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To the Bitter End

Let's wrap it up, kids.


We cringed when we saw Johnny making this Betty Draper jacket for his dress. He nailed it when he said it was too "Easter Sunday." Of course Qristyl nailed it even better when she said Rebecca Romijn wouldn't even dust in a jacket like that. It kills us when designers say we're "too mean." Have they ever listened to the trash talk they sling around?

Model: Emarie Wiltz

So, points to him for realizing the jacket wasn't a good idea, but we're scratching our heads wondering why he thought shoving it into her purse was a solution. If he'd been in either the top or bottom 3 the judges would have definitely noticed it, commented on it, and probably made her try it on in front of them.

As for the dress, we don't love. It's such a dreary color and unflattering length. That little party favor at the top just looks strange to us.

As does the overuse of piping, which makes the dress look a little cheap. Plus, what's with the weird blousson effect in the back? What 's the point of a maternity dress that's tight across the stomach but big and loose in the back?


Model: Erika Macke

It took us a while, but we're coming around on this one.

The only thing we really don't like is the color, but that may just be because it's a poor match to Erika's coloring. We're not normally a fan of twisted fabric, but it's unique for maternity wear.

In fact, the whole look had some subtle, unique (pun unintended) twists to it, from the strap, to the way it draped in the front, to the black underskirt. It was kind of flattering, actually.

The back is a little bleh, though.


Model: Ebony Jointer

Pocahontas knocked out another short, tight and shiny black dress, earning him his second Heidi award in a row. We're detecting a theme here.

We have to say, we really do like the top of this dress. It had some interesting detailing to it. Unfortunately, the execution was a bit on the sloppy side.

And while he feared that his skirt was too short (it was), our biggest issue was that it was so tight. Who the hell would wear a pencil skirt in her third trimester?

Oh. Right.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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I thought Qristyl's was terrific, and quite unexpected. Only problem was -- as with so many other designs in this challenge -- no visible means of support.

Out of all of these, Qrystal's is the only one any pregnant woman I know would actually wear.

Feather boy knows what he's doing and who he's designing for! I don't blame him in the least for this approach.

We're disagreeing with this, because I LOVED Johnny's dress. Loved the piping, loved the frou-frou up top, and loved the drape.

And finally, Qristyl...

I love her. Love her feistiness and enthusiasm, but that look would've gotten an auf from me.

If you look at the Lifetime close-ups (give them props for that), the blouse was NOT FINISHED. The back hem looked pinned together, or stapled. I am really surprised that Nina didn't catch onto that. Plus the color was so drab, it was just a great big yawn.

I was really disappointed by that, because I would like to her go on for awhile. But homegirl needs to stop thinking and agonizing so much and just SEW!

OMG, I'm first! That is a first! LOL.

Ok, spot on again guys!

Nicholas's dress was the only one that didn't make the model look like she was "octomom". I'm serious, did the idiots in production never give serious consideration to how frigging HUGE those pillows are?? All of the models looked like they were 12 months pregnant, not in their "third" trimester. Although Heidi did nail it though when she said that. LOL.

Overall, I think the judging has been spot on so far....we'll see though.

Heidi's face pretty much screams "I'll take in red and another in black, but is there anyway we can add rhinestones somewhere?"

well shoot, should have hit refresh before getting all excited about being first!! LMAO....lesson learned.

Forgot to add that Qristyl's name is driving me NUTS!!!

Again, I liked the garment that Nicolas did, but I first thought "black, again?" Watching his critique with Tim in the workroom though, he had bought some hideous green at Mood the he hated once he got in the workroom. He said he always buys black as a back up and he had to use it, even though he was scared it would label him as the designer who could only design in black, he just couldn't use the green. Agree with the too tight, though, but liked the top lots. Hopefully, we'll see him grow.

Loved Qristyl's dress. I doubt I will ever spell her name right, won't even try anymore. I liked the color but not on the model. If she did it in green, it would have been smashing. Just glad she strayed away from that aqua color everyone is fanatical about.

The baggy dress. UGH. That is all.

I liked Qrystal's dress, even if the color didn't go so well with her model.

I'm just really REALLY glad we're at the end of faux pregnant garments.

It's amazing how quickly Heidi's eyes light up as soon as she sees some short-tight-and-shiny walk down the runway.

I'm really suprised that so many people are liking Qrystal's dress. To me it looks like she just looped a noose around the poor girl's neck. It isn't even sewn down, just laying there! And the bottom looks like she just cut it off and didn't bother to hem it. So bad. And don't pick a redhead if you want to use that hideous color.

I was quietly laughing inside as I was reading this entire post.. Then I got to the final screen shot with Heidi and 'Oh yeah"... I had to let it out and got some REALLY strange looks here.

Thanks for the great posts, guys!!

"Tlo said: Pocahontas knocked out another..."

But again, no feathers. When shall we glimpse the storied feathers of the Prince?


I liked Nicholas' dress the best of these three. It did not look "maternity" and you can wear a normal traditional bra with it! My friends who have been pregnant tell be this is important.


Is it just me, or does Ebony look like Kelly Rowland?

None of these dresses is offensive. They just aren't very practical or flattering.

I liked all of the dresses. Different looks for different kinds of clients.

Although I thought SpellCheck's top wasn't a good choice of colour - neither 'classic', 'sporty' or 'chic'.

But I could definitely see a client for each of these dresses (if constructed properly, of course).

In fact, I thought there'd be a client selection for all the dresses made that week. Even the EggSling.

I'm impressed.

Johnny's kind of looks like what maternity wear looked like 10 years ago. Minus the piping and the jacket. He missed the form fitting memo didn't he? Maybe he was off somewhere crying ..
The jacket has nothing to do with the dress, why he sent it down the runway in her bag is another mystery.

Aside from the color, Qristal's is a success. I think she and the others didn't bother with the expanding bust problem, because they didn't have to.

Nicolas- Big fail. I am begining to think he uses dark colors to cover up poor workmanship. I don't know anyone that wanted a waist seam on the (former) natual waistline during pregnancy, not even Heidi. I know Tim said Rebecca wanted form fitting,but there doesn't seem to be any accommadation for pregnancy at all in this dress. I looks like she tried to squeeze into an old pre-preggers dress.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Lust, pure LUST in Frau Seal's eyes...

Will Nicholas be getting a free pass from 1/4 of the judges for the entire season?

I think the feather prince has an unfair advantage, even if I don't think he's produced anything truly hideous yet!

TLo said...Who the hell would wear a pencil skirt in her third trimester?

[picture of Heidi]

Oh. Right.

Y'all ain't right, y'all ain't right, y'all ain't right.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Johnny - I like this dress, although it hugs the abdomen too much - I don't know if this is by accident or design.

Q - I refuse to write out the moniker she is using until I see it on a birth certificate. I like this dress a lot, good job Crystal with a Q - also, keep bringing the funny.

Nicolas - this is a cute non-maternity dress, it looks like a pregnant woman borrowed a dress from her slightly fatter friend.

TLO said:

"What 's the point of a maternity dress that's tight across the stomach but big and loose in the back?"

Well, I didn't Lurve the look, but I can answer the question! I am a small-framed mom who gained my pregnancy weight in the form of scary-wide hips and thighs...So, the front of the dress emphasizes "I'm Wee! I'm Twee! I'm Having a BayBEE!" and the back says "Pay no attention to the ass behind the curtain!"

It's an ugly dress. But, I would have appreciated the cut for that reason.

Erika needs to close her mouth on the runway.

If I hear one more comment about how big the pillows are, I'm going to scream. You design a maternity dress for the biggest size the mama will be, not the smallest.

At first, I thought Johnny had fashioned a bag out of the Betty White jacket.

Qristyl's was beautiful. They make one sholdered bras, you know... but I'm not sure how many of them are 38F.

I think my Barbie had a similar jacket in that same fabric!

In 1967.

I really liked Qrstl's outfit.

Oddly enough, at university on monday, i saw a young, relatively cute undergrad girl wearing a cardigan with EXACTLY that same print as Jonny's misguided jacket. swear to god, same.exact.print.

i giggled to myself.

I did like Jonny's dress, though, piping and all. I'd wear it as a non-maternity look.

Jonny's made no sense to me. Dreary color when you're supposed to be happy, ugly piping, back that made no sense and a major titscrepancy.

Qristal's was very nice and I agree about the color which is funny bc when Erika was on the runway she made a comment about the color complimenting her so well.

Nicholas' dress had redeeming qualities but not as maternity-wear.

Third Trimester Esther

Johnny's dress is eminently wearable for a pregnant woman, and it's not ugly either. I liked it. I could see myself wearing it right now. The other two? Not so much.

Johnny's dress was only appropriate as maternity-wear if the baby-daddy was dead or incarcerated.

Feather-boy made the same. exact. dress. as he did for the red-carpet challenge, from the neckline right down to the hem. Even Heidi will eventually notice that Pocahonta's range seems limited.

After Qristyl's taste level was challenged for using bright, shiny and colorful fabrics, she produced an elegant, subtle look. At least she seem responsive to criticism, and I loved both the dress and the colors she chose for her model.

Let's face it. Men and women "see" color differently. There's a whole range of color out there in the middle ground between neutrals (sometimes boring) and screaming brights (whee! colorful) that most men just don't "see" as well as women. Sorry guys, but it's true. Unless they are on the bright end of the spectrum, many colors just seem faded to men. But not every woman can pull off bright jewel tones, and look better in toned-down colors. So.... just because a color looks boring to you doesn't mean it isn't actually colorful or flattering. The other half of the planet may see it differently. And women don't always dress for men, ya know?

And before y'all get your panties in a twist, the perceptual differences between men and women are REAL -- I'm not just blowing smoke, here. AND vary across individuals, so you, sir, may be a guy with excellent color perception, and fabulous in every other way. Don't take it too personally, if possible.

I had completely forgotten Johnny's and Nicholas' dresses. Now I know why.
BUT, I had thought Qrystyl/Crystle/Quristl/Qristyl/Krystal's...ahhh, whatever, was really cute. Not so nuts about the color, but I like the style. I would wear that dress if I was expecting/pregnant/with child/had a bun in the oven...ahhh, again whatever.

BTW, Heidi's hair has been looking really, really fabulous lately...

see what happens when you switch from Tresemme to Garnier Fructis?

Anonymous@2:32 -- "SpellCheck"

LOL -- let's try "SpellcheQ."

Seriously, TLo better tag her Qwik! She's maQing us Qrazi!

Nicholas' dress makes the girl look much smaller from the front and not bad from the side - such a contrast to Ra'mon's
Oye the aprostrophes!

I liked the style of Q's but agree the execution was lacking.

I liked Jonny's from the front and even the trim/piping was okay; but agree what was going on at the back (of the waist)?

Nicholas - This isn't a pencil skirt, this is a pegged skirt (a skirt that curves in at the bottom). Pegging the skirt takes it from a ho-hum straight down pencil skirt that looks very office working girl to curvy and sexy.

Qristyl - This would have been great in a perfect red.

Johnny - Well, at least he had an idea and executed it. Didn't come out very well, though.

Ugh, Johnny really likes that weird unflattering skirt length. He probably could have used last week's entry as this week's entry.

Qristyl's dress was fine, though didn't allow for a decent bra.

I like Quryst - oh hell, I give up. I can spell it by hand, but I can't type it worth a damn. I loved her dress though.

Anonymous 2:32

That's hilarious! "SpellCheck" for Qrsitalsidq (or however you spell it!) Can I steal that?

*snort* Well, there is a reason you named the award after her.

Careful Nicolas, don't squish baby! Just a bit too tight, eh?

I like Qristyl's though, and more and more as I look at it. Much more subtle than last time!

Qrystal's dress is the color of raw liver that's been lying around on the counter. Feh.

The other problem with Qrystal's dress is that you can't wear a bra with it. Most women go up at least one cup size and another band size (your rib cage literally expands to accommodate the fetus) and really, really need a bra. I went from a C cup to a G cup, which was really pretty scary and gross to me, but titillating to the many male acquaintances who whose that time to come out of the closet as pregnancy fetishists (ewwww). I bought these giant Playtex maternity/nursing bras at a Sears in Oakland which I was so happy to get out of as soon as I could.

So anyhow it would be a rare pregnant woman who could or would wear Qrystal's twisted liver-colored fabric thing, and if she did wear it, she'd probably end up putting Bitchell's wan-colored cardigan over it to cover her bra straps.

What I would have killed for when pregnant was Louise's dress. I loved it. It was a super sexy, comfortable, maternity dress that you could wear a big ol' bra under but still showcase your giant pregnant tits. I would have worn that a LOT, and I would have been super hot in it.

I did think Sharin's outfit was flawless, and I admired the innovative diagonal smocking, but I didn't lust after it. Louise's dress would be almost worth going through labor again.

I thought Qristyl said Rebecca would dust with (not in) Johnny's jacket, as in use it as a dust rag. It's a saying my mom used to use all the time.

I rather liked Johnny's dress. In navy, minus the corsage, it would have been really cute, I think.

Q's suffered from the usual bra problem.

But Nicholas also did the very fitted woven dress thing. That will fit for about 15 minutes and then you're left with a not-very-pretty, too shiny, too short dress that is also too tight. The Full Heidi, in other words.

But to the up-post about the bellies being huge...on a normal woman not on a tic-tacs and coffee diet, that would just be a 3rd trimester belly. With ONE baby.

I really liked Johnny's! It looked earthy-comfy, Eileen-Fisher-y. I even liked the piping and the party favor.

Q's was OK. I bet that color looked different at Mood & in the workroom - she wouldn't be the first person to have color surprises under the runway lights. Or lack thereof.

As for Âne de Plume, I don't get it. I didn't get Ra'Mon's either. Why would you make such a fitted skirt out of a non- or minimally- stretchy fabric? Belly's don't stay the same size or shape for very long! It just seems really impractical and uncomfortable.
(no, I don't speak French, I entered "Feather Ass" into Babelfish. I love Babelfish.)

Why is everyone hating on Johnny for his color choice? Not everyone wants color all the time. And there are some women who have to dress conservatively for work. This would be a wonderful look, paired with a jacket--but not the Betty White jacket he actually made.

Yup, Pocohantas has nailed the short, tight, and shiny market. It may pay off for him yet! Thanks for the huge laugh, guys!

I think The Drunken Housewife makes some great points about maternity wear. My boobs were huge and required a supportive bra. That twist neckline would be impossible for most pregnant women!

Tamarama said...

As for Âne de Plume, I don't get it. ...(no, I don't speak French, I entered "Feather Ass" into Babelfish. I love Babelfish.)

Well, if we were in Quebec, we could use 'foufoune de plume' ('foufounes' are ass cheeks. And a great ol' punk club - Foufounes Electrique).

Actually, I like that. HA!

If Qristyl's dress had been in white with the black underneath, it would have been very chic. As is, it's pretty good, but I agree the color is kind of meh.

I must confess... I think I got 'SpellCheck' from either Gawker or Jezebel. But, verily, I will never be able to spell that woman's name correctly; it's worse than Vticoraiyaya's weird ass name.

Thank God Man Men only has DickDon, Betty, Peggy and Joans.

I honestly didn't like any of them. Boys, you are like a post machine these days LOL

So, points to him for realizing the jacket wasn't a good idea, but we're scratching our heads wondering why he thought shoving it into her purse was a solution.

Oh my God I didn't even notice that. Why not just dump it?

I loved Qristyl's! It was simple, wearable, and didn't draw undue attention to the bump. I'm probably alone in my love of the color, but I think it would have looked incredibly chic on a darker skinned girl. That dress just had style, which so many of this week's entries were lacking.

"Oh. Right."


Anyone else notice Qristyl losing her mind in Mood again?!
I had a baby 9 months ago & most of these dresses were way too short. When you can't see anything below your belly you don't want to wonder if your dress is caught in your underwear.

I'm visiting some family friends and I just had to explain the whole PR thing and then the website all because of that last "Oh. Right." I could not stop laughing for a good two minutes. I'm still chuckling at it.

Oh. Right.


Johnny's is too long, but I like that the dress actually has straps that are more than 1/18" wide. And I like the color. It doesn't look depressing, just sedate. I also like the back. Pregnant women's butts can get big. If nothing else, there's some room to grow, and to move. Seriously, at some point the only damned thing a pregnant woman cares about is being comfortable.

I give Nicolas credit for realizing that the green (SHINY!) fabric was hideous, and that he always buys black as a back-up. Very smart. But yikes. That dress is tight.

I'm kind of worried about Qristyl's taste level, what with that little jacket she made. At least she listened to Tim. I agree the dress looks unfinished, but I still like where she was going with it. The neckline is really cool, if impractical.

you queens are Ba.Na.Nas.

9/2/09 1:57 PM
If you look at the Lifetime close-ups (give them props for that), the blouse was NOT FINISHED. The back hem looked pinned together, or stapled. I am really surprised that Nina didn't catch onto that.

Okay. That wasn't an accurate statement.

9/2/09 11:03 PM Anyone else notice Qristyl losing her mind in Mood again?!

Honey, that's part of the fun!

Espcecially when Big Daddy Gunn tells her to CTFD and take a deep breath.

I quite like "SpellCheQ" as a nickname for Qrystil or however she freaking spells it...congrats to whoever thought that one up! Hilarious!


I love the Tim's workroom segment with Nicholas, and God bless him for recognizing that he needed to ditch the green fabric-and Tim's reaction was priceless.

Tim's critiques just remind me yet again of my undying and absolute love for Tim Gunn!

The more I look at Qrystal's outfit, the more I like it! But it also has the no-coverage-for-a-bra problem, so it would have to be a non-maternity look.

The trim on Johnny's dress looks like serging, not piping. It's an unexpected touch, and the dress, even with the party favor, is not bad.

The lighting in Mood must be even worse than on the runway. That green Nicholas bought was garrish.

I liked Johnny's dress too, and I don't find charcoal grey dreary at all. It's my favorite "neutral." It looked chic and comfy and appropriate to imminent birth. I'd wear it!

Swarovski Girl's draping was flattering and pretty, but that was a color I truly hated.

As for Nicolas? I'm so underwhelmed. And this dress for a pregnant woman? Remember how Frau Seal looked on the All-Star show? Now imagine *that* Heidi in this dress. I mean, really -- I want to cry.

Is there somewhere else to see Tim Gunn's Workroom Critiques? For some reason they are not showing up on my screen, I just have big empty white boxes, and I know there has to be some good stuff there!

Mary Sunshine

Johnny's dress in the workroom critique is a lot more interesting than what he ended up with. I wonder why he made such a drastic change.

@Say What? - The critiques are on too, I think.

I'm way behind the times b/c I just noticed this, but congrats on your spots on the Project Runway official website! So cool!

And that screen shot of the tight, short and shiny loving Heidi made me laugh out loud. I just love you guys. I don't have cable anymore, so you are my only connection to Project Runway these days!

Great commentary and right on, but the part I liked the most was your last comment about who would wear a pencil skirt in their third trimester. Hee hee! Feather Prince will be the queen of the Heidi award this season.

you guys seriously don't like any flower decorations on's a bit biased because every time a designer sends something with flowers what not on the dresses, you guys comment that it looks weird...get over it! otherwise love ur comments :-))))

Loved Qristyl's!


Johnny - typical maternity wear, no zing.

Qrystal's was almost an A from the front (needed just a tiny bit of accessorizing to draw the eye away from The Belly), from the back it slid back into "so what" land.

Nicolas - agree with T Lo's remarks.

Qristyl is fast becoming one of my least favorite designers. I am not feeling the praise for her work here. The dress is so shapeless and boring, a very lazy way to approach maternity wear. And the neckline reminds me of a noose. I also don't think she has a very good eye for color.

The color was not the best but I really did love Qristyl's dress. It showed off her figure but also drew the eye to her face and then to the hem. Instead putting arrows to the baby bump, it gently draws the eye across the models figure.

I would have worn that dress in a hot second when I was pregnant.

"Who the hell would wear a pencil skirt in her third trimester?

Oh. Right."


Yeah, I really liked Qristyl's dress, too.

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