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2009 Whitney Museum Gala/Studio Party

Darlings, we're going to have to ask you to type softly, because Mommy and Daddy are a little hung this morning.

Because we are so very en vogue, we were honored to be invited to last night's Whitney Museum Studio Party at the Whitney in Manhattan, hosted by Donatella Versace and attended by Jennifer Hudson, Gerard Butler, Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Momsen , Shakira, Chanel Iman, and more skinny socialites than you can shake a Birkin bag at.

Unsurprisingly, the designer of choice on the backs of all these bitches was Versace, bien sur. We have to say, as fun (and bizarre) as it was to be drinking and dancing with all these famous people, it was far more fun for us to see these incredible gowns up close. Seriously, bitches. We almost wept when Shakira stopped 2 feet from us to have her picture taken. Not because we're big Shakira queens, but because her dress was so stunningly beautiful.

And while we'd like to think we're far too sophisticated to be star-fuckers, the truth of the matter is, when you look up and see Donatella Versace and Lindsay Lohan sit down on the couch a couple feet away from you, chatting and pretending that they don't notice that all eyes and cameras in the room are pointed at them, well, it's a little hard not to stare. Seriously, you should have seen Lorenzo's face when he realized Donatella was standing right behind Tom. "OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD! IT'S DONATELLA!!" Tom thought he was going to have a heart attack.

Also of note is the fact that Gerard Butler is hot on a stick, but then you probably knew that already. The man can wear a suit, we'll tell you that much. We're far too interested in projecting the false image that we're too cool for school, so we really didn't take too many pictures, but you can scroll down past all the pictures of pretty dresses to see the few candid shots we took of some of the more notable party-goers.

Donatella Versace
Versace Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Kasia Struss

Jennifer Hudson in Versace

Atelier Versace Fall 2009 Collection

Nicole Trunfio from Make Me A Supermodel
Michael Angel Spring 2010 Collection

Taylor Momsen
Versace Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Natasha Poly

Lindsay Lohan in Versace

Chanel Iman
Versace Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Isabeli Fontana

Mamie Gummer
Versace Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Raquel Zimmermann

Mischa Barton
Versace Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Karlie Kloss

Keith Lissner (and Rachelle Hruska in a gown from his spring 2010 collection)

Gerard Butler in Versace

[Photos: WireImage/Getty Images/]

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Gawd, Mamie Gunner looks so much like her mother, it's ridiculous.

But in my eyes, that's a good thing. She looks gorgeous.

And Taylor Momsen finally looks semi-normal - except Christalmighty will someone PLEASE take away her black eyeshadow!?

Damn I feel fat.

I'm jealous, boys. Not of the star power, but to see all those gorgeous gowns up close! Oh, well, I am jealous of you being that close to Gerard Butler... Congrats!

Lucky boys! How fun!

Oh, and you guys are so 'hung' this morning? Weeeelllll, good to know! Congratulations?

God, Mamie is really turning into the spitting image of her mom, isn't she?

And is Lindsay TRYING to look as wasted as possible on the red carpet. At the party is one thing, but Linds, really...oh, nevermind. Suggesting she pull it together is like asking Logan to get himself in the top 3. It ain't gonna happen.

"because Mommy and Daddy are a little hung this morning"

I'd hope for the sake of each other that you're hung every morning!

Fabulous, bitches!!!!!!!!

Ack, nevermind, I did a double-take of Taylor Momsen. She's dressing better, but the poor girl needs to eat a couple steak sandwichs and drink some beer to give some life to her body again. She's too, too skinny right now.

So fun you guys but remember, it's fun to VISIT the circus not to JOIN the circus. I mean look what it's done to them. WTF Donatella's face!
Uhm, I might be jealous.

So cool, guys. Mamie Gummer looks great!

Wow. I guess blogging can lead to big things.

"Mommy and Daddy are a little hung this morning."

Oh, you guys are killing me. Glad to see you snagged a fabu invite. Glad you can tell us about it too!!!

Lindsey looks awful, but Alexis Arquette looks great.

And crap, I meant Mamie Gummer. Clearly it is too early for me.

Wow you lucky Boy Bitches! You are so in the in crowd, they are gonna give you your own red carpet one of these days...(did Lindsay Lohan really look that wasted?)

Gee Lindsay, what a great way to promote your "work" at Ungaro: by supporting Versace.

First pic (the little one) - what freaks.

Then Donatella and the first few models - I really don't like the look where it looks like the top half a woman has been cut off and attached to a pole. - Beyond looking like ribs and internal organs have been removed.

The clothes - very nice.

Oh and when you are the designer, shouldn't you make the dress with cups that actually fit?

Jennifer - we get it your breast are large. Congrats. Now put them in something that fits.

I look better than Lindsey Lohan and I'm 50 and fat! Plus when I get all dressed up I generally remember to put fingernail polish on all my fingers--Unless it is some new 'trend' to skip the index finger.

Dear Chanel Iman,
When you look thinner than the model who wore the dress on the catwalk, then you are way too thin. Eat a burger for god's sake!

So jealous. I definitely take your word for it that Gerard Butler is even more gorgeous in person. And I'm sorry but Lindsay seriously needs to lay off whatever she's on. She looked terrible. Beautiful clothes though. That's to be expected.

what is wrong with donatella's face?

Sweet mother of god, Donatella's plastic surgery is the WORST! She'd look better just aging.

Jesus CHRIST someone tell Lindsay to stop smoking crack before every public appearance she makes. Does she not realize she looks awful?

I am SOOOO happy for you guys, "hung" as you may be this morning!!
My absolute fav is Mamie Gummer... the picture of her mom, and just as gorgeous!!
I am about tired of the wasted Ms. Lohan. WTH has she even done lately??
OMG...any more pics of the gorgeous "Phantom"?? Gerard Butler could melt one with those eyes....sigh.......

Ahhh so jealous! Gerard Butler = DO WANT

Lindsey looks like a younger version of Donatella and I mean that in the worst way possible.

And Mamie Gummer looks exactly like her mom, I agree with whoever said that. Gorgeous dress choice, she aught to counsel her mother on what to wear on the red carpet.

Also that Shakira dress is to DIE for. Holy fuck.

LOVE the candids. We always see the posed shots, and rarely --just about never-- get to see people do anything but sit at awards ceremonies in these clothes. It's adorable to see all these people hanging out on sofas, laughing, drinking, what-have-you.

Mischa Barton looks so matronly! What happened? And Donatella's dress makes it look as if she dislocated her rib cage. Weird.

So glad that you boys got to have such a fabulous night out!

I loved your tweets at the wee hours in the chilly UK, had me in stitches!

Firstly, Donatella am I alone in thinking the surgery is a little bit scary. The clothes looked amazing but I wasn't sure about the big pouffy white thing and Nicole Trunfio could do with eating a little bit more.....send her over here and we'll give her a few steak and ale pies!

What am amazing time you had!

Also was anyone else surprised at how PRETTY Mischa Barton's face is when she doesn't look coked up? Wow that girl has nice features when they're not covered up by drugs and drug-caused bad skin and pounds of make up.

You 2 are officially A list!
How. Fabulous!
Who's Mamie Gummer?
Oh, Meryl Streep's clone.
God, Lohan looks old.
It appears she's already had work done. Such a shame. Her dad's a douche, but he has a point (re: her problems).
Next to the definition of butterface in the dictionary is Donatella's picture. Dayum.

WOW! Congratulations TLo!

Those bitches SHOULD be recognizing your fabulousness and raining invitations upon you accordingly. Especially since you're kind enough (and dishy enough) to come share the details with us! And I seriously doubt that any of your minions would have the balls to judge you for star-fucking.

So I guess the horrifying Lohan shots from Paris weren't a fluke, or bad lighting, huh? She looks older than I do, and I'm...not 23.

The dresses look fantastic.

Thanks for sharing, and posting SO early. You really should take some aspirin and call us tomorrow. Glad you had a good time.

I don't even know where to start with Lindsay... or even if to comment at all. I mean, what for? I will say this: even you could do something with your hair other than letting it fall like you were playing with strings of wool; and WTF happens with the color(s) of your skin??.

The blue dress on Mamie Gunner is gorge.
Taylor, such a good dress, awful styling.
Mischa is on her way back, I guess.
Shakira doesn't even look like herself anymore. I know it's the American-correct-aesthetic for a star, but she does not look Colombian or Lebanese. I hate that she milks her latina roots, when all it means to her is shaking her booty (I'm sorry- I'm Chilean and we kind'a stopped loving her over here).
Donatella, Donatella... just don't ever die.

clarabows said...
I loved your tweets at the wee hours in the chilly UK, had me in stitches!

How sweet! That was Tom working his fingers on his iPhone.

T Lo

Just a quick note for Lindsay Lohan - MASCARA!!!!

Wonderful post, boys. My questions:

Did LiLo look that bad in person? (Maybe the camera adds fug.)

Did Chanel Iman cast a shadow?

Inquiring minds want to know!

How wonderful!!! I hope you had a fantastic time. It sure looks like you did! Chanel Iman is SCARY thin. That girl seriously looks anorexic. Donatella just looks scary. Sorry - I know she was your host, and I'm sure she is very gracious, but she has had way too many bad procedures. Mamie Gummer looks just like her mom.

All these women look like their heads are too big and heavy for their skinny little bodies. Ew.

I actually liked the non-Verace dress as well an any of the Versaces.


There is something wrong when Mischa Barton, Mischa Barton!, looks healthier than half the people in the room. Lohan looks like Donatella's horrible, leathery Mini-me. 16 yr old Taylor Momsen, with her dead, dead eyes and deader hair looks older than Barton, but then that's often what 16 yr olds are going for. Shakira's dress is amazing, and she would be too, if I could get past the half beehive mullet.

Mamie Gummer wins hands down... she looks lovely, and healthy!! A couple of those sticks look like they'll fall down in a puff of wind. Who in the world thinks that looks good? Whoever Chanel Imam is, my god, she looks like a famine victim!!
And I don't care who the hell Donatella Versace is, she looks like a @#$%^&* freak!!!
The only thing that helps me endure Lindsey Lohan is the thought of what she's going to look like in 10 years, when she gets trout lips and too much botox (now that's a pretty picture!!)
Jeez, I sound bitter, don't mean to, but those emaciated "stars" make me angry!

Thanks for the fabulous post! Room-temperature Gatorade is very helpful in these situations, by the way.

Lovely gowns. Mamie especially looks gorge. Lilo looks FUCKED UP DRUNK. God, someone get that poor girl into rehab.

And I agree w/other posters that Donatella is getting seriously scary. I'm used to seeing that degree of bad plastic surgery here in SoCal, but it doesn't fly in the rest of the world.

Mamie Gummer looks gorge. She looks (if anyone in a dress/situation like this can) NORMAL. A body with boobs, hips and a head that's in proportion to her body.

Just read online that she's recently engaged. That must be unbridled joy she's radiating.......

wow, to be a fly on the wall in the planning process for this party-- deciding who gets to wear what! I almost wonder if the styling was coordinated too-- so many people with big fake hair, nude makeup and black eyes!

and how/why were Keith and his mannequin randomly in there ?

I think this calls for the classic sorority squeal, "OMIGODUGUYS!!!!!"

Shakira really does look stunning... absolutely. I really honestly do like Taylor Momsen here; I find the dress kind of works with her dark and dirty style, but doesn't take her into that icky place where she normally skulks.

Lilo looks awful, but your candids of her are hilarious and awesome.


Could someone please tell Donatella Versace that her face is about to explode? Donatella, please buy a mirror! I swear mirror companies are going out of business because these bitches refuse to buy one!

I guess I should read other comments before I post.....did not mean to parrot Miss Heather, Mimi, etc. verbatim.

Apologies for the unoriginal thoughts....I was up late watching Phillies baseball....sorry - couldn't resist ;-)

Mommy and Daddy are a little hung this morning.

Umm, okay, whatever you say guys.

I can't hold back my bitchiness. Honestly, whose trout-pout and yellow hair is worse? GROSS. I didn't much enjoy the fashion either. Except Mamie Gummer, good job.

Would it kill Ms. Lohan to wear some lipstick? It might help her look a wee bit more healthy, especially with that monochrome color scheme she had going. She and Taylor Momsen could have split the difference, makeup-wise, and they'd both have been better off.

That blue dress on Mamie Gummer's fabulous figure--perfection. And that gunmetal gray dress on Shakira was beautiful. I love the origami effect in that gown.

Love the "hung" remark. Bragging, or complaining? LOL

Mamie Gummer looks amazing! Thank you for posting this, guys!

Donatella, honey....what have you done to your face. Please stop with the botox and the plumping of the lips.
You have a killer bod and design amazing clothes, be happy with that.

Just think how awesome Lindsey would have looked in that dress if she her hair was still red.
I really hate her blond look.

Besides that the dresses are too die 4, you guys are some lucky ducks and Channel Iman's head is way too big for her body.

Why are Linds and Donatella sharing the same truly horrific colorist? That has got to be the most awful shade of fake blond I have ever seen. No wait, Christina on last weeks PR was the worst... but seriously, it's a close competition. What are these women thinking? There is good blond out there, please, oh please, find a better colorist.

I really love fashion but dislike actresses/celebrities/people who make gads of money doing something banal, so if I saw Lohan, looking like that, I would check my supply of Xanax.

Shakira looks amazing.

These ladies look gorgeous. Few minor nit picks; not crazy about Lilo's hair or Taylor's black e/s. Favs; JHud looking gorge after just having a baby, Shakira looking luminous and of course, Gerard Butler.

So, what did you two bitches wear??? H&M? :)

Nothing has changed.

Donatella still looks like an orange Kermit the frog.

LiLo looks like she's a heartbeat from death.

Chanel Iman seriously looks like a bobblehead.

And you boys are fricken' fabulous!! Fabulous for doing what you do so well you snag an invite like this. Fabulous for "squeeeeeeeing" on the inside and fabulous for sharing with us.

Oh, and I've heard a bloody-mary helps the hung. ; )

yeah! ho! wah!

i used to love you, tlo, but now i hate you. so jealous.

and i guess it would be impolite of you guys to ripp the dresses after being invited, so well have to do it for you:

donatella: looks like shes having a "warderobe malfunction"

hudson: cute, a little boring.

shakira: the dress is nice and all, but did she always look like a generic starlet? didnt she used to have character?

trunfio, taylor: very cute

lilo: dont like the dress. also: wasted!

chanel iman: supercute!

mamie, mischa, keith and his model: nice

butler: suits do nothing for me, but even i must admit, this is kinda hot.

lindsay needs to get over the fact that she isn't blonde and go back to her natural red.

Chanel Iman looks like a bobble head.

well TLO, congrats on being part of the in-crowd!!!! :-)
I have only one question: Do Donatella lips look as scary in person as they do in pictures?

Sorry, I didn't read the other comments before posting. I guess great minds think alike.

Donatella saved the best gown for herself. And (if you *want* your aging implants spilling out all over)I have to admit that she looks fabulous in it. From the neck down. Neck up, well, I feel mean saying it, but if that's the best that money can buy, she might have been better just aging naturally.

Ms. Lohan needs to carefully reflect on how much more she looks like the woman aging ungracefully than the women near her own age.

Mamie Gummer is so pretty. Good genes and youth. *sigh*

Yes, G.B. radiates "IT," doesn't he?

But really, what an odd life these celebs must lead. How marvelous that the blogging TLo are invited to visit their habitat and are kind enough to report back to us.

Wow!!! cool!! I'm glad you had a good time!

And She looks about 30 yrs older than her age.

no one embodies beauty, elegance, and grace as well as LiLo does.

I miss Lindsay's beautiful red hair.

It looks like Chanel Iman is going for the "Maris" (character from the past "Frasier" series) look.

Donatella..all that work and you didn't get the nosed fixed?! Or maybe that is the fix....

THE best line from Auntie Mame. So glad someone else uses it.

I love you boys, and I love that you posted while still hung! After the buildup of the fabu invite, you didn't disappoint.

Gerard Butler. After seeing that beautiful man in "300", I'm convinced that he walked right off a Greek urn and right into my heart. Sigh.

I love the candid photos. I feel like I was actually there. I especially loved the last shot (was that you, Lo?) I love how the mortal is texting her BFF that she's within a breath's distance from all that fabulousness...


Lucky you for being able to attend the party and see the clothes up front. Friends of mine got in to see a Versace runway show a few years ago and told me that there was nothing like seeing designer clothes up close. Pictures, magazine spreads and hi def TV don't even come close.

You guys have such appreciation for fashion. You deserve it! The headache and quease the next day, not so much.

I'm typing very quitely...

But I must know. What did you two wear?

Dear Lindsay Lohan:

Please go back to being a redhead. It suits you and the blonde makes you look 10 years older.


On a serious note, are you still on your sobriety program. If not I hear the wagon calling you, please climb aboard.

I can't believe you got to see that Atelier Versace dress up close. i remember it from the post you had featuring the collection and it was one of my favorites. So elegant and edgy at the same time.

that's why it pains me to see Shakira not working it. Maybe she needed it smaller (she's a wee little thing, isn't she?), but it looks like it's swallowing her whole. I originally said that dress had Angelina Jolie written all over it and I stand by that assertion.

As for the blondes . . . snore. Momsen's raccoon eyes are really overstaying their welcome, and it almost makes me a bit sad that LiLo and Donatella can't see the trainwrecks they have become.

I liked the little tray of untouched mini-desserts sitting in front of them on the couch. They would have been in my belly in two minutes flat.

I always thought Donatella was really a man.

Looks like a fab party. Still, seeing these pix of Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Momsen makes me sad. Lindsay is obviously wrecked, and an earlier commentor nailed it when they called out Taylor's "dead, dead eyes." Lindsay is, what, 22? And Taylor's only 16. It's sick what the celebrity machine does to these young girls -- and what they do to themselves.

1. Donatella looks like the Joker in the first photo.
2. Lindsey who the hell did your hair and make up for this event? Did not go with the fabulosity of the dress at all. Were you even wearing mascara?
3. Hello Jennifer's pregnancy boobs! Loved the dress she was wearing.

So jealous of you guys! So glad you had fun last night!

It's notable that some of the pretty gowns are marred by being worn by women whose skin, hair, and eyes all betray the signs of damage from malnutrition, drink, drugs and insufficient bathing. The contrast between Mamie Gumer's and Taylor Momsen's skin is particularly instructive- both naturally fair Manhattanites, Gummer glows with health and life while Momsen looks as if she''s been putting new make-up over old since she was twelve.

LiLo is just a horror- she looks like the modern equivalent of Cruickshank's illustrations of fallen women.

Did y'all notice the untouched tray of desserts in front of Donatella and Lindsay? They were so beautiful, but you know they didn't even glance at them. Shame.

I'm gonna flat out guess that Mamie Gummer is Meryl Streep's kid? She's lovely.

Boys, take care!

Donatella Versace needs to sue her plastic surgeon. She looks dreadful.

Mamie Gummer, on the other hand, is stunning. Of course, she's got good genes!

Taylor Momsen looks like she should be headed to a battered woman's shelter. Why on earth would you do that do an otherwise pretty face?

It's been said before, but, seriously. Someone needs to stage an eyeliner intervention with Taylor Momsen. Child looks ridiculous.

Jennifer Hudson looks slammin'! Radiant, confident, absolutely gorgeous. Pretty dress, too.

I agree with Leah... it's so sad to see these girls. In order to keep their careers they pretty much have to look like this. Gain five pounds and it's so-and-so's pregnant! Or just got FAT! Remember that whole Jennifer Love Hewitt beach incident? The one where she just looked like a normal healthy person and then was called a whale? It's so sad and I'm worried for the health of these girls... in 10 years they'll look like they're 30 years older and they'll have nothing to show for it. It's just really sad. =( Makes me thankful that I'm a 26-year-old nobody because I have good enough skin to look way younger! Just can't help but feel sorry for them... no life, no future.

"Tlo said: Darlings, we're going to have to ask you to type softly, because Mommy and Daddy are a little hung this morning."

LOL. OK, I'll let this pass.

It sounds too, too fabulous. But was it at the museum? Was it anywhere near the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit?


anyone else feel that Shakira looks like Scarlett Johansson here? odd.

oh man. La Lohan is only 3 years older than me, and girl looks BEAT. She's going to look like Donatella in no time at all.

Good for you! Hope y'all had a grand time.

"Also of note is the fact that Gerard Butler is hot on a stick, but then you probably knew that already. The man can wear a suit, we'll tell you that much."

Indeed. He's pretty scrumdillyicious in or out of a suit.

Every pic I see of little J makes me worry about her more. No-one wants a new LiLo. Not to be too melodramatic or anything, but where are her damn parents?

How in awe of you two am I right now that you were at this fete? Whoa!

OMG! Shakira was wearing my absolute favorite gown of the Atelier Versace collection which was lovingly posted here by TLo some time back. And may I say, she ROCKED it!

Mamie Gummer looked FIERCE in that stunning cobalt number. Very impressive!

Gerard Butler is beyond hotness. The man is just fine, what can I say.

Was January Jones there? If so, what was she wearing??

Thanks for sharing these pics, guys! Go drink some hair of the dog or eat a highly unhealthy hangover breakfast: Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Works every time.

Man, I'm uninformed. When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Lindsay Lohan with a drag queen.

In the bad hair, titscrepancy, terrible botox and painfully emaciated sweepstakes, there are thankfully a few who don't belong.
The rest are so sad that it's unfair to name names.

i'm not dorothy gale

Boys, I love that you didn't take a lot of pictures because you wanted to project the image that you're too cool for school; that's a darling and real comment on your immersion into the world of famous faces. I might say that I could imagine that your faces, even in the midst of becoming more intoxicated, were fresher and healthier than those on some of those young women.

It's what you DIDN'T tell us that intrigues me!

Somebody needs to stop Lindsay, she's going to die if she continues like that.

Awesome,guys! Congratulations! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

I want Mamie Gummer's dress. It's gorgeous!!

I love Lindsay, but she looks awful.

Love Donatella's dress but I don't like the fit around the bustline. Lindsay looks ridiculous.

OHMYGOD I love the dress Shakira is wearing.

Chanel Iman looks awfully thin.

Dear god, Lindsey Lohan looks like Donatella Versace's not-much-younger sister. Girl needs a year in obscurity in some nice little village in Spain - eat some good food, be ignored for a while... I bet it would do her a world of good, both in looks and life quality.

chanel iman can't fill dat dress sorry to day...isabeli rocks it(the dress dat is)......linsay looks like she needs help...and fast!!!gerad looks hawt!! didnt u guys like..d-i-e and den take birth guys r so lucky....;)..i did a post on the gala too hv a

WHO was the gorgeous creature next to LiLo in the first of the candid pics? What a smile! C'mon, boys, dish!


Lindsey looks like she's the same age as Donatella... and like she went to the same cut-rate plastic surgeon. Love Donatella and Shakira's gowns, though.

WHY OH WHY did you boys not mention Lindsay Lohan looking like a corpse in a blonde wig? I'm serious. Making Donatella Versace look like a sweet young debutante, while standing side-by-side, is horrifying.

I'm going out on a limb and saying you didn't mention how horrifically thin and wasted many of these women looked, because of fear of these women actually reading this entry!

Having said all that, I think my animosity is fueled because of my JEALOUSY. You lucky bitches! ;-)

LORDY boys is it Halloween already? That first photo nearly stopped my heart.

Oh my! What a fun night it must have been!

Everyone looked pretty damn good except for Lohan. Why can't that girl get her shit together?

And Momsen really needs to step back from the makeup counter. It's not her job to keep the cosmetics industry in business. There are millions of others who can help.

It looks like Lindsay has dressed up like Donatella for Halloween (which was totally MY Halloween costume this year!)

I think the picture of Lindsay and Donatella together finally did it for me.. forget thinspo. The age of fitspo needs to arrive.

It looks like a convention of skanks and whores. Seriously... what the FUCK with Lindsay and Donnatella??

No photos of you from the event? C'mon, guys! :)) That would be a far more fabulous sight for sure!

Why does little J always look like a racoon in the face area??
Why are Chanel's head to body proportions so off??
Lindsay... just a big WTF?

So many questions...

And Donatella should just basically design a fancy paper bag for her head at this point

Maybe Lindsay and Taylor thought they were in a Donatella Versace lookalike contest.

Seriously, somebody needs to do something and fast for LiLo. Her father just said that he is afraid she's going to be dead soon. I felt the same way about Britney, but at least she did get some help and has at least one parent who cares. This girl is so tragic. She had beauty and talent, and now she is a trainwreck.

I feel sorry for Rachel whatshername. Everyone else is wearing Versace and she is wearing Lissner!

I noticed that most of these dresses either had the hemline changed or it was much longer than on the runway (obviously because those models are amazons). It's too bad because it effects the impact of some of them. I actually think Shakira is rocking that Versace Atelier gown. I don't like the way the model's shoulders look in it.

What the--how do all these people look so bad? Ridiculous titscrepancy on the first dress (is it even on the runaway model???) JHud looks fine, Shakira's good except for the top of the hair (and the bottom of the hair is hiding the top of the dress, but oh well), I actually like TMom's although I dunno about the coloring, and wow, Chanel Iman has possibly no boobs at all.

LiLo looks insanely haggard, as usual. The teaser pic is pretty priceless.

... is Nicole Trunfio wearing one of those snake-crotch dresses from, er, that collection a few days ago?


Mazel tov, guys. You're in!

Whenever I see Donatella, I hear Maya Rudolph saying, "GET OUT!"

Lindsay Lohan looks like she needs another drink.

I'm sorry...I love you guys, I love PR, but these people just look silly. glad both of you had a good time!!

There must be something wrong with me, because I think most of the people in those pics look terribly unhealthy. If that's what it means to be trendy and fashionable, I'll stick with being your average, middle-class loser/nobody.

Donatella Versace as Janice the Muppet....

Please, PLEASE tell me you're planning to rip Lohan's collection for Ungaro to itty bitty shreds soon! I've seen a few pictures and they are sooooooooooo bad. It's probably too easy for you two and almost not worth your time, but I know I would absolutely die laughing at your take on it.

God, where's Maya Rudolph when you need her the most?

Chanel Iman gets my vote. Gorge.

Is Donatella as painfully ugly in person? Do you think Lindsey Lohan was trying to look like a middle age alcoholic?

My god, what money cannot buy.

My teenage son looked over my shoulder and said that Donatella looks like the Joker.... like she should be saying, "WHY. SO. SERIOUS?"

I have more info on the Whitney museum here

Lilo and Donatella Versace could be sisters sisters. Twin sisters.

Seriously, Lilo looks fifty.

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