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Vogue Italia: A Dream of a Dress

Alright ladies, we spent the holiday weekend blogging our asses off.
We reserve the right to take 5 and leave the work to you.

Not that it wasn't a ton of work getting all these pics, but it's up to you to expound on them. You're all opinionated little minxes, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Here's what you need to know to get started:

Vogue Italia, September 2009
Photographed by: Paolo Roversi
Fall 2009 Couture Collections

Ready? Go!

Atelier Versace Fall 2009 Collection

Givenchy Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Models: Karmen Pedaru, Carolina Reis, Kasia Struss

Valentino Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Models: Toni Garrn, Anna Selezneva, Sigrid Agren, Frida Gustavsson, Gwen Loos

Christin Dior Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Charlotte di Calypso

Chanel Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Models: Heidi Mount, Inguna Butane, Skye Stracke, Kasia Struss, Karmen Pedaru

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Models: Kim Noorda, Daiane Conterato, Heidi Mount

Chanel Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Models: Vlada Roslyakova, Tereza Cervenova

Valentino Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute

Valentino Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Anabela Belikova, Katie Fogarty

Valentino Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Anabela Belikova

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Models: Lakshmi Menon, Yulia Kharlaponova, Michelle Westgeest, Karlie Kloss

Givenchy Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Karlie Kloss

Christian Dior Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Models: Michelle Westgeest, Georgina Stojilkovic, Toni Garrn

[Scans: FashionSpot - Photos:]

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So MUCH eye candy!!!

God those dresses are all stunning and beautifully photographed. I even like the styling of the hair and makeup. A little conhead-ish but something more elegant would have distracted from the intricate designs.

Lots of love going on here.

Freaking FABULOUS.

That backless Lacroix is uh - may - zing!!

Beautiful styling, incredible photography - LOVE IT!!

Valentino Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute

Dudes! I have this skirt! Stranger than strange!



Where can I buy Vogue Italia immediately?

love love love all of the valentino and the dior. not to say that the rest was not equally stunning. so regal, so gothic. beautiful.

Forgot to add: The Givenchy with the beaded bodice is TO DIE!!

hmariec19 on 9/8/09 at 11:39 AM saidd...GASP! Where can I buy Vogue Italia immediately?

Books-A-Million has it. It is $17.95 USD.


I see a little bit of Jerrell in some of these dresses--more refined, to be sure, but still...

What beauty! amazing production. Every garment looks so much better than on the runway! Hard to go back to the word document on my screen after that.

God, I LOVE Vogue Italia. This is gorgeous. The Valentino dresses are amazing.

I like the photo shoot. The styling is interesting, the filter or whatever (I'm very tech-savvy) made for a cool effect....But I don't love the dresses. A lot of fussiness without beauty, to me.

And I hereby declare boots with no toes OVER. Cease production. The pumps with the fan look like a creature that got startled.

In what world are the Gaultier gowns the most subtle? how did THAT happen?

I do love that shot of the Givenchy wedding jumpsuit (really? Is it?), in particular.

What can I really say? Just heart-stoppingly gorgeous, the clothes and the photographs. Bellissima!

Love love love the second and the third Christian Lacroix.

A lot of these dresses are slightly ugly to my taste, but I'm very impressed with how the magazine photos make them all look classy and UNBELIEVABLY expensive, whereas on the models most of them look kind of silly and tacky to me.

absolutely stunning. this is as high fashion as it gets. so illustrious and dreamy.

the only thing for me is that i feel on the christian dior couture runway, they styling couldve been better. for me, it actually cheapens the INCREDIBLE dresses.

Guys, I can't thank you enough for this. It's so nice to see such a fabulous editorial side by side with the runway looks. It's great to be able to see and compare the different ideas and concepts for both of them.

So fabulous. Especially love the black and white Givenchy, the Gaultier with the white veil type coat. I like the top of the last Givenchy (with the veil) better then the bottom. I don't like any of the Valentino though. It's not to my taste.

9/8/09 11:46 AM What beauty! amazing production. Every garment looks so much better than on the runway!

I have to agree. The runway seems boring and a but gaudy in comparison. I liked the washed out colors and emphasis on black and white, too.

And the next time some lackey from Garnier or TreSemme starts spouting off on how hairstyles 'make the runway look''re not working for Vogue Italia.

You know that one in the middle.
With the weird hair?
Liked that one...


Beautiful clothes and beautiful pictures!

I really like what they did with the models' hair in the pictures, it fits the mood and is really different.

You can also find Vogue Italia at most Borders and Barnes & Noble. It is routinely MUCH better than American Vogue or Elle or Bazaar, etc. Refreshingly free of Jennifer Aniston or Miley Cyrus photos, it is about FASHION. Well worth the money.

There are dresses in those photo shoots? All I could see were the hairdos.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Now THAT is some f*cking styling! So much better than the "Madonna circa 1984" on some of the original runway models.

Yeah, it's editorial, but it's still gorgeous.

I could look at those for hours.

Eye candy? Stuning? Amazing? Wow, I disagree with all the raves. Other than a few standouts, these garments are weirdly bleh.

In order:

Versache - First group is attractive and sexy. The second group - bleh. Looks like they have, attached to the skirts, penises and firehoses spewing fabric.

Givenchy - The first look was smashing; second and third suffered from vampire hoodie and ridiculously un-sexy padded shoulders.

Valentino - While it's nice to see the bell-shaped gown coming back, these are otherwise funereal and bleh. Some of the bodices are genuinely unflattering, whie the rest that have promise seemed to be obscured by a ton of ostrich feathers tufted on. I can just hear Nina Garcia commenting on how the looks need to be edited more.

Christian Dior - too bridal. And, as a bridal gown, the sleek Deco top is grafted onto a jarring Mount Everest of floofy netting on the bottom.

Chanel - Aside from debuting the unique five lace fingers without an actual glove attached to them, the best that can be said of this collection is "Oh, dear." I can just see Tim Gunn struggling to come up with a comment for an outfit already gone to far to salvage in time: "This concerns me."

Christian Lacroix - What, did these designers all have spies in each other's workrooms? Why the endless funeral Goth black look? Only the third look has a prayer of making it to the red carpet, and the bustline on that one isn't particularly flattering.

Chanel again - Finally! Something that a stick thin actress like Nicole Kidman would rock.

Valentio, second round - Again with the froufy Goth funeral look. So embarrassingly short that it looks like lingerie, and so much going on that the model's figure (at least the part covered by this mishmash) is actually obscured.

Valentino again- Good Lord. What manufacturer was pushing the black fur pompoms this year?

Valentino yet again - Now THIS is what Daniel Franco should have done with his black garbage bags -- at least he would have gotten props for the bodice. Hard to tell whether this is feathers, plastic or fabric, but, despite the visual interest of the bodice, from the side it looks like an opera costume for Madame Death.

Jean Paul Gaultier - FINALLY. A little old Hollywood glamor. The black sheath with the white cape has a film noir quality. Bette Davis would have killed in it. We have a winner! But the rest? Ennh. The light grey filmy gown looks like a Broadway reject from Aladdin.

Givenchy again - succeeds as a wedding dress. Nifty decoration on the bodice.

Christian Dior again - Insane Crotch Award! Honestly, did he think anybody would be caught dead in this stuff? This must be the "concept" line, with the stuff people actually buy to wear just taking elements from it.


Gorge! Every single one of them.

This is really beautiful and a great way to start my day, boys.

Boots without toes:
This is going to be a bit of a confessional, but I kept looking at those boots - especially the black ones - and knew I had seen something like that before. So.... I watch anime, specifically Naruto which is aimed at kids and I'm a grownup, etc, etc. Anyway, nearly every character in that show wears boots without toes apparently because the creator likes to draw toes (uh..). The show's been in Japan since 02 and in the states since 07. I'm starting to be suspicious that these designers watch anime. Actually, that would make some of their other designs make some sense.

I like the Givenchy and Chanel. I want them all.

I was disappointed with the Chanel collection, I mean, great work all that beading and stuff, but just not pretty enough.


The clothes are incredible, but I have to say, the hair and makeup caught my attention right away.

LOVE the photography and the dresses.
I wish I could see the details on the dresses a bit better but it's a minor detail.
The old Hollywood/decadence feel to it.
Amazing, just A MA ZING

The magazine shoot is so beautiful--everything looks amazing! Upon closer inspection I must say that I HATE the Chanel pieces. The double skirts are just awful. Also, it's amazing how the styling of Vogue is soooo much better than what some of the designers chose. Case in point, the 80's-Madonna bad hair/jewelry of Dior makes me cringe and not look so closely at the clothes. But they look great toned-down in Vogue.

Saffron, you are speaking my language. American fashion magazones have made a major mistake in continually using actors as models. With the exception of Kate the Great and SWINTON few actors manage to wear clothes well at all - at least from an editorial prespective.

These shots are absolutely gorgeous! Languid and gothic and stunning.

I imagine that this is the language Tim Burton dreams in.

Did anyone else get an Alice in Wonderland vibe?

Wow - it's all so somber! Is this representative of the couture collections this year, or did the magazine choose the most severe, colorless clothes from the runway? Even the few gowns that were pink or blue look muddy because of the grey tone to all of the photographs.

I guess I'm in the minority here, but when it comes to fashion photography, but I want to see the *clothes*! Not the photographer's idea of how the clothes should be presented.

I'm so much more interested in the designer's vision, not the photographer's vision. I found the studio/runway photos more interesting because the clothes were well-lit and details and colors were more visible.

Twinkle Tits

I am going to have nightmares tonight.


I think I just passed out from all the pretty. Thanks TLO! This jeans and T shirt girl could use some glamour to start the day.

I am so excited that you post these because in one big chunk I can tell what designers I almost always love and the ones I rarely do. I think I am a Dior girl at heart but I don't really like Chanel. I am shocked to learn that I do love Gaultier deep down inside.

That underwater shot is breathtaking.

LOVE the Atelier Versace, the first Givenchy with the white, the second set of Chanels. Not that big a fan of all the Valentino or Lacroix, though.

I'm so in LOVE right now


The model on the right in the chanel shot looks like she's "poo-ing fabric"

I guess I'm in the minority here, too. I see what they're doing there: so retro-Eduardian, with the Gibson girl hair and the plain canvas backgrounds and murky daguerreotype colors and haziness. It all obscures the clothing and puts me off from seeing the actual designs. As an editorial piece, or an art project, sure, but if this is supposed to be showing me the clothing, it isn't really working: I've gotten lost in thought musing about my great great grandmothers and wondering how on earth the clothes they wore are relevant to the 21st century.

Also, Marie! Yes! Open-toe Naruto boots. I thought so too. My friends and I had a real laugh about that.

another laura

Take a nap, guys! You totally deserve it.

I love this. I love the play on 18th c. hair, the photography. *swoon*

Hard to pick a fave group, but I'll try anyway. The LaCroix group and the Givenchy group. The Givenchy wedding dress is to die for.

I do have to say (love getting to post here and get my bitch on) that I do not like the Atelier Versace group. Why? Probably the fishtail gowns.

They're all stunning and interesting, but the only ones I love love love are the Gaultiers.

I love the French aristocratic styling of these women. All the clothes look better in the photographs than on the runway.

Vogue Italia seems to be the place for incredible fashion photography.

Sophia Loren is a conehead! No frigging way.

This is what I was hoping for in the "avant-garde/ Garnier Fructis" challenge. What a shame we couldn't see beachy hairdos that could make our jaws drop, for good or for bad, like these hair styles!

I hope it's just the scans, but I find it very hard to see some of the detail on the gowns. I do love the styling, though. Lovely settings!

So gorgeous! I love love LOVE those pumps with the fans attached to the heel. The styling is fantastic, although is it my imagination, or is that one blonde model's wig a little lopsided? Hmmm...

Thanks TLo, for my morning dose of aesthetic. Now, coffee.

god these are gorgeous!

I would love to visit this planet.

My take:

The Versace: I love the prints on the left. Love the pleating of the gowns, but personally think that colors of the gown aren't given proper service with the lighting treatment of the shot. Also not a fan of drop waists, but this is executed beautifully.

Look the Bedouin feel of the Givenchy collection, notably the veiled piece.

Loved the tiered treatments of the Valentino collection, as well as the use of feathers. Methinks Laura Bennett would approve.

The Vogue Italia shot of the Dior makes that dress to DIE FOR. That dress is stunning and ephemeral. And it fits the Italia model like a glove.

I am very tired of the Chanel hats. Seriously. I know it's couture, but really. Interesting silhouettes, but because the of the masks, the shot in Italia kind of looks like a fashion take on Frank Herbert's Dune.

The back of the first Lacroix is really provocative---doesn't show with the runway picture, which is a pleasant discovery. Am not a fan of the gigantic white bow in the second look; the third look truly benefits from the styling in the Italia shoot.

Oh Chanel. Really? Body veils, stylist? Think the white dress looks borderline tacky. Why is the fabric so shiny in the bottom picture? And what kind of fabric is worked to make a model's body look lumpy?

That Valentino dress/coat is killer, and almost looks like it was inspired by Christian Siriano.

Skipped the next two Valentino, but the 3rd black Valentino look is such a sweeping black gown that I would think anyone who wants to go a costume as either Odile the Black Swan or the Magic Flute's Queen of the Night would be on the mark with that dress. It's royal and fantastic---well, it looks royal and fantastic all spread out that way in the Italia shot. The runway pic doesn't do it justice.

Gaultier: Meh. And that pale grey dress with metallic embellishments just strikes me as oddly alien-in-plate armor.

The white Givenchy with full veil is to die. Ethereal and absolutely poetic. Storytelling in fabric form.

Finally the Dior: Love the short cocktail/evening couture dresses. That pink couture gown on the other hand, while visually interesting, looks like her boobs exploded in protest at wearing such a garment.


Hate the hair, but LOVE the clothes...Is that a vagina hat in the last photo?


You're too good to us.


I loved this. The dresses and the editorial. Although (has to be a negative) I thought the gloomy greenish depths of the editorial only improved a single one of the dresses: the Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Couture Collection gown worn in the runway photo by Daiane Conterato. The middle one, with the blue under/over skirt and the large white bow at the waist. The one that looks as if it was designed for an Amish Victorian costume ball housemaid in half-mourning.

What I *would* like is an hour to dish with the hair stylist(s).

These are all beautiful photographs, but as a fashion editorial I think it only works for the light-colored dresses. I can't see any of the details of the black dresses, and in some of the pictures I can't even see the silhouettes.

I'll go ahead and give VI an A, if only for the use of models rather than actresses. Actresses posing in fashion editorials needs to be named Tilda or Cate.


*sigh* I went back and looked again. All I need is more coffee and the day is complete - I can happily settle into wage-slavery for another 5 hours.

I'm tired of this precious "oooh my tummy hurts" pose, as seen demonstrated by Charlotte di Calypso Christian Dior Fall 2009 Couture Collection.

I do, however, wish my name was Charlotte di Calypso.

Hilary Alexander of the Daily Telegraph has a nice and very sad little video of Lacroix's final haute couture show. He's gone bankrupt and all the work on these clothes was done for free.

Link to her video page. Scroll down for that video.

All I kept thinking was..."It's the Sophie Anne collection" (True Blood on HBO). All these gorgeous dresses would look impeccable on the Vampire Queen of Louisiana! much I love (ex: the Galtiers and Diors) and so much I don't (ex: the hair styling, it would look better toned down a bit, not so ballonish). But, I am so enjoying looking at this spread over and over again. It is mezmerizing.

I do love Lacroix . I so hope he finds another backer.

Love them all except Gaultier, who tries too hard.

Love them all except Gaultier, who tries too hard.

Is it me or do I detect Chris March in these collections? I know someone mentioned Jerrell, but for me, I was thinking Chris and his Gothic final collection. What a fabulous spread! By the way, I thought Chris was hosed that year, because although the human hair freaked people out, I thought it was outside the box and INCREDIBLE looking... Just my two pennies...

Those poor girls all look so unhappy all the time. I guess they're hungry. I'm not happy when I'm hungry either.

Gorgeous shoot. Especially the Lacroix and the Dior.

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL! I love this. LOVE the hazy, 19th century tone of the photos. The dresses - nearly all of them - fit into a late Victorian setting perfectly. I love the goth+Victorian+couture aesthetic going on here. so many of those dresses just made my stomach sink with desire, and I normally don't have that kind of reaction to couture. Those dark blue & black Lacroix dresses in particular make my heart beat faster.

When I see photos like this, I think that high fashion and modelling is, in fact, a "real" career and art form. We get such a sad, bastardized version of this in american mags, with miley cyrus and kate hudson wearing dresses in harsh bright lighting.

Also, TLo: thank you for always posting the models' names. One of the many things I love about you is the respect you have for the models and/ or their contributions. Posting their names is both a kind and professional, respectful thing to do.

well done!

I adored the Chanel and then....I blinked. And could only think, in regard to the profile picture, of Tim Gunn saying, "She's pooping fabric!"

Pardon me, Coco.

Stunning! Absolutely stunning, it reminded me of when I used to be a model in NY.


You bitches are busy.

The gowns are beyond stunning but the editorial, while pretty, is a bit cliche, no?

mll (another lulu)

One of my favorite things about this blog is that you post these amazing couture/editorial spreads that I would never ever see otherwise. I just wish I had a bigger computer screen, make that two computers side by side. Then I could look at the photos and compare the comments at the same time!

I wish some of the darker details were more evident, but that's why it is so helpful to have the runway pics. Looking at the magazine itself would be such a treat.

I join those here who love this spread. Gothic, ethereal, romantic, evoking a previous century, yet even futuristic. Excellent photography, feels like art.

I have a QUESTION.

I understand that the names of the models belong to the editorial spread, correct??
But a lot of them also look like the runway model.
Are they the same, or different???

Have to use a friend's laptop to post -- mine has shorted out from all the drool on the keys.

Well, that says it all, doesn't it?

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

I have mixed feelings about this. In principle, what's not to love. Big hair, fabulous clothes, gorgeous models in an interesting set of beautifully jumbled furniture.

But then I realize that if one takes away the towers of hair from the models, there is zero styling. They slopped the couture looks on the models, stuck bump-it's in their hair, and threw em in a neat setting. I am a huge supporter of mingling designers. That would have stepped this up a notch for me. The only interesting addition was the chin strap on that valentino look. clever?

So beautiful. More like art than anything else.

Love the clothes, adore the styling, envy the photography. Problem is, I've seen it all before. It's nothing new, just another colorless, artsy shoot with skinny models contorting themselves in ornate, monochromatic clothing. Also, is it just me, or can you not tell what the black dresses look like at all in the editorial?

Needless to say, I love each and every one of these!!

Thoughts that come to mind:

1. Some of them, especially near the top, are breathtaking.

2. Those hairy-looking dresses are creepy, gross, and disturbing.

3. I'm really starting to hate the overused hands-on-bony-hips-hunched-over-model pose.

i'm not dorothy gale

What an amazing, gorgeous gift! It made my oh-yucch-back-to-work attitude much nicer especially when I realized that the huge updos weren't too far from what we wore in the 60's!

Three rules of fashion:
1) Cover the nips
2) Cover the ass
3) Cover the cootie

Anything other than that, do what thou wilt.

Enough with the hunched shtick. It's done!

Oy -
the forecast looks mostly FUG -
with some occasional spots of brightness.

so funny that there are so many raves over the hair & makeup styling of this shoot... as soon as i saw that bow hair that's in the chanel & valentino photographs, i immediately thought of the hairstyle that alison gave her model during the trash(ithink?) challenge in season 3. everybody gave her so much shit for that, and i believe it was the episode that she got auf'd on. granted, these are executed much more beautifully, but still... either people are liking it just because it's called "couture", or girlfriend was ahead of her time and got bashed for it. so sad, i loved her.

Good to see that the Valentino designers are getting back in on the action, 's a much better collection than the last.

Not many new shapes, though.

I LOVE the shapes of the Dior dresses, and that Givenchy bodice is beyond stunning. Some of those Valentino dresses though are just really huge in the wrong places... and so dreary.

And what is up with styling the Larcroix models to look like Meryl Streep in One True Thing?

"They slopped the couture looks on the models, stuck bump-it's in their hair, and threw em in a neat setting."

Gee, about 4-5 bump-its per model!

"Enough with the hunched shtick. It's done!"

Yeah, since the 1950s, if not before. I'm afraid it's not going away anytime soon. It's the "couture hunch".

Hated most of the Chanel, loved the Gaultier. The others fall somewhere in between.

I'm sure they picked the Goth-est designs for the spread, but I wonder if the somber looks are in response to the current economic climate.

mll: the models' names go with the runway shots, not the editorial.

(I think?)

Do you think that bluish Gaultier in the upper right corner is what poor Mitchell was aiming for with his smocked misfire?

It's like some laudanum-induced hallucination by a Victorian dilettante at a garden party, inspired by reading Lewis Carroll.

Ohhhhh, I die. This editorial is exquisite. I absolutely agree with everything 'kittens not kids' wrote. She expressed my sentiments perfectly.

I don't understand why others don't like it for various reasons but then they probably don't understand why some of us do love it. I swooned over the photographers vision and execution and appreciated the runway shots to see better the intricacies. It was like a drink at an oasis to see true haute coutre and only the best that the modeling world has to offer compared to the meager offerings we normally get in the American magazines with celebrities and bland shoots.

Thank you TLo for this. Fabulous.

I would love to see Tilda Swinton in the black and white Gaultier. Gorgeous bit of good old-fashioned glamour.

*Love* the Versace and Gaultier (and I actually recognized it as Gaultier. I credit you boys for that.)

Is there something wrong with me that I just don't like Chanel? I feel like a rube.

Love the hair.


Heh. Or teasing and sugar water. Nothing holds hair on place like sugar water.

TampaBay said: Valentino Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute

Dudes! I have this skirt! Stranger than strange!


I love this so much, it's beautiful.

Love all the Valentino!!


This is such a treat, guys, how did I miss that?


i'm far too lazy to pick it all apart, but:
-open toe boots: vile, always have been, always will be. i don't care who says/makes otherwise.
-nearly everything else: absolutely stunning. whoever said "as high fashion as it gets" is dead on. fall couture is the reason i love fashion.

I really like the photography, and the styling is unique. My only issue is you can't see the dresses very well. A lot of them have some really intricate work on them and you can't tell.

Beautiful, especially the Valentino dresses.

Lacroix makes me gasp, I love his clothes.


I'm in love with these dresses, I want all of them.

Ugh, the black dress on black background drives me crazy. Kinda can't stand it.

That being said, love the Atelier Versace and the Chanel... there were a few othes, but damn if the magazines shouldn't start doing spreads where I can actually see the details of the clothes.

Ah! those dresses are gorgeously photographed. The styling with the hair is crazy, but I like it. Very much a alien marie antoinette thing going on.

My only beef is why is there a dirty sheet backdrop covering up the awesome naturey secret garden looking path? Most of the pictures it looks sloppily placed, which i am assuming was on purpose. This is sad because it seems to most of the time akwardly break up the otherwise beautiful composition.

DAHLINGS I'm so ecstatic you guys got this up here... I amy freaking suffocating over these spreads!

It makes me nervous about this high art concept of the gothic renaissance festival getting dumbed down for retail. I hope this doesn't translate into a lot of crushed velvet. The Middle Eastern inspiration is interesting.
Photography is gorgeous. So artistic and inspired.

i kinda like the editorial photos better than what the clothes look like on the runway. it looks more expensive and dark romantic. lovely

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