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Atelier Versace Fall 2009

Let's cleanse the palate with something fabulous, shall we?

We've been waiting with anticipation for this collection. We had already seen January Jones at the Emmys in one of the pieces from the collection, another was featured in the recent Tim Burton-inspired Harper's Bazaar editorial, and still others were featured in that Vogue Italia editorial from a while back, so we were primed for this one and we weren't disappointed.

We really hope some of the stylists and starlets take a good close look at this collection because most of these looks are the kinds of things we'd like to see on the red carpet going forward. Owing to the glut of red carpet commentary out there, most of the entertainment industry is too scared to take a risk and we couldn't be more bored with the endless array of high-end prom dresses that seem to clog up the red carpet every awards season. Take some risks, starlets! These pieces are uniquely gorgeous; textural and architectural, loaded with interesting shapes and silhouettes.

Do we love every single piece? Almost. There's that one dress that looks like it's being attacked by hedge hogs, and some of the pieces are so architectural that they border on unwearable, but one thing's for sure: the woman that wears anything from this collection is sure to be the most noticed and talked-about woman in the room. And isn't that what high fashion is all about?


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Wow. What a stunningly beautiful collection.

I liked the first look which surprises me because I've never been a big fan of the dress-mullet.

The short blue dress is GORGEOUS! I can't imagine how one would not crush the little pryamids at the bottom or sit next to anyone with those sleeves, but who the hell cares! THAT'S how you make a blue dress.

The blush dress (the one that's also shown in white) and the pink number are to die! Of course, pink and black are my favorite colors, so that might have something to do with it. lol

The final gown is breathtaking in it's detail work. *sigh* I so wish I had the money and the body to wear that.

I want basically every one of the floor length dresses. To die!

Gorgeous! Yes, a bit hedgehog on that one, but otherwise these are stunning. Some remind me of classic architecture such as the Chrysler building.

The first white gown and the last blue one have me drooling. I love this collection, except for the aforementioned hedgehogs.

Stunning. No other words descibe it!

Yowza! I loved every single one of these pieces, but the evening gowns are gorgeousissimi!!

Those shoes, on the other hand . . .

And now for a pet peeve: . . . the kinds of things we'd like to see on the red carpet going forward. Please, guys, don't say "going foward" when it's perfectly obvious that you're talking about the future. It's unnecessary. It's redundant. It's superflous. Go back and read that sentence without the "going forward". Doesn't that sound better? Of course it does.

Rant over.

I always find it interesting to see how the original dress is modified for stars (ie - the January Jones Emmy dress).

These dresses are stunning...but appear to be mostly wearable. The Hedgehog dress reminds me of Carmen Electra....I have no idea why....

But yowza....this girl has no waist and in some pics appears to have dangerously pointy hip bones. C'est mode de couture!

These dresses are so stunning. Seriously, it's been so long since I've seen a collection that is both unique and jaw dropping. Absolutely amazing!

I was apparently so upset by the use of that phrase that my spelling suffered.

It's "forward" and "superfluous", of course.

Honestly, I can spell, really I can.

Mmmm, I'd wear that first one as a bad-ass wedding dress if I was bad-ass enough and my mother-in-law hadn't already made me a dress (which is gorgeous, but not bad-ass). And if I had alot of money. That too.

I was distracted multiple times by how boney the model was. She's bit disturbing. I'd rather have the angles of the dress offset by some softness in the wearer.

TVKimmy said.....
The blush dress (the one that's also shown in white).....

Sorry. I looked at the gowns again and realized that the blush and white gowns were not the same. Oops!

I do like a lot of these but I remember a couple of them from the Vogue layout and I still don't like them. They would be the mauve and pale blue dresses at the bottom. Maybe it's just the colors. Mauve just makes me shiver at the memory of that most unfortunate hue of the 80s.

Okay, got that off my chest. The remainder of the clothes are mostly gorgeous. My fave may actually be the knee-length white number with the black piping. It's a very flattering silhouette and the proportions look great to me. It's not a red carpet kind of look. If I'm a stylist getting somebody photographed I think I'd go for the silver Wilma. Yes, it's a Wilma but look at it! Just look!!

Thanks for bringing it, guys.

Do you know who the model is?


But the bottom pink and blue gowns are Barbie dresses, straight up!

Absolutely gorgeous. That last blue gown is a stunner, and I also love pic 18, the one that looks like molten metal. And I don't usually even like metallics! Not crazy about the hedgehog dress, as you said, and the one with the rose/boob bullseye isn't my favorite, but yeah, everything else is amazing. Thanks for posting this! Definitely 1000 steps up from the PR "challenge".



This collection yet again affirms my undying love for Atelier Versace.

and TLo, Merci for a fabulous palate cleanser!

palate cleanser indeed! now this
IS fashion.

Some of these are supremely gorgeous. I love how they combine hard-edged geometrical shapes with flowy fabrics. I think the dress with the lace-up high slit is so sexy. I'd love the see the red carpet reactions to that look.

Thank you for having this blog, TLo, it brightens my day. -victoria

Thanks for all the posts, guys. Ignore the nit-pickers who have nothing better to do than "rant" about your writing.

So. Much. Love. I want that last blue dress! Details. movement. *sigh

I want and would wear every damn piece of this collection!!

The "hedge hog" dress reminds of Chris March's use of safety pins.


Fabulous collection!! Absolutely stunning every single one of these dresses.

Marie wrote:

"I was distracted multiple times by how boney the model was. She's bit disturbing. I'd rather have the angles of the dress offset by some softness in the wearer."

With respect, I disagree. I think she's gorgeous and looks just wonderful in these clothes.

Incidentally, the red, black, and blue beaded dress (which oddly reminds me of Nerf slingshot missiles I used to own) was worn on the red carpet by Diane Kruger in the first week of September or so to an Inglourious Basterds event.

Lilithcat said...

Yowza! I loved every single one of these pieces, but the evening gowns are gorgeousissimi!!

Those shoes, on the other hand . . .

And now for a pet peeve: . . . the kinds of things we'd like to see on the red carpet going forward. Please, guys, don't say "going foward" when it's perfectly obvious that you're talking about the future. It's unnecessary. It's redundant. It's superflous. Go back and read that sentence without the "going forward". Doesn't that sound better? Of course it does.

Rant over.

Considering you could barely get through a hundred words without misspelling one, you have a lot of nerve criticizing the writing on such a literate blog as this one.

Getting a very Art Deco vibe from all of the dresses, and I love it!

Note to potential PR contestants - if you're gonna claim the Chrysler Building for inspiration on a dress, THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE.

Lilithcat said...
And now for a pet peeve: . . . the kinds of things we'd like to see on the red carpet going forward. Please, guys, don't say "going foward" when it's perfectly obvious that you're talking about the future. It's unnecessary. It's redundant. It's superflous. Go back and read that sentence without the "going forward". Doesn't that sound better? Of course it does.

Rant over.

Was that really necessary? What the hell? This is a BLOG not the NY Times. Of all the things you could have mentioned....THIS is what you choose to talk about?

"Going foward" and "superflous", Miss Grammar? Looks like you need a dose of your own medicine.

By the way, "gorgeousissimi" is not a word.

Rant over.

Love all of these. Even the hedgehog one. I could see Anne Hathaway wearing one of these.

I like all but the white one with the flower-boob and the one after that. If the hedgehogs could be peeled off that dress, it would be gorgeous.

I see ruffles! And I see v-neck skinny strapped dresses! You think Donatella was channeling last night's PR challenge? :p

Seriously, those are GORGEOUS! The only one that I'm not swooning over is the pink one with the pleated skirt. Other than that, I want!

Now this is Fashion!

Absolutely amazing! works wonderfully well to take my mind off the dreariness of last night's PR.

I don't even hate the hedgehog dress...let some starlet wear it to a high-end humane society function or peta event.



Very beautiful and glamorous collection.

#4 Has Angelina Jolie written all over it.



Wow. I don't think I would ever personally wear one of those, but in no way is that a failure to appreciate how freakin' cool they look. And actually that first one, if I were thinner and younger, I might even be tempted by even though I normally avoid white. I wonder how it'd look in a bluish-grey.

Overall, I'm in love.

However, the second from the bottom dress is beatiful except that the color makes it look chip.

As for the red carpet, yes! Stylists, listen to TLo!

Holy smokes. This is a very interesting collection. Loved all but the last three and the one that looks like wet dog fur right after the dog did a massive shake.

The blue dress - looked like Carol Hannah's blue dress taken a whole lot farther.

Mauve dress at the end - once again, penis/firehose spewing fabric. These are smaller than the last version TLo showed us, but equally weird and ugly.

The two Art Deco gowns are A-MAZING. I particularly like the silver one with the fan pattern on the hips. That's a real show stopper.

Anonymous said...
Thanks for all the posts, guys. Ignore the nit-pickers who have nothing better to do than "rant" about your writing.

Ditto. And ditto to all the other
posts on this matter.

This is such a difficult time - and this post brings both beauty into our lives and a smile besides.
To complain about something that YOU DO NOT PAY FOR is truly ass.

BTW - LOVE the post.And thanks TLo - what a pleasure to see
real fashion!

Oh clap clap.
I love them all , even the hedgehog!
I have a special fondness for the nudie with the trebles on the shoulder and hip.
And the turquoise ode to Bucky Fuller.

I LOVE the hedgehog dress!

Statement dresses! Beyond Fabulous. For the first time I understand why people "drool" over fashion. My mouth was hanging open in wonder and amazement.

Does it say something about me that I love the hedgehog dress?

LOVE! Love love love love! Even the attacking hedgehog dress. Although to be fair I think I like that one because of the idea of a starlet being attacked by adorable hedgehogs while walking in to Oscars...

I want to know what the second dress-- the black one with all of the shiny triangles-- is made out of. It looks like plastic. Really dig it, except I don't know where on earth you'd wear something like that except to a premier showing of The 5th Element.

Ohhhh! My! God!

What a beautiful collection.

Oh, yum! I crave the silver/white Wilma. Of course, I won't be able to eat for 6 mos before I wear it, but it would so be worth it!

I haven't enjoyed looking at clothes this much in a very, very long time.

Thank you.

Stunning!! I especially love the silver gown in frame 21, and I am not even a love of "shiny", but this gown is absolutely magnificent!!!
Thank you, TLo, for taking us out of the PR doldrums this morning by posting these pieces of beautiful!!!

Jaw-dropping beautiful.

WOW. I remember your last post about Atelier Versace (with the sketches) and I wondered how'd they top that.

I think those are the only wilmas I've ever really liked.

Maybe the shoes could be less like torture devices.

I want all of these dresses NOW! Ahhhh that definitely was something to cleanse the palate... i feel better now, thanks TLo!!!

Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!

So Beautiful!!! If I had money to burn I'd buy every single piece and damn if I wouldn't find someplace to wear them. I just adore the blue dress with the insanely structured sleeves. I wonder how stiff they are? Would you have to keep your hands on your hips the entire time you're wearing it? No matter. I love it!

What I think is interesting is that though it's a highly architectural, therefore sort of "cold" feeling, a lot of the gowns seem to soften the models curves and accentuate them. There are a lot of hips that look quite full there, almost like ancient depictions of women with hips that I've seen.

Curiouser and curiouser.

I would expect such a collection to make the ladies look angular, but it makes them softer!

Atelier Versace is by far my favourite. I waited with bated breath since the last atelier versace feature. Gorgeous. 100%

If had the money or the figure, all of this would have been mine about five minutes ago. WANT.

the first dress - absolutely incredible. i'd like to see that on the red carpet on our longest-legged celebrity ASAP.

the second dress - a bit unwearable, but no less fabulous.

the third dress - reese witherspoon needs to wear this, like, tomorrow.

the fourth dress - i hate it.she looks like a muppet [i know that's trendy now, but enough.]

#5 - not my style, but definitely beautiful and red-carpet worthy.

#6 - again, too architectural/conceptual to be wearable, but if versace let someone change the sleeves, that's a fierce little red carpet dress.

#7 - beautiful, elegant, luxurious, amazing. i'd wear it to my wedding if i had the body (and the money)

#8 - great mix of hard and soft, architectural and grecian. i think this will be on the red carpet very soon.

#9 - beautiful and complex, but who would be able to walk or breathe in a full-corset dress like that?

#10 - it looks like a hedgehog is sitting on her shoulder and waist.

#11 - stunning, but if i see one more mermaid-shaped dress on the red carpet, i'm going to scream.

#12 - looks like a peacock, in a fabulous way.

I must agree with the crowd here. From the very first picture, I literally and figuratively let out a sigh of relief. Finally a collection that i wanted to look at AS WELL AS think about. Fashion is art, but it should fit its canvas, all of these looks created stunning sillhouettes. At times they went to very creative and dark places but never reached a point where they looked ridiculous, which unfortunately i feel we have seen too much of lately. Whimsy is one thing, but downright costume grandstanding is quite another. Bravo Versace!!! It has been a busy and stressful day for me and for those few moments when i focused on the pieces, the details, the lighting, posing...everything...the noise just died down and i was really moved. What a nice treat.
As to the actual pieces. Both white dresses (i believe 1 and 3?) nearly brought a tear to my eye. I love the prickly blue/red/blackish piece with the open back, it was hypnotizing. The shoes that matched the detailing on some of the dresses were ferosh! i also thought the blue pyramid dress was simply stunning. For some reason i hated that black sixth look. but i can't put my finger on why. I started out hating the silvery pink robot look at first but the details really started growing on me. I would have loved that nude dress that looked like it was being attacke by hedgehogs had he chosen a different accent, they were a little distracting, but the material and gathering was lovely.
That's all, but what a great collection.... Erin

TVKimmy said:

THAT'S how you make a blue dress.

Well, yes, as long as the dress in question isn't for Inc, possibly the most boring and fashion-backward brand on the planet. Product placement is killing this show. We have a drinking game that every time Tim says a brand name we drink. This is more of the same.

Those were very fun to look at! I liked the 30s silhouettes and beautiful details. I never thought I would like a mermaid gown...

The Tiffany Lamp dress made me burst out laughing though. That's not supposed to be actually worn, is it?

I gasped at the first one, and my jaw hung open and stayed there for the rest. The pale green may be my favorite. May be. I don't mind the hedgehog one, the whimsy of it is wonderful.

yet another laura

Allof these are so amazingly well crfted, and except for the hedghog-dress, all incredibly gorgeous.

Not allways completly wearable maybe, but who cares?

This is fashion at it's best.
Thank you TLO for making up for the lackluster PR episode last night with all this beautifull eye-candy.

Wow, great collection. I gasped when I saw the last blue dress; it reminded me of a peacock. All of these dresses are so beautiful.


Thank you, TLo. More refreshing than a lemon sorbet. And mostly gorgeous - some of those dresses are absolute works of art. And I must have the white shoes (even if I'm not crazy about the short white dress they're paired with).

Usually I love Atelier Versace... but this collection just kind of bored me. The short black architectural dress, and the one with the big blue sleeves, are definitely impressive. The rest are just--I hate to say it--kind of tacky. Tight and shiny. I could see Beyonce in any number of these gowns.

Anne said: "Product placement is killing this show. We have a drinking game that every time Tim says a brand name we drink. This is more of the same."


oh, thank you, fellow minion, for a new & improved way of watching this season! It may not improve the calibre of the challenges but at least I'll be a bit happier watching ;o)


Very nice and fresh looking compared to what we see all the time these days, but don't you find these also very retro? 1930s deco? woman as Chrysler Building? I could see Joan Crawford or Rosalind Russell wearing any of the long gowns to the Casino Roof in The Women.

these dresses are spectacular! in my next life when i am a size 2 celebrity who actually has opportunities to wear these things i want one of each...i even kind of like the hedgehog dress, although one would need to be a size -2 to wear it and not look fat...(anyone notice how it is loose in the back just like gordana's flapper dress? and she was lambasted for that....)

the pink one reminds me of a faberge egg.

thanks, tlo for sending some real beauty our way!!!

So much pretty!
I adore the first dress, even though I'm not usually a fan of the mullet skirt.

Beautiful! I agree . . . these dresses would be a vast improvement on the Wilma-long train-red snoozefest that seems to have overtaken the red carpet. Like previous poster, I can totally see Angelina Jolie in the grey/black strapless. And the beautiful blue gown towards the end screams Penelope Cruz to me.

On the other hand, looking at these kind of reinforces the suck that is going on in PR7.

It is a gorgeous collection. It takes a lot of today's popular styles and pushes them forward in interesting ways.

Sculptural ruffles-- they're there, but big and bold. They expand downward and outward and manage to add interest without swallowing the wearer.

Paniers--(mint green dress) only this time, they're a bit see-through so that you can see the body underneath.

Exposed lingerie--(silver dress, light pink dress) It isn't just a plopped on bra or corset, but a design that is integrated into the dress with elements that repeat in unexpected places.

Even the Wilmas are beautiful.

Resplendent! Gorge! To-die-for! Basically, amazing eye candy for an otherwise dreary Friday. I'm not crazy about rose-boob, but everything is just entirely too aesthetically pleasing for me to not like it. Thank you, T-Lo!

Would love to photograph any of those dresses!

Anne said: "Product placement is killing this show. We have a drinking game that every time Tim says a brand name we drink. This is more of the same."


oh, thank you, fellow minion, for a new & improved way of watching this season! It may not improve the calibre of the challenges but at least I'll be a bit happier watching ;o)


10/2/09 1:37 PM

It's been like that from day 1 of the entire show, when they first gathered on the roof and toasted with "Moet" champaign. The sponsors always get mentioned by Tim, and sometimes also by Heidi, every single episode.

"TLo, Merci for a fabulous palate cleanser!"

Seriously. I have seen so much boring on the runway I am starting to feel like Nina Garcia. These are interesting constructions that are mostly wearable and yet all fairly original. I generally dislike mermaid gowns, but I do like these pretty well. PR designers of the future, take note. It is possible to do new things with fabric. This season makes me miss Leanne.


3 & 5 were the only two I wasn't excited about - and in another collection they might have been stand-outs.

I ought to dislike #4 for being gimmicky, but I don't. I really really like it. Its something about the combination of color variation and texture (and, possibly, very clever lighting).

As has been said, #6; now THAT's a sit up and take notice blue dress!

9 & 10 - An amazing 30's Hollywood film vibe while being recognizably "now" from the construction. (The back view of #9 - yowza!)

Gotta say, first thought about #11: "Cool! Accessorizing with tribbles!"

Good GOD, those are some amazing designs.
Just stunning.

I think January Jones should have gone with the green tinge instead of the white and gold she wore.

Dress #10 is liquid fabulosity. To. Die.

Some of these seem to be the result of cross breeding a suit of Wonder Woman's armor with a Grecian-style dress.


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Gorgeous -- but they were never made within the time constraints of the PR challenges so any comparison would be patently unfair.
As a quilter I love the pieced look of the blue one with the fantastic sleeves.


Perfection. January Jones was smart to choose a gown from this collection for the Emmys.


Wow, that's just utterly gorgeous

The hedgehog dress and the one that looks like the model had an unfortunate encounter with a Muppet were definite misses for me, but most of the rest of it was -- WOW.

Sorely needed to look at this after the bland porridge that was last night's PR.

Interesting sillouttes...

This really was stunning. Even the hedgehog dress was gorgeous... except for the hedgehogs.

OMG, this collection is S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G., but my initial reaction is that the majority of these pieces look like they were made for a female super-hero.....not that that's a bad thing! High end, indeed!


i'm not dorothy gale

Even the twirly-tit dress had its charm. Now THIS is fashion; thanks for sharing beauty with us to "cleanse the palate" after the gag-worthy PR.

I am stunned nearly speechless with all these fantastically detailed dresses. Even the questionable boob flower is executed better than any fleurchon I've seen before.

When a designer or design team chooses to research for inspiration, uses the highest quality materials, insists upon near perfection in construction, and incorporates unusual elements, then fashion is elevated to art. What a sensual treat it would be to touch these dresses and hear them move as well as see them in person.

Alas, these beautiful photographs will have to suffice. Thank you boys for sharing the Beauty.


aww, dorothy, you beat me to my line. :)

gorgeous. can do no wrong.

The blue dress makes me gasp. It just amazes me that after all the blue dresses that have been made over time, a designer could still come up with a way of making a blue dress that is NEW. How cool is that?

Also, I loved the Bucky Fuller and Star Trek references, Sewing Siren.

Delicious! I want more! I take back everything I said about Donatella- this collection is just stunning!!!

With the exception of the beige dress that looked the model was being attacked by two tribbles, they are gorgeous!!

#4 looks like it was custom made for Jennifer Connelly.

Even the hedgehog dress is fabulous

Versace's been turning out thte sculptural fierceness lately
their last collection of gowns was just as, if not more, fabulous!

Breathtaking. THIS is fashion.

The model has a Barbie body, IMO.

Artistic. Beautiful. I wouldn't wear every look, but they're so fabulous that simply having them in my closet for the pure pleasure of looking at them would me more than enough to keep me happy.
I second an earlier question: Who is the model wearing these looks?
Thank you again, TLo!

You're right - a complete breath of fresh air after all the fug on Runway last night. Most of these dresses are just stunningly beautiful. *fans self*

Wow. There are no words except that. And brava. Thank you gentlemen, that was a treat! XX's

I actually like the attacking hedgehogs... they're sort of cute and fuzzy, and the rest of the dress is still gorgeous.  Though it might be partly because they mirror the twists in her hair, so they complement the hairstyle.

There's something rather Metropolis about this collection, in the best way possible. Something about the triangle shapes and architectural shine, I think, mixed with the right touch of softness, brings to mind robot dancing girls amidst a dystopian haze. At least, it does for my mind. Heh.

Perhaps art deco is inching back into our fashion future -- it was once considered "modern," after all.

Maybe modern is back. Again.


OMG. Love it. Love it, love it, love it. I'm actually not that into the short blue dress, but everything else is just so striking. OMG.

I want that last dress on an antique dress form in a glass case somewhere I can look at it every day.


My favorite is the pink metallic one, and being a fan of neither pink nor metallic, I am deeply impressed.

NOW that's a Blue dress!

I feel like RuPaul would wear a lot of these dresses.

I have only looked at the first dress so far, and cannot imagine anything more gorgeous than that one in any collection. If I were rich, and thin, I would be rocking that gown!!! LOVVVEEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!!

With gowns like this, who needs Rachel Zoe?? The stars could just call me!

Christa, I was just scrolling down to see if anyone else had said "Metropolis" b/c that's exactly what I thought, too. So so lovely. But I have to wonder if the model is standing on a stool in some of those floor-length gowns--she appears to have the proportions of a fashion sketch.

I really want the hedgehog gown so that I can glue googly eyes on it.


Though now that you said hedgehog, I want to put little googly eyes on them.

Absolutely breathtaking...
With the blue structured sleeve one in particular— Christian may be Princess Puffy Sleeves, but Versace is the Queen.

Sixgables, I was scrolling through, and realized you beat me to it!

Great minds, or something. :)

OMG, that dress does look like she's being attacked by hedgehogs! Now I can't unsee it!

But overall what a gorgeous collection. Love it!

that last silver one? OMG I adore it. Can't I be famous for a day so I can wear that dress?

A couple of meh pieces, but other than that, me likey!

I liked the first gown most. The fourth dress looked very Laura Bennett.

The only thing that would have made this collection and this post more stunning would be to have included the designer's sketches for each of these dresses. I think you did that once before and seeing the designer's vision come to life was nothing short of breath-taking!!

I. Die.

Gorgeous collection! Even the Koosh Ball dress isn't all that bad. Not great, mind you, but not bad.

The shapes are intriguing; the lines draw your eye along the body beautifully.

Am I the only one to note - that at least a few of these dresses seem 'inspired' by armor - just like Jillian's PR final collection?
Yeah - she was ahead of the curve!
But oh my good most of these are jaw-dropping beautiful and unique
Versace is so going to be go to for red carpet this year

@ anotherlaura,

the model is Yulia Kharlapanova, who is also the face of Moschino S/S09 :)

Love it! I could see tilda in the one with the blue origami shoulders.

Oh. My. Guh.

Literally had my mouth hanging open the entire time. Do want.

Nothing funnier than a grammar/spelling Nazi making mistakes in their correction of others' mistakes.
Lillithcat, do try not to make an ass of yourself next post.


The Versace website says "Short ball gown constructed of cut black leather degrade triangular pieces. A repeat pattern links these shapes together with each piece fastened by a gold stud. The bustier emphasises the waist constructed with graphic metal strips and silk cord."

That one's my favorite. :)

I think my heart stopped. I know I cannot breathe. I would beg, borrow, steal - whatever it took.

And this is why Project Runway really needs to start doing more interesting challenges. The textures and shapes of several of these (fabulous) dresses are just the kind of thing that being forced to work with non-traditional materials can inspire. All interesting, many gorgeous, great collection!

A stunning collection with some really gorgeous dresses. I'd love to have one of these, no matter which.

Is it just me, or do some of those pieces look like Jay's Chrysler building challenge winner? Talk about ahead of the curve. Some credit where it is due, please!

now that's what you call couture.

O.MY.GOD. I am speechless these gowns are so stunning. Yes, some are a bit more out there than others, but there's a BRAIN and an ARTIST at work here! That gunmetal chainmail-esque gown, uh, could I own that NOW, please? I don't care that I don't have anywhere to wear it. I'll preserve it in a lucite case and just stare at it every day.

Donatella keeps getting better and better. I loved every single piece of this collection.

You rock girl!!! Your brother may be smiling at you from Heaven.

Those are some amazing creations. I love the crazy leather weave dress..Bjork get your order in before Madge does! That dark strapless dress with the origami rosettes down the front is to die....#5....very Angelina Jolie. And I loved those shiny deco inspired dresses ...even with the crazy lace up detail.
But that blue dress on the bottom looks like a doily. In it, the model reminds me of those dolls that my grandma had in bathroom that would hide the extra roll of toliet paper.


So incredible that i ran into the other room with the laptop to show my husband who, bless him, was sufficiently wow-ed for a straight guy with an extensive t-shirt collection.

(with the exception of the fuzzy piece) it just got better, and better, and BETTER until...

Oh. *shuddernshake* that blue dress is the THE THE THE most beautiful gown EVER.

I could't wear a single one of these, but I'd steal a 12 year old to wear it and prance around before dinner just so I could admire...

jaw-dropping, drool-inspiring, positively ART. With a capital 'A'.


Everything else looks like Target fat-lady clothes in comparison. Everything else. Sorry Dolce, sorry Armani, this is one that simply can't be topped.

Butchsnot Prebbie

Outstanding design and craftmanship. The juxtipostion of geometric spatial patterning born across the curvaceous feminine profile,resulting in a successful fushion, provides an intoxicating combination.

I've never been a big Versace fan, but this is COUTURE, darlings. The first dress literally made my jaw drop, and I would kill for the gorgeous, liquid silver #10.
Note to Anne Hathaway: If your stylist doesn't get you one or both of those for awards season, fire her.


Excuse me while I go wipe the drool off my chin. Those are ALL magnificent!

simply the most incredible collection i have seen from versace in eons

Love. I know which one you mean by the "attacked by hedgehogs" dress but I actually kind of like it. In fact, I really, really like it. I really, really like them all. ALL. Beautiful.

These are absolutely beautiful. The photos remind me of starlette publicity shots from the 30's, 40's and 50's... except for the malnourished model. The likes of Harlow, Hayworth and Monroe had curves to stop a crowd in these types of gowns.

And the eternally pressing question of "What happens if you make fetish-wear in white satin" has finally been answered.

I just had to look at these exquisite gowns again. I had at first fallen in love with that gunmetal chainmail with the black appliques (and still want to own and preserve it in a lucite case), but upon re-review, I do have to say that the final blue dress is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Almost involuntarily I scan these photos while playing the "who will wear one of these to the Globes/Oscars?" game. Clearly the gunmetal and the silver Wilma are shoe-ins for someone, but I hope someone picks that blue. I will be watching and envy-ing...

i actually like the hedge hog dress! bliss! lovely collection. very architectural but drop dead gorgeous.if only i could afford.

thanks TLo!

The master has outdone himself! I've always loved Versace.

I adore this collection. I hope we see every piece on the runway on someone more interesting than Jessica Biel (I'm still not over her ruining that stunning red dress from the last dress collection). I'm assuming that you are talking about the glass bead dress as being hedgehog-esque, but Diane Kruger rocked it out on the redcarpet a few months back.

Pick a dress, any dress, and send it my way!


Fashion as Art. Breathtakingly gorgeous. And I love the 1930s film star feel of these, which gives a feeling of luxury that is also appropriate to the time: high glamour during lousy economic times was done quite well during the Depression. I truly hope we see these featured on red carpets in the coming months. A. Ma. Zing.

Incredibly Amazing.....So outstanding and textural, this collection is one that Versace should be extremely proud of. Its so inspired and creative and I appreciate Versace making a lovely unique bold collection

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