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Versace Spring 2010

Put your shades on, poodles. Because this one's a retina-burner. abuses the adjective:

"Vivid pastels, geometric prints, baroque curlicues, short-short skirts, and slinky, sexy chain mail: Where else could this be but Versace? For Spring, Donatella Versace was telling everyone who went backstage that she'd been inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (which comes out next March). "I loved the idea of that fantasyland," she said. Really, though, you didn't need to know that to appreciate the fact that this was Versace redux—the Gianni heyday of the early nineties retooled in a gloriously confident way. Good timing for it, too. Donatella might have spent the last few seasons concentrating on making her collection look grown-up, but now that so many others are making the most of thigh-skimming lengths, busy prints, and glittery glamour, it's an opportune moment to drop all that and show them how it's done her way."

It's classic Versace, which means tight, short, shiny and loud. Which isn't to say we don't think it's fabulous. When Versace does it right, they can make what would normally look a little tacky and slutty look chic and exciting. That's true for this collection. It's got a slight Barbarella/swinging '60s vibe with a little dash of the '80s thrown in for good measure. It's all very feminine, very young, very "heading to a party." In other words, very Versace.

Oh, and we kind of love the shoes. Yes, we had a little rant the other day about how shoes are getting more ridiculous and these are definitely over the top foot-manglers, but we can't help it. They look fantastic. We don't know how much we can get behind the open-toed boots, though.

Watch the show:

[Photos: WireImage/ - Video: YouTube/lucianoburgos]

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Crazy that you guys were just talking shoes....
I really love this collection (albeit a little plain and seethru) but I love it. Just afraid it may come out at target.

Those shoes are so much love.

Do I see body suits under clear vinyl mini-skirts? NO WAY EVER, PLEASE. I bet several celebretards have already placed their orders.

Wow, I bet Heidi is drooling over all of these looks. Great Show!


For some reason, these clothes make me look through the eyes of a straight guy, and that guy is thinking "These women all hate you."

Yowie. Tootie and tort alert for the same post.

Sky high hems and we're seeing all the way to Perugia. Those shoes will be the personal liability bar's sinecure for quite a while, if any one wears them off the catwalk. No need for slip 'n' fall; trip 'n' fall is a given.

All the best,


Yes. I want, I want, I want.

Just need to find a rich sugardaddy, and this collection will be mine.

Okay, expect to see the white and purple gowns on JLo shortly.

Great collection. Only Versace could get away with those silhouettes and hemlines.

WOW, what fun.

But somebody feed the girls! It's disturbing how emaciated they look. It detracts from the clothes to see sick-looking girls, to say nothing of how sad it is.

That print looks like the old test pattern on our 1960 Zenith...

I do love me some Versace. But those shoes. The uppers are fabulous, the platforms, ridiculous.

I'm sure that plenty of people will disagree with me, but I LOVE those shoes. Even though you guys were just talking about how no one is going to reinvent shoes, I feel like those were fun and flirty and not a lawsuit waiting to happen.

The clothes were meh. Springy and again kind of flirty, but nothing spectacular. And some of them made my eyes bleed.

Thigh skimming? How about vaginal length?

Still, these are surprisingly pretty and fun for the most part. A few inches more and they are even wearable. (Could do without the clear skirts though; silly and perspiration inducing.)I like that Jane Fonda lookalike. And there are a few that clearly scream ticky tacky Donatella.....

Gotta say, though, hate, hate the shoes.

Thanks for the really fun posts today TLo!

Wow. the most stylish hookers at an S&M pajama party!

Er, what the fug? Why is that girl's top butt round hanging out? Alot of the patterns DO look like the Indian Head off air card -
I'm a video editor and I'm not sure how I feel about people wearing test patterns.
But, much shoe love, especially the strappy pumps.

What a fun collection. I love the bright colors and patterns.


I love it all - with the exception of the saran wrap skirts and the art project footwear.

The short green dress in particular is my favourite.

Oh, to be young, rich and gorgeous. :( Love most of these.

I love this collection, so wise, witty and user friendly. Those shoes are especially ridiculous and I would wear them in a heartbeat if given the chance...

I'm so pleased that Donatella, who famously said "Less is less"--has abandoned her gaudy excesses. This collection strikes a pretty balance of neon/pastel/vinyl/foxy with amazing aplomb!

Did Donatella buy those triangular plastic thingies in bulk?

Remember the old Capital One credit card commercials where the guy is tiling his pool with his old credit cards? I see Donatella hunched over her design table, "I have Capital One." Her assistant says, "What did you do with your old cards?" Camera pans out to show the dress dummy with her latest creation.

Unlike Don Draper, I work cheap.

The dresses remind me of my favorite AbFab line - "one snap of my fingers, I can raise hemlines so high, the world's your gynecologist."

For some reason, all the pink and purple stuff screams Barbie: Spring 2010 to me.

Also, I too love the shoes, minus the weird stumps at the bottom. Totally unneccessary.

Nearly every garment, including the pants and some of the long gowns, are crotchtacular. WTF?

The shoes? Meh. I'm sick to death of 8" heels. Your mileage may vary.

Why are the models' hair styled to look like they just rolled out of bed? Are these walk-of-shame outfits for Barbie?

I am SHOCKED at how much I like almost all of the short dresses. Even though I am no fan of super-short skirts and even less of a fan of Ms. Donatella. Almost all of them are cute, some even clever, with the clever use of color, print and shape that is hard for me to describe, but it makes all the difference. And they actually look good on the models. (I really hate when women hand-picked for their ability to show off clothes look awful on the runway. What in the name of sweet baby Jesus would the rest of us look like?)

I suspect that the downmarket knock-offs will just look cheap.

In the long gowns, though, it's back to that tacky slut vibe Ms. D. does sooo well. They look like Wonder Woman's posse is dressing for a debauched formal evening event at the South Beach Grecian Temple and Club.

I HATE the shoes. Which is a shame, because many of them would be downright cute if shorn of the stupid platform and the ugly nude platform/stainless steel heel combo. The upper portion of these shoes have the most delicious color combinations.

Large shoe picture #2 would be unbelievably cute if not a platform with shiny stainless steel heel. Peek-a-boo boot in shoe picture #4 would also be an adorable normal sandal/shoe.

The shoes on the upper right are reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein.

Hate the shoes.

Oddly enough, I don't think she went far enough with the fun factor. If she's going to do it, then do it!

Too many of the long gowns scream "New Jersey Prom!" Believe me, I'm from Jersey, I know.

all I see is Heidi

From the back, that white asymmetrical number makes the reed-thin model like like she has a muffintop.

"Too many of the long gowns scream "New Jersey Prom!" Believe me, I'm from Jersey, I know."

Yes. I just watched the video and found myself thinking "slutty pageant gowns." I really hate the long dresses. But the short ones are cute and saucy.

Blake Lively is going to love so many of the pieces of this collection. I'm just glad that someone is giving us color!

When "heading to the party," are you supposed to show nipple? Because that's not a good look on anyone.

I think there are some really striking and beautiful looks here. A couple of SERIOUS titscrepancies though, and one buttscrepancy (the asymmetrical dress gave the model both tit- and buttscrepancies. A new record!

MUTANT FOOT ALERT!!! at lower left photo.

Just ugh.

Very Barbie does Hollywood, no?

Love the shoes, of course.

Was Heidi the inspiration for this collection?

Some of the dress remind me of the yellow dress Drew Barrymore; I'm not crazy about those busy prints.

Love, love, love the pantsuits! I would totally wear those....

The gowns all look like someone's mom made them for the local beauty pageant. This whole collection is a tribute to tacky. And the models are some of the least appealing I've seen in a long time.

The second one made me think what sound is coming from her crotch?

The reaction to the rest makes me want to yell Hypocrite! to the posters.

So let's get this straight - clear shoes are slutty/dancer/hooker shoes.

But see through clothes (see-thru plastic skirts) are not?



Hate the shoes, though.

The last white dress is so wrong that it makes the model's back look bulky.

That suit (4th down on the left) is really lovely.

As well, when you see this collection as compared to the gown January Jones wore to the see just how magnificent that dress was.

This should be Serena Van Der Woodsen's entire wardrobe for S3

I love it, I hate it, I hate that I love it and love that I hate it.

Overall it's fabulous and I think there are at least a few pieces in there I'd actually wear.

That's funny, The Wife, I had exactly the same thought!!!

Natasha Poly is one fierce bitch. Wow.

Open toed boots make me feel angry. And those shoes...oh my heavens the ankle snapping.

But the clothes? I l o v e them. Too short, too shiny, but otherwise FAB. Bring on the color and the print!

That collection has "Rhianna" spelled all over it. I can see her wearing each and every piece, with the exception of the pink and white, dorito dresses, which are ALL Mariah! :)

I enjoy the clothes, for the most part-- though you're right about the very, very young-- but I'm sorry, I just can't get behind the shoes. There's just something too hoof-like about them.

Windy Cucumber

And that goes double for the shoes, and triple for the models.

It's surely a fun type collection for some tastes. It does have great colors. It should make me smile, but it just doesn't.
And the shoes make me want to scream in pain, just looking at them. They are ridiculous.

I always look at those types of shoes and think.. REALLY?? Do you REALLY think people can walk in average day life in those puppies? YIKES!

Why am I having flashbacks to my orange, velvet platforms from 8th grade?

Me likey!

HAHAHA! GORGEOUS!... on the runway. You know women over this age will be wearing this and mark my words. You'll be screaming "Gold digger in last year's Versace!" by 2010

LEGS, LEGS, ..., LEGS, ..., ... :)
I have to say that I liked the collection for the most part.
I have a friend who is 37 and she would rock many of the outfits. She is really thin and has absolutely gorgeous legs, and is NOT afraid to show them.


The duchess came to mind a few times "slutty, slutty, slutty", but that didn't keep me from loving a lot of it!

slight Barbarella? You missed Conan in there too.

SHEESH! Donatella needs to put down the pipe and join the real world for a while and stop watching Hollyweird's version of it. And is it just me or was the print she used the NBC Indian Head? I think it was!

And those SHOES! Every poor model had the exact same look on her face--"Oh God! Don't let me fall!" FUGLY!!!! Its a credit to all the models that their runway walk is automatic, because if I had to concentrate that hard on not flattening myself I wouldn't be able to take a single step!

I love the first dress, and the first suit (4th down on the left). It's 80s, but not in a gross way.

Serenity Now said: Still, these are surprisingly pretty and fun for the most part. A few inches more and they are even wearable.

Yes. Some of these dresses are great. I love a lot of the patterns.

But I don't care who makes it. Short, tight and strapless is always tacky and cheap looking.

As for the shoes? I have my limits, and those are it.

Sigh....some of those poor girls could really use some groceries. They're supposed to be walking mannequins, not walking coat hangers.


100% pure LOVE!

I'm sorry, the shoes cross the boundary into ridiculous, by several hundred miles.

I do like some of the dresses.

I'm kind of befuddled by all of the criticisms about this collection looking "tacky" "over the top" and the "prints are too much"...

This is VERSACE, people! What did you expect?

It's just like saying "France is a nice place, but there are too many French people over there!"

Oh man, I wish I had the figure to wear some of these. Love those miniskirt dresses.

Anonymous on 9/28/09 at 2:01 PM said..."Too many of the long gowns scream "New Jersey Prom!" Believe me, I'm from Jersey, I know."

True but this Versace RTW. What is interesting about the gowns IMHO is that if you need a long dress you buy one of these suckers and wear it on a formal occasion then cut it off to cocktail length for wearing on a different occasion.

Mamapajama on 9/28/09 at 4:06 PM said..."That collection has "Rhianna" spelled all over it."

NO! This collection has "TampaBay" spelled all over it! LOL! LOL!


I'm going to get flamed for this, but I've never liked Donatella's design oeuvre. Gianni was in a league of his own and the house should have chosen a designer with more of his taste level upon his untimely death.

That said, I think this is the closest she has ever come to his design aesthetic. While I don't love it, I do like it more than anything else I've seen in the past 12 years.

God, my eyes!!!

Tootie and tort alert

Fell out of my chair, NDC!

We're going to have to create a lexicon of cootie-hootie-tootie terms. My contribution:

Pudendae on Parade!

BTW, I liked looking at just about all of this collection. '60s structure makes '80s excess seem chic.


This collection is so much fun. I could leave the plastic skirts and that asymmetrical bodice that looks like a tit-slip in progress, but love the bright colors and whimsical patterns. Not actually a big fan of the shoes, though.

The funniest thing is the look on the model's quietly-terrified face in the seventh row of pictures, right photo - "don't-fall-down-don't-fall-down-don't-fall-down-don't-fall-down!"

The white dress dress with the to-the-butt cut out distracted me from the rest of the collection. Is that muffin top from the butt of a six-foot 120 pound woman? How does that even happen?

Great collection.

Love love love love love love love. Shoes are to die for.

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