. I am thrilled at Gordana's win, but Logan's was a joke. It was what my 5th grade niece who is just learning to sew would make. What bullshit.

I though Epperson lost fair and square.

He'd tried that big-shouldered silhouette on the kimono jacket during the newspaper challenge and it wasn't all that spectacular then but at least made visual (and in the context, fashion) sense.

Here, the big shoulders just made her look like she had big shoulders, the jacket was a total and absolute waste of time, the middle didn't seem to do much to either make the design innovative, interesting or make her look like she had an actual waist.

The skirt was too voluminous and made her hips look wider and the outfit just didn't make her look hip or trendy or stylish or... . She looked like she just got back from her teenage kids' PTA meeting where she wanted to upstage some other mother. *That*, I'm sure, was not a look either of them thought of for a description of post-divorce activities.

Just. Didn't. Work. This. Time.

Logan's look at least looked completely and utterly different from the original wedding dress, there was an obvious idea (if poor follow-through) and the look, had it been better constructed, would have at least looked either trendy or vaguely sophisticated.

I didn't *like* the look, but I could *get* the look he was trying for and I liked that concept more than Epperson's.

But he's a very nice guy with good ideas (if he's allowed to go on his own groove) and it was a pleasure to see him do what he did so being on the show could never hurt his reputation (unlike, say, Suede, Blayne, etc., etc.).

Like Louise; lovely person, wrong milieu.

I wish him all the very best.

I don't understand why people were so anxious to have Kors return as a judge. I think he adds nothing to the show, except bad taste and an acerbic tongue. The judging this season has been totally whack and I'm about to be over PR as a "must-see" program. At least they got Gordana correct as the winner though I was sure they were going to pick Irina's monstrosity. If ever a look deserved the term dowdy, it was Irina's (and the orange man called it sexy!). I actually felt there were at least five looks that deserved to be in the bottom in this episode - those that were picked plus Irina's and Nicolas' outfits. This was clearly Christopher's worst effort but as bad as it was I would still put Logan's and Nicolas' below his which would put Epperson solidly in the middle. This season is rapidly turning into pure and utter BS and it's a shame as the designers are actually (or have the potential to be actually) pretty good.

Epperson, you have a great vibe, a great design style and you tooklearned from your experience. Congrats!

Of course you were wrongly eliminated to keep a younger, pretty boy on.

I hate it when the producer hands are so apparent. Ket me keep my illusions about the show.

Anon 7:53 PM said:
how much do you think the overall body of work shown through the previous challenges count? I thought it did in giving a designer the benefit of the doubt.

I would love it if someone would interview one of the judges asked them this question.

As far as this season goes, I think it's impossible to say if the designer's "body of work" has made ANY difference. I mean, the judges have been different every week - with the exception of Heidi (and her judgements get loonier by the week).

In order for the designers overall performance to make a difference I think you'd have to have the same judging panel throughout. Or, like it used to be - 3 regular judges and 1 guest. Then the regular judges can take the overall output of the contestant into account.

Maybe TLo could interview one of the judges . . . hint hint hint : )

This aufing GROSSED ME OUT. I admit that I'm not a Logan fan (I don't see any evidence of talent, plus I don't see why people find him so attractive--but then, greasy hair, girlish features and speaking in monotone don't really do it for me), but COME ON. His outfit was an embarrassment.

My boyfriend and I spent pretty much the whole episode pining for season 1 ("Remember the corn husk dress?" "Ooh, or the Chrysler Building dress?" "Or Jay's entire freaking Bryant Park collection?"). This season is such garbage in comparison, and this latest aufing has me to the point where my former favorite show is going to be supplanted by...I don't even know what else is on in this time slot, but something has to be better than this.

I am no longer feeling the Logan love. It's one thing to favor the pretty boy over designers at his level of talent; it's another thing entirely to keep him and auf someone so far above him skillz-wise. I'd understand if Epperson's garment had been clearly worse than Logan's -- judging is supposed to be based on the individual challenge, I know -- but it wasn't. Logan's outfit was practically unwearable.

Another "auf"ul PR travesty. But I respect the hell out of Epperson for the way he took it.

I agree with you guys; it was kind of shocking to see Epperson sent home. I liked the basic idea of his dress, even if the result was a bit of a mess (yikes, it's a lot worse in pictures). Sorry to see you go, Epperson!

Yes, Epperson's dress wasn't fashion-forward, but it was wearable for a certain type and age of woman. Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn't wear it, but I think it would be nice on all the thicker, more "mature", but pretty sisters. Anyway, the man is a class act and I'm sorry to see him go (and there were 3 if not 4 garments that were worse.)

Maybe PR doesn't need Epperson anymore, but he SO doesn't need PR anymore either...


Criticism first: I think the jacket was a mistake. It bulked up the look without adding anything intersting.

The dress? Eh. I didn't think it sucked, I thought it was kinda cute, but maybe not what he should've made for his client. That makes his bottom placement kinda understandable, but the aufing? Not so much.

But I don't think it was ageism. I think it's that Epperson has a tendency to analyze his work in a way that comes off oddly to some people (which, incidentally, is what I think happened between him and Q; they just had completely incompatible communication types). He's someone who generally seems to flow with life, instead of getting out a paddle, and while to me that comes off as laid-back, self-aware, and confident, I can see how some people might see it as non-self-aware or worse. Even his frustration is laid back! It's not the way most people tend to respond, and I think it was alien to a lot of people, and particularly the judges.

Also major kudos to him for leaving with such grace. Not at all unexpected, but it was still one of the best exits the show's ever seen.

I didn't think it was TERRIBLE, but I caught the bolero-scare-o in one viewing.

I've worn exactly that shape...but it's not fresh.

I think one big factor that lost it for Epperson was that his design looked so much like the original wedding dress. Except the wedding dress fit better. Looking back at what he has produced on this show, I really can't feel that the aufing was all that undeserved, though I do think he is a better designer than he has shown. However, that's not what they judge on this show. They judge what goes down the runway, and he has sent some weird, ugly stuff.

I don't think they could eliminate Logan for those horrible pants when Heidi was wearing something so much worse. Hee-hee.

I have never been all that fond of Epperson since he was paired with Qristyl. Sure, she was a disaster as a leader, but he acted without an ounce of class. Christopher was an ineffectual leader last week, but Epperson did not treat him so shabbily.

On another site, there is a rumor that Epperson is working at an H&M now. How depressing is that? (If true.)

The jacket was pretty unnecessary, but overall I thought the dress was OK.

I'm sad that we didn't get an "insane crotch" from MK last night over those atrocious pants.

Ok, I'm over it. I'm even going to get some sleep tonight! No more snark or conspiracy theories from me. Congratulations Gordana!!

Ellen M said...
On another site, there is a rumor that Epperson is working at an H&M now. How depressing is that? (If true.)

What's and H&M?

I haven't seen the episode yet and I'm sad to hear Epperson's gone, but the first thing the middle portion of his look made me think of was the Union Jack dress one of the Spice Girls wore back in the day.

I think they kept Logan because someone considers him "beefcake" or good-looking. Truly. That or the alien kidnapping of the judges' collective mind. No other explanation.

Scarlet said "Clearly it seems that Epperson's greatest sin is not being young and pretty."

i agree. But if the producers had thought it through, his story would have been MUCH more newsworthy and interesting than yet another 'young, trendy up-and-coming designer.' i couldn't identify a single one of Logan's designs if you held a gun to my head, but i remember Epperson's good AND less than good stuff. This aufing was all kinds of wrong. Epperson shouldn't have even been in the bottom 3. Nicolas's design was pure ass.

This season is hanging by a thread.

Look at Epperson's output on this show. It's not that impressive. He put out a lot of wacky, fugly designs. I don't think his aufing was a joke or because of his age or looks. There was no way he was going to make the finals.

H&M is a clothing store that sells trendy, decently made clothes. Someone described it as Forever 21 but well-made.

I totally agree this is just plain against nonsense. Epperson is one of the most talented designers of the bunch.

Nicholas has questionable taste level. His outfit this week was ridiculous.

Logan's was a shambles and his work in the season hasn't been up to the standard of Epperson.

In a week by week comparison neither of those two can compare to the work Epperson has produced.

This show is turning into a farce & turning me off. Big time. I'm about to say Auf Wiedersehen to this show.

Sad, sad, sad.

really, i just didn't think it was that bad. and after they kicked off ra'mon when louise was SO much worse. it's KILLING me. WTF is wrong with the judges? oh wait, maybe it's because pretty much the only judge is bitchtastic heidi.

The amount of animosity everyone has for this show lately surprises me. Yes Logan produced a terrible garment. So did Epperson. But Epperson. The judges chose to send Epperson home. It's not all that different than some of their decisions in past seasons...Daniel Franco over Santino for lingerie, Lupe over Marla for the Nikki Hilton challenge...the list goes on and on. And I think this week it could have been either one of them and the aufing would have been completely justified.

I don't think that race or age had anything to do with it -- I think Epperson was auffed because he didn't get the challenge. Yes, his dress was better then Logan or Chris's -- but they followed the rules. The point was to use the materials that were part of the dress... and it sounded like he made it a point to use as little as possible - and it WAS a pirate wench's dress. Not following the instructions AND making a wench dress proved to be a lethal combination.

fragile industries

This auf has officially put my Thursday nights back in play.

I'm that disgusted. I'd rather be eating fried pickle chips at an accordion festival than go through this again.

I was very sad to see Epperson go home. He really seems like a class act and a cool, humble person. I wish him much success in the future.

fragile industries

And another thing. Has there ever been a season when the fine details of the challenge have been so frequently misunderstood by the designers and so inconsistently applied by the judges?

There have been more "start-overs" by the designers after clarifications that didn't apparently match the ultimate criteria the judges seem to use. And the judges contradict themselves and each other when praising or berating the designers about meeting the challenge.

I've been confused this season from the get-go. This last show was at first a good challenge, finally, but it was so unclear by the end I'm amazed anyone could send anything down the runway. Most of them didn't, as it turned out.

Epperson at least sent something down the runway after being sent, twice, in opposite directions. His talent is undeniable.

To quote the immortal Nathan Lane, I feel betrayed and bewildered ...

Just total bs!

As per what's her face, I'm not buying it...not any of it.

And if youth is what they are going for...time to boot that nasty, know nothing, coldhearted, talentless, tasteless one who gets much too much pleasure in giving the auf.

The only thing that keeps me watching this show is this blog. They've already chosen their winner for this season. The judging is a competition of who can say the meanest, nastiest thing. Normally, I'm okay with that, but they are just so off base that all the judges come off as petty and contrived. It's almost as if Heidi is the cool kid and everyone has to try to impress her. She then humiliates everyone, and the people who do win are treated as if Heidi had done all of the work.

Maybe that's a bit harsh, but THIS time I felt it all went to far. Worst season ever. Just give Irina the win. That's clearly what Heidi wants to do, just like that's what she wanted to do with Christian.

And those dresses in no way looked like a dirndl. A bodice a dirndl does not make.

Oh, and Heidi. Stop saying "No" at the end of your sentences. I'm a fluent German speaker, and no one in German or in English does. Just stop.

Worst season ever, no?

To me it look that Epperson wanted to go home.

I've only recently discovered this site -- I'm new to Project Runway on the recommendation of a friend -- and I wish someone would please explain who Peppermint Patty is. Are you talking about Nicholas? I don't like not being in the know! I agree it's a shame Epperson was eliminated; he is a gentleman and very talented. Truthfully, I think they kept Logan because all the girls like him so much.


Welcome to the Minionhood. Yes, Nicolas was named Peppermint Patty by Alex, a commenter and cartoonist. He graces us occasionally with pieces about PR. You can find them by going to the TLo homepage and doing a SEARCH for "toons".

Absolutely stunned that they kept the pretty boy on and sent Epperson home. I can't remember a single memorable piece that Logan has shown, while Epperson has displayed so much more talent cumulatively. The judging this season is beyond wack, and I can only guess that it stems from the constant variation in judges. Damn is this season ever pissin' me OFF.

fragile industries said:

I'm that disgusted. I'd rather be eating fried pickle chips at an accordion festival than go through this again.
OMG...thanks for making my morning!! Your comment has GOT to go in the TLo hall of fame!!!

As much as I dislike Nicolas and his designs, I have to admit that this week's design was safeout material.

Epperson's looked good from afar, but it was far from good.

Logan simply had execution problems.

Christopher's was ugly. Between Christopher and Epperson, I am not sure which one was worse. Maybe they safed Christopher out because he transformed the dress into something totally different.

WTF??? I watched the show on the repeat last night. Nina must come back. The producers can't push her around. Epperson was wronged. The designs in the bottom were all trash but Epperson's design was a well executed piece of trash. This season of PR has lost all credibility will me. I hope the producers are reading this. Shame on you Heidi and Michael for letting this happen.


Ted said..."On the other hand, the end result wasn't unexpected. I was pretty sure they'd keep Logan around. I think Epperson understood that he was at a disadvantage from the standpoint of the target demographics, and he seemed pretty happy to have gotten the mostly very positive exposure that he got from PR."

Yes! It is called CLASS. I am willing to bet money I do not have that Epperson wins the fan favorite award. I think we TLo bloggers should start a grass root movement to elect Rodney Epperson Fan Favorite.

As far has Heidi wanting another PPS, there isn't a designer in this bunch even close to PPS or Laura, Mychael, Uli, Rami or even Wendy Pepper & Kenley! I need to take a Valium and calm down.


That was my comment above. I meant "ageist nonsense". But now I think about it, definitely Producer Manipulation as TED stated.

Oh Epperson. I so liked him, not least for his sense of calm maturity. A nice counterweight to Irina's smugness and Shirin's shrillness (and Irina's dress was ass-ugly, btw).

Epperson's dress didn't strike me as that awful. Not couture, no, but it looked to me like a light, summer dress a woman would wear for a casual dinner or drinks out. I liked the neckline and sleeves very much; the criss-crossing wasn't fab, and the skirt was a lot fuller than my taste, but I also DO see all kinds of women wearing very full skirts, all the time.
Of course, I live in a fashion backwater, so what do i know?

This did not scream Oktoberfest. Santino's lingerie screamed Oktoberfest. I think this look only suggests Oktoberfest to Heidi, or anyone German or particularly obsessed with Oktoberfest.

And you know, Heidi's instructions ("I thought I made myself clear") seemed not to fully mesh with Tim's ("The core of the new look must be the wedding dress")

this season depresses me. It feels nasty and petty, and like the cool kids are getting rewarded regardless of quality of work.

All those people that threaten to never watch again, please don't. You're really putting a dampener on those of us that are watching the show. Go watch 'Top Chef' or whatever you want.
The fact of the matter is that this season they have a very talented group, week to week auf's are painful because they are getting rid of good people.
Those of you that look to past seasons, not a good example. The fact is past season winners have been huge failures in the fashion world (a relative of mine is/has been an editor for a number of very well respected fashion magazines) that is until Christian Siriano.
Season 5 was seen as a throw away as Bravo poured money into the housewives.
Thus we have this season, Tim Gunn has spoken of the talent level of this season (high). Look to the number of these designers that are already making moves in the industry, 3 have moved to NYC (at least 4 lived there already). Logan I've heard is moving there, Epperson, Logan, Althea, Ra'mon, and Gordana have put on shows during fashion week. Past seasons have not had that level of serious commitment from contestants.

Reading your complaints a lot of you really just want a reality TV show, crazy contestants, big personalities, and goofy challenges. Quit acting like you want serious talent, you want serious crazy.

The judging was wack. Epperson was totally denied the win for the costume challenge, and now has to go out when there were far worse looks than his. Christopher fell into the Lupe Trap when he put his model on the worst dressed list, and Logan's trouser fiasco was called a "tragedy."
Where is Nina? She would never stand for any of this.

Anonymous on 10/10/09 at 10:32 AM - You have a valid point. Where did you hear about Bravo pouring money into 'Housewives"? Can you elaborate?


The thing about Epperson is, he's the only remaining designer who, if you were to show me all of the dresses without saying who the designers were, I would be able to guess which work was his. Everyone else just sort of makes generic looking 'cute' dresses. Epperson really has a strong viewpoint. It's looking to be a boring rest of the season.

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