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Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

Darlings, it's better down where it's wetter. was there and you weren't:

"There was a sparkling, illuminated runway in which two sinister, robotic movie cameras on gigantic black booms ran back and forth, while a screen played Knight's video of Raquel Zimmermann, lying on sand, naked, with snakes writhing across her body.

Then the models came out, dressed in short, reptile-patterned, digitally printed dresses, their gangly legs sunk in grotesque shoes that looked like the armored heads of a fantastical breed of antediluvian sea monster. McQueen, according to an internal logic detailed in a press release, was casting an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves.

The consequences, in fashion terms? Well, it was a one-note, unmissable formula of the kind several other designers have decided is the way to communicate this season. McQueen's message throughout was essentially sunk into the short dress—a steady development of his engineered sea-reptile prints, worked into a nipped-waist, belled-skirt silhouette. The colors—first green and brown, moving to aqua and blue—were exceptionally executed and swagged, and molded across panniered structures. Each dress was a work of computer-generated art crossbred with McQueen's couture-based signature cut."

It really is a jaw-droppingly beautiful show. Watch the videos at the bottom. Say what you will about the clothes, that boy knows how to put on a show. The clothes themselves are beautiful and striking, if a little repetitive at times. The soon-to-be-infamous "hoof" shoes are ... well, they are what they are. We wouldn't worry about this particular style trickling down to the masses. In fact, the number of women wearing those shoes in the next year could probably be counted in the dozens, at most. Take them for what they are, an innovative and strikingly different take on the shoe. They've been compared to sea monsters and Chinese foot-binding and we have to say, anything that can garner such striking comparisons has done its job in terms of design. Love them or hate them, you're gonna talk about them.

Watch the show (MNSFW):

[Photos: - Videos: YouTube/gillianarmour]


Wow. The collection speaks for itself. Those prints are striking and stunning.

The models are scary looking but I guess that was the point.

I can see some female costumers I know fighting for those black shoes at the bottom. I know men


three reactions:
- the fabrics he created with computer art are dazzling. incredible!
- the shoes are sculptures and i hope to see them in an art show
- LOVE the steampunk heels also

Hoof shoes=ugly
The others, interesting

The collection is otherwordly.

The fabrics are gorgeous! The clothes are interesting ad some are really beautiful.
The shoes look like he stuck a heel on some pointe shoes, so maybe ballerinas will buy them? :)

i LOOOOOOOOOVE prints and some of these are absolutely stunning. hate the ridiculous shoes, though from an aesthetic standpoint, i like the last(?) black sculptured pair.

They look like they are wearing melting oil paintings and it is reflected in the sahpe of the shoe. His use of color is amazing.
There really are now words when the artist has so completely expressed his point of view through a visual array such as this. It is all just redundancy!

Love the clothes. Love the shoes (and I generally hate gimmicky shoes). Whole show was full of WIN!

wow the styling is incredible.... I got an "alien" Star Trek vibe to it, and then I realized it was because the models have no eyebrows (I mean, they are covered)... very interesting....
the shoes are incredible, I wish I had Xray vision to see how the feet fit inside them...
it's more an art show than a fashion show to me, and maybe that's his idea all along....


LOVE. Now this is how you do mother-effin ice-queens from space.


interesting.....but pretty unwearable....doesn't float my reptilian boat.

Those. shoes. freak. me. out.

The prints are stunning!

The fabrics and colors are exceptional and there are several pieces I really like.

But only a misogynist designs shoes like that and tries to pass them off as "art." Hideous.

The shoes look like patterned, less extreme ballet heels paired with that curved heel that Siriano showed.

Just wanted to add that I also loved watching the videos to see how the models handled walking in those things. Some were so incredibly graceful, some were clearly petrified, and I was sure that at least one of them was going to fall over any second.

mommyca said, " I wish I had Xray vision to see how the feet fit inside them... "

You can sort of see a normal shoe structure in one of the shoes. They're so big that I think feet can actually fit in there normally.

Absofuckinglutely GORGEOUS!!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

OMG, those prints are giving me an acid flashback, but in a good way.

The shoes - they are what they are, but they're not as bad as the faux ears on some of the models.

Thanks TLo!

Want those digitized fabric prints.

That's not to say that walking in them would be easy. Still looks quite painful.

I find the "hoof" shoes so oddly compelling; I can't stop looking at them!
(Maybe I'm trying to figure out exactly where your toes are and how they're managing to remain unbroken...)

Another reminder of how banal this season of PR has been. Where's the "underwater apocalyptic future" challenge?!

They look like sea anemones, in fact the whole show looks like visiting an aquarium, absolutely stunning.

There, I tried to find a decent picture. That one is ok.

Not the first time fetish wear made itself onto the runway!

This is one great big Rorschach Test, thus far I have gotten:

Predator - "You are one ugly mother..." [/Schwarzenegger voice]

Plenty of, "this dress us very sexual, we don't need a snatch shot." [/Tim Gunn voice]

Quite a few, "it looks scaly, that is so cool!!!" followed by, "I wasn't going for elegance, HEIDI!" [/Kenley voice]

I like the colors and Rorschach patterns, I have often felt that McQueen was more about the textile than the design, but this time he did not even try to fake it, and just stuck to the same few silhouettes over and over again.

I'm all for artistic expression, but there can be a fine line between that and downright stupidity.

Alexander MacQueen managed to hop, skip and jump over it with those hoof shoes. Those are the ugliest goddamn things I've ever seen in my life. I'd like to see him walk a mile in those things.

I thought he would have a hard time topping the last show but wow!
The shoes are fantastic and the show was even better. The clothes seemed almost secondary to the show. With the cameras and the music and THOSE SHOES! The fabrics are stunning and the shapes are so great. And Mr McQueen himself is one hot piece of designer man meat.

Um, WOW!

put this show next to anything else and the other will pale by comparison.

the fabrics and shoes... breathless. DAYUM, would love to see something so amazingly different come from one of the PR contestents (I know, aint happenin')

Gorgeous collection but the shoes creep me out.

Wowie. I love McQueen.

The prints are AMAZING. Those COLORS! and since I could never wear (or afford) these clothes, all I could think was "I can't wait to see the BAGS that come out of this!" Because a bag...

Yes, the shoes are ridiculous. However, somehow it seems more clear here that they're part of the 'show.' I don't feel like someone is waiting for me to hate them so they can look down their nose at me and tell me how out of touch I am.

And since they're part of the show, I think the 'hooves' are kinda cool. A twisted variation on fetish heels.

Intersting collection. I oddly liked the look in the fourth row.

But - most of those shoes are wretched. The second pair look like your foot would be trapped (en pointe?) like toe shoes with all kind of ugly wrapped around them.

I'm in love all over again...
Hands down the best runway show of the season!
I actually think some of those shoes (the last three for instance) have trickle down potential.
I myself am not adverse to them-- I would require a sensible heel tho'...

What an amazing show! The clothes are to die for; not crazy about the shoes.

The styling is silly, and the shoes are absurd (although they would be striking as objet d'art), but the clothes are really amazing.

Well, if you're not going to show art or innovation, why bother having a runway show at all.

Take that, Ungaro.

Those shoes are a whole lot of look but I'd like to think that for the models, make up artists and hair stylists participating, a McQueen show is a challenge worth taking on.

Several designers have been experimenting with digitally produced patterns. I wonder if the ability to make custom print fabrics will trickle down to us lowly "home sewers" someday.

Hot fuck, what a beautiful collection.

And... perhaps I'm in the minority, but I see a lot of these looks being wearable - at least by celebrities wishing to make a splash. The colours are gorgeous, the origami-folding is intricate but also large enough to be interesting, and the shoes, I love the hoof shoes. I think TLo's right in saying that few women actually will wear these shoes, but they're very beautiful - the shape from the side is much simpler than the captioned text implied, and I really don't see sea-monster.

Someone needs to forcefeed those models some sandwiches though. They're scary-thin.

I like the shoes from the front, but from the side, they just look so clunky, and they remind me of those orthopaedic shoes one must wear when one leg is shorter than the other. Also, I think that they distract from the clothing.

And one more thing...

if the first look was a jacket rather than a dress - I'd sell my car and walk 17 km to and from work every day just to purchase it. It would be worth it. 100%.

Completely creepy. Makes LiLo's Ungaro show look better every day.

The clothes are truly breathtaking pieces of art. AMAZING.

But the shoes, make-up and hairstyles are going to give me nightmares, for sure.

Actually, I think the shows were meant to look like vertical lobster claws - especially the boots.

Awesome!! The prints are gorgeous!

The thing that struck me the most out of the pictures was a jarring "out" item.... there we are, swimming along with outfit after outfit of "Mrrr, i am a futuristic sea monster! Mrrr! A human-animal mix of futuristic incredibleness! And .... I carry a purse."

Really? He needed to glom a couple purses into the whole thing? Heh.

What a beautiful, interesting collection. I LOVE the blue dresses. Some pieces are ridiculous and unwearable, but at least they are interesting. I think most of the dresses are extremely wearable by the right person. As for the shoes, I only expect to see them on a few who like to pretend they are edgy -- Rhianna, Lady Gaga...

Wow..surreal, astonishing, breathtaking, unforgettable. McQueen is a genius. I am nearly speechless after watching the videos. Love it..wish I had been there to see it in person. It must have been like being instantly transported to another time, another place, another space. Wow.

blowed blowed blown away

I hope McQueen is going to pay for the models' bunionectomies.

Ra'Mon, this is how you do reptilian. Hilarious how how the styling shows bunny ears as hairstyles, and that they "grow" as the show progresses. Shoes as fantasy art is weird--shoes are supposed to have a function, but guess that's by the by in this kind of show.

Styling and shoes? Fug. Clothes? Fab.

I'll take your word for it because I think most of these prints are UGGGLLEEE! The styling is UGGGLLEEE! The designs are Basic for the most part and very few new ideas.

The hoof shoes, well, I won't repeat everyone else.

Sorry, this is a big fat OUT.

Of course, I never could see what made McQueen so fabulous.

i've never been that big of a McQueen fan, but this collection is quite pretty, interesting and very wearable.

i LOVE the shoes. that create an interesting and unique silhouette and are kind of fun too! i'm not quite sure why people are having such a "oh my god foot binding is next! those poor models feet" reaction to them. They look just as painful as anything else on the runways lately. if anything is looks like a pretty normal shoe with a high platform. its the fabric over the feet and the curve to the platform that makes them look a little off

McQueen is on my short list of designers in whose atelier I would like to sneak into and just spend the night, touching and examining all the clothes and accessories. Afterwards, faint with gorging myself on the fabulosity, I would sneak back out and find a private corner in which to curl up and dream my wildest most surreal and colorful extravaganza of dreams ever.

The creepy cameras reminded me of the automatic guns in "Aliens". It was a striking collection. I love McQueen's tailoring and design skills, but I don't think I'd want to have dinner with him!

Two Words: Stun. Ning.

McQueen is definitely the Cirque du Soliel of fashion. I wish I could see more detail on some of the dresses.

But the shoes are disturbing though because I can't figure out where the hell the feet are inside of them.


Love the fabrics.


I HATED these shows when I first saw them yesterday. I believe I called them "bedazzled hooves" too. I was apparently WAY off of the theme though. I was thinking deer in the woods, but instead it's reptiles from the sea? Ooooookay But....

I FRICKEN LOVE THE CLOTHES!! They are really quite stunning and such beautiful and mesmerizing prints and I adored his use of texture.

The show was AH-mazing. I was going to say that you all have no idea how badly I wished I was there, until I remembered who I was talking to you I know most of you know exactly how bad I wish I was there! lol

Love this!

The shape of those shoes have been around for a while as fetish shoes. I guess the fashion world is just now adopting them.
The computerized prints remind me of what Christian Siriano created for his collection.

Oh - and as much as I hated the hooves, the last row of shoes on the left, that rusty metal post-apocalyptic shoe is FIERCE!

They're buggin!!

1. Shoes - Christian Siriano did it first.

2. Dresses - an army of vagina dresses, complete with bulls-eyes and arrows.

3. Prints - other than the bulls=eyes and arrows, pretty nifty.

4. "Heidi" dresses - every single one!

5. Butt ugly harem pants - yet another version, the disastrous spawn of harem pants and jodhpurs.

6. Bunny ears - Really? Were they even necessary? Did anybody even notice them with all those insane crotches and vagina dresses?

Nicolette: Exactly, I don't get what's so scary about the shoes either. They're just regular super-high heels with a curve out instead of in to follow the foot.

winninghamster said...
LOVE. Now this is how you do mother-effin ice-queens from space.

I agree completely, captivating non?!!?! This is the perfect execution of a combination of Ra'mon and Nicolas conceptions

The shoes are bizarre and a little scary but the prints are beyond incredible

Christian Siriano has far surpassed his former mentor!

How timely. I'm cutting out a Gorgon costume from turquoise snake skin printed jeresy today. Of course it isn't as nice as these, but it was just $1 a yard.
The shoes are wicked, the ones with teeth remind me of KISS.

Ra-mon's lizard alien dress would look right at home in this collection.

Anonymous said...

Christian Siriano has far surpassed his former mentor!


My artist-brain kicked into glorious overload. Holy crap, those fabrics are beautiful. I couldn't wear any of those clothes, but I'd love to be immersed in a world like that.

As for the "hoof" shoes, they make me think more of crab claws, given the "Waterworld" theme. And I don't believe they are unwearable--after looking at them, it seems they are just high platforms with the vamp encased in an outer shell, rather than fetish ballet boots. Any stripper worth her salt could wear those, and I can see them showing up on Victoria Beckham and other celebs.

Now I'm thinking that, in the unlikely event China Mieville's Perdido Street Station or The Scar are ever made into movies, Alexander McQueen should do the costumes. He'd actually get the Slake Moths right.[/geek]

Row 8 (especially the pic on the right)- That model HAS to be a male!

Eh. The shoes do turn me off. Have him send a fleet of male models down the catwalk in shoes like that and I might feel a little less like he thinks women are convenient coat hangers, not people.

A lot of those reptile prints had me thinking they were just doing that whole "here is my vagina, let me show you it."

And what's up with the Flock of Seagulls hair?

Other than that, I liked the colors. And the shoes intrigued me in a "oh, so that's how he did that - nice little trick there."

another laura

The fabrics are amazing. The only thing I didn't enjoy looking at was the drab (by his standards) brown jumpsuit.

The shoes make me laugh, in a good way. Clearly not meant for us mere mortals! I hope the models had plenty of time to practice in them.

Thanks for this show, AMcQ!!

Suzq said:

Several designers have been experimenting with digitally produced patterns. I wonder if the ability to make custom print fabrics will trickle down to us lowly "home sewers" someday.

It already has! You can custom design your own fabric and have it printed via Spoonflower.

Best science fiction movie I've seen in years...

If you added 4 inches of hem to look 13, I'd wear it in a minute.

I've seen that shoe shape before....I seem to remember it in an illustration, perhaps from Series of Unfortunate Events?

I found the show to be very inspiring and beautiful, in a creepy/beautiful sort of way. It's apparent that fashion is about art and not "real women" for McQueen. Someone who would definitely balk at a real woman challenge (even when said "real woman" is like 25 and adorable . . . James-Paul, James-Paul, James-Paul).

But I don't think this sort of show (or these sort of shoes) are inherently offensive to women, as some seem to be implying. This collection has very little to do with the real world and, therefore, is not making some sort of statement about real women. It's fantasy.

And I think it's beautiful.

Love the Van Gogh -Starry Night inspired stuff.

now THAT is how you do scary ice queen.

I'm blown away. I love this collection. Some of those clothes look like they are irradiating light. the colors are gorgeous and the shapes are interesting, and in a way beautiful.

Wearability be damned, this collection is brilliant.

The shoes... well, at least they look cool, unlike other misogynistic footwear.

Nicole said.....

But I don't think this sort of show (or these sort of shoes) are inherently offensive to women, as some seem to be implying.

I didn't so much think they were offensive as much as I think they look like bedazzled hooves, which I find ridiculous. Not an angry, outraged way, but more in a laughable way.

Anon 12:50, I agree about the look of the shoes as lobster claws. They are such an interesting shape. I understand the visceral reaction of disgust they provoke, but if one gets just beyond that they are fascinating and, indeed, beautiful.

The show itself, beautiful but the clothing is not in the same league, technically, as the Versace collection.

Oh, shit - those are bunny ears? I thought it was the pointy haired boss from Dilbert!

Oh, good god, I love those prints! They're almost ridiculously beautiful.

And the shoes are fantastic. The buckle at the top of three of them even more heavily implies fetishwear than the shape - who hasn't seen a ballet-boot buckled on so it can't come off?

The steampunk shoes, though; WANT :).

WOW! Fantastical. Inspiring like artwork. So inspiring that I don't care that it is far removed from real-world wear.

Ooh, and the Giger shoes, too. No idea what they're made of, but wow.

Some of the colors and prints are literally breathtaking - they took my breath away! I can't remember that happening too often.

I was never a fan of McQueen, but call me a convert. Unreal. Just incredible. My vocabulary is too limited to describe the impact of those colors.

Thank you meow! My first thought is that Ra'mon is crying in a corner somewhere over how far his reptilian dress and concept was from what McQueen showed.

Also, give it up for those hairstylists! Amazing work!

The clothes are stunning.

Love the last 3 pairs of shoes with the steampunk styling. The hoof/lobster claw shoes are fascinating, although as la Garcia would say, not aesthetically pleasing. I think they're not as painful to wear as they look at first glance - in the close-up of the black snakeskin (and also the brown), you can see the curve of the ball of the foot resting on a platform a little more than halfway down from the ankle cuff. The arch looks slightly less extreme than the more conventional steampunk heels.

If I'm not mistaken, the "bunny ears" mentioned are actually the model's hair braided or otherwise shaped into head fins. I get it, but can't say I like it, again, from a purely aesthetic angle.

A long long time ago - when my parents were subscribers to OMNI magazine - my brother and I speculated about how long it would take for the computer to become a tool to create *real* art. Well, we are definitely there and It has fascinated me to see that happen over my lifetime.

It is interesting how far McQueen took some elements in this show. Like the makeup and hair of the models - which obliterates the individuality of the model and dramatically enhances the other worldly effect. And the height and shape of the shoes - making these already tall women impossibly tall. Spectacle is the word that comes to mind.

Engrossing to watch. My only complaint - I wish they'd posted a huge disclaimer at the beginning of the show, "NO ANKLES WERE SNAPPED IN THE MAKING OF THIS RUNWAY SHOW." Then I could have breathed easy and just let it wash over me.

God he's great. Those shoes are like ballerina crustaceans. Can't you just picture these as little figures in an aquarium next to the sunken treasure?

(the digital prints remind me of young British designer Mary Katrantzou but, of course, McQueen has gone one step beyond.)

Those shoes look like they are so uncomfortable, that if you actually see someone wearing them out in public, it will scream FASHION VICTIM!

Wow, those fabrics are stunning, as are the outfits. With the exception of 1 or 2 I loved every one. The shoes on the other hand, are kinda frightening to me and make me feel a bit sorry for the models having to walk in them.

PS - I'd love to see the inside-structure of these shoes. Unlike other recent shows, the models here don't seem to be having trouble walking in them.

What's with the Beelzebub horned hair?? THAT gives me the creeps.
I'm not at all a McQueen fan, but the fabrics are gorgeous, however, as usual, the production is much more fabulous than the clothes themselves. The shoes are an abberation, period.

Aside from the fact that I cannot imagine how the models are walking in those shoes, I have to say I kind of love the last two!
THIS is what an out-of-the box runway show is supposed to look like! Must have 1. A clear point of view, and 2. Execution must be FLAWLESS. Check, and check. I am happy!


Giant horned pissed-off insects...that's what I'm seeing. There's a film in this somewhere.

I love most of the clothes and all the prints. Perhaps it is the sci-fi geek in me.

The shoes scared me though. I might have nightmares tonight about people chasing me with them on.

So Ra'mon's reptile woman was not science fiction, but high fashion. Hmmmn.

LOVE the clothes, HATE the shoes except for the very last pair. Great show.

From a distance the dresses are amazing.
Loved the show until I realized that:

A. Those were freaking SNAKES wiggling on the screen

B. That was fabric printed with snake skin patterns

C. The makeup was don in such a way to give the models a snake like look.

Ugh and creepy and ugh.
Yes, I hate snakes.
Why do you ask.

And can we have no more hoof shoes.
They are just wrong.

Gotham said: "But the shoes are disturbing though because I can't figure out where the hell the feet are inside of them."

Oh, I know exactly where the feet are, from my young years on point -
ASK is right: they're toe shoes. Not nice for the feet.

Wow - stunning and original. The shoes are freaky 'n' fabulous, more to be admired as textural sculpture than something I'd slip on with a party dress, but it's just so refreshing to see something NEW. The silver, scaley dress in the final set of pictures is just extraordinary. I could see Tilda or Cate rocking that one.

oh. my. god. amazing.

those SHOES

those PRINTS

i'm pretty certain those aren't toe shoes-- if you look closely you can see in the second and third close-up shots of the shoes that there's a super high platform

Wow. I'm sure the prints are gorgeous, but I had to cover the model up and look closely at the dress to find that out! The makeup and hairstyling are distractingly ugly in my opinion. Really creepy.

Horned, reptile skin, cloven footed devil beasts.
The clothes are GORGEOUS, the man HATES women though, sorry.

OMG I loooooove love love love. Some of the pieces are so Geiger. The last three pairs of shoes pictured are to freaking die for!


This is what it means future PR contestants.

What the holy hell? That's all I can say. Who wears this stuff?

Sci-fi in a good way. This is the only unwearable collection I have ever LOVED. Genius. Nicolas's ice queen dress should go hide in shame.

This is the one I have been waiting for! Here's hoping the skirt lengths aren't the only influence that trickles down. Futuristic in a real, innovative way, not a 50's way.

Very interesting clothing! I wasn't too excited about a lot of it, but couldn't tear my eyes away!

I love the last pair of shoes. They remind me of the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. I actually don't care for Sangrada Familia, but the aesthetics of the building translated into shoes is pretty awesome!

Love the clothes. The shoes and styling remind me of furries, so the less said about that the better.

Can you imagine if designers like Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, Versace etc. were on Project Runway? I'd totally watch.

Oh, gorgeous! The patters look like those on butterfly wings!

The footbinding analogy makes me want to vomit.

How amazing. McQueen never disappoints. So many designers are avant-grade and just ugly - he manager to always create stunning clothing as well.

And I adore the shoes. I hate most funky shoes, but these are fantastic. I thought the models would clomp down the runway like horses, but they tiptoed delicately. They are like insane toe shoes. And while most of the population would suffer and brake something, on a trained professional they are divine.

I've just got to say that THIS is what Ra'mon should have been going for in the movie genre challenge on PR. The reptilian look to some of these dresses makes me think of sci-fi. Can you imagine if Ra'mon had sent something like this down the runway instead of the mess he made? It would have wowed the judges. Oh well, c'est la vie. Gorgeous collection!

Rachel said: Ooh, and the Giger shoes, too. No idea what they're made of, but wow.

Glad I'm not the only onw who thought Giger when seeing those! I've been pining for one of the chairs he designed a number of years ago and now these shoes are a huge want because of the influence.

And Maggie from MagsRags is correct about the hair. It's a fin shape, not bunny ears.

Amazing. I didn't find the collection repetitive at all, actually. There were a surprising variety of shapes, colors, and patterns, just very-well unified around his scary story. Astounding how many of them are drop-dead fabulous, even while being so conceptual. Perfect.
Just in time for Halloween.

McQueen is absolutely brilliant in a creepy way. The prints are incredible. If he has just this many short dresses up his sleeve, without even getting into evening gowns, pantsuits, etc, then his head has to be a design circus.

But why oh why must he keep making clothes that have scales/teeth/tentacles/gaping eye sockets over the ladyparts?? His misogynistic styling puts women under baskets, behind cages and makes them look like vulcan goats. It's unnecessary. Still, he's such a design genius that this is the show I always watch for.


Nicholas, are you watching this? THOSE are some kickass sci-fi evil ice queens right there.

WOW - I'm am just blown away. That was an avant garde sci fi apocalyptic art exhibition. LOVED it! Who cares if it's wearable?! When did fashion shows become just about wearable clothing? This is fabulous.

I'm sure some of these prints and dresses will trickle down. The shoes are just art pieces to go into the Metropolitan's Fashion exhibit. Stunning, creepy, beautiful all at the same time.

It's a fitting reflection of our times.

That is about the ugliest thing ever put on a human foot. It's like a stripper shoe gone really really bad.

Some of those fabrics are beyond fabulous. Hoof shoes, repulsive. Overall, not so attractive, especially as styled, but as has been noted, "attractive" is a weak and namby-pamby word, not what the designers were going for.

Julia@1:52 pm: Best science fiction movie I've seen in years...

Dammit, you stole my post!

I am gobsmacked. Between the prints and the shoes, this is a stunner.

Once I got a larger image of the shoe, it was clear that all he did was change the external shape, so that the shoe bows out in the front rather than follow the natural concave line of the flexed foot. There's probably a normal pump on the inside. But I do need to go back and ponder who the shoes open and close.

I think the Star Trek costumers are weeping. This is so good it hurts.

And I am disturbed by the stick-child models. Yeesh.

... "ponder how the shoes open and close."

Otherwise it's a typo that reads like a plot point.

Most of these models are dangerously thin and they took a real chance of breaking a leg or ankle.

This is why I sometimes think that some male designers, deep down, hate women.

I just cannot give a shit about the clothes here.

New rule: Designers must walk three laps on the runway in shoes over four inches tall before they can order their models to wear them.

I'm waiting, McQueen.

Brooklyn Bomber
10/7/09 4:04 PM

Gotham said: "But the shoes are disturbing though because I can't figure out where the hell the feet are inside of them."

Oh, I know exactly where the feet are, from my young years on point -
ASK is right: they're toe shoes. Not nice for the feet.

Uh, they are definitely not toe shoes. You can see pretty clearly from the second (brown) and third (black) shoes that they have a pretty normal inner-sole rest, so far as heels go. The arch is prooooobably no worse than your average 3-or-4-incher, it's just that there's also 3/4 inches of platform. I don't think it can be *that* much harder to walk in than the usual stiletto, aside from being insanely heavy. Not saying they're emaciated or anything, but buff with thighs of steel, these girls are not. (If the part above their feet is filled, well that would help the things from falling off, but would add even more weight....) (Hah! You can see how tense the calves are on the girl in the brown ones....)

(... incidentally, has your toenails stopped growing out in layers? I am worried mine will never go back to normal. T.T)

The makeup is pretty much all Tilda Swinton. Does she often wear short dresses, though? Perhaps the jodhpurs are for her, then. Argh, Swinton gets points docked for That-Thing-Unrelated-To-Fashion-Mostly, sigh.

joyjoy, the fifth/last/bedazzled hoofy-one would suggest they all have a zipper in the back of the foot.

(You can see it in the brown one, especially, but I think I can see it in the black and first snakeskin ones as well.)

Wow! This is really amazing. I see a lot of high fashion that just doesn't resonate with me. But I would buy some of these if I had that kind of money.

He's taking prints to a whole new level. I see similarities to Damien Hirst's Butterflies series here. It really seems like art.

And, although I could never walk in them, I kind of like the shoes.

Those shoes!? Definitely fetish wear. Fascinating collection. I really love how fashion is going the way of wearable art. If I were young and hip and rich - I'd be having a field day. Why don't we see more of this on the red carpet? Take a chance Anne Hathaway! Bust out some Atelier Versace. After all - it's only fashion.

SusanID on 10/7/09 at 3:00 PM said....."Engrossing to watch. My only complaint - I wish they'd posted a huge disclaimer at the beginning of the show, "NO ANKLES WERE SNAPPED IN THE MAKING OF THIS RUNWAY SHOW." Then I could have breathed easy and just let it wash over me."



Clueless Jock

Gorgeous, even the shoes, but don't you think the silhouette was copied from Balenciaga?

As a quilter I see these fashions definitely as wearable art! The fabrics are art by themselves.
Lots of interest on the Quilt Art list in computer generated and printed fabrics which I believe these are. But basically I want to just say 'WOW!!!'


Even though quite a few of these pieces are "wearable" clearly this was really a performance art show, or costumes for the movie in his mind, rather than real clothes. And that's fine. We could all use some art right about now.

But as someone who's phobic about snakes the snakeskin print dresses frighten and revolt me.

Amazing and beautiful and just WOW. It was like a Rorschach fashion show. That last shoe, is so freaking cool. I want it for my enchantress costume!

This show is pure theatre - love or hate the clothes, I can only imagine the energy in the room. This had to have been amazing live.

Keeping the models moving throughout the space only added to the arc of the performance.

Fabulous! But those shoes ... holy crackpipe!


Looks like my computer screensaver come to life. It was beautiful and striking, but HOW THE HELL DO THEY WALK IN THOSE SHOES? Looks like foot torture.

McQueen is one of the only designers where I wonder what attracts women to his clothes?

Yes, he's clearly a genius but he also clearly dispises women. There's just too much genius out there without that baggage to deal with McQueen.

I can appreciate the concepts that this collection embodies, yet I find it fairly repellant and yes, ugly. Most especially those horrific, heavy looking ankle breaker shoes.

Wow! It's like Venetian glass meets a Rorschach test! I love it all, especially the shoes. Definitely a winner!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Let's see....Eve getting it on with the snake, garden of eden, models with antennae hair wearing the snake, shoes from the BDSM catalog...
I wonder what the poor are doing tonight?

I love the prints and shockingly the shoes too! I wish I could wear them...

What an original, refreshing approach in these snake mania days (diamond-studded snake cuffs anyone?). He got everything right: the colors, texture, silhouettes.. Who would've thought reptiles could be such a beautiful inspiration!

The shoes are hilarious though.

i'm not dorothy gale

Creepily gorgeous, inventive robotic cameras, vivid visceral prints......what's not to love?

The shoes remind me of a Bedlington Terrier.

10/7/09 12:31 PM

"I'm all for artistic expression, but there can be a fine line between that and downright stupidity.

Alexander MacQueen managed to hop, skip and jump over it with those hoof shoes. Those are the ugliest goddamn things I've ever seen in my life. I'd like to see him walk a mile in those things."


The music was good....sounds like Okre?


those rounded shoes remind me of chinese footbinding... in their shape

What these shoes remind me of:

Your review of this show is my favorite. I usually don't pay much attention to fashion but I believe Mr. McQueen is a true and talented artist.

I adore so many of these prints, and I REALLY want those last two shoes in the collection. I mean, SERIOUSLY want. And I'm not even a huge fan of heels!

how sad now that he has passed

everyone looks like an alien.

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