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Yea or Nay: Chandelier Shoes

Let's talk shoes, ladies.

For its spring 2010 collection Prada unveiled these chandelier-inspired shoes. Take a gander:

We're throwing the floor open for opinions as always, but we just can't keep our mouths shut on this one. While there is a certain fabulosity to the idea, the end result just looks ridiculous to us. Worse (and we rarely say this about shoes) they look downright dangerous; a potential lawsuit in shoe form.

Even if we ignore the massive impracticality of these shoes, we can't forgive that truly horrible visible strip of velcro in the strap. Miuccia , what were you thinking, honey? She always likes to bring something new to the table with her shoe designs but this is just way too silly.

And on a more general note, can we just say to the collective fashion community: STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE SHOE. It's not gonna happen, bitches. For the past several years, the shoes have been getting increasingly heavy and bizarre-looking with each passing season. Fashionistas might coo over them for a season or two but we all know the basic pump, mule, and slingback are always going to come back in style and always have a place in most women's closets.

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Nay. Good concept, terrible execution.

When I read the title I thought WOW, of course, fabulous. But then I saw them and - good lord - grannie put the lamp shade on her ankle. Am still liking the "idea" in theory, but, a total no, no please no.

I'd rather wear Crocs, and that's REALLY saying something.

Watch Paris Hilton in Beverly Hills walking to her Jaguar.

I would be tripping over those jewels every other step.

I actually like the dark green pair, but I'm not a fan of the others. Also not a fan of that chunky heal. That's a trend that does NOT need to come back. Ever.

First word that came to mind was "tacky"...
good concept, sure...but WAY too literal execution

The strap looks very cheap!

Hmmm....a little stripper-y for me...

Good idea but not very well executed. The velcro is so distracting

N. A. Y.
C'mon Prada. My jogging shoes look more classy than this.

The velcro makes it look chip in a chip way, no?

tacky, cheap, wth with the velcro, too much on the shoe.

Re-do it with better materials, fewer beads, higher quality bangles, place the bangles a bit higher up for better dangling affect, better straps, better heels, and it could be a fantastic shoe.

As they are now: ye gods of tackiness.

Nay! They look like something little girls would like to play dress up with. They look busy, chunky and kind of ugly.

Somewhere there's a drag queen looking for her home-made shoe project.....

I'd rather wear a candle between my toes.

STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE SHOE. It's not gonna happen, bitches. For the past several years, the shoes have been getting increasingly heavy and bizarre-looking with each passing season

YES. THIS. I'm not going to buy it if I can't walk in it.

As for the chandelier shoes, these look like bargain basement craft projects.

It's like what lucite heels would look like if they quit stripping and became a reality tv "star". It's the "Real Houswives" of footwear.

Reminds me of the Spring-O-Lators that were THE fancy dress show in the late 50s, early '60s.
Like these:
The elastic in the sole kept the heel against your foot. Many were clear vinyl with rhinestones on the vamp and the heel. My sister got a pair for her prom.
The old ones had more class than these new ones, which look like cheap knock-offs.

I'm going to go against the tide, here. If they had lower heels, and took away the visible velcro, I'd be all over these. I think they are, as The Manolo would say, super fantastic.

They look like he used children's plastic jewelry. ICK!

Also in style this season, chain link dresses, white granny panties, and Batman and Robin masks.

Cherie 3000 looks great in them but, not so much for real women.

The shoes would have been better without the distraction of the white velcro strips showing through the clear vinyl. While there probably isn't clear velcro out there, clear plastic snaps exist. Kind of a fun idea for a runway show, real world -not so much.

I sooo agree. Something is going to drop off those shoes and the next thing you know some kid is going to choke on it, or some woman is going to break her ankle tripping on it. I'm really tired of shoes that look like painful torture devices. I understand the concept of wearable art but there is such a thing as going too far. Women are people, not inanimate objects requiring decor. They move and live. Runway is one thing, real life another and there's kind of a reason why the twain should meet in only limited circumstances.

Oy vey. The stripper decided to jazz up her shoes a bit, so she pulled some "crystals" off her favorite floor lamp. It's OK though, the pink fringe mostly covers up the spots she took pieces from.


If they want to do something meaningful for the world of shoes, how about something fun or cute or fabulous (or all 3) that doesn't kill your feet? And I say this as a person who's trying to avoid more surgeries & PT, and has been told in no uncertain terms "no more high heels."

And are Green Heels Girl's toenails grotesquely long? Yuck.

The velcro strip is truly awful. Looks like a child's craft project gone wrong. I like jeweled shoes but these are no good.

Is that... Velcro holding the straps together? *squints*

In that case my 2 year-old would be able to get them on them.

Joanne Woodward had a pair of chandelier shoes in The Three Faces of Eve. They belonged to her 'slutty' self and were awesome.

Good god! why not strap itsy bitsy hammers that are in a perpetual hammering motion on each of the toes! You'll get the same end result.......

Wow, forget the chandelier crystals, all I can see is transparent plastic and Velcro. Ugh.

When I saw the title I had a mental image of something very different-- delicate but ornate-- that might have been extremely impractical but still inspiring. But this? Little girls' dress-up shoes, twelve dollars at Target. OUT.

I can only imagine them after walking around, dusty, muddy, dirty-- yuck!

My 7 yr old would LOVE them.

As an attorney, I can tell you that the minute someone's foot gets devoured by a crystal caught in an escalator, there will be a negligence suit. There is fashion, but with every manufacturer, there is an obligation to put things into the stream of commerce that are safe. It's called Product Liability. I think the same can be said for a lot of these goofy ergonomically defective shoes I see on the runway.

that velcro makes it look like a home-ec project. Is there anybody that could wear these and not end up on the worst dressed list?

Clear plastic is never an acceptable material for shoes. Period.

I love Prada clothes bags, and I adore their campaigns, but their footwear and other foot things always strike me as lulzy. Chandelier shoes? With so much bling? It is not the matter of whether, but WHEN someone's going to cut their feet open.

Just like their little satin sock things a few seasons back. That was epic, as in epic BAD.

Someone, ANYONE, show me a shoe made with clear plastic that is not fucking hideous.

Fata Morgana on 9/26/09 at 5:23 PM said...."I'm going to go against the tide, here. If they had lower heels, and took away the visible velcro, I'd be all over these. I think they are, as The Manolo would say, super fantastic."

I agree they do not work as high heels because the HEELS ARE NOT HIGH ENOUGH!!! Lower the heel height and they would work as slides and BE AWSOME!!!


Doesn't matter who makes them or what they hot-glue to them - those are stripper shoes and always will be. End of story.

Doesn't matter who makes them or what they hot-glue to them - those are stripper shoes and always will be. End of story.

Truly hideous!! Too much going on and they look like there not tall enough!

They are going to get stuck on everything. Chunks of plastic "jewels" are going to be left behind in the car, on the couch, and everywhere else that is not perfectly smooth and fabric-free

They look noisy. Who wants their shoes to clatter?

Ew. Even in the most hothouse rarified setting (like a big event/party where you don't have to actually walk anywhere) they'd still look silly and awkward.

I also commend you on your calling out of the ridiculous overdesign that is going on in the shoe world these days.

Velcro?! Really?! How much for the Velcro?

I think they're kind of pretty in the runway picture, but the closeups aren't so hot... They really do look like someone hot glued a bunch of shit to stripper heels. It looks like a fun craft project for me and my 4 year old niece though. =P

They're so ridiculous, I sort of love them. Not to actually wear, of course.

Ix-nay on the elcro-vay, though.

Let me add my voice to those decrying the velcro: it looks as if they're held together by bandaids! I'm all for outlawing velcro for all shoes, anyway; it snags stockings and shreds cashmere and silk but worst of all it rather quickly stops holding firmly and interferes with the proper fit of the shoe. It only belongs in the shoes of small children and Alzheimers patients.

Otherwise, undistinguished wide-strap sandals with ordinary heels; putting lucite prisms on that doesn't make for a very interesting look.

Nay. That looks like someone glued random craft crystals to the spice girls heels. No, just no.

I think if they were executed better, in higher quality they would look more appealing. A higher, sexier heel, a little less bling, placed better, a rich fabric instead of that clear vinyl, and a buckle versus that velcro and it could be more sophisticated.

I really can't behind lucite and clear vinyl shoes though. They always end up looking grungy and grimy after one wearing. All the sweat and skin cells build up and form a bathtub ring effect around wear each toe and the heel. Clear vinyl= icky.

Good God No. It looks like the models all have a bandaid on each foot and you can hear them from here - tinkle, tinkle. Trashy, cheap looking and tinkley.

I think the red glittery plastic toy shoes with 2 red elastic straps that I had about age 6 were far more attractive than these!

The velcro looks sooo bad; I am surprised they were allowed on ANY runway, what with high fashion being about that little thing called ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

On a more practical note, the concept of a clear shoe is fun, gives the legs a nice finish, but they start to develop condensation if worn more than 30 minutes. Not sexy, not atractive, not not not.

I HATED the whole collection. I'm usually such a fan of Miucca Prada. I dunno.

I know she likes to fool around with vulgar, but it bored me this time.

Imperfections aside (mainly the velcro), I love them. Don't know why, but would buy

looks reeeally cheap. the velcro is super ugly. I think if they hadn't gone for the tacky thick-heeled platform sandal thing.

They appeal to my inner tramp, especially the green ones. Luckily I keep her locked in the attic.

too many cats

They don't look like crystal. More like chippo plastic.

Velcro does come in clear.

i'm not dorothy gale

"A lawsuit in shoe form" could have taken place over many other shoes than these - the six and seven inch heels from hell.

That said, these are freaking hideous.

NAY!!! Whoever said they looked like plastic childrens' dress-up shoes got it right. I want to see a fabulous shoe I can wear that won't kill me. When, pray tell, will I see that again???

my personal motto is

Prada or Nada

Sorry Miuccia, but this time I'm going with nada.


"Tlo said: And on a more general note, can we just say to the collective fashion community: STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE SHOE. It's not gonna happen, bitches. For the past several years, the shoes have been getting increasingly heavy and bizarre-looking with each passing season."

Same goes for handbags!!!


Shoe Ho that I am, even I have to draw the line here. Great idea, but they're hideous. I will, however, cop to loving the green lucite heel.


Amen, not even models look all that good in shoes these days. Regular women look like lumberjacks.

There's an episode of Star Trek: TNG where Lwaxana Troi (okay, I'm a geek, so sue me) describes a hairstyle women on her planet used to wear that included cages with little live creatures inside them. All these weird and unwearable shoes strike me as leading down the road to hamster habitrail hairdos. Just say whoa to crazy clothing.

It looks like a chandelier fell and some models walked through the mess with sticky plastic shoes.

And something i just noticed while looking at them again - not even the models can make the straps work correctly. Look how the two velcro portions don't actually line up correctly. Looks like the design worked on the last or the dummy foot, but not in real life - the foot forces the strap out to a different angle, and it can't connect on the velcro properly. So not only do you have white velcro on clear plastic shoes/straps, you have *mis-fitting* velcro & straps! Lordy. At least get THAT part correct.

I think the heel-less shoes are still the worst (I forget the name of the designer, but it was around a year ago or so TLo blogged about them).

These are just impractical.

Perhaps if the heel was hollow and contained a goldfish....

Otherwise, leave the glass slippers to Cinderella.

Interesting idea, but not exactly stunning in execution

Iris said...

Velcro does come in clear.

Right, so I don't understand why they chose white velcro. It's distracting and cheap looking.

Dangerous. Pretty tacky too. Looks like someone went crazy with a hot glue gun and grandma's garage sale treasures.


"Joanie said...

Interesting idea, but not exactly stunning in execution"

Exactly, and I expect more from Goddess Prada.

When wearing these shoes, are extra-long lucite toenails a requirement?

i actually adore that little strip of velcro, because it brings the message of the shoe to a totally different place. it has that little kid cheapness to it, which complements the idea of a chandelier-shoe (itself kinda tacky, although chandeliers are old symbols of sophistication) in a really interesting way.

that's a contrast an incredible mind like miuccia must have been completely aware of. her shoes are always the most bizarre parts of her collections and hey, why not? that's her choice as a fashion designer. i fully endorse the idea of a designer doing things for purely conceptual purposes, on the runway if nowhere else.

The velcro looks like a bandaid placed over a blister.

And the large, clunky beads make it look really cheap. Big fat no.

Fashionistas might coo over them for a season or two but we all know the basic pump, mule, and slingback are always going to come back in style and always have a place in most women's closets.

Exactly! You can try to do new stuff to shoes however much you want, but in the end, simplicity wins. Other parts of your outfit can change from season to season, but when it comes to footwear wearability really does win every time.

Unlike some - I generally LOVE lucite shoes. The biggest issue I have is that some the plastic toe (box) area can be pretty narrow.

My most expensive and most beloved pair were lucite heels with black satin strap across the heel and clear vinyl open toe front with a sweeping black satin coming from the inner foot ending with a half bow with rhinestones on the outer foot. I even found a way to get them "seamlessly" fixed when the plasitc tore (now, they no longer fit).

All of that said - the chandelier shoes look cheap to me. OUT

Fashionistas might coo over them for a season or two but we all know the basic pump, mule, and slingback are always going to come back in style and always have a place in most women's closets.

Is there anything sexier than a slingback? I think not.

These shoes would undoubtedly put me in the emergency room within a half hour.

Nay. I love chandeliers, but I don't love those befooted and befuddled chandeliers.

Peaches wrote:

There's an episode of Star Trek: TNG where Lwaxana Troi (okay, I'm a geek, so sue me)

Darling, NEVER apologize for being a geek. Just because we are geeks, doesn't mean that we cannot also be chic. :)

I like them for thr runway show, but I agree it is not practical. Maybe if the crystals were only in the front of the shoe. It looks silly(and dangerous) to have them on the heel!

The beads hanging off those shoes look like the ones that you can pick up in bags from the dollar store. What were they thinking?? Horrible, big fat no!

I kinda like the one with the green heel. I know! I shouldn't!! But I do, I'm sorry. lol

Although that Velcro is just ridiculous.

Salvatore Ferragamo would have taken that concept and made it heavenly and maybe even timeless.

Prada on the other hand went with her typical ham fisted approach.


Visible velcro? Oh, dear lords...can't PRADA of all people come up with a visibly appealing closure solution than that? And let me tell you, sweet sisters, I don't care if that's vinyl or lucite but those shoes look PAINFUL.

Dear lord, no. Putting lipstick on a stripper shoe doesn't make you a hooker with a heart of gold.

The visible velcro looks cheap. The straps look painful. Very, very, scar-inducing painful.

Don't love chunky lucite heels.

But, I have to say, they come closer to being appealing than they have any right to be. So very, very close.


Mrs. P. nailed it - I had these shoes to play dress up in when I was three.

Oh lawd. Those are just plain ridiculous. They look like a sixth grader, who couldn't figure out how to make shoes "inspired by chandeliers," made them.

Chandeliers = Pretty. Crystal. Light.

These Shoes = Sad. Dangerous... WTF?

There may have been so many ways to realize the concept...but I think I agree with a few others that this was a bad idea to begin with. Why do we need poor excuses for chandeliers on our feet?


TLo, I LOVE you!!

EW. they look like bedazzled lucite stripper heals. tacky and cheap.

the platform green ones are the least offensive but i still vote nay.

Very disappointed and I'm a huge Prada fan.

Alright, call me crazy but I really like these. It may just be my raccoon-like attraction towards jewel-ish-looking things, but I'm very very attracted to them. I agree with most of you on the fact that the velcro looks terrible, it looks like the models are wearing Band-Aids so that the shoes don't give them blisters or something. I love the green pair though.

I like the colored heels.

They look like glorified stripper shoes and I bet that ain't cheap.

Sure, while we're busy snarking at the shoes, we get to completely miss the ugly skirts.

Good thing underwear is back in style.

Crazy, she's running out of ideas.

I like them, but that's probably because I don't have to wear them.

Tacky, tacky, tacky. HUGE nay.

That's not Velcro, they are hidden band-aids that you pull out when these shoes shred your feet. Duh.

lucite, no matter how highly priced, always looks cheap.

NO. looks like clanky plastic junk.

Velcro and Prada?

No Nina and Michael Kors??

Peppermint Patti won a challenge???

When will the madness end????

Stripper-y and glitzy, expensive, yet cheap. These should sell well in Vegas.

The idea is fine, but the reality as executed by Prada is just plain tacky and ugly.

As a long time shoe salesperson for a major department store, they're interesting, definitely. They would add interest to a display table, but I would redesign these for mainstream America by merely making the crystals much much much shorter, and removing the stones from the heel, too dangerous for the regular folk. I'd also clearly give them a strap with a buckle, the Velcro is HORRIFYING to me. NO! NO! NO! I think maybe a different designer who focuses only on shoes would have done much better than this. Maybe Manolo or Louboutin would do it better and differently, tho maybe they woudln't actually do this at all. They're better than that.

I bought clear Velcro today at the local fabric store in my flyover state. Surely Prada, with their sources, could have avoided visible Velcro? These look as plastic-y as Crocs!

Oh, god. I kind of love them- EXCEPT FOR THE FREAKING VELCRO. WTF. For serious.

They look like they would be loud and clangy when you walk. Might as well wear belly dancer bells are your ankles as well!

everyone is jsut bunch of haters.

i LOVE THEM. even with the velcro rectangle.
they just wouldn't work with anything most normal people would wear, but i can picture some very high fashion outfits that would look amazing with these.

Ew. Feet squished into clear plastic never look good, not even model feet. Ad the junky, dollar-store gems and it's just wrong. And is it just me or do some of those models need pedicures? Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Tranny shoes, with safety issues.

I like the idea, but overdone.


Dear god.

It looks like a freakin' stripper trying to make herself classy by adding crystals to her stripper heels.


I like them. They would add pizzaz to a solid colored dress. But I agree that they are a fad that would go out of style in a season.

I might consider wearing these if the bling wasn't positively dripping off the shoes. If they'd just limited themselves to three jewels at the toes and three on the heel, it would have been cute.

Nay. They look like someone glued crystals onto stripper heels. The crystals are too damn big. At least the heels are lower than the insane ones we've been seeing lately on the runway; I'm sure the models are grateful.

Prada is KNOWN for bizarre looks. I mean, the plastic toenails ALONE (Google 'em) emphasize the bizarreness of this. The whole collection had that disjointed combination of hard and delicate. I mean, it works, but.... idunno.

I do like the green pair. And the idea... but... Well, we'll see what "real-world" versions she releases. An Accessories house always dilutes to reach the full spectrum of shoppers.

Compare this to the Versace Versus collection that Christopher Kane is designing. A little more ostentatious, a little more in your face, but there's a certain sense of whimsy and unrestrained fun that I'm glad to see after so many seasons of somber recession-influenced clothing. I'm just glad that designers are trying to make something interesting, even in such difficult economic times.

Yuck - the first (and only) thing I think of when I see these is "cheap plastic stripper shoes!"

Actually, I like the idea of a lucite heel - probably because I've never seen it on stripper shoes... If done correctly, in my experience, it can add a little whimsy to an outfit and a lot of interest to a shoe. What I dont really like about most lucite shoes is the fact, that the rest of it more often than not comes in clear plastic, which would ideally make the leg longer because there is no real shoe vivsible, but in practice cuts into the foot (even of the most malnourished creatures), gets condensation and makes the foot swell after a while.

When I read "chandelier shoes", I was all for them. I was having visions of beautiful designs somewhere between Manolo Blahnik and Louboutin, aethereal creations to make the foot longer and the woman look like a goddess. It could be easidly done, you know?
Then i looked at the photos and my first thought was "CLUNK". Now, I realise the concept behind them and those chunky heely are still very in - could someone make them go away, please? chunky heels = chunky thighs and who needs that? - but I'd have prefered the execution of the idea on the classier side. I usually like the exuberant foot-wear trends of the last years, not always wearing them, because black court shoes are just that much more versatile at uni, and I wouldn't want shoe-fashion to go back to only the standards - though I love a good standard pair too, but some of the runway examples are ont for wear but only for the show.
After looking at them for some time now, they have started to grow on me (a little), but still would prefer to have my own design realised instead of Prada's. I hope, the version to hit the stores will be edited to higher wearability.

Maybe if they were more delicate and not so stripper-chic with the giant lucite chunky heels ... promising idea, though.

Geeze...maybe I could go buy a few pairs of cheap plastic sandals, glue some pieces of kid's play jewelry on them, use some Elmer's to affix white velcro and market the shoes as "designer"??
Who in the H is Prada kidding?

Fairy Godmother, what were you thinking?! ;)

That visible velcro strip is horrendous!

Wrong!!! Liked the idea but when I saw the pics they look like tat!

AMEN! I saw those shoes and immediately thought of kids sneakers with the velcro strips.

The straps look like bandaids. And the rest looks like a six year old's art project.

NAY. Not only hugely impractical, but fugly as hell and tacky. Another execution of the concept may have been good, but this is so, so bad. Yikes.

The only "reinvention" of the shoe that I'm willing to accept is the cage heels. Even with those I'm usually doubtful, but occasionally, with the right wearer and the right outfit they have worked. Nothing else has ever worked.

They'd look fab without all the chandelier shit. I like the coloured perspex heel and the clear plastic with velcro strip.

TLo bang on as usual about shoe designing getting ridiculous. I'm sick of platforms, spikes, studs and cutouts.

These shoes are absolutely gorgeous!!! OK, I don't like the velcro strip, but I'm used to taking ready to wear clothes and altering them, so I would probably cover the velcro strip with some extra crystals.

These shoes are no more ridiculous than any other high-heeled shoe. And the heel is more reasonable than most I've seen on the runway. I'm not sure why these are a lawsuit waiting to happen. The heel is relatively low (maybe 3 or 3.5 inch?) and chunky, making them easier to walk in than a 3-inch stiletto.

Sure, they're impractical for everyday wear. But these are fantasy shoes! I can totally see them for a wedding, or a special night out.

The velcro has an unfortunate effect in that it makes it look like a bandage/plaster is being worn at the ankle.

Beyond that, I like the potential clattery nature of this shoe. It screams (nothing subtle here) LOOK AT ME!!!! I am HERE!!! If that is the image someone wants to create, then have at it!

Personally, I find the hairstyles on the models much worse than these shoes.

Clunky? Yep. Clattery? Probably. Dangerous? No. Unless the dangling bits batter the toes...

Fun stuff!

Can't believe that every one is forgetting that clear heels are HOOKER SHOES!

First thought was they were all
wearing band aids!

Next step in this progression
has to be battery operated
tiny little light bulbs.

As a straight woman w/exactly 10 pairs of shoeI gus - and two sets are tennis shoes, could never understand the fascination w/shoes?! All mine are "clogs" for easy in & out (and no I'm not in the medical field and yes, I hate crocks) and because they're comfortable.

The idea sounds pretty, but the end result is "chip, in a chip way".


Interesting idea but the noise those crystals are going to make when you walk is enuff to drive anyone mad.

Stop trying to reinvent the shoe.
Thank you! I am so tired of "fresh" and "innovative" hideousness like this. I miss beautiful shoes. OTOH, I'm saving a bloody fortune.
I'm just surprised she didn't put a goldfish in the heel. You know it's only a matter of time before that makes a comeback.

Oh please. "Lucite heels are stripper/hooker shoes!" is a lame reason to dislike them. Hookers also wear mini-skirts and knee-high boots, but every time you see those on the runway, do you scream hooker? They can be if they're not done right. These shoes, with some minor alterations, would be fabulous. I stand by that.

And I like Lucite heels. Sue me.

I agree with Fata Morgana. I love lucite, and I love seeing designers work with unconventional materials. I also love seeing the constant reinvention of the shoe; sure, a lot of it's a miss, but so much of it is down right fabulous in my book. I may be in a minority here, but IDGAF if the shoe is a walking torture device; if it's fabulous, it's FABULOUS. Carry some cute flats with you and take a cab.

That being said, I'm not really into these shoes. I don't think the bangles would HURT you per se, but the particular manner in which they're placed seems a little haphazard and clunky. And under normal circumstances I'd probably LIKE the velcro, but for chandelier shoes? I feel like Miuccia's been looking at the wrong lighting fixture for this inspiration. Too heavy! But with tweaks, it could work.

Good lord no. Any time you sit down at a table at whatever function to partake of the recepton/dinner/whatever, the dang things will snag on the carpet, your gown's hem, and the socks of the gentleman sitting next to you.

Pretty, but impractical.

One thumb down.

Makes me think of the Chris Rock routine about hookers and clear heels.

I don't even think hookers would want to deal with these fussy contraptions.

ugh- bad look. Strap looks like a band aid.

Nay, these look like a bad camp project.

These are clearly going to be marketed to the "more money than taste crowd."

I am with Fata Margona & Mailee ♥

And to all who call them hooker/stripper shoes - done right they are CINDERELLA SHOES.
(See my description of the GORGEOUS pair I had.)

With a smaller heel (I hate heels!!) and beads that I wouldn't trip over, these would be very cute.


I would refuse to speak to anyone dumb enough to wear those shoes.

NAY! Horrific. These look like a middle school Home Ec. craft project gone wrong. F!

It's amazing to me what some designers will put out on the runway. I want some of the drugs they were on when they thought that one up!


Ugly. NAY.

TNisheaven said...
Reminds me of the Spring-O-Lators that were THE fancy dress show in the late 50s, early '60s.

YES! Spring-o-lators! Way back in the late 60's my neighbor gave a pair of these to my sister and I to play with. They looked just like the ones in your link except they had a cluster of lucite grapes where your giant rhinestone is (fancy). Oh how we loved those Cinderella shoes, happy times.
These are the same in some ways I can see them making someone very happy. I can also see them in a give away bag . But they are too silly for high end shoes. I also do not like the white velcro closure.

A million percent YAY on these shoes. Prada does not make tacky, stripper shoes, Prada makes fabulous high fashion and partially dictates trends around the world. The only thing that scares me is the fact that in two years or less Payless will have knock-off chandelier shoes that do look like stripper shoes.

I think these would have had potential for awesomeness if the dangling crystals were around the strap, giving an anklet effect. Ah well.

I thought the words you said as I read them. The concept of a chandelier inspired shoe is fabulous. As far as execution they are a cross between the jellies that were in style when I was a child and some weird craft project involving beads.

I think the worst part would be the noise. You'd sound like a tinkling chandelier every time you took a step. Sometimes you want a soundtrack to life, but clanging shoes are not the answer.


TLo, THANK YOU. These shoes look silly.

Nay. And that is all I have to say about that.

Yeah, full agreement here, TLo. There's nothing sexy about them. They just look I don't know...cluttered and messy.


Stripper shoes!!!

They're probably wicked expensive, but I wouldn't give you fifty cents for them if I saw them on a table at a garage sale.

Also, they'd be terribly noisy.

Is she kidding?

I adore them.

Except for the obvious velcro. Perhaps a crystal buckle or big gaudy bauble to fasten them.

These are fun and fabulous! I think it's time to bling some of my shoes...

They look like they'd be noisy with all that frippery banging against the heel. The foot gets lost in all the embellishment.

Hmm, I'm gonna go with "NEIGH" as I can see Sarah Jessica Parker wearing them.

OMG I LOVE THEM! And the rest of the line! Of course I'd wear them for costumey things and never expect them to be liked as good or high fashion, but they are SO ME and I want them all RIGHT NOW!


Love the idea. But they are butt-ugly! looks like they are being held together with bandaids! The clear top and base of the shoe makes it look really cheap. If they made the rest of the shoe with different materials, I think they would be really fab.

I like everything but that heinous little strap and the little turd of Velcro. Plus they should be much higher. If they were higher, they would be so much more dramatic.

Yea! I love them. So would the rest of you, but you know you'll never be able to buy a pair so you have to put them down any way you can. Keep your crocs and running shoes. You could never pull off anything with style. Boo for all of you.

I got my pair yesterday--they are flawless. The velcro has been minimized and replaced with snaps and the shoe is really comfortable (the sole is padded). But. There is a but. They are really loud shoes. It sounds like I'm walking through a beaded curtain, constantly. These will be dinner party shoes.

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