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Zac Posen Spring 2010

Lighten up! It's just fashion! pontificates:

"Whether it was because of financial pressures or because, as the designer explained, the smaller venue was better suited to the collection, it worked. As they say, change will do you good: Posen's clothes felt more youthful and looked like a lot more fun to wear than they have lately, starting with the opening series of little color-blocked dresses, some with sassy cutouts. Pieced together from shades of blue, the best of the bunch dipped low in front and came with a flirty flared skirt. He called it a twist dress, and you could picture some pretty young thing kicking up her heels in it on a crowded dance floor.

Posen remains a social guy at heart. There were a few suits, and while they didn't exactly look like afterthoughts, party clothes are where he really shines. For Spring, he played with prints both small-scale—on a sexy, asymmetric-neckline cocktail dress in a tiny pebble pattern, for example—and large (a tiger designed by downtown artist Rosson Crow looked ready to pounce off a man-killer of a halter gown). Here's one advantage to the 9 a.m. time slot Posen may not have envisioned: Now his social butterflies have time enough to call something in for tonight's round of parties."

Okay, we can't hide it: we kind of adored this collection. There's so much drab understatedness going on in fashion right now that if we had caps, we'd doff them to Cheeks Posen for keeping the "queen" in "fashion queen." We don't care about wearability or marketability when we look at them; they're just fun, from the Star Trek uniforms to the skinned muppets to the plastic see-through coats over party dresses to the lattice cutouts on the skirts and coats. They're the ugly-hot of clothes. We just want to be invited to a party where everyone dresses like this.

Watch the show:

[Photos: firstVIEW - Video: YouTube/ErichBen]

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Looks like someone went to see the Star Trek movie.

ugly hot is right, but I think they are lovely, in a whimsical sort of way. Usually people think just romantic frilly clothes are whimsical, THESE are whimsical. Also, they feel retro without being costumy (in a retro way, they ARE, as you suggest, custumy in a "ive skinned a muppet from star trek" kind of way)


FUGG. Ive never seen uglier clothes..

Some of it is wearable, some of it is fun, and the rest of it Bai Ling is going to love.

With the exception of the third to the last look NOT my cup of tea BUT all the looks are very creative and well fitted for a lanky small busted frame. If you were going to the right place (an over the top charity cocktail party???) any of Posen's 2010 would make a great statement and not look like a costume. I think this is his strength; Posen does OTT without crossing the line into costume get ups.


Fun! The models look like they really enjoyed wearing the clothes. I agree with Usman--(mostly) lovely whimsy.

yet another laura

Is that the mouth from the opening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

My eyes are bleeding...

I'm with you! Every piece in this collection got a strong reaction from me. Either "LOVE! WANT!" or "HATE". I am tired of all the blahdom out there, and it is awesome to see and feel some passion again.

I liked a lot of these looks - some were even wearable. I could've done without the muppets and the skirts-cut-up-to-her-chacha here and there, but overall a fun line with some pieces I'd even consider wearing.

girlwitoppionons said...
FUGG. Ive never seen uglier clothes..

9/20/09 10:39 AM

You didn't live through the '60's.

Well, nobody will ever accuse Posen of showing a blah collection.

I can't help but wonder if some of these designers trying to take inspiration from the 60's and 70's aren't also doing a little LSD or something to get the true Fantasia effect.

Cool! I love the little brightly colored raincoat dresses.

Haha fluffy is coming out of their shoulders!

And I love the Santino reference there ;)

They look a little disposable for a high end collection.
But I do love the finale gown.

hate me guys .. but i love this collection, especially the second piece (yellow) .. it's gorgeous, i want to wear it.. and FYI i'm a male and size 6

TLo, that would be a fabulous party! This collection has everything that MK's lacked~fun, life and adventure, as Uli said it so well. Is it reinventing the wheel? No. Is it bright and exuberant and Retro in the best sense? Yes, indeedy. Good For Zac.

I sure couldn't wear any of it, but it's a fun collection. I get a 1967-ish vibe from some of the minis and a 70s feel from some of the halters, both updated in a playful rather than reverential way. Big floral and tiger prints are the sort of thing I usually associate with retired ladies in Florida, but he's made them youthful. How nice to see some color on the runway! He's certainly bucking the black-gray-beige designer herd here. Me likey.

I am so glad I invited Zac to the party on my starship! I had a hunch it was just what he (and all y'all on Earth) needed to inject some future fun into the planet.

Srsly, LOVE this! What fun! I have to go back and check, becuase I think I missed whether he included any pants in the concept. On my planet, the girls love structured jammies, and the boys love kilts.

Wow - fantastic! This collection really is fun!

It makes me smile. Thanks.

After seeing this collection, when you look back at the way Zac Posen has shown up on red carpets recently, he was hinting at this all along: To me it looks to be about comic books. Actually, a comic book set in 60's London.

I love it. I love the colors. I'm so sick of the absence of color being treated as sophistication. Though I do love that outfit with the black leather lattice shirt. And I only wish I could wear a blue feather boa jacket without looking like the Cookie Monster.


Looks like "The Fashioln Show" lit this collection. I can barely see it!

Some of it's pure silly , but there is some beauty and plenty of innovation so yay! the blue pants win "the insane crotch" award ~Gary
p.s. not the forumn, but GOTHAM TOMATO -- does Ra'mon wear colored contacts?

Fun collection, great color. Fantasy mixed with some wearable pieces. Love the Tiger dress and the similar one in green with the giant Fuschias. And some pretty dresses along the way.
Love it.

Can't resist posting again to say: props to Posen for not having his models wear hoof-shoes!

My opinion of him after seeing this collection has risen considerably. I think Gotham Tomato's comic book reference is spot on. Looks like his favorite span is from '66 to about '73 or so.

Definitely a little out there but I kinda love it. Hooray for color! I am so tired of beige.

Awesome. I love almost everything. I've always hated color blocking, even when it was popular, but Posen made it look fresh and fun. I'm officially envious of anyone who can afford to buy these clothes, and can wear them (and I think a lot of this collection is wearable). Lucky ladies.

PJ said: This collection has everything that MK's lacked~fun, life and adventure

That's exactly it, PJ. I didn't get much joy out of seeing MK's collection, but this made me happy.

OK, OK, I get it. Posen drank the entire bottle of Tequila and ate the worm. Upon waking he did this collection that would be kitchy at a party full of eccentric and skinny people. But how does this translate into a reasonable line that real people in the real world would want to wear?

Some of these are just plain wackadoodle but others are really fun, flirty RTW...I could see many starlets snatch these straight from the models to the red carpet. It definitely brought a smile to my face :)

Loving that trellis dress that alek Wek is modeling. (Er... I THINK that's Alek Wek, the lighting is so strange that I may be wrong-)

Oh, how fun! The pantsuits are adorable, the colors and prints and colorblocking are faulous, and I love, love, love it.

This collection seems right out of the 70's... 2070s.

I too liked this better than Michael Kors collection. It's fun, it's bright, it's a just a cool collection. Definitely seems inspired by Star Trek.

This collection made me smile, so good job Zac!

Maybe color is what missing in this year's collections. I kinda dig this. Sure I could live without the plastic coats & muppet wraps, but for the most part I like the happy feeling this clothes give me.

Ugly, uglier, and ugliest. Looks like Posen is celebrating Halloween early this year.

I think Old Gregg got him, the scaly manfish. He just needs Gregg's pink tutu.

The clothes are amusing, but, man, Zac Posen really hates women with actual tits, doesn't he? Any woman who has a significant B or above who wears some of these designs would be positively obscene running about at the fun little Star Trek-themed nerdy-cool shindig where these outfits would be appropriate. Congrats on having even more to wear, Washboard Women of the World.

Fantastic stuff. I was reminded of the clear plastic jacket worn in Blade Runner.

But seeing as I'm probably the only hetero male in his mid-thirties reading this, I'm probably the only one who's a fan of Blade Runner.

I love it. So much fun, and there are some really pretty, wearable clothes mixed in with the out-there stuff.

Thanks for the whimsy and color, Zac. Seriously.

Ugly-hot is right (as Usman said, way up thread). My initial reaction was, "My eyes! My eyes!"

However, a lot of these are really good... except there's no excuse for those furry-feathery boa sleeves. None whatsoever.

So was he inspired by the lighting on Project Runways murky runway ?

Turn the lights on !!!

I love a lot of what is happening here. It just seems that sometimes there are too many ideas on one look. For example, the one Alex Wek is wearing. I think that he was bubbling over with ideas and in some instances they ran away with him.

As is said on PR...EDITING !

But it is all very fun and upbeat.


So fricking DONE with the saddle bags! Seriously people who thought of this and why havent they been executed? There are a few cute looks, but not that many. I like the color palette and the flirty little dresses. I also liked the see through jackets.

Where in Gods name is that first models arms and hands????????


P.S. Why is he using the D.Q. mouth as an accessory?

LOVE everything but the vampire dress. The colors are fab, the fit is amazing. Fun, fun.

I had to go back to check which designers collection this was. I'm pleasantly surprised it's Posen's.

I normally dislike his stuff, but this collection was really bright and refreshing.

My favorite is the last pink gown. Fun and young. Which pretty much sums up my opinion of this collection. Fun and young.

To me, it looked like Posen was saying, "Fuck you industry, I'm going to have fun!"

Good for him.

Actually, lots of the short dresses are simply cute and wearable, no ugly-hot about it. Smart marketing move if you ask me -- the funkier, out there pieces will get him some editorial coverage and buzz, and there will be heavy sales of the knee-length dresses to actresses, philanthropists, and creative business types who could use a low-risk yet fashion-forward garment.

b3ar said: Fantastic stuff. I was reminded of the clear plastic jacket worn in Blade Runner.

But seeing as I'm probably the only hetero male in his mid-thirties reading this, I'm probably the only one who's a fan of Blade Runner.

Not so. We have all 3,742 versions of Blade Runner and I've watched them all. I can't even say how many times I watched it, only that it's many. Love that movie.

I hadn't thought of Blade Runner because it's so bleak and this collection is so fun. But, yeah, I can see that.

i actually really like the little clear raincoaty garments. and the pink dress, lefthand side of the second row - at first I thought - ooo cute!

then, douglas adams crawled into my brain and i thought of the Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon 9.

but it's all good.

and I think Gotham Tomato is right as usual - this is very comic-book-ish, ESPECIALLY 50s & 60s sci-fi/space comic book.

kinda love it.


I love that his models were allowed to look happy! It seems like most designers I've seen so far have the women looking like Stalin's prisoners in 1952, or a serial killer planning her next spree, or posing for her mug shot. Yikes. Fierce doesn't equal frowning.

"anon said: p.s. not the forumn, but GOTHAM TOMATO -- does Ra'mon wear colored contacts?"

I don't know. I didn't notice.


I love it! I love the star trek cutout coats, I love the term "skinned muppet" and I think more than a few of them are very wearable. (10 & 13 down on the left, in particular.)
There's a wonderful sense of humor about fashion with this collection, but it's not over the top.
Go, Zac.

I never thought the day would happen...

A Zac Posen collection that I completely LIKED!

I love the lips and hands. Cracked me up. So campy and fun, and the colors are gorgeous.

The first dozen or so outfits looked like an international stewardess convention from the '70s.

we're back in the 40s - all the super tailoring and crazy effects - but also back in the 60s at the same time. can't help but think that PR and TFS have influenced us all far more than we know.....glad designers are using creative license, but some of it ends up looking like it came out of the salad spinner.....

Love it! So much fun.

I just had a smile on my face looking through these. No, I wouldn't go to work wearing a lot of them, but overall just fun. Good stuff, Posen.

Is is my imagination, or is fashion turning a corner? *Are* we moving away from black?

GT said: I'm so sick of the absence of color being treated as sophistication.

It would be great if we were on the cusp of a new look. I'd love to live thru a time period where fashion took a radically different turn.

Oh, goody, more retro-space age clothing! I quite like the first look, the Star Trek coat.

But that's a hella insane crotch on the green and black pants outfit.

Normally, Posen's collections make me run for the Visene, but surprisingly I think this collection is fun. I think it's mostly the use of color, rather than the actual designs, (a lot of which looks just silly), but anything these days that makes me smile is OK in my book!!!

Totally off-topic, but ... Can any of the sewing/fashion divas on here help me out? I really want a blouse like the white one six down, left hand column, and I'd like to know what that type of sleeve is called. One that starts narrow at the shoulder then gets wider down the arm and is gathered at the cuff. I love that look and if I knew what it was called I'd hunt high and low for it! If anyone knows what the hell I'm on about, I'd be very grateful for any help!

On topic - all the green is to die.

I would wear several outfits (but none with skinned muppets) from this collection.

Dunno what that says about me...but I think The Godawful Fashion Show being focused on marketability has ruined a lot of artistic whimsy in all of us. Like you said, TLo, Lighten up!!

When I first saw this collection, my reaction was, "Oh my goodness, my boo has stopped taking his Ritalin!" Then I reverted to my true ZP apologist nature and wanked that it represents all the different species of women that Captain Kirk has done the nasty with. I like the color palette except for the blue, I really like the green, he has favored that shade before; I love the lattice details and also the floral detail in the yellow/gold and pink segments. I agree with the itty-bitty comments, he had some of the best models walking for him, including two models known for their bangin' bods - Maryna and Sessilee, so I am not going to fault him for his model selection, but it would have enhanced his collection if he stuffed some of his models' bras. it would have taken it to a whole new level, where it was not just fun, but sexy and fun.

Not as fun as the description notes. Some of the pieces, especially those in black, were actually depressing. The model styling was off. Some of them looked bad.

I'd pretty much divide the collection into three parts: The wardrobe for a movie about 3 intergalactic spaceship stewardesses (stewardii maybe? - but NOT flight attendants, definitely a futuristic 60's ethos) - both their on duty and off duty clothes; the real world clothes for a chic Caribbean vacation, and the real world clothes for a round of glamorous evening fundraisers.

The only question is whether the stewardii are focused on sexy romps or on sexy romps which conceal their secret intergalactic espionage mission.

"We just want to be invited to a party where everyone dresses like this."


It is like they are all dressed to act in some fun/funky film. Really, what fun!

look, i'm as tubby as the next tub in your average fashion blog comments section, and of course i seethe with jealousy and righteous indignation when i see runway shows full of adorable things i will never, ever fit me. it's wrong, it sucks, but at some point you have to get over it, accept that life's not fucking fair, and start looking at these shows in a different way.
look at the shapes, the color combinations, the accessories, the general styling, the overall aesthetic of it. you CAN adopt the look of a show/designer you really like, at ANY SIZE and in any budget.
and frankly, because the likes of zac posen will never deign to make clothes in my size or in my price range, i feel morally OK with fashioning my own lips brooch. because that thing is AWESOME.

i'm not dorothy gale

Ditto on anonymous 10:38. The first thing I thought was "Star Wars/Trek". I can't imagine what hell would have ensued had the contestants of PR sent this down the runway.

Out, Zac.

formerlyAnon@5:04pm: The only question is whether the stewardii are focused on sexy romps or on sexy romps which conceal their secret intergalactic espionage mission.

I hope that's an upcoming storyline of the comic book "Models, Inc." -- and that La Nina is the guest spy.

If there were to be a contemporary remake of Breakfast At Tiffany's this collection could costume Holly's party guests.

Imaginative. And definitely NOT dull!

oh my god, I think I actually see some of the models smiling. I haven't seen a smile on the runway in ages---I guess these really are happy clothes.

honesty.not.pc@1:43: P.S. Why is he using the D.Q. mouth as an accessory?

Check out where it's placed -- over the left breast. Now watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. That's where the Starfleet insignia/communicator is pinned. When I saw the little hand paired with the open mouth on one dress, I got it.

Oye Vey! Some VERY nice pieces in there. Just enough to keep him in business. But the 80's-ness of this is JUST TOO MUCH! COME ONE YOU GUYS! You MUST see it!!! You have to know how this, and all the other shows of late, are going to trickle down onto the streets via department stores. How can you condone skinny vinyl belts around the midsection OVER A FRIGGIN SWEATER? How do you justify THOSE HAMMER PANTS? 19th picture down on the right I can see her ass AND SHE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE ONE! 5th photo left and right those pants are giving ME a yeast infection!

Xadie- don't know the name for that type of sleeve, but if you search for vintage 1940s blouse patterns, I think you'll find a similar shape. Pattern sizes ran even smaller back then than they do today, so make sure to bump up the size you need or know that you may need to adjust the pattern. Good luck!

Yay! Plastic raincoats are back! I believe the last time I wore one I was eight years old.

you know, i really wouldn't mind a see-through plastic jacket.

Love all the bright colors!!


Adorable, just like Zac himself. I love love love COLOR!

I agree, took me back to my childhood watching a young William Shatner hitting on hot alien babes, but in a good way.

Made me think of the canceled show Pushing Daisies...not the style so much but the colors. Fun.

Hate the lighting.

Wow, I love 92% of this. Covet covet covet

Wow...lots of nays on this collection. I've not been a fan of his work, but have to say that I though it was a STRONG collection. There was some repetition within it that could have been avoided. But over all, I thought it was REALLY well done. Some of the pieces were beautifully constructed. I think the women here in SF would look great in these looks.

EliseMatisse, thank you for the suggestion! Maybe if I do some research into 40s styling I can find the name of that sleeve. I'm just obsessed with it at the moment!

Fun! Good job, Zac. Just one note; the Wilma is dead.

LOVE it! So much fun... I'd gladly take half of this collection home with me. And I am lucky enough to have a figure that can pull these looks off.
A bright start to my morning. Thank you, TLo!!! :-)

Another note: I see people commenting on the fact that any woman with a decent-sized chest wouldn't be able to wear most of this. But, I am a 36D and going through all of the photos, it appears that only 7 or 8 of the looks would have fit issues for me.

It's a fun collection, no doubt.

I'm more surprised to see that some of the models appear to be enjoying themselves... it's as if they're actually happy to be there! Could you imagine, wearing designer clothes, and getting paid for it?!??! Who told these women to smile?

No offense to xoxo
... it's gorgeous, i want to wear it.. and FYI i'm a male and size 6

But I don't think that it is a strong recommendation for women that a male who gives his size ass a Misses 6 wants it also.

Starts off a little "Alice in Wonderland" then softens up a little. I'll say this, at least he's using color!! I'm so sick of seeing black, beige, brown, silver, gold and white on the runway. SNOOOOORE!

Personally, I like it. Live long and prosper, little designer dude.

I LOVE this collection! So much fun, color, whimsy, a little edgy in places - awesome! Finally a collection that isn't exactly ready-to-wear but creative as all hell. And with color. This is Spring 2010, not Funeral 2010. Loved it!

When I first started scrolling through these pics, I thought it was a cross between Star Trek and Braniff Airlines circa 1975, but the further I got, the more I liked the collection. I LOVE that woven halter, but hate the diaperiffic pants (brought to you by Depends!) that it is paired with. Love the color palette in general, LOVE the dark green halter dress with the watercolor like pattern on the bottom. On first glance I THINK I love the short black drapey dress (as long as it really IS a dress and is not another diaper confection – it’s hard to tell), as well as the Joan Crawford-esque long black gown next to it. He has some really great halter dresses, and the long, nude slinky dress, the sheer black floralicious gown, and the pink swoony dress at the end are gorgemous.

xadie- happened upon a new Vogue pattern which has a similar sleeve. It's V8598 and they just call it a gathered sleeve with a gathered cuff. Hope this helps!

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