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Team Last-But-Not-Least

Let's wrap it up!

One's a Persian Princess...

The other's a South Carolina nuclear physicist.

Together...they fight crime!

Model: Ebony Jointer

Hey, how about that? They made a beach outfit. Didn't they get the memo that in Project Runway Land, "beachwear" means "clothes that no sane person would wear to the beach?"

It's pretty cute, we gotta say. Love that print, and the braiding detail at the bust. Using the necklace to hold the whole thing up is interesting, but we wonder how practical it would be.

It looks like the shorts have some braiding on them too. That might be overdoing it a bit.

But we do like that they made them boy shorts. They look cute.

Model: Valerie Roy

It's not the worst entry this week, not by a long shot.

But it's WAY overdone. This has got Dr. Whitfield all over it.

It was an interesting choice of fabrics and we get that they were trying to evoke waves, but the whole thing's too heavy-looking for that image to come to mind. Maybe they meant that this dress was supposed to evoke what a woman in a gown would look like once she got hit with a wave. If so, good job!

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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"Maybe they meant that this dress was supposed to evoke what a woman in a gown would look like once she got hit with a wave. If so, good job!"


I also like the fact that they actually showed a bathing suit in the beach look. Not a bad effort, but clearly in the middle of the pack.

Apparently, going by Shirin's video blog on the Lifetime site, they got some shit from Nina for making a bathing suit. I think there was some serious miscommunication here, and it's hard for me to blame the designers for that.

This has got Dr. Whitfield all over it.


Did I mention that I love you bitches?

I wanna see Shirin and Dr. Whitfield fight crime!

The necklace thing is very Korto. Nothing exciting but at least we actually saw a bathing suit. Well, besides that piece of complete dog poodoo that Spellcheck generated.

The AG gown is a big blue seamonster that's eating Valerie. She doesn't look too happy about it.

I just think this entire challenge was such a mess of miscommunication and poor choices. It chapped my hide.

Having seen the pictures here. . . I think they should've won. I do understand why the neoprene dress won ('cause of the neoprene), but still.

Ummm....I like the avant garde look. I have no idea if it's really avant garde or not but who cares because that term no longer has any meaning on this show anyway, but I think think it's pretty. It would've been nice to hear a little more about exactly what you guys don't like about it.

If it hadn't been for the mention of braiding on the gown, in the video, I'd never had known to get a magnifying glass to look for it :o)

But if Anon's post about Nina and the bathing suit is true - that is friggin' insane.

But major wedgie in the boyshorts.

I also thought this should've been among the top teams (if not the winning team).

I thought the beach look was the one that addressed the challenge best, was cute, was a little different (with the braiding), and was functional, which was one of the qualities the surfer girls mentioned in the beginning.

I agree that the AG look is a bit heavy looking, but I liked how they tied it together with the beach look by using the braiding, it was a nice color, and I really liked the bust shape.

Love the beach-wear? surfer culture inspired? california girl? (whatever the hell they were supposed to be doing in the first place)look. Rediculous AG look like everyone else, save for the brain surgeon.
What the hell is going on with the hair here? Oy is correct Sirs.

Alexis, I do agree about the hair - wtf. Weren't they also being judged on hairstyle/overall look because of (shameless product plugging) Garnier's presence?

The first look? One can find that exact look on the clearance rack at Forever 21.

And oy, Ebony looks like her hair was parted with a cannonball.

Dr. Whitfield's mind is just too fucking advanced for this fashion design shit. That dress is obviously some kind of audio-vibratory physio-molecular transport device for dolphins.

Scarlet said, "The first look? One can find that exact look on the clearance rack at Forever 21."

And Scarlet is dead on about the beach look and Forever 21:

Princess Palm Halter Maxi Dress

I did like the removable skirt, but Uli did it better in her Bryant Park collection years ago.

Now that I've actually seen all of last week's looks, I sort of kind of understand why Ra'mon won. That said, I do like that first dress here...

I liked their first outfit. It seemed appropriate. And for the brief not to be made clear to either the contestants or the judges, that seems like a great big "oh shit!" to me. Nina can gripe about the bathing suit, but from what we were shown, it seemed like a bathing suit was pretty much a necessary component

OK, I obviously missed something in my pop cultural education: What is the "Dr. Whitfield" allusion and why is it so LOL funny?!

Would it be cruel to point out that Valerie's styling makes her look like Schlitzie.

Not good.

I think theirs was one of the best beach looks. Probably because, as you said, it was an actual beach look. And I really liked the dress even if it isn't really avant garde. Especially liked the color. Was this type of challenge around when Uli was on?(I don't remember). But of course if Uli had done this she would've rocked it.

As an aside, I did that necklace as halter thing in high school, 10+ years ago, with large t-shirt, or shirts sewn into a halter shape.

Very funny post :)

I actually think this might be one of my favorites. Its well made and pretty. And the colors are nice and beachy. And I get where they were coming from based off my understanding of the challenge.

agnes -

Carol Hannah is Dr. Whitfield. The boys already gave out their first nickname. Lucky gal.

Thanks for the link to the Uli dress at Bryant Park, CausticMuse. I'd forgotten how gorgeous that one was. Overall, I liked the first look, but agree with TLo that the AG look was way overboard and not AG at all.

DesertWind, who is Schlitzie?

Oops, never mind, I just googled it. Wow, that WAS kinda cruel, but ROFL funny! :)

Model Ebony has abs of BLUE STEEL. Took me a while to notice the little red things at the top & bottom.

I mentioned before that Uli would have crushed these losers in this challenge. Kudos to this pair for actually making surfwear, and for using a print that isn't from the old Soviet Union.

If "they got some shit from Nina for making a bathing suit" is true, then Nina deserves to be tied to a concrete block and pushed off a surfboard. THAT'S WHAT THE CHALLENGE SAID: SURFWEAR. Goddamn New Yorkers think you surf in ball gowns?

I thought this was a pretty good entry too. The beach/surfer (whatever) being better than most.
The Avant Garde is more of a ball gown than anything, but it's nicely done.
If they really wanted unorthodox or experimental they should not have taken them back to the fabric store. Maybe back to the beach?


I liked both of these entries, but the last gown doesn't seem beach inspired or avant garde.

The blue dress also looks a lot like that red gown Heidi wore on the red carpet a while back (for the Oscars I think). So definitly been "done" in my book.

In all, pretty but boring. Especially for such a wacko challenge.

apparently in project-runway-land, "avant garde" "means dress with asymmetrical upright collar." christian siriano, i blame you.

I really liked both these looks! My favorite team, also.

I would have called this a top 3 entry. I don't understand the judges' criteria, so this challenge makes little sense to me and I am bored bored bored with this challenge.

Unlike T & Lo who are no doubt absolutely riveted and seemingly don't even whine in public.

I should be ashamed of myself.

I'm sorry, can someone actually spell out the Dr. Whitfield reference to me? I googled it but it's no clearer. Thanks.

I grew up surfing in Northern California. Surfwear, to me, means a wetsuit and blue lips. You wear a bikini under, but sporty styled with wider straps (no strapless!!!) or maybe a Y-back. If they were being literal about surfwear versus beach wear, anything strapless is out, anything binding is out and coverups have to be loose and easy to put on when your arms feel like wet spaghetti. Bright colors abound.

I did not see any surfwear in this challenge. Tight pants? Tight, long sleeved shirts? No way.

It really seemed like this was a "beachwear" challenge and I don't get why they didn't just present it like that.

I won't even comment on the epic fail of most these "avant garde" promdresses.

Glad to see valerie back, I think she is gorgeous.

neither outfit stood out for me, although I did appreciate the swimsuit was complete, not ugly and got shown!

Fnarf, you want to lay off the 'losers' comments? It makes you sound like,... oh I don't know,... a loser.

And honeys, I am dropping some coin in the tipjar. You have been working your pretty little fingers to the bone for us, especially since PR came back on the air.

I keep expecting you to drop one of the other shows you follow, or the fashion posts, but you just keep delivering the goods.

You need to go take a walk in nature with some children or something and rest up!

I liked this pairing. The first look is the best, possibly the only, beach look shown, and the second look at least had an idea behind it. Sure, maybe it had 20 ideas, but that's better than most of the "avant garde" looks. I can't really knock them for missing the "avant garde" because what the hell does it mean, anyway? It's poorly defined and should never be used in a challenge.

That's a whole lot of cute for one team!

I'm wondering if Nina has outlived her usefulness on this show. So far, she has been much less significant than in past seasons; even Heidi is more assertive. And if she REALLY slammed these girls for showing a swimsuit--I have no words.

The question remains for me: was this supposed to be surfwear or inspired by surfwear? The whole challenge was vague and interpreted very differently by each team.

What is that weird thing around the neck of the blue gown? The model looks like she is being sucked down into a water tunnel.

Personally I dont think Nina is being less relevant. Nina from her video blog understood the challenge as creating clothes that was inspired by beachwear and surf culture not a challenge to create actual beach or surf wear. I could see how she would be disappointed as what she was expecting would display more creativity. And as many people here had noted many of the colors and fabric choices the majority of the teams pick did not evoke that.

Personally I am glad this is all over. I am just moving forward to the next one that looks like a model based challenge.


WHY again with the EVENING GOWN?

I didn't really care for this stuff. Yes on the boyshorts, no on the diaperesque boyshorts.

Eh. On to the next ep!

(except I'm dying to see Alex! in the fart)

their avant-garde gown reminds me of this Peter Som dress a little

The first model's hair looks like mine does when I get up in the morning.


The Dr. Whitfield reference is because of Carol Hannah's attempt in ep. 1 to tell the world that just because she's blonde, she isn't dumb. Except in trying to say this, she lost her train of thought and forgot what she was saying and looked, well, like a dumb blonde.

Maybe it's because this challenge was so craptastic, but i feel like there have been nine hundred million posts with just as many outfits from this "surfthing" challenge. gah. my eyes are bleeding from the hideous. let's move on, shall we, to the next challenge?

I actually like the gown. It does flow and move like water, and I like the breaking wave effect of the collar and neckline. It may not be anything anyone would want to wear in real life, but hey, isn't that avant garde?

I like the first dress. I really dislike the second. I guess that makes me more or less in agreement with TLo. :)

"Nina from her video blog understood the challenge as creating clothes that was inspired by beachwear and surf culture not a challenge to create actual beach or surf wear."

I was confused by that myself, because that's not how I took what the designers were told either. I really did get the impression they were told to make surfwear, or maybe beachwear, and then an avant-garde outfit that tied to what they were already told to make. The directions they were given certainly didn't seem to be what the judges thought they were, basically. Granted, the audience doesn't necessarily see all of that, but if I was a little confused, I wouldn't be surprised if they were, too.

Oh, well. At least the only casualty was Mitchell (who I generally liked personality-wise but who clearly wasn't suited for the show). Hopefully this week will be better.

TOO MANY DRESSES! Seriously, it's way too early in the show, with too many contestants left. Team challenge = good way to solve this problem. Team challenge with random added extra problem = way to make this much more complicated and time-consuming. Seven 'surfwear-inspired' looks that could have been analysed and judged properly would have made a good show (provided that the teams and the judges were all clear on the criteria of the challenge). But the so-called avant-garde looks added precisely nothing to what was going on.

Also, huge difference between 'surfwear' and 'surfwear-inspired clothes'. I can't believe that Tim didn't make that clear to the contestants and the producers to the judges. So unfair.

Anyway, I liked this beach dress, though it has absolutely nothing to do with surfwear at all. The 'avant-garde' look totally failed.

Loved the first outfit! Not sure about the practicality of the necklace, but I can totally see someone wearing that to a pool party, if not the beach. And the swimmers were so cute! Nothing revolutionary, but definitely not bad.

The second look was just ugh. Reasonably nice colour, wrong fabric.

I'm underwhelmed.

I love the second dress, especially the bodice with the zippers and stuff. It looks gorgeous on the model.

Rooney said...

I wanna see Shirin and Dr. Whitfield fight crime!


I can see why they gave Ra'mon the win, but DAMNIT!






Did I mention this was the winner?

Totally got what they were going for with the avant garde.

Maybe if it was in neoprene?


causticmuse said:

I did like the removable skirt, but Uli did it better in her Bryant Park collection years ago.

As TampaBay remarked on an earlier post, Uli could have knocked this challenge out of the proverbial ballpark.

Shirin and Carol Hannah did a nice job, nothing groundbreaking.
Love the thought of these two as crimefighters, TLo!

But if nothing else, glad that Valerie's back.

Man, that bitch has got a body on her!

I don't get the "overdone" comment on the blue dress.

Isn't that a requirement for avant-garde?

Avant-garde is not synonymous with overdone. It's about being visionary -- seeing the next thing that's going to happen. That dress was so overdone. She should have taken at least a dozen elements off.

I hope the challenges get more interesting. So far they've been almost predictable.

Why not make an AG look from crap that washes up on the beach? seaweed . . . shells . . . syringes . . . etc.

Oh Dr. Whitfield, you do need to chill out on the overworked garments. Like the being hit by a wave comment. Hee hee.

There was certainly nothing revolutionary or fashion-forward about their first look, but the dress was made of beautiful fabric and it is something I totally would wear over a suit to the beach.

Nothing a.g. about the second look but it was a decent attempt at a gown. Whatevs. The a.g. stuff was all completely lame!

File to share -- I have put an excel document on a file share site that has each of the designers for this season, with a thumbnail of their design for each episode. Thought I'd share with any other anal fans :) The link is

The beach or surfwear look is really cute. I love the Korto-esque touch.

The Persian Princess and Dr. Whitfield (cracks me up --- no matter how many times I read it!) are definitely two of my season fave's, HOWEVER...I was unimpressed by their entries for this challenge. We've all seen these looks many times over and even though they were well executed, I just wasn't wow'd by them. I think this challenge was most definitely the most ill-conceived so far and possibly thrown in as the obligatory nod to the west coast. I know it's still early on, but I want to see more challenging challenges and more innovation from these people.

- edina -

Is it me or does Carol Hanna look like Lee Harvy Oswald in drag?

9/11/09 2:20 PM Is it me or does Carol Hanna look like Lee Harvy Oswald in drag?"

Alex! You gonna sit back and take THAT?

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